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tv   Shepherds Of The Jordan Valley  Al Jazeera  July 12, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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i'm came but alan don't have the top stories on al jazeera aid groups say they're deeply concerned over restrictions on the flow of aid into syria the un security council agreed on friday to a compromise that leaves only one border crossing with turkey open. has more on what's at stake with the loss of one of those turkish border crossings. him is the the almost 1000000 civilians who live in areas like a green like. green all the areas on the border with turkey and
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jobless will have no access to aid and food they will have to wait for aid to go all the way from. to travel east to words those areas the people who were pushed by the syrian government during its last offensive to take over there are scores of aleppo and who had nowhere to go except for those areas there will be now severely compromised while this is going to be a critical situation for the syrian opposition just back in february we have to remind our viewers that when the syrian government backed by russia most major offensive to take over there are scores of. what happened is that basically millions of people had no way to go except the area of the border with turkey they were stranded they were waiting for days and days with a temper so was dropping below 0 for 8 to arrive aid was trickling down very slowly and civilly has died because of that suffering this explains why the united nations
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humanitarian chief was saying basically that denying another border crossing is going to cause going to cause death and suffering for the syrian opposition and for the syrian people and syria's are now pretty much concerned because they know that with only one course a border. border crossing which is burble how remaining the only lifeline for the millions of people stranded inside syria this could be the extremely delicate situation. turnout has been higher than expected in hong kong's primary polls being held by pro-democracy parties will decide which candidates run in legislative council elections in september pro-democracy candidates joshua one told our just there that every vote cast is a message to beijing. fight for democracy in search of your battle just like the battle of the fictitious school life sometime we might do it difficult at all is under pressure but a fret card if you make us even stronger determination and just like
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a 100000 people come out of what was it just already a lot beijing you know that even they have to turn hong kong due to an exchange on what about we visit and we never called home and we never surrender investigators in iran have blamed the accidental drowning of a ukrainian airliner on a misaligned missile battery and lack of communication with command it's 176 people were killed when flight 752 was shot down by the military net iran in january iran nish they denied the plane had been hit but later at michoud it was shot down by mistake. a protest in eastern russia or against the arrest of a governor accused of murder has entered a 2nd day demonstrators are calling for surrogate for a girl to be released from custody criminal investigators have linked him to crimes committed 15 years ago before he entered politics he denies any involvement. a 5th consecutive night of anti-government protests has been held in serbia with demonstrators again calling on the president to resign saturday's rally was
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peaceful in contrast to the previous nights when police fired tear gas rallies was sparked by anger over the government's handling of the pandemic would have grown into other demands mali's president has promised to form a national unity government and dissolve the constitutional court abraham book ok there is attempting to address issues raised by protesters who want him to resign. the united kingdom is fighting a multi-million dollar boost to improve its border security following breaks that the government's announced a $900000000.00 funding package it says will create new border control posts and increase the border for stuff by 500. bollywood star amitabh chan and his daughter in law are about silent have both tested positive for cultured 19 and 77 year old actor is being treated in hospital his son and his granddaughter also tested positive one news after al-jazeera worlds.
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the great rift valley stretching from mozambique and south east africa to syria in the middle east. the lowest point of the great rift valley is here in the jordan valley. home to the world's oldest city jericho established over 10000 years ago. farmers and shepherds have worked on this land for thousands of years. in more recent times israel's continued occupation of the west bank since 1967 is threatening the existence of the people of this region. israel restricts palestinian development through the use of military orders which often means destruction of property and livelihoods it's also encouraged the spread of settlements across the occupied west bank
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regarded illegal enter into. national mall for over 5 decades. this is the story of palestinians to their right to get on home to be the man that they have inhabited for centuries. this is the story of the last shepherds of the jordan valley. where you can. tell i can i did lament in such a government show out of that you see in him would be to let the demolition how did he. the minister said be. going into this house sit in baghdad for the whole body and. i will kind of talk about it that i never got i'm glad to get me out a month ago no more up me and said we're now you and he. was there i badly you got them in this but then on top of. that got me off the ryman again imo
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you said you know you i'm a little mock and i just got to you. but i meant no matter who is to tell you about tom how i. thought it was. going to how close do you got to look at the time of the day to say i thought that i was getting a little colder than i. was sort of pentagon and they fought all. the battles and that manager who is the habit that there will be. i tended to let's see yes it had to be you mean. the bad guys say yes it's wrong for had milby within the sent out of me you said i was just being. we in the mode of his 2nd. play in that pool and mouth that looks like. that of jets and how about that indicted i've been dug in now we all 3 said that we're thugs. added that of
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the things that on the sense that. they easily had to move. what kind of woman though i had to be here. with saw people. who flew on the top of that i am you know for live emissary to my you were my you michael it was love with a sly look at of my. 69 year old up a stock that is the patriarch of a large family. he's been campaigning to defend the rights of shepherds and farmers in the jordan valley for over 3 decades. for him his continued existence on the 9 is a form of resistance. a lot. of little good that.
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gets in the bed when homestead and had to deal. in 20 nothing city and was a volunteer with the jordan valley solidarity campaign and network of grassroots community groups seeking to protect palestinian farming communities in the valley. was. yelling i was like a shot i could let myself in to be a father but certainly the timing of my if they could have won. this amount of shipping and then it'll still tell me. where i am a home even though my initial might have my home in my memory. just
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a few 100 meters from suckers home is the illegal israeli settlement of the way it was built on land confiscated from that had. after the construction of or away in the late 1970 s. israel declared and had a military zone this effectively prohibited palestinians in the area from building or even repairing structures on their own property the settlements became home to some 165 israelis who created a fish breeding business asian laborers made up the workforce. the jordan valley has the potential to be the breadbasket of any future palestinian state bigger settlements further threatened the living conditions of palestinian communities in the jordan valley limiting their access to water their opportunities for economic growth and pushing the palestinians of the area further into poverty.
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under as he did the mid to going to morsel of my fish. and i'm a dog in a little conflict got a full bore about the when i. put on saw some of you on my home all of 30 god and balanced i will send a hand you can sit side because of the thought of me. feel to me so much more sad sad and would you would let me have that house full and then what about me to do it in that. would was to set did that i mean it did you ted did i'm filling my mouth because gullible said i and that was still for a little walk up my letters to him that that you were that now for that i. mean nothing more often as writing wiseass it is likely it that i hate and i miss just be it that i was sad that night.
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the palestinian authority has limited power stems from the wording of the oslo accord signed in 19931995 the accords controversially divided the palestinian territories into 3 distinctive administrative areas known as a b. and c. area a constitutes about 18 percent of the west bank in theory the palestinian authority exercises full civil and security control here area b. constitutes 21 percent of the west bank here the palestinian authority has civil control but shares security control with israel jewish settlers have taken control of land in area be in violation of the oslo accords. area c. constitutes approximately 61 percent of the west bank it's under full israeli civil
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and security control and the 5 year to. go with. abu stockard and the meds both live in area c. to purchase supplies they have to travel through several israeli checkpoints. checkpoints are a frustrating feature of daily life for most palestinians. under the. act. following the 1967 war many palestinians of the jordan valley were uprooted from their homes and became refugees in neighboring jordan.
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since then israel has refused their right of return or rights to pilate had by international law. only 10000 were able to remain. today the total population is around $60000.00 with $10000.00 of these in areas south where the settlements building is concentrated it's. shortly after the war israel began to build settlements on the land that had captured and occupied one such settlement is missing built on land confiscated from the villages of bad and i know in 1967. is a security officer in the settlements he agreed to be filmed but not to speak on camera
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we asked if he thought the jordan valley would be returned to the palestinian peace agreement with some of the troops was a look at those look everywhere skim over. with so little over the top dozens of those annoyed that it was a kilometer shuffles up with whatever this is going to hit the locals of the article is an article like in a girl in school at all you just go to school. get the guns you know you. don't know let's us to lie by story that he was a scam general just quickly let's just find the locals in. the israeli palestinians building your own as house in the settlements also refused to speak on camera when. they knew they would be considered traitors for the work they do. with. this man david was an israeli soldier stationed here in the 1967 war
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he decided to such a thing that. he became an agricultural consultant in charge of exports in the settlements produce. maybe you meant the pre hannah not her mom the one who seemed up really cure all when we can. lead you to. learn to call a male a call out sort. of a. in the oven. italia in the ghetto money in yugoslavia. the limit but what mission a mission i. or the arts or wiki can without my name holding a little. going. but if these dates were produced in an israeli settlement why did their packaging
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say they were made in jericho palestine after hug. start by old. me carnival call also the last. of. a. long list of is a train i like out on. the water. i call a theme thing which run across him in fact we learn. all . no there was a hologram in. the hole a traditionally put on. to
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sit in. a palestinian hamlet isolated since 2003 when the israeli army sealed off the village behind earthen walls. the only way in and out was through a steel gate which the israeli soldiers opened only 3 times a week. room with. them under guard. and under. your mother. and i was. running while a member. of. the. radical
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committee. yes 90. 1 on the island home of the cast area. when i was. in oh my gosh what.
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the israeli military has confiscated large areas of the jordan valley to use this firing ranges and for training exercises. despite the numerous checkpoints. and city made a point of visiting neighbors in the village of. including a man an old friend and neighbor. he had been released from an israeli prison. and then on the 3rd. in the scale at the still
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a minute he looked a little sad. yet again that in those with. a bus in the. form of them and us about their going to. see i mean paid a visit to a farming tommy who lived next to a. valiant if not most of the informant einat had a way of what is almost an. order of benevolence ion in february when most months with the clock not in the one. on inside i think of it the whole mum normal. for the nurses that we do and how they should have them and jimmy asked again by the month of use about oh yes i'm also in mind of my view that are you should
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a woman enough. in 20 enough volunteer campaign worker city including was documenting reported threats against the family by nearby armed settlers. i had to say get ready for important stuff and it was a martyr for america well ok i don't look at the very next i'll my you can read the stuff listen learn a little about the mother crowley are you there are you know honestly as you well of if you're going to be that he was yes if you look at him if you have a bijection go ahead sure sonny yes look i did and i was ready and i know you're the wiley and i will forward next minute you know. and then you get away with what any measure c.s.r. we have gotten
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a yeah and you more no doubt i would do without it just it or not you have to catch a fish mark on your life and it has to end has affected us a business position or a community you have taken over for no did you. break up. to take. it in the s.r.c. to mean that i mean meaning what i mean to be there and those who share some spoken levinsky on what health care only have you so if you have been. yeah so will feel most ok i'm human doing nice well the heck am i like i can look up the sun in. the sun my house i am sure that. many of. the families horse was later found it had been killed.
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a man said the man who took the horse wasn't a speedy setter called tommy from the nearby settlement of mesquite out. here either. romney's wife said her husband was busy working on a new construction nearby. so that al-jazeera producers went to find out to ask him if he had anything to do with the death of a man's horse. and. a little taken seeing anything working move. soon anything you can. think of and we could. tell me tonight any
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knowledge of the horse but his friend was willing to answer questions. so long not mean by but that's the effort that when they come i thought i want to come i shall go source. when it comes. should i was the last that long to come even even a come. did. you know i mean my you. with your ship boy michoud as were all other did very very very low you. see the holy horde. there is usually. the settlement workers talk of 1st trains by local it's way to contrast it sharply with the palestinian view of the aggressive spread of the illegal settlements and
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the behavior of their residents in room. a scandal that's rocked the nation to its core and exposed hundreds of court officials accused of accepting bribes just to show the most dangerous commodity one x. sometimes take a spot the door with a difference to blow up a personal pot against judicial corruption has a much wider by i come out of my car in an exclusive documentary al-jazeera examines one man's extraordinary battle for justice in ghana at this time. when often. raised in a chinese buddhist orphanage. faces a momentous life decision. a personal story of competing identities. the chad light on the growing cultural ties. down in africa
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a witness documentary on al-jazeera. what's most important to me is talking to people understanding what they're going through hear it out to see it are we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. how long can the bell and all the top stories on al-jazeera aid groups say they're deeply concerned over restrictions on the flow of aid into syria the un security council agreed on friday to a compromise that leaves only one border crossing with turkey open across one and he says a border issue earlier in the year left 2000000 displaced people stranded and freezing conditions and slow that in livery of aid. now the civilians will be denied another border crossing which is which means that all the aid has to go all
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the way through which is all the border with the with the province of then move east worse towards us and 3 of us where you have almost more than a 1000000 civilian the civilians stranded or in those areas is going to be a mammoth task for the civilians for the syrian opposition and for the international community this kate is in iran have blamed the accidental downing of a ukrainian airliner on a misaligned missile battery and a lack of communication with command it's 176 people were killed when flight 752 was shot down by the military net aronne in january iran initially denied the plane had been hit but later admitted it was shot down by mistake a protest in eastern russia or against the arrest of a governor accused of murder has entered a 2nd day demonstrations a calling for surrogate fergal to be released from custody criminal investigators
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have linked him to crimes committed 15 years ago before he entered politics he denies any involvement. turnout has been higher than expected in hong kong's primary polls being held by pro-democracy policies the vote will decide which candidates run in legislative council elections in september. mali's president has promised to form a national unity government to dissolve the constitutional course if there is attempting to address issues raised by protesters who want him to resign they don't have kingdoms planning a multi 1000000 dollar boost to improve its border security following breaks it the government's announced a 900000000 dollars funding package it says will create new border control posts and increase the border for stuff by 500 bollywood star. and his daughter in law. have both tested positive for covert 19. when you say here after al-jazeera world's
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. palestinian residents of the jordan valley are mainly farmers and bedouins. most live in enclaves now hemmed in by closed israeli military. or illegal israeli settlements that were built up to the 1967 war. palestinians movement is restricted and increasingly unsustainable. the number of jewish settlers in the jordan valley has nearly doubled from 2011 to 2018. israel has repeatedly said the jordan valley is essential to its long term security. israeli leaders often refer to you alone a former israeli general and deputy prime minister 1967 outlined a plan to control all of the jordan valley. threats and dangers
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are part of the everyday life of palestinians in the jordan valley. volunteer campaign worker and sit in for they visited the home of her same boyhood stepped on a landmine in the jordan valley. and is the married and having a 7. years then i was there and this is they are what perform there and out of here and all that probably have time and the fact is what. and. this and this and woman and i and i have thought how it is not. callous who as a force. well
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it was something in the book at the heart of it. this is this is. thought about. what i said why do i want to sit in the. last. i don't want to say i don't want to look i'm not going on what's. going on in the. same was the 9th member of his family to be and mine victim his uncle died after stepping on one and several other family members live with their injuries caused by land mines that are piece by israelis in the 1967 war next to the family's home the israeli army had built a new training camp. you know you want to have
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a bit of british. shave all alike and then you must have a. little bit of other stuff going to leave you want out of blood. and who are not going to forbid it and i'm going to get. shot when i get on that incredible no one and going to have an older than that if i don't they're not going to be jewish. syrian headed to trial and by the. mohamed that asked me i was paralyzed from the waist down after being shot in the back by an israeli settler. by. the sea.
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and i mean you can buy them and just sort of the simple one you. know you saw the new job. we had a lot in a. beat up was about them so. so out of the whole is there. but the little i'm in love with the final. with that with you know with the north or with the with no idea and i do you want to come talk about us so you know in our heart of. so saul but did you see him on the night of the. homey apollo the star when i didn't know him. but. there's a little. the sleigh idea i'm going to start the circle so that didn't i say paul but. what i'm stuck on bernie.
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and i don't cover. all cool i want to live on this island i'm going to die and i've been the i love me because i was to. just have told you. that the shepherds and farmers of the jordan valley med check back to the t.v. then head of the palestinian water authority. comes through the city. can't keep them surely. it lives she. said. they don't have any of that and love to listen was that i said i'm going to conflict i don't wish to be able to go on the off of my you go and we get mad and demand. what is right in the most open out. i mean the name of.
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one of the thought of truthful somehow i think you know look i'm sort of being 'd besides i said i said sort of when to i like about going to have a show on him from the fact you know you're not going to our movies what are you 10 minutes the number you need then didn't yeah you piers. yes here where you want to have what i feel i would have you got to know when i when i when i'm going to talk more about what it is public i think that maybe you and that didn't feel and not much good at about what you know and well yeah i was and i would keep that in the fence and i think mr. fear had i walk like a fish now if you i think i'm not going to put you at the at the now i get into below and let me have you know into something that would not have i the someone i mean you know. nothing modicum of. what i have no idea when i saw them in the book that will interest on the media who i have been moco because i
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know you're on the offer. because well they've got another book already if you have got it from ok we didn't get it done i'm not sure i think you know you know when if you listen if you're not going to let you know why you're going to another. good night. i don't know i don't know. if i lost my smile of the night and you know yes let me just you know i know how to come when you're not well how do you know what do let us do this to do when you're not is us right to die and that sad much. of them thought. you knew if you want to do madcap. chopping work that way they started in the what i mean for those who knew you so cool maybe that's why we had the little bit that said the problem then i like i mean i've cut in book but i forgot and i was in my face and but i'm. like in my
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back in my head about the mess will have to be some of it to fit the mold you've been a bit of this where you had the whole world on crime and he's 81 and i said about time and again too much about someone how do i destroy a woman should be him. i know i'm going to how it looked at oh goodness about it makes you feel high limit. and if you hand it to the i will know it doesn't have the i was the mind of man it's really him we didn't affect how it's unlikely that it might well have been my and the moment on him and jumped into the water which i d. and which magenta in another i mean not the only then is relative. i mean marketable in the momentum rick i'm. going to be out on this have been my longest open and will remain ben in pm and on our own was kind of unusual.
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the jordan valley has them of the most fertile land in all of the occupied territories arable farming is kinda my flights on many levels palestinian communities yet israel controls most of the watching resources in the area. passes of a dad to still mayor of the village of surveyed. the villages with an area c. of the jordan valley. credits with. my mother 30 when i was an invalid never had said i i thought of the
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same for me it got them in. my into should i not enough what i had been an animal got to listen to what officer. sureness of a meter last month and so i built a submarine with them when i can honor them for the stunning and have nots and some about the room some method of a star other. than a mythical let down and a bit of color not i'm going to save us at the end then you become the vehicle it is without a what is not in the merger what i mean how when you open about the neck of about the service of the nurse that didn't deserve a 2nd big no i am of the one that came. when i use cannot when if a month and if you are not and you are not in the night the nights are limited to that i was motion had you not what you had to live in a low. that's
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the. sort of tactic that. any band has done more about i am unsure and so can you. a month or a 3rd of it and i. headed the jordan valley solidarity campaign a community group supporting palestinian farmers in the jordan valley against israeli land seizures. fashion he had been and been the model of many more subtle dualie men and must be in them and i am been the theme. at the phenomena without the mr.
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nablus a lot of talk about. the need for the. war. to have. had. for the full. and.
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no one the fear and i think the. minute that i did will. be. how will i want to be. rather than. a little out of the world a little gun how low limit could be in san will you one when about one at a slough i didn't mean in there but that inverted if it alamo had the bit in got all. the advantage of that is about as low into the middle so you sort of got me on that a little more but there's not a lot of the american message a mother or mother saying that missy i'm. not
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a little macand i live. yet the thought the street where i'm at mean most of the in . who i'm not one of many but in the jersey. city d.d. was travelling with 5 bus loads of people from the jordan valley to dom on the seat of the palestinian authority to demand better living conditions including. a lot of stuff in a. city in. the. i don't know. why her 1st. marriage talked about. oh you know me i'm one less money and then
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you were in the most highly enough level when i got up well sure we have that kind of. the house i shut up the. idea. of how. how does the audacity of the coffee. i use. the not having them is it is something that i don't know never knowing from the founder mr kenyon just coming up to something you know. you can overclock to jabal seneca to the court of law we're going to open ton of stuff free of charge of god i'm not you can be free has got about been done in cement will come out on my end if the lives lost in you exact time only to lose it all you want to go and send it to them know that felicity and for my units that are nephews i mean you didn't a lot of women in the womb don't want sunday in
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a magazine yeah we should have to get them well adjusted it was filled with within minutes until about 2 more up to. 2 weeks after the demonstration and on one long its way the army turned up to demolish up a sucker's home. it wasn't the 1st time i both had had to watch his home and his life opposed to. let me have the money oh no you never know him about the long haul and close on
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a billboard donahue's if i didn't come back. about you out of mama's. back of a lot of bottle out of all my circle a lot of them a 2nd that we are a lot is going to. get now while they are. within a week of the demolition volunteers from the jordan valley solidarity group arrive to help with soccer and his neighbors rebuild their homes.
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between 201-120-1845 extension 8 housing units were demolished in the jordan valley districts of 2 of us and jericho by the israeli army. during that same period 3 of her sons and up a sucker himself spent time in israeli prisons all but one son were held without charge or trial may. the eldest son sucker was charged with possession of
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a weapon and sentenced to 9 months in jail. sucker has filed for a dismissal of the case. his home compound has been destroyed 3 times. the little fairy tale i bet. granted he almost won the emmy. i thought i might get him again. well some of it. since al jazeera 1st filmed the palestinian hamlet of what in 2011 it's been completely sealed off to its residents by the israeli army. a bullet fee and his family also had to leave the hamlets and move to and had to
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close to. a bullet people at his flock with a hammer and continues to earn a living as a shepherd. dolphin ahmad was further heads in july 28th when the israeli army removed all the water pipes. a man and her family have similarly moved further away from the israeli settlement of mask yards in order to avoid confrontations with the starters. at army the settler and security chief of mask yards has been caught on camera threatening palestinians with expulsion from the jordan valley. the entrepreneur and exports her david's still works at the israeli export company
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in the jordan valley. city in her daily revisited the family of land mine victim has a narrow cob and learned that he'd recovered from most of his wounds but has now quit school and is working illegally as a cook in israel has a 100. s. only or also in santa ana benevolence they and all the stuff then that's. a big advantage and i've seen em home on just my own ok. most of the 700 landmines in the jordan valley the dated back to the 1967 war were removed by the israeli army in 2012. in iran and by a dog mohammad that asma is now 35 and with the help of physiotherapy he has
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learned to use a wheelchair. polished but our thoughts of are those governor going to send the people. only a little more push forward to. since 27 thousands more palestinians have been injured by gunshot wounds from the israeli army. some things have not changed the palestinians in the jordan valley still pay $7.00 u.s. dollars per cubic meter of water and travel up to 27 kilometers to get to the closest water source. but since 2011 the number of military checkpoints in the jordan valley has doubled and. the israeli policy on settlements has also hardened in 2018 it announced plans to expand 14 of the 20 existing illegal settlements and build 3 new ones thereby doubling the israeli settler
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population. while i have. no business being held you back in my family like my wife. my meowed malcolm all got off going well will slowly i would hold to oh yes. since al jazeera 1st filmed with her sitting her daddy got married and moved to bet no harm in the occupied west bank but was significantly arrested for threatening the safety of the state of israel and jeopardizing its economy. she spent 9 months in prison including 3 in solitary confinement. tellingly part of the case against her during her interrogation in prison was this program. had the form of that is the cliffy at the end of that i would have an admin with
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sort of siphoning off of that and i was just in this room to say look i'm. all over the end but i look at it a lot of political settlement i said i can make the whole family laugh but. it's striking how sitting on a bull stockard and all the other palestinians in this film are just as determined now as they were in 2011 never to leave the jordan valley. meats. survive. after those closest to them were taken away
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never to attack. some of the 8000. 25. heart felt accounts from those left behind trying to move on from the pain at the cost. to die. and windy weather and all the cool weather typical southern regions of the south american dream into the last year as most to carry throughout much of brazil so
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sunday promises a warm sunny day in rio 30 degrees celsius wanted to show just further to the south and nothing particularly heavy and it should be mostly dry and santiago what is hours if not about 80 degrees celsius and then a through monday woman that further we've got more sunshine the weather systems are staying further to the south and again fairly clear throughout much of his ill but the rains they have your particular 3 much of venezuela colombia and of course we'll see the usual. much of a central america but even here the rains a little bit liason over the next couple of days sunday you can see widespread showers across cuba also florida and some heavy downpours late in the day across the southwest coast of mexico but by monday it's this big case of a scattered showers and thunderstorms and you can see fairly clear else wesson across the leeward and windward islands and then across into the united states you seem plenty of thunderstorms across the east again in the last few hours out across the west it is really about the heat it is very warm and day time which is really
4:00 pm
from california right the way across the south well above the average it will stay hot as we go through sunday and on into monday. play an important role ringback. this is al jazeera. hello i'm convinced this is the news hour live from coming up in the next 60 minutes fare for the lives of more than a 1000000 displaced people after russia objects to the number of aid routes into syria. more deaths reported in mali protests now the president is promising big
4:01 pm
changes to the government. counterfeit cash in libya we'll have the latest on the attempts by a wall of hell of a half thought a fund has a.


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