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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  July 30, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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this clips and the talking points are pretty intense if it can forge narratives all right from the listening post gives you the full picture on a. plane important for all. ringback this is al-jazeera. but on the clock this is the news our life coming up in the next 60 minutes and battered by a pandemic the u.s. economy suffers its biggest downturn since 1940 s. the job queues get longer. donald trump suggested laying november's presidential elections over what he says is concern that smell in voting will result in fraud.
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pro-democracy candidates disqualified from hong kong's local elections and students arrested for online posts in the beijing's new security. suspected russian mercenaries are detained in bel air routes to queues of trying to disrupt an upcoming film. and on a mission to search for signs of life in space because mars rover blast off from florida heading for the red planet. i'm going to guess rosco with the sport saudi arabian investors pull out of a bid to buy new cars so united up to months of premier league scrutiny. so there's more proof of the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic with the united states. being its worst economic slump since the 940 s.
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its economy has shrunk at the fastest pace on record that is down 9.5 percent between april and june and in the past week another 1400000 people have applied for jobless benefits the same time europe's biggest economy that's germany has plunged into recession shrinking by a record 10 percent of the pandemics wiped out nearly a decade of growth and now the u.s. president donald trump who's talked of the strength of his country's economy is asking whether november's election should be perspire and. let's go straight to our white house grounds but it can be home to study by the in washington so they can be a spectacular decline in the united states. yeah her industry numbers for a president trying to win reelection on the strength of the economy there were historically low unemployment numbers early on in this president's term here at the oval office but that's all been wiped out and also some of the gains under barack
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obama also now gone as a result of coded 19 now just about these numbers into perspective this 32.9 plunging of the g.d.p. that's a u.s. specific number it's a big headline of course but really we should for our international viewers 2 look at the almost 10 percent contraction in the economy just to kind of put it respective from global numbers the centrally what this is this is a contraction as a result of the shutdowns from coronavirus whether it's personal spending or restaurants job. sorry for clothing and footwear exports investments but also another number that came out this also not good news for this president is the jobless numbers claims once again taking upward from last week 1400000 more than 20000000 americans unemployed and what we're seeing in all of this is that what many thought was going to be a temporary loss is starting to look a lot more permanent right and just as we said earlier just as these figures are
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not talked about the possibility of spoiling the election there we read anything into the timing of this particular bomb show. a couple of things the 1st one is that this president is masterful when it comes to changing a bad headline and that's essentially what he's done in the face of these horrendous job numbers he's put out an incendiary tweet so that we're talking a little bit less about those job numbers a little bit more about his suggestion that perhaps the vote in november for the presidential election should be delayed so that's one thing that's important to note in all of this the other is that when the president makes the suggestion as outlandish as it is he doesn't have the authority to delay an election in fact that's something that really is in the hands of congress but it certainly is concerning given the fact that we're really about 95 days until that vote and in
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the midst of all of this there are some legitimate issues about election security whether it be mail in voting is the president's talked about i'll just read this tweet with the universal mail in voting not absentee voting which is good 2020 will be the most inaccurate fragile election in history it will be a great embarrassment to the u.s. a delay the election to people can properly securely and safely vote there are legitimate questions about election security foreign interference is one of them there are concerns about mail in voting but the suggestion that it be delayed again not something the president can do and already causing a lot of concern not just among voters but among members of congress both those who oppose the president and those who support him yet he said he knows how to get people talking about something else that could be very much indeed for the time being let's switch close to a new study by then don't think so europe's biggest economy germany of course plunging into recession shrinking by record 10 percent and the pun demographics we
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want to use with the group. the way to look at these figures these set this set of the latest quarterly figures is these are the worst for 50 years going back to the time of west germany so that gives you a degree of how bad this pandemic has been for the german economy but there are that's the headline from these figures but bear in mind that these quarterly figures that have been projected that they would be almost 10 percent recession anyway so that society as it were had prepared itself for this sort of blow the fact that it's a little bit more than 10 percent well that's bad and that clearly is something that will worry the economists and the ministerial circles here in berlin but they're also stressing that they believe that the measures they have taken are keeping it at that level and reducing that level of recession the economy minister
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is confident that the economy will rebound in 2021 that's what he was saying a few months ago when these dire project projections came out now that the realities of these figures is clear well they're not resigning from that and to give you a sense of perspective several large companies say that they are not worried right now about what might happen to the economy because they believe they've got things in hand what they're really worried about is a 2nd wave of infections here that's the uniform line from industry but also from government that's the way to see these figures right now they think they've got this in hand but they're hoping there won't be a 2nd wave of corona. thanks very much don cane life in berlin well with all of this going on the world's biggest plane maker has posted a net loss of more than $2000000000.00 in the 1st half of this year and its rival boeing announced a similar 2nd quarter loss on wednesday let's hear now from the township butler who's in paris with more on the airbus losses. terrible figures for air bus the
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european plane made a $2200000000.00 of net losses in the 1st 6 months of this year they've had to deliver half the amount of aircraft in the 1st half of this year that they had planned on and also in the 2nd quarter revenue tumbling by 55 percent so whatever us are saying is that they have had to cut production by 40 percent which of course have a huge impact on the company on staff across the europe who work for us all the suppliers the whole industry that is always linked to any one company and what they're saying is that this is due of course to the coronavirus pandemic the fact that during the lockdowns people pretty much didn't fly airlines were grounded and even after the restored restrictions have been lifted in some places a line travel has been severely reduced in fact us are saying their visibility for
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the future is very limited indeed they may not be forecasting in the short term because the airline travel industry isn't really expected to get back onto its feet at least preplanned demick levels until 20232025 so that's a long way off indeed and it's something of course that will affect as i said all these industries that are connected to the european playmakers are bad news indeed out of france today or a. run from london who is an international economist and former economic advisor to the president of the european commission the group figures all over the world. especially the united states how much do we hung on to the fact they were not quite as bones expected. but obviously these are catastrophic figures both at the u.s. and germany and indeed elsewhere but we knew that going to be catastrophic and frankly even whether it's and subject to a huge margin of error especially at this time so whether they're slightly better
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or worse than expectations i think is pretty much here of their what what really matters is what's happening now and what's likely to happen in the future in the future and in that respect i think that the the jobless figures from the u.s. somewhat troubling because unemployment have been falling it's now rising again and that suggests that the recovery has slowed or indeed stalled and you can see that from also from credit card spent new figures indeed from consumer confidence and you could just see that you know from the t.v. pictures where you know the likes of florida and texas are seeing a huge rise in cases where you're seeing consumers across america who are concerned for the future and so. looking looking a bit further out and what it tells you is that the the destruction that we've had from the lock downs in a sense is only a small part of our problems there is crippling uncertainty about when there's
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going to be here or when there's going to be a baxi in whether future lockdowns are going to be needed and what. measures consumers are going to take on their own bat of say choosing to or not to go to restaurants or to do or not to go traveling and on top of that the uncertainty about the policy response though to be in the u.s. an election year right there where one month into the 3rd quarter already in our bureau the figures we're talking about take it up to the end of june as you've alluded to so what is the sense that that will in time given everything that you've said of the of the possibilities for recovery. well i mean i think that it was pretty clear that the us was already starting to recover even within the 2nd quarter but as the 1st quarter because this month things were looking better and that things then. at that very least the rate of improvement has slowed
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and quite possibly an editor's thought altogether and we face a cliff and what the u.s. economy faces a cliff edge at the end of the month when some of the exceptional fiscal support measures to struggling households expire and where there's a big bump fighting in congress about whether to extend them or not with republican saying that actually this is discouraging people from working and obviously that's tied in also with the battle about election politics and unless we do see an extension or indeed further stimulus spending in the u.s. i think you could see the u.s. economy going into a double dip recession which could be you know quite a catastrophic not just for the u.s. but for the global economy and indeed obviously for our present trumps. re-election chances where there are a colossal injections of cash going on around the world least with the economies that can afford it with these trillions and trillions of dollars of stimulus
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packages it's crucial but how we spend that money is not so much a question of how we come back or whether we can come back at all. why partly depends on how you think things are going to pan out you know if your worries about outbreaks further outbreaks of the virus then your priority is supporting incomes and pay people to stay home if on the contrary you think that the virus is abating and sustainably then you want to be stimulating consumption and people who are currently people to go out and spend likewise if you think that basically we have to keep the economy in deep freeze then you want to pay pay people to remain in their current jobs and businesses. in ready to. produce the same at the same things where there is restart if on the other hand you think that. the economy is going through a big shift not least the shift from high street retail to armley online retail
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from working in offices to working from home then on the contrary you want to be encouraging that shift in encouraging businesses to shift away their work and. could workers to find new jobs i think basically. there's so much uncertainty going on it's incredibly difficult for policymakers to respond and the top priority has to be to try and exaggerate measures to find a vaccine in that respect at least at the recent news has been relatively positive rather than that's a unified effort who'd be a fine as well as the right now billy graham thanks very much salute really thank you thank you. well thirty's in the australian state of victoria a tightening look damages after a record of infections and deaths reported 723 new 1000 cases and 13 deaths the state is the epicenter of a straight a 2nd wave of the virus and nearly 10000 people have tested positive with more than
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300 treated in hospital mosques on monday training. we have now been in this lockdown now for some weeks and we're not getting the results we would hopeful and as a result the further measures that it certainly necessary will come at an impact to the economy we understand that but equally not can tiny price will have that effect also and so it's important we continue to work together to get on top of this and type whatever actions in its history of british prime minister burns johnson says the pandemic is slowly being brought under control there but he is warning people to keep up safety measures or risk another way. numbers of deaths oh well well done but i have to tell you that we're looking at a resurgence of the virus in some other european countries you can see what's been happening in the united states and so it is absolutely vital as a country that we continue to keep our focus and discipline and that we don't
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delude ourselves that somehow we're out of the woods or that this is all over because it isn't all over. a plenty more still ahead on news hour including. catch inbreds if he gives a shit it could put trade talks on the with the e.u. or not is. a natural disaster dozens of rare wild animals are being killed in india's northern assam states will have to report. because paul coming out to the prosecutors in switzerland opening a criminal case against the head of world football at fifa president giani entertainer has come up with. for a 12 position politicians in hong kong have been disqualified from running in september's legislative council election leading pro-democracy activists joshua wall is one of those disqualified he says it shows
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a total disregard for the people of hong kong look toward authorities had asked the kind of it's about their views on beijing's national security law and u.s. sanctions the move is being denounced by the opposition as a political witch hunt and for the 1st time police in hong kong have used the news national security law to crackdown on pro-democracy activists online 4 students have been arrested they're accused of posting content that calls for hong kong's independence from china but he imposed this controversial law 4 weeks ago saying it's needed to restore order if you compile and has more now from hong kong. hong kong is particularly sensitive issue for the u.k. as hong kong used to be a british colony in the u.k. signed a joint declaration with beijing before it was handed over in 1907 and the ambassador had mentioned that to saying it hadn't violated the joint declaration but the u.k. and the rest of the international community see this national security laws imposing restrictions on the hong kong that wasn't within the agreements to
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safeguard hong kong's autonomy and now we're seeing the hong kong government using that national security law as a way of what its opponents are saying influencing elections these legislative council elections the only even minor democratic process there is in hong kong that are to take place in september about 12 of the candidates the pro-democracy candidates including activists joshua while warring the more radical i would say activists that were pushing for far more anti government action along with even more moderate established democratic candidates have been now disqualified and the government says it's because partially because they gave they listed a number of reasons but one of the main reasons underlying it is because they did not support this national security law so although we're seeing beijing saying that this national security law should not affect the political sphere spiritual not affect people's freedom of expressions it should not affect hong kong so autonomy
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the actions that we're seeing and according particularly to the critics of hong kong's government and the opposition camp is that it is he being used very much to limits hong kong's expression and particularly any anti government decenter activity. well jonathan back to the to the united kingdom has accused the government of raising tensions between the 2 countries the ming says the u.k.'s condemnation of hong kong's new national security law and moves to grant people in the city a pathway to produce should british citizenship amount to blatant interference challenges more now from london in a video news conference earlier on thursday the chinese ambassador to the u.k. argue china's case he struck 3 broad notes the 1st was to say that china is a banana actor on the world stage that it's at hearing so international laws it's
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a promoter of peaceful development it doesn't invade other countries and trying to export is a model of governance overseas he also then went on to say that the new national security law in hong kong is not the problem the wall way the tight chinese tech giant is not the problem it's the u.k. that's a problem it's the u.k. that is poisons china u.k. relations and the last night was to say that look if good sense can prevail if the u.k. can stop interfering in hong kong business which he insisted was china's internal affairs then good relations could be restored which would be beneficial for all we can hear a little bit more of his words now on hong kong they have been blunted interference from the u.k. in hong kong. in terms of china including wrong
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nations against the national security mall as they are change to the same ball being passed. in addition treaty with hong kong. this moves seriously. and prosperity. following recent british music against china the ambition to a big to walk away from the u.k.'s tech infrastructure the suspension of the extradition treaty between the u.k. and hong kong and the move to give 3000000 hong kong as a path to u.k. citizenship china has only really responded by suspending the extradition treaty with the u.k. as well so there is an expectation amongst china watchers here in the u.k. that more is going to be coming and the u.k. just has to wait to see what further action beijing might take russia is denying
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trying to destabilize bella russo ahead of its upcoming election after 30 of its citizens were detained in minsk interest in president alexander lukashenko has accused the men of being mercenaries sent by moscow to incite riots and who is seeking a 6th term in elections next month a better reeses been one of russia's most reliable ally instance the fall of the soviet union earl asians have strained in recent years moscow to once been a ruse to implement a union agreement signed in 1990 that would create a single currency constitution parliament and a court system between the president blames moscow for domestic discontent and is accused of plotting to overthrow him meanwhile relations with the west have improved if every my pump became the 1st u.s. secretary of state to visit minsk since the early 1990 s. after that washington appointed its 1st ambassador in over a decade then in may but ordered all from the united states for the 1st time after
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failing to agree on a price to buy from russia. arroyo as the premier is a fellow at the russia and eurasia program at chatham house which is a british foreign affairs think tank he doesn't believe russia would gain much by interfering in the elections actually not so many people in belarus believe that this poll came to belarus to destabilize many people in belarus i jailed on the freight charges and previously below sneath ortiz several times he used forcible terrorist attacks as a tool to suppress them a graphic activists during the election campaigns so what most people believe if there's this mass there it's we're going to do that middle east africa through ballerinas because of the problems with connections caused by the pandemic so presently i do not see much point for russia to into fact into this presidential election and to send 10 messages here we can imagine that gramley become the
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measure of what grommets wants to see as a result of this election that belarus will destroy links with them as that the well west will introduce sanctions against dollars that bill or civil society will be in depression and the political system will be the bush demise that the bill or some economy will be very weak and dependent on russia so actually question is delivering during this presidential election after seeing what's coming towards because he's oppressed everyone now in the country and the west will have no other choice but to tell you some sanctions against. lawyers for malays is for the prime minister not to rush back have filed an appeal against his conviction for corruption and was sentenced to 12 years in prison and find nearly $50000000.00 and she's there for his role in a multibillion dollar scandal at state fund one and the billions had been stolen from the fund and spent on everything from high end real estate to oprah. nasa has launched its perseverance rover from cape canaveral in florida to seek out life on
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mars when it reaches the red planet rover will look for bio signatures that will take rock samples and fly an experimental helicopter over the surface of the launch comes on the heels of similar missions from china and. i think america reports now from florida. launching on a mission to mars this is the start as nasa is most ambitious project to answer the age old question point are we alone. it will take the perseverance rover almost 7 months to reach the red planet and if all goes well place the car sized robot safely in the $20.00 crater once they're the rover will spend almost 2 years exploring an ancient martian lake a location scientists say may hold the building blocks to life so one of the key steps that perseverance is taking is collecting samples that can be brought back to earth in the future and then analyzed with all the trust real laboratories we have
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which should actually provide us a definitive answer to our question. in a 1st in space exploration the rover is equipped with an experimental helicopter called ingenuity it plans to make several hopes above the planet's surface something nasa say will be a wright brothers moment in space ingenuity helicopter on the perseverance rover is one of the most exciting aspects of the mission because this will be the 1st time we demonstrate flight on another planet and that's really important as an exploration tool if all goes as planned this would be nasa's 9th rover to land on mars and so far the most sophisticated perseverance will carry out an experiment to try and generate oxygen after the martian atmosphere drill for rock samples and most importantly look for signs of frozen microbial life if you keep adding more rovers you get incremental increase. this is a knowledge but bringing our samples back and letting thousands of scientists and
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hundreds of laboratories look at them that's where the big increase of biology is going to come once the samples are collected nasa plans to retrieve them by launching another mission to the red planet before hopefully returning with them safely to earth what the mission delivers may answer the question did mars ever have life before any of that happens perseverance will have to land on mars i window of time nasa calls 7 minutes of terror that's how long it takes the rover to send a radio signal back to earth the curiosity rover managed in 2012 and if perseverance does the same it will begin a whole new era in the search for life and gallacher al-jazeera miami florida. still to come on the program a future in peril you z.b. child survivors of ice will face a health crisis years after their in. a dream shattered families seeking answers about how the teenage son died while training at a time military. and well tennis no one actually got to pulls out of the
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usa joe will tell us why it's full. of. hello scorchingly hot is not a surprising description of the weather in the middle east in summer sometimes it gets thundery as well has been doing that recently but the heat set a new record in baghdad on tuesday we might do the same again today possibly even on friday that heat is accompanied by a bit of a breeze and it's all being taken south through kuwait towards the eastern side of society as you can see this bright and the blue suggest still plenty of moisture some pretty big thunderstorms down there in the mountains the southwest of saudi and western side of yemen less so in amman surprisingly and i when the dust itself
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is showing up as the orange glow at 38 in doha that's not what he was a humid sticky fear with the breeze coming off the gulf. you watch clusters of thunderstorms this time of the year in north africa and there is one running into nigeria as you can see that will keep study moving westwards with another one that's just going off the coast is rough is fond of horses banjo even beyond and the next 24 hours you'll see something further south in liberia and sierra leone north of all that and of course it's just a cotton hot picture even in egypt despite the breezes 45 up in us one. of the. kidnappings and murders in crimea russia's forced an extension of the black sea finnish. i don't understand why this can no.
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schools of crimean to toss have been arrested and tortured and killed. most believe by russian security forces. crimea russia's dark secret on al-jazeera. that soon as the sun goes down to shutting down russia is a very challenging place to work problem at the county level even though the authorities here say you can't do it it's not allowed to build pushing the always pushing on bali doing a lot of the kinds of moscow is under lockdown people are being detained for peacefully my fear for the kids is that what we are while traveling the extra mile we oughta media don't go we go there and we give them a chance to tell their story. org or.
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3 welcome back you watch the odds are very much about top stories as the u.s. economy declined by 9.5 percent to people in june its worst economic slump since 940 s. comes as president of the trump tweeted suggesting nevers election be delayed. 12 opposition politicians have been disqualified from running in hong kong to september election including pro-democracy activist joshua wall and 4 students were detained under the new national security law. russia has denied trying to destabilize spellers softer more than 30 suspected mess mary's were detained in minsk but 1st accuses the group of plotting acts of terrorism head of its presidential election. the u.n. report says that millions of children in both wealthy and in poland nations are at
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risk of irreversible health damage because of lead poisoning and says lead can impair brain development nervous systems and vital organs it blames inadequate recycling of lead acid batteries paint in homes and food contaminated by lead glazed pottery or about money as more. an act i love sport but it has suffered as a result of years of exposure to the toxic metal mad in the bangladeshi village of cats gora there's no sign there was once a battery was cycling plantinga workers abandon the plant a few years ago taking everything with them but an external suffers from the effects of the lead use that oh. i love playing football. i play on the field in front of our school it's because they've been a lead there so if i went there i would have fallen sick i forget a lot of things when i'm studying the knicks mothers said the lead poisoning has
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killed the life stalk. to our door when we asked them they told us they were making a battery factory over there the leaves are not trees used to be covered in suit every morning when i died and a lot of goats tied to the nick had a lot of lead in his body. a report from the u.n. an advocacy group called pure math says one in 3 children are being affected by lead poisoning around the world maybe hard to live in south asia. let can come from many sources including leaded petrol as a battery house paint and lead place partially children are often poisoned by inhaling or in just sing lead particles and they are most at risk because that bodies easily absorb the meso as they can there's no. obvious we credit we. get and how. well that
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mohamed lift hill has been working with the pure group to clean up the area and cut gura he says it was a success after testing $75.00 children a superfluity 2 percent reduction in lead levels in the bloodstream. we are trying to identify i wanted to get his side and because he said that means that this a class ever invented place and after that we start to clean the visible plastics made bricks used plastics and used to better the phillips. but needs to be done in a nearby town a dome right there's another lead battery recycling factory still in operation. and children playing nearby. lower the demand the al-jazeera. were let's move on to iraq where years e.-d. children who survived being held by isis fighters are facing an unprecedented
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health crisis that's according to amnesty international which says that nearly 2000 children have been reunited with their families since 2014 and this includes former child soldiers and girls subjected to sexual violence it says most of these children are now suffering from serious health conditions including post-traumatic stress disorder and depression and points out that they have not received any form of support with psychological health or financial help uneasy women they're also facing a crisis many give birth gave birth as a result of sexual assaults bio-diesel fighters have been separated from their children while the author of that misty report is with us now nicolette baldwin joins us from london nicholas thanks for joining us on the to talk about this very distressing report talking of children who have been abducted torchwood forced to fight no end of abuses under us wondering how you even reconcile with a child who's been through those kind of experiences that was exactly
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what we were wondering with this research and i think that was the struggle that so many of the caregivers for these children are facing in but really. a flex i think have been covered in the abuses during the conflict but actually the legacy of these of these abuses live on and even though the world's attention has turned away from the conflict with isis the people who suffered in that conflict and especially these children are still continuing to suffer and placed in massive challenges right yes indeed it lives on in the shape of the children's lives right now what happens to them how do they react. so we found that these children now come away with really significant physical health problems they have long term many have long term illnesses conditions physical
6:37 pm
disabilities especially boys who are forced to fight and come up out from captivity with missing arms and legs or other conditions that will be with them for their lives and then girls who have been subjected to sexual violence have specific unique health problems such as scarring in traumatic fish schiller's difficulty conceiving or carrying children and then just to move on to their mental health they really are facing a crisis and some of the most common symptoms that they're exhibiting include hyperactivity aggression withdrawal from social situations severe mood swings and the list goes on so really these these children are struggling and the caregivers for these children who are usually their family members are struggling as well right before you get on to what needs to be done it we also should note that several women viewed by you so that they were coerced or even deceived into
6:38 pm
leaving their children behind. yes we found that many of these these children the children who were born as a result of sexual violence to isis members have largely been denied a place within the cd society and so some of the the the women willingly part from these children but many of them as you say have carted all me as a result of very severe pressure. and and often even coercion and we found in many cases that these were women were desperate to be unite with their children they told us that they hadn't received any news or any word about their children even about just what their whereabouts they told us that they couldn't speak publicly about their desire desire to reunite with their children out of fear is for their own safety and that is why we're look for the women who wish to
6:39 pm
reunite with their children we're calling for them to be reunited and as urgently as possible really this is a life and death situation for these women to be relocated and resettled in 3rd countries ok well clearly a great deal needs to be done to try and resolve these difficult situations we run out of time because that's it but we do appreciate you for bringing this to attention from amnesty thank you. and now the treatment of military cadets in thailand is under scrutiny as thousands take part in an annual recruitment drive the armed forces have been accused of allowing abusive initiation ritual and some families of dead cadets to speak you know go hide the reports now from bangkok. ever since he was a school boy pick up on the tanya kahn wanted to become an army officer at 18 he was well on his way to that dream when he suddenly died at an army training school . after his death 3 years ago community children made
6:40 pm
a book of drawings for his family army officials said pick up on died of sudden cardiac arrest his parents skeptical ordered a 2nd autopsy it revealed that his major organs were removed further examination showed evidence consistent with physical abuse how. the royal thai forces have to take responsibility because stay on in charge of all of the military they have to answer to why my brother is dead accusations of a military cover ups world entire media after pack of punks case became public again raising attention to the tradition of abuse of initiation or hazing rituals in thailand's armed forces a police investigation is ongoing amnesty international recently conducted an investigation on abuse in thailand's military we interviewed 19 new recruits between november 2016 and july 2019 spread across about 9 different provinces.
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different training cycles and yet we found consistent patterns very clear patterns of the state the call mental and sexual abuse since the 1950 s. thailand has held a lottery for its draft in which around 100000 young men are conscripted into military service for up to 2 years this takes place every year usually in april because of code 19 this year it's been pushed back. after the young men are given a basic physical check up and a review of their paperwork the rest is up to chance whether they will be called up to serve the move forward party says they are the only political party truly pushing for reform in the recruitment process. that sick guy potential in order to stop the violence who introduce a military service below they so want to system we want to make sure that those who want to see who suffer as a professional offices not as a 7th offices. 2 years ago a memo was circulated at the top levels of the military calling for closer
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examination of cadet abuse claims but no major changes have been made al-jazeera is interview requests for military response on cadet abuse went unanswered and if the military continues to ignore voices of concern there's a chance more mothers will only have photos to remind them of their sons scott hodler al jazeera bangkok. well the time is running out for the e.u. and the united kingdom to agree any sort of framework for bret's trade deal before the end of the year and nothing is more polarizing in the debate than fishing rights in the 1st of all seriousness and he has been speaking to fishermen in the south east of england who welcomed a new deal bricks and. fisherman work harder than nearly anyone it's just after 5 in the morning and wink walpole is doing what he does most days travelling out of the mouth of the thames estuary towards the english channel to look for a catch but he has
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a big problem the far larger dutch trawlers which not only stealing waters but which sometimes used techniques like the mass electrocution of fish to take the lion share if the cold and the soul don't make it up to the estuary his chances last we shipped up aficionados. would typically be fishing for 2020 stone and. one of our friends when last. i think up about 6 start you know i wouldn't pay for $1.00 industries falling apart . so. fishing rights have become arguably the most totemic issue of all for supporters of brics it's the small boats became a photo opportunity in support of no deal the argument being that a line had to be drawn in the sea to offer proper separation from a europe which gains far more than the u.k.
6:44 pm
from the current arrangements that boats that was taken to westminster belongs to this man who is as convinced now as he ever was that brics it must be used to support the u.k.'s broken fishing industry we've said we could potentially have an industry where fight 1000000000 pounds if fission in st u.k. where there's a moment it's in a 1000000000. that's. more employment is an awful lot more. moral of the 1st little towns you know around the coast mr switzer without so this is one of the more difficult arguments for critics of no deal that while it might look catastrophic for other industries for the owners of small fishing boats it could be hugely significant opponents of brecht's it often points out that fishing is only worth half a percent of the whole british economy but in communities like this that cuts no ice it's all for them it's certainly not about nationalism it's only a bits about solvency one anything else is about trying to make a living. when cars come back in with just
6:45 pm
a small catch he will sell it partly to local wholesalers and partly from his own shop to locals who support him he has none of the power of the big fishing corporations but he and many others like him genuinely believe the whole point of bricks it is to stand up for the little guy the foresail jazeera the southeast in england. the lead here and i was there i was born to a harsh punishment for this and i'll be planted over his behavior to gain some measure of primary.
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
devastating floods in northeastern india have killed dozens of wild animals including one who. runs 60 percent of the. national park in the state it was underwater you know ask a world heritage site is home to the world's largest population of the species or in the cross one and this was prone to reports now from new delhi. taking refuge from the floods $100.00 rhinos gather on artificially built highlands and india's national park more than half of the 1000 square kilometer wildlife reserve is under water heavy monsoon rains in the northeast and state have killed $143.00 of the park's inhabitants of the past month including 16 rhinos. where records are not situation is what many wild animals have gone to the hills looking for for the highland grass but it's not enough. flood so an
6:48 pm
annual occurrence during the monsoon season but conservationists say they are becoming more severe if. blood is. going on the way it is. because there are so many dams in upstate. not only harm to the world's biggest population of the $100.00 but many other protected species including elephants and tigers. government has built artificial highlands for the animals but there are concerns the changes will turn into a dry habitat in the long run making it unsuitable for many of its wildlife. park officials also say many animals prefer to leave the reserve for natural highlands conservationists suggest clearing parts to allow them to move to the cabbie on long hills during floods so that they don't have to cross a national highway. there are many many many things in be doing that i said i like
6:49 pm
lance and the park and dan they get disoriented because they're necessary to make this an but rock due to certain development activities and lives so in case of a young baby. specially that i know that they get separated from their mother. right in bowman's all been a zation has been rescuing wild animals for the past 20 years in that time the status of one horned rhinos has improved from endangered to vulnerable but with severe flooding becoming increasingly frequent he says more needs to be done to ensure the vinyl story remains one of conservation success elizabeth piron of al-jazeera new delhi all right let's move on to sport history nick thank you the saudi arabian backed consortium trying to buy new cars and united football club has withdrawn its bid the group which included saudi arabia's sovereign wealth fund had
6:50 pm
made a $391000000.00 offer to buy new castle from british businessman mike ashley but after waiting months for the premier league to give the green light to the offer has now been withdrawn well let's bring in our sports correspondent lee wellings on this from london and leigh it appears that the consortium just got tired of waiting . yes but we do now have a statement from saudi arabia's public investment fund of course it has been with the premier league for 16 weeks and their patients are gone with it. we have a deep appreciation of the newcastle community and significance of its football club we've come to the decision to withdraw our interest in acquiring the football club we do so with regret going on here they say i want to meet me during the unforeseeable prolonged process and it was certainly that the commercial agreement between the investment group and the club's owners expired so this would have been highly controversial lives a lot of pressure on the premier league this was with as i looked into the fit and
6:51 pm
proper persons. the adequacy of the people who are coming in to take over they need to make sure that the pressure was coming from all directions of course you have the issue of television piracy and the world trade organization saying that be out was coming from saudi arabia there was stealing content from. be in sports there's also the pressure protests from the fiance of the murdered journalist. this was all booting up in the premier league so you wonder if something was actually said quietly that the deal might not go through and this is how saudi arabia fights but where does it leave newcastle united who would've potentially become a super power of european football in the premier league they're now in a situation of wondering what's going to happen at the club next and away from new interesting to do with football's world governing body as well. yes a lot happening in there's a certain familiarity to this job we're looking at johnny in front of course the
6:52 pm
president a favor has been for 4 years a swiss special prosecutor has commenced criminal proceedings as a legal process that's been going on not entirely surprising because it's about in fronting those 3 alleged meetings behind closed doors with the swiss attorney general michael lauper that's got michael lauber in a lot of trouble those meetings he's had to give up some of his salary there are other repercussions for him today i'm going forward but this is not what 3 for a further investigation into the current president jonathan franzen after all we saw over many years after what we saw happening with. what happened behind closed doors at those meetings between mr lauder mr infantile you know apparently corruption of the 4 was discussed and the swiss prosecutors want some more answers and this is going to be a very uncomfortable period going forward for mr infante don't think for him but he came into the organization saying i'm going to clear it up now the spotlight's
6:53 pm
firmly on him all right lee i know we'll get more from you in the $800.00 g.m.t. news hour now thank you russia faced being kicked out of world athletics if they don't pay an outstanding fine in the next $2.00 weeks russia's federation owes more than $6000000.00 which was a punishment for breaching anti-doping rules everybody missed their 1st deadline now they have until 15th of august to pay or face expulsion if that does happen they will be able to send neutral athletes to compete at world events like the olympics. eventis manager mauritius saudi has threatened to field an under 23 team in his science last sunday our game site he was complaining about the congested fixture list since the league regime dr curran of our suspension if they were beaten by carry on wednesday while their wins for latvia roma and ac milan it is them has the action. respect for the 9 times consecutive serry are champions but only before kick off. 8 minutes in and luka galliano had put colliery in front
6:54 pm
against you ventus was and then on the stroke of half time giovanni simeoni netted to double the lead was. no goal to christiania rinaldo as kalyani one to know a lot see a strike a cheeto immobile a took advantage over and all those blank he's teammate hakeem korea put latino in the lead against russia. before he scored he's 35th goal of the season immobile a is 4 goals ahead of rinaldo on the leading goalscorer his list to no. latin able him a bitch was also among the goals he scored twice to help a seaman and defeat some doria for one. it's the 2nd time in 3 matches the 38 year old has school the brace melanne owing 6 position and assured of
6:55 pm
a europa league place the mixed season. just ahead of milan in the standings are roma they made sure of 5th place with a 32 win at the torino it inject 0 chris smalling and to the water on the school. who were also headed to the europa league next season the final round of matches for the season said they are will take place on august 1st and 2nd. peter stammered al-jazeera. makes conformity one driver subject perez has been placed into self isolation often in. conclusive coded $900.00 test this news comes a day before 1st practice of the push from at silverstone a spokesman for paris is racing point team said he was awaiting the results of a retest and not at the silverstone circuit it's also been confirmed perez has not been back to mexico since he last raced in hungary on july the 19th women's tennis number one ashley barty has pulled out of next month's u.s. open because she doesn't want to risk traveling during the korean virus pandemic
6:56 pm
your strain is the highest profile player so far to choose not to play the grand slam in new york which begins on august the 31st yet to decide if she'll defend her french open title or the delete delayed tournament in paris at the end of september are the players have also expressed their concerns about traveling to the u.s. for more than 150000 people have died of covert 19 the m l b is tightening its coronavirus protocols off to the outbreak at the miami marlins players will now have to use surgical facemasks instead of crop ones when they travel and each team will have to have a compliance officer to make sure they're following the routes the marlin season remains on hold off to 16 players and 2 staff members tested positive l.a. dodgers pitcher joe kelly has been handed an 8 game suspension for his role in an ugly standoff with the houston astros kelly threw a fastball behind alex bregman as head and then mocked astros star carlos carrera it caused both benches to clear in what was their 1st meeting since it was revealed
6:57 pm
that houston stole pitching signs from the dodgers before going on to win the world series in 2017 dodgers manager dave roberts has also been given a one game suspension but kelly has appealed his will continue to play until that appeal is heard the n.b.a. returns from its pandemic shut down later on thursday the new orleans pelicans open against the utah jazz inside the disney world double the league's commissioner admits he's anxious and once the competition could be stopped again if the virus spreads. probably if we had any any significant spread it all we did mean it we stuck in one thing we do is try to track those cases to determine where they're coming from and whether there have been spread on the campus i would say alternately we would see it completely if we saw that this was spreading around the campus and something more than isolated case was happening all right that is a useful for now we'll have more for you nic very great thank you very much dave
6:58 pm
for that so just about it to this news i don't forget our web site al jazeera dot com is the address all the news we're covering there lots of comment and analysis outs are dot com well it's not coming back and kind of an it's not a half hour of newsroom season. jump into the stream and julian on global community this generation will have to create its own democracy with social media on air online be part of the debate let me put some you tube comments to you when no topic is off the table is taking on all the systemic violence that people of color have suffered not only now but for
6:59 pm
decades we are going to be to transform lives the way he treats human way to business if we're going to adapt to climate breakout this street on out is there. what was described as the world's longest long downpour the largest exodus since the creation of an independent india and $947.00. experts believe india is still at a stage of infection but the long down has already created a humanitarian crisis and driven the unemployment rate for 6 to 23 percent and it's also highlighted an equality religious tensions and a health care system that isn't equipped to deal with a pandemic the following weeks one child of the peace and mass movement of people will accelerate the spread of the kowtowing to juarez from india's cities to its rule hot. beyond going fight between donald trump and the golden state because of trolls philosophy hughes you know everybody going to conflict with bill
7:00 pm
for exposes contrasting ideologies on immigration the environment economic and cultural issues trump is calling attention to the failure of the blue state model to be battlegrounds for the 20 twentieth's accent people in power reports on trump plus his california on al-jazeera. battered by a pandemic the u.s. economy suffers its biggest downturn since the 1940 s. the job queues get longer. and on the clock this is al jazeera live from doha was coming up donald trump suggests delaying november's presidential election over what he says is concern that mail in voting will result in fraud. pro-democracy candidates are disqualified
7:01 pm
from hong kong's local elections and students arrested for online posts and a beijing's new security law.


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