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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2020 5:00am-5:34am +03

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play an important role. despite arrests beatings demonstrators in bellerose take to the streets on mass tens of thousands rallying to demand president looking down. my money saeed this is al jazeera life and also coming up hundreds of demonstrators arrested in hong kong as protesters vent their anger over china's security law and postpone the elections. with almost $27000000.00 infected around the globe we look
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at the surge in grown a virus cases in several countries. the power of a boycott anti government she led protests in thailand cribbed affective forcing some companies to pull their commercials from television. television security forces have detained dozens of protesters a massive anti-government rally in the capital minsk president alexander lukashenko house repeatedly issued threats of violence against the demonstrators but instead they're continuing to defy those warnings and calling for him to step down but it's myth has the latest from neighboring lithuania. there is still some number. as for the 10s of thousands of protesters on the
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streets of ments. the ministry of interior in valorous has warned them that demonstrations are illegal closing off city squares and streets but that hasn't stopped people descending on the capital for a 4th week of protest against the continued leadership of president alexander lukashenko he claims he won the august 9th election with 80 percent of the vote the opposition say the poll was rigged and they want to read from. those protesters made their way home on sunday security forces seem to take advantage of the thinning crowds pulling out people apparently at random according to witnesses and bundling them into vans. another video has emerged on social media of masked men in civilian clothes beating up people on the streets of minsk. in warm no breaking down the door of a cafe where the owner had given shelter to protesters who were visiting with imagine if everybody people started running inside the door and then out on 15 to
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20 people in black masks started to smash the glass into some people our human rights experts from the united nations say they've received hundreds of torture ok she's a torture impeaching her for us. this is older couple kovar of the opposition coordination council sentenced to 10 days in jail she appeared in poland on saturday after she says she was forcibly taken to the border and then priya. they came to the center where i was isolated they gave me a had a mask and took me out of prison they made me lie in the back seat and they drove me away from the isolation center. of the presidential palace in minsk that was tight security to protect luka shanker from his own people. we won't forgive we won't forget their shouting the video is emerging out of minsk on sunday night suggests that whatever tolerance the government had for the protesters is wearing thin that could increase pressure on one. powers to impose sanctions on
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alexander lukashenko and senior members of his administration with the way in his foreign minister says in an interview that the european union's lack of action over belarus is undermining the credibility of its foreign policy bernard smith al-jazeera vilnius. thousands of people have been rallying in montenegro as capital against the pros so nationalist coalition that won a slim majority in last sunday's elections the coalition is now trying to form a government in the tiny balkan nation protesters fear it will push montenegro closer to serbia and russia the party say they'll continue with the country's bid to join the european union average citizen no you're completely sure i think people have gathered here to support peace harmony and tolerance while the down nationalists interests we all live in harmony as brothers we don't need divisions might need. a missile sorry that i am against any older flag being waved in our country be albanian serbian turkey should german any order exceptional to move to
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new green flower. nearly 300 people have been arrested in hong kong off to right place cleared pro-democracy protesters on sunday they were demonstrating against beijing's new security law which was imposed on the territory earlier this year people angry about a delay in local elections which should have been held on sunday edgin brown reports. hong kong independence they chose was beyond small groups of peaceful protesters openly flouting a new national security law. there were also individual acts of defiance. the demonstrators were also disobeying social distancing rules the ban mass gatherings they were angry because sunday was supposed to be hong kong's election day the government citing code 19 for the perspective and are of course have been
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silenced by the government yet every time you want to apply for a little protest or marsh they always ban venice so this time we didn't apply for a. march or protest to a police chase here we are shouldn't go there decision to council the election has nothing to do with covert 19 i think the government is here to suppress the people's demands and what the future should look like there was a heavy police presence across the county in peninsular as officers moved quickly to shut down any opportunities for large gatherings. at one stage firing pebbles at a group that refused to disperse bootable shocking image was that of a young girl being thrown to the ground. but in spite of what happened here on sunday protests in hong kong have been largely cattail by this new national security law but the voice of dissent has not been silenced entirely. a
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number of political activists were arrested on sunday including term tax who was. detained in his home by officers from the new security department he's accused of uttering seditious we're. still trying to talk to the media as he was bundled into a car adrian brown al jazeera hong kong efforts to end the war in libya have begun in morocco delegations from tripoli's u.n. backed government and the rival eastern based tobruk parliament have met to find a political settlement comes ahead of a larger meeting in switzerland on monday where countries supporting the rival sides will be part of the negotiations libya has been at war since long time leader moammar gadhafi was deposed and killed back in 2011 you had that we urge you to be pragmatic and practical to reshape and find an ultimate solution the libyan people are eager for peace and i'm hopeful that within
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a couple of days the delegations will bring the people positive developments mahmud up the one head has moved from tripoli. morricone foreign minister spoke and both of the legations also spoke it seems that there is a positive atmosphere apparently bought this is only this seems to be only the beginning of a series of meetings to be house to buy more or call it seems that workers also keen to invite both rival leaders the head of the tripoli high council of the state of the missionary and the speaker of the eastern parliament. later there is no definite time for that to be meeting but as you know that morrocco is also in a way or another tries to make sure and to stress on the fact that
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the agreement that was sealed in morocco in 2015 known as the libyan political agreement is the main bases for any political settlement to the crises in libya now this invitation to the rival delegations by america is a whole moral can initiative and it's paddling with other international efforts to sustain or to make sure that the seas fire dick aeration is being implemented on the ground. saudi arabia says it has intercepted and destroyed an explosive laden drone from yemen the spokesman says several drones were sent to attack saudi arabia's port in response to an increase in saudi air strikes in yemen the saudi u.a.e.
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coalition has been fighting yemen's iran backed rebels since 2015 mohammad a tab has the latest from some. this will tell you 3 attacks according to the whole he's a spokes person come just days after the minister of defense of son our government wants saudi arabia that they hold they will carry out more retaliatory attacks deep inside saudi territory's and that they have entered the 4th phase of their retaliatory operations against what they describe the spike of saudi air strikes on civilian areas and and this also these operations come just also hours after that was held by the ministry of transportation to mark the 4th year of the saudi ban on scientists national ports the during the press the number of shocking figures have been revealed the claim that the at least 80000 civilians have died
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because of the banned. their right to travel abroad has been denied due to the ban and also mentioned the around 450000 civilians i was still waiting for their turn to travel abroad the nade. medical intervention currently according to the announcements by the un humanitarian coordinator that the health of the authorities or the relief humanitarian efforts will be halted especially because of the donations that have been halted by the donors so this will make things worse in regarding the humanitarian situation in the war torn country. still ahead on al-jazeera japan is last for the 2nd time in a week with the now powerful typhoon i shan't making landfall in south korea.
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trapped by wildfires in northern california the military sends in helicopters to rescue residents. high sand is still making its presence felt across the korean peninsula you can see the system as it made its way to the southwest of japan it will continue through monday to drive us way further north which across south korea taking its heavy rain and well it will be weakening winds but still damaging winds are part of north korea eventually that will slide out into the far north east of china dissipating quite rapidly as we go on through choose day and see where to stay but still a fair amount of rain coming in on that system brought to skies come back in behind that we have few showers it has to be said and set the a case of
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a few showers there into japan much of china on the other hand is looking largely dry but some rather lively downpour some storms there just around southern parts for a time mingling with the showers that we have across southeast asia fair amounts of cloud coming through here they'll be some showers right through malaysia some of the lightest i pushing over towards so the way sea link for a good part of indonesia it will be largely dry but again you can expect to see some heavy rain from time to time and expect to see heavy rain around the far south of in there over the next as a fair amount of cloud showing up here right up the western ghats will cease and big downpours those showers just not in their way all the way up into mumbai. from lagos to jerusalem to by i am on the go with this plane. milestone history and background. 3 short films that show how people
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take a stand against evictions in their struggling communities the 1st time they arrested i was 11 years old a.j. selects on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera remind our top stories this hour tens of thousands marched in belarus despite threats of retaliation from the government they say last month's election was rigged and are calling on president to resign. nearly 300 people have been arrested in hong kong after riot police cleared pro-democracy
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protesters on sunday were demonstrating against beijing's new security no which was imposed earlier this year. libya's warring sides are missing in morocco delegations from tripoli's u.n. backed government and the eastern based to bring parliament to holding talks out of rabat this is ahead of a larger me saying on monday in switzerland. typhoon hi shannon has made landfall in south korea it's traveling inland now bringing strong winds and heavy rain. battered japan forcing more than 1800000 people to leave their homes it was the 2nd typhoon to hit the country in just one week and left 180000 homes without power let's go to our correspondent rob mcbride who is in pohanka in south korea just north of where the typhoon made landfall rob good to
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see you firstly describe the situation where you are now. that's right it came ashore with full force as it was predicted to do it did lose some of its intensity go moving over those southern japanese islands but it was still classed as a very powerful typhoon south korea was being put on the top alert level in its warning system here it made landfall it's called olsson which is south of here and it's now moving inland and just north of us we are in right on the east coast and this really did take a battering when it was at its peak an hour or 2 ago if i could just take give you a little walk around here we're actually staying in just about the biggest building here on the waterfront it's this hotel it's not a small building and i actually the last couple of hours or so on the upper floors of that building it's been swaying back and forth ever so slightly slightly disconcerting but the typhoon has now moved on but the concern is of course that
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here in south korea and also north korea you already have a buildings really weakened by the previous typhoon only a few days ago typhoon my sack that moved through here pretty much the same course that this typhoon is now taking and we've had a lot of damage here the land a lot of structures already weakened so we are expecting more damage and also of course more flooding and landslides from this type. as you say the country's already been hit by a typhoon within just the last 2 weeks how is the country preparing for this. well they put that they would have used to the maximum alert level the also the country here has put the services 1st responders on the maximum response level that basically all the services are ready to respond when reports of damage come in south korea is pretty well set up it's pretty got a pretty solid infrastructure for these kinds of events even though they are
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unusual you don't normally get the typhoons of this strength and also of this frequency 3 within the past couple of weeks of maybe more major concern is for north korea they are far more vulnerable to these extreme weather events they're far more reliant on their agriculture we know that that has been damaged thousands of acres of farmland have been lost so we've seen damage to structures but interestingly kim jong un has appeared going out to the sites of these typhoons of seeing for himself the damage i'd also taking to task some of his officials especially in the eastern city of one son which was badly affected by the last typhoon and they're now of course a obviously bracing for the arrival of this typhoon rob many thanks for that rob stay safe. reporting there from hanging in south korea where typhoon hi sharon has just made landfall. military helicopters have rescued dozens of people trapped by
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a wildfire near a popular reservoir in northern california well the 60 people were airlifted from the lake area after a fire blocked the only road leading to a campsite several have been injured and drought and heat wave fueling 5 in the state rob reynolds has more from los angeles. it was. a very dramatic rescue that the california national guard pulled off with their helicopters these campers were trapped between the wall of fire and a body of water and that's obviously not a good place to be so 207 people in all were airlifted to safety there were several people who were injured and were 2 people were taken to the hospital nearby in critical condition there have been several small communities placed under
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mandatory evacuation order in fresno county where this fire known as the creek fire has exploded in the past couple of days fire started friday evening there are about 3000 structures that are at risk from the fire most of them are sort of summer vacation the holiday cabins and so forth and there are $800.00 firefighters now out on the front lines in this brutal heat battling these blazes. protesters have gathered near a melting glacier and switzerland to push for action on climate change the demonstration comes a day before the swiss parliament begins debating new legislation on reducing c o 2 emissions the government says nearly all the remaining places in the elves will disappear by the end of the century if nothing is done and 2nd only. we know that in the past 30 to 40 years more than 500 glaciers have disappeared or are
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disappearing so it's an alarming figure we know that it will have consequences on the alpine environment and later in the regions around it's one of the largest sources of fresh water and it also maintains the climate as it is now. many 27000000 people around the globe have now been infected with corona virus more than 880000 of them have died mexico has the world's 4th highest death toll and more than 67000 the true counts may be double that elizondo rumpy has he has more on the pandemic and last america. tens of thousands of residents are back on their bicycles for sunday's traditional or bike way event in the colombian capital the city is reopening after dinner corona virus infections appear to have passed the peak. we have you know what some does regarding the rules the city has dispatched clowns to stop the worst offenders and remind. and keep
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a safe distance that there's that it won't piss them off it's necessary to keep reminding people as they come out again that we can't be too close and still need to take care of ourselves i think they're listening and. yet many say after more than 5 months of lockdown you can't blame people for taking some risks but i limit the scene for you yeah it might have an effect in increasing contagions but it's been 6 months since we've been able to do this it has been too long. restaurants have also started pilot programs across the city. the weekend allowing them to serve customers in open spaces under strict health measures. but in other parts of town the situation seemed out of control. as big crowds took over shopping areas jammed to by informal vendors under the current rules shopping areas like this one are only open. to try and reduce the amount of people on the
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streets on a daily basis but with this kind of growth many fear won't be long before columbia sees a mother spike in infections. there are a lot of people gathering so the truth is i'm a bit worried lots of people without masks and no police so i'm not going to be back until it's base or organized. other countries in the region that have been reopened i've seen a resurgence in the number of cases. in mexico new reports on excess mortality rates suggest the true coronavirus stalled there could be much higher. than the country has recorded 120000 more deaths during the pandemic that's almost double the current official number of in 1980 s. the somber reminder that the fight against the virus is far from over and listen to them. health workers in iraq's capital have been protesting at the
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pay and a shortage of personal protective equipment the health ministry says hospitals overwhelmed by the numbers infected dosage of ari has the latest from baghdad. despite the sweltering heat in baghdad and a pandemic aliya at non traveled almost 200 kilometers from to crete to demand a job graduated from medical school over a year ago and she has yet to get work that i'm not progressives that sent a lot of you started all our lives not just for the past 6 years now i've been sitting at home doing nothing when the country needs medical professionals i feel useless now why did we study all our lives we demand the government gives jobs especially doing this been damaged according to the iraqi medical association aliya is one of 31000 people who have graduated in the health care field but have new jobs this at a time when iraq is facing a sharp increase in the number of covert $1000.00 cases iraq has one of the lowest
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number of doctors and nurses per capita in the world for every 1255 people there is one doctor and there are only around 30000 working in the country critics say that figure could be doubled if the government did more this is another issue doctors face in iraq being attacked by family members of patients who pass away their often accuse of not doing enough to save lives the issue of safety is one of the main reasons these doctors have gathered here not only with those the market but the iraqis have suffered from a deteriorating health care system which hasn't been looked after for decades more than $400.00 doctors have been the victims of attacks or targeted killings since 2003 now more than a 1300 doctors have contracted covert nineteen's these conditions are not acceptable in july the government formed a committee to find ways to employ medical graduates but the finance ministry refused to fund more jobs citing a lack of money and the prime minister criticised the increase in violence against
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doctors. and. the assault against all medical stuff will be for legal punishment we are calling on tribal leaders mo to allow these assaults to be commuted under their names that stump little to placate health workers doctors across iraq say they will start a partial strike on it by the end of the week the government has failed to address their demands they will expand that and 12 full one has covered 900 cases are rising that could have disastrous consequences and it's something everyone wants to avoid dorsetshire pari al-jazeera back to. india has once again reports of the world's highest single day tally of new coronavirus infections with more than 90000 cases on sunday the country's death toll has now passed 70000 the government says the rise is due to increase testing more than 4000000 people there have not tested positive for it 19. infections in several european countries are also
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surging from reported another $7000.00 cases on sunday officials that say the spike is partly due to more testing and that there hasn't been an increase in hospitalizations or deaths in the u.k. there's been nearly 3000 new infections the highest daily rise since late may protesters in thailand have persuaded large companies to pull advocates from a t.v. network they say is pro-government the student led demonstrations have been taking place for 2 months they calling for the prime minister to resign new elections to be held and controversially reforms within the monarchy scott hyla reports from bangkok. there were no other marketer it's the young faces that separate the current pro-democracy protests in thailand from the political divisions of the past as this movement is run an organized by students their method
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stay true to their generation they're not only deploying their efforts to the streets but also online with concerns about their future and the protesters don't feel the current leadership represents them so they recently targeted advertisers of nation multimedia a news network they say is pro-government an online campaign urges supporters to boycott companies running ads on the network they're demanding changes in the government and monarchy and that flies directly against what the network stands for according to its chairman we love our country we love our way of living we love. it it's in and we love to use this social bully against us. right through the sponsorship sponsor thing this is a wrong. and. very unethical. behind what nation t.v. calls social bullying a 1st year university student in her twenty's summer says her personal details have
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been previously published by the network so we're not showing your face here i think our campaign is a partial success we still have many things to do that the big companies ducks apart but it may be difficult because big business is practically running the country. but big name brands have pulled their advertising like the owner of the burger king franchise in thailand. and app driven food delivery platform food panda both saying they did so because of customer feedback digital marketing experts say companies that react to protest or boycott might not necessarily be picking sides but choosing to stay with their key market i think for the startup company our digital companies are target more on the younger group of people so if they're not pleased if they're not taking an action that seeing that whole me as a young brand on the same site ask you might be a bigger risk for them with a protest organizers are going to aim big for the next round of boycott targets
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from some of the largest and most politically connected companies in the country as they see it any firm the supports the government is fair game. and while they will continue to front their boycotts online they will also continue to come out for the cause it's got harder al-jazeera bangkok. this is al-jazeera these are your top stories tens of thousands of mosques and valorous despite threats of her television from the government they say last month's election was rigged on a calling on president to resign with the slowdown but i'm here to express my civic stance against luka shankar's for the rigged elections we're treating al citizens the way he does yet he said something i disagree with that could election results i
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support all the protest as i am for freedom and democracy i want to live in a happy and free state i will keep coming here until we retrieve our rights. thousands of people have been rallying in montenegro as capital against the price nationalist coalition that won a slim majority in last sunday's elections protest is fair it will push montenegro closer to serbia and russia. nearly $300.00 people have been arrested in hong kong after riot police cleared pro democracy protesters on sunday and were demonstrating against beijing's new security law which was imposed on the territory this year libya's warring sides are meeting in morocco delegations from tripoli's u.n. backed government and the eastern based to brooke parliament a holding talks south of robots this is ahead of a larger meeting in switzerland on monday. saudi arabia says is it has intercepted and destroyed an explosive laden drone from yemen hit the spokesman
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says several drones was sent to attack saudi arabia's airports in response to an increase in saudi air strikes in yemen typhoon haiyan has made landfall in south korea it's traveling inland bringing strong winds heavy rain. japan forcing more than 1800000 people to leave their homes it was the 2nd typhoon to hit the country in just one week and left 180000 homes without power. military helicopters have rescued dozens of people trapped by a wall find a popular reservoir in northern california all than 60 people were airlifted from the lake area after 5 blocked the road leading to a campsite. i am sequences i have a question that piece days it's hard to filter out the newly sinking track of what's really important to the bottom line tackles the big issues this is shaping
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the united states its people its economy and the way it deals with the rest of the world the bottom line only on al-jazeera wall. to see. them on hand captain pakistan to victory in the cricket world cup in 1992 when he bowled his last cricket ball he made his final runs one of the world's best known sports men with time to devote his time to social work. but politics came calling always a vocal critic of in demick or option confound of the party pakistan to hurricanes up in 1906. which allies promise was to ensure justice for all us party chairman hahn won his 1st seat in the national assembly in 20026 years later his popularity soared.


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