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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 25, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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the heavy rains probably going to be in japan in honshu and then the tail of it comes back to the next developing system it's going south be on the yangtze here but in sichuan another lump will develop and produce yet more potential flooding. al jazeera. you're watching the news hour live from london i'm doubting you navigate are coming up in the next 60 minutes an alarming 24 hours in the coronavirus pandemic as the world health organization reveals a record number of new infections and deaths. concern about the safety of boeing 737 planes were grounded as
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a result of the pandemic claims of espionage and state secrecy the diplomatic dispute between the u.s. and china intensifies in. the 1st friday prayers at istanbul's hagia sophia after its controversial change of status from a museum to a mosque. in school football 100 students of friends after a 4 month break caused by coronavirus a limited number of fans were allowed into the stadium. in the french cup final. welcome to the news hour more than 6 months since the corona virus was 1st detected in china the pandemic is still ripping through the world that record rates more than 284000 new infections have been reported in the last 24 hours that's
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a record rise according to the world health organization nearly $10000.00 people have died in that same period the biggest spike since the end if april across the planet the virus has killed more than 635000 people more than a 5th of those fatalities are in the us the world's worst hit country a new hot spots in the south and west have pushed the infection count past 4000000 light america has also recorded more than 4000000 cases. more than 176000 people have died we'll get more on the outbreak in latin america with john homan in just a moment he's joining us from mexico city but 1st let's bring in andy gallagher he is joining us from miami and the bleak number as some they were w.h.o. and in factions in the u.s. are continuing to rise. they are particularly bleak numbers considering when you think that the world health organization is now saying 5000 people are dying every
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single day across the world that figure in june was 4600 of course here in the state of florida the numbers keep growing for about the past 2 weeks we've had at least 10000 new cases each and every day that tops out at 15000 on july the 12th the fatality rate is edging ever closer towards $6000.00 are now fresh concerns about this state's over $65.00 population is from within the last few minutes the federal authorities of announce that they will be placing quick testing machines in 23 counties because the death rate here is simply sell i am among the elderly now the state is also turning to isolation centers for elderly people who contract covert 19 let's just see what that policy is all about. the coronavirus pandemic has taken a heavy toll on florida's elderly residents a staggering majority of the fatalities here are those 65 and older and with an
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expansive network of assisted living facilities and nursing homes the danger for seniors is serious like other states around the nation florida is turning to isolation centers for the elderly the state now has more than 2 dozen of them that is and to prevent the spread of covert 19 patients the attention they need and free up space in the state's already strained hospitals is covert nursing homes are places where a hospital could discharge safely or long term care resident who's covered positive also has a place where if there is infections inside a long term care facility a long term care facility consent of the coven only facility in a state ravaged by the pandemic the bay oaks retirement home in miami is an exception there would be no coronavirus cases here but if any resident falls ill stassi isolation is a good option i think it's a great idea so if somebody has it they should be in a place where they can be monitored by professionals who are experienced whatever
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limited or experienced people have now is a terrible disease for the past 2 weeks in florida the number of new daily cases has hovered around 10000 miami has now mandated the wearing of masks but in other parts of the state those who can easily spread the virus are ignoring medical advice the number of cases among those who work with the elderly has also risen sharply but some experts say isolating elderly patients who contract covert 19 may not be the best thing one of the things not often talked about during this pandemic is the mental health aspect of living through these difficult times many elderly residents on to live to see relatives social interaction is in many places not allowed and moving those who are infected with covert 19. may be detrimental to all involved those who specialize in geriatric care say isolation and patient transfers has its drawbacks many residents are very confused by the situation and with
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perhaps all timers or dementia may not understand fully what's going on and why are they no longer being visited every day by by relatives around 20 percent of florida's population is over the age of $65.00 but even in communities like the villages where people are 55 and older cases have put drupal since the beginning of the month while isolation units for those who fall ill as seen as a good strategy risks remain for the state's older population whether they live in care facilities or not. now as for the state's approach to tackling the pandemic it remains a patchwork of different policies you've got the governor rod to scientists point blank refusing to talk about re closing businesses or going back to phase one and then here in miami dade county which is the worst affected county in the entire state the measure of miami has now put a curfew in place and also a mandatory mask policy that's been reinforced by over 40 police officers the one
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handing out tickets to people that don't wear masks but the problems here remain huge there is the other big issue of schools reopening next month that is something that the governor is also pushing for as well as president donald trump they want to get children back into schools but there are many concerns for people like dr anthony found of the center for disease control saying look we just don't know enough about children how they're affected how they might spread it and also the effect on the teaches and school staff who will be in these schools at the same time so a lot of questions need to be answered here in the state of florida and a lot of people looking for guidance from the governor but so far he isn't budging on his stance of not closing businesses and also not reconsidering closing schools all right andy thank you for that update from miami. well the mayor of the mexican capital has warned of her resurgence and coronavirus cases mexico city has been the epicenter of the country's outbreak let's not bring in john home and for more on
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that so what's prompted this warning by the mayor. well there's been a lot of businesses shops and restaurants have been very gradually opening up in mexico city over the last few weeks it's been said that the capital has been getting this more under control but the daily count for corona virus cases in terms of the whole country has actually kept going up we have a daily record in the last figures that were announced last night so this is far from over in terms of a national scale and that's something that the coronavirus saw here is called. tell me said to us by mid july nationally this should be going down admits crew should be getting this so under control so it's obviously not happening and as the mexico city may say she's also worried now that mexico city itself has been opening up there be some sort of resurgence in the cases now there's another worry here as
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well apart from what we can record it resurgence because nationally as i've said the numbers keep going up still but that's about the economy here now the international monetary fund estimates that mexico's economy is going to shrink by more than 10 percent just this year and in april 12 1000000 people had already lost their income some of them temporarily and some of them probably permanently in the country so it's a real problem for mexico take a look at our piece now of the people being affected. after 25 years this is the last day of sylvan and this is shot through the looking glass 3 months without a so you dream it's because look dumb for it but. the cheat is that i and everyone who went to me have a profound love of books for us it's a big hit losing the shop that's maintained me and 20 star. in light of the world economies are suffering but the code 19 full now could be about to hit mixed code
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particularly hard the scenes in this book should begin to be playing out in a lot of other businesses in mexico in the coming weeks and months the un 2nd amik commission for latin america estimates that half a 1000000 businesses are going to close in the country as a result of the coronavirus crisis. the economy's going to shrink more than in any of the of the 4 major nations in latin america estimates the international monetary fund it says that a big stimulus package is the answer but president under his money well lopez obrador refused to roll one now. he's wary of debt and he's relying mostly on small loans for some businesses and topping up already existing social programs to get through this it's time objective and we have started to promote the economic recovery we are pushing for the creation of 2000000 new jobs. an economist says that job claim is misleading you are losing
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a high quality job we've placing it we spark to keep baiting in a social programs and then or threaten. it it's like we are creating jobs why is the president doing that why isn't he i'm painting a bigger stimulus package he is some of the fat in these and he saw how on 3 when in the. very high public there. no i don't want that we have to walk in and not really. at least now mitts because shops and restaurants are reopening because the country comes out of the quarantine but the virus is far from b. . and even on her 1st day back in her sweet shop you did a son a brace he's already worrying about what happens if customers keep staying away. not by the look of the sea and korea because monkey epp and they can't hold outs
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but maybe for another month but no more. than they were in the same situation hoping things get better. for others like silver and through the looking glass it's already too late. and john how does the situation over in mexico compared to other countries in the region. well latin america is one of the epicenters at the moment to covert it came here later obviously than europe but it's really taken off one of the countries actually that to some it's been surprise to the extent that it's been affected is peru it has the 6th highest number of cases worldwide and when you take into account that it's only got a population of about 32000000 it's really been hit hard that country as well as opened up since the start of this month but a lot of people have been saying the government was very early there with quite strict quarantine measures but a lot of those apparently were ignored by members of the population and that's
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possibly why seeing such a rate of infections at the moment now when we talk about latin america we have course have to mention brazil which is 2nd only to the united states in the number of infections and brazil's president himself j. able so not oh he has corona virus has been diagnosed with it but that hasn't stopped him in recent days getting out about feeding him you like birds in his palace and also stopping to speak apparently to ground stuff in the palace there's been from the start it's been pretty clear that his prioritize the economy over corona virus and over the cases in that country he said that it's just a little flu at times at times you say it's inevitable that a lot of people are going to get it we've just got to get on with things and open up the economy it remains to be seen whether that's contributed a lot of people think it almost definitely has to the 84000 people in that country have now died of coronavirus as it starts as well along with the rest of the region
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to open up even as that continues to be a lot of cases here all right john heilemann thank you for that reporting from mexico city. in europe covert 1000 is resurging in spain and france french citizens are now advised not to travel to the spanish region of catalonia which has recorded more than 8000 cases in the past fortnight so france is warning that its own outbreak may be accelerating reporting a $1130.00 cases in the last 24 hours. while the leader of europe's worst affected country has admitted he could have done things differently the british prime minister boris johnson has been criticized for acting too slowly to stop the corona virus outbreak which has killed more than 45000 people he says his government failed to understand how the virus was spreading among those who showed no symptoms but when you look back at this crisis everybody can see that this was
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something that was new that we didn't understand in the way that we would have liked in the 1st few weeks and months and i think probably the single thing that we didn't see the beginning was the extent to which it was being transmitted a symptomatically from from person to person well south african police have used stun grenades and the water canon against protesters sin cape town. workers in the hospitality industry say their revenue is falling and they want coronavirus restrictions to be lifted even further south africa once had one of the world's strictest lock downs but the government has been loosening it under economic pressure the country has the worst hit in the african continent and it has more than 408000 cases that's the 5th highest in the world more than 6000 people have died. coming up on the al-jazeera news hour.
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panic in the skies above syria after an american war plane flies pasta an iranian passenger plane. south asia's devastating monsoon season storms through nepal killing dozens and displacing millions of people coming up and scored an individual award for the player who led the season's outstanding i'm your lead singer. but 1st more than 40 years since the u.s. recognize china's communist government relations between the world's 2 largest economies have now sunk to their lowest levels in decades tensions are soaring with accusations of espionage state secrecy and a blame game over the coronavirus pandemic among the newest developments a chinese researcher who had taken refuge in the san francisco consulate is being taken to courts sanguine has been accused of hiding her military connection when
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she applied for her american visa it's the latest in a series of diplomatic disputes between washington and beijing so the u.s. is warning china against it for its retaliation after beijing ordered the american consulate in the city of chengdu to be shut down that order was in direct response to the closure of china's consulates in houston the trumpet ministration says it was part of a massive spy network but the superpowers are clashing on a range of other issues as well including donald trump's accusation that china is responsible for the coronavirus pandemic the white house has also been a furious critic of the new security law in hong kong along with china's territorial claims in the south china sea castro joining us from maryland so a number of arrests in recent days as the white house pressure has beijing heidi. that's right daryn and due in court very shortly is this chinese researcher who has
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been accused of hiding her membership in the chinese military and coming to the united states posing as a researcher in order to gain trade secrets and research secrets to bring back to china this researcher tons you and she was holed up in hiding inside the chinese consulate in san francisco for the recent days that was after she had been questioned by f.b.i. agents and that stand up before she exited the consulate for her arrest that was one of the contributing factors to the u.s. ordering the closure of china's consulate in houston texas now that consulate is also at the center of some espionage accusations which china denied but in this tit for tat battle we saw trying to retaliate by ordering the closure of the american embassy in chengdu and accusing american officials there of interfering interfering with china's internal politics and heidi the question is how the situation is going to involve in the coming days and even months. right and of
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course so much is at stake here this is the world's largest economies together making up 40 percent of the global economic output in the fear is that this is ratcheting up to another cold war in a time when the global economy least needs it and we've seen president trump increasingly using china as the scapegoat in trying to defer attention away from his own troubled response to the coronavirus epidemic in the u.s. you see him referring to the corona virus as the china virus repeatedly before the press corps and before his rallies the question is how much of that is politically motivated and of course there are the greater tensions at play that are far greater than simply try. campaign as you mentioned the trade tensions with the trade deal still having many trade sanctions in place of course we have the military issues as
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well in the south china sea and the humanitarian concerns with china crackdown in hong kong and over the weaker muslims so certainly there is much at stake here as many fear that because of these tip for tat exchanges that they're building up into a wall of tension that may be insurmountable for these 2 nations sounds like it ok heidi thank you very much for that update from maryland will katrina you isn't showing doing she says that china is winning the u.s. for the row. we're here in downtown tendu and this is the new as consulate and there are a lot of policemen here the product doesn't police officers also are monitoring the crowds this entire street has been blocked off because since the chinese foreign ministry made the announcement that the u.s. consulate here would have to close but the desks are allowed to go by and there quite a few of them passing by taking photos taking selfies it's become quite a tourist destination now china hasn't said exactly why it's targeting this consulate all it said though is that there are some u.s.
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officials who work here with they say have been engaged in activities that are not consistent with their capacity we also know that it's quite significant operation to the southwest of china deals with us this is nearby acts as an active listening post for events taking place and it's a bet now the chinese foreign ministry has said that they do not want to do this they did not want to have to close the consulate here but they were false by the u.s. one year china's top diplomat has laid the blame for the worsening ties between time and u.s. completely at the foot of washington and he says that it's up to washington now to mend and rebuild those ties and china says if the u.s. does not pull back from decision to close the embassy the consulate in texas that china will have no choice but to hit back measure for measure. or the trumpet ministration as loosening restrictions to allow more drones to be sold to foreign countries the white house says it's reinterpreting a weapons agreement signed between $34.00 nations during the cold war so it means
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that armed american drones can now be sold to unstable governments that were earlier for britain from buying them shimon rights activists warned this could fuel instability in hot spots including the middle east and south asia. ofter failing to get backing from congress president donald trump has signed for executive orders to try and lower prescription drugs prices one order allows for a cheaper prescription drugs to be imported while in. other means the lowest possible price should be passed on to patients it also includes a measure to lower insulin costs for low income patients the president claimed has moved patients before lobbyists and said drug companies had asked for a meeting to discuss price cuts it's a world famous architectural treasure revered by both christians and muslims now turkey's hagia sophia has gone from museum to mosque hosting its 1st friday prayers in nearly 86 years but it's changed several times since it was built 1500 years ago
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it was originally the largest church in the eastern roman empire in the christian city of constantinople now called istanbul in 1453 the city fell to the ottomans after a 55 day siege and high gas sophia was converted into a mosque almost 500 years later in 1935 it became a secular museum reflecting the inclusive vision of istanbul after the fall of the ottoman empire turkey's highest court ordered the conversion of the unesco world heritage site back to a mosque earlier this month president reza supported the switch which angered christian religious leaders and politicians around the world cynical so of who has more from istanbul. after serving as a museum forward to past 8 to 6 used the nearly converted. mosque welcomed thousands of turks spent friday prayers some had travelled from cities across
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turkey for the big occasion and. leaders in dignitaries from other countries listened as clerics perform their rituals christian mosaics and francisco's of jesus and mary were traped with curtains. for the reopening of turkey's present. was cited the opening section of the court on. to make a great people were eager to pray here thousands participated in the prison we came here together to pray the government and the authorities concerned to do the necessary renovations the new hug us a few more school be something great that makes us very proud and will always be open for all citizens visitors and the tourists as well i guess so feels restoration as a mosque came 2 weeks after turkey's high school which ruled that a $934.00 government decree converting to place so for ship into museums was illegal after.
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the years where there. was. a real printing of yourself as a mosque again following the 1st prayer hundreds fresh to visit the famous landmark but all of them unity was of the context best my feelings something is can be expressed but they shed tears of joy i'm very joyful in my own country the mass that was conquered by members of congress was shot down and i'm very happy that it's not only i feel blessed. church bells around greece who rang gets midday flags one low over to protest what the head of greek also looks church called the unholy act of defiling the former because you go off the buys into the empire. state the conversion is an internal matter of national sovereignty that supports all the people dance critics say he's pushed through the populist move to
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consolidate his power in the ruling party and fend off potential rivals to his leadership. the real opposition is among the conservative community itself that's going to change the balance in power hockey a severe has a meaning in the conservative historical consciousness that's why when you support the hagia sophia you address 65 percent of the turkish electorate saying that i am defending all calls but this only has an impact on the marginal knowing person not . an opinion poll this month showed 43 percent of turks saw the mosque controversy as a way for john to avoid discussion of turkey's troubled economy some of our dance former allies agree but for both domestic and foreign tourists they're enjoying seeing you around the new look architectural treasure for your charge because although al-jazeera stumble. let's bring in emirate chala sky and he's a research fellow at the foreign policy center here in london thanks very much for your time with us on the al-jazeera news hour so where do you stand on the side of
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the debate or is this about order one having his eye on his constituency at home or is this more about sending out a regional message to the muslim world and possibly beyond i think you just bought i don't want to do is to create a message to turkish people to go out and what do you have to. doing to play it took your thirty's for example short s. thought and infects decide it's time to crown and after the play if he does it it's good it will mohammad the 2nd who conquered the stumble in the 15th century those are very symbolic gestures and the event also took place on the inverse to all of those untreated due to to do to all assault modern turkey now the 1st message was the all turkey that was established by farms to the camel the tooth is now left behind and 2nd he has tightened his part thanks to his pollock conservation he's
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now in a position of opening i just a few miles and the turret are gone is a new vision for turkey turkey become what i thought norma sort of indigent and is more powerful i would say turkey has almost become like an imperial state their fingers are to one cares. about some criticism that is received internationally because of this move. i don't think he does because if he's in it in a good position actually to make this move i mean depression on coming from europe or the from the united states had lowered significantly due to different factors such as call it a crisis but also became more powerful in took talk to x. and also in his region comparing to 2 years turkey become more assertive in cities and from these to turn to libya fauntleroy to syria and how damaged the consulate is partner and key to the address the 65 per cent of the society when he enters
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duty he was talking about do you need to on these leadership. you mentioned greece just a moment ago let me ask you about another issue because the french president on my car earlier this week said that the e.u. must sanction turkey against what mccaw is calling violations of greek and supreme waters and this of course has to do with the issue of natural gas exploration well this threat if you can call it that by macro worry turkey in the president's i think only 30 people ought to think deployed to mention them to talk to cook strains in the european union because right now malta and italy taking it loose on the sidewalks. and turkey but to position used region and earlier i think oh none considers to get any particular state and to keep in time to act more sort of to the inner city. according to him what his mindset is
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turkey's domestic problem not any more regional integration problems arise when they were there thank you very much for speaking to us from london or the news hour coming up in a moment here as for press freedom in zimbabwe where a court has rolled a popular journalist as a danger to the public. one of the world's largest investment banks agrees to pay nearly $4000000000.00 to malaysia to end an investigation that brought down the prime minister. and happens for the leading u.s. doctor doing his best to flatten the earth on the basis on. which. hello summer looks normal now through most of europe it produces some of thunderstorms and most recent recipient is as has been the northern part of italy
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milan in particular which after a few hours of morning thunderstorms had flooding in the end the passes those thunderstorms will continue for the next 24 to 48 hours drifting slowly east wouldn't pass austria the hungary and plain in the balkans to behind it the fine is a very obvious unwinding frontal system with more wind and rain to the far north of france the low countries the british isles eventually scandinavia of the said it's a normal summer weather where it has been particularly hot spain and portugal is cooling down for some at least i'm in lisbon scotland over a breeze coming as we're going down to 25 degrees come the start of the middle of next week those africa's nice and active as finals is going to be this is where clumps of thunderstorms drift slowly westwards and disappear into the atlantic sometimes like that when they turn into a tropical side claim they don't always say however we have got another come developing somewhere on janina i think in central can republicans bore especially
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if you've got frequent big showers in sierra leone ghana and the countries surrounding them both. rewind continues a care brainier people back to life i'm sorry with updates on the best of al-jazeera as documentary spy bistro continues book from the till now these districts revisiting alfred's free press. i am the managing editor of the data talk we know from the public of what's happening in the rest of sites that have been some changes over over the years you know rewind on al-jazeera. territorial social and ethnic divisions. france has seen some of the biggest recent protests over black lives matter. al-jazeera world goes to some of
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its least privileged communities. where treatment by the police is still a contentious issue. carries a divided city on al-jazeera. the . following on the headlines on al-jazeera the world health organization says there was a record increase a new coronavirus cases on friday with more than 284000 infections u.s. remains the worst hit nation with more than 1100 new deaths on thursday. china and the u.s. are getting deeper into tit for tat actions after the american consulate in the
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city of chengdu was shut down this follows the us ordering the closure of the chinese consulate in houston. first friday prayers have been held it is the rules i guess sophia for more than 80 years the building built as a cathedral has been turned controversially back into a mosque after decades as a museum. the coronavirus pandemics had a devastating impact on the airline industry and now there are fears that planes which have been idle during the crisis have been corroding to a dangerous extends the american civil aviation authorities warning that urgent checks are needed on one of the world's most popular jets which could now suffer engine failure needs barker reports. as passengers tentatively take to the skies again and line still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic face a new challenge america's federal aviation administration has issued an emergency warning ordering all operators of the boeing 737 and g.
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and 77 classic to inspect a key engine part after 4 reports of sudden engine shutdowns the f.a.a. said it was issuing the urgent directive to address corrosion of the engine bleed air 5th stage check valves for both engines which could result in compressor stalls and jewel engine power loss without the ability to restart which could result in a forced off airport landing the warning applies to any 737 that's been in storage for at least a week and given the number of extra aircraft grounded by the pandemic it's thought to apply to thousands of 70 sevens in dozens of fleets worldwide it's going to cause a bit of rights you can't seriously i imagine i mean shit lee this trailer down in the aviation 'd will help the rest of it in as much as it is only cross. our thanks. and it's not as if he's
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a major structural aeration issue but engineering stuff like engine bells is something that you wouldn't know about until you had a problem the boeing 737 is one of the most successful commercial jets of all time with a good safety record but the warnings a major setback for a company that struggle to regain trust after the grounding of its 737 max and craft following 2 fatal and crashes within 5 months these latest concerns to not apply to the 737 max the aviation industry's been badly bruised by covert 19 in may u.s. airlines said they were collectively losing more than $10000000000.00 in cash a month while boeing said sales of its craft were at their lowest in 60 years. al-jazeera. let's discuss this further with seth kaplan he's a transport analyst for w b u r radio he's joining us from washington hi there thanks for your time with us on the news hour how concerning is the statement going to be for all the airlines that
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own and fly the 737 well as we heard there from the kind of a double edged sword here right on one hand the bad news is that this happens when planes are grounded on the other hand the good news is the point is that they're grounded and so it is much less disruptive to the traveling public then would a grounding or a series of inspections be in normal times but no question you know this is it airline industry it's trying to restore confidence among the flying public in the act of flying and headlines like this don't help although fortunately in this case obviously it's been caught before and it was heard here is so can we expect then disruptions or can we expect this to have an impact on operations probably not precisely because of just how much slack there is right now in airlines schedules we've seen in the past when something's gone wrong with a particular fleet type you know if it happens especially at a peak travel time which normally but it would be right now right the middle of the
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summer in the northern hemisphere every plane pressed into service it can cause disruptions but in this case the reality is that the whole point is that these planes are parked that seems to be why the scrutiny is happening and so the airlines are going to be able to do these inspections without any impact on their operations you were mentioning trust a moment ago in the airline industry and this is particularly bad for boeing is that not after. they've had a series of p.r. disaster is in the pos few months. yeah the boeing 737 max of course needless to say which should have been in the air already for a couple of years here grounded yeah you know it will be 2 years if it's not back in service by march of this coming year unbelievable you know it was 1st grounded following those 2 fatal crashes people said well it's going to be weeks or months before it's flying again here soon to be years plural so you're right all kinds of issues for boeing different issues that it ever imagined that when the maxus was
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grounded the point was that airlines didn't know what to do with these planes that they very badly wanted and needed right now boeing has all these planes on the ground in the case of the max is that in many cases airlines don't want anymore and now this latest setback albeit one related to these engines we should say you know the competing air bus 320 has 2 kinds of engines 737 only has this one and one of them is similar to some kind of curious to see if any similar issues pop up with those older a $320.00 s which have an engine that that's rather similar to this one on the some of the recent so we're expecting i mean is that what you're keeping an eye out on next well it's something to watch for sure you know what we know for now is that this has happened apparently 4 times that the f.a.a. is aware of on 730 seven's as far as anybody knows but i would think that airlines that fly those a $320.00 s the ones that have the same engine it's made by a consortium that involves g.e.
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and some other companies would be taking a look at it because you know this is also unusual usually you don't have airplanes just sitting in some cases for weeks at a time airlines were tire place or they don't but this is an unusual situation to have such a large percentage of the will of the crown did it and that's where my mind goes 1st again i'm unaware of this having happened with any other fleet type but you would think just logically at that something at some airlines as well as the f.a.a. are probably taking a look at all right great to get your thoughts thank you very much seth kaplan for speaking to us on al-jazeera. you know it's really take you now a new of violence in south sudan has forced thousands of people to flee their homes in the eastern region of people or armed groups attacked a village in the jungle a region on wednesday night around 6000 families have taken refuge at a nearby u.n. base accordance and bob way has denied bail for a prominent journalist and an opposition leader who spoke out against corruption hope you know and jacob who may have been charged with inciting public violence
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after they called for antigovernment protests next week. has more from harare. state prosecutors opposed to bail they say that if poor fortune one of the feelers journalist was allowed to go home he could use the opportunity to go back on a social media pages and encourage people to demonstrate in next week's planned anti-government demonstrations they also fear that he could also use your opportunity to leave the country when hope wasn't going to was leaving the magistrate's court in the capital harare he said he feels he's been persecuted for only doing his job. for a down turn and it's a question come on the servant before the 1st for the 1st reporting one of the organizers of the 31st cologne protested c n n a so this is really journalism has been criminalized for 105. in fact of very radical activist corruption should continue people should not stop who should kill him with the. critics of the government say officials are using this as an
12:42 am
opportunity as an excuse to suppress media freedom and to stop people from gathering there saying these uncovered 900000 denecke as an excuse and human rights organizations are concerned we encourage the government to engage with civil society and other stakeholders to find sustainable solutions to grievances while ensuring the rights and freedoms are protected in accordance with zimbabwe's you months of negotiations will include the responsibility in story county economic social and cultural rights the government of zimbabwe denies the allegations it says it's only doing this to protect people it's discouraging people from gathering next week if the planned protest go ahead and they say they feel the people organizing this protest are doing it to undermine the authority of the state. iran's foreign minister has accused the u.s. of risking disaster after an iranian passenger plane was forced to rapidly change course to avoid an american warplane several passengers were injured during the
12:43 am
incidents in syrian air space although the u.s. says its f. 15 jet kept a safe distance from the homage of us a reef says america harassed a civilian plane and endangered its passengers he accused the u.s. of lawlessness saying it must be stopped before disaster occurs then heard the reports from beirut's where that plane eventually landed safely. a state of panic among passengers on board flight 1152 the air bus was flying from iran's capital tehran to beirut in lebanon on thursday night when the iranians say it was harassed by fighter jets data recorded show the airliner climb from 34000 feet to 34600 feet in less than 2 minutes before descending to 34000 feet a minute later iran's state t.v. says several passengers were injured due to the sudden changes in altitude the jet
12:44 am
landed safely in the lebanese capital. they also want to diminish the city when we reached the airspace of syria a fighter jet approached a monoplane in order to avoid colliding with that jet the pilot rapidly decreased altitude and it caused injury for some passengers. hours later the u.s. central command confirmed a u.s. f. 15 was involved in the incident and not israeli warplanes as 1st suspected the u.s. said the f. 15 was on a routine air mission near the town of coalition base in syria the war plane conducted a standard visual inspection of the airliner at a safe distance says the u.s. and want identified the f. 15 opened distance from the aircraft in line with international standards a privately owned behind the air has been under u.s. sanctions for years accused by washington of providing financial material and technological support to iran's couldst force which includes the lebanese group hezbollah. accusations that. graph from that airliner used
12:45 am
very logistic support for running back forces in the region so that may well have been one of the reasons why the u.s. side are taking a close look at. u.s. troops are in the area near syria's borders with iraq in jordan the base was 1st established to fight i sold in 2016 it has since become an outpost to counter iran's expansion in the region as its on a supply route linking to iran to be route that passes through syria the message as a start this or igor's basically a no go zone for the. weather also you know whether any other person's reach the end for them could have been an unfortunate encounter but many believe it was a message the fact that it came at a time of heightened tensions between iran and the united states in the region
12:46 am
caused concern that there have been numerous locations that risk an all out conflict. so far to iran in washington have avoided all out confrontation this latest incident in the sky is a reminder that the potential for an escalation is real. russia has hit back at u.s. and u.k. criticism for launching what they describe as a weapon in space the russian ministry of defense says the projectile test last week did not violate international law it says the criticism is part of a propaganda campaign to discredit its space activities all accusing both countries of hypocrisy the u.s. and u.k. said russia's actions could pose a threat to peaceful satellites u.s. and russian officials will meet in vienna on monday to discuss space security. alexandra sticking zz's a research fellow in space policy and security at the royal united services
12:47 am
institute she says powerful countries invest in space technology to defend their assets i think it's abnormal as as i mentioned so many different states are developing capabilities we know china has anti satellite capabilities india tested a missile last year and we certainly have seen i guess a resurgence of russia. in terms of these programs coming back and you know when you look at the rhetoric for example coming from the united states you know with the creation of a space force talks of space being a warfighting domain any state that has significant space assets is going to be looking at how to protect its own assets and also how to ensure that it provides a certain level of deterrence against act you know there are persons who might wish to talk to them. a devastating monsoon season is storming through self asia millions of people in india and bangladesh have been displaced from their homes
12:48 am
struggling to survive amid the rising waters and in the himalayan country of nepal floods and landslides have killed more than 130 people sara reports. a river in the nepalese district of cheats one is bust its banks umbrellas are a necessity to watch the fast flowing flood beneath further along the river bank a budget and a miniature temple just about managed to stay unscathed for many nepalis their hinds business isn't even livelihoods have been swept away the monsoon season in the polls started last month and 2 could turn for the worse on sunday with flash floods and landslides in 70 of the $77.00 districts across the country the number of deaths is 3 times higher than the same time last year. there's no way to get up there my house is now surrounded with water that has risen up from what you can eat a small stream. search and rescue teams the sifting through debris to find missing
12:49 am
people and clear major roads which think mountainous parts of the country to the capital katmandu. just near a begum is trying to get to her house things are also bad in bangladesh where this year's monsoon season is cool's heavy losses than previously. despite a flooded home near continues with daily chores while a son studies. was suffering because the embankment was destroyed in the flood if the road had been in a better condition then we wouldn't have suffered so much with one 3rd of bangladesh already flooded in more monsoon rain expected aid agencies are warning humanitarian crisis is on the way already one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change bangladeshis are having to deal with some of the worst flooding they've ever seen homicide. i'm having trouble with my cattle water has got into my house i'm not owning anything now and i'm sitting at home. nudie
12:50 am
10000000 people across south asia have been affected by the severe weather conditions including india. this year's monsoon season has been relentless and it's not turning the people he was struggling so to hide it and as you. still had on the news our sports news on for more countries are set to miss out on hosting a formula one grand prix this year and he will be here with that story and much more right after the break.
12:51 am
12:52 am
hello again let's cross over to andy with the sports news. thanks so much terry more competitive football has returned to france after an enforced 4 month break caused by coronavirus parents and human baiting sets in one nil in the french cup final $5000.00 spectators including french presidents of money were allowed in see the 80000 capacity starved front stadium in paris for the gang a single goal from neymar went on to decide the final in past years favre next week pierce she will play leon in the league cup final before then take not atalanta in the last 8 of the european champions league. for atalanta missed out on the chance to move within 3 points of its high in league leaders events is they've just drawn 11 with ac milan even can wrap up their 9th straight title with a win over some doria in their game on sunday liverpool camps in jordan henderson has picked up yet another trophy this time it's an individual ward henderson has
12:53 am
been named the english football writers player of the year the 30 year old lead liverpool to their 1st premier league title in 3 decades of leaders drama souvenir on behalf of all the 2 in the players at liverpool football club because without the miss will be possible in this area but only one and not dressing room would be very deserved to win this award so. there was another moment of it's about what this team has achieved over the past year now england's cricketers of put themselves in a good position on day one of the 3rd and deciding test against the west indies for once england's ben stokes failed with the bats he was bowled by kim are experts when see that number 8 and a half century for just along with all the pope's 91 not out sold the home team finished the day in manchester 125844 the series itself is poised at $11.00.
12:54 am
why to bring up there was a different sound. then when i arrived at the end there he is not only a dollar nixon i don't go back to living there. i guess that's an enormous not. to have to. formula one has canceled all 4 of its races in the americas this season due to the car with 19 pandemic praising brazil mexico canada and the united states all scraps but 3 more european races will be added to the calendar there and it's an 8 germany and portugal revised schedule now has 13 confirmed its. all the major league baseball season has officially begun the start was delayed by 4 months due to the coronavirus pandemic with a familiar face in the u.s. his fight against hiv 19 getting the action under way so malik reports to give an allergy and infectious diseases to the serum only for the major league baseball
12:55 am
season is finally under way after a 4 month delay caused by the global pandemic and fittingly it was one of the men at the forefront of the u.s. as he fight against kobe 19 dr anthony felt that was given the honor of throwing the ceremonial opening pitch. his effort however was indicative of a man that's had little time to practice with the u.s. recording over 4000000 cases of the disease so far. because of the pandemic all the games for now are happening behind closed doors with his favorite team the washington nationals getting the action under way against the new york yankees. the nationals weren't helped by having one player test positive ahead of the game as they went down 41 with play ending early because of rain got great speed here which with out of the way i had a lot of butterflies today you know i'm going to the ball or for us our guys came
12:56 am
out with an edge in. the impact of the black lives matter protest movement was also felt on opening day players or both the match in washington d.c. and the game between the dodgers and san francisco giants in the late saw play is take the need like the 1st match game to was a one sided affair. with the dog just cruising to an $81.00 when. u.s. president donald trump who's been widely criticized for how he's dealt with the pandemic and the b.l.m. protests also got a slice of opening day action for himself he hosted a group of little leaguers at the white house to mark the occasion. to do it career and about. the u.s. and its president have plenty of difficulties to deal with that present but at least for now the sport known as america's favorite pastime is giving many a reason to smile so he'll malik al-jazeera will translate blue jays will be
12:57 am
playing all their home games at a minor league park in buffalo new york the move comes after the canadian government declines full albums planes for a long time and the state of pennsylvania blocked a deal to host games in pittsburgh the city coronavirus pandemic i think we want people to stay home i think giving them sports to watch on t.v. actually is a good thing not a bad thing. working with the department of health i think we can come up with protocols that keep people safe and we've done that. and if we can get to rondo playing here i say great plenty of teams getting creative in a bid to fill their stands texas rangers fans can pay $50.00 the money does go to charity to have fights always pasted on cardboard cutouts the doppler ranges as they're being cold or the rain just by the colorado rockies in their season opener in a few hours time ok there is a force looking for now let's get back to daryn in length and he thanks very much
12:58 am
for that and thanks for watching the news hour on al jazeera back in just a moment we'll have much more of the day's news coming your way so you know when to buy. a team of chinese scientists can bog down again deep sea mission searching for rare resources and new species one who want to produce china's underwater. 0. ferguson has been in turmoil at least 2 of my police officer shot dead and there
12:59 am
are not like time after. that. the make a political hole in my city where you promptly state representative back in 9091 to me it was all how hard you wanted a guys without a gun my brother was killed my hood don't look no dear friend any other hood out here in my whole world was keel me i saw my son in 15 years and i felt like you know at this my time to stand up. the system was a bill for us i'm just not willing to accept what some stance so legislation can i get through that's going to speak to a major need for my community that this bill identifies use violence as a public health epidemic last year we had $200.00 murders the ripple effect of violence when it comes the youth it stretches far why. do you want. to own their own school is the government not taking the necessary action to really
1:00 am
address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories the home to 0. i am. an alarming 24 hours in the corona virus pandemic as the world health organization reveals a record number of new infections and it's. this is al jazeera life from london ontario an operator also ahead claims of espionage on state secrecy the diplomatic dispute between the u.s. and china intensifies concern about the safety of boeing.


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