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0. investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello i'm rob marcus and this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a legal victory for qatar the international court of justice rules in its favor in a case involving 4 arab nations that have blocked qatari planes from using their airspace gabriels on the outside federal court in new york city where british socialite plane maxwell has pleaded not guilty at any moment a judge will rule if she's released from jail or not. the u.k.
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government bans the purchase of new 5 g. equipment from the chinese tech giant holway. 14 people are dead in ongoing cross border fighting between azerbaijan and armenia. and i'm really wanting is with the sports news and saudi arabia tries to tell you. newcastle united it announces that it's canceling the license of one of the premier league's biggest calls partners in sports details coming out this hour and beings reaction to. the international court of justice at the hague has ruled in favor of qatar in this dispute with 4 out of countries that have imposed a blockade on the gulf states and have prevented qatari aircraft flying over their airspace the court said the u.s. civil aviation agency has jurisdiction in this case. because of
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one. unanimous. reject is the other the froth by the kingdom of bahrain the art of that bubbly coffee get the kingdom of saudi arabia and the united at of immunity to. buy 15 both the one. told that the council of the international civil aviation organization has duties you can do that they can submit it to eat by the government of the state of on. 27 p. and the seat of the occasion you said mrs well this all began in june 2017 when saudi arabia the u.a.e. bukharin and egypt severed ties with qatar an imposed a land sea and air blockade doha and then called on the international civil aviation organization to declare the air blockade illegal but the blockade in
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countries challenge that move suggesting the un agency didn't have jurisdiction to handle the dispute and 2018 the agency rejected that claim and insisted that it does have jurisdiction that was a move in qatar favor the blockade in countries then turn to the international court of justice asking it to reexamine the issue of jurisdiction it's now ruled in cocteau's favor once again it paves the way for doha to possibly sue the blockading countries for compensation or find other ways to end the air located now instead boston has been covering this story for us at the hague and she's joining us live set this was a very complex case just talk us through what was happening in court. yes robert it is a complicated case but also very important ruling here in the hague which has been described by legal experts here as a very confident and very clear ruling in
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a very complicated case basically the president of the court was dealing with 2 cases at stake here 2 different cases based on 2 different articles but basically go and back to the same issue which is the freedom of air traffic these 2 conventions one is the chicago convention and the other one is the air surface traffic convention both dated back from 944 basically dealing with the freedom of i don't countries to go into the airspace of their neighbors or other countries exactly of course the fact that qatar has been disputing with the 4 nations all accounts of these appeal by the 4 nations filed against kata were rejected and also the charge i'd like to discuss the fact that the 4 nations accuse qatar of not negotiating anough before taking this this case to the court but the president of the court said that the did its utmost to make sure that all the diplomatic steps
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were taken before they filed this case at the i.k.o. court which now has has the court the case back basically so the case is now back in a court of law and they have to now decide on the content of the matter. and see if this blockade can be lifted so there's no white smoke at the moment the blockade of course is still in place but of course it's a big step beneficiary positive victory here for qatar in the hake and starve us in reporting for us live from the hague will saudi arabia the u.a.e. baccarin and egypt accuse qatar is government of supporting terrorism goes around a geisha is without evidence doha has strongly denied there are restrictions imposed. 3 years ago affected several major flight routes the pass through the airspace of the blockading nations it forced qatar airways to make longer detours and use limited alternate flight paths carter says the airspace restrictions by
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saudi arabia and the u.a.e. are a clear violation of international law dr mohamed al khalifa is an agent of the state of qatar before the international court of justice and here in the various next steps the council could take this is a very important flawless victory for the state of qatar before the international court of justice the chicago convention has clearly illustrated that if a decision was made by the council of the i.q. then the member states that our concerns with that decision must follow precisely that decision and if they did not then it is the authority or the rights of the state that has been affected by that decision is to raise that matter again to the council and there are certain sanctions that the council me grant the state of qatar for example not allowing the those member states to vote in the general council or even to certain extent spotters
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a pete in certain important meetings and that will have its own. harsh side effect on those on those estates but definitely in all cases any decision that has been made or will be made by the i keel as a council then it's allowed and permitted to be appealed in front of the. let's assume for example the decision in the future was not in favor of the seat of our as a sumption then the state of qatar is allowed according to article it afford to appeal the decision of front of the i.c.j. where the i.c.c. has the strong in a binding to enforce ability of their decision in the future so in all cases cop out has clearly assessed the situation in front of it and believe strongly that the i.k.o. as a council is the 1st step right now to resolve that civil aviation dispute. well let's talk to our visitors senior political analyst marwan bashar who's here in doha obviously. very keen to say that this is a significant ruling that it's a very important ruling but in terms of the amount of leverage that it gives qatar
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in its efforts to try to get the blockade as a whole left it how effective do we think this is going to be. well it's one step among many fortunately for qatar it was able already over the last 3 years to gain more and more leverage you would have thought for the smaller country among the 3 at least like it in countries. that it would be losing leverage that it would be losing a lot of its assets it's got its economy would be. i don't lie and that it would be losing much credibility in the region approach it in fact over the last 2 years it tended to be the exact opposite its economy continued to grow its international missions continue to strengthen and it has gained more and more credibility in the human body is you don't buy these and this is the 2nd they're doing already on the question of some of the unification and not the question of civil aviation and so
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on so forth so on and all of this is one you know among the number of assets that the that have is accumulating in order to lift the blockade of course understanding international relations and strategic leverage we know that you know there's going to be need for the weight of other countries kuwait has applied to try to play a role here within the gulf the united states has been trying to play a role other parties and i think it's going to be important to put that kind of leverage on saudi arabia and the u.a.e. if they their legal leverage and influence is increasing and yet they've located in countries are still resisting pressure even by from the united states to try to lift the blockade where do you see any sort of possible solution how do you think this is going to play out essentially in the long run. you see you would have thought that a game like this is more or less
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a game of chess where it's kind of more of based on logic and certain rationale and even cites but it's not this is not a chess game that's going on in the gulf between the u.a.e. so you're a bank of what's going on is a corker him is a high stakes poker and in fact at the from the outset it's u.a.e. and saudi arabia have overplayed their hand on one last bigley you know as the american president put it but since then they could do it to the play and as it goes with poker it's mostly based on deception and i think we've seen a lot of the sections that used to give makes and we you know tried to hide their intentions and tied their cards and and just see what they can bet on with the couldn't they said the u.s. was there are lies but then they us change its position you know it's just it's an ongoing process where they continue to overplay their hand and it can be to deceive to use gimmicks in order to cheat their way into us you know some sort of an exit
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but in the end of the day it's not working out and this is a think it's baffling to me you know as someone who's observes these sorts of you know really our relations in you know in the region and beyond to see that 3 years later they won't conclude that it's failed and tried to try to save face it's just been difficult for them to overcome overcome their own pride. and that's all it is interesting a political on a small one beside him on as always thank you very much. in the last hour british socialite elaine maxwell has pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking charges she's accused of luring girls as lot young as 14 into sex with her longtime associate and former boyfriend jeffrey epstein maxwell has been appearing at a bail hearing in new york via a video link let's go live to our correspondent gable elizondo in new york gable just bring us up to date 1st of all with what's been happening in the court. well
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this court hearing an arraignment and bail hearing as you mentioned has been going on for a little over one hour now at this federal courthouse here behind me the difference is this is all being done in video link while the judge might be here in his chambers maxwell herself is about 3 or 4 kilometers away in a brooklyn federal jail her lawyers are taking part in this video link along with her. from their offices and the prosecutors as well so this is not all happening in this courtroom as it might normally and it's happening via video link because of the coronavirus worries and the complications of bringing large groups of people to a courtroom such as this it has been going on for a little over an hour she has pleaded not guilty as expected and now both the prosecution and the defense are going through their arguments with the judge on why they think she should or should not be granted bail we did hear from 2 of her alleged victims one by writing jane doe fake name of course who said she says that
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maxwell is calculating and seduced stick manipulation and another alleged victim of maxwell told the judge that maxwell has never shown any remorse for her alleged crimes we should hear from the judge and her ruling on the bail any minute now. we're waiting for that ruling can you give us some indication of what both sides of the both legal teams are putting forward as their arguments before and against why a good lane maxwell should either get bail or not get bail. yeah this is a very big decision that the judge has to make a sensually what the prosecution is saying is that maxwell is in their words the very definition of flight risk she's a citizen of france the u.k. and also a naturalized u.s. citizen. according to prosecutors has more than
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a dozen bank accounts with millions of dollars in them around the world so prosecutors are saying if she was to be able to be released from jail she has in their words a lot of motivation. to disappear again and to leave the u.s. and not return to court the defense argues that then they are willing to put up a $5000000.00 bail as well as have her wear an ankle monitor and they claim that the charges against her are incorrect and that she's been a victim of a media smear campaign and that she's not in their words the monster that the prosecution makes her out to be so it's very high stakes ruling by the judge here maxwell clearly is someone that comes from a lot of wealth and that's what the prosecution is saying that she will use that wealth in order to flee the u.s. if she's allowed to be free from jail or given a you're going to be following that case for us but for the thanks very much on his
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own there in new york. all this plenty more ahead on the news hour including washington rejects beijing's claims in the south china sea and china in turn accuses the u.s. of underlining regional peace and stability. 5 years on we look at the environment is it a thing of the past or does it have a future. and in sports the n.f.l. works on ways to limit the threat of coronavirus including a new helmet design. the u.k. has banned the purchase of new 5 g. equipment from the chinese telecoms giant hallway from december 31st quality has called the decision disappointing and politicised prime minister about his johnson's been under pressure from within his own party and the us which says the company is a security risk and a bubble reports from london. a u. turn by the u.k.
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government but one it says was driven by practicalities not politics. announcing the total ban on quote way kitted britain's planned 5 g. network by 2027 the culture minister said u.s. sanctions blocking quote ways use of american microchips would make the company less reliable in future the best way to secure our networks is for operators to stop using new affected one way to equipment to build the u.k.'s future fight networks so to be clear from the end of this year telecoms operators must not buy any 5 g. equipment from while away and once the telecom security bill is passed it will be illegal for them to do so. the move against way will please washington which has been pressuring the u.k. to act become pretty had expected it its warning u.k. mobile users will lose out in a statement it says regrettably our future in the u.k. has become politicized this is about u.s.
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trade policy and not security over the past 20 years while way has focused on building a better connected u.k. as a responsible business we will continue to support our customers as we always have done. the british government hopes the announcement will convince other suppliers to enter the market and fill the gap meanwhile the china skeptics among boris johnson's conservative party are largely happy they say national security must trump worries about an already damaged relationship or relations with strained over hong kong where china has behaved disgracefully so. anyone thinking you know when we're still in a golden era of relations with china is clearly wrong but so be it i think this is the right decision and we should be calm we want to continue trading with continue commercial relations with the chinese but we've got to be firm of the same time it's not clear how quickly or how angrily china will react to britain's decision to get rid of quote way kit but other countries will be watching carefully as they to
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deliberate on whether to ban the company. al-jazeera london. white house correspondent kelly holcomb's is joining us now from washington d.c. of course this is happening at a time when relations between the u.s. and china are already very strained how's the trumpet ministration going to be reacting to this news. well there's no question that there is an effort to get u.s. allies on its side in its war against wall way the concerns being in the united states that this push to broaden the 5 g. network globally is really just an effort to conduct backdoor espionage something that the united states has accused china of doing for some time in various means and we've seen this sort of latest push an embrace of the ban that has taken place in the u.k. as being embraced by the trumpet ministration seen this as a positive sign now the u.s. president has just called a press conference for 21 g.m.t.
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topic unknown it's unclear if he will be discussing some of the actions that he has been considering with regard to china but it's something that has been discussed by the national security advisor robert o'brian and we have seen a number of measures coming out of the united states towards china in recent weeks you noted the position of the secretary of state on monday rejecting china's claims in the south china sea we've also seen the u.s. congress that is typically divided along party lines uniting and legislation over its concern of the treatment of chinese muslims are weaker as we've also seen or rather the hong kong national security law we've seen the u.s. imposed sanctions over the treatment of chinese muslims so there are a number of measures that have been discussed but it's clear the position when it comes to while away is especially one of concern in the united states in fact nancy
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pelosi the house speaker as far back as february accused china of insidious form of aggression by an autocratic government that doesn't share u.s. values that was acco day by the justice department a favorite charging huawei with racketeering so it's now up to the top administration to potentially announce what its next steps are we know the national security adviser has been. meeting with u.s. allies in europe for 3 days of meetings to discuss this among other issues and the question becomes what will happen next we know that there is consideration under way to ban potentially chinese applications used in the united states including we chat as well as tick tock we've seen other countries ban those applications but the position of the united states is that already they're advising americans not to download these applications accusing the chinese government of information warfare that's can be hold at our white house correspondent kelly thank you very much indeed. china is accusing the united states of trying to stir up trouble in the
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south china sea that's after secretary of state my point paris had beijing's claims to the region are completely unlawful china claims almost the entire area but that's being disputed by several other southeast asian countries where you hear reports from bangkok. in several areas of the south china sea islands at holes in reefs have been transformed china claims almost the entire area and for years has been militarizing the islands constructing remote outposts i want also claims parts of the south china sea along with several southeast asian countries including vietnam which is mounted the strongest challenge to beijing last month the vietnamese prime minister opened the latest southeast asian leaders summit with a strong statement on the issue without mentioning china. while the entire world is mobilizing its full force to fight against the pandemic responsible acts and violations of international laws are still taking place affecting the environment of security and stability in several regions including ours the statement from u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei o came after the permanent court of arbitration in the hague ruled that china's claims were invalid the case was taken by the philippines but the verdict did nothing to slow china's assertiveness tensions between china and the united states have been increasing over trade coronavirus taiwan hong kong and now the south china sea. the us statement neglects the history and facts about the issues about the south china sea it breaches the u.s. government's open commitment to not take any position on the sovereignty of the south china sea it violates an distorts international law it is stirring up territorial disputes in the south china sea which is very irresponsible. in recent weeks both militaries conducted exercises in the area with the us saying repeatedly it wants to ensure freedom of navigation beijing suspects otherwise. not only is there strategic value in the south china sea but it's one of the world's busiest
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shipping lanes and it's believed to hold large exploitable natural resources china has continued to develop parts of the region largely unopposed militarily while the u.s. statement doesn't necessarily signal a change in that regard it does signal a stronger stance against beijing and will increase tension during these unstable times when hey al-jazeera bangkok. well china claims about 90 percent of the south china sea including ownership of the sparkly islands which is disputed by the philippines vietnam and others the scarborough shoal is claimed by china and the philippines and that disagreement escalated 8 years ago when the philippine navy apprehended 8 mainland chinese fishing vessels in the area richard had diarrhea and is a political scientist and author of ages new battlefield u.s. china and the struggle for western pacific he says this is more than just an empty statement from the u.s.
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. i think if you really look at the statement and compare it to previous statements not only from trump administration but from the obama and other american administration i think this is a major departure in terms of american policy in the south china sea and also has some very important not only legal but operation other i mean if you look at the language of the statement it does not only reject as unlawful trying to aggressive activities and its historic rights to much of the south china sea and beyond all the way to the north and to in the sea waters off the coast of indonesia but what it also does is that indirectly almost you know defacto affirms the territorial claim or maritime claims of other countries so for instance it mentions that china has no right to claim the scar barthold use claim by the philippines or diminish you free for this so i can tell muscle which it says is part of the philippine continental shelf so effectively it's saying that those features belong to the philippines and the ramification is important for instance the u.s.
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has a mutual defense treaty with the philippines so if it's a said this line features do not belong to china and if some of these features are already occupied by the philippines and if china does something aggressive or provocative against the philippines in those land features then if so facto it will put pressure on the pentagon to make interventions in behalf of the philippines will have operational around the geishas not just empty rhetoric we're talking about here china says it will sanction u.s. weapons manufacturer lockheed martin over its latest on sale to taiwan a spokesman for the chinese foreign ministry made the announcement on tuesday but did not give more details on what measures will be taken lockheed martin is the main contractor for the $620000000.00 upgrade taiwan's surface to air missiles china poses all to taiwan and accuses the u.s. of meddling and its own tunnel in fares. 11 soldiers from azerbaijan and 2 from armenia have been killed as fighting escalates at the border tension between the
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former soviet republics has been rising for several years although burton money has more using artillery mortars and tanks armenia and azerbaijan have been locked in a renewed border conflict with today's the battle is happening to the north of the disputed territory of nocona karabakh which lies in azerbaijan but administered by ethnic kamini and both sides blame each other for the by the us and has been casualties on both sides. helical yesterday afternoon the armenian military staged a showing of azerbaijani positions on the border this is yet another provocation from the armenian side. starting from noon july 12th a 1000000 forces violated the cease fire ended to vision region of the us about journey a main in border they fired at the positions of our military posts mainly large caliber weapons were used $60.12 millimeters mortars at the same time our positions
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were under fire armenia's prime minister nicole passion ian says it was. that attempted to violate its border. we strongly condemn the actions of the azerbaijani armed forces there is you this morning with the resumption the military political leadership of azerbaijan will be fully responsible for the unpredictable consequences of regional instability turkey has stepped in to support its own the azerbaijan condemning what it calls an armenian attack on its troops. the e.u. has called on both sides to undertake immediate measures to prevent further escalation the u.s. and russia have also strained on both sides. the 2 former soviet republics of the luxor conflict of the region of nagorno-karabakh for years it was seized by ethnic armenian separatists during a conflict in the ninety's at least $30000.00 people were killed after 6 years of
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war they signed a cease fire agreement in 1909 by moscow but it didn't stop the violence including the last major incident in 2016 the killed dozens of soldiers from both sides there have been peace talks headed by russia the united states and france but as president says he wants to take back the disputed territory he starts and withdraw from the talks there is no progress and hasn't rejected a military solution durables manly does iran. still ahead on al-jazeera wartime measures brought in to tackle china's worst floods in decades amalia and man accused of torturing women and destroying ancient monuments in timbuktu goes on trial at the international criminal court. and tiger woods returns this week but golf fans will remain shutouts that's coming up with me and a sport. it's
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been drizzling on the coast of amman installer for a few days now and it will be there for a few weeks and that's the how the foot she's the edge of the monsoon winds now the rest the middle east of course is hot and dry and very dependent on the strength of the wind as to whether it's dusty or not it's just a little dusty through iraq the temperatures in the high forty's that we're forecasting 50 again for q 8 so hot and because they're that high it's got to be dry as well and sometimes dusty the same is true throughout north africa that the showers have caused but as far north we're going to get now up into the sahara you can see the big blobs moving through chad for example back towards the west coast we've seen some heavy rain recently in senegal and the gambia it looks like the heaviest is going to be a bit further south at least for
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a day or 2 but it will work its way back up for the south and that and in south africa in particular on the west coast cape town has had some interesting weather naik air force winds those are well they waves actually but covered in foam just crashing on the shores of cape town and that's all gone through now so things are quite ning down the breeze is dropping down to in fact is a dry looking picture unless you're in mozambique and then some rare winter rain but not much of it is working its way slowly up through the country. but. what is the price of luxury. an undercover team travels deep into the illegal cocoa plantations of the ivory coast simple solutions are very hard to find for something as complicated as the child labor culture chocolates hearts of darkness and counters unpatrolled labor is working in a 100000000000 dollar industry where overhaul of the country's cocoa produces live
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below the poverty line coming soon. al-jazeera world meets for remarkable both. survive this after those closest to them were taken away never to return. some of the 8000 muslim men and boys killed in the strep anita massacre 25 years ago heartfelt accounts from those left behind trying to move on from the pain of the past women who refused to die on al-jazeera.
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georgiades here are minder of our top stories this hour the international court of justice has ruled in favor of qatar and its dispute with 4 blockading out of the states which is seen qatar prevented from flying over their airspace since 2017 the un's aviation branch will not settle the dispute. in the last hour british socialized elaine maxwell has pleaded not guilty to the sex trafficking charges during a bail hearing she's accused of buring girls as young as 14 into sex with her longtime associate and former boyfriend geoffrey epstein. the u.k. has banned the purchase of a new 5 jean button from chinese from far away from december 31st by mr bars johnson has been under pressure from within his own party and in the us but says the company is a security risk. it's been 5 years since the iran nuclear agreement was signed in vienna but its future is uncertain after president tom decided to withdraw from the deal in 2018 since then has led to increasing tension between
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washington and the other signatories a diplomatic editor james bays has more. july 25th these are the signatories of the iran nuclear deal 5 years on of the 8 top officials only the foreign ministers of iran russia and china are still in the posts but the real survivor some would say against the odds is the deal itself it was the culmination of years of negotiation and the final round of talks in the july heat wave in vienna was intense and difficult the key participants only glimpse briefly between meetings are you confident you can get a deal this bizzare. i have to be hopeful were his words before returning to the talks in which according to a number of accounts the french took the toughest line with iran their chief negotiator at the time was ambassador nicholas. if you look at it now do
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you think you could have got a better deal. i just happened to our right you know it's always like that. you have the shooting at us reach an agreement and if you don't you have a choice i got it get me my hands are. paid and i think we decide all of. that i think it rich respectively it is a good thing that it is a rather stick remount if you were to ask me 5 years. what was my set of mining those days i was still skeptical and 2015 try to get movement it would work for one man has made no secret of his view of the deal the iran deal was one of the worst and most one sided transactions the united states has ever entered into president trump finally pulled the u.s.
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out of the deal in 2018 it survived even though iran is not now fully complying with all its conditions the biggest test though is still to come here at the u.n. security council u.s. ambassador to the u.n. kelly craft wants the security council to extend the arms embargo on iran that expires later this year if she doesn't get her way she's threatening to use the nuclear deals most draconian clause what's known as snap back triggering the return of all international sanctions on iran former french negotiator nickel or delivery is now his country's ambassador to the u.n. what happens if the u.s. try to trigger snap back. because this is sticky nation we see my priority i think is sri that's the u.k. and germany. is to keep this you can't scream working place it's thought the
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us democratic presidential candidate joe biden would likely seek to rejoin the nuclear deal if he's elected in november but diplomats fear if snapback has been triggered by the trumpet ministration there may be no deal left to rejoin james by al-jazeera at the united nations into hands in bus driver he has more on how iranians are feeling about the deal 5 years on. when the nuclear deal was signed 5 years ago the mood in iran was very different people literally celebrated in the streets there was a feeling of hope and optimism that this landmark international agreement would help bring iran out of the woods both on the global political stage and economically iranians were excited about the prospect of ridding themselves of sanctions and having more normal interactions with the rest of the world but that is far from how things played out u.s. president donald trump pulled the united states out of the deal in 2018 and for iranians who were sold this deal as the cure all for the country's problems for
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them it's only lead to disappointment g.'s if you're in tears are those that the smallest thing our nation expected was not achieved and shame on america and europe it was a test for them that they could not pass. a ban as in my opinion the nuclear deal has not been a useful agreement at all and if we had insisted more that the nuclear program is our rice maybe we'd be better off today and in my face then we could fashion if it was supposed to be useful we should have seen this in our lives that we still face difficulties now maybe it's been politically useful sometimes but the condition of society as i see it economy no i don't think it's been useful that anything but a muslim it's not just my opinion if you ask anybody everybody would say what impact has it had nothing what has it done for us it's been 5 years since the j. c.p.o. it was signed what has it brought for us we've just spent our time on something
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that has had no impact for us. the disintegration of the nuclear deal has made president hassan rouhani and iran's moderate politicians who supported it deeply unpopular with the general public the country now has a conservative chief justice the new parliament is dominated by conservative m.p.'s experts say the presidency is likely to go the same way in next year's election in a matter of months. the international community could be faced with a leadership structure in iran comprised entirely of hawkish conservative political voices who are likely to point to the broken promises of the nuclear deal and say that negotiation with the international community has proven to be a waste of time. several russian and turkish troops have been wounded by an improvised explosive device in northwest syria the soldiers were taking part in a joint patrol and it led province explosion happened on the highway separating the
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rebel held and government controlled areas russia and turkey who back opposing sides in the conflict have been patrolling the area since the ceasefire agreement in march. but. again in far east russia in support of a popular regional governor who's been arrested for murder they say the charges are political because. the seat from the governing united russia party and 28 team reports. the crowds might be smaller but they may surge is the same they demand the regional governor said to her go be released. the rallies lasting long into the night in khabarovsk in russia's far east there have been protests here since forgot was detained last week and taken to moscow more than 6000 kilometers away he deployed in court accused of murder but according to the investigation 4 goal was organizing assassination attempts on the murders of
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a list of business men the charges date back about 15 years before he got into politics he denies the allegations which is supposed to say politically motivated because he was popular and beat the candidate from the governing united russia party in the 2018 election. his victory was seen as reflecting a growing public frustration with president vladimir putin and mocked and major setback for putin's policy. there's some kind of disregard for us in general for the citizens of russia it's like we mean nothing our choice doesn't mean anything everyone feels very upset. over the weekend thousands of people were out in this small city near the border with china and what's described as an unprecedented show of to st towards moscow. that's going on in russia is completely outrageous we have become it's a tell it's harry and society for girls the rest came just days after president
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putin oversaw a constitutional vote that could extend his hold on power until 2036. i believe the kremlin will be high because if it compromises it will set a bad example for other governments that it's possible to blackmail the kremlin and it cannot allow us there also find and punish those behind the unrest and suppress the protest the region's mayor has warned the rallies over legal and told people let her go will receive a fair trial but with the governor facing life in prison his supporters are refusing to back down brian al-jazeera. the proposal authorizing egypt to intervene in the libyan conflict has been condemned by libya's u.n. recognize government the motion was passed by the eastern based pro hotdog parliament after the turkish military helped push back the warlords forces tripoli based politicians have called the request for egypt to intervene violation of libya
9:42 pm
is open to a man accused of torturing women and destroying ancient monuments and mollie's timbuktu is standing trial at the international criminal court in the hague. is charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity let me give you a warning nicholas harks report does contain some content viewers may find disturbing. in the city of timbuktu al-qaeda linked forces call on crowds to witness the killing of a man this footage secretly shot by al-jazeera in 2012 has never been broadcast the man in the green turban is a former villager veterinarian a leading figure of the religious police during the occupation of northern mali by an al qaeda affiliate. this man was along for stealing food from a shop this woman without any explanation on the orders of all. he's
9:43 pm
now at the international criminal court accused of crimes against humanity and war crimes including the torture rape and sexual slavery of women and girls forcing them into marriage with al qaeda linked fighters in an interview with al jazeera at the time he said that he was only applying islamic law in defending muslims his men were also ordered to desecrate and destroy 700 year old shrines of the saints so he goes black civilization museum director calls the destruction despicable crimes that also needs to be punished. it is more than a crime against humanity it is a crime against faith he destroyed monuments that are important to timbuktu before our harvard were imagined timbuktu was the center of learning students from europe persia and the middle east would come to listen to lectures from black muslim teachers on subjects such as science chemistry and medicine in this museum are just a few artifacts from that time this room is dedicated to black civilization and
9:44 pm
religion but look at it it's almost empty because a proportion of it was stolen during colonial times and can be found in museums in france and in the u.k. france just returned this sward belonging to religious leader omar tall and this qur'an belonging to his son there is still a substantial part of islamic heritage and history that can be found right here in west africa in the ancient city of timbuktu were fewer trying to preserve and protect. this important chapter of both islamic and african history. while all has sons religious police bird 4000 ancient manuscripts dating from the 13th century the people of timbuktu many of them women here that are smuggled out over 300000 of these historical manuscripts in a bid to protect the city's history and to defy those who take it over nicholas
9:45 pm
hawking al-jazeera. flash flooding on indonesia's island of ways he has killed at least 15 people heavy rain in north triggered landslides burying roads and buildings and mud thousands of homes have been destroyed dozens of people are missing and around 2000 when i was staying in temporary shelters. china's ramped up flood relief efforts in eastern shanxi province home to more than 46000000 people continuous rainfall along its biggest freshwater lake has flooded farmland and forced thousands to leave their homes for tory gave reports. rescuers help people pack their belongings the water level around their homes has reached dangerously high levels and is still rising they've been told they must leave quickly but nobody knows how long they'll be gone for or what will be left of their homes when they return to the. local emergency departments across china's eastern province of
9:46 pm
jan she being up their response in preparation for an influx of people staff are taking delivery of thousands of tents beds blankets and towels. i have received 50 folding beds and 50 blankets so far people from 10 villages have been relocated once the supplies arrive at our town we just reach into villages immediately and many of those whose homes have been evacuated live near pole yang lake the largest freshwater lake in china to rancho rain has caused water levels to rise rapidly and the authorities say they're expecting severe flooding in the coming days will know the high water level of 4 yang lake is expected to remain for another 20 days the current priority for flood control work is to enhance patrol forces for round the clock monitoring against risks along the embankments and be prepared with contingency plans in case of any emergency or. there's been 2 renshaw rain and flooding in central china 2 in neighboring hube
9:47 pm
a province towns are submerged to meters of polluted floodwater across china the extent of the damage the economic loss and the number of lives lost is still being counted the chinese government allocated $85000000.00 of relief funds to 4 provinces and one municipality battling against floods victoria gates and be al jazeera sports next here on all does iraq. and. libya good as it was i don't think it was a good day for the saudis or some strong words from 2 rival managers after munches a sit ins to your european patent is lifted.
9:48 pm
9:49 pm
it is time for the sports seriously. thank you while saudi arabia is still trying to foster a takeover of premier league club newcastle united but it's just cancelled one of the league's biggest broadcast partners it's permanently ending the license of qatar has been sports in the kingdom to be and is the main rights holder in the region but has been barred from broadcasting in saudi arabia since 2017 when that country along with the u.a.e. bahrain and egypt imposed a blockade on qatar saudi arabia has also backed the pirate bull cross to be out q which has been stealing copyrighted content from b. in sports the premier league is yet to decide whether to allow the saudi backed takeover of new cost. robin sports has released this statement in response citing this decision was advised that through sham legal proceedings that repeatedly
9:50 pm
violated bins jew process rights at every turn we would also question as we have for 3 years how saudi citizens can watch premier league matches legally in saudi arabia with this permanent ban on the premier league's licensed broadcaster. well manchester city's european ban being overturned has prompted some strong words from one of the team manages the cop says it's bad for football and tottenham is jos a new arena has called it a disgraceful decision on monday the court of arbitration for sport reversed a 2 year suspension imposed on city by your wife says he had originally been found guilty of breaking financial fair play evils castle that city should only $11000000.00 for not cooperating with investigators. why you pay $8.00 or $9000000.00 or whatever if you are not guilty so if you are not if they're not guilty the decision is a disgrace if they are guilty the decision is also a disgrace because if you are guilty you should be banned from from the competition
9:51 pm
so in any case the decision is is a disaster i don't think it was a good day for football yesterday. just because. i think every piers is a good idea it's there for protecting teams protecting their competition and that was the idea in the start. nobody over spends that like there's a paper. for those reasons again i'm i have to make sure that the money they want to spend. is based on rides horses. well and surprisingly the mood was different at manchester city's news conference on tuesday has their manager guardian would have the right to defend ourselves when we believe that he what we have done is correct this. is right and 3 judges independent judges said this so today is a good day yes it was
9:52 pm
a good day for the pool because we play with the same rules of financial play for all the blood in europe nice of american community leaders are calling on more sports teams to change their names after washington's n.f.l. team dropped its redskins name and logo following decades of criticism monday's decision by the same came after its may just sponsors asked them to change it and your 9 hasn't been announced yet a dozen native american leaders also wrote to the n.f.l. commissioner last weight demanding an end to washington's use of the night they're now putting pressure on teams in other sports to decide. this is just a license to let all the other we and all of the other our you know the leagues and the teams that are out there don't wait. for people to knock down your door to do the right thing you can take some leadership. and to be honest if you're that if you're the kansas city chiefs should include the indians or the atlanta braves the chicago blackhawks the list goes on and on there's the opportunity for you just to
9:53 pm
step out to do the right thing and to be honest is probably the best thing for your brand if i were the best in for your league because if you're not you're going to be cleaned as well as a premise of the races and privately if you don't take action you are name of the n.f.l. players association says it will not compromise player health as the league prepares to get on the white college introduced a new helmet face smallest design that features a mouth shield but players aren't happy with the lincoln unionist in discussing testing and screening protocols as well as player payments as it stands training camps are set to resume in 2 weeks time with the season schudrich to begin on september 10th. the basketball season is closer to resuming at disney in florida but some players including sacramento are showing homes are facing attend i quote and say nothing leaving the n.b.a. bubble to pick up takeaway food several players have complained about the quality of food you know there's a serious pandemic in everything we're going through obviously tough compromise
9:54 pm
myself and everyone here but i also feel for those guys you know the guys are just hungry trying to get some food. you know starts to. golf's p.g.a. tour says it will finish it season with no fans because of the virus to toss 3 player for events share to it starts at the end of august into september over least statements to say they'll be played behind closed doors fans will also be shut out of this week's memorial tournament in ohio where tiger woods will make his return to action for the 1st time since the outline each and from tiger woods to the detroit tigers by 21 of their training games heading out of the park for how long but out there with a rally going somehow grabbed it i can't remember for him but i'm sure the dots are . impressed about being denied a hardliner that's the sport for now but sensible light leave thanks very much
9:55 pm
indeed now face coverings that to become compulsory in shops in england for next week bringing the country in line with other european nations england has so far been slow to impose the changes during the pandemic but the government hopes this step or bolster the economy by encouraging more people from their homes and into stores the block reports from london. keys phone mosque face coverings have already become a part of daily life during the pandemic and now we're about to see much more of them from july the 24th they'll be compulsory in shops those who fail to comply will face a fine of up to $125.00 the move brings in england in line with scotland and other major european nations including spain and italy. has been mandatory to wear masks on public transport for some time but there's been little consistency elsewhere we want to give people more confidence to shop safer and enhanced protections for
9:56 pm
those who work in shops both of these can be done by the use of face coverings. ministers have been sending mixed messages on masks for months the prime minister boris johnson started regularly wearing one only a few days ago while the home secretary pretty patel met her french counterpart wearing one but was later seen inside without one. meanwhile elusive street artist banksy who spent his career hiding behind a very different mask had his own coronavirus statement to make stenciling a london underground train with a message to cover up complete with sneezing rodents. there were early concerns coverings could lead to a build up of the virus inside the masks or that people would be more inclined to ignore social distancing rules or hygiene standards we now know coverings greatly reduce the risk of people with the virus from spreading it the government also hopes wearing masks will inspire confidence among shoppers to be out spending again
9:57 pm
for some retailers there's a silver lining in making masks mandatory they were quick to spot a gap in the market and they run with it very good news because i think the good thing with everyone wearing masks and obviously our business is going to be. enforcement will be largely down to the police but shop workers and even other shoppers are expected to encourage the policy by extension questions are already being asked about mosques in schools and workplaces the government says its plans are evolving opposition m.p.'s fear the government's making up its rules on mosques as it goes along neve barker al-jazeera london. barbara starr is going to be here in a couple of minutes with more on all these stories including the news that the u.k. has banned the purchase of all new 5 g. equipment from the chinese from the hall way from december 31st by mr balls johnson has been under pressure from his own party and from the u.s.
9:58 pm
it was securely problems and obama says her boy. jumped into the stream and julian on global community this generation will have to create its own partner sleep with social media on and on line be part of the debate let me put some you keep coming steve you when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic islands that people of color have suffered not only now but for decades we all banks need to transform lives the way the kids human it business if we're going to adapt to climate breakout this street on out is there on the
9:59 pm
deserted streets of they've become familiar figures couriers on bicycles delivering food or medicine to lock down colombians most of them here are venezuelan migrants they might go amiss a mother of 4 says contagion is always on her mind none of them receive health insurance for their work and exposing themselves and very few seem to have it yet there may be a bright side people who look down on them as a skilled migrants now say they're essential to control the virus i receive messages on the out saying that we are you know so i was a nurse back home what i am doing is not all that different from my passion helping others. in the conclusion of the 2. part series people in power investigates allegations that irish catholic nuns facilitated the traffic to be peace corps to realize that babies in iowa could be sold to america a scouting quite they use and reveals shocking new evidence of how and where religious orders disposed of those who died for you torn in the system like this
10:00 pm
one church and state are colluding keep the truth from coming years islands mother and baby scandal on al-jazeera. the u.k. government bans the purchase of new 5 g. equipment from chinese tech giant way a move welcomed by the white house. barbara starr you're watching out 0 live from london also coming up on the program the standoff between the u.s. and china intensifies of a beijing's claims in the south china sea the un's highest court rules in qatar is favoring its dispute with 4 arab nations that imposed an air blockade on the country.


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