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is. counter to. the. al-jazeera. hello i'm barbara sara this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london thank you for joining us coming up in the next 60 minutes budget deadlock in brussels deep divisions remain as leaders try to find common ground on a massive pandemic recovery plan. coronavirus cases climb in colombia is the capital book enters the peak of its outbreak doctors call for a strict lockdown to be reimposed malise opposition dismisses the latest offering
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from international mediators calling for demonstrators to return to the streets challenge on his claims on crime and the coronavirus the fox news interview that didn't go as planned for the us president. and in sport chelsea have beaten manchester united to reach the english f.a. cup final a $31.00 semifinal win at london's wembley stadium setting out the title decider against arsenal. we begin the news hour in brussels where negotiations over the european union's long term budget and coronavirus recovery fund the are continuing but hopes of an agreement appears to be faltering after 3 full days of talks leaders are at loggerheads over the unprecedented spending proposal which is aimed at holding
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europe out of its deepest recession since world war 2. on the table is a budget of $2.00 trillion dollars to be spread out over the next 7 years it includes an $857000000000.00 fund to help countries recover from the pandemic but members cannot agree on how the money should be distributed needs barker reports. how to share $857000000000.00 the questions confounded e.u. leaders for days and deepened all divisions within the bloc in one camp nations known as the frugal for austria denmark sweden and the netherlands the wealthy northern states pay the most per capita into the e.u. shared reserves they want strict controls on how the recovery fund is shared prefer ing to loan countries money the positions at odds with spain and italy both economies were hit hard by the pandemic they want generous grants from the bloc
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that don't need to be repaid the german chancellor angela merkel and french president emmanuel mccrone have been trying to broker a compromise by offering e.u. countries a combination of loans and grants but even latest can't agree on how to do this. these compromises and i say this very clearly will not be made at the cost of european goals not out of principle but will be made because we are facing an unprecedented health economic and social crisis and because our countries need it european unity needs is the mission a fierce argument also erupted between the dutch prime minister mark rutte or and his hung garion counterpart viktor orban over whether money should be withheld from countries that fail to live up to the e.u.'s core values in recent years victor or bans governments been accused of attacks on the media minorities and the rule of law charges which he denies i don't know what is the person all reason for the
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dutch prime minister to me or hungary but he's attacking saul harshly and making very clear that because hungary in his opinion does not respect the rule of law must be punished financially that's his position which is not acceptable. your place is its deepest recession since the 2nd world war the road to recovery is on solidarity. well for more on this let's speak to job of rahman who is the managing director for europe at the eurasia group he also worked at the european commission's that rectory general for economic and financial affairs he joins us from london via skype sir thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera so the talks are still going on in brussels we can expect them presumably to go on for quite some time we know the sticking points of the size of the fund than and governance of it as well where do you think the breakthrough if any will will occur. i think the signs of moved
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a bit closer together on the following european council president sharma show think was quite clear in private he's not going to table a proposal on monday unless he feels there's a consensus emerging and he's now done this evening the new fund is still 750000000000 although there's a small proportion of grants that would not be 400000000000 from 500 previously and the share would increase from 252350 1000000000 so that moves in the direction of the frugal for so what has now been table is now a discussion among evaders taking place on the other 2 questions on governance how the money is spent what the constraints are and how money is spent conditionalities attached as well as this question of rule of law i think the 2 sides are still quite far apart which suggests if the talks need to continue tomorrow for quite some time or else they'll break apart and leaders are likely to reconvene in
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a week or 2 weeks' time it was very interesting listening in if you could hear reports to president emmanuel mccrone speaking there and saying that obviously this is an unprecedented situation a health crisis as well but the european union the european union needs agreement of the european identity needs it considering that some countries felt abandoned by the e.u. when the coronavirus struck do you agree with president macross on that yes for all the reservations that maybe from the frugal for that actually any kind of sense of european identity needs a deal to be struck. i do look i think the macro team and the elites they see very very clearly that the european union has value in response to this pandemic writs and remain legitimate in the eyes of european public opinion at the moment what we've affectively seen in response to prove that 19 is national that all responses and i think emanuel is right in his assessment but the e.u.
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level needs to provide a certain level of our you want in order to remain legitimate now i think there's a high degree of alignment between paris between berlin angela merkel has also moved quite substantially as well as with brussels in order to to put this proposal on the table but involves a lot of borrowing and transferring a lot of the boring to countries that have been hit hard by koval but of course striking agreement in europe is not straightforward and this was going to always require a lot of negotiating and a lot of back and forth and indeed that's what we're seeing in brussels this evening and we are seeing i suppose an echo of that north south divide that we saw throughout the euro zone crisis and that arguably continues to the state very different dynamics at play but what do you think germany's role in all of this is a country that was always you know want to fiscal severity and impose austerity on many countries but that now actually we see not siding with the frugal for.
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germany's interests lie in a strong european union and germany has often used europe as a platform to further the project its own power its own value in its own strength not only in your but on the global stage i think angela merkel understands very very clearly that the nature of this crisis is very very different it's how it was an external shock it's countries asymmetrically and that the european level needs to respond in germany has a big role in that process and that's part of the reason why she's moved her entire political establishment around the idea of substantially you bargain transferring that money to southern europe so there's a strong redistributive dimension so merkel wants a deal but she can't carry the entirety of nor that your thoughts for other leaders in scandinavia or indeed in the netherlands and elsewhere to do that there's a lot of speculation in brussels that roots may be playing the mystic politics here symbolically he needs the summit to sail so he can go home demonstrate for the good
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fight your return in a week or 2 and do a deal i think that's probably more likely than a complete failure breakdown and this been kept until september so there may still be a fair amount of theatre involved in some of the northern europeans and especially the dutch are doing it so i guess once all the theatrical might have finished where do you think the compromise should lie. i think ultimately there will be in agreement but broadly can vote yes on that commission proposal so in the ballpark of 750000000000 euros i think they'll be more equivalent share of grants and loans so 40350 feels about right there will be fairly substantial conditions attached to this money i suspect european leaders will be in all the ultimately signing off and deliberating when when all the europeans have concerns about how the money is being spent in southern europe where the reforms are not being implemented and i think ultimately orbán is going to have to see a fair degree of oversight of his territory because there are real concerns over
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the law now will be really biting oversight probably not because it up with the case or will veto but probably a bit of strengthening on the rule of law conditionalities compared to what we've had historically but probably is where the landing zone lying's a lot of issues at play there which that ramen managing director for europe at the eurasia group sir thank you for sharing your views with us let's go to hong kong now it has recorded its highest one day increase in virus cases since the pandemic began chief executive kerry lamb announced new restrictions to contain the spread after 180 new infections were confirmed on sunday she described the situation as critical and says there is no sign that it's coming under control non-essential workers have been ordered to to work from home and testing will be increased supporters of brazil's president will say that all are back on the streets rallying against the virus restrictions the president
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tested positive for cove in 1000 last week and the still sick with the virus but he continues to criticize lockdown measures also that are says restrictions will lead to even more deaths with unemployed people dying of hunger bacillus reported more than 2000000 infections it's the 2nd worst affected country after the united states . and the surge in corona virus infections as seen pose new restrictions in a number of cities across colombia more than 190000 cases have been confirmed that hospitals are becoming increasingly overwhelmed in the capital budget that many of the city's poorest neighborhoods are suffering as businesses are forced to close a listener amputee explains. soldiers and city workers this infect the streets after bogo time poses a new coronavirus lock down it's the 1st of a series of rolling measures restricting almost a 3rd of the city's 8000000 residents for 2 weeks at a time but it's
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a more important thing i think that it is very important that people are aware and keep washing their hands the front of the house clean the shoes before entering the home we need to stop the virus together. as entered what experts believe will be the worst face of the pandemic and the outbreak is hitting the poorest neighborhoods the hardest where few people can afford to stay home for a nobody like street vendor. who had just started recovering financially after 4 months of restrictions were eased bookcase i think you know i make it is i put them out by the landlord wants to kick us out i live with my mother my mother in law too young brother in laws my pregnant wife i don't have anything to pay her weight except what i managed to make on the streets across these neighborhoods mall businesses including here salons that had reopened a few weeks ago have closed their shutters once again. the mayor says the new restrictions have been planned to minimize direct konami impact in pledged
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government aid to 700000 people living in the newly quarantined areas. the mayor hopes to avoid stretching hospitals to their limit but intensive care units are already more than 90 percent full. doctors associations have repeatedly said. i'm saying that the health system could collapse and at this point and i've called tory this dream poses strict lockdown in the entire city for a least 2 weeks. we know that various hospitals in the south of the city are already facing the dilemma of who to save who gets a ventilator and who doesn't partial lockdown will not be enough to stop the spread of the spirit. returning to a total lockdown is a tough choice in a city with so many people in need but it might become unavoidable if you factions continue to rise or we can speak to
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a listener ampere to live now he is in bogota they're all over the world the difficulty for authorities has been to balance that the sort of medical needs and economic needs in the country how have colombian authorities managed to do that. well barbara now that that's the biggest concern for both local governors mayors and the national government colombia had originally this cited to impose a very strict lockdown to try and buy some time better to try and better prepare the health system here today and deal with the increase in infections well now we are getting into that peak period and what we're seeing is that it probably hasn't been enough and now the governments are taking again or imposing new restrictions and no doubt this is affecting the poorest the most
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a lot of people more than 50 percent of the population here works informally needs to be on the streets needs to work to be able to feed their families and so these new restrictions are very difficult some communities there have been instances of looting in some communities the worst case was and july 6th the when a group of people the salted a gas tanker to try and steal the gasoline there was a fire in an explosion and 42 people died about it shows you just how big the needs are here and there is no doubt that this pandemic as for widened the inequalities in this country now the government has been trying to help hundreds of thousands of families they've been able to reach many of them and indeed help them especially in big cities but they haven't been as efficient in reaching people who live in remote
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areas of colombia where also now the virus is spreading so it's a very very complicated situation and that's why the government is excluding at least for now a return to a full lock down here in the capital bogota. waiting for the results of the limited lockdowns by sectors of the city before deciding what the next step will be and hoping to reach the peak at some point in august of the infections with the latest from bogota. thank you coming up this news hour from london that china accused of gross human rights abuses over its mistreatment of the weaker population from sunday services to sunday marches the catholic church urges weekly anti parliament protests in kinshasa and in sports the reigning moto g.p. world champion suffers a serious injury during the opening race of the 6. mollies
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political opposition has rejected a plan that would see the formation of a unity government and called on its supporters to return to the streets the proposal put forward by a delegation from the west african bloc eco waltz recommend that half the government be made up from the current governing coalition 30 percent from members of the opposition and 20 percent from civil society groups while unrest began in mali in 2012 when armed groups took control of the north and the cleared islam a colonial before they were defeated by french and african troops but the violence has continued molly and security forces have been leading the offensive but they've also been accused of rampant abuse the situation has worsened the plight of civilians most of whom live in poverty opposition leaders say the government hasn't
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done enough to improve the economy and the last straw came in april when the constitutional court overturned the provisional results of a long delayed and disputed parliamentary election held in march nicholas hawke has more now on the opposition's demands from dakar in neighboring senekal. well members of the opposition have dismissed it some leaders of the 5 movement this coalition members of civil society and trade unionists and opposition political opposition have described it as a failure from the get go we've seen that some of them some of these leaders wouldn't even step in into the negotiation room they said that 1st there needed to be an investigation on why the government deployed a commando trained by the e.u. meant to fight armed groups such as al qaeda and the stomach state greater affiliates in northern mali well why were those troops used to deployed against
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protesters last weekend number of them were killed shot in the head or in the stomach so in order for a discussion to happen there needs to be an investigation 1st which which then the prime minister we should what happened to that they say. the offers made by the echo was was more about trying to solve an electoral crisis but what they're saying here is it's a crisis of government that's happening in a crisis of trust that's happening in mali they they want to see the dissolution of the national assembly they want to see. resign or be stripped of his powers down just just now we've heard that there is discussion about what they're going to do next so they say that they will continue their movement of a civil disobedience and they describe what they will do as a day in french. which means a day of ghost town will they will they will block the capital bamako bring it down
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still. iran's foreign minister edge of a city for has been visiting iraq's capital baghdad he held talks with his iraqi counterpart and discussed relations which have been strained by foreign powers city says neighboring nations have to cooperate for the good of the region without interfering in each other's affairs he denounced the killing of iranian revolutionary guard commander kasim sulaimani after visiting the site of his this so want to fulton has more now from baghdad on the importance of zarif svs it. well it very much is a diplomatic balancing act because iran and iraq are mutually codependent iraq is heavily reliant on gas importance on imports of consumer goods in general so iraq very much must maintain good ties with iran on the one hand but iraq also needs relations with for example the gulf countries as well as the united
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states so this is a 1st visit by in iraq is very much an effort to try to reestablish and perhaps heal a little bit the relations with iran that have gone through a rotter turbulent period over the past few months. the new prime minister is somebody who was very close ties to the united states and he's somebody who is seen as being closer to the united states compared to his predecessor. the he's somebody who has vowed that he will restrain the weapons in the hands of the states and very recently he has made a move to try to curtail the influence of iranian backed armed groups in iran so certainly on the part of the iranian government there may be a feeling that their influence in iraq is per perhaps not as strong as it was during the previous administration and this visit is very much aimed at restabilizing those relations and ensuring that the mutual interests of both
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countries are secured not just in the security side but also on the economy side. the u.k. has accused china of gross and the greediness human rights abuses against its mainly muslim wego population in the western province of the xian according to rights groups around 1000000 s think we have been detained in reeducation camps they are to purge them of their faith and identity while the camp saw shrouded in secrecy there's growing evidence of mass torture and forced the sterilizations to slash birthrates exiled we have accused chinese officials of genocide and crimes against humanity and they're urging the international criminal court to investigate beijing says the camps are vocational education centers to combat extremism where students learn mandarin and the job skills. noori ter carol is from the u.s. commission on international religious freedom and chairman of the we go human
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rights project c joins us via skype from washington d.c. sir thank you so much for joining us here on out jazeera so we now see the u.k. accusing china of gross and egregious human rights abuses do you sense that perhaps the tide is turning on the way that certainly many western countries are relating to china when it comes to the we go issue all of which we've heard reports about for a long time now. it's good to be with you barbara. at the level of the seriousness of the crisis that came to surface in the last. 23 years. cried out for global condemnation a strong government response. that has not been really shown until the united states government recently passed this week. we are human rights policy act and the . and sanctioning of war chinese officials senior chinese officials on the global
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back to its key sanction this should be just the beginning of the effort to address the worst one of the worst humanitarian crisis that have been described by by experts and policymakers and government officials as the largest enjoyment of ethnic minorities since the 2nd world war we're just being bound and blindfolded along with the train headed for modern day concentration camps absolutely sickening and also. the images that we have seen reminds us the events unfolding in auschwitz in 1940 s. yahshua itself 1944 shares a striking resemblance to what is happening to the weakness in 2020 so the the international community cannot continue to they need more and looked. and it's time for action. i urged the european nations in particular that has
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a history of nazi germany and fascism to speak up it's not that difficult united states has done it i see that the united kingdom is in the process of taking action sanctioning the human rights abusers and the valuable legal tools is something that can be done immediately in the short term in the long term the. industrialized nations democratic nations liberal democracies must revisit their relationship with communist china was respected their weakness an uncle and others and the modern day concentration camp has been in existence the last 3 years but now because of the forced labor modern day slavery the chinese. state has effectively has effectively alluded to global supply chain of the so that is to get me for stepping in i mean you mentioned a lot of the countries should speak out in fairness a lot of countries and people have but it's about the kind of action that is going
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to be taken against a country like china that has enormous economic power and many western countries have strong relations with and so i kind of go back to my initial question do you feel that the tide is turning because for example of a lot of the criticisms or suspicions we've seen you know a while way of being told they can't participate in 5 g. in the u.k. the coronavirus crisis do you think the tide is changing. yes it is welcome any decisions a government the lace on site later to address the atrocities committed against weaker people the train has left the station i keep referring the train train has left the station but international community still has time to catch up they it's past time for action we cannot continue to feign ignorance as has been the case in some policymakers in europe around the world and also a global business communities this is also something that is
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a matter of conscience for those who care for human rights as we speak going to daylight chinese have been criminalizing the entire with their population and we should not let that happen and also the the international community should not let the chinese authorities to test the conscious of the national community so this is a matter of personal decision for those who can speak and also this is a matter of a matter of principle for those one hour and very briefly as i was citing running out of time but one question do you think that china would listen to what do you think they care about. china's authorities or country as a nation they respond very well to force and strengths 2 things have to be have to be done one is the international community must call out the chinese government for the crimes being committed against weaker people those genocidal policies should be condemned by the board and then to. the international community especially those
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countries that have an intimate economic relationship with china have to revisit their relationship status quo cannot continue at least 83 global brands have been paint that because of china's modern day slavery of slave enslaving that we get in the western assembly line. from the u.s. commission on international religious freedoms and chairman of the weaker human rights project sir thank you so much for sharing your expertise and knowledge with us thank you thank you very much for having me. still to come on al-jazeera the news hour. ah. the feminist battle cry that went global now the chilean women behind it are being accused of inciting violence against police. there's no business like show business and thanks to the pandemic there is no business right now how hollywood is coping with the coronavirus and in sports
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meeting n.f.l. players say the league isn't doing enough to protect them from the coronavirus. hello the weekend ended with a slow moving mass asunder storms in this part of eastern europe typically remain up towards austria that's going to i think finally dissolve on its way eastwards as it's pushed out of the way brother next cold front which is just introducing cooler and cloudier weather admittedly but behind it the sun still quite strong on the trend for western europe is for things to generally warm up and to central eastern europe briefly to cool down but as you and it was fairly regular summer weather with thunderstorms over the alps with a temperature in the middle 20 isn't enough moisture to generate those storms lisbon represent still where the hottest place in europe well portugal and
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southwest and spain was 7 degrees above average we are current back down towards the average it's no longer heatwave territory also africa has seen the showers come back as final so going to the right have been to south sudan and eritrea and as far north here as the gambia and of course you can see where the showers stop near me they wouldn't from the north this dust that orange pole is dust in mauritania and mali for example by tuesday the showers again to go to shows those quite big ones in senegal and the gambia but probably not much further north not no. growing up in a harsh and unforgiving circumstances children learn to play dangerous games they exist in the studies that destroy the house and take worn down by frustration and broken promises young men living under the constant threat of imprisonment they
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took me to the cheap and blindfolded me the time for them to regain control of their lives is when the boys returned prison life inside and out. on al-jazeera. as countries begin easing coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infections in the last few days. and some of them may well and many feel the economy is be prioritised about for human life until fall of people yet again the focus is on doubt here because i can put in 1000 places we bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus condiment special coverage on a. the.
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lose. a come back is a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera e.u. leaders are meeting for a 3rd day in brussels of the scots the blocks long term budget members are divided over a multi-billion dollar coronavirus recovery fund designed to pull europe out of its deepest recession in decades a surge in corona virus infections as you know sorties impose new restrictions in a number of cities across colombia more than 190000 cases have been confirmed and hospitals are becoming increasingly overwhelmed malise political opposition has rejected a plan that would see the formation of a unity government and called on its supporters to return to the streets regional block eco waltz made the recommendation to try to ease tensions between opposing parties. hundreds of protesters are demanding that the solution of parliament in the democratic republic of congo that demonstrations were organized by the catholic
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church it's a force to say parliament is blocking meaningful reforms reports. the catholic church and its supporters say parliament in the democratic republic of congo is not the cheeta meant. hundreds marched to the parliament building in the capital kinshasa. we are the owners of parliament we have noticed that m.p.'s are not playing by the rules simply because they were not elected by us in the last election they are serving the interests of individuals this is why we are marching to demand the dissolution of this parliament and calling for deep electoral reform . the protesters say the last elections were rigged by an electoral commission that favors former president joseph kabila they demanding electoral reforms before the next election in 3 years time. could be listed down in the last election about 18 months ago. but he's widely seen to still be the most powerful person in congo.
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felix's the care he took over he was announced the winner who the leaked documents show he lost to opposition to the kerry's power depends on a fragile alliance with kabila and his party. the protests are happening is the alliance is increasingly strained by factions want to control the electoral commission notice any i'm not sure if the 2nd is own coalition will really like to have fully independent electoral commission one thing. to remember with this is that the results. was. please stop the demonstration when it reached the road leading to parliament this time it ended peacefully catholic churches influential in congo have millions of supporters who call them to the street it's promised weekly protest. the
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dissolution of parliament looks on likely for now bill is party still firmly in control malcolm webb al-jazeera. u.s. house democrats are demanding an internal investigation into the use of federal police to crackdown on protesters it follows the violent arrest of several activists in the city of portland on saturday and identified officers were failing to using force to arrest protesters without explanation dozens of people had gathered to rally against police brutality democrats say the trumpet ministration is abusing the use of emergency authorities and the suppressing the right to peaceful protests. meanwhile the us president donald trump has blamed the democrats for a recent surge in violent crime across many american cities trying to made the comments on the fox news sunday program it was the 1st sunday show interview since june of last year. you've seen doubts up and new york doubts up in
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chicago shooting. how do you explain it and what are you going to do about it i explained it very simply by saying it did democrat run cities they're liberally run they're stupidly run liberal democrats have been running cities in this country for decades surely why is it so bad right now they run a poorly it was always bad but now it's gotten totally out of control and it's really because they wanted to fund the police and biden wants to fund the fun that he does not. decide a charter with bernie sanders i do nothing about the funding well really it's as abolish it says a fine let's go all right what do you get me that you're out of alright mike hanna is in washington d.c. with more on what came out of president trump's internal. there were a lot of false statements in that hour long interview president trump had a wide ranging conversation discussing his efforts to combat coronavirus all what
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many would argue his lack of effort his relationship with the chief i rather just in the united states talk to tony funk she is threat to to defund schools that refused to open up 5 days a week at the beginning of the new school term so certainly it was a very wide ranging conversation and in point she got hugely controversial another very troubling comment made by president trump he was asked directly would be with a he would accept the results of the election in november win or lose or president trump would not give an answer in fact he declined to give an answer as to whether or not he would accept the results of the election so many troubling aspects in this interview centering on things that president trump as said repeatedly in recent weeks for the 1st time in an interview he was actually challenged on a number of those full suits so we can speak now to u.s. media research a dylan that macklemore he joins us live from little rock arkansas via skype sir
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thank you so much for joining us here on al-jazeera so the interview aired in full on the fox news channel on sunday morning in the u.s. few hours ago now what would you say its impact has been certainly it's playing a lot on twitter but generally speaking. thank you for having me and i think it's a very significant event because of where it happened because it aired on the fox news channel this is conservatives as far as television goes this is where conservatives in america go for news pew research study found overwhelmingly that it's the only broadcast or cable television network that conservatives trust they watch it in large numbers and so to hear chris wallace challenge donald trump in a way that has not been challenged on that network previously that could come as a bit of a shock and we'll see how they react to it in addition to the traffic it's getting
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it through other media outlets that might find people more critical of trump to begin with because we often speak about trump's base and the fact that they will follow him no matter what but presumably the fox news channel viewers and fox news correct me if i'm wrong is the most successful cable channel in the united states presumably there's a lot of viewers there that would have heard things that perhaps they literally hadn't heard before hadn't trust that before. i think that's why that's true and i think that's why fox and the journalists working there people like chris wallace play such a significant role in american media they are kind of the one opportunity to voice this what could be seen as liberal bias to their viewers but to a lot of the rest of us who look like objective journalism hard hitting interview questions wallace following up on and making donald trump find support for some of these claims that he's been making you know all over the country and the struggle to do it at times and that's that's important for those conservative viewers to see
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him as you pointed out not just conservatives but the largest news audience on cable television in the u.s. . we speak about polarized politics polarized media and a lot of people especially on twitter and facebook kind of you know reinforcing their own biases depending on who they follow do you think that there's a danger if a channel like fox that has been overwhelmingly pro trump that's something that is you know a confrontational or certainly a fact checked interview is there a danger that some viewers would then leave fox to go to even not just for the right but even more just pro trump and more biased channels so that in a sense the middle ground is even more eroded. that will be an interesting thing to see because donald trump himself on twitter and at rallies has been mentioning one america news network which is even further to the right than fox news and he's been trying to suggest that maybe he'll start treating them more favorably he'll give them more interviews people should go watch them so far i've interpreted
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a lot of that as him just trying to get fox's attention maybe create some jealousy there fox is certainly carried in far more households as far more of a footprint but yes i think some of his hardcore supporters are tired of people like chris wallace shepard smith who is no longer at fox news after being criticized a lot you know that maybe they are looking for other places to find this content that's more agreeable and that's dangerous no matter what side of the political spectrum you're on because what's interesting about u.s. news is that there isn't really as strong a public service broadcasting element like for example there is in the u.k. with the b.b.c. and many other european countries so a lot of channels have a very particular political identity what do you think happens to journalists like chris wallace in a sense a step away from the role that he that they have chosen or has almost been assigned to them or kind of reaction as they're being to him. well i think wallace himself
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will tell you that he has support of management that this is what they want him to do he's a he's a fox news original he has been part of the growing their brand and he believes that is style of journalism is important within their formula now obviously if they've moved more opinion centric especially in prime time where the ratings are large you see less of that but i do think even at these networks and at these cable channels where they do have partisan opinion hosts there are still news journalist trying to do sort of public service journalism you're talking about the question is is people have gotten more partisan our social identities are being activated and we're thinking about who's on our team and who's not on our team do those people just giving us facts and trying to hold politicians to account are they on our team and i think increasingly partisans are finding the answer that is no and that a final point to which bit of the interview surprised you the most especially because it was on fox it's. i think it didn't surprise me because chris
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wallace has proven himself to be a prepared journalist and he knew he was going to go in with this information but when he stopped him on the cognitive test and he said no i've i took that test i followed up on this i know what this test is and it's not what you're making it out to be that that was a bold move but it also showed a preparedness that honestly trump should have expected but it appeared to have caught him off guard that indeed michael moore us media research a really good to talk to you about this thank you for your time great to talk to you thank you. let's go to chile now where a group of called the last became an overnight sensation with their choreographed chant denouncing violence against women went viral it's being used by activists around the world and has been translated into several different languages but last this season is now being sued by chilean police for allegedly instigating violence
12:44 am
the same police force that they accuse of committing abuses see in human reports from santiago. last november no one had heard of us they cease until the chilean hoops before minutes of a rapist in your path turned into the feminist and the world wide. 2 words denouncing violence and sexual abuse against women including by police have been translated into almost every language. it was performed again in paris just last week during protests against the interior minister accused of rape. while the chant has become a battle cry for the rights of abused women here in chile the 4 members of last they seize are being accused of abusing the police with their words in their new manifesto they're being sued for allegedly threatening and inciting violence against police in this video released on social media in late may their game we see
12:45 am
this not only as an attack against us and art but the right to freedom of expression against all the women who have taken part in our performances it's clear censorship and a threat to everyone who wants to use art as a way to denounce abuses to the manifesto was filmed in front of a police station and was done in collaboration with the latin american branch of russia's feminist group pussy riot it denounces increased domestic violence during the pandemic but it also says police are all rapists assassins and inhumane but are they not the most innocent scene and of course you can say that individually not all cops are assassins or rapists bush were referring to the is to choose one that's forms to carry out violence it's not literal. best as he says they and their legal counsel haven't yet been given access to the investigation or even presented formally with the charges whereas the police for clarification on
12:46 am
a number of occasions the response has been the because this is a to disallow the. there will be no comment which is rather unusual for the lawsuit has hit a sensitive chord some see it as a reprisal for a rapist in your path which went viral during widespread demonstrations here last year again really it's pathetic that after all the well documented human rights violations that chile's police have committed they now play the victim at our expense they blame our work which is artistic of being the cause of violence against them when that is not true. with demonstrations now severely curtailed because of a nationwide curfew and lockdowns the group is warning that civil liberties and artistic expressions like theirs could be even further limited after the pandemic is all. you see in human al-jazeera santiago. for millions of people television and streaming services have been an important to scape from the stress
12:47 am
and boredom sometimes of virus lock downs but the pandemic has stopped the entertainment industry in its tracks with many films and programs force that the late releases thousands of actors and film crews have found themselves out of work while director is trying to find alternative ways to continue production reynolds has more now from los angeles. veteran actor re-approved so has had a long career on stage in movies and television including the acclaimed series the sopranos and i know my old man could be a tough nut to crack and i want to know he says with the pandemic work has dried up it's basically nonexistent 19 put in a broad and 2 movie making which is uniquely unsuited to social distancing the nature of filming and such and such an intimate thing and you have the wardrobe people addressing you have hair people you have makeup people you have sound guys
12:48 am
wiring you everybody and then there are the scenes that you play with another rock there where you're always in close proximity it's just the nature of what we do. before the pandemic the u.s. film and sound recording industry employed 456000 people now producers in locations scouts are scrambling to find relatively safe places where they can film a little of it at the moment is almost completely shut down that's some things are opening up so you see some places. islands' of places in europe they're starting to be opened most of it at the moment is still local production producer jogia near runs capital arts productions a vast space with 20 standing sets where movie and t.v. production companies shoot scenes there before crews are departments you know grip aleck trick coming and cameras going this way that way all production things that would happen in t.v. and film happen out stage and now it's all quiet. it's very quiet now he says the
12:49 am
industry and its unions have been developing new safety protocols you need to outline you know where p.p. is being distributed the testing and testing is a big part of all of it you know your disinfectant protocol your cleaning protocol where is your when does your hygiene crew come in still to be worked out are issues including how to shoot romantic scenes with social distancing all of these new safety protocols are absolutely necessary for the movie business to revive but they will also mean that film productions will take longer and become much more expensive there's going to be a big line item in pretty much everyone's budget about what has to be spent for people to feel safe going back to work well it's definitely going to be different and everything's going to be different i do think eventually it will come back it may take some time but to paraphrase hollywood's favorite saying the show must go
12:50 am
on even in a pandemic robert oulds al-jazeera los angeles. still to come on al-jazeera action from the hungarian grand prix or some drivers have problems just making it to the starting line is coming up and support. the traffickers a truce followed suit psychology and emotions from the very beginning until the very end the trade in human flesh is big business. and wealthy western nations are implicated how can a girl from albania know her way to answer you know how to run to win the must be an organized crime magnet sex slaves episode 2 of slavery a 21st century evil on al-jazeera. the latest news interviews in government says it's working with local authorities and community volunteers to meet the needs
12:51 am
of the remaining a refugee with detailed coverage locked on measures of the president many countries how good to job losses for my kids and consequently every duck should do remittances from around the world it isn't the 1st time that the network was forced off the air in 1972 it was also shot down. to. kids going to far and though half the sport. thanks so much barbara 2 mistakes from manchester united goalkeeper devah de hey i helped chelsea reach the final of the
12:52 am
english f.a. cup but play arsenal in the title decider on august the 1st a spanish international loud olivier giroud effort to creep in just before half time at london's wembley stadium and after the break to hair was unable to deal with missing mounds long range shot up michael rigorous score chelsea's 3rd frank lampard team going on to secure a green one which. we have had some good performances this season we are progressing and we are again better out there always going to be some but today was a performance of huge carrots on personality work ethic quality and i'm very happy to goals from here and that the bombing and saw arsenal beat man city to mail in saturday's semi final to get any striker has less than 12 months remaining on his current contract and his manager hopes results like this will convince him to sign a deal. when i speak with him he sounds said critical means but
12:53 am
obviously if you can see that suit shares and in that direction i would say can use it i want and i think he will be more positive about us. and italy's area napoli scored a last minute winner to stay on track for europa league qualification with the game poised at 11 napoli rode their luck in the closing minutes and then added time a tale paula tanno scored a spectacular winner big dream in the 6. in major league soccer's comeback tournaments year why and forward scored 4 goals for los angeles f.c. these efforts here helped his team be city rivals the l.a. galaxy $62.00 l.a. f.c. are now looking good for the knockout round the galaxy are bottom half.
12:54 am
as some of the biggest names in the n.f.l. are calling for the league to tackle health and safety concerns before official training camps began on tuesday and a fellow rookies will report to training 1st quarterbacks and injured players will start on thursday the regular season is due to commence on september the terms the league and the players association are still discussing exactly how testing for covert 19 will be carried out seattle seahawks quarterback russell wilson expressed his frustration on twitter saying i am concerned my wife is pregnant and i felt training camp is about to start and there's still no clear plan player health and family safety we want to play football we also want to protect our loved ones. in one fast bowler stuart broad took 3 wickets and 14 balls to give his team a chance of winning the 2nd test against the west indies broad's burst helped
12:55 am
england bowled the west indies out for 287 at the close in lynn had reached 37 for 2 gives them a lead of 219 runs heading into the final day the windies leave the series one nil . lewis hamilton looked a class apart as he cruise to victory at the hungary and formula one grand prix it's 8 time am hamilton has won this race and the british driver is now top of the overall world championship standings at the richardson reports. lewis hamilton's only unsteady moments in budapest came as he emerged from his miss eighties to celebrate yet another race win victory at the home gary in grand prix putting in top of the world championship standings. i want to see was one of my favorites is to race i was on my own for the race it was just a different kind of challenge and. course we had great pace but as i said it could have been without these great guys that are working did it stops. coming from dr
12:56 am
bill's seem keen to help him red bulls much for stuff and managed to crush else on the warm up lap some fast work from his team did get into the grid for the starts and the dutchman when songs of finish 2nd should make it so for ferrari continue to look well off the pace charlotte clare finished out of the points in 11th while sebastian vettel was 6. months and was so far ahead in the closing laps he had time to pit and get some fresh tires that allowed him to close the fastest lap and earn a bonus points off this last time but when you. think you think i know i think this team just continuous continues to amaze me and i love i love working with them and i'm grateful that i can do a formal on days on weekends like this know how i want to do it in the beginning of course ending up in the barriers citigroup but. yet it would make an exhibit
12:57 am
amazing job to fix a car or i don't know how they did it but you are incredible. so you have to debate them back with their 2nd place was very pleased about. it seems i have a week off before heading to the british. at the stalls of increased on the rich it's an easier. and not such a good day for the reigning moto g.p. champion marc marc has at the spanish grand prix arc has crashed out of the opening race of the season and one that requires surgery on a broken arm francis probably a quote there are went on to win the 1st bob 3 of his career the motor g.p. season had been due to start in cattle in march but was delayed because of the crown a virus like. ok and that is all yours for for now it's now back to barbara and london far thank you very much for that and that is it for this news i want to stay with me though going to be back in just a few minutes with but they say thanks for watching.
12:58 am
what is the price of luxury. an undercover team travels deep into the illegal cocoa plantations of the ivory coast simple solutions are very hard to find for something as complicated as the child labor. chocolates hearts of darkness and counters unpatrolled labor is working in a $100000000000.00 industry overhaul of the country's cocoa produces live below the poverty line. coming soon. jump into the stream and
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julian on global community this generation will have to create its own democracy with social media and will online be part of the debate let me put some you tube comments to you when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic islands that people of color have suffered not only now but for decades we are going to be to transform lives the way he gets human way be it business if we're going to adapt to climate breakdown this dream on out is there. who's to blame for the mishandling of the coronavirus kunda making the united states i'll be putting the tough questions to trump surrogate jack kingston and former democratic party official just o'connell in a special edition of her dad he earned not even through a wave one as a result of the lack of a new ship here i said to my people slow the testing down please that is criminally negligent and i will sit there and i thought it was hilarious head to head on algis
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iraq. if you want to help save the world. sneeze into euro. budget that lock in brussels deep divisions remain as leaders try to find common ground on a massive pandemic recovery plan. barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. coronavirus cases climb in colombia is the capital but what that enters the peak of its outbreak doctors call for a strict lockdown to be reimposed mali's opposition dismisses the latest offering from international.


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