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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 25, 2020 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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al-jazeera. where every. star for the u.s. consulate cinching do china begin to leave after beijing orders its closure. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters here in doha also coming up the u.s. military says it has proof that russia is violating the u.n. arms embargo in libya. showed up in portland protesters challenge federal security forces sent in by donald trump. also this half hour we'll look at how
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farmers and fishermen may be affected by ethiopia's renee songs dan. let's begin with the diplomatic crisis between china and the u.s. which is deepening staff at the u.s. consulate in chengdu in china are packing up and getting ready to leave after beijing ordered its closure now that's in response to the u.s. ordering the closure of china's consulate in houston texas our zeros katrina you is there she has this report. in chengdu work has begun dismantling the u.s. consulate 1st founded in the southwestern chinese city in 1985 chinese state media says stop have until monday morning today kate the premises beijing blames the u.s. for the escalating tensions and has accused the trumpet ministration of stirring up trouble and anti china sentiment around the world they've waited 2 days to do this
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they're trying to appear very measured and they've also extended a number all branches over the last few days indicating that they were for talks rather than to this kind of unilateral action remember they're doing this because they need to look like they are willing to defend themselves on the other side of the globe a group of men reportedly federal agents forced open a back door of the chinese consulate in houston workers left the building on friday after appearing to been documents earlier in the week there victualling ordered by american officials who say the consulate was a hub of chinese espionage and accusation denies china ripped off our prized intellectual property and trade as we get it causing millions of jobs all across america for washington the list of issues is long the u.s. has arrested for chinese scientists accusing them of working secretly for the
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chinese military. special trade status with the u.s. has been revoked after china imposed a new security rule and washington has imposed sanctions on chinese officials over the alleged persecution of ethnic muslims as the coronavirus president trump has increasingly pointed to china as being responsible a tactic seen as shifting blame away from what critics say has been his own failed response to the pandemic and finally huawei the chinese telecoms giant accused of posing security threats now banned in the u.s. and britain. we are slipping it appears into a new cold war and it's a strange combination that we have right now in our american politics which is the domestic political pressure combined with longstanding grievances and concerns between the united states and china once the u.s. consulate here in town do closes there will be for maining on china's mainland but beijing says it won't hesitate to shut down another washington to retaliate against
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chinese mission in the u.s. attorney you al-jazeera. the singaporean man has pleaded guilty in the u.s. to working for china's intelligence agency and for chinese scientists are under arrest because of suspected ties to the chinese military the last to be detained tango in is expected in court on monday diplomats in the chinese consulate in san francisco are accused of harboring a u.s. immigration say all 4 lied on their visa applications about belonging to china's people's liberation army australia has added to the arguments over the south china sea saying china has no legal claims to the area canberra made the declaration to the united nations bring it further into line with washington the u.s. has long opposed beijing's claims but avoided calling them illegal until last week china claims about 90 percent of the south china sea including ownership of the spratly islands which is disputed by the philippines vietnam and others to the
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scarboro shoal is claimed by china and the philippines but disagreement escalated 8 years ago when the philippines navy apprehended 8 mainland chinese fishing boats. the u.s. military has released what it says is proof that russia is violating the u.n. arms in bargo in libya the pentagon flames these satellite pictures show military equipment supplied by russian mercenaries being used on the front lines of the conflict these include fighter jets defense systems and on the vehicles the u.s. as russia's boosting support for the warlord. monic training from misrata the janay military has been saying all along that mercenaries belonging to the russian wagon group are in the front lines in sirte so these american this statement by the u.s. africa command sort of come from what they've been saying that you know in may the u.s. africa command said that 14 fighter jets were moved to which is sort of south central
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libya south of sirte so and of course you know many many international stakeholders have been calling for peace negotiations on monday president donald trump and president. how to phone call where they agreed they would deescalate the situation in libya but at the same time the egyptian parliament unanimously approved to deploying troops abroad this movie is likely not for for for you to consider deploying troops into egypt into libya and that's to further escalate the libyan conflict and destabilize the country more. u.s. federal agents sent to portland by the u.s. president donald trump again fired tear gas at protesters and made some arrests. demonstrate says a rally every night for 8 weeks demanding racial equality and police force reforms
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city leaders say heavy handed tactics by federal agents in riot gear well they're inflaming the anger. many of the protestors are out in support of the black lives matter movement following the death of george floyd others according to the defunding of local police forces. oh it's just horrible i mean his father would just sit in the grind with a rubber bullet at the protests like to leave or go you know they're turning black men in the crowd like it's obvious i want to be able to tie my hands and my nephew somewhere down the aisle here with. my probably being in bed that you would have been on the front line from the sixty's i mean better be here now because. this is horrific what happened. the sacking of the editor of the leading news websites and hungry has provoked a big march by anti-government protesters that followed the mass walkout of journalists in support of the editor who warned that government interference is
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dangerous media freedom correlate has more. clout. they came out in their thousands to voice their anger at what they say is the latest silencing of hungry suppress more than 80 journalists from the country's most read news site called index have resigned from their jobs after their editor in chief was sacked last month he publicly raised the alarm over political interference in the uk its operations for many the dismissal was seen as a government directive and the last straw for me fell out from them for you to prove for money unless we called them on the phone and said we would like to initiate the end that we no longer want to work at index after those about $60.00 members of the 90 people on the stuff that the say they also resigned and are ending their work at index. index has long been regarded as hungary's key independent media outlet but it has also been
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a target of this man hungary's prime minister viktor orban who once branded a fake news factory one of his allies recently took charge of its sales are perhaps a sign of things to come. critics say the government is trying to bring as many independent media outlets under its control. and we are of the. authorial staff which today probably made one of the biggest sacrifices and risks to shine a spotlight on what's happening on how a newsroom can be destroyed how even the strongest and most read news portals can be ruined in hungary. one popular columnist who reminded the crowds of the 2800 quote in defense of free speech from mr orban himself me show him we would never have the a dust heap of silence those who don't agree with us and yet. across central europe it's not only hungry that seen the steady decline of independent news outlets and steer toward autocratic rule
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a major sticking point in the debate over the e.u.'s pandemic recovery fund last week was whether poland and hungary should be penalized financially for their behavior but in the end the money came through and viktor orban claimed what he called a huge victory many say the latest developments at home look like yet another win for the hungary and leda car leg al-jazeera. the top u.s. health agency has issued guidelines calling for the full reopening of schools in september even as corona virus infections rise in many areas the centers for disease control insists it is safe for children to return to class as it's unlikely they will contract will transmit the virus reynolds has more. as covert 19 continues to surge in parts of the u.s. the debate over how and when to send children and teachers back to school has taken center stage. president donald trump wants schools to reopen for in person lessons
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in the coming weeks even if various transmission inflator studies come out so let's say we believe that students should be going back to school because the effect on a child we know scientifically they are not affected in the same way as an adult drug not true says dr anthony thought she of the national institutes of health i think we still need to learn a lot about children you know elementary school children getting infected what the percentage of their infection is and whether the either spread or not efficiently to adults has happened already fauji says there's new data indicating older children may be efficient spreaders of covert 19 who could give the disease to their teachers parents grandparents and others were his children 10 to 19 appear to be spreading infection to adults as equally as well as adults
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spread to adults yet there is still a lot to learn about what the prevalence and incidence of infection is in children and as a group do they spread do they get any bodies what's the in family spread or not just weeks ago the country's top public health institution the centers for disease control issued a cautious set of guidelines on school reopening those guidelines were criticized by trump who said they were too restrictive. now the c.d.c. has made an abrupt about face with new guidelines saying it is critically important for public health to reopen schools a group of 150 eminent public health experts many of them from the country's top universities published an open letter this week urging political leaders to shut down the country again now and start over. they say all non-essential businesses
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should close people should stay home and mask wearing should be mandatory if you don't take these actions the letter says the consequences will be measured in widespread suffering and death rob reynolds al-jazeera. still to come here on al-jazeera safety 3 years of the world's top selling passenger plane grounded by the coronavirus fallout plus. potentially my life expectancy shortening every day this carries on warnings of the millions who are missing out on important cancer screenings because of the pandemic. hello there more of that rain across central as the china and also across much of the japan now to the north has been quite
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a steady stream of cloud pushing in but even so to the north in china we've seen very little amount of rain and there are some heat advisories in place in beijing for example how much is expected to reach the mid to high 30 celsius but look at this down across into the south this landslide was captured and you can see just the amount of rocks that came down with this again it was all triggered by those recent very heavy rains more of that in the 4 calls through sunday becoming a little bit more widespread throughout much of central and eastern as a china still there across the korean peninsula and really quite a wet day generate throughout much of japan but that system will continue to work its way eastwards pushing more heavy rain into southern areas of the korean peninsula because the more flooding here of course on top of what we've seen recently more of those showers and thunderstorms across into japan as well little bit lighter there into central and eastern areas of china and the rains in india the northeast across into bangladesh you can see here on the satellite but a break in the last few hours and that is how it should stay on sunday so still want to show the thunderstorms but really the bulk of the rains out across the west
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pushing up into iraq just on and really training all the way down south across into carola central story all monday so thunderstorms in mumbai and if you're in new delhi. who's to blame. for the mishandling of the coronavirus can damage in the united states oddly putting the tough questions to trump surrogate jack kingston and former democratic party official just o'connell in a special edition of her dad who turned out not even through a wave wind as a result of a lack of a longer ship here i said to my people slow the testing down please that is criminally negligent that i was there and i thought it was hilarious head to head on al-jazeera.
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and watching also syria learn from the how your top stories this hour staff of the u.s. consulate in chengdu in china are packing up and getting ready to leave after beijing ordered its closure it's in response to the u.n. sorting the closure of china's consulate in houston texas. the u.s. military has released what it says is proof that russia is violating a u.n. arms in bargo in libya and on planes these satellite pictures show military equipment supplied by russian mercenaries the u.s. says russia has boosting support for the warlord holy for half time. and u.s. federal agents sent to portland oregon by don't trump again fired tear gas at protesters and made arrests demonstrators rallied every night for 8 weeks demanding waste equality and police force reforms city leaders say the agents in riot gear
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are actually inflaming anger. ethiopia says is cooperating with his neighbors over how quickly to fill this grand renee stone's dan reservoir a foreign ministry spokesman also reiterated that ethiopia rejects any binding agreements. technically to. take nuclear we could have filled the dam in 3 years especially during the seasons of heavy rains but we cancelled this 3 year period in response to the concerns of the downstream countries we agreed to fill the dam in 4 to 7 years now they started with new demands for sitting near new quotas and they also added binding agreements the matters that we agree about should be general and non binding agreements and we negotiate them according to their importance. in africa which is a lifeline for tens of thousands of fisherman farmers and their families in sudan it's known as the lake in neighboring egypt like forms the manmade reservoir for the as one town but water levels from and another in ethiopia have many worried
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about their livelihoods if it has their story. just after sunrise every day hussein jaffer and his crews are there both engine and their day's work fishing has been his livelihood for nearly 20 years catching tiger fish and wiring from lake new pia helps feed his family of 7 but the fish have been increasingly difficult to find for the past 3 years. several have this like is what feeds us me and hundreds of other fisherman when the water rises it becomes very hard to catch fish because they're not concentrated in the like there's more water for them and the like has been increasing the gates of the high dam haven't been opened leaking o.b.l. was manmade 50 years ago by filling the reservoir of egypt's high dam on the river nile 80 percent of the water is in egypt and it's known there as lake now thay are named after the former president 20 percent of the lake is in sudan's territory and thousands of family rely on it they're concerned about the lakes future and also
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what's happening in neighboring ethiopia where africa's largest hydroelectric dam is nearing completion. the lake here relies on 2 sources the water flowing in from them in the south and the amount of water released by the egyptian aswan high dam in the north there is a for everything has the capacity to hold more than the water of the blue nile the main contributor to the nile now when if you're just not feeling it them what's the level downstream will reduce and when egypt opens the gates of its high dam the size of this lake will diminish significantly so the nice people here say the gates of the high dam haven't been opened for 3 years that's preserving as much water as possible in the league while negotiations over how if you will operates continue while fishermen say less water is better for them those relying on the lake for other reasons such as farming have a different view. before we used to need 3 or 4 and looked like water pumps to be able to get water from the light to our farms and we use only one i have lanes that have been flooded by water but we keep expanding our farms so an increase means
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more water for us in a retreat in the like means more fertile land becomes available but we may face challenges in getting it irrigated the lake is also facing another threat climate change. we've seen changes in the lake and areas around it already some parts of dried up due to climate change and there are now fertile lands for farming but there are parts where the water from the reservoir floods farm lands that already exist and destroys the crops of farmers so there needs to be an understanding between farmers on the southern part of the reservoir and the authorities controlling the dam so that it ends up a win win situation for all a situation that can guarantee that the livelihoods of those relying on the lake isn't disrupted both in sudan and neighboring egypt more going on to their own northern sudan. countries across asia are enjoying some of the heaviest monsoon rainfall in years in bangladesh flood waters breach sandbag walls built present
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villages one 3rd of the country is now under water weeks of torrential rains of also led to flooding and landslides in india and also in the power. israel has launched air strikes on syrian military targets the army says that's in retaliation for mortars being fired towards the israeli occupied golan heights tensions have been high after hezbollah fighter was killed in an israeli airstrike near damascus on monday the lebanese group is backed by iran and has forces deployed in syria to support president bashar al assad meanwhile the united states' top military general has made an unannounced visit to israel mark milley went to discuss regional security issues he met senior israeli military leaders and held a video conference with the prime minister benjamin netanyahu the u.s. aviation administration has ordered emergency inspections for 2000 boeing made aircraft engineer suspect recent engine failures were caused by corrosion in aircraft grounded for months during the pandemic here's need baka. as passengers
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tentatively take to the skies again and line still reeling from the coronavirus pandemic face a new challenge america's federal aviation administration has issued an emergency warning ordering all operators of the boeing 737 and g n 737 classic to inspect a key engine part after 4 reports of sudden engine shutdowns the f.a.a. said it was issuing the urgent directive to address corrosion of the engine bleed air 5th stage check valves for both engines which could result in compressor stalls and jewel engine power loss without the ability to restart which could result in a forced off airport landing the warning applies to any $77.00 that's been in storage for at least a week and given the number of extra aircraft grounded by the pandemic it's thought to apply to thousands of 70 seven's and dozens of fleets worldwide it's going to
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cause a bit of frenzy going here is here i imagine i mean shit lee the straight down aviation 'd. in as much as it is a cross. our thing. and it's not as if he's a major structural aeration issue engineering stuff like engine bells is something that you wouldn't know about until you had a problem the boeing 737 is one of the most successful commercial jets of all time with a good safety record but the warnings a major setback for a company that struggled to regain trust after the grounding of its 737 max and craft following 2 fatal and crashes within 5 months these latest concerns to not apply to the 737 max the aviation industry's been badly bruised by covert 19 in may u.s. airlines said they were collectively losing more than $10000000000.00 in cash a month while boeing said sales of its
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a craft were at their lowest in 60 years. is. al-jazeera. the french air force academy has a female commander of the 1st time the handover to dominic was marked with a ceremony at an air base in the south of france she was top of her class on graduation from the air force military school since then she's worked in several roles for the french intelligence service. covered 19 isolation centers are being opened in florida one of the dozens of u.s. states for infections are on the rise the senses are especially designed to stop the disease spreading among elderly and vulnerable people but the strategy does have risks and gallacher reports now from miami. the coronavirus pandemic has taken a heavy toll on florida's elderly residents a staggering majority of the fatalities here are those 65 and older and with an expansive network of assisted living facilities and nursing homes the danger for seniors is serious like other states around the nation florida is turning to
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isolation centers for the elderly the state now has more than 2 dozen of them that is and to prevent the spread of covert 19 give patients the attention they need and free up space in the state's already strained hospitals kovan nursing homes are places where a hospital could discharge safely long term care resident who's covered positive also has a place where if there is infections inside a long term care facility a long term care facility consent of the coven only facility in a state ravaged by the pandemic the bay oaks retirement home in miami is an exception there have been no coronavirus cases here but if any resident falls ill staff say isolation is a good option i think it's a great idea so if somebody has it they should be in a place where they can be monitored by professionals who are experienced whatever limited experience people now is terrible disease for the past 2 weeks in florida
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the number of new daily cases has hovered around 10000 miami has now mandated the wearing of masks but in other parts of the state those who can easily spread the virus are ignoring medical advice the number of cases among those who work with the elderly has also risen sharply but some experts say isolating elderly patients who contract over 19 may not be. best thing one of the things not often talked about during this pandemic is the mental health aspect of living through these difficult times many elderly residents on to live to see relatives social interaction is in many places not allowed and moving those who are infected with covert 19 may be detrimental to all involved those who specialize in geriatric care say isolation and patient transfers has its drawbacks many residents are very confused by the situation and with perhaps alzheimer's or dementia or may not understand fully what's going on and why are they no longer being visited every day by by relatives
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around 20 percent of florida's population is over the age of $65.00 but even in communities like the villages where people are 55 and older cases have quadrupled since the beginning of the month while isolation units for those who fall ill as seen as a good strategy risks remain for this state's older population whether they live in care facilities or not and agalloch or al-jazeera miami florida. or in 2000000 people in the u.k. are on the waiting list for cancer screening or treatment the list has got longer as the national health service in the u.k. concentrates on treating cope with 19 patients emma hayward reports. laura is a dedicated mom a year ago doctors found she had stage 3 wound cancer and she had surgery and aggressive radiation treatment in late january she was told the cancer had gone but there's a one in 3 chance of it coming back and she'll need
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a physical examination every 3 months she's still waiting though for that to happen i just think if it could be caught early then i have more chance of having a longer longer with my children and and i feel that by the. these now phone appointments with my oncologist there's no absolutely no chance that the cancer is ever going to be detected at an early stage and therefore potentially my life expectancy is shortening every day that this carries on coronavirus has put a huge strain on cancer services many treatments tests and screening for poor sister were diverted to deal with covert and because of safety concerns cancer research estimate there have been about 38000 fewer cancer treatments in the u.k. since the end of march most clinical trials which can help extend life were halted a many people who would normally have visited a doctor with worries about cancer stayed away scientists at the london school of hygiene and tropical medicine estimate that could be around 3 and
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a half 1000 potentially avoidable deaths in england from the 4 main cancers by 2025 because of the pandemics impact while the institute of cancer research warns delays to diagnosis and treatment for as little as 2 months during lockdown could lead to some cancers going from being curable to being more advanced it's not like heart attacks or strokes where you're seeing the effects quite so immediately that with can't 7 that delay that they'll still come along and still have their surgery but rather than being cured and having 30 years of life expectancy there will be a proportion of people here really haven't recovered so that becomes a judge of that in that way. what happens in 2 or 3 years time medical staff deliver income for care trying to clear the backlog of patients that are operating in unprecedented circumstances it's really important that as we focused on covert that we must of that council become the forgotten see. we want to see priority
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given to catching up with cancer services and making sure that delays don't impact on patients outcome and that we minimize the impact on treatment delays the impact of this pandemic on diseases such as cancer won't be no years mara recently found a swelling in her abdomen and is hoping she will now get to see someone quickly but the reassurance will help she might need and they would al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera these are the top stories start at the u.s. consulate in chengdu in china are packing up and getting ready to leave off to be judging ordered its closure they have until monday that's in response to the u.s. ordering the closure of china's consulates in houston texas continues in chengdu she says the consulates close a closure will be seen as a big loss for u.s.
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intelligence this consulate deals directly with many businesses operating from nearby targeting but also it acts as a main listening place for any activity is all happening is taking place in or in tibet and chinese state media said that's one of the reasons been chosen to be closed down now certainly the incident incident has started as he u.s. sentiment here in china with many supporting beijing's decision to close the mission down and also taking the message of the top diplomat here in taiwan to harden he has blamed the u.s. completely for the deteriorating bilateral relationship. a singaporean man has pleaded guilty in the u.s. to working for china's intelligence agency and 4 chinese scientists are under arrest because of suspected ties to the chinese military now the last to be detained tango in is expected in court on monday u.s. immigration say all 4 lied on their visa applications about belonging to china's people's liberation army australia has added to the arguments over the south china
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seas saying china has no legal claims to that area canberra made the declaration to the united nations bring it further into line with washington the u.s. military has released what it says is proof russia is violating the united nations arms embargo in libya the pentagon claims the satellite pictures show military equipment supplied by russian mercenaries being used to support the warlord after. the. u.s. federal agents sent to portland oregon by donald trump up again fired tear gas of protesters and made arrests city leaders say heavy handed tactics by federal agents in riot gear are inflaming the anger those are your headlines the news continues after inside story so is here with 13 g. news are brought in and it's more of a. why
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is donald trump sending federal troops to confront protesters in u.s. cities the president says violent crime needs to be controlled opponents denounce what they call a political stunt does the deployment set a dangerous precedent american democracy this is inside story. hello and welcome 'd to the program i'm wrong. often calls himself the lower note a president it's one of the campaign themes in his bid for re-election less than full months from now is accused some city mayor as a failing to rein in the.


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