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tv   Frontline Mexico The Fight Against COVID-19  Al Jazeera  July 24, 2020 10:32pm-11:00pm +03

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that he will not talk about rolling back closures china in the us are getting deeper into tit for tat actions after the american consulate in the city of showing do was shut down follows the us ordering the closure of the chinese consulate in houston texas relations between the 2 have deteriorated sharply this year with flashpoints over coronavirus responses the technology firm weiwei the climb down in hong kong. airlines have been told they should urgently inspect a type of boeing jet over affairs planes park during the pandemic could suffer engine failure u.s. civil aviation watchdog says 2000 boeing 737 could have suffered corrosion while parked for weeks as global demand for flights plummeted for single engine shutdowns have been reported so those are the headlines frontline mexico is next.
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and. this is how paramedics me duty come on a search should be a fun finish the ship. racing down the highway in the outskirts minutes crews city trying to find a horse between the holes in response time coded pressure just 39 years of one of the. bugs. called hope one of love. to mexico cases are kept rising death toll is now higher than italy and spain. we do the insert here run the good men every day trying to help their patients well protecting themselves right now they need to find
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a better. job that says 1st of all to this local hope that this. will certainly help but if it's not over there just taken to another hospital for those of us. it could be a long hard right just as it has been for a country still struggling to be coven. latin america has turned into a virus at the center. it's got 10 percent of the world's population but over recent weeks has accounted for nearly ha the daily death toll. a mix comes one of the worst heat countries. about one in 5 of its inhabitants live in the capital beehive perfect for any virus looking to spread. despite some question if its rise he was so inevitable 1st the region 2nd most populous country simply got it wrong.
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from the start there are big questions why did make skirt test at one of the lowest rates in the world why was the quarantine so softly policed and why did the country's president flout his own government's social distancing guidelines we had to find out why makes chris death toll has become one of the highest in the world. we start a majority insertions patch looking class suburb of miserable. by many of the places in the capital in the streets of the viruses hit hard. this is the 1st code of the case of the day a policeman they've worked with before is wondering if it isn't time to go to hospital. first because the 1st. visitors are going to. know.
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who. is well enough to stay home for now it's just as well the team are. giving then you really need am fully aware that every time i go to. take a look at your body i get it you know that you feel there's a yemeni they don't you're not going with malcolm when you know it's national. coming quickly. just one of 3 ambulances dedicated to your patients who will be in a district of more than a 1000000 people right you can get through almost completely on the. oil but i might use in a red break so hugh tells us he's struggling with something else even if he would. win i just had to be here when i left. and i. may that's coming to makoto they don't have. a women to fight to the enemy on the look it's on the
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field they must me not the. event i meant that yelled a little in the other little. he passed away just 3 weeks before we met so here are the memories with him every time he treats the elderly they get us. and been told they're going to pull a few of you i might know the cabbage 40 feet from put it but some that might want to double it. finally is the last cool of the shift the house of jose luis a d h l delivery man his blood oxygen level is so low his vital organs are at risk and if he doesn't give them any good well i think that you know might be banned. from our program don't be in the light of the. ok. you feel the demeanor. he agrees reluctantly. families are
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refused to let majority and so he'll take their relatives before in mexico remains have circulated particularly in some poor barrios the hospitals are killing patients. finally his wife comes in and say goodbye. meanwhile the team get geared up bringing the capsule they hope will protect their . plan you know a little bit like i'm going to type fish and it gets very hot inside and. all the. patients can get anxious claustrophobic too. could be a long ride in the 1st months of its becomes a. lot depends on it having space. where they are.
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all work. properly pm. it's time to get out. and see if they'll let him in. this time. they get enough to. visit mr cuz he will call the next filibuster in the room why then are you going to call a prayer of your last. 400 a lot of the article and. it's a triumphant end to a hard shift the majority and so here. but this is just the start for jose luis. the most people code amounts to little more than a severe flu. but for those who are taken to the other side of these hospital doors . it's a different world. we've come to the intensive care unit but what is force between
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on the other side of the city it was built for a 19th century war but now the stuff the heading into a new battle the enemy this time around these few survivors here once patients come brief themselves. exhausted nurse julio cesar camillo $32.00 and the struggle to come to terms with. it is. it with. this it was. this little one off or dakota. was. put up again. and he makes good that's not just the old in the city. another worrying pattern has merged just a quick check around this intensive care unit and one thing that really strikes you is that everyone is under the age of 60 here and that's a real change in the trend from europe for example but it seems like the people
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elderly with the most at risk. perfect but also for right for the full effect in a moment the 4 over for 4 with. a this is highly important for the war but many of us want them while on the other the country consumes more junk food per capita than any other in america. oh right 3 cool to the mix can i don't survive the weight were obese one in 10 have diabetes both conditions complicate coronavirus. nuts but nordic creaky public health system and depression. thirties make sure it's never reach much capacity but even in florida is one of the better equipped hospitals to run heavy coat the biggest since they let face it medicine just for one day one felt good because gay and i'm going to big as to see a couple most in law you know less than you know i thought it was funny let him go
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in and get them but i've said i'm outta here but oh nothin is that up to. many of them it's going hospitals are in a worse state doctors and nurses across the country told us they looked good in training. perhaps because of that they got infected one of the highest rates in the womb. was. the stuff he was not sacrificed to count. with nearly 50 girls allowing us to pull off what you heard that this. is the mass at the fillmore you both but i never said look at all of the money men flowing together with the boy more for modest they are worth more than one of my part of it i want paid overtime in the casino more for the bus if i let him pick it up or they're. not message is clearly not getting through to some mexicans. we rode home with intensive can ask about the betty softer his shift. need
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a list of their interests and not the. this is called a hunger for pill fantasy i believe yet but it's on my liver mainly because the sealed transport. while in other countries the heroes makes chris become notorious for attacks against frontline medical staff. has been so good as it is today most illegals put it in the list be done see dave because you've been going to see the one go do you know why didn't they go into their lungs in the form of a little bit blue to be able to love him the downgrade the that he's getting in the yard by needle classical model when they see milk in luck a year lateral harold laurel and does this is listed on sports business analyst bill miller speak that when the silence be given a little bit i was what i eat meat that will pull us out as humans got tips and. taught when the standard old when you see 1st hand the sacrifices medical workers
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are making was valid and so faisel ate it from his partner longer his 3 months pregnant i didn't see a lot of it. and that's not true. at any age folk in all. fairness to doubt. that but the i know that you know. him because i said if he needed any of that in the us in place of the bio that was. the highlight and then 10 year. video kusa been there any contact for 2 months. it is to. the list that it goes. to this mr peter either listen to this. yes it is this email list of a. person of the same set.
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but it's passing slower than they or anyone else anticipated to. be at the bank probably because vast areas of the capital never actually stopped even in the lock down. this is used to pull up the captain's most populous district in the worst hit by covert. we found queues of persons outside the symmetry they were the only one circulating. just look at the amount of people bank cards that are out on the street so i should mention the not every business here is open to any of those that can afford to close have done so but it's pretty clear that in the most working class areas of the city there are a lot of people out and about. among them it was the gonzalez a micro bus driver. who got it as he and i met a little time we've been in this is you know you know this is between them or this is you know. you can commute all the back at me you know what i can only farmiga
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what i can i love my case a lot of knowledge at the center of a little business and i'm going to think well on this issue. so you know people are home. they get we have a view. it's been a tough decision for him but others don't even believe in coded i think it's a government conspiracy. or someone somehow going to give us a mash up here for me the question i mean. and some simply willing to take a gamble. i presented us because it sure wasn't what i would cross. so i'm not sure she meant in their discussion i meant to go before they go see the film against the government banished. authorities encouraged but didn't fools people to stay home and often turned a blind alley tools those breaking the rules. as they looked down went on went out
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in cases went down but. and this monster in the home of vista palapa was an epicenter. to the sense out there but one of the biggest fruit and vege markets in the world is some ways of moving to 102 peaches. when we visited kobe it was ripping through these crowded dogs. we dress like this to go in knowing which way to us. that most people here work with next to no protection when you're lifting this. even a mosque is a lot. touching others this place get half a 1000000 visitors every day this greedy no way that they can pick social services think going without one. market official said they've managed to low of this town has the most the workers the week had already been sick have been people pretty
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effective boy did it hit. a woman off a woman that came about from out here. on news of the yes. a $100.00 was out sick for a month to be had to come back. to the city government which runs the market decided it could shut it down $90000.00 workers and the captain's entire food chain depend on it. so they took a different tack sending him for. health workers. and stepping up covert testing delivering results in 2 days far quicker than many other clinics where. it was all done very late but infection started to come down.
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and that's called attention. impulse because it's so different it's of the national government's approach that of mexico has one of the lowest testing rates worldwide thank you and that's a conscious choice made by this money has got to tell you formally respected but little known epidemiologist now the country's coronavirus song. the world health organization yes they're on set for this kind of date was press test test. the other way mexico's got a very low test count why. because on the cases that have been reported by the government of that country is that number of cases the real one is really the real one what we have don't we say it these kind of phenomena cannot be measured directly therefore we have no intention in identifying by the wrecked observation the real border the north. instead we have to use statistical methods
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mathematical methods of recognising proportions in the publisher. he openly admits that due to the low testing miscues real case and death toll is inevitably much higher than the official figures. critics say that means the country has little idea of the severity of the crisis. does that mean that the population men don't understand the true dimensions of this and what we think which is more people out in the street if they knew how big this was wouldn't they be more likely to stay inside will be the pain so how would you handle their aspect and never quite got an answer to that question but the government chose to invest in more hospital beds rather than testing and they have run out of clothes. but this soft lockdowns been controversial to. do sometimes regret not going hard on the core
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and so at least in the period when mexico was in real lockdown you couldn't get this a bit more under control them if you are detained shown that me arise from the law enforcement the use of police or military force is sort of a perfect way to have a clash we just remove the incentives to go out you have no job to attend because it's close you have no school to attend because it's closed why would you go out i mean i suppose it all makes sense the. problem with that is the people are still going out and they already have. it is well known community mitigation has its limits as well as conventional has. one man without too many limits is the country's president and there is money well no preserver adored. he was out and about hugging supporters even as his own
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government called for social distancing. shown off anomaly this is own protection. they didn't in the me who. couldn't show on the history. and he just got back from a weeklong trip around south mexico we talked a lot his gotto what do you think of the president heading out on top of all your telling everyone please stay at home through a. replay with this. the president is a war king he's doing his job does it not seem to you that well help me out a bit here i'm trying to get everyone in the house to be snoring out of the mood and say set an example so i know they're stunned but i same time i'm aware that there's these overreaction to what they were any president i guess but this picture these precede and dos people over here won't criticize his boss both of them worry about the same thing. mexico's economy the other great victim of
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coded. international monetary fund's diagnosis is that it will suffer the worst of all not in america's 5 major nations but president lopez obrador refuses to apply the medicine it prescribes a comprehensive rescue package is even the conservative governments of chile and brazil of the un. is wary of debt and is relying largely on small loans for some businesses and topping upward ecosystem social programs to get through this it must come is on the up or well in america but as young economy got. distinguish on the look it is young to those miyan is the in no way was. the many economists say there's no way that's going to happen an estimated 12000000 mexicans lost their income just in april. at the end of the.
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among them months ago vada and her family. they invited us into the 2 rooms this family of 8 share. them. i've been out one day hunting for food. when there's a dozen times in the last year but immediately many more john not the politicos that i was dorothy in then. but if there is going to win the next one to china going to get by natalie is not for me that but for those who thought. before the pandemic the class worked as a security guard and then she sold sweets in a market between them they could feed the family one but both of them lost their jobs when the epidemic begun nancy told us when we 1st met her at a soup kitchen thank you but as it happens that began us me my mommy out that way
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ran. the bend then that me but i'll say. this donated food is the only reason they're not starving every year. and they're not along. the country's development agency says that eventually the pandemic could push between 6 and 10000000 people into extreme poverty. by the end of june it was already happening. we went to 16 soup kitchens across the country to. all of them told us that lines had grown many said they're serving 3 or 4 times more meals than the full. what we found coming to the soup kitchens is that there's a lot of people here from the informal sector street vendors rubbish collectors market workers people that already for and this is just tip them over the edge. even as the needs increased the number of soup kitchens themselves is full and it's
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a risk turning out to the people right now. you know me they go there's you does your nick i hear fiddle now what that does does that. make as sick as he is enough whatever direction they fear a little that is and that he then has to stand up for you and not. them and read out and ignore them but that's what i was. by the time we left them at the end of the day the family had got food. in the morning the bats would begin again. success stories might be hard to come by mexico's new future. here at least is one. remember jose luis montagnier we last saw
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wheeled into hospital in a capsule it is not there but i was here. after a month inside he's finally come home. all the more. good this could never do i knew 'd this is a little bit of the will let me go on that this is that. realistic you have to. make sure you're the one. of those things that it is not out of the woods yet. his lungs a damaged recovery will be slow. but he sees this as a 2nd chunk. of. the u.s. . but not the number one place and the same thing that i had been established
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with. the you know this year. it was in the fall because his that week. more. of the countries opening up rather than asking a question that's already. with the corn thing gradually ending it still hasn't beaten tobit perhaps authorities could have done more but they in the millions on the breadline here have decided they can't stay home any longer.
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business leaders just want to buy the brass palm. tree from. business leaders just want to buy no prospal. frank assessments what are you
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saying. that's akin to 6 percent of the group or local police you are facing what it's going to mean through physical and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera. above. this is al jazeera i'm 30 now who gave that with a check on your world headlines the world health organization says there was a record increase in new coronavirus cases on friday with more than 284000 new infections it comes as the spread of the corona virus is again accelerating in france the country's health ministry says more than a $1100.00 cases were reported in the last 24 hours and that's the 2nd consecutive day it's broken the 1000 thresholds it's led the.


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