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tv   The Arabs  Al Jazeera  August 10, 2020 3:00pm-4:01pm +03

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a diverse range of stories from across the globe from the perspective of our networks journalists on al-jazeera. oh i'm adrian fell again with a summary of the news from al-jazeera police in hong kong have made their highest profile arrests so far under the new national security law by detaining newspaper owner jimmy lai 6 others linked to his pro-democracy appel daily are in custody accused of colluding with foreign forces sarah clarke reports. police made the arrests on monday morning detaining jimmy lie at his home in callin the founder of the pro-democracy newspaper apple daily is well known for his criticism of china's communist party he's been arrested on suspicion of foreign collusion under the national security law imposed by china last month this morning at around $945.00
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together with our colleagues on the criminal investigation department and military staff we got a warrant to conduct an operation to search for evidence i wasn't the only arrest on monday 2 of life sons were also arrested more than $200.00 police raided apple delis headquarters detaining senior executives including the tabloids chief executive officer detective search computers and interviewed staff many are shocked and horrified including myself and i think this is send out a very very negative message and of course it must have a chilling effect on people who want to speak out and particularly on the news media so this is a very very disturbing the ballot long the national security legislation targets acts of subversion terrorism secession and collusion with foreign forces the maximum penalty is life in prison critics say the legislation is being used by
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china's leaders to silence the opposition and crackdown on democracy in the semi autonomous region the hong kong journalists association says it's a worrying development for media freedom it never happened before in hong kong in reason perhaps that that case we've seen there perhaps sent in for well cities and countries but but we never expect that that would have happened in hong kong. happen causing direct and indirect threats through press freedom and journalists monday's arrests of the most high profile under the national security law which was introduced just over a month the guy a number of countries have condemned the legislation including the united states united kingdom astray and canada but the government here has defended the new york state think it's crucial to restore order to a city that's been plagued by months of protests sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong . china has imposed sanctions on 11 well known americans including senators marco
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rubio and ted cruz that reciprocates u.s. action because of china's cracked out in hong kong the u.s. has frozen the american assets of hong kong's chief executive kerry lamb as well as 10 seanie a chinese officials the us court has issued a summons against the saudi crown prince in relation to a former intelligence agent sato job brain is now in canada who filed a lawsuit accusing prince mohammed bin salman of sending a hit squad to kill him 2 years ago lebanon's finance minister has become the 4th cabinet minister to resign following widespread public anger over an explosion in beirut last week protests to say they want a complete overhaul of the political system the cabinet is expected to meet this hour in belarus one person has been killed and dozens hurt in protests following the presidential election which the opposition says was rigged 3000 people have been detained by police early official results show
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a landslide victory for president alexander lukashenko that would extend his 26 years in power to a 6th. armed group has attacked a shopping center in the democratic republic of congo 19 people have been killed the army has been sent to respond in the troubled northeastern province of a tour of fighters from the political and religious sect that is could kotak oh slashed people with machetes and the president of france about what cron just announced an attack in which 8 people were killed in southern new jet 7 french aid workers in the local guide were touring a west african wildlife reserve in the town of curé when gunmen on motorcycles opened fire this as defense minister says it's not known which group organized the attack are those the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after world war one through our eyes.
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'd world war one. the belief . for years between conflict. known as the great war. and the war to end all wars. and. it's grim trench warfare. luck. with the main theatre of war. but this was a war fault on many fronts. so
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there's another story mayor lee told. it all huge importance joining the war and of lasting significance. to. it a story of troops who folds and died but who are often forgotten and. i'm the one coming that shapes the middle east of today. this is world war one through out an odd case.
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malick to leakey the train is even writer and broadcaster takes us on a personal journey. his grandfather's generation falls in the war now molly goes in search of what happened to these men. who they were. and why their stories often died with them. in this episode he tells the story of how thousands of arabs were conscripted by the british and french in north africa. their treatment and mistreatment. a muslim was forced to fight against muslims. and of the fight for wall arabs
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played i can live. in episode 2 of the ottoman side of the story the young turks wise to power. their alliance with germany. their tyranny in the love i want and the seeds of our own will fold up. and in episode 3 how the 1st world war ended 4 centuries of alterman rule. but drew the lines in the sand that was shaped the middle east for the next 100 years. in the 2nd week of november 1914 the ultimate empire officially announced it was joining in germany and its allies. in the war the grand mufti in istanbul also called on muslims around the world to join a jihad a struggle against britain russia and france.
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so arabs were forced to fight on both sides for the triple on told european powers . and for the central powers germany austria-hungary and the ultimate. the grand moved his call and autumn an entry into the war said muslims against each other and created a complex tension that ran throughout the war. to compete with the enemy the british and french needed to draft in large numbers of troops from across their respective empires britain recruited over a 1000000 troops in egypt in different roles across the 4 years of the war. and france conscripted over one 170000 men from algeria and
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a further 80000 from 2 lizzie. the french invasion of iraq 0 in 1911 and installed general the o.t. as colonial government. 2 2 at the start of the war he prepared to ship thousands of men to europe from iraq and points including konitz where. the french occupation was hardly 2 years old when the war started but the french management thought of it all then as the thousands of moroccans and sent them to the front from thoughts like this and i made that i would say was built by generally healthy . 45000 more often soldiers embarked here and elsewhere one in 4
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never came back. went in search of how these heavy losses compared with european casualties. the same kind it's a move that a man wants a fair and then 5th of july at the monument you know god ok and there you have this i'll see over the top but there's also going to do you know how do i get is not shown here in missouri being in tears of our best. fast that's how it will be in egypt itself and the media will be take any kind of tells us that the fist of and what of the alpha is that that when they consult with him and if. anything a shout out. if you harbor. a willing national and if you do not disagree with paula deen you should how when one material disappoints torsion
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in facilis to fit me all the way in these parts are for investments if i don't see him in the chicken dinner to be allowed to have your mouth well muddy being. into the area. comparing death tolls can be difficult in a war with only partial written records. historian faisel should be things to museums who pitched in to the front line to protect french troops. to notice what are my own so who know who the heavy and how to. i don't see those are living at 100 are now that i'm going to. head. for. them and. i will how. i'm going to clean my bad but the
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branches are. not and if you was a rather. they. were the long. neck about the modoc. the heart of the money the key to the flame. the theory here the homework. i would most but the. u.k. . not all historians share salif few most agree there were differences in the way colonial troops were treated compared with you opinions but facts about the war can be hard to pin down. french historians many believe figures
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vary from trench warfare on to hand combat it. it is in philly to do that pretty statistic could. be do something with your idea of a young that could be could kill them off they think the people at. all truly you know here. is a lesson to feel all secure only a city or you go to the edge and you're raised it to my let's call it bill i get it for free at the steeple of this man this man this may not be intrigued enough to look for him yes soon he'll fall off or look at julie's suit but to. get you to start doing. that you'd be elated with me already that's what the overall reports could be said yes so. the only poll she. could move. would force.
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sometimes or wrong rather than written history can shed light on this question. the father of tunis human writers was conscripted into the french army he'll have shown no doubt whatsoever as to how he was treated by some french officers. most who did all the but what can you could be the buttons on so we will. can wonder. where they can you some of the but grade but. such as and ok no day event. if he were to n.c. which is in the month of june suffered a will. accept me that. he was not asked me if he was of heaven at all and give our wedding and he that we don't want any. like
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a family member way way way beyond what he asked and a happy man. shared a kind. it has one of. the den. as soon as father spoke of discrimination and this is part of a bigger question of army discipline in the. desire to face execution. but the french are accused of something more sinister the ancient roman army practice of decimation the killing of every 10th member of a unit for failures of discipline. france is reported to have used it against its north african troops. as in roman times decimation was used against a whole unit rather than individuals. investigated an incident
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here in the belgian village of zilla back near the battlefield of people on the 15th of december 1914. the word the last short of a coward strapped without a chest 20 algerian and 2 lizzie in soldiers from the kompany of the 10th battalion of the it is you monique's duty or your as your young were ordered to march towards the german lines their comrades ordered to shoot them if the enemy did it. it's not clear how widespread decimation was for gilbert many this is partly because of a lack of written records. that. is because this. song was.
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the. she. of won't do it on off on decent of. what. they make say but recently on a talk to she despite. the. young bono to the new year it was indeed. may. day or who. lives that you speak of sit them occasionally but piece you really. big of a solution. is say they are pulling. a kiddie we reserve it is all you saw today because it opens up. i thought she did this us only on a little time so more republican party stuff you know. that your city could mean
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a song doesn't leap it costs more as an oyster years he'll. get those are 2 separate yet but that if a c.b.s. because she was a lead only one says so this is actually the. lottery jim would cowards like him say son make a new cast on old girl guys if he comes out i mean it's all you need to measure see ya know you can see clearly is all it did for me. as a footnote many sides of the decimation of a french division from mutiny in 1917 as evidence that it continued during the war . world war one saw a new deadly threat to the allies on the western front including north african troops. in the belgian province of west flanders was the scene of 5 major battles
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in 4 years in the 2nd in april and may 915 the germans used chlorine. yes against their own powers for the 1st time. algerians and moroccans fought alongside british french and canadians gas from over $5000.00 canisters blew towards them $6000.00 men died and many others were blinded the 2nd battle of april heralded a new era of industrial scale warfare the 1st attack involved the 44th algerian division and the 87th french territorial division those were 2 units 1st exposed but of course they fled to other parts of the front subsequent gas attacks and there were a number in april afflicted canadian forces british forces as well as french. so several of the allied formations were exposed to gas fairly early on.
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armies have always used technology to develop new methods of warfare but world war one saw a step change in the level of collaboration between scientists and the military. when the kaiser vilhelm institute for physical chemistry opened in the garland suburb of dahlan and october 19th 12 its 1st director was fritz cobbler. it scientists have since $133.00 nobel prizes but harbor is infamous for having invented chemical warfare because of his development of poisonous gas in the. harbor himself won a nobel prize for chemistry in 1918 for his synthesizing of ammonium much food production depends today on harbors method for producing fertilizer but the impact
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of the chemical weaponry developed from harbors chlorine gas. as being devastating . were 1st conscripted into the french army in 1911. they found themselves fighting as part of a french occupying force in morocco and march 19th 12. then they were called on to fight fellow muslims on a far greater scale. than the ottomans join the warren of ember $914.00 it dawned on the chin is even conscripts they might now be ordered to fight turks syrians iraqis lebanese and palestinians. this deeply offended there are old sensibilities. and not this apprehension quickly turned to insubordination. here at the gymnasium
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board of bizarre that there was a rebellion in november 1914 by troops being sent by the french to europe the chin is eons refused to board boats bound for mark same as the hand of one but that if he had been the one but of the verb are the. rude thought it had vested over the head it is a bit of it it might have do with a ticket as there's a democrat in that and i'm the head that has a guinea where the shore all behavior and how to cut it off got it you don't see it then he have assuredly anyway not enough to really benefit the come about them or no neck i think our team are scary a laid up the whatever they're short all ashore all well yes but i've been with him but that will have to add that up with a war i love him a bad one and a son who had a misdemeanor left and whether my lad but i link it here at the i love of money i know that and he did media but that look at it it happened you hired and money and my neck and orlando martin must be me. a little you if you do not only know what do
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you know how to do in are. but that by. even. so your. mother had. seen. him out of her tell. her that her.
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knee. and i did manage. to hit. the german and ultimately to unsettle muslims around the issue fighting all the muslims clearly caused on rest in the arab world but it's a fact also felt in. india. in january
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915 and indian regiment in singapore rebelled because they thought the british were sending them to fight the old. you have a number of reports of of mostly indian muslim soldiers being quite unhappy about being sent to fight the holy fire really you know being sent to fight the ottoman empire there's one instance of an entire battalion refusing to board the ship to go but basically basically the most dramatic thing in what must have been terrifying to the english and very frightening is that in singapore the 5th light infantry which is composed of muslims actually stop opened fire on the english officers and soldiers and something like 80 plus they killed 80 plus englishman. and the reprisals are very harsh and they're arrested rounded up you know and that musta really scared the english officers in command because the idea that you know when you have hundreds of thousands of indian soldiers if that kind of thing takes
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off it's going to be a big problem so so where there are mutinies they're really put down. harshly but it's not only the muslims because what's happening in india is you also have indian nationalists of all religions who want the british to go. coming up opposition to conscription and french colonial occupation fuels more of the rest engine is a. man like me it's more descendants of north african war veterans and here is their personal stories. and how our troops contributed to one of the allies most serious defeats of the war at the litani. then the stuff come out as a result of coming up to shoot his order i do not order you to fight for you to die .
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it is on the cusp of a new chapter in its history. after the u.s. of the taliban signed an agreement to pave the way to the international troops. high cost was paid to get to this point. over the past few years the u.s. has increasingly conducted its part of the war from the sky. with more bombs dropped last year than any other year in the past decade. but with that came a rise in civilian casualties. this is all accidents to happen mistakes do happen and this is about owning our mistakes about things in this about accountability in a largely unaccountable war. for families we interviewed not receiving adult humans from the u.s. left without closure. they told us that they saw a liquid happen to their loved ones was a crime. and they wanted justice and answers something or too often denied.
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on counting the cost of russia war planes and let's raise the theme from fold of libya's biggest oil the last $11.00 on take a mccomas is a devastating explosion because it's time for a model fun plus weaponize in place and this information to manipulate elections. counting the cost of al-jazeera once welcomed now fear. and dividing a nation. al-jazeera explores germany's long term economic strategy of pursuing immigrants from the arab world now i feel more gentleman and syrian. how much money does a richer get your paper and put up thank god it's been done it's one german and american the new germans on al-jazeera. every generation has a higher purpose. ours to help.
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her. hello again adrian finnegan here in doha the headlines on out zira police in hong kong made the highest profile arrest so far under the new national security law by detaining the newspaper and a jimmy lai 6 of those linked to his pro-democracy apple daily are in custody accused of colluding with foreign forces 7 o'clock as more of those arrests. we also believe quite high profile senior executives within the company that includes the c.f.o. the chief financial officer as well as the chief executive officer they've also been detained as a result so the police have said the operation is going smoothly and that
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continuing behind as they searching devices investigating and talking to interviewing some of the stuff here but we also expect more arrests to be made as the day goes on and more people to be taken into custody as a result china has imposed sanctions on 11 well known americans including senators marco rubio and ted cruz that reciprocates u.s. action taken because of china's crackdown in hong kong. a u.s. court has issued a summons against the saudi crown prince in relation to a former intelligence agent sadal job repairs now in canada filed a lawsuit accusing prince mohammed bin solomon of sending a hit squad to kill him 2 years ago lebanon's finance minister has become the 4th cabinet member to resign following widespread public anger over an explosion in beirut last week protesters say they want a complete overhaul of the political system the campus is currently meeting in beta roofs one person has been killed dozens hers in protests following the presidential
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election which the opposition says was rigged 3000 people have been detained by police early official results show a landslide victory for president alexander lukashenko. group has attacked a shopping center in the democratic republic of congo killing at least 1000 people the army has been sent to respond in the troubled northeastern province of a turi faces from the political and religious sect notice kota cope slashed people with machetes and the president of france emmanuel mccall just announced an attack in which 8 people were killed in southern asia 7 french aid workers out a local guide were touring a wildlife reserve near the town of crepes when gunmen on motorcycles opened fire. those are the headlines style let's get you back to world war one through our eyes . and ears because 50 bats show.
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up on. each child's. top. 6.
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the gin is ian writer and broadcaster malik terry key is on a personal journey exploring the role played by our troops in the 1st world. algerians moroccans gymnasiums and egyptians fought on one side for the british and french. and troops from the love and fought for the ultimates on the side of johnny and the central powers. there's. no muslim wanted to fight against fellow muslim. under the french colonies opposition to conscription and imperial occupation group. there were 2 uprisings in 191516 you know the southeastern chin is in town of companies on the libyan border. dissidents fighting the french joined other rebels
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and our colleagues have been asking himself resisting the libyans. to battles took place in which hundreds of french soldiers were killed. by the rebels who fought the french like muhammad on the odyssey wrote themselves into chin is uniform he survived to fight the french many more times but was finally hanged by them in 1924. but despite regional resistance and rebellion the majority of north africans conscripted into the french army ultimately had no choice. but to follow orders and fight. one such man was
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mohamed when they spoke. he had 2 daughters and money. to loose later married a man called last. who went on to fight the french occupation and the jews in palestine. their father mohammad however was decorated with the medallion military and the french military cross. house. as a tall man to see if it's literally a little miracle in the heart of the kindness of which we have the same she. sisters had to look after all good not good or we had a ballot that night had a bleed that i will bleed to wildness and there who is on board who worked or. had the fear and i don't have to fear it has some good or bad who are family has a baby too in a silly or it was down more as it looked as i say now that i could see it
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all who are. land. can look for market work from our man to get me that what i mean or let the other little i like billy do our. already at the brunt of this we have you know whether there are more. and it will harm you know somebody. can make them . and then we'll have to go see. the father of 2 new zealand writers i'll assume it was conscripted into the french army in 1960. save valuable wartime papers including some belonging to his father's friend months it all began. with mean a. lot of work and they not only offer an insight into months or time as
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a prisoner of war but also of visits paid to him but the leaders of the nationalist youth movement the young tunas ians pioneers in the struggle for independence and they. say you've moved on through or been one. month old baby and the truth yes and it's sort of where betty assassin away it is she wasn't no where you do know met well. what can a man in such a home what about. one of the lead to be in my home. and then he can at leisure and. where can i yes medulla home. bum. but i don't see it would be found here what can a yeti ask. for help the other family man a weird way of home an affair what can and you couldn't home can be
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a day yet well about. a day. many believe there were. many of us. so the fear. yet he. was there could be if he were going to have a family matter what can i. say here till. you come with a set of stock and you'll see to this well known may want to accomplish she. come and have your money i would have the. money order will a few friends all of you know. that i was always on that as i was on a minute home where. students of the jones who to see at the end to listen to such a young man met facilitation but to me i started out up for the critical period.
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is unusual having kept his father's memorabilia few family still have personal records of ancestors war experiences. there are records of a small military museum enough either consensual. dear man i came across a man doing family research in an old suitcase they found french military records showing that the man's grandfather and even more luckily me for 2 of the allies on the western front. of the little one will do well on the move with world. or. blended with others but on start of one of them to start over start on a move over to the north up with up a little more us were for the fee for that she was me every been an emotion of another for. i want to feel love in my players on local in her ability to be a mother and a know if you are my lewd motor the harm comes of settling for the. one who were
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sure to come out again no i'm not about us i'm from 1st we're going to bomb for a song moment i'm a little aussie on the principle is a point of view good luck to divinity well see that was easy for you if you could see your love for all. those i i'm still sober and so there's only one i'm sort of i mean v b n b b i know that it's going to sort out the francais of a man and women have been. never hadn't of course not to be taken us all i know i feel that i have been able to where when i have had the north on the motorway on i'm star in heaven it is easy. enough the lizza for one of them anything new on the card to have had rather good haven't got that it will. feel hot in there or i'm going to move on. but the western front was not the only theater of war.
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with stalemate in europe and april 915 britain's navy chief winston churchill hatched a plot against germany's ottoman. he wanted to take istanbul and open a sea route to russia. in autumn is a. ared weakened by a series of defeats the russians are nicholas the 1st had even called them the sick man of europe they failed to prevent an italian landing in libya in 1911 and lost most of their territories in the balkans by $913.00 and to an autumn an army officer. he would later go on to be the 1st president of turkey but in 1915 he achieved the kind of victory one minister unwatched pasha had failed to deliver in libya or the balkans and he did it here in a bitter 7 months of fighting not just with his own troops but we now know when the vital support of 300000 hours. the battle was going
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lepani. when ships landed allied troops here on the 25th of april 1915 only a small unit of ottoman soldiers protected the coast with rapidly diminishing ammunition. most of our hope they might hold out until reinforcements arrived. and gave his now famous order which must have stalked. into their hearts. it was here. coming through here the stuff of. lading of the 1st of the autumn reserves into the battle time across the turkish soldiers the survivors the outpost
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battle of the ages retreating up this why and he told them 1st stop i said the enemy when they were only a few 100 metres wide then they told them to. study of us we have no ammunition and then he told them to fix it by a nets and lie down and in fact this tried and stopped i thought of them as a strong turkish lot in front of them and they stopped advancing as well. then. mustafa kemal as a resistor coming up issued his order that i do not order you to fight i order you to die. he gave his order citing that other reserves would come up that a while buying time with the lives of these soldiers would give time for the rest of the forces to come up here and say you can tie in the invasion. most of the man he was with they did die but they did fight as well so he literally meant that because they had no ammunition there was no i mean if the ammunition did come up
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but they formed here they fought the battle slide backwards and forwards as one side than the other got more men and but the casualties here were horrendous and at 1st i very few men who came into this fight come out of it a lot most destroys new zealanders their bodies were found here 4 years later but in the time that the bottom and soldiers fought and died here the reserves came up the door was bolted. soldiers diaries now tell us that come all is 19 follow me was largely. up to 2 thirds of the men fighting for him and they got literally campaign from greater syria present day lebanon jordan syria and palestine mustafa kemal commanded on the 1st day. 25th of april all of the troops in this area and his personal division 3 regiments was only one turkish regiment the other 72nd 77 arab regions. there's another take bridgeboro serving he joined they joined
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together to fight him in the vastly superior numbers of allied trades and killed 2 reinforcements arrive but yes mr. needed and relied on those who have troops there may have been written out of some of the history in later years as part of the battling with the turkish republic and grew from the ashes of the autumn empire and yet those arab soldiers fought stood here i fought and i died. this is the hill from where most of a command. commanded his troops his autumn and troops which included many arab soldiers and led them to victory against the most powerful forces of the age the british and french empires this victory started the rise to fame of most africa my
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1st as military hero van as a national leader for modern turkey generations of arab school children learn to the poem by much oakley in which he likens mustapha kemal to doing away lead the famous muslim military leader and companion of the prophet muhammad in this poem he say's a lot who. can feel for time you know i should be highly the turkey is highly the lotto be subtle when i.z.'s on i learn how to been more of a father to me for a safer field than the one you have off in mosul being. the arab dad of both sons grew buried in cemeteries across europe turkey and the balkans and prisoners of war transported to p.o.w. camps. the germans sometimes separated muslims from other prisoners so they could try and undermine the loyalty to france and britain they put north africans
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together in my. one come and talk to soldiers who fought for russia and another the 1st transport of french prisoners of war including north african prisoners of war was in 1914 and they were sent to sawsan and other places but they were together the french one and the north africans and then there was this idea and a suggestion to separate muslim prisoners from other prisoners and the idea behind this was to. have better chances for propaganda purposes and that's why there was does such as to be one camp which was exclusively for muslim prisoners or for at the end they separated the prisoners and there was one prisoner for camp insourcing which was quote the vine backlog where they are tyrion
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a caucus in prison us soldiers who belong to the russian army or so muslims but not exclusively muslims and the others were sent to the half-moon camp which was opened in the beginning of 1915 and this camp was meant for north african prisoners or for but also for indian prisoners of war and they also had a small group of korea and vietnamese prisoners at the half moon camp. the 1st mosque to be wrecked to them john and the sword was erected here at the half moon p.o.w. come on large ornate wooden structure completed in july 1915. was a showdown in which the kaiser and german hierarchy took a strong interest. it was a key part of their campaign to turn muslim troops against their european masters dating back to the grand mufti is called to jihad in november 1940.
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they used the comforts of the half-moon p.o.w. camp to move the 324000 muslim inmates and turn them against the allies who conscripted them it's been combed this jihad experiment it was built in the beginning of the 1st world war i think in the end of $914.00 early 1959 and it was paid from the private purse of williams a seconds of german kaiser it was also a type of a propaganda action there were a lot of broward 40500 muslims living in berlin and they used after the wall this mosque. again as their mosque they came from got in here at a friday and specially and you're on lockdown later they built their own mosque in berlin and then this this building was made. by word it was not
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a concrete or something like that a very strong. building and it after i think in the ninety's late 1925th collapsed because there is nobody took care of it. the muslim prisoners a tough new certainly enjoyed better facilities than other camps offered. the half-moon project was led by the german lawyer diplomat ancient historian and archaeologist max von open who. invited prominent ana back a damaged since spiritual leaders to come and visit the prisoners at half moon they were actively tea so they did some sports and there were as it was somehow part of the entertainment they were coming important arab nationalists like the egyptian mohamed 38 or the tunisian sally i saw the 1st to see who are.
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made propaganda for their ideas of an independent egypt on independent allness and there was also the very famous person of literature end of politics the syrian sharky. who for example tour of germany and came here when he came to cornwall he met the mayor who happened to be the nice latest chancellor common law. and this was also a part of the see the daily life of them. but the jihad campaign was ultimately unsuccessful some prisoners of war did later fight for the germans but with little commitment to hofmann p.o.w. camp however has rarely appeared in mainstream european accounts of the room. in the german town of sawsan in the prison camp malik discovered academics of the
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time had created some priceless sound archives. having arabs from different countries and backgrounds in the camps gave linguists the chance to compile valuable oral history they captured the voices of ordinary north africans for the very 1st time. the arab soldier would no longer be a forgotten name in dusty archives he could tell his own story and though the words are indistinct his voice be heard by future generations. her. was. the birth c of the. birth the. birth.
3:54 pm
many of these troops were illiterate but manik discovered a recording of american p.o.w. seen a 10th century poem the poet himself was a prisoner of the byzantines and his verse is about defiance something close to the heart of the mole can prisoner of war in germany in 1950. 0. 000-000-0000 extension 00 or. 0000. c c 000-000-0000 extension 0000. 000. 0. 00000. in the next episode the ottomans story of the war the rise of the young turks and there are lines with germany. ottoman terror any in greater syria and the suffering
3:55 pm
of the arab people. david ben-gurion israel's 1st prime minister and his courtship of the automobiles before changing sides. and far from being simply a european affair the way the war gave birth to 3000000 nationalist movements turkish zionist and. in the next episode of world war one through our eyes. history has called it the great war in the 2nd episode the declining autumn an empire forges its alliance with germany and the central powers as the war gives birth to 3 nationalist movements that will determine the future world war one through our eyes on al-jazeera.
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hello there most of his skies across much of south america the. little. bit cooler of course as you would expect 18 degrees. or so not about day generally on monday look at the temperature 34 degrees but it does not last a couple of days followed by this is you can see on tuesday down to 23 we've got cloudy skies in the full cost of rain that working its way into the southeast of brazil but some very heavy rain yet again across into central america is going to
3:57 pm
be fairly heavy very widespread all the way from costa rica up towards guatemala and then scattered showers and thunderstorms into southern areas of mexico throughout monday night a great deal of change on cheese day perhaps not working away quite as fall to the north and that a little bit of break across the central but heavy rains across into panama and. across the way would islands and some heavy downpours at times into areas of florida and it's going to be the southeast where we've seen these thunderstorms and that is where we'll see more over the next day or 2 throughout monday a line of rain showers working their way through the upper midwest the great lakes pushing into the southeast but it's fine and dry across much of the west how much is typically about 28 in l.a. . in the northeast.
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one hostile session and half lebanese diversity is really important to me and al-jazeera is the most diverse place i've ever worked it's we have so many
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different nationalities and this is a nice what's a gathering this one news organization and this diversity of perspectives is reflects it's in our coverage giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on and that's a key strength of al-jazeera. to own their own school is the government not taking the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the phone to 0 rewind returns with a new series. on the plastic down to series documentaries. to. remind continues with the last try secret army of the cia
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since 1975 believe in the same way that their ancestors did living in the forest in the jungle and it seems like they're abandoned by everybody on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm adrian forget this is that you live from doha coming up in the next 60 minutes in crisis a 4th but has to resign says the cabinet meets to discuss the elections. the highest profile arrest yet of the hong kong's controversial security law media tycoon jimmy lies accused of colluding with foreign forces. anger on the streets of bella room.


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