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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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results should perching quite significantly and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on our own choosing. the. al-jazeera. back to bo this is the news hour live from our world headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes the united states orders china to shut down its consulate in houston beijing threatens to retaliate. it will probably unfortunately get worse before it gets better so they got over like saying good things but that's the way it is a reluctant reassessment of the corona virus outbreak in the u.s. president donald trump holds his 1st briefing in months.
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and violence in west jerusalem as thousands of protesters call on the israeli prime minister to resign over corruption charges and his handling of the pandemic and ethiopia says heavy rains have begun filling his controversial dam on the blue nile as the government continues to negotiate with its neighbors egypt and saddam. with the sport b.n.f.l. agrees to scrap the 2020 pre-season games as another $95.00 players taste positive for corona virus. thank you very much for joining as we begin with the growing tension between the united states and china the u.s. government has ordered beijing to close its consulate in the city of houston in texas saying it's a way to. protect american intellectual property
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a spokesman for the chinese foreign ministry has denied media reports that stuff at the consulate had been burning documents inside the building and is accuse the u.s. of violating international law in response china is threatening to close the american consulate in war and has warned that chinese students in the u.s. should be on guard for what it calls obvious frary interrogations and in the last few minutes the u.s. secretary of state mike on bail made these comments during a visit to denmark we're not going to allow this to continue to happen where they have seen the remarks that. visor brian gave that directory gave him that attorney general barr has given we are setting a clear expertise as for how the chinese communist party is going to behave and when they don't who are going to take actions that protect the american people protect our security our national security and also protect our economy and jobs we're going. surely on july 21st the u.s.
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abruptly demanded we close our consulate general this was unilaterally initiated by the u.s. side we demand the u.s. withdrawal this decision or we will respond while we have katrina you standing by for us in $100.00 china with the latest reaction out of china but 1st to last state department correspondent was named jordan rawls a so tell us more for is about what the u.s. state department is saying is a reason for shutting down the consulate in houston. well as we just heard from the secretary of state mike pompei o who is on a visit to copenhagen denmark the u.s. has been extremely concerned about chinese efforts to steal law intelligence secrets still to was corporate intellectual property and otherwise undermine the rule of law here in the united states there are unsubstantiated allegations at least by the state department that the chinese consulate in houston
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has not been involved in this theft of intellectual property but certainly the order has now gone out that the staff in their families assigned to that facility in houston must leave the country within 72 hours it's not the 1st time that the u.s. government has closed another country's official law presence in this country will our viewers will offer haps recall the closure of the syrian embassy during the 1st years of that country's civil war and certainly after the hostage crisis erupted in tehran in 1979 the us ordered the closure of the iranian embassy also in washington. the secretary of state my campaign has been out front on this us fresh a campaign against china we've seen him in london yesterday in denmark today trying to build what he called a coalition and what's behind this new strategy this new u.s.
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strategy on china. well i wouldn't exactly describe it a new strategy it's simply one more provocative act as certainly in beijing's eyes and the relationship between the united states and china the u.s. has been long accusing beijing of trying to undermine western values and more important undermine the stability of western countries. we have seen a number of sanctions actions aimed at chinese officials because of their treatment for example of ethnic we in western china john province we have seen the u.s. basically say in the past week that it is officially now standing with countries such as vietnam laos and the philippines in their territorial claims and access to the south china sea we have seen the u.s. efforts to dissuade other countries from using hauffe way equipment and in fact the
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u.s. is very much involved in its efforts to extradite the chief operating officer of walk away from vancouver british columbia so this is simply the latest step in a growing growing animosity between the united states and china certainly in the light of the corona virus demick it is unusual for the secretary of state to actually travel overseas to try to build more support but certainly they have been engaging virtually in this effort to isolate china in the past several months thank you very much for that rising joy in my far as say in virginia and let's get the view from china and bring in katrina you who's in on for us katrina china's response to the closure of the consummate in houston most way of calling news and political provocation tell us about what sort of response we can expect.
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that's right well we're in move on city and a province in the commercial area a very busy area and right behind me is a skyscraper and inside is the u.s. consulate here in mohan on level 47 of that building just behind me it's one of 5 u.s. points that's located in mainland china and one the chinese government is reportedly considering closing in response to the fullest closure of the chinese consulate in texas now we know about this plant hasn't been in full operation much of the u.s. stop there had been flown back home during the height of the pandemic here in china and we're yet to hear verification that the chinese government is going to go ahead and close this but certainly beijing is furious about this china's foreign ministry spokesperson one when been spoke on wednesday afternoon calling this outrageous unjustified and said it was an unprecedented escalation and even listed a number of actions he said the u.s. government had taken against chinese people in the u.s. in recent months he said that chinese diplomats there had been subjected to
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intimidation harassment in some cases detention he also said that chinese students were increasingly be interrogated that personal electronic devices were being confiscated and searched he also said that there would incident at least what chinese diplomatic stop had extra restrictions imposed on them but diplomatic pouch as was searched without permission that chinese official items were also quote this case that both of these would be violations of the vienna convention on diplomatic relations one would be also said that the chinese embassy in the u.s. had received a number of bomb threats and death threats and he accused the trump administration of fanning the flames of hatred against china only in the u.s. but overseas as well and certainly this is just the next escalation and use escalation what has to be a diplomatic 3 fold in terms of relations between the u.s. and china van. arias front can go home national security law technology and trade
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beijing says if u.s. does not pull back from this decision it will take what it has called legitimate and necessary counter measures katrina how are these tensions with the u.s. being viewed internally being seen internally in china is there any sort of internal pressure on the beijing government to perhaps deescalate the situation with the u.s. . we've seen here in china that many it from foreign media from the statements we've heard from the u.s. government that this is being ending re saying that on the u.s. side to intimidate china to contain china's rise that this is according to beijing nothing to do with actions beijing has taken in the south china sea or hong kong that this is totally a matter of the u.s. to be intimidated by not only china's rise in the multilateral stage but also china's rise when it comes to technology artificial intelligence and being increasing power which can match up against the u.s.
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site inside of beijing we haven't seen any pressure certainly from the chinese to back down certain we've seen the opposite we've seen many sort of hopefully in chinese state media come out against the u.s. saying that beijing needs to defend its rights needs to prevent the u.s. from meddling in its internal affairs and also send a strong message to the u.s. that these actions or these accounts these measures will not be taken lightly otherwise that beijing may be seen as a country that is easily bullied and certainly here in china. sort of people are seeing this as china being the victim and that is of course not the view shared by many people overseas and certainly in places like home home where they do believe that the beijing authorities are acting in a way that is imposing on the freedoms and rights of the people there all right thank you very much for that katrina you live for us. in a war and for more on these growing tensions between the u.s.
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and china let's now speak to. her. then col who is the former deputy national intelligence officer for transnational threats he is joining us via skype thank you very much for being with us today mr cox what do you make of this latest development in the tensions between the u.s. send china and the closure of the chinese consulate in holes in his sense how significant a development is this and do you think we're in danger of a aspiring crisis here well we are in a spiraling crisis certainly relations between the u.s. and china have been deteriorating for some time and trump has clearly chosen to make china a bogeyman in his campaign since everything else going wrong you know if you blame someone else then that helps you so that's part of the story i think that's
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the political background now the events specifically that led to the decision to close the consulate probably actually occurred there's it's not a secret. chinese intelligence has been increasingly aggressive in the united states in the last 5 years 10 there been more than 154 arrests by the f.b.i. for chinese espionage. episodes so these events occur but it's fundamentally a political decision right when to take this kind of a step why why the houston hughson consonant you think. well i think because a consulate is less significant than the embassy an embassy would be an otter breach of relations yet another step up in the. tensions
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but the consulate. is into in texas there is a lot of high technology there's the space program there's medical research and so on and the reports that we have been reading from you and everywhere else about chinese targeting scientific research for the coronavirus is i'm sure true but also for a long time the chinese have gone after. telephone internet related technology space technology and saw much of which is text so it's a is a sensible step from that perspective permanence yet as we heard from our correspondent in china some internal pressure now in china for the beijing government to retaliate what you know what sort of response do you expect it to take that would hurt the u.s. in a similar way you know i'm sure that there is a need that this is a well orchestrated time honored dance among. powers with regard to
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intelligence activities and then what a coal dispute so i would be very surprised if china did not respond i fully anticipate that they feel that they must so what they will do depends if they want to escalate or just be commensurate they will certainly expel a number of american diplomats and since we close the facility i would expect that they will do something similar now since it's china it's also not on imaginable that they might decide to detain a businessman or 2 but that would be an escalation so i don't think that would do. i thank you very much for sharing with us can cry a former deputy national intelligence officer for transnational threats joining us sam via skype from boston we appreciate your time. now the world news now a vote is expected in the coming hours that will give israel's government increased powers to impose coronavirus frustrations across the country and move comes as
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protests grow louder against prime minister benjamin netanyahu as handling of the pandemic dozens of demonstrators have been arrested after chaining themselves together and blocking people from entering parliament in west jerusalem harry fawcett reports. benjamin netanyahu is where the protest before so called black flag activists have waged a years long campaign against what they call his anti democratic rule but in the last 2 weeks the protests have changed and grown as israelis buckling under a 2nd wave of coronavirus turn their anger on the government. netanyahu has admitted to reopening the economy too quickly allowing gatherings of too many people others point to the government's failure to expand the system of testing and tracing is the 1st wave leaving it ill equipped to stop the 2nd author and journalist roden bergman has investigated that decision making he says the health ministry went against expert advice you need to know as soon as possible if that
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person is you or not you need to there's that person immediately after he is like the 5 is suspicious so as a suspect so if if you do not been sharing of infection it goes on and on if you are not they were to cut it the government itself said it needed a 48 hour turnaround from suspected case to test results even now it's taking $6.00 to $8.00 days the concern now is that it's simply too late in terms of testing to catch up with the sheer scale of this 2nd wave israel's missed opportunity on testing and tracing is now being seen as part of a wider political failure to tackle the pandemic under pressure the prime minister has been announcing measures only to announce them from a $1750000000.00 package of cash handouts 1st universal now means tested to in order. to close restaurants postponed within hours to weekend closures of beaches and pools reversed within days the one constant is insistence on avoiding
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a 2nd full lockdown because. i've requested each ministries plan for a safe exit from the current virus restrictions meaning that if we straighten the coven reach the goals that we see it for the determine number of cases per day that we can work with over time in the coronavirus routing. but the head spinning policy shifts have undermined belief in a prime minister also on trial in 3 separate corruption cases one survey this month put public trust in him at just 29 percent and the problem that. there's really this back and forth that it's not creating trust and trust is groucho. in order to move ahead because it's a long term situation where they're talking about trustees both ross of the public and trust of experts just weeks ago netanyahu had squashed the 1st wave of coded 19 and neutralized his most serious political rival benny gantz inside an emergency
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coalition now he's fighting to beat down a resurgent virus and restore his diminishing political capital are a force at al-jazeera television. more ahead on the news hour including a steroids with a knife saving bullets the drug being tested in britain that's being hailed as a breakthrough treatment over $1000.00 patients bus up and away it's the end of an era for one of australia's aviation long serving us and stoss from small towns green joined forces to launch a new women's football team in los angeles. u.s. president donald trump has warned of a corona virus outbreak is likely to get worse before it gets better as some mocs departure from the optimistic picture is projected so far even as cases continue to rise in many u.s. states by can every for some washington. in the past president cost him self as
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america's cheerleader making rosy predictions about the course of the pandemic that were often at odds with the facts but this was a more subdued president than on previous occasions it will probably unfortunately get worse before it gets better something i don't like saying about things but that's the way it is and a complete reversal on the use of mosques something that in the 1st few months of the pandemic the president often derided at one stage even expressing support for anti mosque protests in a number of states this to it seems a thing of the past i have no problem with the masks i view it this way anything that potentially can help and that certainly can potentially help is a good thing i have no problem i carry it i wear it you saw me wearing it a number of times and i'll continue if there were some familiar claims that the u.s.
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is leading the world in testing and that it's mortality rate is lower than anywhere both assertions declared false by most health experts and little comment about a startling report from the centers for disease control it says the official figure of some $3600000.00 cases of corona virus in the us is dramatically less than what it now is to mates could be as many as $38000000.00 cases it's not clear whether the president's new embrace of reality rests in a recognition not because such as these or whether he's seeking to reverse what top politically damaging polling figures about the public's view of the way he's handled the crisis mike hanna al-jazeera washington satellite house correspondent kimberly halkett in washington kimberly out that the president appeared to stay on script yesterday what prompted this change in difference in tone i would say and does this mean we're going to see a new strategy now in fighting the outbreak. it does appear that the president is
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acknowledging that the public has really not seen him take leadership in recent months on this the way we saw back in the early spring when we had was holding the coronavirus task force briefings almost nightly and speaking directly to the american people as a result we've seen throughout time that increasingly there have been more and more americans that feel the president has not been doing a good job of handling this crisis sort appears that he has decided to hit this head on it was notable that the u.s. president said that things are expected to get worse before they get better it appears that the president as we've also seen this week in the wearing of a mask has decided to adopt a different tactic and a different strategy when that he believes will take him to a 2nd term when voters go to the polls in november and in other news kimberly as protests continue in portland the president does not threatening to send in federal authorities so other u.s. cities tell us about that. yet another violent night in portland
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oregon this is the 5555th straight night that we have seen protesters often clad in black throwing projectiles such as bricks bottles of urine particularly around federal buildings or symbols of the federal government now the protesters say that this is their civil liberties it's their right under the u.s. constitution to free speech and in fact the you know increasingly they have accused the white house of being authoritarian in the defending of some of these federal buildings in fact the opponent to president trump in the november election joe biden has sent out a statement saying that the u.s. president in the defense of these buildings is sowing division and chaos in his response but the department of homeland security secretary is defending the response saying this is an attempt simply to protect federal buildings still the u.s. president appears to be taking this beyond portland he will be talking today around
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900 g.m.t. about what he calls operation legend to clamp down on what he sees as other cities where he believes violence is spiraling out of control new york as well as chicago sending in federal authorities this is clearly another campaign strategy by this president who was to distinguish himself from joe biden his opponent one that he says is encouraging violence on the city streets giving american voters a choice in november he has tried to brand himself as a law and order president so again looking ahead tonight a little after that is when we expect to hear from the president on what he calls operation legend thank you for that company how good life for us there at the white house. and the number of coronavirus cases continues to grow around the world more than 15000000 people have now been infected globally but us researchers say the true told might be 12 times launcher. and he's under reports from new york. the spread of corona virus around the world over 600000 lives lost to the pandemic
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but researchers at the massachusetts institute of technology often cited as the world's best research university examined $84.00 countries and concluded the numbers are likely much higher we found that the estimate of the true actual number of covert 90 cases proximately 12 times larger than the number of confirmed reported cases and we found that the number of people who have died of coke at night is approximately 50 percent higher than the number of reported deaths to reach their conclusions researchers used a variation of a standard model of epidemiology and over 4 months calibrated it with country level data on testing reported cases deaths and overall mortality and various other data points the model was able to estimate the percentage of the population of any given
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country already infected with covert 19 at the top of the list ecuador with 18 percent of its population already infected followed by other latin american countries peru chile and mexico then iran and qatar are the most infected per capita in the middle east followed by spain the u.s. the u.k. and the netherlands in early march the world health organization declared covert 19 a global pandemic and mighty researchers concluded from their modeling that if all the countries in the world back then ramped up testing there would be 200000 fewer deaths today once you lose control this is. a very serious problem and it's still relevant because although we can't go back and change what happened before we're now facing exactly the same choices with the new
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outbreak that are taking place in many countries around the world while the study conducted by the researchers is highly complex and very technical their advice on how to help stop the spread of coronaviruses not they say it simply comes down to social distancing and wearing a mask gabriels on doe. new york i gotta i always says launch a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against countries that have imposed a blockade on the gulf states banning qatari aircrafts from their airspace ways is seeking $5000000000.00 in compensation from egypt saudi arabia bahrain and the united arab emirates the countries impose the law and see an ad located in 2017 the un's top court ruled last week in favor of qatar proving the jurisdiction of the international civil aviation organization to hear the case. if he'll p.s.a.
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as it's a rainy season has brought heavy rains that have failed parts of its controversial dam on the blue nile which accounts for much of the water that flows downstream as part of the main river nile ethiopia's government says it needs to utilize its resources to help its people but neighboring countries egypt tense abound say pause as a problem has this report from the source of the blue nile in northern ethiopia. it's called the water tower of africa that's because each open mountains are the 1st african highland to be drenched by the annual rains from the indian ocean. even after several droughts it's rich in streams rivers and lakes lake is one of the world's largest and the main source of the blue nile in the past didn't seem to need all the water it has lifestyles here were simple large bodies of water where even field. where always. you see our where or what
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is the water is if you go to the. mash if you go to the river if you go to zelig south didn't really get wrong. in the history of. most of. our our tradition prefers the howling living in highland because it's associated with the sea with this stupidity. but it's europeans say they've had to abandon that mentality a steady decrease in and the rainfall has damaged i get a culture rapid increase in population every year means millions more to feed the wiser use of water has become a necessity priority over the years has been given to hydro power with 18 dams either completed or about to be the largest in africa is the ground each oprah name on the blue nile the 5000000000 dollar project is designed to produce $6000.00
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megawatts of electricity actually it's been a while since it began to harness the power of the blue nile the famous nile for such you see behind me receive only 25 percent of water's coming from lake tana that he may need $75.00 diverted to hydro power dams which produce a total of $84.00 megawatts. leaked on a catchment or blue nile solar system is made up of about 40 tributaries they include the sacred get a bite believed to be the real source of the blue nile a by each open name locals believe a bio runs through leaked on a without mixing with it and that it has healing powers wholly a bite is being required to play a more practical road now with the old system when use of water source. we lose these ice wars. we. benefit from them if you take him in. there are about 100000 hectare.
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100000 hectare irrigated. land that is yet but this city percent of it is under the use of the strides in hydropower investments haven't been matched with similar progress in agriculture around lake tana rocky terrain is to blame but local authorities say they'll do the impossible to harness both water and land for the benefit of the nation. by lake tana it choppy. time now for a check on the world weather where the rob and i focus on south america rob and some mid winter weather and earlier i look at paraguay it's a surprisingly hot country in the winter when the northerly breeze keeps it pretty warm but every now and again takes ones down into europe and even parts of argentina temperatures were almost at record values if we can then though not far off now i mean that doesn't see on the last 5 days but 32 the record only 33 so
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we're 10 above r.j. with 10 above average a good part of your require the cut off is very obvious this easterly breeze and the river plates contention or not the temps are back in weren't even there but it's warm for her anyway the extreme warmth that was there of the weekend the u.s. is been squashed out a little bit in the eastern states and down the south it's quite warm warm and dry has been the problem further west in fact as you've probably already aware the whole crowd has been burning about 300000 hectares this is northern california cause some evacuations is not yet contained is typical of the sort of thing you're going to expect your the fire season the hot dry season on this side of the u.s. that will concentrate too much on the i mean that far maybe it starts by monday maybe in by a dry lightning strike the real showers of big thunderstorms are further east but have a look for the science but the gulf of mexico is a gathering of storms here at the moment that. suggests they want to turn souls
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into a bit of its circulation and head towards the texan coast or could say no more than that at the moment but houston's forecast is a sunday one florence few days for thank you so much for that rob still ahead on the sound is there a news our livelihoods on the line in indian administered kashmir why local say they're no longer getting their fair share of mineral resources and sports zatanna brian of h. is in good form foisting milan peter i'll have all the action coming up just to. jump into the stream and julian on global community this generation will have to create its own democracy with social media on and will online be part of the debate let me put some you tube comments to you when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic arlen's that people of color have suffered not only now but for decades we are going to need to transform lives the way he keeps human way to
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a business if we're going to adapt to climate break down this street on out is the era i care about how the u.s. engages with the rest of the world i cover foreign policy national security this is very much a political impounds here's the paul flick how do we illustrate it are we telling a good story will people get what we're trying to think here they're living outside in makeshift tents this is not the way any family want to raise their children we're willing to get into taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise it's absolutely feels that you were there.
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welcome back you're watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me for the back to pull out a reminder of our top stories the u.s. says it's ordered the closure of the chinese consulate in houston texas the state department says it's in order to protect american intellectual property china has accused washington of violating international law u.s. president donald trump has warned the corona virus outbreak is likely to get worse before it gets better is now reaching the public to wear masks and promise to deliver a vaccine as soon as possible and a vote is expected in the coming hours that will give israel's government increased powers to impose coronavirus restrictions more than 30 people were arrested after protests calling on prime minister binyamin next now to resign turned violent. now the british government has denied ignoring warnings that russia was attempting to meddle in its elections prime minister boris johnson told parliament the u.k. was more vigilant than any other country against threats from russia a report on tuesday concluded that authorities actively avoided looking into
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evidence the kremlin tried to interfere in several votes including the brics it referendum. the people of these 2 these countries. to leave because of pressure from russia and russia they voted because they wanted to take control of that money of our trade policy. live to rory chalons in london for is so rory that was one of the attack lines the british prime minister was using that the opposition is actually using the report on russia to throw doubt on the results of the bracks it referendum but what was the labor leaders accusation and of course. well he was pushing the prime minister on a couple of different things primarily of course he was pushing the prime minister . the details the unveils in the report itself from the intelligence and security committee essentially saying that the governments and the
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intelligence community in the u.k. took their eye off the ball when it comes to russia and that perceived threats that that it posed if you're looking for any kind of zinger as people who watch these kind of exchanges in parliaments want to do to score whether this went to the prime minister or to leave leave the opposition well said that the government had its eyes so far off the ball that perhaps it wasn't even on the pitch. the accusation is basically there were signs that what russia was trying to do was to destabilize the british diplomatic process is from what i've been seeing surrounding the scottish independence referendum of 2014 and then therefore more should have been done to step in and protects the bricks at referendum 2 years later the these actions weren't taken. also pushing for a strong so on exactly why it was that even though this report has been ready for
4:37 pm
10 months now downing street has effectively been sitting on it delaying and delaying and delaying its release of course in the run up to the election of december last year people are saying will this report of his release now might compromise the government's and might look bad for them now many months later we've had the report released and kissed over once know why it's taken so long of course boris johnson had many. attack lines that he threw back such as the the leader of the opposition sat on his hands while the previous labor leader. we call them. a russia tolerance stance even when some appeared on see the russian state backed the international media organization the government has said that it's coming out with various new bits of legislation it's going to reform the official secrets act and it's perhaps going to come up with some sort of foreign agents law like the u.s.
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and actually russia has as well and kissed ahmed said that whatever the lines the government take on that he will support them thank you for that rory of only chalons live for us there in london. saudi arabia's king solomon has held a cabinet meeting through a video call for a hospital in riyadh the 84 year old was admitted on monday prompting concerns about his health and the future of the kingdom he is reportedly in a stable condition while being treated for an information the gall bladder. mining has long been a way of life for many people in indian administrate kashmir but after new delhi has shaped the region's autonomy last year it's led to changes in the way contrasts are allocated and that so have some local sharing for their livelihoods it is about run a massive story. the jaylen river and the himalayas have been to constance an indian administered kashmir for as long as people here can remember as well as being a vital source of water and its tributaries have also provided
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a livelihood for many who mine the river for sand and minerals but for the 1st time people living in the region say outsiders have been awarded most of the mining contracts and locals who have worked in mining all their lives have missed out. the indian government began auctioning the 1st of $200.00 mining areas online in february but fast speed 4 g. internet hasn't been restored to the region since its autonomy was revoked and august last year and the internet was cut off more than 50 times in the 1st half of this year locals say that left them at a disadvantage but the image alarming. and we didn't get any information because the media was shut down the internet was shut that's why we couldn't participate. that's left many feeling the government has acted maliciously i think people or.
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this is being done deliberately with the. right the norm or have the right on their resources on their contracts or or any other such things in the state of america. until now local push midis pay the government to feed to mind the riverbeds but that will no longer be allowed the government says it's acted properly and local people have been awarded up to 40 percent of the contracts and it denies that the online process was unfair. just. one tired reader and the 2nd one is going to be. the. experts are also worried about the impact of expanding the sector on the environment and people's lives through all these things you know going to be detrimental. to the quality of the an orderly can also have. impacts because there are many people who live on the banks and. you want their
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houses going all day long. months in iraq but moloch says his livelihood and that of his 100 laborers have already been washed away that's added to economic problems in the region since a violent uprising began against the indian government in 1990 already how do you. lose all the lot of unemployment here which is why you've seen what's happening here since 9090 and help people are dying here in the government does this is this ok. now with the threat of their livelihoods being taken away completely many say they've been forced to mine illegally elizabeth purana al-jazeera new delhi. a prominent pakistani journalist who was abducted on tuesday has been trained much you like john was reportedly taken from outside a school in the capital islamabad is known for his criticism of the authorities including the country's military it's still not known who abducted him the award
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winning filipino journalist maria ressa has pleaded not guilty in a tax evasion case she's described as politically motivated it's one of several charges brought against her and her online news site inc she's already facing up to 6 years in prison after a manila court last month found her guilty of libel in a case against a wealthy businessman media watchdog say the charges are an attempt to silence critical coverage of president or draco detect tape. the coronavirus crisis scientists in the u.k. are conducting the world's biggest randomized trial to see which existing medications might come to covert 19 it's shown that a cheap off the shelf ceral it can work in many cases saving the lives of one in 3rd of critically ill patients in the 2nd of our series inside scottish clinics john a whole meets the medical staff at hairmyres hospital in east kilbride who've been on the front line of the british trials. this is the intensive care unit. this is
4:43 pm
a 10 bed intensity and where we had all our covert patients with envy at the height of the pandemic the place would be in fill of medical staff not the staff as you are with the other press the coded 1000 pandemic in the u.k. may have subsided for now but it's accelerating in many parts of the world so the search for treatments alongside a vaccine remains as urgent as ever and the drug trial has revealed the steroid dexamethasone to be effective in reducing deaths by up to a 3rd a lot of patients and he commented intensive care unit they have a hyper immune response so the main system goes into overdrive because if the hyper immune spawns actually causes a lot of the illness the damage to the lungs so decks a mess one hopes it is going to dampen all day 56 year old eddie hughes believes dexamethasone saved his life or what it was the function inches machines were
4:44 pm
basically for faster seemed to keep me alive my way from flying with. little to nothing else as what if not into bruce let's try it after he had to fix me this one is optional started to still don't get started to get at least. for the 1st time it was the end of started to be talk of wean him off the team 3 times and that was just we just couldn't even believe that and he was given deck's of methadone here at hairmyres hospital it spotted one of a large number taking part in the u.k. wide randomised drug trial being run by scientists at oxford university the aim to test a number of widely available off the shelf drugs with the hope of finding one or a combination that might work to ease some of the worst symptoms of covert 98 hughes return from the brink of death contributed to data that has seen dexamethasone approved as a breakthrough treatment for some of the worst cases of covert 19 states methicillin has been. i agree that to end result and no it means that patients in
4:45 pm
pain the common if they're faintly to order an oxygen can be cheese scraped up in a week it wouldn't be able to be before the recovery trial has also been successful in ruling out the military a drug hydroxy chloroquine once hailed as a game changer by president donald trump but found instead to be useless in treating covert 19 as the world waits for a safe and effective vaccine that may yet be a long way off recovery continues to look for treatments that will help us live with the virus possibly for years to come join a whole al jazeera scotland. and our series on surviving coronavirus continues on thursday join me joel for the concluding part in our coven 19 series looking at the lingering effects on the long road back to full help. for them half a century of aviation history has ended forestry as national carrier quantas its
4:46 pm
last boeing $747.00 us taken off from sydney into early retirement the decommissioning of the aircraft is the latest setback for the aviation industry which has been devastated by the pandemic make a gay trip or some 70. that jumbo coming the arrival of the world's 1st jumbo jet a 970 heralded a new dawn for a travel receiving huge fanfare on its 1st commercial flight from new york to london half a century later the stuff bid farewell to the last quantas boeing 747. before it flew out of a strike for the final time. because at the same time. with their range their economics for decades the 7 for 7 was the flagship aircraft of quantas and the mainstay of other main commercial airlines it was synonymous with the long haul trips and exotic holidays remaining
4:47 pm
the world's largest aircraft until 2007 when the a 380 was introduced it still flies the us president around on air force one the boeing 747. many people making international travel affordable at the time it could hold double the number of passengers than many commercial aircraft but now it's nowhere near as fuel efficient. twin engine aircraft that can fly further. quantas had planned to retire at $74.00 seventh's by the end of 2029 tain brought an end for would pretty fair ways has made the same decision while many u.s. airlines have already faced them out we will have fewer. but they won't disappear completely and they won't disappear overnight since the pandemic began $6000.00 jobs in canceled most international flights until march
4:48 pm
next year with the asia pacific region alone predicted by the international transport association to post losses of up to 29000000000 dollars this year airlines are in survival mode. much. that would have collapsed if i'd been privatized and there are those that will just disappear for now the last 7 will be stored in the mojave desert in california before being sold most likely full freight truths marking the end of a significant era in quanta says history you can gauge al-jazeera safely. and still ahead. we hear from a teenage footballer who was struck by lightning as coming up next since forced to stay with some. business leaders his goal to find
4:49 pm
a brush paul. with . business leaders is to find a brush pile. oh
4:50 pm
. and 1st was not his speech but i thank you so much sharon f.l. fans will have to wait a bit longer to watch the teams after the league and the players' union agreed to scrap the 2020 pre-season team owners one said to reduce the games from $4.00 to $2.00 but the players union argued that would put its members at risk of catching coronavirus when they traveled between exhibition games it comes as the n.f.l. announced another 95 players tested positive for covert 19. last week washington's n.f.l. team announced it would drop the redskins name and begin the search for a new one now a canadian football league team is doing the same edmonson have traditionally used
4:51 pm
the name eskimos but on tuesday the club announced it was discontinuing that name the eskimo name was criticized and seen as insensitive and racist the major league baseball season will return on thursday at an exhibition game 2 days ago the san francisco giants took the media in the national anthem in support of black lives matter now the new york yankees are still deciding what they will do you ahead of the season opener and world series champions the washington nationals spoke to turn of the coronavirus suspension athletes are taking to me and moon black professor. to protest inequality. we've got a special platform being you know athletes and be able to speak our minds speak what's going on in this world and. you know some people express it online some people express it with words some people you know neal do what they need to do but i think whatever message you know we try to get out here we want to try to express
4:52 pm
unity meanwhile in basketball the n.b.a. has made a decision on how very you will show support for black lives matter movement the center of the court will have the words black lives matter painted on it several social distancing protocols will also be in place after a coronavirus suspension the league will resume at the end of this month with all the teams in a bubble at disney world in orlando england cricket fast but a job for archer has reported racial abuse that he suffered recently online to the england and wales cricket board or was dropped for the 2nd test against the west indies after leaving the team's secure bubble it was a breach of coronavirus safety protocols in place but while setting out that match he was bombarded with racial insults on his social media platforms. female stars from sport and screen have joined forces to invest in a new women's football team in los angeles and should be ready to compete by 2022
4:53 pm
among the owners of the new team is 23 time grand slam tennis champion so we know williams her and her 2 year old daughter limpia are investors as well as williams husband alexis ohanian oscar winning actress natalie portman who is also in the ownership group as well as 14 former u.s. team players the team name and home when you are yet to be decided. in the english premier league aston villa are out of the relegation zone after beating austin a $10.00 lead gyptian strike a trace a gay school the game's only goal on tuesday this win sees villa move outside of the drop zone but only on goal difference if they beat west ham in their final game they will guarantee a place in the league next season. police are calling on liverpool fans not together in large numbers when the team lifts the premier league trophy on wednesday because of the threat of the grid a virus pandemic officials are understandably keen to avoid a repeat of scenes like this from last month when the bill clinched the title even
4:54 pm
top team will receive the trophy of the home game against chelsea. so that enable him of each scored both goals as ac milan moved up to 5th in the italian city are on tuesday the swedish striker open a school in formula and against sas while all this had to go after the home side equalize the abramovich scored against of the story advantage to one the final school to milan who are just ahead of roma and napoli in the race to qualify for the europa league. gold sirup into a begins the 1st of 6 tournaments in the u.k. on wednesday but it's struggling due to the coronavirus pandemic that fence the 2 is cutting prize money and many of its top players are already playing across the atlantic on the p.g.a. tour golf reporter report bell says the european competition faces uncertain times . the us p.g.a. which is obviously the really it financial powerhouse of the school does seem to be
4:55 pm
able to be weathering the storm as far as the finances concerned for the european tour it's a very different set of situations and they are very worried going forward about the financial situation within the sport this tournament alone last year the prize fund was $3000000.00 euros this week i think it's about $1200000.00 euros per play as you can see the money is now over in america and they're just not sure where the european tour is going to be able to go in terms of getting back to the kind of financial levels that they had before. and you can hear it from some of the players because they just don't know what's going to happen and you can see by the feel that they've got here at the close house without lee westwood to offer his bit of stardust to the occasion it's not a particularly strong field any 3 players inside the top 100 so for the european tour these are anxious times and clearly they've got to hope they can get back to
4:56 pm
something like the previous normal as quickly as possible and this is just the 1st step a russian teenage a is back playing football listen 3 weeks off i'm struck by lightning not only did he have a lucky escape from serious injury but he now faces a bright future in the game joining us for oscar reports this was the moment that could have ended 16 year old even separate off skis life. the last thing i remember i left home that's all and then i woke up in the hospital the goalkeeper was warming up with the youth team n f c's nummy up through the outside moscow when he was hit by lightning and knocked unconscious as his team rushed to help it became clear to them the player who is so often saved his team was the one who needed saving. the good morning to be history what it is it will turned around and saw iran lying on the ground we ran into him this happened there where the boys are training now when we run to him we
4:57 pm
saw him lying face down we turned him over his jersey was ripped on his chest not ripped more like towns we began to try and resuscitate him even was taken to hospital where he was put in an induced coma to assess his injuries but 3 weeks later he's returned to the pitch the reminder of the incident is a burn on his chest where he'd been wearing a chain. my lungs it was difficult to breathe but that's about it it's getting better and better now things are back to normal. he now faces a bright future in the game on tuesday even signed a contract with the club's senior team which plays in rushes the division having survived the shock of his life he's hoping to keep out any strikes on goal joining al-jazeera. ok that's all the sports news from thank you so much peter that's it for this news hour but will be back in just a few minutes with more news on al-jazeera including the latest on the tensions
4:58 pm
between the u.s. and china we're live in washington to stay with us. mexico's coded 1000 death toll is one of the world's highest with one in 5 of its inhabitants living in the capital with the deadly upsurge inevitable to take off a 1000000 visitors every day there's really no way that they purchase of cigars without for. all has the governments on all the drug strategy lead to unnecessary suffering from mexico the fight against 19 on al-jazeera. his country's begin easing coronavirus restrictions scientists warn of a 2nd wave of infections in the last few days. in front of the neighborhood and many fear the economy is be prioritised about for human life until fall of people getting the focus on the out here the last spike in public months in places we
4:59 pm
bring you the latest developments from across the globe coronavirus fundament special coverage on al-jazeera. what is the price of luxury. an undercover team travels deep into the illegal cocoa plantations of the ivory coast simple solutions are very hard to find for something as complicated as the child labor. chocolates hearts of darkness and counters unpatrolled labor is working in a $100000000000.00 industry well overhaul of the country's cocoa produces live below the poverty line on al jazeera. and.
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al jazeera. and. the united states orders china to shut down its consulate in houston beijing threatens to retaliate. play watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back to bo also ahead. thousands of protesters call for israel's prime minister to resign over corruption charges and his handling of coronavirus they used to have a fear of water and now we know that how is providing a lifeline for the.


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