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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 27, 2020 3:00am-3:33am +03

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up to 1000000 pakistanis not known photostat for human age virtually no one speaks for them they suffer but they suffer in silence with no hope of escape what do you think there's a link. conditions in the industry is equivalent to modern slavery slavery a 21st century evil continues with bonded slaves announces in. 'd a pandemic out of control latin america leads the world in the total number of coronavirus cases. hello i'm down in jordan this is our jazeera live from doha also coming up a no slowdown in the u.s. with a surge of infections growing across the west and south of the country. saying goodbye to the conscience of congress u.s. civil rights icon john lewis makes his final journey. on the restoration project in
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greece that's rig night in calls for the return of disputed artifacts. welcome to the program from the beaches of spain to the streets of los angeles coronavirus cases are surging almost every continent faster further than ever before it's taken just 4 days for the global number of cases to jump from 15 to 16000000 well over the past week 37 countries reported record spikes in daily infections including the u.s. where the tally is going up by 60 to 70000 every day california remains the epicenter of its outbreak was florida has now overtaken new york with nearly 424000 infections brazil is the 2nd worst hit country out of the u.s. and the number of cases across latin. erica has surpassed
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a 4300000 more than the u.s. and canada combined with those top 3 hotspots the u.s. brazil india now account for half of the world's infections prime minister narendra modi warned the indian public to remain extremely vigilant saying the danger of covert 19 is far from over so let's see what's happening across latin america alexander and petit joins us live now from the colombian capital bogota alexandra's a latin america now the worst affected region in the world for covert cases this is a pretty grim milestone which countries are driving up the numbers. yes there and according to the american health again and stationed there pandemic across the region is showing no signs of slowing down but experts there are particularly worried the 5 countries brazil or mexico of course but also colombia where we are. to and to a lesser extent also cheeto weird things have eased up
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a bit of course brazil remains the main hot spot this week they've been reporting more than 50000 cases for 4 days in a row however the government said that this sunday's the number of confirmed cases has gone down to a little over 24000 we'll see what happens in the coming days but the worry there is that even if they brought under control their main hotspots the 1st hot spots at the beginning of the outbreak new ones of st pierre in particular in the south and center west of the country that had fared much better so a lot of warre there in countries like colombia where we are reopening the economy as man to a big big increase in cases so we are in a critical phase of the pandemic right now the same as happened in mexico that has
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seen a resurgence in hospitalizations despite the government thought they had already passed the peak. and alessandro health experts say the official dates are almost certainly under reports infections and deaths in several of those countries that you just mentioned i mean that's likely to put yet more strain on hospitals and public health services. yes there unfortunately that seems to be the case same particularly in the worst affected countries like mexico and brazil that have been the worst same performing tests per 1000000 inhabitants in particular in mexico that has been a decision of the government. not doing a lot of tests instead using some statistical systems to try and understand how the outbreak was going but they have invested
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a lot in their intensive care you need to manage so far to avoid except in some cases that those health system be completely overwhelmed but there is a lot of worry a lot of strain for example hearing but what that 93 percent of i.c.u. units are now fool and the numbers keep going up all right allison run petit there in the colombian capital bogota alexander thank you well moving focus now to the u.s. in our correspondent hi joe castro is in maryland she says the outbreak is getting worse in multiple states across the country. that's a dire situation across the vast majority of states in fact in 40 states the per capita infection rate has gone up in this past week with 18 states breaking new records as far as the number of infections and the number of deaths florida is now one of the epicenters now surpassing new york in the number of infections reporting 10000 new day daily cases and we're looking at texas as well another state that
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reopened early in this pandemic only for its governor to reverse course when it became apparent that these numbers were going up that happened a few weeks ago and now the question is whether it was too little too late as we see these infections continue to rise in texas especially in the south south region of that state where resources were already strained to begin with in the health care system now hospitals begging for more resources the military stepping in to provide some assistance and bringing refrigerated morgue trucks to store the dead so a very grim situation in texas one of several hot spots now in the united states where europe was once a global epicenter of the virus off of the outbreak in china it's a long road to recovery but parts are now experiencing surges spain is insisting that it's to a safe travel destination of the u.k. reintroduced
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a 2 week orange period for those returning from holiday but in baba reports now from london. london's gatwick airport and plenty of people flying off on holiday but for those traveling to spain it's a confusing time face with 2 weeks in quarantine on their return this teacher and her husband decided to cancel their trip to the countries south where we were going there is no outbreak so why don't some want them to like a regional lockdowns like madrid in barcelona like why not you know shut those down and then leave the tourist a bit open and that's a question being asked by some travelers heading to london from madrid i think it so it's pretty bad because it's just come all of a sudden it's not given people much time to prepare. for everyone is now panicking and i also i think it ruins comes for everybody since the number of cases here in spain arise and i think it's sensible measure. and i was expecting it to be honest
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spain recorded more than 100 new covered cases on friday and major cities including barcelona have seen a surge in infections with health officials warning a 2nd wave could be imminent the british government says it had to act quickly to avoid reinfection and a possible lockdown but the message from spain is the country is safer tourists like in any other european country we are seeing outbreaks the outbreaks in spain are perfectly controlled we have 3 that are the most important outbreaks at the moment in barcelona in larry that. all of them are perfectly traced europe's biggest travel company to he has counseled all holidays in mainland spain for 2 weeks but it's still flying people to spain's canary islands and the erik islands is question the need for people returning from those destinations to self isolate one al-jazeera staff member who just travel to minorca says people there was surprised we were quite frustrated when we had the news the numbers here are
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very low they've implemented a very strict lockdown here and then it broke out. a very very strict one and people have not been able to leave their houses and they've done really well it keeping the numbers down here in minorca the real damage is likely to be to people's confidence in travelling meaning a setback to the aviation industry and to spain's tourism sector that accounts for 12 percent of the national economy. here in britain the opposition labor party is calling for clarity on what support people going into quarantine will get but what many people are asking themselves is whether this kind of risk will be part of foreign travel for the foreseeable future. al-jazeera in southern england now he marched alongside martin luther king jr and campaign for social justice right up until his death almost 2 weeks ago now john lewis one of the most influential figures in the american civil rights movement has made a symbolic final journey his coffin was driven across the edmund pettus bridge in selma alabama on the way to his memorial service it's 55 years since lewis led
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hundreds of black demonstrators across that same bridge and was beaten unconscious a state police broke up the march well eric hammers a political analyst he says the fight for justice hasn't ended and john lewis is legacy very much resonates with people today. while we are certainly memorializing this civil rights icon john lewis and doing so in the fashion that he should certainly be awarded we cannot forget that there are so many protests so many demonstrations that are taking place today and john lewis is the the bearer the flag bearer of which he has handed this but on off to now a many of these demonstrators in protest that we are seeing in fact if you just go back just a few years ago when john lewis was still marching steel advocating for rights i mean he led a sit in in the u.s. congress on the chamber floor and it was so a fact the house republicans who were in charge at that time actually ordered
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c.-span to actually turn off the camera so americans would not see it so clearly what we are seeing here is a new generation of activists a shaping and pushing it agitating for civil rights and social justice for all americans and that think that the moniker of john lewis to to to get in trouble necessary trouble good trouble we are seeing that take place today and clearly john lewis his actions and john lewis his words continue to resonate for many americans today must also to come here not just there including anger in northeast india where a devastating oil fires still hasn't the distinguished months off the forced thousands to flee that have. been intense chaos and to racism around as a protest to square off against federal troops important more on that stay with us .
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hello we got plenty of heavy rain into central parts of china yes again and that wet weather still palls sing outs across the east china sea here we go with our my your front but you some wet weather into parts of japan the west the weather will be around that western side of q shoe pushing towards western japan south korea also seeing some very heavy downpours could well see some flooding here as speake go through monday and on into choose to that west the weather will run up that western side of japan sheltered by the mountains tokyo not faring too badly just getting up to around 28 celsius southern china jenny fod in troy here and humid 33 once again in hong kong want to russia showers meanwhile lift intensified somewhat across a good part of southeast asia the philippines seeing some lovely showers right across india china thailand sings and heavy rain of course what's the weather there
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through malaysia the driest weather as well but i suspect into indonesia and not too much dry weather in the forecast across south asia more heavy downpours particularly to the north east of india into bangladesh up towards baton towards nepal and then of course more very heavy rain right up the western ghats pushing up towards the fall of pakistan with more showers to come this week. territorial social and ethnic divisions. france has seen some of the biggest recent protests of the black lives matter. al-jazeera will close to some of its least privileged communities. where treatment by the police is still a contentious issue. carries
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a divided city on al-jazeera. org . welcome back a quick amount of the top stories here at this hour coronavirus cases across latin america have passed 4300000 which is more than the u.s. and canada combined there's been a surge of infections and brazil mexico peru colombia and argentina experts say the actual figure is much higher than the official. florida has overtaken new york as the 2nd worst hit state by coronavirus in the u.s. more than 12000 new cases were reported in the past day taking the state's total to more than 423000. on the body of u.s.
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civil rights pioneer john lewis has been taken across the edmund pettus bridge in selma alabama one final time lewis was beaten unconscious there back in 1065 to demanding black people to give him the right to vote. well protests in the u.s. city of portland against racism and police brutality are into the 9th week there was more chaos in the streets on south of the night and went into sunday morning the protesters threw fireworks towards the city's courthouse while federal agents used tear gas to try and break up the crowds colton's city leaders say i'm just being inflamed by president trump's decision to send those agents hotting has more . demonstrations like these have been held in portland oregon for the last 2 months. was protesters supporting the black lives matter movement demanding racial equality and an end to police brutality throughout their perpetrator to get their message across that we're not backing down and we're not
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just i'm here for a game not a joke the 3 of you we are here completely for. the protests intensified this week after u.s. president donald trump sent federal agents into the city organs attorney general applied for a temporary restraining order against what she described as their unconstitutional tactics but that was rejected by a federal judge. local politicians and democrats in congress accuse the officers of using excessive force even still more people are joining the demonstrations have been. basically the president target to make an example of the city has absolutely brought a broader base to the to the protests were there at the beginning then after you know a month or so all the protests were getting a little bit smaller and this is only brought about everyone that would have been out at the beginning. federal agents were also sent to the neighboring state of
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washington. on saturday fighting broke out during protests in seattle dozens of people were arrested and officers wounded. despite the criticism and unrest president trent said he is ready to send hundreds more federal officers to cities across the country. al-jazeera. for saturday's sore number of anti racism marches around the u.s. some of which turned violent. a man was fatally shot at a black lives matter of protest in austin texas on saturday night witnesses say a car drove towards the demonstration on the drive opened fire when approached by one of the testers. 2 people are being treated in a hospital in colorado after they were accidentally shot during a protest they were hit by a fellow demonstrator who'd taken aim at a blue jeep that was driving at speed towards the crowds hundreds of protesters are marching down a highway when the vehicle drove towards them officials in the u.s.
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state of texas a heavy rain from hurricane hanna could lead to life threatening flash flooding in the south the storm made landfall on saturday but has since been downgraded to a tropical system as it weakens over land texas governor greg abbott has issued a disaster declaration for 32 counties he says coronavirus instructions could complicate the work of emergency services and residents of the u.s. pacific islands of hawaii bracing themselves for hurricane douglas which is expected to make landfall in the coming hours meteorologist say the hurricane is weakening but many shopkeepers in the homeowners are taking no chances authorities are providing extra spaces in shelters to maintain social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic well daryn tarik and hits on the hawaii are extremely rare the mayor of honolulu is urging people to take the storm seriously we're going to be seen shifting going on they're going to be seeing strong winds and storm surge i'm partially island where roads are very close to the water and where homes are very
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close to the water it could be a life threatening event we don't want to see anyone get hurt or worse and that's why it's just so important to plan for the very worst and hope for the best and i hope tomorrow we come out in the sun is out and everything is fine but we don't want to have a tragedy in our heads so now's the time hunker down and be ready to evacuate. israel's cabinet has approved a one off assistance payment for all citizens to stimulate the economy and join the coronavirus crisis announcement comes after thousands rallied against prime minister benjamin netanyahu is handling of the pandemic on saturday israelis will receive individual handouts around $220.00 with additional payments for families scheme will cost the government around $1800000000.00. the u.n. says more than 60 people are believed to have been killed in an attack on a village in the west stuff for hundreds of men target must ery village on saturday burning homes to the ground so downes prime minister says security forces will be
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deployed to the region to protect farmers who are returning to their fields for the 1st time in the year is morocco has shut down some of its biggest cities that battles a surge in corona virus infections nobody will be able to enter or leave casablanca tunji america she says and met this more than 630 new cases were recorded on sunday one of the biggest dead rises so far pushing the infection total past $20000.00 at least $300.00 people have died the u.s. envoy to iran says the blockade of cattle has gone on for too long brian hooks says the gulf dispute is damaging stability prosperity and security as well as harming sched regional interests saudi arabia the u.a.e. behind and egypt cut ties with cattle more than 3 years ago qatar denies there are allegations of supporting armed groups under fees is to accept any settlement that compromises its sovereignty president and secretary pump aoe continue to stress the
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importance of unity among the g.c.c. members the dispute has continued for too long and it ultimately harms our shared regional interests in stability prosperity and security the united states will continue to stress the benefits of cooperation with all g.c.c. members and support steps to rebuild trust and unity. a ceasefire between ukrainian government forces and pro russian rebels has come into effect the truce is backed by the leaders of both russia and ukraine who held a rare phone call 11 years olinsky office says both he unveiled a mere putin agree it's important to implement a 2015 peace deal and russia's president says new nuclear weapons are on the way for the navy during a navy day parade in st petersburg but amid putin said a hypersonic cruise missile and underwater nuclear drones are in their final stages
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of testing. the capability of our navy grows constantly this year 40 ships and vessels of different classes will into service in several days ago 6 movie souls for the 1st season were laid down at russia's 3 leading shipyards the coronavirus continues to spread to at an alarming rate in india prime minister narendra modi has urged the public to remain vigilant as the country nears 1400000 infections almost 50000 new cases were reported in just one day india has the 3rd highest number of confirmed cases in the world and more than 32000 people have died since the outbreak began hospitals across the country are severely strained the experts say testing remains inadequate. firefighters in india are still struggling to put out an oil well blazes and burning for 2 months thousands of farming families in the state have been forced from their homes may according to compensation from the oil company involved causing a widespread environmental damage rating mom it reports. the bug john the oil well
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has been burning out of control since may or against the exploded or in several workers were injured as they tried to extinguish the blowout. the well is operated by the 2nd largest oil producer in the country all india ltd says it's not able to determine the cause but is trying to control the inferno this is. a major blow by the doctors down there. we have roped in. foreign experts. to help us out we have c.m.t. experts from one u.c.l.a. and our own team of experts we've been trying our best. to control. the blowout spread to nearby villages damaging homes and forcing thousands to escape
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the count of smoke many are seeking safety in relief camps after losing their homes they're demanding compensation for their trauma but how many. of the fire must be extinguished they should provide us with security and our belongings our houses were burnt our farms and our livestock are destroyed only we are alive but living a life like animals we have no mental or physical peace. the fire is near an ecological park and wetland famous for its wildlife and pounds off off off off off off this nature guide says the area used to be full of given monkeys for the confines any now. after the explosion the who. given stopped eating because of the condensate mixing in the air they usually remain on the top of the trees but the noise of the brightness at night is disturbing on. efforts to contain the blaze are being hampered by the heavy monsoon rains causing flooding. india's central and
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state government are investigating and promising to ensure the oil company pays compensation after an assessment is carried out. and fire experts still have to work out how to extinguish the flames once and for all we're here to mohammed al jazeera. restoration is underway in greece on one of the world's most famous and monuments the parthenon has withstood the test of time for 2 and a half 1000 years and repairs are finally being made to damage done by a 19th century british aristocrat and other top priority is the return of artifacts the greek government says he stole the story. this mobile block is being cut out to make history it will eventually form part of the parthenon where new model is being precisely chiseled to be married to surviving fragments. the reconstructed blocks will be hoisted back into the structure much of
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the damage to this 2500 year old temple was caused relatively recently just over 200 years ago the 7th removed dozens of sculpted panels to get to them he hoisted masonry off the roof and dashed it to the ground yeah not. to remove something you have to dismantle whatever's on top of it it's not like pulling the book off the shelf temple construction was like lego they were built from the bottom up this is why they've lasted each piece is fitted exactly to the pieces around it and that makes them earthquake resistant the sculptures formed part of the structure this quake proof technology has lasted world the ancient greeks connected each block of marble to its neighbor with. over which molten lead was poured insulated and prevent rust and for $25.00 centuries these clumps absorbed strains when blocks of marble moved against each other during earthquakes and they've kept this temple
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from collapsing but earthquakes have done far less damage than people even those who unlike meant well the clumps used in a 19th century restoration rusted expanded and split the surrounding marble and venetian francesco who meant to liberate africans from the ottomans 350 years ago did the most damage of all causing an explosion that ripped the parthenon open visitors are divided over how much of the original parthenon should be restored like it was that's better than i think it's better when you have your imagination i would love to see exactly how it was i think that would be amazing i'd love to see exactly how and maybe we have a 2nd chance that he came here i mean showing future generations what was there this restoration won't go as far as reconstruction it's a mystery heal the damage. maurizio me caused greeks hope that part of that healing
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will eventually be the return of the sculptures that once the dorms they're most sacred of monuments jump 0 plus al-jazeera athens. greece among many nations demanding the return of artifacts but governments and museums have long resisted aside from the parthenon marbles the british museum also holds a bronze statue in the kingdom of ben in now nigeria taken by the british an 897 and the results a stone brought over from egypt in 1799 another u.k. museum the d.n.a. as ethiopia's magdala treasures and has suggested a long time alone to hold on to them and french president emmanuel markov promised last year to return out of that taken from ben in 892 but they remain in paris with your consumers from the university of hamburg he says the legal status of artefacts varies from country to country. in france for example. legal provision that you cannot arrest you tube and he objects once they are in and yes you know it needs.
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legal solution in germany it's very similar the museum directors even if they want which i doubt they wouldn't be able to restitute objects in great great numbers so it's both the museum directors who are professionals want to keep for it to have caught i'm to put politicians who don't put pressure on them or who don't create a legal frank which makes it possible to return french parliament passed legislation to bieksa go to return 26 or 30 objects which is is is just as more figure compared to the 1000s of objects which were due to turn stolen during colonialism i think it's going nowhere because the european museums are basically food of looted object and the european museum at me straight has put it in half rate that once you start
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a process of restitution you can't stop it and that museums will be ruby and can't and secondly the question of who to dock jets leads to the question of colonial legacy at large and that means where he could use tube you should have those on earth comes from and that we have 600 years of colonial exploitation to to discuss and to find a remedy for this crew distribution and people shy away from it in the west in europe shy away from this big crush. trying to protect the headlines on the al-jazeera florida has overtaken new york as the 2nd worst hit state by coronavirus in the u.s. more than 12000 new cases were reported in the past day taking the state's total to more than 423000. corona virus cases across latin america past
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4300000 which is more than the u.s. and canada combined there's been a surge of infections in brazil mexico peru colombia and argentina experts say the actual figures much higher than the official tally i was on the run petty's monitoring the situation from bogota brazil obviously is the big it's fought they have reported now more than $50000.00 cases for 4 consecutive days and what's happening there similar to what we're seeing in the united states that they've been able to somewhat bring under control the original hotspots in the north and northeast of the country but new hotspots have come up since in the south and central west of brazil it's a very big country very difficult to control plus we know all the political issues going on with the president they are minimizing the effects of the virus john lewis
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one of the most influential figures in the american civil rights movement has made a symbolic final journey his coffin was driven across the edmund pettus bridge in selma alabama on the way to his memorial service it's 55 years since miroslav hundreds of demonstrators across the same bridge and was beaten unconscious state police violently broke up along. protests in the u.s. city of portland against racism and police brutality are into the 9th week there was more chaos on saturday night and well into sunday morning the protesters threw fireworks towards the city's courthouse while federal agents used tear gas to try and break up crowds. officials in the u.s. state of texas say heavy rain from hurricane hanna could lead to life threatening flash flooding in the south the storm made landfall on saturday but have since been downgraded to a tropical storm as it weakens over. those were the headlines the news continues on al jazeera off the inside story stretching down so much it was enough.
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and. it's one of the largest in the world and it's being severely tested by the floods china has seen in decades the 3 gorges dam was once a fool for plate and national pride but what impact of mega-projects have on people and the and vironment and how is beijing now we considering how it manages with as this is inside story.


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