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which is significant because it's one of the stunt that kills people and it kills people now it's critically both fronts were to the people. on a just 0. the a. 0 . 0 i'm fully back to go this is the news hour on al-jazeera live from our global headquarters in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes. the 1st friday prayers in 86 years are held inside turkey's iconic high gas sophia as it reversed to a mosque. china shuts down a u.s. consulate in an escalating diplomatic ground just days after beijing was ordered to
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close its mission in houston also this hour a scare in the skies over syria passengers i heard on many rainy and plain as it's tailed by a u.s. fighter jet and running out of oxygen in bolivia how relatives of corn a virus patients are having to get their own supply. amounts on how much not have all the sport a major league baseball season in north america is finally on the way after a 4 month delay caused by the pandemic. it's a world famous landmark that's reversed by both muslims and christians now turkey's iconic fia is back in the religious spotlight. thousands gathered in istanbul. early
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a friday full pray is which took place inside the building for the 1st time in nearly 8060 is to present russia typer to one was among those who attended and he declared last week that the structure which was originally built as an orthodox christian get the jewel well once again be converted into a mosque following a court warning here's what he had to say after the friday prayers today. and we got to make a great people get to pray here thousands participated in the praise we came here to give it to pray the government and the authorities concerned to do the necessary renovations the new hug is a few most will be something great that makes us very proud and will always be open for all citizens visit is and the tourists as well. well the hagia sophia has changed several times since it was built 1500 years ago it was originally the largest church in the eastern roman empire in the christian city of constantinople which is now called istanbul in 1453 the city fell to the ottomans after
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a 55 day siege i guess sophia was converted into a mosque almost 500 years later in 1935 it became a secular museum reflecting the inclusive vision obvious tumble after the fall of the ottoman empire turkey's highest court ordered the conversion of the unesco world heritage site back to a mosque earlier this month president carter one supported the switch which angered christian religious leaders and politicians around the world let's bring in our. law who's outside how i guess sophia sinema it was a very big day in istanbul early an important dale saw for president on. exactly for the especially for such a big city with a population of 18000000 it was a very critical organization event to be able to organize such big event as thousands of people also came from other cities of turkey just for the prayer today even there are some people that i have spoken to they came from france and germany
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just to be able to join for the join in the 1st prayer. sophia and they were tight security measures during the day fully as president don was the primary guest of sophia today he had around 1000 in white tees some of them were even foreign politicians from other muslim countries there was a high level delegation among the turkish politics but thousands gathered here just to be able to attend in the 1st year to witness this historical moment in their terms and they were some of the evil who were even crying just because they were able to share this moment. don i have to say one thing for lee since the. sophia was turned to a museum during 86 years there were just some. some minor prayers inside and people feel like they are taking a stumble back from
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a foreign force or something because some of the people that i have spoken to they compare prisons are downwards if i met the khan curator of istanbul and ultimate pair they're saying that reject a fire down to a gear sophia back when you ask from whom they say it was supposed to be a mosque yes but as you know there's been a lot of criticism of her to want to and turkey from countries like the u.s. the european union greece the vatican what do people say about this criticism in turkey and do most turks support this move to convert high gas of fear back to a mosque. well. sophia is a unesco world heritage so this is very important that the historical structure everything is preserved as it is while switching its al touring sophia's status from a museum to a mosque this is a very primary and delicate issue and to turkish officials have promised that
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everything will be preserved and. the work that is going to be handled inside i guess sophia will be in line with the procedures but the orthodox church i guess sophia means a lot because i guess sophia is the symbol of orthodox church the patriarch told a couple of weeks ago that opening a 5 year sophia as a mosque a gang will be disappointing for millions of christians on the other hand there are some other criticisms from european countries a united states secretary of state he also said that they would they would like to see i guess sophia as a museum as a non-partial. as an you know non-partial status but of course at the end of the day this is seen as a national sovereignty issue turkey's an independent country and it's turkish territory but greek has been the most vocal about its criticism against the decision when you come to turkey at the domestic reactions fully most of the
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turkish people the majority supported the decision some of them believe that this is sophia is a very important religious place some of them so it is an independence sovereignty issue and a majority of the turkish electorate is conservative and religious and nationalist that's why the majority gave support but of course there are critics especially from the main opposition forces main opposition leader was invited to the prayer here but he didn't attend in the prayer on the other hand some see that party the ruling party is losing ground and this is a way of president don trying to console date its conservative religious electorate you very much for that seen him go see real life or is there in istanbul. in other world news relations between 2 of the world's superpowers are deteriorating even further in the latest diplomatic twist china has ordered the u.s.
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to shut down its consulate in the southwestern city of chengdu as in retaliation for what china's foreign ministry calls an unjustified act on tuesday. when china's measures a legitimate and necessary response to unjust acts of the us it conforms with international law basic norms and international relations and customary diplomatic practices the current situation in bilateral relations is not what china wants to see and the u.s. is responsible for all of us earlier this week washington gave beijing 72 hours to leave its consulate in the texan city of houston china says that move violated international law the u.s. insists it's necessary to protect american intellectual property the u.s. secretary of state might bump ale has doubled down on the allegations describing china's houston consulate as a hobby of spying his katrina you now with more on china's reaction from han. when bin who is
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a foreign ministry spokesperson in beijing he fronted the press to basically reiterated the the message that was released by the former foreign ministry earlier today on friday but he also then said that some officials working in the time do consulate have been engaging in activities which do not accord with their identities and that china has raised this several times with the u.s. and the u.s. is aware of this when he was pushed further on exactly what he meant he didn't give any of the details but quite a vague statement there we don't know that accusation is leveled at the chinese stop all 50 all the of the 50 american u.s. officials who work in the time do office but it does give some insight as to why they've targeted that particular consulate at the moment we do know there are about 200 staff working there and that is have quite a colorful history as well in 2012 the party secretary of of the chain which is a big region that both she lived his right hand man one legion actually fled to
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that consulate in time do to try to seek asylum after he levels accusations against bushie like it was later found guilty in china that could be one reason now that wasn't mentioned by china's foreign ministry but that is what many people think of when they think of the list also because of its location in the southwest of china it's also considered to be quite listening post for the u.s. when it comes to any happening is the issues around tibet ocean junk so that's also possibly why it was targeted. now the consulate closures are the latest in a series of disputes between the u.s. and china they include donald trump blaming china for the worldwide coronavirus pandemic china accuses the us president of trying to deflect attention from his own mishandling of the crisis china's president xi jinping imposed tariffs in our series of tift for tat measures in their trade war they've since managed to move ahead with a so-called phase one trade deal but further negotiations as told and then there is
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while wait china denies the telecoms company is a security threat but the u.s. has banned huawei and convinced allies such as britain to do the same when i speak to joel rubin about this he's a former deputy assistant secretary of state under u.s. president obama and he now heads up a strategic consultancy and joins us live from washington d.c. thank you very much for being with us mr rubin i understand that you once served in the chandu consulates this is quite a significant consulate that beijing decided to close in retaliation to the closure of its mission in houston 1st of all what do you make of the response from china and is it a proportionate one. well we are slipping it appears into a new cold war and it's this strange combination that we have right now in our american politics which is that domestic political pressure combined with longstanding grievances and concerns between the united states and china and it's really dynamic doesn't seem to have any brakes on it are there no guardrails no
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travel to chengdu as a private tourist last year and traveling the country in china and it's a beautiful country that people once he gets in know americans that want to engage and unfortunately right now the governments of particular are engaged in these kinds of tit for tat dynamics that you described that are putting the people in a vise and separating the people and potentially leading to more serious issues on our economic relationship and certainly our security relationships are it's a very tense moment secretary of state michael has been out front on this fresh a campaign against china traveling to various capital in recent days as we've seen to london copenhagen as well and calling on washington and its allies to use what he called more creative in a sense his way a set of ways to press the chinese communist party to change its ways how far and as a trump administration winning to go with this strategy and what is ultimately is it
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trying to achieve what is it trying to achieve ultimately. well what the administration is doing is clearly a coordinated campaign right now from inside the trump administration to attack china on multiple fronts but the goal is not clear and there's a broad critique that essentially boils down to we the united states have failed china is getting away with things that they shouldn't be and we have to stop it and that's about where it ends secretary pumpin has not called for regime change in china but he is constantly attacking the chinese communist party in language that is very reminiscent of that kind of objective and where does that take us it's not clear and with president trump getting more desperate in this election season it's very concerning that his rhetoric will continue to be very hostile to china and try to paint joe biden as a pacifist or somehow. soft on china but that in the real
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world can lead to very dangerous policy dynamics like we're seeing now conflicts closing are important and dangerous for relations and we can't understate 'd how impactful this will be on our businesses and on our private citizens do you think relations have reached a point of no return whole can thing still be very very soft in the november election. well you hit it in this is the key the key challenge is that clearly they could always be reversed but if president trump is now i think on the path and he appears to be heading on it he's going to be very concerned about politically looking like he's giving to china so he may be asking china like he he did ask apparently according to john bolton's book that china help him get reelected and maybe he'll come up with a breakthrough but that's a very that's very much guesswork which means that we could see this kind of rhetoric all the way through the election and then a lot of repair work to be done regardless of who's in the white house after
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november thank you so much for talking to us joel rubin former u.s. department official joining us live from washington. less notes more ahead on this news hour including. to have a big convention is not the right. donald trump scrubs the main republican convention in florida as a state with or sister launch a single day death toll from coronavirus blast a chemical leak in washington that has led to launch scale environmental damage and his former heavyweight world champion mike tyson is climbing back into the ring for an exhibition about against another all time great box. iran's foreign minister says the interception of any rainy and passenger jet by u.s. warplane over syria risked disaster. tweeted that the u.s.
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illegally occupies territory of another state and then harasses a scheduled civil and liner endangering innocent civilian passenger is ostensibly to protect his occupation forces he says as the audacity to compound lawlessness upon lawlessness is outlaws must be stopped before the disaster or the pentagon has confirmed them f. 15 inspected the airplane at a safe distance to ensure it wasn't a hostile craft a number of passengers were injured when the mahaan air pilot abruptly change altitude as in a honda reports. a state of panic among passengers on board flight 1152 the air bus was flying from iran's capital to run to beirut in lebanon on thursday night when the iranian city it was harassed by fighter jets data recorded show the airliner climb from 34000 feet to 34600 feet in less than 2 minutes before descending to 34000 feet a minute later iran's state t.v.
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says several passengers were injured due to the sudden changes in altitude the jet landed. safely in the lebanese capital. they also want to diminish the when we reach the airspace of syria a fighter jet approached a monoplane in order to avoid colliding with that jet the pilot rapidly decreased altitude and it caused injury for some passengers hours later the u.s. central command confirmed a u.s. f. 15 was involved in the incident and not israeli warplanes as 1st suspected the u.s. said the f. 15 was on a routine air mission near the town of coalition base in syria the war plane conducted a standard visual inspection of the airliner at a safe distance says the u.s. and once identified the f. 15 opened distance from the aircraft in line with international standards. privately owned air has been under u.s. sanctions for years accused by washington of providing financial material and
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technological support to iran's couldst force which includes the lebanese group hezbollah. accusations that. it brought from that. very logistics support for running back forces in the region so that may well have been one of the reasons why the u.s. started taking a close look. at u.s. troops are in the l town of area near syria's borders with iraq in jordan the base was 1st established to fight eisel in 2016 it has since become an outpost to counter iran's expansion in the region as its on a supply route linking to iran to be a route that passes through syria the researchers say that this order as basically a no go zone for the. weather also the weather any other
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person's reach the incident could have been an unfortunate encounter but many believe it was a method the fact that it came at a time of heightened tensions between iran and the united states in the region caused concern that there have been numerous locations that risk an all out conflict so far to iran and washington have avoided all out confrontation this latest incident in the skies a reminder that the potential for an escalation is real. beirut. present donald trump has called off the republican party convention in florida where a record number of coronavirus that's been reported infections are also soaring in dozens of other u.s. states castro reports from washington. the world's richest nation has now surpassed its 4000000 known case of coping 19 and it's feared the number will only soar what's important about that is the steamroller that it is. the acceleration
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that this has the rate of new cases is trending upward in 39 states with a record number of deaths reported in florida that's where president trump had planned to speak before a massive crowd at the republican national convention in august an important moment for his reelection campaign but now those events are canceled i care deeply about the people of florida and everywhere else frankly in this country and even in the world who would be coming into the state and i don't want to do anything to upset it 143000 people have died of the corona virus in the united states and medical experts warn many more deaths are to come those numbers tend to rise about a month after an uptick in cases but president trump trying to downplay the threat saying that problems and hot spots will all work out your 'd sissie a lot of the country is has has no problem whatsoever trump also claims states have
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all the emergency supplies they could possibly need despite pleas from some doctors that life saving equipment is running out we have no. because we are not anybody to think that a season of who should live or who should die however when you have where he's call a mass casualty situation there are guidelines to be filed all of that makes you war you know a more efficient manner and save their mosque not a bit of people meanwhile the u.s. economy nears another precipice with expanded unemployment benefits expiring at the end of the month and he vixens resuming at the end of the week congress will debate yet another rescue measure in coming days castro al-jazeera washington let's bring in our white house correspondent kimberly hocket kimberly the u.s. has now passed 4000000 coronavirus cases and now payments for the unemployed run
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out this weekend what plan does the president have moving forward. well the president failed his plan that really now is in the hands of the u.s. congress in terms of helping those americans that are out of floyd and likely that number is going to continue to rise given the fact that more and more businesses are starting to shutter out of concerns for this spike in cases that continues and you have to remember that once the epicenter of the corona virus in the united states was new york but now that has shifted to the south and the west of the united states in the united states continues to break records for example it has hit more than $1100.00 deaths for 3 days in a row and there are $2600.00 faction's per hour the concern in all of this is the growth as you heard in that report from nancy pelosi and really the concern also is for this president who's when running for reelection how do you kind of balance safety with this plank of his campaign for reelection and that is the economy he is
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saying that he needs to have these businesses open while at the same time because of the high rise in factions the opposite is happening and what have been the reaction to president trump counseling the republican convention in jacksonville company. there's been a little bit of eyebrow raising for one reason and one reason only the u.s. president is citing that the need for this convention to be canceled is due to safety but at the same time his administration continues to tout the benefits of reopening schools for children and that has many people a little bit confused and really assessing the message saying that's a bit ironic that you'd think it's unsafe for a convention but children are ok to go to school but again this comes down to one of the central platforms inside the president's campaign is that he needs an economy open to win re-election this was something he was hoping would bring him to
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re-election now in the midst of all of this the president has we should point out cast doubt on the election results the certainly doesn't look like any campaign we've seen in modern history rallies have been canceled as we've mentioned the convention now really just a scaled down version now back in north carolina where it was originally scheduled and in the midst of all of this probably trying to kind of counter some of this and the dow's being cast in the election results by the u.s. president joe biden the person he's running against is the democratic presidential nominee presumptive he has hired a legal team and he is really trying now mounting an aggressive campaign about voter irregularities already anticipating that there could be some doubt about the results of the election in november thank you very much candy for that can we how can he white house correspondents live there from washington. now brazil has the world's 2nd highest rate of cover 19 infections president who's been diagnosed as
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having the corona virus for the 3rd time says there's no way to stop it spreading. anyone living in society it sooner or later will get infected. there's no way to avoid the death related to that brazil from what i know nobody died from not having medical attention. now the news a new wave of violence in south sudan has forced thousands of people to flee their homes in the eastern region off people or on droops attacked a village in the jungle region on wednesday night around 6000 families have taken refuge at a nearby u.n. base the country is emerging from a 6 year civil war that killed 380000 people and displaced millions. more than 50 journalists have resigned and mass from hungary's leading news website index dot h u it follows the recent ousting of the editor in chief zaba locks he was fired after warning that the outlets independence was at risk of political pressure from
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the government a pro-government businessman acquired significant control over the websites funding earlier this year prime minister viktor orban has built up a vast government media. more than 130 people have died in flash floods and mudslides in western nepal days of heavy monsoon rain flooded streets swept away buildings and damaged roads dozens of people have been reported missing in thousands are displaced after their homes were destroyed and fox weather forecast is warning of more rain in the coming days. one time now for a check on the world weather with jenny and we have 2 tropical storms that are close to making landfall yet they are one is going to become a hurricane i think is over the next 3 hours fully set me straight for the show you where we're talking about this is the 1st one so here we are has the caribbean sea here is the atlantic and this mass here this is a tropical storm and gonzalo now this is the one which is continuing to strengthen as it heads toward these certain islands all the way would islands and this is
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likely to go hurrican in the next 24 hours you can see where it's headed so not surprisingly the already hard to watch is in place for those islands particular course across into barbados look at the wins this is by saturday we'll have those category one hurricane winds sustained at 120 kilometers an hour gusting higher than that it's moving quite quickly this is to the northwest at about 28 kilometers an hour so that's good because we're going to see some very heavy amounts of rain but it could be heavier of course if the storm is moving slower but even so $50.00 to $175.00 millimeters of rain that could well cause some flash floods across those islands then we had further to the west and we head across into the gulf of mexico and this is tropical storm hanna now this is cool strings at about 65 kilometers an hour gusting to about 80 but the might be just some more gradual strength in the next 24 hours that is really quite close to the shoreline because he had the texas coast where you can't really see it because of the rain and across into louisiana some very heavy amounts of rain these times by the way these are local time so you
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can see here what's going to be happening through saturday it'll be some time during saturday morning the storm is expected to make landfall because the rain will be very heavy ahead with this storm system but the winds will be. strong of the top makes landfall sustained about a 100 kilometers an hour gusting $220.00 and when it comes to raid the could be even more rain here folly so this is another again another area where we could see some flooding in the next couple of days thank you so much for that jenny and still ahead on this hour the growing standoff in space russia is accused of launching an anti-satellite weapon and tennis suffers a major blow as a sports tries to battle through a bubble pandemic details coming up later with santa. clara. august on al-jazeera at the u.s. republican and democratic national convention stella gets officially nominate their party's presidential candidates for the 2020 elections in india witness policy
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young conservationist tackling the deadly human elephant conflict with an unlikely strategy coexistence 10 years after the chilean mining disaster we revisit the victims of a story that captivated the world one on one east and has the violent arena of mixed martial arts in russia and the former u.s.s.r. and the u.n. special tribunal delivers its verdict on the assassination of former lebanese prime minister rafiq hariri focused on al-jazeera. frank assessments what are you seeing any of this even to 6 percent of the people of collation f.e.c. like to crimps if this is true and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera. more.
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land. they watching the news on al-jazeera with me fully back to bore a reminder of our top stories friday prayers have been held inside turkey's high gesso fear for the 1st time in nearly 86 years after turkey's president. declared that the structure all rich me built as an orthodox christian cathedral would once again be converted into a mosque following a court order. iran says foreign minister has warned the interception of any rain in passenger jets by a u.s. warplane over syria risks disaster the pentagon confirmed one of its a fighter jets intercepted on the rainy and passenger plane to make sure it wasn't a hostile act by iran state television says several passengers were injured during the 6 and china's foreign ministry has ordered the closure of the u.s.
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consulate in the south western city of chengdu it's in response to washington's order to shut the chinese consulate in houston earlier this week. and the tension between the world's 2 superpowers is also playing out at the world health organization the u.n. health body has rejected allegations by the u.s. secretary of state that question this independence from china own sole focus and the focus of the. entire organization is on saving lives if there is one thing that really matters to us. which should matter to the. international community it's saving lives and. distracted by these governments. we don't want the pollution and community also to be destructive . well the coronavirus pandemic has dealt
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a fresh blow to bolivia's plans to restore political stability generally elections have been postponed for the 2nd time this year while the virus continues to spread hospitals are being overwhelmed traceable reports. one by one vehicles enter the central cemetery in. the cars and vans are carrying victims of covert 19 relatives are not allowed inside the cemetery. in the sandia nation coronavirus cases have soared in recent days collapse in many hospitals and funeral services in bolivia's capital with people from other going forward in the last few weeks things have collapsed we don't have coffins and the only help we're getting is with promotions families don't want to deal with the fact this has exploded we're doing what we can. outside this hospital relatives of the victims have been forced to bring their own oxygen for family members or 40 say they have no oxygen or supplies sylvana brought her father in law to the hospital
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in a van the 56 year old man died in the vehicle while awaiting treatment. we were at another hospital and he turned blue and started throwing up we asked a nurse to take him out and pay attention to us then we came here with him in the car nobody is allowing us inside he just died he died in the car he was a half human he was sporty and now he is dead. a similar situation is ongoing in other cities like bans and the girls will leave you was expected to hold presidential elections in september. last year the country's 1st indigenous president it will morales resigned from office after weeks of protests over an election that international observers said was marred by irregularities since then interim president any 9 years has been leading the country 2 weeks ago
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she tested positive took over 19 on thursday election officials postponed the election until oct 18th that pic of the pandemic is expected to happen later this month. this electoral tribunal is asking citizens state powers political forces civil society and the media to accompany this decision to show their respect for institutions and their commitment to democracy and the sense of common good former president evo morales said on twitter postponing the elections is a mistake and an excuse by the interim administration to hold on to power elections are crucial in bolivia to bring down the political tension that exists in the country since moralist up down from office but the dramatic situation caused by the pandemic has changed priorities at least for now. i'll just. australia is sending army officers to question some of the people who've tested positive for covert 19 in the southern state of victoria soldiers have been ordered
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to go to the homes of infected people who haven't answered phone calls from authorities a lack of contact tracing is slowing down efforts to contain the outbreak in the state capital melbourne the state government has imposed a partial lockdown it's not mandatory to wear a mask. but the united nations says it's concerned about the actions of the us police in recent anti-racism protests a un human rights spokeswoman says arrest by unidentified officers could lead to human rights violations she also called on police to limit its use of force meanwhile the us state department and the u.s. department of department of justice rather and homeland security say they will investigate the use of force by federal agents democrats say agents improperly detained and transported on tight races in demonstrated demonstrators in portland and washington apartments internal wash dogs will also review president trump's directive to restore order. the statues of italian explorer christopher columbus
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have been removed from public parks in the u.s. city of chicago the city's mayor gave the order after protests last week turned violent native american activists have wanted it gone for years because of columbus's ties to the genocide of their ancestors doesn't trump has objected to the removal of us historical monuments accusing democrats of wanting to raise the country's history. to the u.k. now and boris johnson has gone from fighting breaks it to fighting for his life in the past he admits the u.k. government as a time has been slow to act on the corner virus pandemic in his 1st 12 months as foreign minister and while he expects the country to be over the worst off by mid 2021 he warns the threat of a 2nd wave remains high john joe regan reports. boris johnson in ways wanted to be prime minister and this mantra made it possible we can
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get bricks it done now his arrival in downing street came with ruthless sucking all of the top jobs went to his pro bricks its supporters and bricks it was done it had split the country and the conservative party. but then within a month came the biggest crisis facing any prime minister in post-war u.k. history coded 19 town did johnson handle it certainly has a lot of question marks around it there's a widespread acceptance like obviously in government that the u.k. maybe looks down too late and has been slow to come out of that before the virus struck johnson was absent from 5 crises briefings i'm shaking hands can decide that i was at a hospital the other night i think the review the record if you credible as a patient and i shook hands with a reporter a bridge. yet the prime minister himself became a coded victim narrowly escaping death polls show how much of the public sympathy for his plight waned rapidly it was reaction to blunders costing thousands of lives
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such as frontline health workers without protective gear and no attempts to protect the elderly in nursing homes. add to that johnson's refusal to sack chief advisor dominic cummings have broken lockdown rules. talks over a trade deal with the you a stalled and johnson refuses to break his promise not to extend talks into the new year is only a very few ultras if you like to believe in what they say is a clean break has been best for 'd the british colony in the long term there's also the brics that referendum in 2016 taking center stage in another major issue facing johnson and his government johnson's government is accused of refusing to investigate what the report called successful russian interference in u.k. democracy like to watch out for this man here starmer took pile on the pressure is
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the new leader of the labor opposition party he's leading in the polls and many in his party see him as a serious threat john j. regan al-jazeera. when i speak to matthew goodwin about this he's professor of politics at the university of kent and his via skype from london thank you so much for being with us mr goodwin quite the year for boys johnson how do you think he's done overall. well it's certainly been an eventful and somewhat chaotic 1st year for prime minister if your poll that mentioned it's not only been dominated by bracks it but also the largest crisis to hit britain since the 2nd world war if you simply just look at the opinion polls however. and contrary to the suggestion at the end of your report the conservatives have actually been leading consistently in the polls about 40 percent in every poll since december. and boris
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johnson on the conservative party on that basis at least have tapped into. a reservoir of support from both says that those who want to leave the european union but also want to change this settlement of britain that they feel is. one looking back at his 1st speech outside downing street on july 24th last year he listed a number of short term and long term goals including breaks it on october 31st social care plan how much progress has he made on those issues and you mentioned that he has support the conservatives have support today why is that what is that support based on. well in terms of the 1st question we've begun to see the boris johnson programme for government through the budget and the statements from chancellor richie soon iraq which is pointed to this leveling up agenda so an attempt to essentially try make the country more equal and to invest more
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heavily in areas outside of london in the southeast. we've also seen a new immigration policy which has been focused more on scale as opposed to the free movement policy that preceded. johnson's premiership and we more generally can see a much tougher line on china and boris johnson beginning to send out what it what exactly is the label britain as he sees it but you're absolutely right to point to the deeper changes because the reason the bars johnson has how it all in the polls has quite a considerable amount of support is because of british politics has been realigned the the the cop calculus of british politics has been shaken up and he's won over a lot of working class voters in those northern legacy which of course the conservative party didn't used to have right they have also been some controversies recently including the release of the intelligence and security committees reporting to russian influence in the u.k. the decision over chinese technology of course and seems like the u.k.
4:42 pm
is increasingly finding itself in the middle of this new cold war that's raging between beijing and washington and also u.s. russia relations how is johnson handling this how is his handling all this being viewed i specially when it comes to china he's described himself before as a cinephile and he's been attracted to commercial opportunities of trade with china how is he handling these recent controversies. yeah i think that's a really great question in that we see boris johnson actually change his position quite significantly on china and i would say the conservative party more generally has become more skeptical of trying so too by the way have british voters we've had a number of surveys through this crisis which show that most voters want to change the country's relationship with china they don't want to be out dependent upon china for supplies and they have supported the government with its decision not to
4:43 pm
allow chinese companies to exert influence say the different aspects of britain's technology so that relationship has certainly changed of course behind johnson let's remember resist vision of global britain and that was always a vision that really tried to play on britain's history as being a maritime outward facing country that was close to the united states but also close to countries like australia or new zealand and further afield so johnson now coming up the back of this crisis really wants to reboot that vision of global britain to try and get those trade deals organized and to try and give all of us a sense of what that actually looks like thank you so much for talking to us good to get an insight on this matthew goodwin professor of politics at the university of kent we appreciate your time now russia has denied allegations by the u.s. and u.k. that it launch and untie satellite weapon into space the u.s.
4:44 pm
space command says it has evidence moscow fied the projectile on july 15th and britain warned the move falls a threat to satellites the wild depends on russia's foreign ministry says the tests complied with international norms and xander sticking is the research fellow in space policy and security at the royal united services institute she says it appears russia is ramping up its space program. i think it's important 1st not necessarily to refer to it as a weapon it did have characteristics that could potentially be a weapon and due to its relative velocity and from the satellite from which it came i don't i think what we see is the recognition that space is becoming a much more important strategic environment or military operations and so it's no surprise that states are developing capabilities that could deny there are those theories access to that space assets but it's also important to recognize that this
4:45 pm
isn't new. you know from the beginnings of the use of space states have looked at how to develop these capabilities so i think it's we need to not move too fast with narratives about weaponization of space and of space race and just take a bit of caution with that so many different states are developing capabilities we know china has anti satellite capabilities india tested a missile last year and we certainly have seen i guess a resurgence of russia. in terms of these programs coming back and you know when you look at the rhetoric for example coming from the united states and with the creation of a space force talks of space being a war fighting domain any state that has significant space assets is going to be looking at how to protect its own assets and also how to ensure that it provides a certain level of deterrence against act you know there are persons who write to
4:46 pm
talk at the russian prosecutors are inspecting if a city that's supposed to be treating a toxic chemical leak from an abandoned mine in the ural mountains images of large scale environmental damage went viral on social media last week sadly the details. well it's more like the landscape of another planet they sticks you see in the ground who wants trees in a forest and rushes mountains and so nastily from a couple sulfide mind destroyed everything in its path the mind has been close to 16 years but the environmental threats from it has never stopped and last week there was an outrage across russia when a blow because images of the polluted waters named by went viral forcing russian prosecutors to investigate. this lake is near the mine a mixture of water and acid flow from the old mine and right into here that's why it's this color. and accident in 1997 caused the mind to floods and it hasn't
4:47 pm
stopped leaking a toxic mix of a since. a so if europe acid reaction is taking place here the acid is continuing to burn everything in the area the soil the trees the grass and fish to all these heavy metals are soluble and shouldn't be in the water. and this was announced 10 years ago the local prosecutor's office revealed a high concentration of pollutants in the water a special reservoir was built to contain and filter the water leaking from the mine but those living nearby say is has had little effect because he previously there was a variety of fish in this like but no this is all we have for. sure how can this not be poison all these acids going into the river there's no fish left there's nothing there. or over there all the way to the reservoir the entire bosom is covered clearly not a single plant grew there. it was
4:48 pm
a she said the anger over the mind comes all 3 major oil spill in the arctic circle forced russian president vladimir putin to declare a state of emergency so the need to complain you know he accused local authorities of not informing moscow of the disaster in may when 20000 tonnes of diesel leaked from a power plant in order. already one of the most polluted cities in the wold it's mayor resigned on monday to dissolve sun has renewed public debate over the lack of government action against those responsible which is that goes on it's the environment that continues to suffer sort of. al-jazeera. to head on al-jazeera in sport the race to be italian champions isn't over just yet santa will explain coming up after the. business leaders. i know brushed past.
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business leaders to buy no brush pass.
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time to catch up on sports has santa very much of the major league baseball season and north america has officially begun the start was delayed by 4 months due to the current a virus pandemic with a familiar face in the u.s. fight against covert 19 getting the action under way semi-liquid ports to an allergy and infectious diseases to the serum only the major league baseball season is finally under way after a 4 month to a major caused by the global pandemic and fittingly it was one of the men at the forefront of the u.s. as he fight against covert 19 dr antony found that was given the honor of throwing the ceremonial opening pitch. his effort however was indicative of
4:51 pm
a man that's had little time to practice with the u.s. recording over 4000000 cases of the disease so far. because of the pandemic all the games for now are happening behind closed doors with his favorite team the washington nationals getting the action under way against the new york yankees. the nationals weren't helped by having one player test positive ahead of the game as they went down 41 with play ending early because of rain got great speed and here will score without a or a. lot of butterflies today you know some of the ball or us our guys came out with an edge in. v.m. packed of the black lives matter protest movement was also felt on opening day players or both the match in washington d.c. and the game between the dodgers and san francisco giants in l.a. so players take the neat like the 1st match game 2 was
4:52 pm
a one sided affair with the dog just cruising to an 81 win. u.s. president don trump who's been widely criticized for how he's dealt with the pandemic and the b.l.m. protests also got a slice of opening day action for himself he hosted a group of little leaguers at the white house to mark the occasion. china russia to do it career in about 30 other nations but i was really going to. the u.s. and its president have plenty of difficulties to deal with at present but at least for now the sport known as america's favorite pastime is giving many a reason to smile so hello malik al-jazeera while the n.b.a. is building up to its restart next week at the that it's mavericks defeated the los angeles lakers $1804.00 in a warm up game at disney world orlando they the stars on the bron james and anthony davis combined for 24 points before sitting out the 2nd half and
4:53 pm
sess a curry and had a standout display of for the match say he scored 23 points in 15 minutes the lakers are scheduled to meet this season against the los angeles clippers during his post match and if you know braun spoke about that life's matter movement. a lot of people kind of use this knowledge i'm out likewise matters of movement it's not a movement where you black it's not a move it's a life so. we say here's there's a movement and ok i was movement always don't stop movement oh this is the walk of life you wake up you black you that is what it should be a movement it should be a lifestyle this is who we are and we understand that we know that you know for for one step that someone else might have or for one your someone else may have to take it we know we've got to take 5 more steps. walkie bugs are looking good ahead of the return san antonio spurs 113 to 92 it was no surprise that the
4:54 pm
2980 a most valuable player gianni and to whom will impress scoring 22 points to help prop up the win. the mishandling of an investigation into corruption the surrounding fisa has seen switzerland's attorney general on michael ober offer to step down comes as swiss court ruled on friday that he had committed several breaches of his official duties allied to investigate his job or insisted that he did not lie the ruling was made in response to loeb was a pill in march against being disciplined over misconduct in the set internal disciplinary case against him included a meeting he had with john ensign teano in june 2017 hour which loeb or took no notes. event is have missed the chance to wrap up the syria title italy had it
4:55 pm
looked like they were about to clinch it fits reality didn't is it would have been enough for them to claim their 9th straight championship and they took the lead at the size of the league to just before half time however a back came at the home side with an equaliser in the 2nd half and the 92nd minute as it wanted to with a goal of from sickle 4 fine a great solo effort event is to have only 11 in the past 5 but they are still in the strong position 6 points clear of 2nd place i thought and with 3 games last year 11 men's and women's tennis tournaments are planned for china in october and november including the w.t. finals have been cancelled due to the pandemic rather than try to move all reschedule any of the events china said that the country will not host any international tennis tournaments tennis tournaments for the remainder of 2020 while
4:56 pm
top level tennis has been halted since march. however still intends to return to action and more next month the next grand slam tournament to as of now is the u.s. open which is supposed to solve on august 31st. for i have a way boxing champion mike tyson is coming out of retirement. the 54 year old has been in training for weeks and has teased fans that with clips on social media is agreed to fight a jones jr and an 8th round exhibit about an september about is scheduled to take place in los angeles on the 12th of september. human being and i meant to be home. we're not going to be home we're going to be home. and where you know.
4:57 pm
you. walk in the pool for. god to be dominate. is leave this battle. on for you because you saw it right risky yes. but that says fall for me and which is it will have more for you later on but for now it's back to fully fund i thank you very much for that and now a story of love and politics in hong kong accords has acquitted this couple of rioting and a potential 10 year prison sentence police detained them for 2 days during last year's extradition process that was just before their wedding and they spent married life awaiting their court appearance a couple burst into tears and supporters of crowded when the verdicts came. happy ending i guess that's it for this news out i'll just do stay with us more world
4:58 pm
news coming up after the break. setting the discussions we are living at times when we are going to have to defend our democracy examining the headlines this is not the way to treat a migrant workers not with you peter. human explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire. the world is watching al-jazeera. who's to blame for the mishandling of the coronavirus kunda making the united states i'll be putting the tough questions to trump surrogate jack kingston and former democratic party official just o'connell in a special edition of had to meet her not even through wave one as a result of
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a lack of a leadership here i said to my people slow the testing down please that is criminally negligent and i will sit there and i thought it was hilarious head to head on algis iraq we know what's happening in our region we know happened get the date is that others and not i wasn't done but only if you're a guy by the party the only purpose i did iraq had that time and if programming can go live on the honesty to go live to work another boy that may not be mainstream but the fires there's no more normative you can. be by. the way that you can tell the story is what and make a difference what is the price of luxury. an undercover team travels deep into the illegal cocoa plantations of the ivory coast simple solutions are very hard to find for something as complicated as the child labor with a culture of chocolates hearts of darkness and count as unpatrolled labor is
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working in a $100000000000.00 industry well overhaul of the country's cocoa produces live below the poverty line on al-jazeera. staff order to leave a chinese consulate in the us begin to move out as beijing retaliate same kind. player watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back to you will also coming up. the 1st friday prayers are held inside turkey's iconic i guess sophia as it reverse to a mosque as in the skies over syria passengers are heard on many rainy and plain as it take.


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