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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 22, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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picture jersey. be the hero. washer. this is al-jazeera. the whole room when you're watching the al jazeera news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes spying claims under mysterious fire china's ordered to shut its consular office in the u.s. city of houston as the diplomatic war intensifies. also canadian court rules a deal between the u.s. and canada that manages the flow of refugees is unconstitutional.
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thousands of protesters call on the israeli prime minister to resign over corruption charges and his handling of the pandemic. and the steroid with a life saving boost the drug being tested in britain that's been hailed as a breakthrough treatment for covert 19 patients. and i mean welling's of the sports news is the u.s. tries to overcome setbacks to get its major leagues underway the n.f.l. has now agreed to scrap the 2020 pre-season games as another 95 players test positive for corona virus. welcome to the news are they traded threats and criticism over the covert pandemic hong kong and the south china sea now the diplomatic war between china and the us has a new focus china's been given 72 hours to shut down its consular office in the u.s. city of houston the u.s.
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says it's to protect american intellectual property and americans private information adding to the mystery firefighters were denied entry to the building amid reports of documents being burnt. we're not going to allow this to continue to happen where they have seen the remarks that nash kid advisor brian gave that f.b.i. director ray gave him that attorney general barr has given we are setting out clear expert taishan for how the chinese communist party is going to behave and when they don't we're going to take actions that protect the american people protect our security our national security and also protect our economy and jobs. china's foreign ministry has accused the u.s. of violating international law and says no documents were burnt in retaliation it's threatening to close the u.s. consular office in hand at the same time the u.k. is joining criticism of china for minutes dominic rob expressing concern about allegations that china has been involved in cyber attacks aimed at trying to steal
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research into coronavirus vaccines well we'll have more all night from london in a moment but 1st let's cross over to the u.s. and developments there was rosalind joel who's a role as the secretary of state really speaking but what's really behind the closure of the chinese mission in houston. well as so held as you just alluded this is part of an ongoing up pressure campaign by the trumpet ministration against what it considers untoward and uncivil behavior by the central government in beijing this is going to from everything involving human rights namely the ethnic leader population in western china to the crackdown on civil liberties and hong kong's political autonomy to the situation with clay and tech talk and other uses of technology uses which the u.s. alleges is a way of trying to steal not just intellectual property in the united states but
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also americans private information of perhaps the most serious trying to steal government secrets and so the u.s. has been really trying to put pressure on beijing to change its behavior at this hour the deputy secretary of state stephen began is before the senate foreign relations committee to talk about u.s. chinese relations and certainly this is something that is a growing concern here in washington the status of relations between the u.s. and china and of course the secretary of state has been talking about building a coalition of like. mine's who's in london 24 hours ago he's currently in copenhagen at the moment he says we want you to write a new chapter in american history to try and find international partners of like minds that would support the u.s. in the fight as they would say against china.
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well this has been going on for some time even as the u.s. has been imposing sanctions on certain chinese government officials investigating alleged acts of espionage intellectual and industrial espionage it hasn't gotten as much attention but the trumpet ministration has been spending a considerable amount of time lobbying countries particularly those in the e.u. in order to build support for its campaign of imposing these sanctions and trying to enact other punishments against beijing it's only notable because of the pandemic that the secretary of state hasn't been doing much international travel and so it's noteworthy that we are talking about this at a time when he is with the. foreign minister in the u.k. and with the foreign minister in copenhagen today roslyn thanks for the update for us in the u.s.
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so let's cross over to rory challenge in london and rory let's just go back to the british foreign minister he has been speaking in the last few hours about the u.k.'s relationship with china what's he been saying. well the statement from dominic robb is that the u.k. is put it deeply concerned by the evidence that was announced yesterday that china is engaged in militia cyber attacks against commercial medical and academic institutions including those working to respond to the corona virus pandemic he goes on to say that the u.k. will counter them and work with allies to hold perpetrators to account and deter future malicious activity around the world the u.k. i think is keen to stress at the moment the u.k. government is it has been calling out china and other axes for some time when it comes to malicious cyber attacks the foreign office is referring back to
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an announcement from may the 5th in which the u.k. and the u.s. warns international health care and medical organizations involved in the coronavirus pandemic response that they were being targeted by malicious cyber attacks essentially what they call passwords spraying attacks attempts to access a large number of accounts using commonly known passwords and the foreign office always go or also goes back further than that says the c.e.o. back in december 2018 the u.k. was warning that the chinese government was responsible for an extensive cyber campaign targeting intellectual property and commercial data so the u.k. trying to position itself i think it has both a longstanding opponents a chinese cyber activity and
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a strong opponent of it too and of course urrea another issue that's going to cause the chinese is more clarification the british are now giving about how they are offering the potential possibility of those from hong kong to reside in the united kingdom. yeah this all stems stems from the new security law that china has imposed on hong kong which the u.k. thinks is a kind of dereliction of the of the agreements that it had with china when it handed hong kong back to china going back to 997 and what's the u.k. has announced today is further detail on something that it announced a few weeks ago which essentially is offering a path to citizenship for some 3000000 hong kong was people who the u.k. classifies as british nationals overseas and what we understand now is that from
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january 2021 they will be allowed to come to the u.k. . 5 year limited leave to remain classification and they can do this with without having to have a job although they will have to be financially secure when they get here they were to be subject to any kind of caps on numbers or anything like that once they are here and they've done their 5 is limited leave to remain they can then apply to settle status and after a year of settled status they can then up apply for full citizenship so it is basically a way for the u.k. to offer citizenship to a log number of hong kong and it of course annoying the chinese considerably. thanks for the update in london for a celeb get more on this than picket with roderick y. an associate fellow a chance and houses asia pacific program joins us now via skype from norfolk in the
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u.k. good to have you with us on the program again mr wyman that he really is being turned upon china and asia and we presume they will be ready to retaliate the larger question is how. well we are still waiting to see i mean yes they add make noises. as far as the pay is good. that you know the we are we will be responsible for their. outcomes the consequence is a lot of our actions but they haven't yet as far as i know maybe quite well those consequences will be although i guess they will be probably targeted like profile u.k. businesses to make like was more difficult but there have been dealings with hong kong and china when there are diplomatic spens between countries we often see this issue of consular offices or conceal a stand being closed or moved what's your analysis of this particular situation
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between the british the americans and the chinese and houston. well i mean the american is saying that it isn't it. can turn activities. that were directed at industrial essentially industrial espionage and i just don't know i mean it seems like that part that you need. to put a stop to that kind of activity it's a political gesture and it's a strong diplomatic political gesture of displeasure by the united states that the behavior of china and we can i think confidently expect that the chinese will retaliate in the u.s. consulate in china so now we have this rather interesting situation where the secretary of state might pompei or has been visiting london and now copenhagen to try and garner a coalition of like minded governments are successful do you think he's going to be
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considering the u.s. has in the past bullied these nations on issues of e.u. and trade and nato contributions washington can't quite bully them into submission here though it does certainly seem to have the u.k. on side. he's got quite a mountain to climb and this goes to the trumpet ministration now being very dour on his european allies previously and i think there's a lot of confidence that needs to be rebuilt people that they. are willing to. take care take the cac who are the united states. that that is that and the u.k. has taken a number of actions against against china for all different reasons but we do are willing to be completely drawn into this u.s. confrontation with the child with the chinese that we have our interests to
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maintain in china as do the europeans that we don't want to be doing exactly what the americans do because our interests are quite frankly not exactly the same as those of the i mean how much of a game changer have issues of huawei the weakness in cian jiang hong kong and territorial disputes over the south china sea been for beijing because in terms of south china sea we're seeing many of the countries in asia pacific become emboldened in standing up to china because for once you might say america seems to be interested in the subject. yes part of the problem i think is that the american interest waxes and wanes and it is very difficult for countries in the region to be confident of their the long term u.s. interest i think it may do we need to push back against china because china has
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been as a demand recently promoting its own interests i don't think this is going to change the situation in the china sea the chinese thought indications and constructions are there and will remain there and the chinese will continue to enforce try to enforce their claims in the region be interesting to see what happens i mean for the moment roderick was always good to get your insight thanks for joining us from norfolk in the u.k. thank you. a vote is expected in the coming hours that will give israel's government increased powers to impose coronavirus restrictions across the country the move comes as protests grow louder against prime minister benjamin netanyahu is handling of the pandemic their home according to israeli daily newspaper ha'aretz might announce a snap election as early as november how the force that has more. benjamin netanyahu has weathered protest before so called black flag activists have waged
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a years long campaign against what they call his anti democratic rule but in the last 2 weeks the protests have changed and grown as israelis buckling under a 2nd wave of coronavirus turn their anger on the government. netanyahu has admitted to reopening the economy too quickly allowing gatherings of too many people others point to the government's failure to expand the system of testing and tracing as the 1st wave airbed leaving it ill equipped to stop the 2nd author and journalist roden bergman has investigated that decision making he says the health ministry went against expert advice you need to know as soon as possible if that person is not you need this person immediately after he is they didn't fight is so the suspect so even if you do not been sharing of infection it goes on and on if you are not able to cut it the government itself said it needed a 48 hour turnaround from suspected case to test results even now it's taking $6.00
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to $8.00 days the concern now is that it's simply too late in terms of testing to catch up with the sheer scale of this 2nd wave israel's missed opportunity on testing and tracing is now being seen as part of a wider political failure to tackle the pandemic under pressure the prime minister has been announcing measures only to announce them from a one point $75000000000.00 package of cash handouts 1st universal now means tested too in order to close restaurants postponed within hours to week. closures of beaches and pools reversed within days the one constant is insistence on avoiding a 2nd full lockdown questioning the school or so i've requested each ministries plan for a safe exit from the current virus restrictions meaning that if we straighten the curve and reach the goals that we see it for the determined number of cases per day that we can work with over time in the coronavirus routing. but the head spinning policy shifts have undermined belief in
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a prime minister also on trial in 3 separate corruption cases one survey this month put public trust in him at just 29 percent and the problem that. there is really this back and that it's not creating trust and trust is group show. in order to move ahead because it's a long term situation where they're talking about trustees both ross of the public and trust of experts just weeks ago netanyahu had squashed the 1st wave of covert 19 and neutralized his most serious political rival benny gantz inside an emergency coalition now he's fighting to beat down a resurgent virus and restore his diminishing political capital are a force at al-jazeera television zimbabwe's government has imposed a nighttime curfew and tightened other measures to tackle rising crime virus infections but the opposition says the new steps are linked to antigovernment protests planned for next week her metacity has more from harare. after 2
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nights in police custody freelance journalist hopeless in gone and opposition leader jacob got over me arrive at the magistrates court to apply for bail they were arrested on monday and the keys of inciting people to protest over the economy and corruption in zimbabwe has been pretty good for putting out the pull up to the story but the case was adjourned until wednesday they are spending another night in jail there's no question that this is. cause there is no law that. plans. their own states you can protest section 59 is rated citizens rights to their own states and pretty soon. the government to meet said to know of their expectations. lawyers say police have raided the homes of the 2 main looking for evidence the opposition believes the state is trying to stop anti-government protests planned for next week defectors to
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document since it was important which imposes a curfew 66 pm curfew i'm here in this country after the liberation war so we have returned. to the street with a dangerous regime instead of the change the norm is safe. the government imposed a dawn to dusk curfew saying it's only trying to tackle rising coronavirus interactions we know within or position we should mention this in 2 respects causing violence which. place in spreading. to spread because the voters living so that will does. that route. we will not allow it into blue sending that message loud and clear to the opposition we will not allow it human rights activists worry they could be more
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arrests people don't work happy birthday home they can only come out to buy food medical facilities and public gatherings are bad girls who do have jobs i'm not trying to get home. here but there isn't enough public transport for now only transport operators approved by the state are allowed to work many here fear they might not make it home in time. al-jazeera. david cowan is the director of the democracy program at the carter center of the explain how some countries are using the pandemic to curtail democratic freedoms this is a situation that's happening all around the world in many different countries settings where a globe that has been struggling with having good elections and good democratic processes. for the last 10 years anyway now is confronted with the situation of the pandemic so that there are easy excuses for governments and other actors who are
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not really interested necessarily and ensuring the core freedoms now have extra excuses and if they're not following. clear scientific evidence to base their policy decisions on their there's many ways for them to try to evade keeping democracy on track in elections on time but i would say that the main things are on theme of expression and freedom of assembly and then possibly shifting. electoral timelines or postponing elections and keep processes connected to elections again we see a number of these examples around the world and without listing any particular country as an example there is widespread examples you know the united nations is warning of an increase in the number of people facing a keep food insecurity in southern yemen over the next 6 months around 2000000
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people have already been affected in the region but that's expected to soar to 3200000 by the end of the year that's 40 percent of the local population the ongoing war in yemen has left more than 100000 people dead and led to the world's worst humanitarian disaster. turkey and russia have agreed to work together towards a lasting cease fire in libya turkey supports the u.n. recognize the u.n. recognize government in tripoli while russia backs its rival the warlord khalifa haftar who is based in the east now delegations from turkey and russia met ankara with more talks planned in moscow they say dialogue remains the only solution to the conflict catherine always has launched a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against 4 countries over an illegal blockade it also has more. qatar airways once $5000000000.00 in
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compensation from egypt saudi arabia bahrain and the united arab emirates they imposed a land sea and air blockade in 2017 banning qatari planes from their airspace the blockade in countries cut diplomatic ties with qatar accusing it of maintaining close ties with iran and supporting terrorism. qatar denies all charges and efforts to resolve the crisis have failed. before the blockade this was the route qatar airways flights were taking and this is how they had to change in order to avoid the airspace of the blockading nations making lengthy diversions adding an average of 25 minutes to each flight and adding to its fuel costs qatar airways c.e.o. or a backer says the air blockade is a clear breach of civil aviation conventions as well as several binding agreements those countries have signed the lawsuit uses existing treaties to make its case
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that the blockade violates international law right now that there are basically 4 arbitrations that are going before you know the authorities that and they're going to decide the fate of this and the simple thing is you know that the good the body who's going to decide these arbitrations has to determine if there is a clear breach of civil aviation conventions and out right now it's just too hard to tell how the court will decide. earlier this month qatar won illegal round when the international court of justice at the hague said the un's civil aviation agency has jurisdiction in this case and can oversee negotiations it marked a victory for qatar in this long drawn out battle with the 4 arab nations and now qatar airways is looking for financial compensation at a time when the global aviation industry has been devastated because of the covert
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$1000.00 pandemic. dorsetshire pari al jazeera. if you can says heavy rains have begun filling parts of its controversial down on the blue nile which will start generating power next year the government says the dam is crucial for its economic growth but egypt and sudan both lie downstream and they very could reduce their access to water reports from the souls of the blue nile in northern ethiopia. it's called the water tower of africa that's because each open mountains are the 1st african highland to be drenched by the annual rains from the indian ocean. even after several drought sits in streams rivers and lakes lake tunnel is one of the world's largest and the main source of the blue nile in the past each open didn't seem to need all the water it has lifestyles here were simple large bodies of water where even if you. ringback
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were always. aware of or what is there when whatever it is if you go to the marsh if you go to the river if you go to the lake suddenly get it wrong. in the history of egypt most of. our tradition prefers the highlight living in highland because it's associated with the sea with this stupidity. but it's europeans say they've had to abandon that mentality a steady decrease in and the rainfall has damaged i get a culture rapid increase in population every means millions more to feed the wiser use of water has become a necessity priority over the years has been given to hydro power with 18 dams either completed or about to be the largest in africa is the ground each oprah name on the blue nile the $5000000000.00 project is designed to produce $6000.00
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megawatts of electricity actually it's been a while since it began to harness the power of the blue nile the famous nile for such you see behind me receive only 25 percent of water's coming from lake tana that he may need $75.00 diverted to hydro power dams which produce a total of $84.00 megawatts leaked on a catchment or blue nile solar system is made up of about 40 tributaries they include the sacred get a bite believed to be the real source of the blue nile a by each open name locals believe a bio runs through leaked on our without mixing with it and that it has healing powers wholly a bite is being required to play a more practical road now with the old system when use of water source will lose this race was. we. benefit from them if you take him in the. 100000 hectares put in
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500000 hectare irrigated. land that is yet but this city parcel of it is under the use of the strides in hydro power investments haven't been matched with similar progress in agriculture around lake tana rocky terrain is to blame but local authorities say they'll do the impossible to harness both water and land for the benefit of the nation. by lake tana it choppy. well still ahead here on al-jazeera a final farewell it's the end of an era for one of australian aviation's the longest serving anchor. i'm joined now in scotland's east kilbride where the world's largest trial of possible covert 19 treatments has produced results that are already being used to save lives and england cricketer john from reports online
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racial abuse heading into that deciding match against the what's today's. ally with a change of wind direction has been something of a dust storm or sounds to one of the u.a.e. in the last day or so you don't pick it up on the satellite picture you pick up the edge of the monsoon that's really the prompt in the changing weather type so with that science easterlies more humid in the forecast and now then qatar and bahrain eastern side in this orange is dust is coming out from the empty quarter and to some degree coming down from iraq it's typical for this time of the year otherwise it's a dry looking picture occasional sun so it's possible in western yemen all the southwest of saudi arabia and southern storms in clumps all the things to watch for at the moment in the highlands and they drift west through africa in immediate future
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we've got a few thunderstorms developing and a few showers there but nothing significant the biggest ones appear to be in syria or monrovia for example they have been as far north as the gambia but in the forecast of friday says in friday they probably won't be that far north. all this just coming in to the edge of your screens heading forward towards madagascar's a circulation it might want to add in something might generate some significant rave the eastern side of madagascar is helping to form shows in mozambique which just touched the eastern side of zimbabwe otherwise it's drawing. up above the hustle and bustle of cuba's capital there is a secret world. a community of colorful characters who have made the rooftops their homes. from their unique perspective they reflect on the country's
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history and how it has shaped their lives and hopes for the future. of a not from on heart witness on just a. coveted beyond well. taken without hesitation. long time died for. power defines our we should not have to trade our culture for oil and gas here we make the rules on car investigates exposes and questions they use and abuse of power around the globe on al-jazeera. all or. all the all.
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i. was about to the al jazeera news are with me it's a home run a reminder of our top stories the u.s. government has ordered beijing to close its consular office in houston texas saying it's to protect american intellectual property a spokesman for the chinese foreign ministry has denied reports that staff have been burning documents inside the building britain has offered a path to citizenship for 3000000 hong kong residents and their immediate families starting in january the new rules are in response to the national security law china is imposing on the city and a vote is expected in the coming hours that will give israel's government increased powers to impose coronavirus restrictions the israeli daily how that says reporting that prime minister netanyahu could announce a snap election as early as november. now the u.s.
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president donald trump are sworn to the corona virus outbreak is likely to get worse before it gets better it's a mark departure from the optimistic picture he's projected so far even as cases continue to rise across many u.s. states mike hanna reports from the capital washington d.c. . in the past president cost him self as america's cheerleader making rosy predictions about the course of the pandemic that were often at odds with the facts but this was a more subdued president than on previous occasions it will probably unfortunately get worse before it gets better something i don't like saying about things but that's the way it is and a complete reversal on the use of masks something that in the 1st few months of the pandemic the president often derided at one stage even expressing support for anti mosque protests in a number of states this to it seems a thing of the past i have no problem with the masks i view it this way anything
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that potentially can help and that certainly can potentially help is a good thing i have no problem i carry it i wear it you saw me wearing it a number of times and i'll continue if there were some familiar claims that the u.s. is leading the world in testing and that it's mortality rate is lower than anywhere both assertions declared false by most health experts and little comment about a startling report from the centers for disease control it says the official figure of some $3600000.00 cases of coronavirus in the u.s. is dramatically less than what it now estimates could be as many as $38000000.00 cases it's not clear whether the president's new embrace of reality rests in recognition not because such as these or whether he's seeking to reverse what are politically damaging polling figures about the public's view of the way he's handled the crisis mike hanna al-jazeera washington
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a white house correspondent kimberly how could joins me from washington d.c. police all really water was a u. turn on cave in 1000 policy from president trump late on tuesday evening we're expecting another briefing in more than hour or 2 any idea what might be said. yeah a couple of things that the white house insists the president didn't change his strategy what they're saying is that he always indorse the federal guidelines of the c.d.c. that say that it is recommended but not mandatory that a mass be warm but there's no question that this is really the 1st week that we've seen the president proudly sporting a mask and fast he called it patriotic and one of his tweets that is patriotic to wear your mask and has since not only tweeted the photo but has appeared in public at least once wearing a mask and this is something that the u.s. president has sort of acknowledged is a reality in terms of the number of cases of roughly 4000000 infections in the
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united states with 140000 deaths now as you mention the u.s. president is set to have a briefing on this is it something that he's brought back perhaps because of the sagging poll numbers on his handling of the crisis when he briefly stopped the coronavirus task force briefings he was appearing at so we're watching carefully to see what the u.s. president might say i know that there is in the works when it comes to coronavirus relief on capitol hill active talks underway to try and bring about at least a short term package for those that are getting some sort of benefit because they have lost their jobs as a result of this pandemic it looks like that may be extended at least in the short term to buy more time as republicans and democrats try to reach agreement on a longer term coronavirus relief package until the issues of the protests in poland continue now this only going protests not just in portland but you know the cities
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across the u.s. is king the president he's threatening to send in what more federal authorities and we will slowly to still not. yeah well 55 days and counting for a social unrest in portland oregon on the country's west coast the white house saying that this is not a peaceful protest it's anarchy and the president has a duty to stop it particularly when it comes to protecting federal buildings so the u.s. president already defending through his department of homeland security secretary the use of these federal authorities to quell some of that violence but now the u.s. president extending that he says in and now is what we expect to come down sometime after $1000.00 g.m.t. before the coronavirus task force briefing where he could make now spent of additional deployments to cities like new york where the unrest continues as well as violence that occurs in chicago * this is really becoming a campaign issue the u.s. president saying that under democrat led mayors this is being allowed to perpetuate
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and he's criticized his opponent joe biden saying if you elect him to be president this is what all american cities can experience the fighting campaign is push back on that suggestion saying that the u.s. president is sowing chaos and division in terms of his response so we're watching carefully to see what more the u.s. press will have to say on this as a pointed out that is coming up in the 1000 g.m.t. hour followed by the 2130 g.m.t. hour where we will be hearing from the president yet again on coronavirus do we look forward to joining you then as well kimberly can be how could our white house correspondent in washington d.c. . police in bolivia have recovered the bodies of more than 400 people thought to have died from corona virus the bodies were picked up from streets in vehicles and homes over the past 5 days more than 60000 people have tested positive for the virus since the our break was identified in the country and more than 2000 have died now the government's been advised to delay presidential elections due in
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september. and bolivia's health ministry is opposing a controversial plan to allow the use of a bleach like substance to treat the virus the senate passed the measure last week people are lining up to buy bottles of chlorine dioxide despite a warning from the health ministry that it's not fit for human consumption health authorities including the u.s. food and drug administration say the bleaching agent is dangerous and people who've taken it experienced serious side effects the world health organization is warning that a vaccine won't be ready until at least the beginning of next year so scientists in the u.k. are conducting a major drug trial to see which existing medications might fight the virus in a 2nd of all series inside scottish clinics jonah hill meets the medical staff hairmyres hospital in east kilbride who've been on the forefront of british trials . this is the intensive care unit. this is
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a 10 bed intensity and where we had all our covert patients with envy at the height of the pandemic the place would be in fill of medical staff not the staff as your therapist the covert 1000 pandemic in the u.k. may have subsided for now but it's accelerating in many parts of the world so the search for treatments alongside a vaccine remains as urgent as ever and the drug trial has revealed the steroid dexamethasone to be effective in reducing deaths by up to a 3rd a lot of patients and he commented intensive care unit they have a hyper immune response so they begin system goes into overdrive because if the hyper immune spawns actually causes a lot of the illness the damage to the lungs so decks a mess one hopes it is going to dampen all day 56 year old eddie hughes believes dexamethasone saved his life a body was functioning says machines were recently faster sent to keep me alive in
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the way from flying with. little to nothing else is what we've lost and to lose let's try it after we had to dismiss all these auctions and started to still don't get started to get at least. for the 1st time it was the end of started to be talk of we need more for the team to return and that was just we just couldn't even believe that any was given deck's of methadone here at hairmyres hospital in scotland one of a large number taking part in the u.k. wide randomised drug trial being run by scientists at oxford university the aim to test a number of widely available off the shelf drugs with the hope of finding one or a combination that might work to ease some of the worst symptoms of covert 98 hughes return from the brink of death contributed to data that has seen dexamethasone approved as a breakthrough treatment for some of the worst cases of covered 19 states methicillin has been. i agree that the end result and no means it plainly comment
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if they're being treated or an option can be scraped up and we've been able to beat it for the recovery trial has also been successful in ruling out the malaria drug hydroxy chloroquine once hailed as a game changer by president donald trump but found instead to be useless in treating covert 19 as the world waits for a safe and effective vaccine that may yet be a long way off recovery continues to look for treatments that will help us live with the virus possibly for years to come join a whole al jazeera scotland. and our series on the surviving coronavirus continues on thursday join me jonah hall for the concluding part in our coven 19 series looking at the lingering effects on the long road back to full health. but then many a course in canada has ruled a deal with the u.s. that manages the flow of refugees as unconstitutional now the agreement bans people
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who enter the country at official border crossings from requesting asylum because it deems both nations to be safe however the canadian court now says refugees are unsafe in the u.s. because of the risks of imprisonment alex neave joins me now live via skype from ottawa he's the secretary general of the amnesty international canada good to have you with us mr neave on the program a quite significant ruling and by the canadian courts. absolutely thanks for the opportunity it is absolutely not just significant i would say groundbreaking and it's the culmination of many years of advocacy campaigning and of course ultimately a very substantial legal challenge and and i think a very good day for refugee protection and human rights this obviously means now that when one does how the canadian government will move in terms of dealing with something now that has calls to to tional ramifications.
9:44 pm
absolutely now the court has actually given the canadian government a grace period they've suspended the effect of the ruling for 6 months a period of time to give the canadian government a chance to get its house in order. and you are going to say she's we partnered with on this are however saying the government cannot and really should not take advantage of that 6 month period we have a court ruling that says that for years now rights have been violated along the canada us border and that just can't continue for another day let alone for 6 months so we're looking to the canadian government to act immediately this afternoon tomorrow and suspend the effect of this agreement at the count of the us border which would mean that it went once again be possible for refugees who understandably feel at risk unsafe in donald trump's america to cross over the border into canada and make refugee claims for protection here instead you talk
9:45 pm
about the worries of the kind of the us border but no one obviously made reference to what's going on in the us what has been the stroll that's broken the camel's back full rights groups like yourself to bring this to the colts. well it's been culmination of many years and in fact even predates donald trump but certainly it was donald trump coming to into office and all of the measures that he enact it really a full out assault on the rights of refugees and migrants to the point that it became not just problematic but an observed fiction for the canadian government to maintain this agreement an agreement that is called a safe 3rd country agreements that the premise being that the united states is a safe country for refugees which surround us you know nationals reports but helpless reports from numerous organizations un agencies and others it's become very very clear that the u.s. is not only unsafe it is in fact become very dangerous for refugees and that's why
9:46 pm
it was so important to pursue this case it's been really good to get your insight told they so interesting to see how the canadian government move forward alex neave from amnesty international thanks for joining us from ottawa thank you. well still ahead here all the news in sport the shock of his life we hear from a teenage footballer who was struck by lightning that story coming up straight after the break to stay with us.
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for the.
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thank you let's start with the n.f.l. and fans will have to wait a bit longer to watch their teams off that i agreed with the players' union to abandon the 2020 preseason same owners wanted to reduce the games from 4 to 2 but the players union argued that would put its members at risk of catching provide a virus when they traveled between exhibition guides it's surprising games have been canceled the n.f.l. has announced another 95 players have tested positive for. major league baseball will return on thursday and black will have seen lots of will be a prominent part of it as an exhibition going to days ago the san francisco giants took a navy during the national anthem the new york yankees are still deciding what they will do had a best season opener world series champions the washington nationals since both returned after a coronavirus suspension of titan and they are more back rubs matzoh logos to protest inequality. we've got a special platform being you know accolades and being able to speak or minus speak
9:49 pm
words you know going on in this world and. you know some people express it online some people express it with words some people you know neal do what they need to do but i think whatever message you know we try to give out here is what we want to try to express unity meanwhile in basketball the n.b.a. i have made a decision on how vile shot but show support for the black massive movement they center of the court will have the words painted on it several social distancing protocols will be in place as well after a coronavirus suspension the legal regime at the end of this month with all the teams in a bubble at disney world in orlando. england cricket fast bowler just for archer has reported racial abuse he's received on line to the england and wales cricket board archer was dropped for the 2nd test against the west indies after leaving the team secure bubble it was a breach of coronavirus safety protocols in place but while sitting out that match he was bombarded with racial insults on the social media is tame by jimmy anderson
9:50 pm
hopes archer will be mentally ready to play in the deciding that test match which starts on friday it was a. crucial series resting on a. new mother dear i'm sure you want. to see. martin arsons in the oval next to go. figure out if he's going to. go for syrup and saw has finally been able to return after missing half of the summer with the 1st of 6 tournament in the u.k. on wednesday the british masters is taking place in northumberland and it's scotland's david lohr who leads for a shot after round one but without fans the tour has cut prize money and many of the top european stars of chosen instead to play on the p.g.a. tour over in the u.s. earlier we spoke to go football to rupa bell who is covering the event this week. the us p.g.a.
9:51 pm
which is obviously the really it financial powerhouse of the school does seem to be able to be weathering the storm as far as the finance is concerned for the european towards a very different set of situations and they are very worried going forward about the financial situation within the sport this tournament alone last year the prize fund was 3000000 euros this week i think it's about 1200000 euros players can see that the money is now over in america and they're just not sure where the european tour is going to be able to go in terms of getting back to the kind of financial levels that it's had before cogan and you can hear it from some of the players because they just don't know what's going to happen and you can see by the feel that they've got here at the close ties with our leader westwood to offer his bit of stardust to the occasion it's not a particularly strong field only 3 players inside the top 100 so for the european
9:52 pm
tour these are anxious times and clearly they've got to hope that they can get back to something like the previous normal as quickly as possible and this is just the 1st step so another quick lines to bring you including changes for rivalries formula one famous for their pull start of the ses and they restructuring their technical department to quote create a more focused and simplified chain of command for raw we have not want to drive a tunnel since 2007 the car on the 5th in the championship why behind the dominant missing piece tell you. the votes for his cycling team is changing its name for the 2nd time in 15 months what was originally team sky became to many us and will now be known as in the us going today is promoting a new car designed by tomorrow to jim if the teams produce the last 6 total france winner but has faced allegations of doping all of which he denies. rugby is. being a temporary international calendar meant the convert 19 disruption and once the
9:53 pm
southern hemisphere is rugby championship how did one country over 6 weeks in the north the 6 nations with restarts at the end of october followed by far the european games in november and december the proposal be discussed it's amazing at the end of this mom. finally a russian say niger is back playing football less than 3 weeks after being struck by lightning not only did he have a lucky escape from serious injury and i warn you the moment he struck looks horrified he now has a bright future in the guy sure like as a roscoe as the 4 story this was the moment that could have ended 16 year old even zaborowski life. the last thing i remember i left home that's all and then i woke up in the hospital the goalkeeper was warming up with the youth team at f.c. through the outside moscow when he was hit by lightning and knocked unconscious as his team rushed to help it became clear to them the player who is so often saved
9:54 pm
his team was the one who needed saving. the good morning mr will turned around and saw iran lying on the ground we ran into him this happened there where the boys are training now when we run to him we saw him lying face down we turned him over his jersey was ripped on his chest not ripped more like burnt out we began to try and resuscitate him even was taken to hospital where he was put in an induced coma to assess his injuries but 3 weeks later he's returned to the pitch the only reminder of the incident is a burn on his chest where he'd been wearing a chain. my lungs it was difficult to breathe but that's about it it's getting better and better now things are back to normal. he now faces a bright future in the game on tuesday even signed a contract with the club's senior team which plays in russia's 3rd division having survived the shock of his life he's hoping to keep out any strikes on goal johnny
9:55 pm
al-jazeera. just an incredible story that's all. thanks very much lee the plane which made international travel possible for millions of australians has been retired early because of the pandemic the last boeing 707 has taken off from sydney and in 50 years of aviation history reports. jumbo coming from the arrival of the world's 1st jumbo jet a 970 heralded a new dawn for a travel receiving huge fanfare on its 1st commercial flight from new york to london half a century later stuff bid farewell to the last quantas boeing 747. before it flew out of the strike for the final time. to retards airport is a bittersweet moment because of the same time there's newer aircraft with their
9:56 pm
range their economics for decades the 747 was the flagship aircraft of quantas and the mainstay of other main commercial airlines it was synonymous with the long haul trips and exotic holidays remaining the world's largest aircraft until 2007 when the a 380 was introduced it still flies the us president around on air force one the boeing 747 opened up the world to many people making international travel affordable at the time it could hold double the number of passengers than many commercial aircraft but now it's nowhere near as fuel efficient as smaller twin engine aircraft that can fly further than ever wanted had planned to retire at 74 seventh's by the end of 2020 but code that 19 brought it in for would pretty fair ways has made the same decision while many u.s. airlines have already faced them out we will have fewer bigger aircraft i think that's
9:57 pm
a given but they won't disappear completely and they won't disappear overnight since the pandemic began quantas has cut 6000 jobs and cancelled most international flights until march now. with the asia pacific region alone predicted by the international air transport association to post losses of up to 29000000000 dollars this year airlines are rince of. there are some that will be side by governments. that would have collapsed if i paid privatized and there are others that that will just disappear for now the last $1.00 to 747 will be stored in the mojave desert in california before being sold most likely full freight truths marking the end of a significant era in quanta says history you can gauge al-jazeera safely. some great memories i'm sure for many millions of people around the world so that was the news with me the whole rom and. my colleague barbara saturable has more on
9:58 pm
the other side of the break more london news center until i'd like. to jump into the stream and julian on global community this generation will have to create it so the partner sleep with social media on and will online be part of the debate let me put some comments to you when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic darlings that people of color have suffered not only now but for decades we are going to need to transform lives the way he gets human equating a business if we're going to adapt to climate right out of the stream on out as
9:59 pm
they are on the deserted streets of bogota they've become familiar figures carriers on bicycles delivering food or medicine to lock down colombians most of them here. for venezuelan migrants they might go in with some mother of 4 says contagion is always on her mind none of them receive health insurance for their work in exposing themselves and very few seem to have it yet there may be a bright side people who look down on them as skilled migrants now say they're essential to control the virus i receive messages on the scene that we are you know as i was a nurse back what i am doing is not all that different from my passion helping others. who's to blame for the mishandling of the coronavirus trying to make in the united states i'll be putting the tough questions to trump surrogate jack kingston and former democratic party official just o'connell in a special edition of head to head. not even through wave one as a result of
10:00 pm
a lack of leadership here i said to my people slow the testing down please that is criminally negligent and i will sit there and i thought it was hilarious head to head on algis iraq. war. the us orders china to close its consulate in houston texas a move beijing has brand that unprecedented escalation. alone barbara said are you watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up. it's not too late if we can act now new fears of famine in yemen where the u.n. says it's seeing alarming levels of food insecurity.


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