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this mode of travel and the spend that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the go to 0. be the hero the world needs. washing. hello there i'm the star and this is the news hour live from our headquarters here and coming up in the next 60 minutes germany says russian opposition to the alexina valmy was poisoned with a sort of huge air a chemical nerve agent. on trial in paris 14 suspects accused of helping gunmen
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attacked a french magazine which published cartoons of the prophet muhammad. french president visits iraq and reiterated his support to safeguard its sovereignty. there's an ultimatum to each day before the strait know. one of the thousands who lost loved ones in cambodia is killing field commanders commanders who ran a tool to present dies in hospital. and i'm trying to hamas not have all the sports arena williams is through to the 2nd round that the u.s. open she dotes to win a record will be could in 24th grass them think. we begin this news with breaking news the german government says tests conducted on russian opposition figure alexina valmy have revealed unequivocal proof that he was poisoned last month with a chemical nerve agent the prominent kremlin critic fell ill during
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a flight to moscow he's in a serious but stable condition at a hospital in balin where he was brought from siberia 10 days ago a german government spokesman says toxicology tests on blood samples show the chemical used is from the novacek group of nerve agents doctors who treated him in russia say they found no evidence of poisoning well in a moment to across to moscow for reaction from there but fast correspondent joins us live from london where he's been following developments in germany and the team i see that i'm heiko must the german foreign minister is now insisting on a russian investigation. that's right the german government has reacted very swiftly and very toughly to this news from the military oratory in germany i can ask the foreign minister has said we condemn this attack in the strongest possible terms leaving no room for doubt that the
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germans believe this was a deliberate poisoning of alexei navalny. has summoned the russian ambassador to germany for talks and he's called for those responsible to be found without actually suggesting who they might be but it's clear that the germans are very very unhappy about this and very clear about what they think has happened of course earlier in the day a spokesperson for chancellor angela merkel had said that this military laboratory in germany had found quote the doubtless presence of. a poison or rather an agent from the navi chalk group and of course that scum after tests from mr armey who has been in an induced coma in the charity hospital in berlin now for some while i imagine the dame in london this must all be reviving memories of 2nd scrabbles poisoning back in 20. of course that's what
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people will think of when they hear the word novacek it's the soviet era nerve agent and it was found to be used all the surrogates group our former russian former russian spy and his daughter in southwest england 2 years ago now they were both ill but in fact the substance ended up killing a member of the public who happens to find a container containing some of the leftover agent just a if you like on the streets and all along russia denied any involvement in that even though the british authorities actually identified the 2 russian men who they think actually carried out the attack and it caused a lot of alarm almost panic in particularly in the city of salzburg where the attack happened because for months your forties couldn't tell people exactly what
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had happened and where the substance had gone so it really is a worrying situation. in london for us thank you so much nadine well let's now move over to alexandra steele janowicz got for to get the view from moscow alexandra this has all happened i know just over the last hour or so but i see we are already getting some pushback from the kremlin. yes exactly whilst the germany action was safe here the reactions are of course and restrained in a way so minister of foreign affairs responded by saying that russia is still waiting for german prosecutor general office to respond to their request and their request was to send all the results of the analysis that were danton of irony all sorts or state for instance what was the level of his pollen as to rise in the plane so before he arrived into germany and german colony wanting all these details and
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a member of the russian parliament he was actually ahead of the russian a committee for foreign affairs. in the parliament he said that russia is very willing to cooperate but this statements coming from germany have to be followed with some solid and concrete proof so the situation now is that from the oath or it is the reaction is still restrained of but we heard before. the russian doctors found not poisoned they actually at least not by any with a diagnosis of metabolic disorder disorder of hydrates and that's 2 labs in russia didn't find anything suspicious and that the investigation which is actually in the brain investigative state didn't found any reason to think of any any foul play on the other hand a position saying in one voice we knew it all the symptoms were there and the friend of the and his colleague revenge than of tweeted that a using love it jockeys actually like signing a crime saying that it can only be used by certain state organizations namely by
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for instance military intelligence or the state security service so the opposition is pointing fingers and they're pointing fingers at the authorities well i want to ask you more about that alexander because as nadeem was saying the navi chalky that agents was what was used on sergei scriptural back in 2018 and then it was linked to the military intelligence agency the g.r.u. so does that now make it more difficult for the kremlin to distance itself from this. well yes it does but if we go back to those could be by the case even though scotland yard identified 2 suspects and journalist also invented fired them as members of the military intelligence russia denied it they said these are 2 russian jurists there were completely innocent they were sightseeing in salzburg we saw in famous interview with to do serve to people claiming they have nothing to do we don't it being and this is
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a sort of a better and that we are seeing that when some other state accuses rush of some foul play of boys in their opponents or double agents like in the case of screwed by russia is saying it is not us or there is no evidence and you have to provide us with solid broth and what you are giving us is not solid proof so it wouldn't be surprising if we get such a sore now in this case that isn't a story out of it's called for there for us in moscow thank you so much alexandra where we are awaiting further reaction from germany and chancellor angela merkel is due to make a statement very shortly we will have more in a few in this news hour on moving on now and 14 people accused of helping gunmen attacked the french the terrible magazine charlie hebdo are going on trial the magazine was targeted after publishing controversial cartoons of the prophet mohammed security was tight as you can see as police convoys carrying the accused
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arrived in court a short time ago it's been 5 years now since armed men stormed the paris office of charlie hebdo 12 people were then killed a policewoman and 4 people inside a jeweler supermarket who also killed over the following 48 hours the 3 gunmen were shot by police in separate standoffs no doubt about that is following the trial for us from paris. there is a lot of interest in this trial here in france because so many people of course remember very vividly those january 2015 attacks in which 17 people were killed there was a huge outpouring of grief at the time a lot of shock around the country and what's very particular about this trial is that the 3 gunman they were principally involved are absent because they were killed at the time of the attack shortly after 2015 by police now amedee coulibaly carried out attacks against the jewish supermarket and killed 4 hostages it killed a police woman just
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a couple of days before that 2 brothers sheriff inside quassia stormed the offices of the statistical newspaper in france charlie hebdo killing staff and a police officer 12 people there in all so we have here today on trial we have 14 people who are on trial for being accomplices to those 3 gunmen for giving those gunmen the sort of they accused i should say of giving those gunmen the sort of logistical support that they needed to carry out those attacks everything from supplying weapons to helping the gunman with communications that 11 of those accused are actually in court in person 3 are being tried in absentia including the wife of the supermarket attack amedee creepily who left france just a few days before those attacks for syria her whereabouts are unknown but it has recently been reported in french media that she could still be alive. well there's
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plenty more ahead for you this news hour including the 1st case of coronavirus is recorded in the morea migrant camp in greece we'll get more on how medics there hope to deal with and out. why there's a buzz around beekeeping in western georgia. and in sport find out which n.b.a. team is heading home after this decisive playoff game details coming up next right . now french president emmanuel macron has held a joint news conference with the iraqi prime minister in baghdad the crown is the most senior foreign official to visit me since he took office and may discussed iraq's sovereignty and light of the rival influences from iran and the united states. any foreign intervention may undermine the 1st
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exhibited by you as a government and i believe this visit carries a special significance as you represent a heavyweight in the region you are the cradle of civilization and iraq has always enjoyed a unique position in his to a geographic large scale land we needed iraq. and iraq we do not wish iraq to be a battlefield for proxy wars we wish all neighboring and international states to respect iraq's sovereignty and refrain from meddling in our domestic affairs well our correspondent also jabari joins me now from the iraqi capital though so this was not 1st official visit to baghdad and it was only publicly announced at the very last minute what's been the main thrust of this trip. well the main message that the french president brought with him to iraq is that the french government is firmly behind the iraqi officials in trying to rebuild this country after years of conflict and that the french president said that france will do everything it can to try and help iraq get back on its feet to rebuild the
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country's infrastructure that have been destroyed and that they are ready and willing to help again to join the fight against eisel in iraq the french troops that withdrew from iraq just last march about 3000 of them were stationed in iraq as part of the coalition forces to help fight eisel in the country since the coronavirus pandemic the french government withdrew their forces there is only a handful of them left but the french president said that they are ready to help in any capacity that they can the main gist of the visit was that the french government wants to be a part of this country's rebuilding efforts the french president said that any help they can provide they will do so the prime minister mustafa he said that france could actually play a role not only in iraq's security in the future but also in its economic future as well that is something they will need a lot of help with the iraqi economy has suffered drastically because of the
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falling over prices over the past few months as well as the limitations that they have due to the lack of infrastructure in the country the french president also stressed that it's important for iraq to maintain its sovereignty that they try to carve out their own half in light of the fact that they're caught in between 2 very close allies that is the united states and iran and that they should try to remove themselves from the fight that is ongoing between those 2 countries that is constantly playing out on the iraqi soil so there are that message in the theme of all the meetings that the french president had throughout the day was that the iraqi government is not alone any help that they need in the future at the french will be there to help them. there for us in baghdad thank you very much. well france is involved in various regional crises we've just been hearing there about the french president's diplomatic push in iraq which is caught in the middle of tensions between iran and the u.s. has also was saying says that front stands ready stands ready to help defend iraqi sovereignty well he's also just visited lebanon for the 2nd time since that
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devastating blast in beirut last month and he's also threatened lebanese politicians with sanctions and this vital reforms made turkey's president not mccollum's a visit accusing him of colonialism mccrone has accused russia of type out one of stoking tension with greece by drilling for oil and gas in the mediterranean. is a senior research fellow at the global policy institute he says despite his visits mccrone still has less influence than regional powers. cannot be a kingmaker that it could make her up at the moment the original buyers will look at as a set the deed or. the saudi arabia is for sale and so on just hope to bring we don't know exactly what he's trying to achieve there but is as i said is just trying to. be a b.j. to see and make the europeans aware that they have to attention and rock
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solid misses to iraqis that they have to try to get a border where out of the jod to church of their 2 main allies which is which are iran and do you asserted that iraq is caught in this conflict and therefore france in iraq was actually somebody agree because it was a country which will pause the bombing in 2003 so therefore figure that is voice can carry just be some kind of object to achieve or all as a whole list broker tried to use old fashioned diplomacy in order to try to help iraq out of its it couldn't make for the government of its political party government earth france is very concerned today on a day when the child. trials are started with the results of day which is taking advantage of the rotting situation in the country now
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cattles a man has stressed the need for a fair resolution to the israeli palestinian conflict through the series of a 2 state solution take to mean been hammered out tunney hosted president from senior advisor chad cross now on wednesday christie has made a stop and catch on during his tour of the middle east he's looking to gain the support of more arab nations after announcing the u.s. brokered deal to normalize relations between the u.a.e. and israel. genest hope has been granted bail after being held in jail for over a month he was ordered to pay bail of $120.00 u.s. dollars china was arrested back in june her longside an opposition politician charged with incitement ahead of anti-government protests our correspondent her metacity has more from the capital harare. after more than 2 weeks in detention feline's jealous hope what's been going on was denied bail easy keys of using social media to encourage people to protest over the economy and corruption in
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government opposition leader jacob got a woman is still behind bars he's accused of organizing last week's anti-government protests his bail ruling is on friday human rights lawyers say the bodies government is trying to silence voices of dissent what happens in zimbabwe how those rules say they're fighting corruption. i walking the streets with the heat in their pockets and those saying you should be seen to be fighting corruption and getting more and more basic you to i think everybody knows that the guilty ones are walking the streets and the innocent ones are being exposed for the indian and human rights groups say they want the regional body set and the african union to publicly speak out against what they say is an increase in a race and abuses in zimbabwe the president emerson and i will say is there is no crisis in the country he says dark forces inside and outside of the barber trying
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to undermine his government and he said he's going to flush those elements out he blames the reason why scaling to turn around the economy on sanctions imposed by the european union and the united states on hears of drought and other coronavirus pandemic and government officials deny allegations of human rights abuses now the commanders executioner who killed thousands of cambodians and the 1970 s. has died 77 year old comrade chris serving a life sentence for atrocities committed in the notorious tall slang prison when he has the story. it was here in the capital of cambodia that comrade committed crimes against humanity he told slaying prison in phnom penh was when more than $14000.00 cambodians were sent to be tortured and murdered under the. orders of the camaro rouge his top executioner even though during his trial in 2009 that he was following orders he admitted what happened in the prison known by its code name is
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21 clinton something that i would like to acknowledge my legal responsibility for all the crimes that happened in this 21 especially the torture and execution of people that the committee rouge wanted to reveal cambodia in the late 1970 s. and executed anyone who might pose a threat to those ambitions as many as 2000000 were killed including teaches and academics and anyone deemed the worst enemies of the regime was sent to be executed by doing he was convicted in 2010 and sentenced to life in prison for war crimes and crimes against humanity since then only 2 of the camaro rouge commanders have been convicted and they may well be the last leader pol pot was never brought to trial and died in 1908 from the start the justice process has been hampered by funding problems and interference from the government led by prime minister hun sen he's a former member of the command and has repeatedly called for the trials to end
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a judge who presided at the dog trial says she was always concerned that the government would only let the process go so far. last month the case of another leader was terminated by the judges after a dispute about the jurisdiction of the courts there are 2 more cases pending but no hearings shed jeweled meaning maybe one of the final chapters in the camaro crimes with only 3 people convicted for the genocidal campaign that killed hundreds of thousands many cambodians may feel that true justice was never served wayne hay al-jazeera bangkok. now the 1st coronavirus case has been reported in the
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overcrowded migrant camp of maria on the greek island of les pass a 40 year old somalia national who is granted asylum tested positive for the virus the facility has been sealed for 2 weeks as well there it is trying to trace people that he's been in contact with now maria campers originally bought for 3000 people that is currently housing more than 20000 well let's not speak to caroline wellman she's with the way she is with m.s.f. and is the doctors without borders project coordinator for cover 19 on the island of that bus and she joins us on skype from there caroline this is something that everyone's been dreading for months now let me start by asking you what your priorities are right now. well right now priorities now that this 1st case there's been a problem is to make sure. you don't that conflict receive them you know that isolation can be don't rip people who were found to have been. in a course that is available for people what has happened in. haiti.
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which is actually absolutely not what you meant because it was sort people's access to social services and there were actually not what we need we. don't need it so you. caroline i understand that you m.s.f. were forced to close your covert 1000 isolation center more than months ago now by greek or thirties what's the dynamic now between the government and a groups like yours on the island. so we are very much in touch with the republicans to see how we can so forth but in the end a month ago he had to close our our own covert isolation and be in the seventy's because issues with urban planning we needed a moment's peace he was open and there does. conditions of a global pandemic unfortunately he could not find a solution but it forms a new because of the people. who will be very vulnerable to an outbreak as you save money in this case 40000 people at the moment there's actually
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a total of people in the town so numbers have gone down from 20000 earlier this year but i've sworn over crap more than 4 times more the number of people that there's the sports we've seen the overcrowded these are the access to work and so he says it's been limited people cannot have this since people cannot wash their hands on a regular basis and there are really worried also about 230 people who are especially at risk for cold and because of either age from little tease who are still is they in the camp and those are the people who should also be evacuated urgency of course caroline even as grace lifted restrictions on the some of the some of the city is around the country i remember a lot of attempts remained on the lockdown and now that maria is back under quarantine do you think this might affect how the government deals with other camps around the country too. yes so what we've seen so far there were already there was not a full lockdown i'm already on triggers for new or very heavy movement is fiction
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so people were heavily restricted in what we now as you say very rightly at a time that tourists and reach citizens could move around in whichever way they want to. have seen that it has been several practice for rebook bertie's when a case is going in the refugee camp it was done completely but it's exactly because they are so very much overcrowded people cannot keep their distance we been the ferry. people do not have access or and sanitation soldiers for anything of the camps actually does not help them in any way to be protected or does not help to protect others. so employment or some utility tom there are $100.00 cases. there is only one asshole actually there is no real arguments to install nice these very heavy things that sins and even on the other hand is having a huge mental health impact on people who have nothing left for them in terms of access to services in terms of just the possibility to go out of the can for a few hours so you can breath want to be treated like
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a normal person and soul is not only that there is norm koger be felt in fact of his quarantine it's actually that we know there will be even more and they couldn't help the know he would act on these very strong statement. that the doctors project coordinator for credit line. that we receive all the best for their efforts to contain this thanks for being with us can we. now russia's foreign minister has ruled out negotiations with opposition leaders and batteries sergei lavrov accuses them of illegally working with ukrainian extremists to stay on rest against president alexander knew that didn't provide any evidence meanwhile that un his foreign minister has told al-jazeera that what he calls russian weakness may be behind the kremlin's decision to back. been a smith reports from lithuania as capitol hill yes but it's that group looking emboldened with messages of support from russia alexander lukashenko says they'll be a bloodbath if he's forced from the presidency as bella rips the shitty i want to protect
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what we spent 25 years creating there are thousands millions of people behind me they're the ones i'm worried about i'm not worried about power as some in russia say luker is clinging on with blue hands i don't want them to cut my country up after i glued it together after the broken pieces of the soviet empire. that been 4 weeks of peaceful protests in the capital minsk. said he won 80 percent of the vote for his reelection the e.u. u.s. and u.k. say voting was neither free nor fair. russia's foreign minister says without providing evidence that what he described as 200 extremists from ukraine have infiltrated the protests and the trying to stir up violence. suppose for years sure we have confirmation that this is being directed from ukraine to a tory non-government organisations working to provoke radical offense and other battles styles but it russia has been in conflict with ukraine for 6 years lavrov
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who met his belarus counterpart on wednesday said nato and e.u. calls for new elections are destructive. lithuania's foreign minister told al-jazeera he thinks russia is making a strategic mistake by backing lucas unfortunately russia still continues to support for this compromise leadership not. understanding that only the process could pull it out of this situation and what their reasoning is another question maybe they believe it's weakness if they will give up or somehow to sacrifice this leader which is totally compromised where there is also to have this backlash both home and frankly also risking. spoil relations with the people of the liberals because they are not on the russian. lithuania latvia and estonia have imposed travel bans on and 28 other members of his government and want the rest of
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the e.u. to follow suit on thursday russia's prime minister heads to mint and on friday bella russia's defense minister is in moscow all indications that the kremlin is sticking by alexander lukashenko the european union hasn't taken sides but it has called for new elections for the imposition of sanctions on those responsible for election fraud and violence against protesters. but it's al-jazeera vilnius. still ahead here on the al-jazeera will have all the latest on donald trump's campaign trail after his visit to a city at the center and to racism that's. and can this new arrival of the supporting feature. details coming up and say.
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hello that's almost a house and dry across much of the middle east you have see wanted to shout across the falls south across into yemen even a scattered showers across into areas of a society but the touches a say remain on the high side particularly through the eastern end of the madras them as they went about for several days and it is the elsewhere temperatures again back into the high forty's when is a very light so we're not really. much less sandal dust but no other course i was saying any cooling effect from any sort of breezing but by friday in doha 36 celsius the winds coming really from the east very light so feeding very humid indeed in the talmud is not coming down in jerusalem so again for the next few days they could be as high as $39.00 degrees celsius which is a good 10 degrees above the average for the beginning of september thank you rain through central africa and also for a few showers continue to work their way across will central and eastern as the south africa also of these madagascar saying quite a few downfalls of the next couple of days and then as they had off into friday
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those showers clearing away from south africa but they already very widespread through the mozambique and up through tanzania and indeed all the way up towards somalia so for the next few days in capetown we go. to david 10 which is not too bad in the high teens celsius and that important is that again a case of. on a few on sunday. china's new national security role has tightened beijing's grip on hong kong and stifled protests that rocked the city a year. with pro-democracy candidates now disqualified from running elections and activists fearing imprisonment or worse does this spell the end for one country 2 systems people in power investigate hong kong and get on it because you know. when the news breaks and the story it's real and they're right about this explosion
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when people need to be. leaving and the story needs to be told al-jazeera has teams on the ground a major challenge i'm giving it away and the control to bring you more room rules when in documentaries and rely. on air and online. the. and again i must tell you tale and let's remind you of our top stories here the salang tests in germany on russian dissident alexina valley have found unequivocal
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evidence of poisoning the soviet era nerve agent around the fell last month and was airlifted from siberia to germany doctors say he remains in a serious condition and cannot rule out long term damage. the trials began in front of 14 people accused of helping gunmen attacked the satirical magazine charlie after and at a jewish supermarket 17 people were killed in paris 5 years ago after the magazine published cartoons of prophet mohammed. well let's now get more on our top story on the. joining me now from bosses barred from kanya he's a senior clinical electra at university of exeter medical school great to have you back with us thanks for your time i do want to start with what we've been hearing from the germans that they have an equivocal proof that a volley was poisoned i know that there was that delay and him being airlifted out of siberia his wife was suggesting that maybe because there was a dot desire to wait for toxins to dissipate from his system how on equivocal can
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evidence be here. well. who are able to say in germany but we have to go. every. my advice would be even if you look at our signs and symptoms and the way. mr navarro knee became ill it clearly indicated that there was a event that happened to him suddenly and then sudden collapse but also on the basis of signs symptoms and the presentation of the case he would say this is a cute boys main event what i am concerned about is if it is shown that this was not a child what about the contacts of missed another missed no while the himself because then maybe aren't the people who have also been exposed to the same agent who may have been in use on the group right well so i want to ask you more about how that
6:35 pm
works if this is a toxin from another check talk that maybe the now the agents that are potentially even more toxic than sarin for instance just how do they work when they when they interact with a human system. the way they work is they're what we call a group of anti cholinergic agents and what it is basically disrupts nervous during transmission so what happens is your muscles stop working your temperature control systems stop working it may affect your breathing it may affect your central nervous system so basically what happens is no agents block certain receptors and having blocked them the consequences are whatever that another receptor was supposed to do and a centrally the patient goes into lockdown or you know they are unable to breathe properly and aided their other temperature regulation system stop working their messed up to have an epileptic $61.00 those are the broad range of signs and
6:36 pm
symptoms of cause or also have a direct oxic effect on the liver the kidneys and the heart that's quite a hefty list of the fact that novell me right now remains alive he's in hospital what kind of long term damage could he be looking at it depends very much on what preventative measures were instituted when he became ill and also of course on the dose so the greater the goes the greater the danger the greater the delay in implementing support systems the greater the organ damage the time is critical and does is critical and we hope that it will make a good recovery we hope he will have a recovery without any long term damage to other organs only time will tell us wealthy as nerve agents were developed by the soviet union back in the seventy's and eighty's and i know knowledge of them is very highly restricted does that then
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narrow down who would have access to or the ability to produce them. well it's well known in the intelligence community that. despite regulations of international agreement nations was developing these agents and we know that the soviet union as it was breaking up did have supplies of these what we would call potent agents but that is not to say that other states don't also have access to this post and no agents which is never just blame one area we know that many states have also got access to nerve agents well i know the russians said they tested the valley for poison when he was in siberia and they insisted that all these tests were negative with an agent like this is that possible depending on how hard depends on how hard you want to look and how hard you look it's as straightforward as that if you look
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hard enough and you look hard enough with in an inquisitive nature you will find evidence so in terms of looking for evidence you can look for do i find the presence of an intact navi just like substance or do i look for breakdown products of a nerve agent and you can look for both and any fact you should not only look for those you should look for a big what you would call a battery of agents that you pick up not only one but you pick up other substances and get a better more clearer more precise picture that is what any forensic scientist would do look for us a battery of chemicals not only one well there are demands for an investigation about pan county as a from university of exeter medical school thanks for being with us again it was great to get you inside here on out of there thank you. well german chancellor
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angela merkel as we said earlier has now taken the stage and has been speaking about the of on the case our correspondent in baba is following all the drama developments for us from london nadeem i see that angela merkel is now saying that this was attempted murder that's correct to the last 10 minutes or so she's been addressing giving a press conference she said that she'd met with other cabinet colleagues earlier in the afternoon she confirmed that it was their strong belief that the valley has been poisoned by a nerve agent and she's talked about as you said of attempted murder so she's clear that this was. an attempt by somebody to kill the russian opposition leader she said that germany would be keeping its european union and nato members up to date with what they found out this information has come off the test at a military laboratory in germany let's remind ourselves that alexy only is in the
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charity hospital in central berlin where he's still in an induced coma now that hospital in the last half hour or so has said that he is still in a serious condition but that the effects of the poison are actually lessening so there are signs that he is on the road 'd to recovery but they have hinted that it could be a very very long process simply because of the time that he's spent in intensive care nadeem baba there with all the latest for us watching developments from london thank you nadine well u.s. president donald trump is heading for the battleground state of north carolina as he continues to focus his reelection campaign on law and order on tuesday he ignored pleas from officials in the state of wisconsin and went ahead and visited the city of commotion the scene of recent anti-racism protests well that's now speak to our white house correspondent candy how kitties in washington kimberly i see the president is set to continue his tour of swing states today. that's right
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when day after visiting the battleground state of wisconsin the u.s. president now headed to the battleground state of north carolina where he will visit a battleship now why is he going there officially is to the claire this world war 2 heritage city the location but at the same time you've outlined why the president is touring these swing states that is because he is in a fierce battle with his rival democratic presidential candidate joe biden for those states the u.s. president needs north carolina to win the white house and there are a lot of supporters there he wants to hang on to not only veterans but also law enforcement were 62 days from election day now the stuff in a new poll shows 6 that the president is gaining on joe biden following the conventions of the democratic party and republican party but there still is a wide gap biden leads 49 percent to trump's 41 percent so what we've seen is
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donald trump making a play for some very key supporters of joe biden that right now are a little bit fragile and those are those voters in the suburbs donald trump has for the last week been hammering down on the message of law and order that the suburbs particularly outside american cities would be radically altered under a biden presidency he also adds that he believes that there would be a rattling of the stock market now financial markets are prepared for either according to most analysts have either in the white house but what donald trump is doing is looking to distract from cope with 19 the fact that cases are rising in the united states americans still blaming him for that so we know that biden is going to hammer back on this today they're going to kind of dueling events he's going to talk about safely reopening schools and then we understand that he will be traveling to connote show wisconsin on thursday where we understand he will be
6:43 pm
meeting with community leaders to talk about racial division and healing olivia what chain trumps visit to north carolina very closely here on out is there for you can be how could the finale thanks company. now facebook executives have been questioned by parliamentarians in india about whether the ruling b j p has been given favorable treatment or not a wall street journal report alleges that facebook deliberately ignored its own speech rules after they were broken by a b j p politician the us social media company denies having political bias our correspondent elizabeth prada has this update for us from new delhi. very serious accusations against the social media giant which is why facebook's top officials in india including the managing director are appearing before the. parliamentary panel on information technology for questioning it was called for after that wall street journal article which mentions that facebook's top public policy executive in india
6:44 pm
a woman by the name of. ignored the company's own hate speech rules didn't use them on a member of promised more digs party but also other hindu nationalist individuals and groups because it would hurt the company's commercial interests it's also emerged that the b j p is the top advertiser on facebook on social issues on politics and elections over the past 18 months and that his self various internal company posts show that she is a big supporter of promise to many of them already and the b j p she celebrated when they want to lections she celebrated the defeat of opposition parties and she even took credit and a number of groups which opposed to the b j p have been taken down off facebook and this is why a number of parliamentarians have written to this panel with the strongest condemnation against facebook saying that it's proby j.p.
6:45 pm
policies are a threat not only to democracy in india but also to minorities they said that the company has a bad record globally. now typhoon may sack is bearing down on south korea with 150 kilometer an alligator the storm has already brought down trees and overturned cars as it swept through japan flights have been grounded in south korea as a precaution our robert wright has moved from tucson. we know that it's actually picking up speed now we're expecting a landfall during the hours of darkness wednesday through into early thursday 11 just stand back and show you where it's going to come at it from it's going to come straight out of the south and right now it's cutting a a track north almost equidistant between the south korean island of jeju and also the main southern japanese island of cuba you affecting both places dumping rain of up to $100.00 millimeters per hour we know that some of the wind speeds are gusting up to 180 kilometers per hour which would make it one of the strongest storms
6:46 pm
potentially that south korea has had for a while and one of the other concerns is that this comes at a time when we are seeing unusually high tide so there is a real danger here along this stretch of coastline of getting storm surges and we've been watching those a number of ports here fishing boats and other boats have been taken out of the water the southern city of busan it's the south korea's 2nd city several 1000000 people live here so people here are taking this very seriously they've been putting in place all sorts of preparations securing buildings as best they can we know the authorities have here of issued the highest alert level level 4 out of a 40 year as system and there's also a concern of course that in the hillsides around do sand it's a very hilly area that surrounds us here as with much of south korea a lot of people live on those hillsides and there's a real danger of landslides because of course this is a land that has taken a real soaking from excessively long summer storms and other typhoons this is the
6:47 pm
2nd typhoon to hit south korea and north korea in this many weeks. still ahead here on al-jazeera and support for that action from the u.s. open including a dramatic potential action for the 1st formal. i
6:48 pm
am really. it's now time for scott and his son and. their mom has tested positive for corona virus is one of 3 p.s.g. plays it to a positive result it's
6:49 pm
a blow to the club's elite preparations are set to kick off their campaign all september the 10th am on his teammates were most recently in action in last month's champions league final defeat to buy in munich. you know miss his father says it will be difficult for the argentinian to say it barcelona jorge misses in spain for talks with the club's president about the players a future the striker hasn't trained with a team since handing in a transfer request last week barcelona are still hoping the 6 time will play of the year will sign a new contract. 5 to 6 years with barcelona creation midfielder event records which it definitely is leaving the club but to rejoin sylvia when asked about messi the 32 year old said the 1st and best option for every player is to stay a bar so i think that it's best to do i know this is about the situation i'm
6:50 pm
sure that he also did it and then. i'm like a. teammate i try to respect. all other guys too of course so but 1st a full i also respect a lot of my club so for me. it's really important it's a part of my of my history of my heart. so reality and says she's still as passionate and tense as ever about her tennis williams is through to the 2nd round at u.s. open and is aiming to win her home grandstand for the 1st time in 60 s. and which hits and reports she captured her 1st grand slam title here right around the stadium at 17 years old history rather than cheering followed serena williams on the court at the u.s. open. and no friends in attendance to watch the start of the latest effort to win a record equalling 24th grand slam singles title. 40 big challenges lie ahead to miss straight sets win of
6:51 pm
a compassionate christiane but with 6 of the world's top 10 altering out of this event williams is well placed to claim her 1st major since 2017 games. it's quiet but it's such a big stadium and there's you know the screams and the atmosphere and it's a grand slam so it makes i'm still as i think passionate and out there. the returns are grand slam tennis a former world number one kim clijsters ended in defeat the 3 time u.s. open champion came out of retirement early this year and did show flashes of her best tennis but the 37 year old was beaten in 3 sets by katherina alex and drove of russia. out of the 3 matches that are played officially on tour this is i think was by far my best one so looking at that i think that's the most positive thing about it these are the 3 turn over its leadership here andy
6:52 pm
murray is back playing grand slam tennis after more than a year away following hip surgery the 2012 champion went 2 sets down against japan's. before rediscovering his fighting spirit. the former world number one negotiated close to 5 hours of action. the 33 year old eventually emerging as a 5 set winner. i don't know how many of us actually you know believe that the back end of you know winning matches like that so. yeah i was you know i was emotional after the match. next up from my rate of play at a very different stage of his career 20 year old canadian seelig so yeah he's seen here on the richardson al jazeera. members of the milwaukee bucks i have hit back at comments made by u.s. president donald trump from said the n.b.a.
6:53 pm
had become highly political the bucs lead the 3 day play boy caught of the league to protest against racial injustice trump also claim that people are tired of watching basketball and that its ratings are down this is the moment and we all have a different role and how you're part of this we all have to say yes some of us have larger pythons and other right so much is given much is required we're not all the time we're trying to navigate that right now right but life is not about ratings life is not about. life is about standing for what's right. reigning champions of toronto raptors when 2 games down in the eastern conference semifinals they lost to the boston celtics marcus smart 53 pointers in the final quarter helped the celtics 202299 when. she and the denver nuggets
6:54 pm
sealed their spot in the 2nd round of the playoffs possibly utah jazz and game 7 of their says that is called chip put the nuggets 2 points clear with the time running out and i probably still had the chance to win it for the jazz but this means it's denver who will now face the 2nd the l.a. clippers in the western conference semifinals. and the biggest goal the knights got into a sticky situation in their playoff series with the vancouver canucks to vegas a play is found themselves together during the game in edmonton economists are counted as my last remaining team in the playoffs and want to want to avoid elimination game 6 of the best of 7 series is on thursday. we will have more for you later on but for now it's back to the stars thanks so much sun up an ancient culture of harvesting honey from while b. is enjoying a revival in georgia and production is no longer the exclusive preserve of men
6:55 pm
robin forrester walker explains from the mountainous region of acharya. mark ballas sort of money does what's traditionally expected of a woman in her community and. something that used to be a job only for men. inside hollowed out tree logs called jarrod's caucasian great beats have made their hives. with help from her son lasher. collects their harvest colored man i guess it's a very hard job it's a man's business but i was left alone my husband died the children were small and i had to continue the family tradition. but only takes half of the honeycomb and leaves the rest for her bees all the animals also nic was put going to me i love these i often come to see them i understand them their needs and the
6:56 pm
problems they have. the bees seem to be quite calm now and i hope i'm keeping a sufficiently safe distance away from the high but as i can see it's the honeycombs are being made the way they would in the wild so while it may not be the most efficient way to harvest honey it certainly seems to be one of the most natural. the honey is sold along with its nutritious honeycomb as a unique organic product helping to make jarrod beekeeping a tradition once in decline profitable again. last year we collected $1.00 tons we expect more than 3 tons this year the process is growing as the interest of beekeepers has also increased because their incomes have a goner. by in the mountains i went to see how some hives are still
6:57 pm
being kept the ancient way. romaine. keeps his hives where the beds work for him. as. this is not the 1st time i've climbed this tree this is a family tradition starting with my grandfather and my father. well there you have it a tree house to be i've never seen beehives quite like this. i climb the tree often to set up the jar of hives to check on the bees and to collect a honeycomb they would just $54.00 known to be keepers in this region 2 years ago no they were more than 80 this beekeeping from the past still has a future robin 1st year walka al-jazeera a jar. that is it from maine
6:58 pm
a star for this new salad but don't go away i'll be back in just a moment with more of the day's news as well as more on the developing story of alexina values poisoning state change here on al-jazeera and more reaction from moscow. if you were looking at this from the outside you would really wonder what was going on all of what is this gross is a religion that they have an in-depth exploration of global capitalism and our obsession with economic drug this is still the center of capitalism there is no limits i view myself as a capital artist we are trying to pay for the well smaller and smaller we don't
6:59 pm
want to be set realistic in the world we would rather have a fantasy growing pains on al-jazeera. from lagos to jerusalem to buy i'm on the go moses place to live in my own home miles to my own history my own background. 3 short films that show how people take a stand against a fiction the same as struggling communities the 1st time they arrested i was 11
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years old o.j. celeste's on out to 0. there is no channel that colors world news like we do we revisit places. there are gritty invests in that and that's a privilege as a journalist. germany says russian opposition leader. was poisoned by the soviet era chemical nerve agent . hello again i'm the stasi attain this is al jazeera live from dar also coming up on trial in paris a 14 suspects accused of helping gunmen attack the french magazine which published cartoons of the prophet muhammad the. french president emmanuel visits iraq and
7:01 pm
reiterated to support to safeguard its sovereignty.


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