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some of the best documentary films from across the network on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian for getting this live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes 55 years after he let a freedom march on a bridge in alabama a fatal crossing the u.s. civil rights activists join us. a frustrating way to end a holiday british travellers learn that they'll be forced into pouring tea upon their return from spain. for straight nights be honest because it feels they actually feel safer in spain which it did in u.k.
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. a warning the disruption caused by the coded 19 pandemic could lead to double the number of malaria related deaths in africa this year. and the painstaking process of restoring the acropolis in athens says the greek government renews its call for britain to return to its ancient traditions. and sport the west indies are fighting to avoid defeat in the deciding task match against england stuart broad taking 8 wickets in the match so far and closing in on a series victory. a powerful politician who stood alongside martin luther king jr as a civil rights pioneer in the u.s. has made a symbolic final judie 55 years ago john lewis was knocked down and beaten unconscious on a bridge in alabama for demanding that black people be given the right to vote his
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. bodies been taken across that bridge in selma one last time it's part of 6 days of ceremonies to remember the 80 year old who died after battling pancreatic cancer lewis was one of the so-called big 6 of the civil rights movement led by luther king jr he helped to organize the march on washington where king delivered his historic i have a dream speech lewis was elected to the u.s. house of representatives in 1986 the democratic congressman served right up until he died 9 days ago i'll just sirus and he gallagher has been watching the memorial from miami in florida he's with us now live and he took us through the significance of this moment in selma today. well this is a significant moment for a man who was considered a civil rights icon more accurately a civil rights giant he passed peacefully over the edmund pettus bridge but that wasn't the scene 55 years ago in
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a day that came to be known as bloody sunday when john lewis and other people back ling for the right for all african-americans to get the vote cross that bridge they were bent by alabama's state troopers under the orders of a racist governor who ordered them to stop them at any cost john lewis himself took a billy club to the head one of 40 times that he was arrested in his career and as someone who was fighting for civil rights that day that bloody sunday really changed the mood of the united states that pictures were broadcast across the country the still pictures were seen in newspapers everywhere and it really solidified and intensified that fight for the voting rights act which was then passed john lewis went on to serve in the congress he was often called the conscious of the u.s. congress a man who spent his entire time in political office fighting for those less fortunate than themselves not just african-americans he also fought for native american
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voting rights he strongly represented him was a voice for the l.g.b. t.q. community and somebody i think whose work who literally spilt blood for the causes he fought 'd for was respected by all both republicans and democrats he was no fan of president trump he didn't attend his inauguration but i think he will be seen as somebody who whose whose words among many will be remembered by generations to come he said look freedom isn't something that it's given it is something that is fought for and when you think about the voting rights act this wasn't something voluntarily written up by politicians it wasn't voluntarily passed in the congress it was forceful by people like john lewis who in fact spoke the. same day in washington d.c. but dr martin luther king jr did it with his very famous i have a dream speech i was there as an added gallagher reporting live from miami florida but he thanks andy that's bringing us political analyst eric ham from washington
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d.c. eric what are your thoughts on the significance of this moment and so much of a following the policy of the last civil rights icon if you like of his generation sure i mean while we are certainly memorializing this civil rights icon john lewis and doing so in the fashion that he should certainly be awarded we cannot forget that there are so many protests so many demonstrations that are taking place today and john lewis is the the bearer of the flag bearer of which he has handed this but on off to now a many of these demonstrators in protest that we are seeing in fact if you just go back just a few years ago when john lewis was still marching steel advocating for rights i mean he led a sit in in the u.s. congress on the chamber floor and it was so of back the house republicans will were in charge at that time actually ordered c.-span to actually turn off the cameras so
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americans would not see it so clearly what we are seeing here is a new generation of activists shaping and pushing it agitating for civil rights and social justice for all americans and that think that the moniker of john lewis to to to get in trouble necessary trouble good trouble we are seeing that take place today and clearly john lewis is actions and john lewis is words continue to resonate for many americans today so as far as i'm concerned that there is a lie there's there's a cause the cause for optimism an end in sight to the lifelong fight of john this. i don't know if i'm willing to go that far but i do believe what we are seeing is we're seeing that baton being passed on john lewis as you said one of the big 6 who were in leading and fighting for civil rights and human rights for americans back
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in the sixty's and has continued to do so remember he was seen and often referred to as the conscious of the congress and so i think what we're saying is john lewis not only the man not only memorializing his actions of 60 years ago but also we're seeing them play out today with so many people continuing to fight because again americans still believe that that the united states has not lived up to its ideals in fact when you look at what took place with george floyd more than 3 months ago and americans continuing to protest and demonstrate across this country in fact protests are continuing in seattle portland colorado other cities across the country and many there are there there's there there were their willingness to lay down their lives to what john lewis did so young an age and what he contained to do even until the day to what extent to day events in selma old as he is a go. become
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a burden if you like the beginning of his his life's work a responsibility that that he would shoulder for the rest of his days. sure i mean when you when you think about it we're talking about a very young man only in his early twenty's laying his life on the line i mean that is clearly a fork in a role 'd that many young people frankly don't have to make that decision today many young people are choosing to to go to college and they have that right where is john lewis as you mentioned was arrested multiple times numerous top arms and so clearly you know there was so much danger so much threat around his life but he continued to lay his life on the line for what he believed in so that people today can experience the ability to walk to breathe which we're still seeing many millions of americans fight for across this country eric really good to talk to you again many thanks to derrick ound there live in washington the u.s.
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envoy to iran says the blockade of cast has gone on for too long brian hooks says the gulf dispute is damaging stability prosperity and security as well as harming shed regional interests saudi arabia the united arab emirates bufferin and egypt cut ties with 3 years ago. leaders to ny that occasions that it supports groups and they refuse to accept infringements on the country's sovereignty. this is the news off from on sirius still to come on the program burning uncontrollably find out why firefighters have been struggling to contain an oil well blaze in india for the last 2 months. more tear gas in portland this week 9 begins of outcry against police brutality we have the latest from oregon. out in sport football is return to action in mexico despite coronavirus fears far ahead with that and the rest of the sport a little later. spain
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is asking the u.k. to exempt british tourists visiting the badly eric and canary islands from a requirement to self quarantine upon their return home the british government reimposed a 2 week rule after new outbreaks of the corona virus in spain al jazeera is not deemed baba reports now from london. london's gatwick airport and plenty of people flying off on holiday but for those traveling to spain it's a confusing time face with 2 weeks in quarantine on their return this teacher and her husband decided to cancel their trip to the countries south where we were going there is no outbreak so why don't some want them to look at regional lockdowns like madrid in barcelona like why not you know shut those down and then leave the tourist a bit open and that's a question being asked by some travelers heading to london from madrid i think it so it's pretty bad because it's just come all of
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a sudden it's not given people much time to prepare. for everyone is now panicking and i also think it ruins cons for everybody since the number of cases here in spain are rising i think it's sensible measure. and i was expecting it to be honest spain recorded more than 100 new covered cases on friday in major cities including barcelona have seen a surge in infections with health officials warning a 2nd wave could be imminent the british government says it had to act quickly to avoid reinfection and a possible lockdown but the message from spain is the country is safer tourists like in any other european country we are seeing outbreaks the outbreaks in spain are perfectly controlled we have 3 that are the most important outbreaks at the moment in barcelona. all of them are perfectly traced. europe's biggest travel company to
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e has counseled all holidays in mainland spain for 2 weeks but it's still flying people to spain's canary islands and the erik islands is question the need for people returning from those destinations to self isolate one al-jazeera staff member who just travel to minorca says people there were surprised we were quite frustrated by the news the numbers here are very low they've implemented a very strict lockdown. broke out very very strict wanted people have not been able to leave their houses and they've done really well it keeping the numbers down here in minorca the real damage is likely to be to people's confidence in traveling meaning a setback to the aviation industry and to spain's tourism sector that accounts for 12 percent of the national economy. here in britain the opposition labor party is calling for clarity on what support people going into quarantine will get but what many people are asking themselves is whether this kind of risk will be part of foreign travel for the foreseeable future. al-jazeera in southern england the
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pandemic is spreading faster and further it took the world 2 weeks to get from 1000000 to 2000000 infections it's taken just 4 days to make the leap from 15 to 16000000 data from the u.s. space johns hopkins university shows the united states brazil and india are leading the search and this graph shows the number of cases added each day the curve is rising with more than a quarter of a 1000000 new infections every 24 hours almost 650000 people worldwide are known to diet after contracting the disease dr barrett plank cannier is a senior clinical lecturer at the university of exeter medical school in the u.k. and an expert in disease control he says the global surge in cases was entirely predictable. it surprises me that people are surprised and ask questions like where did this come from it is inevitable and obvious if we have
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a large number of cases and then we move from a environment of a lock down to having people go back to work and mingling and socializing one meets the other and people get infected and they make more cases the other thing that makes coronavirus cope with 1000 disease so difficult to control is because many people are infectious without showing any signs and symptoms of illness and that makes control that much more difficult and that's why we get these sudden surge of cases all over the country and oh well all over the world measures such as infection control social distancing wearing a mask are important other issues that have already started we ought to stop it so for example cinemas theaters crowded bars and nightclubs those are places where infection will inevitably transmit and we've got to say no we've got to have restrictions that outdoor activities are
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a lot more safe than indoor activities so what we have to do is accept that it will happen work in partnership determine what is safe and do the safe things and don't do the unsafe things. argentina's government deployed thousands of security personnel in march to inforce a nationwide lockdown try to contain the corona virus but reports of abuse and violence of been on the rise since then has to rise above reports from one assad us . cindy i don't says her brother look us west killed by the police on july 9th the day he turned 18 be living on. our working class neighborhood in grade one a situs us was shot when he left his parents' home to buy a drink the other one this was 2 blocks away and we were on a motorcycle the police car crashed into them and threw them on the ground he had a bullet in the middle of his chest i don't know why they did it lucas was so happy to be turning 18 he wanted to get
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a driver's license and help our family. loved horses and like to compete in races around the province his friend bryan bromell was with him that night he says they did not mean to violate the lockdown and never thought things would end up the way they did but again. now we cannot trust the police they don't take care of us they kill us we have to take care of each other because we cannot expect anything from them. but many say look us in the only victim of the security forces it's been 4 months since argentina imposed to prevent the spread of colgate 19 but critics say that the government has given too much power to security forces on the ground who are in charge of patrolling the streets security forces that have been involved in abuses in the past human rights groups say that at least 12 people have been either killed or disappeared by argentina's security forces 22 year old.
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went missing in april he told his mother he was going to see his girlfriend 200 kilometers away in the province of when. he was never seen again security forces have been patrolling the area where he went missing for the past few weeks to try to find him the united nations is demanding a full investigation into what could have been an enforced disappearance human rights groups say the incidents in the past months are not isolated. this is nothing new and shows again that there is a structural problem during koren 1000 security forces acquired greater protectionism because they are in charge of hosing the lock down reforming the police is a dead since argentina returned to democracy because even though there have been attempts of reform the real problems were never tackled. the 2 police officers involved in the killing of god on are under investigation his family is
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hoping justice will be served. one of. when seen as a coronavirus success story astray me up at its highest daily death toll since the pandemic began 10 people died in 24 hours in the southeastern states of victoria the epicenter of a resurging outbreak case numbers there have been growing by several 100 per day for the past 3 weeks the study i had largely brought the coronavirus on the control and april but i've seen a 2nd wave over the last month you'd have to say that these numbers are far too hot i was there is some relative and i stress the term relative stability we're not saying doubling the doubling again we're not dealing with thousands of cases a day which is what the modeling tells us we would have had to deal with if we do not go into the start story start high motos we've got to drop those numbers down. people in the chinese city of holland that have a new emergency to deal with 6 months since the corona virus outbreak forced its 11000000 residents into lockdown flooding has submerged parts of china's worst
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affected city as well as other parts of the provinces al jazeera training you reports. there used to be a pot where 100 town now works but last week's to wrench the reigns changed that flooding and pollution is crayfish and crab ponds gotta hold the coronavirus this year already impact my business when the operate was contained i worked really hard to recover the business but just before the harvest time. i've lost so much. almost all of science stock died in just a few days he lost more than a year's worth of income. he says 2020 has so far been a year of disasters the coronavirus crisis forced his farm on the outskirts of ohio to close for much of the 1st half of the year infections have eased but for the city's 11000000 residents flooding poses a new threat 6 months off was 1st put in lockdown because it was.
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like this time what parts of the city where. the governor was but it's unlikely. that some. more than 1000 rivers in the region have breached flood warning levels more heavy rain is expected. well from a worried about the future old giles lake and think about the past her father died suddenly and without diagnosis and early february despite having symptoms of carbon 19 a fever and breathing difficulties the authorities never formally acknowledge him as a victim. yet. remember what happened to my father that day it was so tough taking him to the hospital there was no car no help he was in the hospital waiting room then a few minutes later he stopped breathing then a doctor came and told my mom he passed away. the government says about 3800 people
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who died after contracting corona virus with 50000 infected beijing says it successfully contain the outbreak but its source remains unknown world health organization officials say they've launched an investigation but the u.n. agency isn't saying what progress is being made while the virus crisis in the hunt is over at least for now. the scars remain. so my life has completely changed i don't think we can ever go back to normal. sidewalk tao is grateful his family survived the outbreak he says he's now trying to shift his focus from counting his losses to making do with what's left katrina you al-jazeera on. the world health organization is warning that malaria related deaths in africa could more than double this year to almost 770000 because of disruption caused by the corona virus pandemic the health emergency has shut down many large
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scale treatment and prevention programs as other reports from nairobi. hospital in kisumu city can medical workers at treating children sick with malaria . for. bringing. it to them is a decision this is their. no i have exposed. to name their s.p. told us so many disease. causing this so many have infectious disease but they have to bring out here that is another one i say then that is on my side because i'm going to tell that to the number of people who might in one way or another be infected under an end up infecting so they feel their medical workers say many people suffering from malaria are staying away from health facilities realized during discovered known to no pandemic most of the way from coming to the hospital putting into. they feel. they're getting fictive are getting
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affected you know. 19. days in the heart of what's called kenya's malaria belt well outbreaks of the disease are. stagnant toward like this one. the perfect breeding ground. for. so. i don't. like. according to the world the help of the covered 19 pundit makers are disrupting routine health services that are likely to increase outbreaks and deaths from treatable diseases such as malaria. the
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krises are affected the veil ability of mosquito nets used to prevent the disease malaria is one of the leading causes of death globally and the 2nd biggest killer enough ruka which accounts for 93 percent of malaria related deaths in the world. in the coming decades much will depend on whether. or are you talking. the next few months will prove critical governments on the international community try to pull a delicate balancing act to keep. under control. is the team leader of the tropical invective borne diseases program in the world health organization regional office for africa he says the continent must take the warning seriously to keep malaria casualties under control. vasu programs must
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continue no says to treatment services for 4 months for sicknesses for pneumonia as for the children and for those who must continue and anything that he did that the us says should be looked into with them and dealt with including absence of a cause good piece to show that they have save and if you save to be able to look my need to seek children sick women and seek everybody we see who comes to the health facility and we believe that countries have taken the one thing countries have adopted approaches you know that dish of my competition on what unsettles that will especially be preventative visions are continuing so how do you know the year hopefully we're not to see that pretty shocking control. firefighters in india have so far failed to put out an oil well blaze that's been burning for 2 months now thousands of farming families and states have been forced to homes calling for
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compensation from the oil company and sold for causing widespread environmental damage. reports. the bug john the oil well has been burning out of control since may or against exploded or in several workers were injured as they tried to extinguish the blowout. the well is operated by the 2nd largest oil producer in the country all india ltd says it's not able to determine the cause but is trying to control the inferno this is. a major blow by the doctors down there. we have roped in. foreign experts. to help us out we have c.m.d. experts from when you see a. team of experts we've been trying our best. to control.
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the blowout spread to nearby villages damaging homes and forcing thousands to escape the count of smoke many are seeking safety in relief camps after losing their homes they're demanding compensation for their trauma. the fire must be extinguished they should provide us with security and our belongings our houses were burnt our farms and our livestock are destroyed only we are alive but living a life like animals we have no mental or physical peace. the fire is near an ecological park and wetland famous for its wildlife and pounds off off off off off off this nature guide says the area used to be full of given monkeys for the confines any no. after the explosion the who look good been stopped using because of the condensate mixing in the year they usually remain on the top of the trees but the noise in the brightness at night is disturbing on. efforts to contain the
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blaze are being hampered by the heavy monsoon rains causing flooding. into central and state government are investigating and promising to ensure the oil company pays compensation after an assessment is carried out. and fire experts still have to work out how to extinguish the flames once and for all we're here to mohammed al jazeera. we've got a weather update on al jazeera that in the final stages of testing russia's president says new nuclear weapons are on the way. and with millions of our american entertainment workers out of a job one group is asking the u.s. congress for help. and in sport about her g.p. rider making his move in the absence of the world champ.
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hello the weather remains on the usually stormy across western parts of yemen southwestern areas of saudi arabia lots of sunday heads still showing up here we will see more showers as we go through the next couple of days elsewhere where hot and dry as usual sums it up 51 celsius extreme heat in baghdad further south though hardly getting up to about 44 celsius for monday killing off. somebody goes down humidity goes up 38 celsius the top temperature on tuesday still hot enough 100 in found i can answer that 51 celsius there in baghdad more showers there you can see just around the southern end of the red sea i shall is affecting eritrea stepping off the open highland you will. eastley way striving their way towards west africa big downpours there into western parts of southern areas of nigeria the usual on the sea snow showers but the west the weather over towards sierra leone towards
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guinea pushing up towards the gambia over the next day and if i do think there is no more intense still as we go on through choose day south of the tropical shower as well as you dry across a good part of southern africa we got a developing system making its way towards madagascar and turning very wet here this week. but. what is the price of luxury. an undercover team travels deep into the illegal cocoa plantations of the ivory coast simple solutions are very hard to find for something as complicated as the child with a chocolates heart of darkness and count as unpatrolled labor is working in a 100000000000 dollar industry well overhaul of the country's cocoa produces live below the poverty line on al-jazeera. there is no channel that covers world news like we do as
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a roaming correspondent i am constantly on the go covering topics from politics to conflict is often veyron mental issues the scale of this county is like nothing you've ever seen accept on carry on but we want to know how do these things affect people we revisit places and stay even when there are no international headlines. al-jazeera really invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. it's good to be with us hello everyone fit here with the news from al-jazeera the headlines the body of the u.s. civil rights pioneer john lewis has been taken across the edmund pettus bridge in
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selma alabama one final time lewis was beaten unconscious there in 1965 for the modern black people be given the right to vote. the u.k. has imposed a 2 week orenstein for travelers returning from spain change began at midnight on sunday leaving many tourists scrambling to get back home. the world health organization is warning that malaria related deaths in africa could more than double this year to almost 770000 because of disruption caused by the corona virus pandemic. process in the u.s. city of portland against racism and police brutality and now into the 9th week nationwide demonstrations began in may after the killing of george floyd in minneapolis 14 city leaders say that angus being inflamed by president donald trump's decision to send in federal agents seriously holiday reports. demonstrations like these have been held in portland oregon for the last 2 months.
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protesters supporting the black lives matter demanding racial equality and an end to police brutality they're probably going to get their message across that we're not backing down and we're not just i'm here for a game not a joke the 3 of you we are here completely for. the protests intensified this week after u.s. president donald trump sent federal agents into the city. organ's attorney general applied for a temporary restraining order against what she described as their unconstitutional tactics but that was rejected by a federal judge. local politicians and democrats in congress accuse the officers of using excessive force even still more people are joining the demonstrations have been. basically the president to make an example of the city has absolutely brought broader base to the to the protests were there at the
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beginning that after you know a month or so the protests were getting a little bit smaller this is only brought about everyone that would have been out at the beginning. federal agents were also sent to the neighboring state of washington. on saturday fighting broke out during protests in seattle dozens of people were arrested and officers wounded. despite the criticism and unrest president tramp said he's ready to send hundreds more federal officers to cities across the country. al-jazeera life threatening flash flood warnings of being issued in texas after hurricane hanna hit the u.s. states the governor there has to clad a disaster all across southern texas and says the surgeon corona virus infections will complicate the emergency response has now been downgraded to a tropical storm as it heads towards mexico. israel says that one of its.
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aircraft has crashed the ministry drone fell in neighboring lebanon a spokesman for the army says that it happened during an operational activity but that no information was leaked lebanon the lebanese authorities are yet to comment . israeli police have confronted the latest protests demanding the resignation of prime minister benjamin netanyahu water cannon was fired to disperse crowds again rallying near his home in west jerusalem demonstrators have held repeated protests nonces handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his links corruption for which he's on trial. security forces in jordan have arrested leaders of a teacher's union it's affiliated to opposition parties the teachers syndicate has been shut down for 2 years as part of a corruption investigation and the union's acting head has been charged with inciting members against the government teachers marched in the capital amman on wednesday to demand the government on a last year's agreement to increase salaries poland is pulling out of
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a european treaty aimed at preventing violence against women thousands protested against the planned withdrawal in cities across the country the justice minister says the treaty violates parents' rights by requiring schools to teach children about gender. russia's president says that new nuclear weapons are on the way for the navy during a navy day parade in some petersburg putin said that a hypersonic cruise missile and underwater nuclear drones are in the final stages of testing 0 sania gago reports. on the new evil river a show of russian naval might 200 vessels on display a more than 4000 troops standing to attention for the country's top brass to have promises of more investment from warships to nuclear submarines the same petersburg
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ceremony showcase the military modernization that bloody mir putin has made his highest priority since the annexation of crimea and 2014 the president using the occasion to announce dozens of new warships are on the way. we're doing as. the capability of our navy grows constantly this year it will receive 40 vessels of different classes several days ago 3 main russian shipyards started the construction of 6 more vessels for the far seas unique advantages and the increase of combat capabilities of the fleet will be achieved by introducing the cutting edge of digital technology hypersonic missile strike systems. president putin has said he doesn't want an arms race but the newly touted weapons that have yet to be deployed would be among development of its current capability but this is a country that is struggling financially its oil and gas dependent economy has been
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stagnating for years this year's pandemic has caused a major economic crisis a boost to the navy may mean financial sacrifices if you're not fighting a new war if you're trying to taken serious sassing much that the russia maybe can do it shows the price and that. and of course it works on villages so that's more or less ok and then later the admiral starts right now gross monthly or they want more in the budget but they have a form of their well let me the russian finance minister. and the russian thank general so believe that this is an offer and you just. thanks. since message may be aimed at international rivals or to boost morale at home whether he can transport the energy of these displays to tangible results for the navy will be the true test of strength. al-jazeera. police in france have charged
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a refugee from rwanda with arson after last week's fires that damaged a 15th century cathedral the 39 year old volunteer was in charge of locking up the cathedral and gnomes he was initially question the week ago and released he's admitted starting 3 fires which shattered stained glass windows and destroyed a 400 year old orgon. restoration is on the way on one of the world's most famous ancient monuments the parthenon in athens as withstood the test of time for 2 and a half 1000 years and repairs are finally being made to damage done by a 19th century british aristocracy another top priority is the return of artifacts that the greek government says he stole johnson office reports. this marble block is being cut out to make history it will eventually form part of the parthenon where new model is being precisely chiseled to be married to surviving fragments the reconstructed blocks will be hoisted back into the
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structure much of the damage to this 2500 year old temple was caused relatively recently just over 200 years ago the 7th of elegant removed dozens of sculpted panels to get to them he hosted masonry off the roof and dashed it to the ground yet nobody else is now to remove something you have to dismantle whatever's on top of it it's not like pulling a book off the shelf temple construction was like lego they were built from the bottom up this is why they've lasted each piece is fitted exactly to the pieces around it and that makes them earthquake resistant the sculptures formed part of the structure this quake proof technology has lasted world the ancient greeks connected each block of marble to its neighbor with iron clamps over which molten lead was poured insulated and prevent rust and for $25.00 centuries these clumps absorb the strains when blocks of marble moved against each other during
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earthquakes and they've kept this temple from collapsing but earthquakes have done far less damage than people even those who unlike meant well the clamps used in a 19th century restoration rusted expanded and split the surrounding marble and venetian francesco morosini who meant to liberate africans from the ottomans. 350 years ago did the most damage of all causing an explosion that ripped the path of open visitors are divided over how much of the original parthenon should be restored. i think it's. imagination i would love to see exactly how. we have and maybe we have a chance that. future generations there this restoration. reconstruction it's is to heal the damage. caused greeks hope that part of that
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healing will eventually be the return of the sculptures that once adorned to their most sacred of monuments jumps. from greece is among many nations demanding the return of artifacts but governments and museums of long resistance aside from the parthenon marbles the british museum also holds bronze statues from the kingdom now nigeria taken by the british an $897.00 and the rosetta stone brought from egypt in $171009.00 another u.k. museum the v. and a as ethiopia has not dollar treasures of a suggested a long term loan to hold on to them france's president promised last year's return artifacts taken from bernie in an 892 but they remain in paris. is a professor of global history at the university of hamburg he says the legal status of artifacts varies from country to country. in france for example. legal
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provision that you cannot arrest you tube and he objects once they are in him yes you know it needs a. legal solution in germany it's very similar the museum directors even if they want which i doubt they wouldn't be able to restitute object in even great in great numbers so it's both the museum directors who are professional who want to keep for it to have caught i'm to put politicians who don't put pressure on them or who don't create the league or frank which makes it possible to return french parliament passed legislation to bieksa go to return $26.00 or 30 object which is is is just as more figure compared to the 1000s of objects which were due to turn stolen during colonialism i think it's going nowhere because the european museums are basically food of looted octet and
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the european museum at me straight has put it in half rate that once you start a process of restitution you can stop it and that museums will be will be emptied and secondly the question of who to dock jets leads to the question of colonial legacy at large and that means where that he could use tube you should have the us on earth comes from and that we have 600 years of colonial exploitation to to discuss and to find a remedy for this and include distribution of people shy away from in the past in europe shy away from this big crush's. a cucumber farm in germany is under quarantine because 170 of its workers have tested positive for corona virus private security guards are ensuring that none of the 480 employees can leave the farm in bavaria even if they're not infected it's the latest in several localized lock
9:45 pm
downs in the german food industry with meat packing companies most affected north korea has put the border city of k. song into lockdown saying that its 1st case of corona virus may have been brought in from south korea pictures were broadcast of kim jong un chairing a meeting to announce the measures state media says the suspected case is a defector who fled to south korea years ago before returning illegally last week to libya where warlord khalifa haftar has been accused of indiscriminately targeting civilians during his attempts to capture tripoli doctors health workers and ambulance drivers have spoken of the terror of landmines left behind this have to us fighters retreated. is a 1st responder and he's told us what he's seen 300. my name is how. i am
9:46 pm
a 1st responder for the. field hospital he used to be just called a field hospital but after dr ayman was killed and more injured we renamed the hospital in his name the injuries from one mines are not like the injuries from their more horrific much more horrific we saw a person comes to you with his leg blown off or norm is missing. when this vehicle was shelled saddam was killed he was an ambulance driver we were going in and we were targeted as 1st responders we were targets by have 2 sources dr malik and dr mohammed who were always with me they were my dear friends more than brothers to me we met in this war we were here on this front line and the soldier told on there was a body lying close by half his forces put the body and planted a landmine next to it they died trying to help him. in this war we lost many of the great men we got to know that is the most difficult thing to lose your
9:47 pm
friend suddenly next to you dr malik is one of my dearest friends in our team and we lost him. just ahead here on al-jazeera in sport for the 1st time since the coronavirus lockdown spectators a welcome to the sporting events in england far right here with that in just a few moments. focused on out his aim at the u.s. republican and democratic national convention stella gets officially nominate their party's presidential candidates for the 2020 elections in india with new spawn as a young conservationist tackling the deadly human and from conflict with an unlikely strategy coexistence 10 years after the chilean mining disaster we revisit the victims of a story that captivated the world one a one east end to the violent arena mixed martial arts in russia on the phone with
9:48 pm
us s. r. and the u.n. special tribunal delivers its verdict on the assassination of former lebanese prime minister rafik hariri focused on al-jazeera. on the counting the cost this week rich countries are cornering the market for covert $19.00 vaccines but want to step in for the world's paul will look at the coronavirus treatments offer low income nations and check out the real price of developing drugs counting the cost on al-jazeera. elegant theaters empty countless numbers of concerts and festivals cancelled the coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for billions of us worldwide but artists
9:49 pm
and performers are no exception some governments have stepped in to support them american before this and our press and congress to give them a helping hand to al-jazeera as cable as all the reports from new york. for better or worse the u.s. is slowly reopening its economy restaurants parks and even pools have been opening their doors but for some industries there is still no light at the end of the tunnel the health risks of the coated 1000 virus keeping the curtain firmly closed on theaters cinemas and music venues which means no work for millions in the arts and entertainment industry people like carson l. rod and actor who's been relying on the extra federal unemployment payments to make ends meet when something like this happens and everything shuts down and there's nothing to hustle for and there's nothing even look for it takes a situation that's already purse area and it makes it. i don't i don't know any
9:50 pm
other way to describe it but just terrifying i'm challenging you guys today to become our heroes that's where the be in arts hero campaign comes in a grassroots lobbying effort for arts and entertainment workers its members are imploring u.s. senators not just to extend the extra unemployment payments before they are set to expire on july 31st but also to come up with a stimulus package to save struggling institutions across the country it's not only the biggest theaters like here on broadway that have remained closed but also the smaller independent theaters as well as music venues everyone from actors to actresses to the millions of people behind the scenes many facing financial ruin be an arts hero campaign organizers point to the $50000000000.00 bailout given to the u.s. airline companies. far more than the $75000000.00 so far given to arts and
9:51 pm
entertainment that's despite arts and entertainment they say being worth more to the u.s. economy we are instrumental and a cornerstone of the united states organizers say they don't want preferential treatment from the government just proportional to help prevent a tragic ending for millions in the industry gabriel sandow al-jazeera new york the last surviving actress of the golden age of hollywood has died at the age of 100 for a living i have learned was best known for her role in the 1939 film gone with the wind a career included 2 academy awards a victory against the water brothers studio and a landmark court case for actors whites in hollywood. time for sports is for a german thank you so much chelsea and manchester united have secured the final 2 champions league qualification spots from the english premier league both teams won
9:52 pm
their final games of the season to secure a place in the top for united beat leicester to know that result means leicester finish 5th and will play in next season's europa league chelsea were 2 no winners against wolves and that was good enough for them to finish 4th liverpool had already been crowned champions and they finished their season with $99.00 points after a $31.00 win at newcastle at the other end of the table watford and bournemouth were relegated. event has had the chance to seal a 9 story italian league title in a few hours time victory against time doria will guarantee the championship power of the turn club have been starting towards the finish line if only $11.00 of their last 5 matches in the sort of older than that a little bit against some doria we have an opportunity to finish it we would play the game with a fighting mentality to reach our target because as i've said many times just to be close to it counts for nothing. top level football is making its return in mexico
9:53 pm
but the opening match had to be postponed for 24 hours after warnings about the heightened risk of corona virus spreading among players meanwhile apple has more from mexico city. after an uncertain season on and off the pitch footballers in mexico are returning to work. for league football has kicked off a 4 day tournaments with the theme on arena health workers on the front lines of mexico's ongoing struggle against the corona virus pandemic. in recognition and gratitude of those who care for health against the toughest of rivals the tournament name will be changed to guard against 2020 this is a message of solidarity on behalf of mexico's football industry the minister got some support if you don't well this year's league has been highly anticipated though many in mexico see the tournament as a risky mistake as you you may know we have been using their government has been
9:54 pm
using. coerced we don't have a little interest you're going to orange we're turning this into next. year status of the mexican republic we're returning to red that's a highest level that's rees so this is not the time to return to stadiums concerns have also been growing over the risk to players and league staff among mexico's 80 . 1st division teams 16 have reported coronavirus infections within their ranks. even so many players say they're just glad to return to doing what they love so you are mom and i simply thought that we could see if you can going to keep our team will continue to connect with our fans that it's not possible to have them in the stadium at the moment until the authorities permit but we want them to know we'll do our jobs in the field and bring them as much happiness as we can. mexico is one
9:55 pm
of latin america's worst hit countries by the corona virus pandemic and 2nd only to brazil in coburg related deaths health policy analysts say continuing mexico's prolific football season is that a sign the corona virus outbreak is improving but rather a decision that was made despite evidence and warnings that contagion is still on the rise. the remaining matches of the guardian's 2020 tournaments will be played in empty stadiums the recent poll found that 3 in 4 mexican football fans would not attend live games even if the stadiums were open out of fear of contracting code 19 . below al-jazeera mexico city the west indies are fighting to avoid defeat in the deciding task master against england the doors are in town for 2 chasing in the unlikely victory target of 399 stuart broad has taken 8 wickets in the match so far and he's now just one short of this 500 career dismissal there are 2 days of play left in manchester the 3 it has serious as the level at one match all on the fans'
9:56 pm
allowed to add that test match due to chronic virus but in london 1000 spectators were able to attend a friendly game between syrian male sex it's the 1st time fans have been able to go to a live sports event in england since kobe at 19 forced all sport to be suspended in march. hopefully we can act as the vanguard for all of the spectator schools in the country and hopefully the lessons from us over the next day or so can then help to inform and and allow move spectators to come back to every football club rugby club every sports club up in the country tennis world number 2 simona halep has pulled out of next month's palermo open in italy due to concerns over quarantine rules the event will mark the return of top level tennis after an unforced 5 month break well the romanian says she has anxieties about international air travel her concerns are shared by other top players as they build up to the 2nd grand slam of
9:57 pm
the year the us open an event that stew to start at the end of august if the usa is intending to go ahead and does go ahead i definitely want to pay i think. just looking to be a sensible as i can on my end i know that does go ahead we'll be doing the best they can to keep everyone safe and then. i'm just a few getting back out of coats and fabio quote there are 01 from pole position at the angle of the grand prix it's a frenchman 2nd consecutive win since the delayed money g.p. season started a week after winning his maiden moto g.p. race the 21 year old has now opened up a 10 point lead over maverick of analysis and the title standings defending world champion mark mark has missed the race due to a broken arm. ok and that is all your sport for now adrian back to you for many thanks indeed time for us to have the pass on to our colleagues in la the dream
9:58 pm
here is what they should next and see you again by foot. talk to o.j. is there a school is the government not taking the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories the back to 0 to 0 the cost of morale day is a magnet for the rich and famous it highlights the most beautiful beaches in all of
9:59 pm
europe but i've come here to investigate a darker side san diego plays host to some of the world's most elaborate war games for decades dust from explosions and tastes has rang down on the towns and the grazing fields of the firing range exactly what was in the no one knows in nearly 2000 local doctors store a spike in the number of unusual cancers in their patients in a country 90 days defense contracts are a source of income but all flood quite possibly the cause of untold misery after all the inquiries and with military brass now on trial for the people of this island paradise there is a glimmer of hope but the truth might finally see the light of day a global pandemic mass protests demanding change economic recession and geopolitical tensions not to mention the small matter of
10:00 pm
a looming election join me steve clemons in conversation with leading voices on the bottom line your weekly take on u.s. politics and society on al-jazeera. u.s. civil rights pioneer john lewis makes his final journey across the bridge in selma alabama which became a landmark in the fight for racial justice. this after a day of tense anti racism rallies fueled by clashes in portland between protesters and federal agents deployed by president trump. you're watching al-jazeera live from london i'm dating you navigate also ahead.


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