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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2020 7:00am-7:34am +03

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explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform and motivate and inspire. the world is watching. the. rest of it all found under the national security law a crackdown on social media before students are held in hong kong accused of posting content in support of independence. i'm about to send in this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up more than 150000 americans are confirmed dead from coronavirus florida california and texas record their highest single day tolls. titans of technology accused of an abuse of
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power the heads of facebook google amazon and apple face a grilling at a contentious congressional hearing. and a dream shattered by families still seeking answers about how their teenage son died while training for the time in the tree. for the 1st time hong kong police have used a new national security law to crackdown on pro-democracy activists online for students belonging to a group called students localism have been arrested but accused of posting content that called for hong kong's independence the controversial law was imposed on hong kong 4 weeks ago it makes subversion and secession criminal offenses and it grants police powers to arrest suspects without a warrant. they have a some doctor ration for that say for example they wanted to be a step in
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a hong kong country and also they wanted to be jews all demands to to to keep doing get spanked and finally they wanted to to deny that all of the independent books in hong kong. will be able to promote the independence of the hong kong that's what it's about the things they do so but we have. well for more on this let's go to do their gopalan in hong kong video just give us some of the background to what's been happening. that's right rob as he said this is the 1st time the national security law has been you specifically for this for this accusation that this group was trying to advocate an independent hong kong now this group is are all students they're very young the ages between $16.21 the leader is said to be 19 years old and was arrested and according to a video that was going viral and social media and being shown on local media a police officer plains codes police officer went into this young man's home and
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said that he was a new officer from the national security team and arrested him saying that he's accused of fermenting secession and trying to. introduce an independent hongkong now the group had had been an organized group prior last month and they disbanded just before july 1st when that national security law came into place but according to their social media post according to the police they continued to post for a hong kong to break away from the rest of china calling for all independent groups to come together not just in hong kong but also overseas now the national security law has no boundaries anyone who advocates an independent hong kong even overseas also will can be penalized under this law so what the result of this so far is a chilling effect on many people here who are concerned about now the policing of
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social media and also the fact that police don't need a warrant to go into people's homes and search them and arrest them. divya i'm seeing that local media in hong kong is reporting that there is a probability that the elections to the legislative council in hong kong which had been settled i think for september are likely to be delayed now the reason given is because of coronavirus but how is the news kind of going down there. that's right hong kong has had a coronavirus upsurge here and there is very strict social distancing measures in place but these legislative council elections are so a month away it's supposed to be in early september there is a lot of concern that the government is trying to push these elections possibly even postpone them for up to a year because they're concerned about the strength of the democracy camp a few weeks ago the democracy cabot held these mock primaries to showed to see whether they still have support and find out what kind of support they had in the
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turnout was quite impressive so many of the critics of the government's are saying that the government is doing this for political reasons not necessarily due to hong kong safety in addition to that the international community is weighing in with both the u.s. astray and even the e.u. saying that if these elections are postpone this would be an infringement on hong kong's democratic process which means that hong kong government and the other officials who would postpone this would face even more international sanctions rob as do the appalling bring us up to date from hong kong to get thanks very much indeed well restrictions are tightening in the australian state of victoria after a wreck or day of corona virus infections and deaths as reported 723 new cases and 13 deaths the state's the epicenter of australia's 2nd wave of the virus almost 10000 people have tested positive with more than 300 hospitalized the tories premier says many of the new cases have been traced to aged care facilities mosques
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are now mandatory james tall as head of the epidemiological modeling units for the school of public health and preventative medicine at monash university and he says it's likely more nursing home residents will succumb to the virus in coming weeks. the numbers still seem to be going up even a week or 2 after we've implemented the most restrictive lock downs that we've seen in victoria for a couple of months now and though the numbers are still rising clearly the elderly the absolutely critical group to protect and. actions are being taken in order to protect them as best we can of the considerable number of nursing homes that have been affected in melbourne is a very great cause for concern because there will be a lag between when the cases occur and when the deaths occurred so we can expect more patients from these facilities to be admitted to hospital and potentially have their bad outcomes in the coming weeks sweden and canada have been countries that
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have really grappled with these issues around how best to protect elderly people in nursing homes and one issue is certainly that that the nature of employment of the stuff at work in this in homes often means that they they actually are employed in multiple homes and so the star can spread the infection from place to place and that's a major problem which is sort of structural it's related to the employment conditions of the people working there and it can't it's very difficult to change overnight and yet we still do have to really try to change that the reason why for example we've seen such it much being a problem and no one in sydney is much harder to put our finger on i think possibly something that's going on is that winter is much considerably counted down here in melbourne than what it is in sydney. has recently said that there's not yet evidence that there's a strong effect of season on transmission of the virus but there's not too much else that you can put your finger on to explain why it's so concentrated in moment at the moment. well it's getting worse by the day in the us it has the highest
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number of coronavirus fatalities of any nation by far the only a quarter of the global tally and the 3 most populous states california texas and florida have recorded their largest single day death toll my kind of reports from washington. with more than $150000.00 deaths in the country the wearing of masks is finally made mandatory in the house of representatives members and staff will be required to wear masks at all times and the whole of the house on tuesday texas representative louie gohmert had arrived with the attorney general for a house hearing without a mask he was then admonish for not keeping his makeshift mask on during the hearing early wednesday he tested positive on arrival at the white house he'd been due to accompany president trump on a trip to his home state that is now in self quarantine president trump appeared
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with no mosque during a number of the events in texas seen here in close proximity to his former secretary of energy rick perry also masculists. and to continue to hype a vaccine that he is the claims has entered final clinical trials this is the fastest a vaccine has ever been developed together we will end the plague from john we will defeat the virus the president also continued to defend the video he had retreated earlier in the week from a controversial doctor who claimed there is a fork over 1000 and that face masks are necessary for protection. thank god we're thinking. once again he was publicly contradicted by a member of his coronavirus task force citing multiple studies that the cumulative data on on trials clinical trials that were valid namely clinical trials that were
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randomized and controlled in the proper way all of those trials show consistently that hydroxy chloroquine is not effective in the treatment of coronavirus disease or cold 19 and in congress republicans and democrats are nowhere near agreement on a new coronavirus relief bill while millions of american families continue to struggle with the physical and economic effects of the virus leaving medical organization has issued an urgent warning the american association of medical colleges and i quote decisive coordinated action is urgently needed to save lives it continues if the nation does not change its course and soon deaths in the united states could be well into the multiple hundreds of thousands.
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mike hanna al-jazeera washington. the 2nd worst affected country in the world brazil is lifting its ban on foreigners arriving by air despite reporting a record daily jump and infections and deaths nearly 70000 new cases and 1600 fatalities were confirmed in the past day that brings the total number of infections to more than 2500000 more the 90000 people have died. heads of some of the world's biggest tech giants have faced a 5 hour grilling on the way they do business facebook google amazon and awful accused of stifling competition and monopolizing the industry it's the end of a year long investigation by the u.s. congress which claims to outline how current laws allow the companies to avoid liabilities alan fischer reports he now is the ranking member of fittingly the tech giants appeared virtually to face questions the subcommittee chairman making clear he sees a problem their dominance is killing the small businesses and you factoring in the
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overall dynamism that of the engines the american economy their ability to dictate terms call the shots up and entire sectors and inspire fear represent the powers of a private government this was meant to be an inquiry into business practices do the 4 companies google amazon apple and facebook stifle rivals and kill competition one republican immediately made clear he also wanted to talk about bias online we love the fact that these are american companies but what's not great is censoring people censoring conserves and trying to impact elections and if it doesn't end there has to be consequences from each of the 4 bosses a common theme they were innovators job creators the definition of american excellence there's room in retail for multiple winners we compete against large established players like target costco kroger and of course wal-mart a company more than twice amazon size our goal is the best not the most in
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fact we don't have a dominant share in any market or in any product category where we do business facebook boss mark zuckerberg face questions about the part just of another social media platform instagram this said one congressman went to the heart of the inquiry basic story is the game is a threat that could potentially side in business away from baseball and so rather than compete with it basic good this is exactly the type of being to compare the acquisition. at the end they just those were designed to prevent mark zuckerberg was asked about hate speech appearing on his site he insisted he was committed to intercepting it before most users saw it he said that the success rate was company running at 89 percent but he wanted to get that up to 99 percent. zuckerberg also talked about the recent removal of misleading content or uncovered $1000.00 and treatments dangerous he said we do prohibit content that will lead to imminent risk of harm and stating that there is a proven cure for coke and when there is in fact none might encourage them to take
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something that could have sniper suspects so we do take that down the subcommittee says it will hold new hearings is to temper this is not the end for the tech giants it's the start and it puts them on notice if they don't look at their operations legislators will alan fischer al-jazeera capitol hill. still had an al-jazeera really good whether a peace deal involving yemen cell and separatists is back on track and a warning that millions of people in latin america could go hungry to see here because of covert 19. how low they still have some rather wet weather affecting parts of yemen the moment just on the southern end of the red sea was seen some stormy conditions here for
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really on and off over a week and we have seen flooding into western yemen the far south west of saudi arabia still some showers in the forecast as we go on through the next couple of days the unusually wet weather does look set to continue further north is about to hit 52 celsius a possibility in baghdad some record breaking heat into parts of iraq over the next couple of days and further south here in doha to just pull away a touch he'd be 38 celsius the top temperature here on friday night was still there into western yemen and on the other side of the red sea stretched across central parts of africa rolling across ethiopian highlands through south sudan and over towards the gulf of guinea some more big downpours coming in here from time to time as we go on through the night. a couple of days we'll see some heavy showers there it's a northern parts of the democratic republic of congo still a few showers just around eastern areas of kenya as well but to the south of that is generally 5 and trials of pleasant sunshine coming through just a few showers into eastern areas of madagascar but nothing much to speak of must
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see a little bit of writing just for the eastern cape. and jump into the stream and julian on global community this generation will have to create its own democracy with social media on and off online be part of the debate let me put some you keep coming steve when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic problems that people of color have suffered not only now but for decades we are going to be to transform lives the way tickets human equating to business if we're going to adapt to climate breakdown this stream on out is they are. moving. over the world.
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roger gonnet is here a reminder of our top stories this hour for the 1st time hong kong police have used a new national security law to crackdown on pro-democracy activists or students belonging to a group called students localism have been arrested accused of posting content online the supports hong kong independence restrictions are tightening in the australian state of victoria after a record day of corona virus infections and deaths as reported 723 new cases and 13 people have died. c e o's of facebook google amazon and apple have been defending their business practices at a u.s. congressional hearing that accused of stifling competition and avoiding liability under current laws. meanwhile the world food program is warning at least 14000000 people in latin america are at risk of starvation as the region reels from
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the economic impact of the pandemic and a number of countries are being forced to extend lockdowns in an effort to stop the virus spreading i know that apollo reports. the world food program estimates the number of people in latin america experiencing severe food insecurity could more than quadruple in 2020 in brazil which ranks 2nd in the world the number of cope with 19 infections a federal stopgap welfare program has made significant progress in curbing extreme poverty during the pandemic. but experts warn such measures have only temporary benefits and latin american countries need to step up efforts to prevent more people from going into poverty. covina pandemic has just been devastating in latin america i mean we are already dealing with economic deterioration in many different issues but covert has come on top of it just in the areas where p. in this region alone we've seen
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a substantial increase in overall 11000000 people that are marching toward the brink of starvation so it's devastating and it's why we must act and we must act now so that we can bring some hope to people of the larger political destabilization mass migration economic deterioration supply chain disruption and many people starve in addition to covered itself the world food program says many of those who will go hungry are workers from latin america's informal sector. in mexico where coping 1000 cases have surpassed 400000 informal sector employees make up roughly half the nation's work force. in. this implies that many mexicans will cross the poverty line those who previously managed to cross into the spectrum of the middle classes will return to poverty and these are not small numbers the national institute that measures poverty calculates this will amount to 10000000 mexicans. countries across latin america are
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struggling to strike a balance between public health and the health of their economies. but with the loosening of restrictions and the reopening of businesses comes more contagion and calls for renewed lockdowns. after surpassing 9000 confirmed deaths on wednesday colombia became the latest country to announce an extension to their containment measures economists expected to. begin preventative mandatory isolation as a general criteria is to be extended until august 30th. latin america is now the region of the world with the highest number of infections with more than 4 and a half 1000000 confirmed cases since the start of the kobe 1000 pandemic. al-jazeera. the treatment of military cadets in thailand is under scrutiny as thousands take part in an annual recruitment drive the armed forces have been accused of allowing abusive initiation rituals and some families of dead cadets are
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speaking out scott hietala reports from bangkok. ever since he was a schoolboy tania khan wanted to become an army officer at 18 he was well on his way to that dream when he suddenly died at an army training school. after his death 3 years ago community children made a book of drawings for his family army officials said talk upon died of sudden cardiac arrest his parents skeptical ordered a 2nd autopsy it revealed that his major organs were removed further examination showed evidence consistent with physical abuse how. the royal thai forces have to take responsibility because stay on in charge of odd in the terry they have to answer to why my brother is dead accusations of a military cover ups world entire media after pack up on this case became public again raising attention to the tradition of abuse of initiation or hazing rituals in thailand's armed forces
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a police investigation is ongoing amnesty international recently conducted an investigation on abuse in thailand's military we interviewed 19 new recruits between november 2016 and july 2019 spread across about 9 different provinces. different training cycles and yet we found consistent patterns very creepy patterns of the state the call mental and sexual abuse since the 1950 s. thailand has held a lottery for its draft in which around 100000 young men are conscripted into military service for up to 2 years this takes place every year usually in april because of code 19 this year it's been pushed back after the young men are given a basic physical check up and a review of their paperwork the rest is up to chance whether they will be called up to serve the move forward party says they are the only political party truly pushing for reform in the recruitment process. that sick guy potential in order to
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stop the violence so who introduce a military service bill if they so want to see a system we want to make sure that those who want to serve who serve as a professional offices not as a servant force the offices. 2 years ago a memo was circulated at the top levels of the military calling for closer examination of cadet abuse claims but no major changes have been made al-jazeera as interview requests for military response on cadet abuse went unanswered and if the military continues to ignore voices of concern there's a chance more mothers will only have photos to remind them of their son's got harder al-jazeera bangkok the us has imposed further sanctions on syria and its blacklisting anyone doing business with the government of president bashar al assad until he supports a negotiated end to the country's 9 year war assad son hafez is one of 14 individuals and entities named in the new measures and follows
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a round of sanctions last month targeting the president's inner circle including his wife a small it is time for assad's need list brutal works and this is above all it's what our sanctions campaign is not to bring about a political solution and a resolution $2254.00 is the only credible path to peace the syrian people deserve the u.s. department of homeland security says federal officers will start pulling out of the u.s. city of portland after months of protests that were deployed despite the state government's objections with the objective of controlling anti racism and police brutality demonstrations bus they've been accused of using excessive force activists been demanding for weeks that they should leave local law enforcement and state troopers will take over the policing of the protests. john hendren is in chicago it's one of several other cities where federal agents have been deployed and he says their operations won't be on the same scale as in portland chicago kansas city and
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albuquerque were in these last phases federal troop deployment what's going on now is troops have federal agents being deployed to cleveland detroit and milwaukee but that's a very different program i spoke to a federal law enforcement official here in chicago he spoke to me anonymously but he said that what's happening is they're really sending in a lot of department of homeland security investigators and other people who are here to investigate existing crimes he says you won't see these people on the street there are perhaps 200 perhaps a little fewer here in chicago about the same number in kansas city but the numbers that we're looking at in other cities are paltry cleveland 25 detroit 40 to milwaukee 25 of those federal agents so it is clear by those numbers alone you won't see their presence out in the street in the way that we have in portland that they would be investigating at previous cases and doing other things from desks
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behind the scenes trying to knock down a crime rate that has really been exacerbated a children's hospital in northern mexico has been flooded in the aftermath of tropical storm hanna workers rushed to move bads out a room swamped with water at the hospital in the city of an osa at least 3 people died in mexico during the storm firefighters in brazil are trying to put more than 4000 blazes in the world's biggest chapal wetlands authorities say that have been more than double the usual number of fires in the ponton all region this year is declared an environmental emergency presence of both sonata introduced a fire ban last month but environmental groups say in the eagle burn off continue. millions of children in wealthy and poor countries risk of civil health damage because of lead poisoning a study by the u.n. agency unicef as well as an environmental group found nearly one in 3 children has high levels of lead in their blood this can impair brain development nervous
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systems and vital organs it blames inadequate recycling of lead acid batteries paint in homes and food contaminated by lead glazed pottery. the u.s. has added charges against 2 former twitter employees and a 3rd person accused of spying for saudi arabia the 3 men were originally charged with accessing the private information of more than $6000.00 twitter users including prominent critics of the saudi royal family are now facing 7 offenses instead of 2 including wire fraud and money laundering. separatists in the south of yemen have abandoned their declaration of self it's being seen as a key move towards unity between the government and the southern transitional council against the whole thing about. reports. show if unity in yemen southern coastal city of these tribal leaders mostly from president
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. hometown of i.b.m. have a message they won't allow the u.a.e. back southern transitional council to monopolize power in the region that's despite the group of 7 separatists announcing on wednesday it's giving up on attempting to sell through the global that libya we're here to express unity we are part of the game and we are not separate and we are all for one united federal government and we are in support of. throughout history our beyond has been the beating heart of yemen and it will remain so we're supporting the legitimacy of hardy and the yemeni republic and peace and stability are against the practices of marginalization and sidelining. the southern transitional council says its decision to give up on self rule aims to end divisions and unite to thirty's internationally recognized government against a common enemy the rebels in the north it's agreed to return to november's saudi brokered power sharing deal with yemen's president and he is already named a southern transitional council leader as
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a new governor of the port city of aden dealing clue to reshuffle of his cabinet in the 1st 30 days with no more than $24.00 ministers and stipulates that forces loyal to the southern transitional council in aden. are to leave their positions aden was used as a temporary capital for head after he was pushed out of son of the aftermath of the 2014 take over then southern separatists find his broken cease fire and seize the port city in august last year in a. declared a state of emergency to tackle covert 19 but soon proclaimed so. in aden another southern provinces and move that led to months of face find to the supporters in the south and in the end many archipelago of support try to help in english for law that we hope they can reach an agreement however with not really pin their hopes on any agreement being reached simply because whatever comes out of saudi arabia is always linked to and followed by a series of useless agendas leave it to members of the coalition is fighting the
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u.a.e. and saudi arabia supporting different forces in the area southern separatists who has strained the already known and devastating sort of played it and disease and. this is al jazeera these are the top stories for the 1st time hong kong police have used a new national security law to crackdown on pro-democracy activists for students belonging to a group called students localism have been arrested accused of posting content online that supports hong kong independence if you go pollen has more from hong kong. this is the 1st time the national security law has been used this ific plea for this for this accusation that this group was trying to advocate an independent hong kong now this group is are all students they're very young ages between $16.21
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the leader is said to be 19 years old and was arrested and according to a video that was going viral in social media and being shown on local media a police officer planes clothes police officer went into this young man's home and said that he was a new officer from the national security team and arrested him restrictions are tightening in the australian state of victoria after a record day of corona virus infections and deaths as reported 723 new cases and 13 people have died with tori as premier says many of the new cases have been traced to aged care facilities. the death toll from the corona virus pandemic is now more than 150000 in the united states that's the highest number of fatalities in any nation by far it accounts for nearly a quarter of virus related deaths around the world the 2nd worst affected country in the world has had a record daily increase in infections and deaths brazil's reported nearly 70000 new
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cases and 1600 the time that is. 4 of america's biggest tech companies have been accused of being too dominant and powerful chief executives of facebook google amazon and apple have defended their business practices at a u.s. congressional hearing they're accused of stifling competition and avoiding liability under current laws they've also been grilled about business ties with china the u.s. has imposed further sanctions on syria its blacklisting anyone doing business with the government of president bashar al assad until he supports a negotiated end to the 9 year war. as one of 14 individuals and entities named in the new measures. those are the headlines the news continues here on alt is it off to the string of why. there's a wave of sentiment around the world if people actually want accountability from the people who are running their countries and i think often people's voices are not because they're just not part of the mainstream news narrative. obviously we
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cover the big stories and we report on the big events that are going on but we also tell the stories of people who generally don't have a voice i mean when i was a child my that's never be afraid to put a hand up not a question and i think that's what out of syria really does the ask the questions to people who should be accountable and also if we get people to give their view of what's going on. a they're welcome to the stream home edition i am josh rushing sitting in for femi ok if you're watching this on you tube help me out you're going to join the conversation let me show you see that box right there that's a live chat i know people been waiting to get in it already because this topic today is really hot we have a stream producer in that chat waiting to get your comments your questions to me so that i can get into the guest so help me out get your comments or questions in there in fact we already have some comments on.


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