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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 25, 2020 10:00am-10:34am +03

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a team of chinese scientists embark on a garing deep sea mission searching for rare is also. one of many reveals china's underwater on out of the earth. men thought to be us federal agents make their way into the chinese consulate in houston after it's ordered to close. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up another night of protest and on rest on the streets of portland oregon in the us where demonstrators have been challenging federal agents sent by donald trump. america's top health agency pushes for
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students to return to classrooms even though coronavirus infection rates in some places are higher than a. lot more. and speaking out against the silencing of hungary's media thousands accuse the government of crushing a popular news website. staff of the u.s. consulate in chengdu in china packing up today and getting ready to leave after beijing ordered its closure in a worsening diplomatic standoff it's in response to the u.s. ordering the closure of china's consulate in houston and texas and shortly after everyone left that building several men thought to be u.s. federal agents were seen getting in through a back door the u.s. government has accused stuff of espionage and data theft beijing describes the allegations as malicious lander. meanwhile police in chengdu have blocked off
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access to the u.s. consulate ahead of its closure it's unclear when the staff will have to leave but a state run newspaper says the u.s. has until monday. let's go live to new al-jazeera correspondent katrina you is there for us katrina why is china chosen chain do as the consulate that it wants to close. i think it will give you a bit of context that that's where we are now this is the street where u.s. consulate is located about 300 meters in that direction is the closest we can get it's been barricaded by police there are dozens of a play place guarding the area preventing people from getting too close now as to why beijing has targeted this particular consulate all they've said is that they found some officials working in the mission to be engaged in activities not consistent with the capacity to quote a vague statement but also we know that this is in. its located in southwest china
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in this region is quite significant one in the deal directly with many businesses operating from nearby taunting but also it acts as a main listening post for any activities or happenings taking place in or in tibet and chinese state media said that that's one of the reasons been chosen to be closed down now certainly the incident incident has started and see u.s. sentiment here in china with many supporting beijing's decision to close the mission down and also taking the message of the top diplomat here in china one to hard and he has blamed the u.s. completely for the deteriorating bilateral relationship and of course this is also directly from beijing for the closure of the chinese consulate in texas which has infuriated them they've said that it's up to washington now to put the bilateral relationship back on track and china has repeatedly denied that the u.s. the chinese consulate in texas was used as a base for espionage and the data that katrina do stay with the site because of
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strictly it has added to the arguments of the south china sea saying china has no legal claims to the area cumber made the declaration to the united nations bring it further into line with washington the u.s. pows beaching those claims but avoided calling them illegal until last week katrina any reaction from beijing declaration from cumber. no reaction from beijing so fuck it or it's saturday it's the weekend here in the foreign ministry isn't working but we expect they will be very unhappy with this any issue to do with chinese territory is a bright red line all beijing a specifically in the south china sea they've held that that area historically has belonged to china they've drawn what they've called a 9 dash line claiming most of that territory in a post that is disputed by many a time his name is the laser vietnam and the philippines and that was mentioned in the submission by a stranger to the united nations but china has been very active in that area
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expanding their military presence that they both are named administers of regions in the parasolid spratly islands called shisha and that now beijing has in the past implied that australia has taken cues from washington has been behaving essentially like a lapdog of the trump administration we expect that they will repeat similar sentiments and certainly australia's foreign minister maries pain is juice meet with like home pay of next week to strengthen a strenuous ties with its biggest security partner but this is definitely going to have ramifications with china and china is the biggest trading partner of australia and this relationship was already hit earlier this year when scott morrison the astrarium prime minister urged the world supersport independent investigation into the origin of the current virus and beijing was very unhappy with that and consequently we still impulsive a strategy in beef and a silly in bali in fact it's true no thanks very much. for singapore rainman has
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pleaded guilty in the us to working for china's intelligence agency and for chinese scientists because of suspected ties to the chinese military the loss to be the same tongue is expected in court on monday diplomats in the chinese consulate in san francisco are accused of harboring a u.s. immigration seal for law i don't know visa implications about belonging to china's people's liberation army. thousands of people have gathered for another night of protest in the u.s. city of portland in oregon. garg up not only for. the city has recently seen a crackdown by federal agents but state officials have opposed months of protests began over the death of george floyd has been losing steam but ickes ations of heavy handed tactics by federal offices are reigniting the unrest. i think it's the nominal for all of the people that show up to want to be just that extra voice 3 of the other the other is just the message of
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a far cry from the matter then if you don't keep the pressure on nothing changes nothing changes have been going on now in the family for decades if not hundreds of years. and i'm not time to get the country we always back about how we can't bring anymore about anything we are we are worse than anything and it's. a terrible terrible thing for him in my life. the u.s. military has released what it says is proof that russia is violate seeing a u.n. arms embargo in libya the pentagon claims these satellite pictures show military equipment supplied by russian mercenaries being used on the frontlines of the conflict these include fighter jets air defense systems and almost vehicles the u.s. as russia's boosting support for the warlord alif i have to. the top u.s. health agency has issued guidelines calling for the full reopening of schools in supt even as coronavirus infection spike in many parts of the country the senses
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for disease control is insisting it is safe for children to return to class as it's unlikely they'll contract or transmit the virus rob reynolds has the story. has covered 19 continues to surge in parts of the u.s. the debate over how and when to send children and teachers back to school has taken center stage. president donald trump wants schools to reopen for in person lessons in the coming weeks even if various transmission and plater studies come out let's say we believe that students should be going back to school because the effect on a child we know scientifically they are not affected in the same way as an adult drug not true says dr anthony thoughts of the national institutes of health i think we still need to learn a lot about children you know elementary school children getting infected what the percentage of their infection is and whether they either spread or not efficiently
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to adults has happened either fauji says there's new data indicating older children may be efficient spreaders of covert 19 who could give the disease to their teachers parents grandparents and others were his children 10 to 19 appear to be spreading infection to adults as equally as well as adults spread to adults yet there's still a lot to learn about what the prevalence and incidence of infection is in children and as a group do they spread do they get any bodies what's the in family spread or not just weeks ago the country's top public health institution the centers for disease control issued a cautious set of guidelines on school reopening those guidelines were criticized by trump who said they were too restrictive. now the c.d.c.
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has made an abrupt about face with new guidelines saying it is critically important for public health to reopen schools a group of 150 eminent public health experts many of them from the country's top universities published an open letter this week urging political leaders to shut down the country again now and start over they say all non-essential businesses should close people should stay home and mask wearing should be mandatory. if you don't take these actions the letter says the consequences will be measured in widespread suffering and death rob reynolds al-jazeera. well florida is one of the states where infections a surging and covert 19 isolation census being set up that designed to stop the disease from spreading among elderly and vulnerable people but the strategy is not without risk and i've got to her is in miami. the coronavirus pandemic has taken
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a heavy toll on florida's elderly residents a staggering majority of the fatalities here are those 65 and older and with an expansive network of assisted living facilities and nursing homes the danger for seniors is serious like other states around the nation florida is turning to isolation sentence for the elderly the state now has more than 2 dozen of them that is and to prevent the spread of covert 19 give patients the attention they need and free up space in the state's already strained hospitals kovan nursing homes are places where a hospital could discharge safely or long term care resident who's covered positive also has a place where if there is infections inside a long term care facility a long term care facility consent of the coven only facility in a state ravaged by the pandemic the bay oaks retirement home in miami is an exception there would be no coronavirus cases here but if any resident falls ill stasi isolation is a good option i think it's
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a great idea so somebody has it they should be in a place where they can be monitored by professionals who are experienced whatever limited or experienced people now is terrible disease for the past 2 weeks in florida the number of new daily cases has hovered around 10000 miami has now mandated the wearing of masks but in other parts of the state those who can easily spread the virus are ignoring medical advice the number of cases among those who were. work with the elderly has also risen sharply but some experts say isolating elderly patients who contract covert 19 may not be the best thing one of the things not often talked about during this pandemic is the mental health aspect of living through these difficult times many elderly residents on to allow to see relatives social interaction is in many places not allowed and moving those who are infected with covert 19 may be detrimental to all involved those who specialize in geriatric
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care say isolation and patient transfers has its drawbacks many residents are very confused by the situation and with perhaps alzheimer's or dementia or may not understand fully what's going on and why are they no longer being visited every day by by relatives around 20 percent of florida's population is over the age of $65.00 but even in communities like the villages where people are $55.00 and older cases have quadrupled since the beginning of the month while isolation units for those who fall ill as seen as a good strategy risks remain for this state's older population whether they live in care facilities or not and a gala crowd is here or miami florida still to come on this program safety fears of the world's top selling passenger plane grounded by the coronavirus fallout plus. potentially my life expectancy shortening every day this case and carries on
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a warning that millions are missing out on important cancer screening because of the pandemic. hello summer looks normal now through most of europe it produces some of thunderstorms and most recent recipient is as has been they northern part of italy milan in particular which after a few hours of morning thunderstorms had flooding in the end the passes now those thunderstorms will continue for the next 24 to 48 hours drifting slowly ease with into parts of austria the garion plain in the balkans to behind it the fine is a very obvious unwinding frontal system with more wind and rain to the far north of france the low countries british isles eventually scandinavia of the said yes a normal summer weather where it has been particularly hot spain and portugal is
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cooling down for some at least i'm in lisbon scotland over a breeze coming in they're going down to 25 degrees come the start of the middle of next week north africa nice and active is finals is going to be this is where clumps of thunderstorms drift slowly westwards and disappearance the atlantic sometimes like that when they turn into a tropical song claim that it always say however we have got another come developing somewhere on janina i think in central from republic bore especially if you've got frequent big showers in sierra leone ghana and the countries surrounding them both.
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war. war war. welcome back you're watching al-jazeera remind us of our top stories this half hour a group of men thought to be u.s. officials event the chinese consulate in houston off it was forced to close on friday in response beijing has voted to shut down the u.s. consulate in the city of chengdu. australia says china's claims in the disputed south china sea have no legal basis it made its declaration to the united nations
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itself to the u.s. accuse beijing of bullying neighboring countries to control the waters. the top u.s. health agency has a seat guidelines calling for the full reopening of schools and so even as coronavirus infections continue to rise in many areas the centers for disease control says it's safe for children to retire. donald trump's presidential rival has weighed in on that is huge joe biden says mr trump appears unwilling to cross what's really needed to get children back into the classroom. first of all i believe high you know i want to open schools the question is will the president do the work to make it safe you know just ordered schools to open like trump who's done isn't good enough we've got to do the hard work of getting the virus under control now and over the next 2 months and really you're opening now many cases but trump doesn't want to do that hard he just wants to order schools open because he's
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afraid to be dozens going herder's reelections you ross not about his re-election it's about the safety and security of our children and our geezers in the neighborhoods. israel has launched air strikes on syrian military targets the army says it's in retaliation for mortars being fired towards the israeli occupied golan heights tensions have been high after hezbollah fighter was killed in an israeli airstrike near damascus on monday the lebanese group is backed by iran and its force has forces deployed in syria to support president bashar al assad. protests against restrictions on the media in hungary have been held in the capital budapest the demonstrations followed a mass walkout of journalists from the country's most read website government interference car leg as more. they came out in their thousands to voice their anger at what they say is the latest silencing of hungry suppress more than 80 journalists from the country's most read news site called
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index have resigned from their jobs after their editor in chief was sacked last month he publicly raised the alarm over political interference in the outlets operations for many the dismissal was seen as a government directive and the last drop me fellow from them for you to do this telephone on the list we called him on the phone and said we would like to initiate the end that we no longer want to work at index after there's about 60 members of the 90 people on the staff at the same they also resigned and are ending their work at index. index has long been regarded as hungary's key independent media outlet but it has also been a target of this man hungary's prime minister viktor orban who once branded a fake news factory one of his allies recently took charge of its sales are perhaps a sign of things to come and critics say the government is trying to bring as many independent media outlets under its control. we are of the editorial
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staff which today probably made one of the biggest sacrifices and risks to shine a spotlight. on what's happening on how a newsroom can be destroyed how even the strongest and most read news portals can be ruined in hungary. one popular columnist reminded the crowds of the 2800 quote in defense of free speech from mr orban himself nishant. would never have the adult city of silence those who don't agree with us and yet. across central europe it's not only hungry that seen the steady decline of independent news outlets and to steer toward autocratic rule a major sticking point in the debate over the e.u.'s pandemic recovery fund last week was whether poland and hungary should be penalized financially for their behavior but in the end the money came through and viktor orban claimed what he called a huge victory many say the latest developments at home look like yet another win
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for the hungary and leader curry leg al-jazeera countries across south asia are experiencing some of the heaviest monsoon rainfall in years leaving millions of people homeless in bangladesh floodwaters brief sandburg is built to protect villages one 3rd of the country is under water weeks of torrential rain of also led to flooding and landslides in india and the poll numbers of dead and missing are rising. the white house is easing curbs on the sale of drones that follows a decision to reinterpret a cold war era arms treaty drones that fly slower than 800 kilometers an hour can now be sold to governments the u.s. considers allies such as were previously classified as cruise missiles and subjected to strict export restrictions in the u.s. aviation authorities have ordered emergency inspections for boeing aircraft there warning of possible corrosion on parks' aircraft that could lead to engine failure
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the coronavirus pandemic has forced the grounding of many of the world's aircraft as need or explains. as passengers tentatively take to the skies again and line still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic face a new challenge america's federal aviation administration has issued an emergency warning ordering all operators of the boeing 737 and g n 737 classic to inspect a key engine part after 4 reports of sudden engine shutdowns the f.a.a. said it was issuing the urgent directive to address corrosion of the engine bleed air 5th stage check valves for both engines which could result in compressor stalls and jewel engine power loss without the ability to restart which could result in a forced off airport landing the warning applies to any 737 that's been in storage for at least a week and given the number of extra aircraft grounded by the pandemic it's thought
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to apply to thousands of 70 seven's and dozens of fleets worldwide it's going to cause a bit of rights you're going to receive i imagine i mean shit lee this trailer down in the aviation 'd will help the rest of it in as much as it is a cross. our thing. and it's not as if he's a major structural aeration issue but engineering stuff like engine bells is something that you wouldn't know about until you had a problem the boeing 737 is one of the most successful commercial jets of all time with a good safety record but the warnings a major setback for a company that struggle to regain trust after the grounding of its 737 max and craft following 2 fatal and crashes within 5 months these latest concerns to not apply to the 737 max the aviation industry has been badly bruised by covert 19 in may u.s.
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airlines said they were collectively losing more than $10000000000.00 in cash a month while boeing said sales of its craft were at their lowest in 60 years. is. al-jazeera. the chilean president has signed a law allowing people to withdraw up to 10 percent of their pension savings to help them get by during the pandemic around 11000000 are eligible to withdraw up to 5400 dollars to go ahead she expects to give a short term boost to the economy but some analysts warn it could cause long term damage to pension funds. facebook and twitter have removed accounts belonging to a high profile supporters of the brazilian president. the tech giants were complying with the ruling by brazil's supreme court a judge ordered dozens of accounts taken as part of an investigation into the funding and spreading of dissent from ation by his allies. to the u.k. now where about 2000000 people are waiting for cancer screening or treatment as a health service there prioritizes covert 19 there are concerns that people who've
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missed out on diagnoses will die unnecessarily because i'm a what. lawyer is a dedicated mom a year ago doctors found she had stage 3 when cancer and she had surgery and aggressive radiation treatment in late january she was told the cancer had gone but there's a one in 3 chance of it coming back and she'll need of physical examination every 3 months she's still waiting though for that to happen i just think if it could be caught early then i have more chance of having a longer longer with my children and and i feel that by the. these now phone appointments with my oncologist there's no absolutely no chance that the cancer is ever going to be detected at an early stage and therefore potentially my life expectancy is shortening every day this carries on coronavirus has put a huge strain on cancer services many treatments tests and screening for poor sister were diverted to deal with it and because of safety concerns cancer research
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estimate there have been about 38000 fewer cancer treatments in the u.k. since the end of march most clinical trials which can help extend life were halted a many people who would normally have visited a doctor with worries about cancer stayed away scientists at the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine estimate there could be around 3 and a half 1000 potentially avoidable deaths in england from the 4 main cancers by 2025 because of the pandemics impact while the institute of cancer research warns delays to diagnosis and treatment for as little as 2 months during lockdown could lead to some cancers going from being curable to being more advanced it's not like heart attacks or strokes where you're seeing the effects quite so immediately that with. can't 7 that delay they'll still come along now still have their surgery but rather than being cured and having 30 years of life expectancy there will be
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a proportion of people sadly have a recurrence at that camp suggested that in the way that happens in 2 or 3 years time medical staff delivering cancer care trying to clear the backlog of patients that are operating in unprecedented circumstances it's really important that as we focused on covert that we must have that cancer become the forgotten say. we want to see priority given to catching up with cancer services and making sure that delays don't impact on patients outcome and that we minimize the impact on treatment delays the full impact of this pandemic on diseases such as cancer won't be no is very recently found a swelling in her abdomen and is hoping she'll never get to see someone quickly but the reassurance will help she might need and he would al-jazeera the u.s. president to sign for executive orders to try to lower the cost of prescription
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drugs despite failing to get backing from congress donald trump says the move will lead to cheaper imports and much prices seen elsewhere around the world he also said his administration will soon propose a new bill to overhaul health care offered few details. a course in zimbabwe has denied bail to a prominent journalist and an opposition leader who's been speaking out against government corruption hopewell channel and jacob may may have been accused of inciting public violence has more now from harare. state prosecutors opposed to bail they say that if hope watching one of the felines journalists was allowed to go home he could use the opportunity to go back on a social media pages and encourage people to demonstrate in next week's planned anti-government demonstrations they also fear that he could also use your opportunity to leave the country when hope wasn't going to was leaving the magistrate's court in the capital harare he said he feels he's been persecuted for only doing his job. for a down turn it's
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a question of the servant before her for the 1st time reporting one of the organizers of the 21st cologne protested sea anemones so this is really journalism is being criminalized 105. and look at the fact of crime regardless corruption should continue people should not stop they should carry on with the. critics of the government say officials are using this as an opportunity as an excuse to suppress the media freedom and to stop people from gathering the same these uncovered 900000 denecke as an excuse and human rights organizations are concerned we encourage the government to engage with civil society and other stakeholders to find sustainable solutions to grievances while ensuring the rights and freedoms are protected in accordance with zimbabwe's you months of negotiations will include the responsibility of state guarantee economic social and cultural rights the government of zimbabwe denies the allegations it says it's only doing this to
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protect people it's discouraging people from gathering next week if the planned protest go ahead and they say they feel the people organizing this protest are doing it to undermine the authority of the state. the skeleton of a woolly mammoth is being excavated from a lake in russia reindeer herders found on the peninsula in northern siberia scientists say it is a unique discovery because some ligaments of survived decades and such well preserved remains. of the arctic. updating the top stories for you here on al-jazeera a group of men thought to be u.s. officials went to the chinese consulate and to stand off it was forced to close on friday in response beijing has ordered the shutdown of the u.s. consulate in the city of chengdu between you is in chengdu she says the consulates closure will be seen as a big loss for u.s.
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intelligence this consulate deal directly with many businesses operating from nearby but also acts as a main listening place for any activity. taking place in. tibet and chinese state media said that's one of the reasons. to be closed down now certainly the instant incident has. u.s. sentiment here in china with many supporting beijing's decision to close the mission down and also taking the message to. the one he has blamed the u.s. completely for the deteriorating bilateral relationship. australia says china's claims in the disputed south china sea have no legal basis it made its declaration to the u.n. oil for the u.s. accused beijing of bullying neighboring countries to control those waters the top u.s. health agency has a suit going to lines calling for the full reopening of schools in september even as coronavirus infection rates in many areas continue to rise the centers for
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disease control says it's safe for children to return. of people who gathered for another nights of protest in the u.s. city of portland. the city has recently seen a crackdown by federal agents pursuit of opposed the protest began over the george floyd sting and ickes ations of heavy handed tactics by federal officers were. arrested. thousands of protesters in the hungering capital have marched on the prime minister's office accusing him of a crackdown on press freedom there is widespread anger after the chief editor of a leading news website was sacked he was fired after warning independence of index dot h.e.u. was at risk from political pressure dozens of journalists have resigned from the website in protest against the sack. i'll have another 30 minutes of al-jazeera news for you in 30 minutes up next inside story see that. a global
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pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. why is donald trump sending federal troops to confront protesters in u.s. cities the president says violent crime needs to be controlled opponents denounce what they call a political stunt does the deployment set a dangerous precedent for american democracy this is a story. hello and welcome 'd to the program i'm wrong. often calls himself the lower note a president it's one of the campaign themes in his bid for reelection less than 4
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months from now is accused some city mayor as failing to rein in.


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