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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 14, 2020 1:00am-1:33am +03

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understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. only take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. the u.s. ramps up the pressure on china saying it rejects beijing's maritime claims in the south china sea as unlawful. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up . too many countries are headed in the wrong direction the world health organization warns that if nations don't take basic health care precautions the pandemic will get far worse we look at how the new ban on the sale of alcohol is
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going down in south africa and thousands in that the r.c. protest against the nomination of a new election chief considered to close the former president joseph kabila down. low welcome to the program the united states has toughened its stance on china's disputed claims to offshore resources in most of the south china sea calling them completely under full secretary of state might pompei or has released a statement saying beijing is no legal grounds to unilaterally impose its will on the region the move is likely to further increase tensions between the nations earlier china sanctioned 2 prominent u.s. senators for supporting measures against the treatment of chinese weekers our white house correspondent kimberly how it has more. well i think what's so pronounced about this is the fact that up until now the u.s.
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had always maintained that when it came to disputes in these territorial waters and the claims that china has made in those waters that this really needed to be resolved at you and back to arbitration so this is a complete departure from that standpoint the u.s. secretary of state in his statement as well as tweets as you mentioned coming out very strong cues in china of bullying accusing china of being completely unlawful of its claims and making clear that the united states is now standing with its southeast asian partners in terms of moving forward that they have been concerned for some time about what they call china's increasing assertiveness and have completely rejected the claims now and again this is something that we had expected but what we see is this kind of tit for tat that has been going on for days we heard from the national security adviser robert o'brian as late as late last week saying that we could expect tough action towards china it's clear that this is the
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intention of the administration to send a very strong message well earlier i spoke to china analyst to gordon chang he says beijing is feeding it to the region. i do believe we have a tipping point because the united states and indeed a lot of other countries are deciding that they are not going to ignore unacceptable behavior on the agent's part we have seen especially since february of this year china act in ways which are expression a dangerous and it's pushing against india 6 south china sea and east china sea nations the stress of invasion of taiwan the increased tempo of dangerous intercepts of the u.s. navy and the global commons so beijing is driving this now there's a lot of disagreement over why china is doing this but the point is china is doing this well the next step is really going to be up to china i think that the issue is
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going to be driven in part by china's purchases under the phase one trade deal that was signed january 15th china has made it clear that it's not going to be meeting its schedule of purchase goods and services so that is part of the underlying tension but it's also you know china's geo political moves to try to grab territory and try to grab the global comments so i think this is largely in china's court because countries including the united states or really reacting to what beijing is doing. that want to have some health organization says the coronavirus pandemic will worsen if countries fail to read the basic health care precautions it says to many countries are seeing infections fries and there will be no every time to the all the normal for the forseeable future if operations do not follow the basic public codes principles of physical distancing and wishing wedding masks coughing
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a ticket and staying home when seek. if the basics aren't followed there is only one way despondent mickey is going to go it's going to get worse and worse and worse but it does not have to be this way. well more than a quarter of the world's record of virus cases are now in the united states it's recorded more than 3200000 infections meaning that one in a 100 americans have tested positive but as cases mount the trumpet ministration seems to be targeting its own infectious diseases expert dr anthony found for criticism president donald trump has retreated a claim that the u.s. centers for disease control the media the democratic party and quote most doctors are lying about the disease trump denies the men are unable to work together.
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will have a very good relationship with their kids had for a long time right from the beginning i finally do a very nice person and i don't always agree with them i close the border as you know to china i close i did the ban on china heavily infected and we saved tens of thousands of lives of duct if you will admit that it was a good decision. or particle hane joins us live now from maryland for more on this so the president on the one hand accusing you know the democratic party the center for disease control most doctors of lying about covert 1000 but then also saying that he has a good working relationship with dr anthony found another 2 incompatible with what is that the feeling coming out of the white house. well again with this white house we're seeing a lot of mixed messages we saw the president's spokesperson come out and say what the president was referring to when it comes to doctors was that there was a whole hundreds and hundreds of health care providers who signed
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a petition basically saying that you can't close you should close churches and the spokesperson says well they didn't say that about these protests that were going across the country maybe that's because churches are inside which is less safe in the protests or outside which is more safe according to the scientists but really if you follow the trump administration when he starts talking about people as we have a great relationship and his staff starts on the messages behind the scenes usually that means that person's days are numbered that's not necessarily going to be the case with dr anthony fauci and there's a couple of very big differences the president didn't put him in his job he's not a presidential appointee so he can't be just simply fired by the president he has been there for 6 presidents every major national health crisis this country has experienced for decades he's widely popular a recent poll said 67 percent of the american public trust what's coming out of dr fox he's melt when it comes to the coronavirus just 26 percent believe president trump when it comes to this virus so he's popular he can easily be fired but what
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the administration can do is try to silence him try to discredit him and what we saw them do over the weekend is put out what journals called it look like opposition research a list of all the times they say that dr fogey has been wrong they didn't put on the list that those were times that the president said the exact same thing and he was also wrong so they're trying to discredit him in that sense but he's very popular not just with the american public with people on capitol hill they can't exactly fire him but they could try to move him they could try to silence him and we've seen that we've heard of several media appearances we're docked if she was supposed to speak in and he's been canceled the white house says he can't go those but he's still talking he's going to pod cast and he's talking to georgetown on a web stream tomorrow and basically he's contradicting the president the president keeps saying everything. the economy can reopen schools can reopen dr freud she came out and said if you look at what other countries are doing in the u.s. just isn't doing a good job he repeated it just it just isn't so he's obviously rightly people
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within the white house the president's self who we do know does not take kindly to criticism no practical hane with the latest there from maryland patti as always thank you. all saying the u.s. florida has recorded more than $12600.00 new coronavirus cases on monday its 2nd highest daily total since the outbreak began and california's governor has ordered new lockdown measures including shutting bars and banning indoor dining at restaurants statewide to combat the surge in infections latin america has surged past the u.s. and canada to become the world's a 2nd war state region for virus thefts brazil accounts for almost half of latin america's recorded fatalities and more than 35000 people have died in mexico making it the 4th worst best told this past week also saw record daily numbers of new cases in mexico with more than 300000 infections its government is facing criticism for reopening the economy too soon. so to hong kong
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a which is reinstating strict a safety measures for at least a week to help combat a sudden spike in corona virus infections their chief executive kerry lamb says that james beauty salons and 90 clubs will close again from wednesday restaurants will be restricted to take away orders only social distancing and a 4 person limit on gatherings will also be enforced hong kong is one of the world's lowest infection and death rates but reported a further 52 cases on monday. south africa is the worst affected country in africa with more than a quarter of a 1000000 people infected the government is reintroducing lock down restrictions to try to combat the outbreak for me the miller has more now from johannesburg. presidents will run up or says flame gatherings like this and what he calls drinking sprees for a surge in covert 1000 infections with more than 270000 cases south africa
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has one of the highest rates of infection in the world the government has again banned the sale of alcohol after allowing its sale to resume just weeks ago there is now clear evidence that the resumption of alcohol sales has resulted in substantial pressure being put on hospitals including trauma and i.c.u. units due to motor vehicle accidents violence. as well as related trauma. injuries. family visits and other social activities have also been banned but people can meet at restaurants malls and other public areas and parks have been reopened for exercise while wearing a mask is mandatory the government says people are not following the rules and there's concern that health facilities can't cope some health workers
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a using social media to speak aren't expensive here i have had 3 days of this race all is than 2 hours birth period was the most shocking i just find out that the family has remained. always for recreation or is . he really sure this the bridge repair place is packed away crazy we don't even have any oxygen ports to put patients on additional facilities and quarantine areas have been set up across the country the government's allocated 37000 beds for quarantine and securing thousands of into latest an oxygen for those who need them while more than 4000 people have died here africa does of one of the lowest death rates compared to other countries but it might not stay that way a quarter of those deaths were recorded in the last week alone and estimates
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indicate they could be between 40 and 50000 deaths in the months to come. yet the government says it's reluctant to return to full lockdown millions of dollars and thousands of jobs were lost when it did that in march the government insists it's trying to revive the economy while at the same time protecting lives but with 500 new infections every hour the speed with which the virus is spreading may make that more difficult for me to al-jazeera johannesburg. the u.k. government says face coverings in shops and supermarkets will be mandatory in england from july 24th those who fail to comply with the new rules will face a fine of up to 125 dollars the move will bring england into line with scotland another major european nations like spain italy and germany since mid may i thought he's in england have advised people to wear coverings in enclosed spaces where they
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may encounter people from outside their household still ahead in this half hour cos of us president arrives in the hague ready to be quizzed over alleged war crimes and how the corona virus pandemic forced one of the ancient world's biggest entertainment venues to go back to its roots. hollow because the much needed rainfall coming into southeastern parts of australia over the next 24 hours or so for the active system this one rattling away just around the tasman that's going to see some very strong winds up that eastern side of new south wales some welcome rainfall is a set the farmers need the rain so that's good news there but the winds are going to be on the brisk side getting up to maybe 70 or 80 kilometers per atocha higher
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still in one of 2 spots 15 or 16 celsius down into that southeastern corner and i which was the southwest will see some west to where the just sliding through here but nothing too much to speak of much of australia will be fine and dry over the next couple of days of low pressure out into the tasman that's heading towards new zealand really winding itself up as we go on through wednesday new zealand doesn't actually fare too bad to the north out of will see someplace and places right into the far north but much of new zealand will be fired into our temperatures struggling to get up into were double. figures having said that many more across japan we have still got right in the forecast on the friday but the wetter weather nothing a little further north has we will see some rain for a time into q sure into southern parts of honshu west to weather there into northern honshu but it is now in the process of gradually there in a way. in the us civil war or what slavery to an end dated there is
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a strong possibility that the very truths that you are eating could have been a proxy or table by in the brave individuals right here in the land of the free thousands of foreign workers tricked into emigrating and trapped by on scrupulous property. cain slaves positive slavery and 21st century evil and how does iraq. the the old. of back years of reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the united states has toughened its stance on china's disputed claims to offshore resources in most of
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the south china sea calling them completely unlawful the world health organization says the corona virus pandemic will worsen of countries fail to adhere to basic health care precautions it says too many nations are heading in the wrong direction with pricing pricing cases and more than a quarter of the world's record of virus cases are in the united states it's reported more than 3200000 infections meaning one in 100 americans have tested positive. malise prime minister says 11 people have died in protests over the past few days at least 2 people were injured in the most recent demonstrations in the capital bamako police reportedly fired live rounds and heavily armed security forces are now patrolling the streets protesters have been calling for president evo him but had to resign since friday over militia violence and disputed elections in an effort to calm tensions several detained opposition
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figures have now been freed and kate assange has resigned this chair of the parliament's the france committee for more on the situation in mali nicholas are joining us live now from dakar in senegal so tell us more about the attempts made by the government and to calm the violence how effective would you say they've been . well it seems barbara for the moment that both camps the protesters and the president and the government are we trenched on their position right now the streets are still being purchased by security forces heavily armed security forces in the streets of the micro person. that is leading this protest movement well his house is protected by a protest jurors who want to allow security forces to come near we are hearing reports that they've been throwing molotov cocktails toward security forces of the
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situation in that particular neighborhood still very tense meanwhile president. made some concessions to the protesters notably dissolving the constitutional court that had confirmed the result of the elections of the national assembly that took place and april of course it's unclear whether the president itself according to the constitution can actually. dissolve the constitutional court don't we should go through the national assembly before doing so also as you mentioned in your intro the significant resignation of his son. who was a member of parliament who was reelected just recently and this comes on the heels just friday on social media we saw footage of him. partying on a yacht somewhere in europe while in mali half of the population is living on less than $2.00
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a day and or need of humanitarian assistance so his resignation is significant these moves however is not enough to stop the violence because while he has made these moves he has sent out security forces including a commando that was trained by the european union funded by international donors normally meant to fight. armed groups in the north in the center of mali well these security forces are now used to to to to fend off protesters that are protesting peacefully so the situation in mali remains tense and while the european union and the u.n. has condemned the use of force by the security forces the united states and the state department has come out saying that it will not tolerate protesters destroying government buildings alluding to the national assembly on friday that
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was attacked and looted by protesters and saying as well that it will not tolerate any type of removal or any type of move that would be beyond the constitution really throwing its weight behind. so there is an international context to this barbara and so this is the current situation in mali the fighting that we saw in the north in the center of the country between armed groups and money and security forces well now the focus is in the capital in the heart of power just just miles away from the presidential palace where protesters want to see brian burke are out of power barbara. cross you will be following developments in mali for us for the moment thank you. thousands of people have been protesting in the democratic republic of congo * against the nomination of a new electoral commission chief side that malone this proposed appointment has
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angered many opposition politicians have accused him of being complicity in rigging previous elections they say milan that is biased towards former president joseph kabila who formed a coalition government with president felix she said katie catherine saw in nairobi has more now on what is causing the rest. today's protests were organized by opposition parties. and in the capital kinshasa john p.r. an influential politician with a huge following thousands of his supporters who were trying to get to parliament they were dispatched by police using tear gas they say they reject the nomination of wrong said. as the president of the electoral commission they also say that they are unhappy with the leadership of president felix just a kennedy and he's called the coalition he's formed with former president joseph kabila they say that this coalition is not taking them in the right direction the
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country is in a political and economic crisis they say that things needs to change and it's going back to that nomination of we did speak to some parliamentarians who are saying that the protesters really are directing their anger to the wrong body because constitutionally it's really just bodies that are mandated to nominate the president of the electoral commission and this was done in june and that name was forwarded to parliament for approval but the thousands of people who've been coming out to the streets saying that the parliament should have decided perhaps to delay that decision knowing that that name would be rejected by the population perhaps the parliamentarians would've gone back to the religious leaders to try to make compromise perhaps seen whether there could be a consensus made and i think presidential security now has that opportunity because he has the. ball even if he himself cannot reject that name but he can
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always go back to the religious leaders and try to talk to them and see whether they confront a different name and he has said in a cabinet meeting recently that he's going to do that in order to deescalate the tensions in the country right now. kosovo's president has been questioned of a war crimes that a special court in the hague sachi is facing a 10 point indictment on crimes including murder torture and disappearances committed during kosovo's independence war in the late ninety's the fast and reports from the hague. you know sir. leave. singing k.l.a. battle songs former kosovo independence fighters arrived at the court in the hague to show support for their former commander of now president harsh him touchy i am ready to face with a new challenge and succeeds. my family my
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people my confidence. as a commander of the kosovo liberation army or kalay that he is accused of his role in the killings of serbs cos of a and other at mc groups but she denied the accusations and says it was a clean and just war more than 13000 people died during the war which ended up the 70 days of nato air strikes. it's rare for a sitting president to face questioning over allegations of war crimes here at the hague. has been accused of obstructing the special court says that this process is the price he will have to pay for peace a process that brings back memories of the long apnic battle in a bloody and complicated war but there are fears the allegations about events happening that cate's ago could cost even more problems now. the dialogue between crosser and serbia that is restarting with the facilitation of european union is in trouble because russian bochy was a keen. representative of course with this dialogue the courts will decide before
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october 24th if archie will go on trial the course of an president has announced he will resign if that happens step class and al-jazeera the hague. british m.p.'s have warned that the u.k. could face a serious water shortages in 20 years of no action is taken to combat water waste and leakage the warning comes after the u.k.'s environment agency warned this year that taps could run dry within a generation due to climate change and population growth needs barker has more. it's something too many of us take for granted clean water on demand. but in the u.k. famed for its downpours and frequent floods the seemingly plentiful substance could soon be in short supply according to a damning new report by m.p.'s tasked with scrutinizing government spending parts
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of the country could run dry within 20 years what we were really shocked at is that some of these warnings that he made 20 years ago in. progress in dealing with some of these issues particularly around leakage the government has to have some responsibility for making sure that consumers understand about the need to conserve water and we make sure we supply goods that use less power to. climate change means hotter drier summers that could reduce supplies by 15 percent the population is growing and with it greater demand for the way we handle is leading to shortfalls with the report blaming water companies for failing to reduce leaks and when i am peace talk about leaks they don't mean the occasional dripping tap they mean the loss of 3000000000 liters of treated water every single day that's a 5th of the entire country's daily consumption loss because of creaking pipes an aging infrastructure that's 2 and
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a half times the amount of water that's in this reservoir in north east london providing parts of the capital with drinking water the same as almost a 1000 olympic sized swimming pools m.p.'s now want a list of worst offending water companies to pressure them into plugging the problem the organization representing the companies responded to the report saying that leakage is a top priority and the progress has been made with leakage down 7 percent since records began the water companies do however acknowledge that more needs to be done and plant a half leakage by 2050. one of the world's leading experts on water conservation says the soil london and surrounding areas sits on make stopping all leaks near impossible. to britain especially in london where we've got 2000000 people who put it down and which is the most difficult environment to have because it's shifting off the pipes i suppose to survive m.p.
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say saving water isn't just a job for the suppliers they want manufacturers to put the bishops the labels on appliances and experts warn that we need to reduce consumption so shorter showers the top off when brushing your teeth and not using the dishwasher tell it all the hope is that one day over using water it will be socially unacceptable for securing the nation supplies starts with a stop to water wastage leave barca al-jazeera london one of the ancient world's biggest entertainment venues is going back to its roots the 2800 year old circus maximus was where hundreds of thousands of romans would flock to watch chariot races that's being repurposed as a coronavirus friendly outdoor venue for the rome opera houses summer performances builders have been working around the clock to ready the venue which is surrounded by ruins from the roman empire. the
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circus maximus is transformed from a circus to a theater and not brought house in this case and it somehow returns to its origins and its function as a show venue. and now a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera the united states has toughened its stance on china's disputed claims to offshore resources in most of the south china sea calling them completely unlawful secretary of state might compel says beijing has no legal grounds to unilaterally impose its will on the region the move is likely to further increase tensions between the nations it happened just hours after china sanctioned u.s. officials for supporting measures against the treatment of chinese weekers white house correspondent kimberly hockett has more what makes this notable is the fact
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that up until now the united states has always argued that when it comes to dispute over the south china sea that it was really pushing for this to go to arbitration un backed arbitration so this statement is a departure from that and that's what makes this so notable the fact that the secretary of state is now saying very clearly in very firmly that the united states stands with it south asian allies. the world health organization says the coronavirus pandemic will worsen of countries fail to adhere to basic health care precautions it says too many countries are seeing infections rise more than a quarter of the world's recorded virus cases are in the u.s. it's recorded more than 3200000 infections meaning that one in 100 americans have tested positive but as cases mount the trumpet ministration seems to be targeting its own infectious diseases expert dr anthony fauci for criticism. thousands of
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people have been protesting in the democratic republic of congo against the nomination of a new electoral commission chief starred in this proposed appointment has angered many opposition politicians have accused them of being complicit in rigging previous elections. and rallies the prime minister says 11 people have died in protests over the past few days at least 2 people were injured in the most recent demonstrations in the capital bamako people have been protesting since friday calling for president ybor him. to resign those are the headlines slavery a 21st century evil is next investigating human trafficking and i will see you tomorrow my colleagues in the house will have more news at half an hour. as protests rage over police brutality and coronavirus grips the nation campaigning on the election trail has been forced
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to take a back seat will the presidential candidates ever hit the road and so their brand of politics to americans before the vote followed the u.s. elections on a. 300 years the most powerful nations on a group and strong on the profits of the slave trade over 12000000 men women and children were to be transported from africa and slave ships like this to the colonies and plantations in north and south america today slavery is illegal in every country on the planet but the truth is slavery did not die in the 19th century it is a life that is striving and it is bigger than ever.


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