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their brand of politics to americans before the vote followed the u.s. election on a. this is al-jazeera. the whole rahman you're watching al-jazeera is news our live from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next 60 minutes hong kong disqualifies 12 opposition candidates from september's legislative election and uses a new law to a rest posting content online. the united states records more the 150000 covert 19 deaths since the global infections tally tops 17000000.
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and it's tightening border controls after detaining suspected russian mercenaries accused of attempting to disrupt next month's election. also more trouble for the airline industry the world's biggest plane maker a net loss of $2200000000.00 in the 1st half of this year. and yet again just go with the sports world number one ashley party pulls out of the u.s. open saying the risk of catching coronavirus right. into the program we begin the news are in whole call opposition politicians have been disqualified from running in september's legislative election leading pro-democracy activists joshua warmed is one of those disqualified he says it shows a total disregard for the people of hong kong authorities said asked the candidates about their views on. beijing's national security law and u.s.
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sanctions now the move has been denounced by the opposition as a political witch hunt and for the 1st time in hong kong police also use the national security law to crackdown on pro-democracy activists online 4 students have been arrested they're accused of posting content that calls for hong kong's independence from china imposed its controversial law 4 weeks ago let's get more on this from our correspondent diego parlin who joins me now from hong kong and divya really the 1st arrest in hong kong using the national security law on online communications just tell us a little bit more about this group that's been detained. right so this group apparently had formed a few years ago and then they disbanded just before the national security law was enacted on july 1st this is after the law stated that any activity promoting the
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secession or independence of hong kong will be deemed illegal and would be punitive it seems though the group had continued its activities particularly encouraging overseas groups and organizations to go form an umbrella to advocate and promote hong kong's independence but i must point out that there are very very young people and there are students ranging from 16 to 21 who were arrested and the leader of the group is said to be only 19 years old police entered their homes later that night without a warrant arrested them and confiscated devices communication devices and their computers and this is selling sending a chilling effect across hong kong as it now sets a precedent there are many questions as to what will happen to these young people what the process will be particularly in a judicial process now under this law that will be allowed to extradite them across the border into mainland china and also questions about what the next steps are
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particularly for people who choose to express themselves peacefully in the cyber spear so there are many questions now and many concerns about freedom of expression and speech in hong kong. we leave it with you in hong kong we're going to cross over to london now the chinese ambassador to the united kingdom is speaking let's just listen in to what he has to really policies and interfere in china's internal affairs by reading all human rights is to jump. on the market like truly the insurgents have a seriously poison the atmosphere of china your great relationship. 2nd china's commitment to the path of peace for development as not chance pursuing peace for development is and where you were being strategic choice and solemn pledge of china china has never invaded other countries or sought
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expansion china as a number and will not export its system or model or china 60 apartment because we want a better life for our people we do not want to threaten challenge or replace any work history has proved and war can tinubu proof that china is always a defender of world peace a contributor to global development and hoda of international law a stronger china will make the world a more peaceful stable and prosperous place i ever some british politicians cling to the cold war mentality and that hold the remarks of anti china forces in and outside the ok they play it up the saw caught
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china threat see china as a hostile aspect threaten a completely coupling from china and even clamor for a new cold war against china 3rd china's resolve to fulfill its international obligations has not changed this year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the united nations china was the 1st the country to put its signature on the e.u. and charter it is now a member more than 100 intergovernmental international organizations and has signed over 500 multilateral treaties. it has freeze fully fulfill its international responsibilities and obligations it has never withdraw from international organizations all treaties now does they believe in us 1st at the
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expense of others it is completely wrong to see the national security law on kong as a violation of sinope it is joint declaration of failure on a international obligations the call contents of joint declaration is about china's resumption of exercise of sovereignty over one common and national security law of hong kong coolie embodies the campaign hence it too is direction of the central government of china over hung up the policies regarding hong kong lay out in the joint declaration was opposed by china on our own initiative they are not china's commitment to the o'kane or international obligations the label of failure to fulfill international obligations should not
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be stuck on china it is the ok side that has failed to fulfill its international obligations and the one against its own platitudes by changing the policy and b. are now asking how does an answer spending the extradition treaty with them come to create a public computer in your hometown is drop the implementation of national security laws and interfere in china's internal affairs force china's willingness to develop a partnership with the u.k. has not changed during president xi jinping state whether to the u.k. 2015. china and u.k. is just issued a joint declaration and building a global comprehensive strategic partnership for the 21st century
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china has always seen the ok as a partner and has been committed to developing our sound and stable relationship with the ok at the state council and foreign minister one he said 2 days ago in his telephone conversation with the foreign secretary dominic rut that for the u.k. china is an opportunity rather than a threat of factor for growth rather than a cause of decline a solution rather than a challenge or risk however they have been major changes and serious deviation in the case for a session and definition of china this is particularly evidence by the reason the ban on huawei they issue of our way is not about how the u.k. season deals with a chinese company it's about how the u.k.
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sees and deal with china as they see china as an opportunity a partner or threat or rival doesn't see china as a friendly country or hostile or potentially hostile states the u.k. leaders have said are mine occasions and they want to build a balanced positive and constructive china you relationship we hope they will match their words with actions the world is undergoing increasingly perform chanted and seen innocent tree go in 1000 still ravaging it in the have a blow to economic globalization and resulting in the deep recession of the world economy. what kind of a china ok relationship do in the face of such a situation china and the u.k.
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are both permanent members of the un security council and important members of g 20 and other international organizations both our countries of global implements. showed her the important mission of save guarding world caves and promoting department a sound and stable china ok relationship is not only in a fundamental inches of the peoples of our 2 countries but also can do see the world peace and prosperity we have are following reasons to make this relationship successful and not one reason to lead to failure how can weigh make this relationship successful i think is critically important to follow the 3 principles 1st respect each other
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history tells us and one relation when the international law and basic norms governing international relations are observed china wrote your k. relationship will move forward otherwise it will suffer setbacks or even retrogression china respects your kids sovereignty and has never interfere in your case internal affairs it is important a yoke a world do the same name may respect china's sovereignty and stop interfering in hong kong up errors which are china's internal affairs so as to avoid further damage to china your kate relationship the 2nd principle is in gauging mutually beneficial cooperation china and the ok have a highly complimentary economies and deeply integrated interests. the 2
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countries have both benefited tremendously from corporations such a mutual benefit so not the gods i had an oversimplified comparison of who is more dependent on the other or who has been taken at the bunty job it is our hope that the ok would resist the pressure and co hershon from a certain country and provide an open fair transparent and then discriminatory environment of chinese investment so as to bring back the confidence of chinese businesses in the u.k. china you ok already shared a broad consensus on safeguarding multilateral multilateralism imodium free trade
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and addressing global challenges such as climate change one proxy it is completed and coby $1000.00 is over there will be unlimited prospects of china ok cooperation in areas of trade financial services sign said tech knowledge education and health care it is hard to imagine a global crayton that bypasses the croods china the cancelling from china means to covering from opportunities decoupling from growth and coupling from the future the 3rd principle is to seek common ground despite differences china and u.k. deeper in history charges social system and development stage is natural we do not always see eye to eye 70 years ago the ok was the 1st the
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major bust the country to recognize new china over the past 70 years. china and u.k. have found common ground is fight differences and one beyond ideological differences achieve continues progress in our pelagia relationship today after 70 years this relationship has been more substantial and more profound it is not religion shit between rivals where one side going is the other side's loss still less is a relationship of either or that existed between hostile states china ok relationship is one of a partnership which is defined by equal treatment and mutual benefit
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china and u.k. should have enough wisdom and capability to manage and deal with this differences rather than allowing anti china forces and cold the warriors to kidnap china you'll create relationship i often say great britain cannot be great without independent foreign policies the ok has withstood the pressure from others and made the right strategic choices at the many critical historical junctures from becoming the 1st a major western country to recognize new china in 150 to establish in diplomatic relationship with china at the sharjah their past level in 1000. from taking part in the asia in pressure infrastructure development bank to building
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a global campaign hence it suited partnership for the hunt to put sun tree with the china. now don't you know it is their english and speaking there is the chinese ambassador to the united kingdom and you show me really justifying china's new security law which has really come into operation on thursday justifying not only china's stance and it's all thorough in dealing with its own laws and jurisdictions but also taking a very large swipe at the united kingdom in terms of interfering in its internal affairs let's get more on this in a moment and give you a polland who's kong but 1st let's cross over to the british capital london where rory chalons is standing by and of course the chinese ambassador very clear on his speech there prepared obviously to take a swipe at the british government over its position on china and the new security
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law. yeah absolutely the what we heard. was a defense of china's activity on the world state he was saying that china is committed to a path of peaceful development china is not trying to invade other countries it's not trying to export its model of governance to other countries and therefore what the u.k. is doing at moments according to china is wrong and irrational that the u.k. should stop interfering in hong kong that this is a chinese internal affair as he talks about the benefits to both countries all of the standing. interaction that the u.k. should not try and decouple itself from china he said there are a 1000 reasons why
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a good relationship should be fostered in men's not one reason why good relationship be allowed to slide he said it's hard to imagine a global britain that excludes china of course that's a plea to the u.k. as it exits from the european union and tries to establish itself again as an independent country with an independent trade policy not china not to try and cut china that will be the wrong path so go down he also said china should sort of the u.k. should act independently and not listen to others i think that's obviously a jab at the u. the u.s. and the the alliance between the u.k. and the u.s. and essentially that the u.k. should have its own independent foreign policy so basically it was talking up good relations between the 2 countries setting the u.k.
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so leave. hong kong out of things that it's not the u.k. is business and any more the country should think pragmatically and work towards some sort of partnership not exclusion. rory thank you for a challenge there in london let's cross over to hong kong to be a part of was also listening in to that speech certainly from the chinese ambassador to the u.k. and of course also centered on the national security law it has started to impact on the people of hong kong and certainly with elections pending in september opposition groups and individuals are being targeted even today. absolutely right so one of the things i want to point out is hong kong is particularly sensitive issue for the u.k. as hong kong used to be a british colony in the u.k. signed a joint declaration with beijing before it was handed over in 1907 and the ambassador
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had mentioned that to saying it hadn't violated the joint declaration but the u.k. and the rest of the international community see this national security law as imposing restrictions on the hong kong that wasn't within the agreements to safeguard hong kong's autonomy and now we're seeing the hong kong government using that national security law as a way of what its opponents are saying influencing elections these legislative council elections the only even minor democratic process there is in hong kong that are to take place in september about 12 of the candidates the pro-democracy candidates including activists joshua wong the more radical i would say activists that were pushing for far more anti government action along with even more moderate established democratic candidates have been now disqualified and the government says it's because partially because they gave they listed a number of reasons but one of the main reasons underlying it is because they did
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not support this national security law so although we're seeing beijing saying that this national security law should not affect the political sphere it should not affect people's freedom of the expressions it should not affect hong kong so ptolemy the actions that we're seeing and according particularly to the critics of hong kong government and the opposition camp is that it is you being used very much to limits hong kong's expression and particularly any anti government dissenter activity. thank you. russia's ambassador to bella ruse says he's been summoned to the foreign ministry in a sign of escalating tensions between the 2 neighbors it's after security forces detained more than 30 suspected russian mercenaries near the capital minsk state media are reporting that all authorities have been told 200 privately contracted fighters had
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entered the country to destabilize it ahead of its presidential election in august now russia has denied the allegations and asked valerie's to clarify the situation or belarus has been one of russia's most reliable allies since the fall of the soviet union but relations have strained in recent years moscow wants valerie's to implement a union agreement signed in 1909 that would create a single currency constitution parliament and court system between them but president alexander lukashenko blames moscow for domestic discontent and has accused it of plotting to overthrow him meanwhile relations with the west have improved in february my pompei a became the 1st u.s. secretary of state to visit minsk since the early 1990 s. after the washington appointed its 1st ambassador in over a decade then in may belew sordid oil from the u.s. for the 1st time after failing to agree a price to buy it from russia ryan or as the pena is
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a fellow at the russia and eurasia program at chatham house which is a british foreign affairs think tank joins me now from london good to have you with us on the program let's just talk about these men that have been detained could they be russian mercenaries linked to the wider group for example or what are they doing in belarus. well let me start from the point of actually not so many people in belarus believe that these people came to belarus of the civilized many people in belarus i jailed on the freight charges and previously below south ortiz several times he used forcible terrorist attacks as a tool to suppress them accredit activities during the election campaigns so what most people believe if that peace mess there it's we're going to do that middle east or africa through ballerinas because of the problems with connections caused by the pandemic so presently i do not see much point for russia to into frame to
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this presidential election and to send any messages here we can imagine that gramley who can the measure of what graham and swarms to see as a result of the selection that belarus will destroy links with them as that the west will introduce sanctions against belarus that bill or since society will be in depression the political system will be the judge demise that the bill or some economy will be very weak and dependent on russia because actually look at shanghai yeah so essentially look so i let you finish yes sure. yeah so actually deliver him during this presidential election after seeing what many was because he's depressed everyone now and the country and the rest will have lot of the trip back to show you some sanctions. ok so you have a scenario where public perception is that these individuals were in transit through bellerose possibly going to a conflict zone maybe in north africa yet we have the actions of the president
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and his foreign ministry to call the russian ambassador about what's going on so let's just talk about the potential for a presidential election how nervous is looking shango that he might have been unseated dethroned in that russia could be behind this because he's already jailed or certainly arrested several opposition candidates. yeah well let me show starts from the point that actually you know when some country send our sense messengers to your country your you should probably react in a different way you shouldn't just call an ambassador you probably shoot like close border connections close air connection so do something really against the forcible aggressor but at the same time we didn't see that resteal do not understand what is going on so my guess is that the recent government is currently trying to find
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a solution for this for this situation and the only way these accusations mean that relations between belarus and russia will be spoiled for a long time and receive there the government is very nervous very nervous but i just really do not see any evidence there that it were russians who were sending these people to belarus in this tbilisi because it looks the government accuses russian government or interference for the last 3 months but at the same time didn't provide any evidence of that it is interesting a very fluid situation it will keep an eye on as a moment or a whore as the pen your thanks for joining us from london thank you of the world's biggest plane maker has posted a net loss of $2200000000.00 in the 1st half of this year has seen a fall in demand because of the global pandemic it says its production of its most
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popular jet the 83524525 months rival boeing earlier posted a $2400000000.00 quarterly loss and announce significant job cuts more this let's cross over to natasha butler who is empowered because their bus have released their 2nd quarter results is not really looking that good is it. i know it's bad news for air bus the european plane maker posting these results are 2200000000 net losses in the 1st 6 months of this year in the 2nd quarter revenue for lng by 55 percent half of that they delivered only half of the aircraft they plan to in the beginning of this year and this is means that basically the plane makers have to cut its overall production by 40 percent now the reason airbus says for all this is of course the coronavirus endemic which is seen the airline industry particularly badly affected but also there are issues internal issues
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within their past including the fact that it is cutting its 80 $380.00 program which it plans to close next year but what the plane maker is saying is that there is now very limited visibility on the future on what will happen next we know that the airline industry is supposed to return to its pre pandemic levels in 20232025 sat some way off yet but there's no doubt of course pandemic is seen people are not travel at all during the lockdown all restrictions and reductions on the amount of airline travel has been happening that has affected the whole industry really badly of course the touch of we'll keep an eye on this and join you again in paris we get more developments thank you let's cross over to andrea switchman he's managing director at the center for aviation competence joins me live from the university of sunglass in switzerland by skype good to have you with us on the program so the airbus announcement will only add to the worry that many
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global businesses have had to wonder really what to do next and we want to do now dip into reserves all start sort of putting the feel to government and financial institutions to help to keep it afloat. well i think this shock really had changed to business environment significantly and especially yet transport industry as we have heard before has been reduced significantly as interest been allowed to to travel many more closed airlines that are not in order allowed to operate and by this. capacity had to be reduced to almost 0 relative to a very very small number of flights and then the companies had to react very quickly by getting their cost on the controller i drove by asking government for support or also by just reducing their costs variable costs are easy to it was if you don't fly but fixed costs which made about 50 percent for an airline are hard
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to control and they refused by government supported in some companies those fixed costs by interest parking planes taking planes out of business maybe retiring them earlier than planned to just get them up to cough the cost book and they of course canceled all of those or if you late orders to lease of course hit airbus. significantly and the question now is just how long does it take until. these orders may be reacting to it will they not be needed anymore or will they need it but in 2345 years from now that's the big question how much does my assumption is that industry so how much of the drop and how much of this is not driven by passenger numbers because really you need passengers to travel all the lines and you need ally in capacity to fly around the world so will will companies like us really be looking now at the next 2 to 3 months as to how many passengers
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globally have decided to take that important step and to start traveling again and only then will they understand perhaps how many aircraft may be needed by lines globally. i think this is one issue that they may look at but i assume that based on the newest data also i up the publishes be no doubt. to go back to a normal level of transport like we had in 2019 but it probably taken pleased until 202324 maybe even 25 as we don't know how long it takes until we can medically control the device. and i think you're in this period of time it's very dynamic and probably. let's say you're forecasting they are forecasting they're looking at the market but you're not sure what to do really for costs as we have changes all over 'd so i assume that they worked until 2025 which significant to reduce to
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capacities significantly reduced amount. of their lines probably drive down business to a smaller business during this time with your actions to scale up quickly again off that at which you see what happens dress with thanks so much for joining us from sunderland it's lent thank you. thank you well it's time for the little his robot not looking good in the caribbean we're still young in the season we're up to the letter i in the alphabet for named storms back from the satellite picture you can see it's quite a mess it's quite an arc of cloud stretches right up almost to bermuda and then down towards the constant to south america so there's a lot of cloud of the in the middle there is indeed a circulation pretty hard to see in our eye because it doesn't have one it's not our probably won't become a hurricane as i say it is the night's names thomas e. then east in the you've ever had one starts with an eye is a yes now it's winds are particularly
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a problem over there they're relatively strong nearly $100.00 days for our it's moving fairly quickly which means a deposit is fairly fast moving fairly goes through quickly never less its risks are like any other tropical sartor whatever strength flash floods landslides and big surf the most this is happening on the northern shores this isn't new s. . it's just getting a bit rough and it's getting a bit windy and you don't see a huge amount of rain here nor will you in the immediate future but as the thing moves slowly across and he's moving it's already gone past but rick is worker is fine you're of the moment it does cross the northern side always the strongest winds are going to be on the north and sides all these arms moving to the southern bahamas think tomorrow and possibly ending up in florida so thanks very much i will see later. still ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour scaling back on the hard coronavirus concerns for saudi arabia to slash numbers and bar foreign pilgrims
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from attending. in sports leagues football champions are given a reality check joe will have that story in spanish straight after the break to stay with us. a career reporting to the world though i did hear one journalist documents life beyond the headlines. but certain stories can change us in the easiest cleaves use to it well you know you just need. to change anyone a unique journey into what it means to be human the things we keep a witness documentary on al-jazeera. breaks everybody on this planet matter that might have our when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told here human development has moved right to the edge of the forest with
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exclusive interviews and in-depth reports hope it is a disease can affect anyone any age al-jazeera has teens on the ground this is the main business lobby money or the person here to bring you more award winning documentaries and life news. of the marquis watching the officer in use are with me the whole rahman a reminder of our top stories 12 opposition politicians have been disqualified from running in hong kong's legislative election in september leading pro-democracy activists joshua walgett is one of those disqualified it comes as 4 students were detained under the new national security law. russia has denied trying to
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destabilize by the result of more than 30 suspected russian mercenaries were detained in minsk but every says it suspects the group or particular acts of terrorism ahead of its presidential election in 10 days time. but the us has the highest number of crowbars fatalities of any nation by far more than 150000 people have died that's nearly a quarter of the entire global tally and it's 3 most populous states of california texas and florida have recorded the largest single day death toll mike hanna has more from washington d.c. with more than 150000 deaths in the country the wearing of masks is finally made mandatory in the house of representatives members and staff will be required to wear masks at all times and the halls of the house on tuesday texas representative louie gohmert had arrived with the attorney general for
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a house hearing without a mask. he was then admonished for not keeping his makeshift mosque on during the hearing early wednesday he tested positive on arrival at the white house he'd been due to accompany president trump on the crypt to his home state that is now in self quarantine president trump appeared with no mosque during a number of the events in texas seen here in close proximity to his former secretary of energy rick perry also masculists and he continued to hype a vaccine that he is the claims has entered final clinical trials this is the fastest a vaccine has ever been developed together we will end the plague from john we will defeat the virus the president also continued to defend the video he had retreated earlier in the week from a controversial doctors who claimed there is a fork over 1000 and that face masks are necessary for protection.
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thank god we are. once again he was publicly contradicted by a member of his coronavirus task force citing multiple studies that the cumulative data on on trials clinical trials that were valid namely clinical trials that were randomized and controlled in the proper way all of those trials show consistently that hydroxy chloroquine is not effective in the treatment of coronavirus disease or cold 19 and in congress republicans and democrats are nowhere near agreement on a new coronavirus relief bill. while millions of american families continue to struggle with the physical and economic effects of the virus a leading medical organization has issued an urgent warning the american association of medical colleges says and i quote decisive coordinated action is
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urgently needed to save lives it continues if the nation does not change its course and soon deaths in the united states could be well into their multiple hundreds of thousands. michaela al-jazeera washington authorities the australian series of victoria her time in lockdown measures are to record day of infections and deaths reported 723 new covert 1000 cases and 13 deaths the state's the epicenter of australia's 2nd wave of the virus nearly 10000 people have been tested positive with more than 300 treated in hospital masks and no mandatory we have now been in this lockdown now for some weeks and we are not getting the results we would hope for and as a result the further measures that are taken there are certainly necessary they will come at an impact to the economy we understand that but equally not containing
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these outbreaks will have that effect also and so it's important that we continue to work together to get on top of this and to take whatever actions are necessary. the u.s. congress is question the heads of some of the world's biggest tech giants facebook google amazon and a pole or accused of stifling competition and look laws in the industry it's the end of a year long congressional investigation which wants to outline her current laws allow the companies to avoid liabilities alan fischer a small you know he's the ranking member of fittingly the tech giants appeared virtually to face questions the subcommittee chairman making clear he sees a problem their dominance is killing small businesses and you factoring in the overall dynamism that of the engines the american economy their ability to dictate terms call the shots up and entire sectors and inspire fear represent the powers of a private government this was meant to be an inquiry into business practices do the 4 companies google amazon apple and facebook stifle rivals and kill competition one
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republican immediately made clear he also wanted to talk about bias online we love the fact that these are american companies but what's not great is censoring people censoring conserves and trying to impact elections and if it doesn't end there has to be consequences from each of the 4 bosses a common theme they were innovators job creators the definition of american excellence there's room in retail for multiple winners we compete against large established players like target costco kroger and of course wal-mart a company more than twice amazon size our goal is the best not the most in fact we don't have a dominant share in any market or in any product category where we do business facebook boss mark zuckerberg face questions about the part just of another social media platform instagram this said one congressman went to the heart of the inquiry basic story is the game is a threat that could potentially siphon business away from beijing and so rather
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than compete with facebook through it this is exactly the type of in the competitive acquisition at the end they just those were designed to prevent. mark zuckerberg was asked about hate speech appearing on his site he insisted he was committed to intercepting it before most users saw it he said that this excess street was company running it 89 percent but he wanted to get that up to 99 percent zuckerberg also talked about the recent removal of misleading content or uncovered $1000.00 and treatments dangerous he said we do prohibit content that will lead to imminent risk of harm and stating that there is a proven cure for coke and when there is in fact none might encourage them to take something that could have an adverse effect so we do take that down the subcommittee says it will hold new hearings is that this is not the end for the tech giants it's the start and it puts them on notice if they don't look at their operations legislators well alan fischer al-jazeera capitol hill. well
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time is running out for the european union and the united kingdom to agree any sort of framework for brics that train deal before the end of the year nothink is more polarizing in the debate than fishing rights in the 1st of 2 reports lawrence lee has been speaking to fishermen in the south east of england who welcome a new deal breaks it. fisherman work harder than nearly anyone it's just after 5 in the morning and wink walpole is doing what he does most days travelling out of the mouth of the thames estuary towards the english channel to look for a catch but he has a big problem the far larger dutch trawlers which not only stealings a british war says but which sometimes used techniques like the mass electrocution of fish to take the lion share if the cold and the soul don't make it up to the estuary his chances last we shipped up aficionados. would
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typically be fishing for 2020 stone and. one of our friends when. i think up about 6 start you know i wouldn't pay for $1.00 industries falling apart . so. fishing rights have become arguably the most totemic issue of all for supporters of brics it's the small boats became a photo opportunity in support of no deal the argument being that a line had to be drawn in the sea to offer proper separation from a europe which gains far more than the u.k. from the current arrangements that votes that was taken to westminster belongs to this man who is as convinced now as he ever was that brics it must be used to support the u.k.'s broken fishing industry we've said we could potentially have an industry where fight 1000000000 pounds if fission in st you where there's a moment it's in a 1000000000. that's. more employment there's an awful lot more you know no more of
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your money 1st little towns you know around the coast mr switzer without so this is one of the more difficult arguments for critics of no deal that while it might look catastrophic for other industries for the owners of small fishing boats it could be hugely significant opponents of brecht's it often points out that fishing is only worth half a percent of the whole british economy but in communities like this that cuts no ice it's all for them it's certainly not about nationalism it's only a bits about solvency one anything else is about trying to make a living. when cars come back in with just a small catch he will sell it partly to local wholesalers and partly from his own shop the locals who support him he has none of the power of the big fishing corporations but he and many others like him genuinely believe the whole point of bricks it is to stand up for the little guy for 3 al-jazeera the southeastern england. that will be crossing the english channel on friday for the other side of
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the story will be in normandy in northern france were fishermen are worried that losing access to british waters could mean a loss of their livelihood. well still ahead here on the al-jazeera news as the n.b.a. prepares to restart this player sports controversy with talk of a coronavirus conspiracy joe we'll explain after the break.
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you're. the. welcome back the annual muslim pilgrimage to mecca known as the hogs is in its 2nd day until comes well their way to mount. but this year's sunlight many seen before
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last year 2000000 people climb the sacred hill this time the pandemic means worshippers from abroad have been banned only a 1000 people will be allowed to perform the hard job all of them saudi nationals all residents of the country but millions of muslims from all over the world have been impacted by that decision here are some of the stories. that really a lot of my i already bought to go to the celebration before going to harsh i voted some religious leaders we made a stage we spent around $1000.00 u.s. dollars. because. we got out but this. we can do it in our power in our god in. our friends so even when i didn't restrict it to public. public outing on each.
1:50 pm
day i'm no one and you're not going to get be able to feeling very sad you've worked very hard for hodgson i was selected for highs but it's canceled due to corona. arrived. i think. when i watch mic on t.v. it's sad to see the people around it doesn't feel like everything's covered we still listen to prayers to at least feel those are the last days before. i run the . company tours and we've had several bookings obviously before. but after this covert kicked in 1st stop the visas and then. was a bit late in stating that they're not going to have anybody go to the bone but my parents and i registered in 2012 we've been waiting for 8 years when it's finally time for us to go this pandemic happens as human beings we're very disappointed but
1:51 pm
this is god's will so we accepted. this year i'm not so disappointed when i failed to leave in 2019 that was devastating i hope in 2021 i will still be healthy then i can go to high. school without at them and then the last thing this is because of covert 19 but also because of god's will i did expect that i could go this year but this is happening to the whole world so we just have to accept this. time for sports so thank you very much women's tennis number one ashley bharti has pulled out of next month's us open because she doesn't want to risk travelling during the current virus pandemic the australian is the highest profile player so far to choose not to play the grand slam in new york which begins on august 31st yet to decide if she'll defend her french open title at the delayed tournament in paris the end of september other players have also expressed their concerns about traveling to the u.s. where more than 150000 people have died of covert 90. b.
1:52 pm
is tightening its current virus protocols after the outbreak at the miami marlins players will now have to use surgical facemasks and set of cloth ones when they travel and each team will have to have a compliance officer to make sure they are following the rules at all and season remains on hold after 16 players and 2 staff members tested positive one player has taken precautions a step further by wearing a mask while playing which is not actually required under the current rules boston red sox taiwanese infielder suit wailin has been doing it since before the season started he helped the red sox beat the mets 65 on wednesday. and m.l. the players been handed an 8 game suspension for his role in. an ugly standoff between 2 teams that played the benches it happened as the l.a. dodgers play the history rockets and a pitcher joe kelly throw a fastball behind alex bregman his head and then mocked a stray start. it caused a standoff between the 2 teams in their 1st meeting since it was revealed that
1:53 pm
houston stole pitching signs from the door just before going on to win the well same reason 2017 just manager dave roberts has also been given a one game suspension but kelly has appealed hayes and will continue to play until that appeal is her yes sides the n.b.a. returns from its pandemic shut down later on thursday in new orleans pelicans open against the utah jazz inside the disney wild bubble but the league's commissioner admits he's anxious and wants the competition could be stopped again if the virus spreads probably if we had any significant spread at all we didn't mean it we stuck one thing we do is try to track those cases to determine where they're coming from and whether there have been spread on campus i would say alternately we see it completely if we saw that this was spreading around the campus and something more than actually the case was happening but then the nuggets play a michael portillo genius has caused controversy from inside the bubble when he
1:54 pm
backed a baseless conspiracy theory in a question and answer session with fans on social media personally i think the growth of ours is being used obviously a bigger agenda is being used for population control you know obviously i'm of the thought police market so any of our players but you know we can't say oh i would say you know just be sensitive to the current situation in our country and throughout the world in regards to graunt of ours. cattle says it's perplexed that saudi arabia is appealing against a ruling by the world trade organization which found the kingdom supports pirate broadcaster b. out q. has been accused of stealing content from qatar based b. in sports including english premier league football matches the premier league is weighing up a saudi led takeover bid for newcastle united. it was
1:55 pm
a busy night in italy said he added roman ac milan confirmed their place in the right play while champions eventis were beaten a calorie free to stem it has the action i have often i. respect for the 9 times consecutive serry are champions but only before kick off. 8 minutes in and luka galliano had put kalyani in front against you ventus was and then on the stroke of half time giovanni simeoni netted to double the lead was. no goal to christiania rinaldo as kalyani one to know a lot see a strike a cheeto immobile a took advantage over and all those blank he's teammate whacking korea put lots here in the lead against russia. before he scored he's 35th goal of the season immobile a is 4 goals ahead of rinaldo on the leading goalscorer his list to no to last year
1:56 pm
. in latin abraham a bitch was also among the goals he scored twice to help a seaman and defeat sampdoria for one. it's the 2nd time in 3 matches the 38 year old has schooled a brace melana in 6th position and assured of a europa league place the mixed season. just ahead of milan in the standings are roma they made sure of 5th place with a 32 win over torino inject 0 chris smalling and to the water on the school. who will also head to the europa league next season the final round of matches for the season said he our will take place on august 1st and 2nd. peter stammered al-jazeera. we're going into that final round of matches the battle will be over who finishes 2nd 3rd and 4th interval take on 3rd placed atalanta if that ends in a drawer let's see i could overtake them both by beating happily. england and ireland will begin a 3 match one day international. series later on thursday will be the 1st o.d.i.
1:57 pm
match since but was virtually brought to a halt in march the english completed a test series against the west indies on tuesday with the team's largely confined to bio secure bubbles now the one day world champions will host ireland who seldom get the opportunity to test themselves against stronger opposition or the really very very much after i think given the limited fixes that they are having her 2 sides whole house of tourists 'd. they'll they'll be looking to cause an upset definitely and win a series of east. let's take on england's friendly arch to ground 0 it was wrote rugby or soccer that was the texture you want to play and create it's not if sometimes i think you know the english boys look like they are flying pretty well and we're going to be at a we're going to have to be at our best all right that is always but for now it is back to site thanks very much joe you have been watching the al-jazeera news with me so robin fully back you both will be here with more news on the other side of
1:58 pm
the break until then for all of the news our team thanks for your time and your company. frank assessments seeing that. there's. like being selfish it's an informed opinion is ethiopia on the verge of a breakdown many calls or do you want to meet at region are actually under a de facto state of emergency in critical debate of the use of proxy he does not represent the interest of the libyan people in depth analysis of the day's global headlines inside story on al-jazeera. setting the discussions we are
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living at times when we are going to have to defend our democracies examining the headlines this is not the way to treat a migrant workers ludwick. human explore an abundance of world class programming designed to inform motivate and inspire i am. the world is watching on al-jazeera. the u.s. is the richest country in the world yet it still doesn't have a universal health care system i'll be asking why not to influential republican lonny chairman i'm top democrat abdu'l say it in a special edition of head to head in 68500 miles a year we would save under medicare reform starting this doesn't happen in canada or spain or australia people don't die because they confidentially well they die because they can't get access to care head to head on algis iraq. a
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diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of the network's journalists on al-jazeera. hong-kong disqualifies 12 opposition candidates from september's legislative council election and uses a new law to arrest to dispose thing content on. player watching al-jazeera live from doha with me for the bad people also ahead bella rose says is tightening border controls after detaining suspected russian mercenaries accused of attempting to disrupt next month's election the united states records more than 150000 garbage one.


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