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when no topic is off the table it's taking on all the systemic islands that people of color have suffered not only now but for decades we are going to be to transform lives the way he keeps you going to be in business if we're going to adapt to climate breakout this street on out is there a. man . this is al jazeera. hello and welcome i'm peter dhabi you're watching the news live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes a global town a puts corona virus infections beyond 16000000 led by the u.s. which is now recorded more than 70000 cases in the past day. britain suddenly
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reimpose is a quarantine on anyone coming in from spain catching travelers off guard. a mostly peaceful protest turns into a crackdown by the police and federal officers in portland oregon. and the painstaking process of restoring the acropolis in athens as the greek government renews its call for britain to return its ancient treasures. and i'm santa how much now have all the sports a big day for you event is the syrian leaders that have the chance to wrap up a nice stated league title. there we are let's get going we begin this with the coronavirus pandemic which is spreading further and faster every day it took the world 2 weeks to get from 1000000 to 2000000 cases it's taken just 4 days to make the leap from 15000000 to
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16000000 that's according to the u.s. based johns hopkins university let's just have a look at what they are saying you can see there the number of top left 16055909 top write in white global deaths edging towards 645000 let's just zoom into the map for you as well a sea of red america there clearly the most affected worst affected country any place in the world. at this point in the month of july let's think about the month of august let's just show you the global trend there you can see it march may july the key question now is what direction what trend will that line maintain through the rest of july into august well the u.k. government has now reimposed 2 weeks of self-imposed quarantine on people returning from spain following a coronavirus outbreak there. has that story. an unexpected
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change of plans hours before boarding a flight from spain back to the u.k. these tourist traveller and they'll have to quarantine for 14 days on arrival the country was taken off britain say travel on saturday and the measure took effect at midnight we had a wedding to go to and we help plans to visit friends and family that we haven't seen in about a long time and not like i have to cancel all those plans so it's really quite upset the sudden reversal follows a surge of covert 19 infections in spain we cry for straight to be honest because it fails to feel safer in spain what it did when we left the u.k. . before we left the u.k. it wasn't monday it's rough ice mass in a lot of places. but nearly everybody is wearing them so. many of the new infections in spain are among young people showing mild or no symptoms lockdowns were imposed in some areas and barcelona bars said curfews and
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many nightclubs closed the tourism industry in spain accounts for about 12 percent of the country's economy and it's again her pairing for a downturn more than 20 percent of its foreign visitors last year were british and now france is recommending people traveling there. so far we've had no cancellations but this may create doubts for people over the coming weeks i hope there are fewer cases but a lot of the. cast to be done. the sudden reimposition of restrictions is a reminder to many that even though some walked down measures here recently relaxed a pandemic appears to be far from over. and something in his ear. ok we have al jazeera people at both ends of this story if you will this hour here on the news hour in a moment we'll talk to my al-jazeera colleague restylane who arrived in spain just after just after the u.k. quarantine rules were announced 1st let's go to 19 barber who's at london's gatwick
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airport there south of the british capital so clearly nadeem there are probably people there in the terminal as of right now who haven't heard this news and they're thinking oh we're going on holiday it's going to be fabby but what's the british government saying about this. with the british government on the defensive basically because this was introduced at such short notice it happened on saturday afternoon here in britain or saturday evening local time this announcement that spain was being taken off the list of so-called safe countries let's remember the nerdy june quarantine measures were introduced but then the british government announced the creation of so-called air corridor so obviously as you heard in that report british holiday makers in spain are crucial to that country's economy but let's not forget there are a large number of people here in britain who have relatives there in spain as well
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her so a lot of people are going there to see their loved ones as well and they're wondering why it was brought in at such short notice while the government here in britain says that they were following figures that were announced on friday in spain around 900 new covered cases new daily cases and they simply couldn't ignore that kind of data the foreign secretary has taken to the airwaves in the last couple of hours to explain why they say why they did what they did. because the cases in spain the data we got was on the friday you'll see kampala that through the course of the day it showed a big jump right across mainland spain that was then assessed yesterday afternoon and we took the decision as swiftly as we could and that we we can't make apologies to doing so we must spirit to take swift decisive action particularly in relation to. localized or internationally in relation to spain a particular country where we see we must take action otherwise we risk reinfection
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into the u.k. potentially a 2nd wave here and then another lock down. how much of a surprise was this nadeem when the government kind of crept that announcement out there. well it was a huge surprise. considering not only the time scale that they gave people but also the background date or again the press in spain of been making a big point about the fact that perhaps infections are just as high here as in spain according to the latest official figures the daily new cases total is in the several 100 perhaps around $700.00 here an officially though there's one survey which is estimating that it could be as high as 1800 not only that i think that people are questioning the logic that people of this blanket search quarantine in position for example. the big organization of travel agents here is suggesting that
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the british government should lift a quarantine rules for flights to and from certain regions with lower infection rates as well as to the bill erik islands in the canaries which are not part of mainland spain and so there is a feeling that this might be unfair even though the government stressing that they're worried all along is to avoid a 2nd wave while in spain they're saying according to the deputy emergency health director that they could be seeing a 2nd wave it's not clear the government is saying that while they respect britain's decision their country remains safer there on top of these localized outbreaks nadim thanks very much let's bring in our to 03 star and he's on the spanish island of minorca he joins us live from reese welcome to the news are you've just arrived there walk us through what the process was and specifically when did you find out that there was the quarantine when you could come back from
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there you'll have to go into 40 days quarantine. hi peter yes i was on the runway at dublin air force about the takeoff so at that point there was very little turning back to be honest so my father called me and just said have you seen the new measures that have been implemented. and to be honest you know i was surprised but i wasn't hugely surprised i'd seen the numbers creeping up in mainland spain and i figured this was something that could happen but i never anticipated it actually happening before it even taken off so that was quite a surprise i mean the numbers here in minorca are very low i think there's only been about 100 or so people that contracted coded since the outbreak began so it is a little bit surprising that we're going to have to quarantine as well but that that that's just what we have to deal with i suppose when you get to talk to sort of the do you think they'll have a sense of being slightly put aggrieved because dominic rob they're talking on one
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of the international t.v. news channels just in the past 2 hours or so talking about mainland spain but if one looks at the infection rates for the iberian peninsula those areas where northern european tourists go to not as bad when it comes to infection rates as inland as you know madrid is catalonia so they might justifiably turn around and say actually london government what are you doing. yeah i mean i can understand it would be extremely frustrating for these people i mean we were quite frustrated when we heard the news the numbers here as i've just said are very low they've implemented a very strict lock down here since the pandemic broke out a very very strict one and people have not been able to leave their houses and they've done really well it keeping the numbers down here in minorca i think you know that the death rate across the political violence i think is lower than $300.00 since this began and so i think there's only a handful of cases here in hospitals now so you know we wouldn't come here unless we thought it was safe you know we live in
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a world now where you know the goalposts are constantly being moved when it comes to you know the measures you have to adhere to but yeah i mean i can imagine a lot of people are going to be very frustrated because you know they would have come here and that they thought that it was a safe place to come and that they would have to take this corentin when they get home which is extremely inconvenient or you all prepped stocked up for the quarantine when you fly back into the u.k. . absolutely not no my fridge is completely empty i'm not even sure what the measures are that we have to follow when we get back i think we are allowed to go shopping for food but you know all social engagements anything that we had planned which is you know frustrating when your social diary starts to look like resembling something normal again you get told you don't have to go and take 2 weeks off from the world and sit in your flat and not go out to talk. the stream the inconvenient not to mention that i won't be able to go to work in the next 2 weeks after i'm back as well ok reece make the most of it good to talk to
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you thanks very much restore him or al-jazeera correspondent there in spain. as we were saying the u.s. is now recorded 73000 new infections in the past 24 hours the country's top infectious disease expert dr anthony folks she is again urging state governments to hit pause when it comes to reopening the individual states well florida texas california those 3 states remain some of the worst affected and many in florida are blaming the governor for easing those lockdown measures far too soon heidi joe castro wraps up the day's developments from maryland. the death toll in florida is rising as well and about one person in florida is dying a covert every 10 minutes and florida certainly is not alone 18 states in the united states have broken totals and as far as cases or deaths in this past week in florida it's governor rick to santa this is a heavy strong as strong supporter and he has been praised by the president even
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now for his response to the pandemic florida was one of the 1st states to reopen and now critics are seeing what's happening with these numbers resurging and saying that that move was prioritizing the economy over people's lives and this similar story repeated across the country much of the south now including the state of texas where along its border with mexico we're seeing dire situation with hospitals begging for more supplies the military responding there with their resources and refrigerated morgues parked behind those hospitals the same scenes we have seen in new york not so long ago unfortunately repeated now in new hot spots across the u.s. . north korea has put the border city of. seeing its worst case of coronavirus may have been brought in from south korea pictures were broadcast to kim jong un chairing a meeting to announce the measures state media says the suspected case is
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a defector who fled to south korea years ago before returning illegally last week south korea says it's investigating sarah clarke is following the story from hong kong she says it's unclear whether the patient was tested for corona virus. well this person who defected 3 years ago to south korea the return date back to north korea was on july 19th and he suspected or he or she is suspected of having covert 19 other reports don't indicate if he or she has had the official coronavirus test and said that the suggestion is that there's been several medical check ups showing respect for the symptoms that are linked to or a similar to those that you have with the crowd a virus that if confirmed as you mentioned this would be the 1st case officially acknowledged by north korea and i can join on has had the emergency meeting has declared a state of emergency also that border city of case one has been put into a lockdown as it was got as a result he's described it as a critical situation
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a report released by the state run media says it's a dangerous situation in case song that may lead to a deadly and destructive disaster now north korea has received thousands of testing kits from russia and other countries it's also had some pretty strict border closures in recent months but i believe restrictions have eased of late now the case of this particular defector the state run media saying he illegally he or she illegally crossed the demarcation line on july 19th and the politburo meeting described it in a dialogue as a loose guard performance on the frontline on that particular day and obviously an investigation into the military unit responsible will happen. argentina's government deployed thousands of security personnel in march to enforce the nationwide law to contain the coronavirus but reports of abuse and violence have been on the rise of stories about reports from when osiris was. seen demi don't says her brother knew class west killed by the police on july 9th the day he turned
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18 believing. i working class neighborhood integrated one of scientists us was shocked when he left his parents' home to buy a drink the other one this was 2 blocks away and we were on a motorcycle the police car crashed into them and threw them on the ground he had a bullet in the middle of his chest i don't know why they did it lucas was so happy to be turning 18 he wanted to get a driver's license and help our family. loves horses and like to compete in races around the province his friend bryan bromell was with him that night he says they did not mean to violate the lockdown and never thought things would end up the way they did but get on a limb. now we cannot trust the police they don't take care of us they kill us we have to take care of each other because we cannot expect anything from them. but many say look us in the only victim of the security forces it's been 4 months since argentina imposed
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a lockdown to prevent the spread of colgate $9000.00 but critics say that the government has given too much power to security forces on the ground who are in charge of patrolling the streets security forces that have been involved in abuses in the past human rights groups say that at least 12 people have been either killed or disappeared by argentina security forces 22 year old. went missing in april he told his mother he was going to see his girlfriend 200 kilometers away in the province of when. he was never seen again security forces have been patrolling the area where he went missing for the past few weeks to try to find him the united nations is demanding a full investigation into what could have been an enforced disappearance human rights groups say the incidence in the past months are not isolated. this is nothing new and shows again that there is a structural problem during koren 1000 security forces acquired greater
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protectionism because they are in charge of hosing the lock down forming the police is a dead since argentina returned to democracy because even though there have been attempts of reform the real problems were never tackled me more are over there are the 2 police officers involved in the killing of your god on our under investigation his family is hoping justice will be served. one of us. ground still to cover for you here on the news including the anger from women in poland as the government expands its conservative social agenda. for malaria related deaths in africa could more than double this year. and in sports no signs of frost the brawn looks as dirty as ever even after a few months of basketball action coming up a little later. in about 30 minutes. protests
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against racism and police brutality in the u.s. city of portland oregon have been to the nines week the demonstrations started a response to the killing of george floyd in minneapolis however anger has also been growing over president donald trump's decision to send and federal agents into the city in the heart of. the. demonstrations like these have been held in portland oregon for the last 2 months. was protesters supporting the black lives matter movement demanding racial equality and an end to police brutality throughout their perpetrator to get their message across that we're not backing down our narrative i'm here for a game not a joke the 3 of you we are here complicity for. the protests intensified this week after u.s. president donald trump sent federal agents into the city organs attorney general
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applied for a temporary restraining order against what she described as their unconstitutional tactics but that was rejected by a federal judge local politicians and democrats in congress accuse the officers of using excessive force even still more people are joining the demonstrations have been. basically the president target to make an example of the city has absolutely brought a broader base to the to the protests where they're at the beginning then after you know a month or so of the protests we're getting a little bit smaller and this is only brought back everyone that would have been out at the beginning. federal agents were also sent to the neighboring state of washington. on saturday fighting broke out during protests in seattle doesn't. people were arrested and officers wounded. despite the criticism and unrest president said he's ready to send hundreds more federal officers to cities
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across the country leon harding al-jazeera. or staying in that part of the world big protest in seattle in neighboring washington state the police used tear gas their own stun grenades to cleary weeks old protests on 45 people were arrested 21 police officers injured. let's go back to europe poland is pulling out of a european treaty aimed at preventing violence against women thousands protested against the planned withdrawal in cities across the country the justice minister says the treaty violates parental rights by requiring schools to teach children about gender. is the e.u. gentleman a professor at stanford in berlin he joins us from athens welcome back to the news hour did this compromise parental rights i mean were they damaged in any way. well this is what the germans what the polish government says but i think the
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bigger picture focuses on something else that we are in a situation in which cold and does not simply want to follow what used to be the western liberal agenda of the european union's in-situ in 2004 and rather take some more self-confidence tends to send a conservative sicko to their conservative effective rate poland has a very divided society between the city people with a more multicultural liberal position and more small town countryside population that is christian and has a very off the docks understanding off the world doesn't travel much or knows doesn't know foreigners so this is generally speaking a signal of domestically as well as to the european union and not so much what it appears on the surface that it restricts rights of parents in schools i suppose it
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will be very difficult to tell in a year or 2 whether there are any big negative consequences to do with this decision because this is about stopping violence against women or making sure that violence against women doesn't happen in the 1st place so that means that somebody someplace has got to correlate the figure is at some point down the road of course and we are in a complicated situation right now to draw an impure occur conclusion from this because with unlocked own people have been much more exposed to stress within families and it was likely that this could lead to more domestic violence over there is no correlation with the legal framework the polish government says there is no one needs to comply and with the stuff we can venture off the council of europe because. already highlights that it is
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a no go to be family members so declaration of independence from foreign commitments or what they think is agenda ideology that interferes too much with the domestic right of poland and the right off the tree arson families to decide what to do why is the government in your opinion decided to do it in this way why pull out of an e.u. treaty instead of introducing new legislation on the one hand that's a key question but on the other hand as well i always thought that if you were signing up to all those treaties you know maastricht lisbon rome that built the european union if you signed up to those you're all in or you're all out you can't just willy nilly throw your toys out the pram when it comes to legislation that you apparently believe in. this is what we thought in the west it's the liberal agenda of the european union but now we see that governments and hungary and in
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poland self confidentially state that they are understanding the whole furore and what values means and what's the role of the family is and how secular the whole project should be is a subject of debate they want to different europe and they choose the timing wisely because we just finished negotiations on the largest package of saudi garry kief that was directed linked to the rule of law and the state of the mock recede and the polish delegation walked home with 160000000000 euros to keep on modernizing the country and its society and now they send a signal to the electorate like the conservative electorate we do what we want and redefine what our principles some priorities are is simple convention is not a european union convention it's a concept of your own convention it is confusing because they even share the same
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flag but it's an independent organization with different members so it doesn't do directly harm with the membership of the european union but you're right one would expect that potent is as committed as everybody else but the government has a slightly different interpretation of that it's ok we'll leave it the book not in athens great to talk to you as a thank you so much and clive having. to news he's president has appointed a new prime minister. has a month to form a new government any muscle so when a vote of confidence in the parliament or an election is expected to be called soon the former interior minister replaces elyas vaclav who resigned after just 5 months in office he's under investigation for conflicts of interest and shares he owns in private companies. the son of a cleric imprisoned in saudi arabia is accusing the kingdom of human rights abuses against his family solomon. is a prominent advocates of reforms in saudi arabia is son says the charges against
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him are absurd the cleric was arrested 3 years ago and is facing the death penalty for stirring public discord and inciting saudis against king solomon the security forces in jordan have arrested leaders of the teachers' union affiliated to opposition parties the teachers syndicate has been shut down for 2 years as part of a corruption investigation and the union's acting head has been charged with inciting members against the government teachers marched in the capital amman on weapons day to demand the government on a last year's agreement to increase salaries. there's no typical arctic weather at the moment in the north of norway the arctic archipelago is experiencing a heat wave with the highest temperature recorded of 21.7 degrees on saturday temperatures are normally 5 to 8 degrees at this time of year in these islands home to polar bears scientists say global warming is happening twice as fast in the arctic compared to the average elsewhere around the world hurricane hanna has been
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downgraded to a tropical storm as it moved towards northeastern mexico from southern texas the 1st atlantic hurricane of the year was a category one when it makes landfall on saturday just south of corpus christi the governor of texas declared a disaster in 32 countries counties rather warning that the coronavirus emergency would complicate rescue and recovery efforts. in the pacific hurricane douglas is heading for hawaii people are boarding up their windows and stocking up on supplies the storm is expected to reach the u.s. islands in the pacific on sunday social distancing rules are to be enforced in storm shelters this. time for your weather here's everts and we're going well we're off to the caribbean has been a very stormy tropical storm season of course we've named just a couple there we had gonzales yes then design is actually the 7th earliest named storm in the atlantic basin and we could see another one by the end of the week so bit of a slump of cloud that we have in the middle of the atlantic that's going to make
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its way towards the caribbean as we go on through the next few days as it by a part of this week we could well see that being named as well and that will run up towards the the leeward side once again then just was that eastern side of the caribbean now ahead of that of course we did have gone salis you can see this little clutch of storms just so the north of caracas that is what remains of the system now it has been downgraded friend of mine in trade that sent this pitch he can just make out the northern ranges just in the distance there before the storm went through this is as how it looked when the storm did actually go through so you lose sight of those ranges lots of very heavy rain pushing through thankfully that system is now in the process of fizzling out just make out the position of the storm they're just pushing into the western side of the caribbean especially further movements and westwards have a look at hanna then here we go hanna is making its way towards northern side of mexico some very heavy rain coming through on this system that sunday's picture go
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on through monday and will continue to make its way further westwards should push through clearing away from the coast by around choose day but some parts could see as much as maybe 300 millimeters of rain in the coming days beta efforts and we'll talk later i'm sure in the meantime thank you very much still to come here in the news are for you. thousands protest across israel furious about prime minister benjamin netanyahu is handling of the pandemic. also ahead patching up the parthenon the restoration project that's reigniting calls for the return of disputed artifacts. the sport celebrating a total win in the age of coded 19 santa see it with a story in about 15 minutes to. an image can change the way we see the wound if we're not seeing there's going to
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be talking about it it can spark mass action or serve the interests of the powerful he created this moment for a photo opportunity that can obscure the truth this is a legitimate news story but this clips and the talking points were pretty i don't see how it can forge narrative all right through the listening post gives you the full picture. i was. working in asia and africa there'd be days where i'd be choosing editing my own story is in a refugee camp with no electricity and right now we're confronting some of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced and i really believe that the only way we can do that is with compassion and generosity and compromise because of the only way we can try to solve any of these problems is together there are so important we make those connections. war.
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hello again let's get you right up to date with all the top stories so far 1000000 people have been infected with corona virus in the last 4 days that brings the global total to more than 16000000 the united states brazil and india are leading the surge in new cases. the u.k. has started imposing a 2 week quarantine for travelers returning from spain the policy began at midnight on sunday evening many tourists scrambling to get home. there have been more scuffles until gas on the streets of the u.s. city of portland oregon as protests continue against police brutality the demonstrations which respond to the killing of george floyd been going on for more than 8 weeks. the police in france of charged
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a refugee from rwanda with arson after last week's fires was damaged a 15th century cathedral the 39 year old volunteer was in charge of locking up the cathedral in normed he was initially questioned a week ago and then released he has admitted starting 3 fires which shattered stained glass windows and destroyed the organ and some pieces and some paul's cathedral. greece has made the return of the parthenon marbles from the british museum in london one of his top priorities now in the meantime a restoration project is underway to undo the damage done to the building when a british heiress to craps elden removed the sculptures in the early 19th century john reports now from athens. this marble block is being cut out to make history it will eventually form part of the parthenon where new model is being precisely chiseled to be married to surviving fragments. the reconstructed blocks will be hoisted back into the structure much of the damage to
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this 2500 year old temple was caused relatively recently just over 200 years ago the 7th removed dozens of sculpted panels to get to them he hoisted masonry off the roof and dashed it to the ground yeah not. to remove something you have to dismantle whatever's on top of it it's not like pulling a book off the shelf temple construction was like lego they were built from the bottom up this is why they've lasted each piece is fitted exactly to the pieces around it and that makes them earthquake resistant the sculptures formed part of the structure this quake proof technology has lasted world the ancient greeks connected each block of marble to its neighbor with. over which molten lead was poured insulated and prevent rust and for $25.00 centuries these clumps absorbed strains when blocks of marble moved against each other during earthquakes and
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they've kept this temple from collapsing but earthquakes have done far less damage than people even those who unlike meant well the clamps used in a 19th century restoration rusted expanded and split the surrounding marble and venetian francesco who meant to liberate athens from the ottomans 350 years ago did the most damage of all causing an explosion that ripped the parthenon open visitors are divided over how much of the original parthenon should be restored. it's better understand i think it's better when you have your imagination i would love to see exactly how. i think it would be amazing i'd love to see exactly how and maybe we have a 2nd chance that he came here i mean showing future generations what was there this restoration won't go as far as reconstruction it's a man is to heal the damage. caused greeks hope that part of that healing will
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eventually be the return of the sculptures that once the dorms there most sacred of monuments jumps. well greece of course is not the only country demanding the return of its national treasures others are joining the cold saying thousands of artifacts were stolen by european colonisers more than a century ago but many museums are refusing to return them the british museum in london is accused of being the largest receiver of stolen relics aside from the parthenon marbles they include bronze statues from the kingdom of beneath which is now nigeria taken by the british in 8097 the gol shield taken from aboriginal australians in the late 18th century and the resort to stone a slab with ancient hieroglyphs brought over from egypt in 1799 let's talk to you he's a professor of global history at the university of hamburg he joins us on skype i think it was 2728 c. in the french president emmanuel macro kind of half lit a debate about returning these kind of things
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a debate that's gone no place my question why has that debate gone no place. well i think it has shown certain you slowed down i think the french parliament passed legislation to recruit go to turn 26 sure 30 objects which is is is just as more figure compared to the 1000s of objects which were due to turnstone during colonialism i think it's going nowhere because the european museums are basically true of looted octet and the european museum when you straight to put it into after 8 that once you start a process of restitution now you can stop it and that museums will be the end kit and secondly the question of who to dot checks leads to the question of colonial legacy at large and that means where there is tube usually of burgers
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on earth comes from and we have 600 years of colonial exploitation to to discuss and to find a remedy for this crude use to peugeot and people shy away from in the west in europe shy away from this question who is it pardon me for interrupting you there but who is it within this dialogue that maintains the pressure to keep these artifacts in can i suggest to you the wrong place because big museums are generally run by one person ultimately and one person only that's the guy or the met the woman who's got the title museum director or is it the president and the prime minister's maybe the culture minister the culture secretary in any of these former colonial countries. i mean it did get pants on and a country in france for example. legal provision that you cannot arrest you tube
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and he objects once they are in and yes you know it needs. legal solution in germany it's very similar the museum directors even if they want which i doubt they wouldn't be able to rescue objects only need great great numbers so it's both the museum directors who by a professional want to keep art that have got to put politicians who don't put pressure on them or who don't create a legal frank about which makes it possible to return ok that's the the european side of the story let's talk about what we were talking about in our introduction here on the news the african side of the story of the countries that we're discussing here between nigeria we're talking about certain other countries in africa which artefact for you is the most contentious and therefore if it was returned would send precisely the right signals and would deflate this
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dialogue this debate that still ongoing. i mean you turned out to leave the building branches some 700 are at the british museum some 550 in berkeley and bell in this building and you must you know and wants to to exhibit those objects and they are the most famous church i think in general as you are the 1st stone or o'byrne and it's next. who should be returned to came to new york illegally and they are the most i must say are iconic i terms why is it therefore if they are that famous that iconic certain presidents and prime ministers still are quite content it seems to me to want to be on the wrong side of history because clearly they will be returned it may take 10 years it may take 50 years but there's some point they've got to go back so why not just fast forward through all
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that process and just do it and do it quickly. big could be because most politicians are not far sighted they're not farming they know that in all european countries do you have increasing debate about the colonial legacy. as your most societies now are scholars who live on the colonialism as a racist crime against humanity cause but they are also a backlash you know of all of europe they have been backlashes. collusions shy of 8 and. 5 for 10 years or 15 years whatever the longish term is. only a few of them really are on guard enough to say since we know it really happened we could do it now and we could stir or influence the process because what we see is they block the knock knock and then the tide comes. complete control but really
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interesting to talk to and get your opinion on. thanks very much for time. the malaysian opposition leader anwar ibrahim says now is not the time for the country to be holding a general election there has been speculation that the prime minister minute in yassin may call a snap poll in the coming few months and mr anwar says the decision to deport a government critic who featured in a recent al-jazeera documentary proves there are issues that need to be addressed environment is certainly a conduit for elections we have covered the dishes again being we have policies now is that it. was. they may disagree without the right to question and disagree and come out a statement but had a sermon against generally is not acceptable and this is what's happening in this country now. israeli police have confronted the latest protests demanding the
1:43 pm
resignation of the prime minister benjamin netanyahu water cannon was 5 to disperse crowds again rallying near his home in west jerusalem demonstrators have held repeated protests to denounce his handling of the virus pandemic and his links to corruption which he is on trial. the world health organization is warning that malaria related deaths in africa could more than double this year because of disruption caused by the virus pandemic the health emergency has shut down many large scale treatment and prevention programs mamma that reports now from nairobi. at this hospital in kisumu city western medical workers are treating children sick with malaria. for. bringing her to hospital was not an easy decision this is there was one we were told to have exposed to a hospital in your name they all speak told us so many disease. causing this so many of infectious diseases but i have to bring out here that is another one i say
1:44 pm
there is on my side because i'm going to interact with a number of people who might in one way or another be infected and end up infecting so they feel their medical workers say many people suffering from malaria are staying away from health facilities we realized during this coverage known to no pandemic most of the way from coming to the hospital putting into consideration that they fear themselves getting infected or getting affected you know. 19. days in the heart of what's called kenya's malaria belt well outbreaks of the disease are. stagnant award time drives for just like this one it was the perfect breeding ground. for my lady and myself. 3 months. so. i don't think.
1:45 pm
it's coming after. my house so i don't myself like 3 months. according to the world to help musician covered 19 point to make is a disrupting routine health services that are likely to increase outbreaks and deaths from treatable diseases such as malaria. the crisis has also affected the validity of mosquito nets used to prevent the disease. malaria is one of the leading causes of death globally and the 2nd biggest killer not flicka which accounts for 93 percent of malaria to lead to death in the world while that indication of malaria remains achievable in the coming decades much will depend on whether these yet it presents a bump in the road or are you talking the next few months will prove to cause governments on the international community to try to pull a delicate balancing act to keep both 19 and malaria under control.
1:46 pm
hollywood the world is either unable because. ok let's go back for a 2nd to one of our headlining stories here on the protests in portland oregon we included an interview in a report with ryan dumdum he's a journalist and a native of the city he has a little bit more of what he told al jazeera earlier today including why there is growing concern over the presence on the streets of federal agents i think the general sense among protesters and the public at large is that they're absolutely acting outside the law we see them running around the streets many blocks from the federal courthouse as you've seen in those famous videos of ducting citizens and also running out in the park public park and snatching people off the streets of portland so i think the. question is not whether it's legal or not whether they're going to leave pacific northwest seattle portland has
1:47 pm
a rich history of protest it's blood here and. they may have picked the wrong city to test this out on the black lives matter still the absolute thrust of the protests if you are down there right now they're standing by but a matter there are by people leaving the protests and on the megaphones you ask anyone down there what they're for is for bipeds matter but you know protests this large. there are a lot of there's a lot of different motivations under that umbrella and. at the moment there has been a. kind of unified i said it's very unifying force that these federal agents are in in the city and i don't. know them but it's. not a new focus well protesters on the streets of portland oregon say the demonstrations
1:48 pm
aren't going to end until their demands are met they say until real change happens they will continue to hold their marches here is a small taste of what people have been saying. designed for was wrong for not just a lot of people but the police brutality. long was than enough to want change we want justice and that's what we're doing tomorrow and furthermore we're here represented sitting here her going to have to executive overreach. of years that v.h.s. department. is performing right now it's just disgusting and so in the world a lot more not serious only serious other people not side cutting it like man. when i grew up i never thought this would ever be a president's never happening but you know every few decades the curtains get drawn back on how ugly our country can be and right now we're told the curtains open
1:49 pm
we're not going to lot of clothes again. still to come for you here on the al-jazeera news out for the love of the game we'll tell you why it's kicking off in mexico despite coronavirus reduce some of our backstory and a lot more when we come back. territorial social and ethnic divisions. france has seen some of the biggest recent protests over black lives matter. al-jazeera world to some of its least privileged communities. where treatment by the police is still a contentious issue. carries a divided city on al-jazeera. breaks everybody on this planet matters everybody has power when people need to be heard
1:50 pm
and the story needs to be told here human development has moved right to the edge of the forest with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports scope it is a disease can affect anyone any age al-jazeera has teams on the ground this is the main business no big money any person to bring the move to a new documentary and life needs. busy news day busy small state usana thank you very much you venters have the chance to sail a 9 straight syria title later on sunday victory against some doria will guarantee the championship however the touring club have been satirising towards the finish
1:51 pm
line they could have cleared the title against sudanese on thursday but lost to want it on the $11.00 of their last 5 matches initial of all of them that a little bit against duryea we have an opportunity to finish it we will play the game with a fighting mentality to reach our target because as i've said many times just to be close to it counts for nothing. if you do slip up later am i gave. up hope they moved to 2nd on saturday with a 3 in will win over genoa belgian side striker. scored twice in the victory which sees them a trail the leaders by 4 points with 2 games left and those also went for 7th place napoli they be it's a solo to nil as they gear up for their last 16 champions league showdown away to barcelona they go into that match on august 8th level at one all.
1:52 pm
well 2 spots in next season's champions league are still up for grabs in the english premier league which concludes later on sunday that face majestie united can seal their spotted by avoiding defeat against a 5th place leicester who themselves can guarantee a berth with a win 4th place chelsea are also in contention a draw against wolves will ensure their place regardless of the result in united versus last a game. will go out from the fact that the guy was again top for the guy was also to improve the squad in trying develop. and now got the opportunity. we're given ourselves a good chance of being in the champions league next year but that's cannot be we can't go into a game thinking about what the out outcome can be we've just got to go and perform and perform a high enough level and standard so we can get a result when you're a club like manchester united are only 2 social clubs there's
1:53 pm
a need in the champions league for many reasons. now not clear for us we're good we would want to be and we want to give everything we can. if we fall short and we still had a really really good season while the figure must have missed out on the portuguese title but at least it finished their league campaign on a positive note by winning this one dobby a late goal from carlos finish just that sealing a 21 win over sporting can also bag some silverware too as they face the champions porto in the cup of portugal final this saturday. arlanda city have booked their place in the quarterfinals of the m.l.s. is back time and by beating montreal impact one nil in florida orlando were the more dangerous side in the 1st haul but none of the teams managed to find the back of the net after the break a canadian forward in tissue i can barely broke the deadlock taken advantage of
1:54 pm
montreal's poor defense. only the side that had the chance to equalise in the last 10 minutes but missed orlando will face either the seattle sounders or los angeles f.c. and the last 8. first division football is back in mexico but the opening match a had to be postponed of for 24 hours the warnings about the heightened risk of koran of virus spreading among players well man well paula has more from mexico city. after an uncertain season on and off the pitch footballers in mexico are returning to work. for league football has kicked off a 4 day tournaments with the theme on arena health workers on the front lines of mexico's ongoing struggle against the coronavirus pandemic. in recognition and gratitude of those who care for health against the toughest of rivals the
1:55 pm
tournament name will be changed to guard against 2020 this is a message of solidarity on behalf of mexico's football industry. got support if you don't well this year's league has been highly anticipated though many in mexico see the tournament as a risky mistake as you you may know we have been using the government has been using. coerced we don't have a little chris. lawrence we are turning. in some other states of the mexican republic returned to red that's the highest level of streets so this is not the time to return to stadiums concern. have also been growing over the risk to players and league staff among mexico's 18 1st division teams 16 have reported corona virus infections within their ranks. even so many players say they're just glad to return to doing what they love so you are my medicine but at that i can see into the can going to keep will will continue
1:56 pm
to connect with our fans that it's not possible to have them in the stadium at the moment until the authorities permit but we want them to know it will do our jobs in the field and bring them as much happiness as we can. mexico is one of latin america's worst hit countries by the corona virus pandemic and 2nd only to brazil in coburg related deaths health policy analysts say continuing mexico's prolific football season is that a sign the corona virus outbreak is improving but rather a decision that was made despite evidence and warnings that contagion is still on the rise. the remaining matches of the guardian's 2020 tournaments will be played in empty stadiums the recent poll found that 3 in 4 mexican football fans would not attend live games even if the stadiums were open out of fear of contracting coated 19 miners up below al-jazeera mexico city. bron james is the king good ahead of the n.b.a. restart next thursday the l.a.
1:57 pm
lakers that star scored 20 points and a warm up against the orlando magic a team it was also known for only delivered a game high 25 points as they lay calls 101112 winners. all to m.l. b. and now the angels have picked up their 1st win of the delayed major league baseball season the auckland athletics a day after losing naturally to them justin upton sent the angels are on their way with a solo home run as they run out for one winner as. well even the way sports men and women the celebrate victories is being changed by covert 19 on are the days when golfers could embrace their families on the final green it's elizabeth not top part already celebrating his title win at the british masses with a zoom call to his mom. that's it for me
1:58 pm
thank you sam a see it later on the stars here is here from 11 gee that was a broadcast that was the news out here and on my means b.t.w. i will see you very soon for the moments for everyone here in town to thank so much . on the deserted streets of they've become familiar figures couriers on bicycles delivering food or medicine to lock down colombians most of them here are venezuelan migrants today mike almost a mother of 4 says contagion is always on her mind not of them receive health
1:59 pm
insurance for their work and exposing themselves and very few seem to have it yet there may be a bright side people who look down on them as own skilled migrants now say they're essential to control the virus i receive messages on the out saying that we are you know so i was a nurse back home what i am doing is not all that different from my passion helping others. a career reporting to the well though i did hear one journalist documents life beyond the headlines. that certain stories can change us in the easiest cleaves use to it well you know the history. in any way a unique journey into what it means to be human the things we keep a witness documentary on al-jazeera. if you want to help save the world. sneeze and hero. talk to old is there
2:00 pm
a. is the government not taking the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that air travel is the safest mode of travel and the spend that we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter ota 0 lead. a global tally puts coronavirus infections beyond the 16000000 by the u.s. which has recorded more than 70000 cases just in the past day. the end. of that on the stand here today and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. a most.


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