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tv   Evictions  Al Jazeera  September 7, 2020 11:32am-12:01pm +03

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thai government rally in the capital on sunday tens of thousands of people rallied across minsk calling for president alexander lukashenko resignation libyan delegations from tripoli as un recognized government and eastern based group parliament have held talks in morocco 2 weeks after they announce a cease fire a larger meeting including countries backing the 2 sides expected on monday in switzerland south korea is being impacted by is 2nd major storm in a week tropical storm high ssion has brought heavy rains and strong winds it's now traveling inland towards north korea it's forced more than $1800000.00 people to leave their homes. those are the headlines as always much more news on our website at al-jazeera dot com and i'll have more world news for you coming up after a.j. selects this. i'm counting the cost as oil prices slumping economy strength stairs he kicks in is this the end of the middle east oil rush
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south africa's unemployment hit a record high before the pandemic this fight to save the economy. counting the cost on al-jazeera. so i'm trying no no no no i don't really identify because it's really really confusing. to my grandmother and from our i'm trying to identify my house. i'm trying to identify my house my family. to go with this is my own. story. my background. how did the moment bloodline if you know what. is done in your government.
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run off the everything you have nothing live to do our government there are. no want any old up person to is brutal the obvious reason because. well how the front of me. on. that little.
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let me ask you that was why justice on a promise an easy solution would you go through what the front communities want the case. the auto bombing was to be to undo your non-belief and for the world i'm very concerned about participate in effectively in the same or in the movement to put an end to all of these things that is happening in our last one community. the reason why we are here today is forced to. indeed whereby all the people in this community we come together we educate our on the importance of participates in election until you guys are p.v.c. is our power b.b.c. news come on and vote is what qualify you. votes and so as an
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advisor the people will be voting for should be people without can always come and help was maybe come to our rescue when we need to be people who live in article we and then they are representing as it should be people are asking with those people or understand our program on a lot of challenges. and go even great things about. how to grieve about it not to go on my mind. i strongly believe the poor communities have more than they think they have the bone with people who come in with power. they don't have any money. don't you know not. try and keep trying until we see those changes start happening gradually in our community.
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i division every one of us was here and i live i live very far from my parents will burn the. vibe it will be. there is a school very for those where i live wasn't that we are 9 there are 2 people that you don't usually come by on time so this before people used to sleep on this bit at times 5 days running around with a very sickly so i think 5 of them can sleep here so put a cut on the. here. and the ring gather on the upper part so do what i used to something is good trudy war and the floor we get wet so those one of us on the floor are closed can you wait so then we should all of us and it will come on the bed sometimes guys do bring in the
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a girlfriend then you need to leave. so i do them some time before. i have this dream of walking with my so and there was a time and went on my facebook. i wrote the that my dream is to work with mark and i want africa contravenes to always being part of themselves in the our story. this. i think today is the forst time i rethought the last time i left it was on deny it
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of 3. 27 times. i could've given the right to do. so as on palm sunday. and that i do when citing what's on the short scene i did next the 3. people rushing under which in a sailboat he was inside the board he lost composure. and was just meeting from his mouth and his eyes was just blinking. i was highly ridge and something else went off to me. just to know we live. and. the government came. out the hot my people who are big cute to show them the. big came through the land and they came through the world to us it's in our houses obviously they're born our belongings our property
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is everything my parents. got and i lied to bones it's fire. this one that i'm about to say is tied to the number of medicines and. why standing wrong to return and water and water. pope was a fish fish you know living in livelihood over what to do about. 10 to water a community who watches our community said please. what they have up to 3 men wary dues to the abstract shapes rub of color and it's a. reddish flames on our common eaten ticks mokes from our homes. our government with big visions of government we don't fear promises our government
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with one on side question. oppin is the eye well it's our pride ya sprint. kumu. i did megacities for the people i guess the people. i left i was a runaway but i wouldn't gone as a king i left 1000 run when. i would respond i was aching. to take the. label in the movie being the killers and bullets from the universe of a mobile but it was a really does he love. louisiana audition if you can. make it up on the can enough for a while you know this is really on how to live with me on. the money to the king.
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live line and i think i would have sold his or madill in the swim to the wall to wall with hideous is killing me and the. decision not let us. say it's out of this or. just come off the scene of that on just us a can of what's going on for the money home see feel misled don't get out of the flu but not only for the house or shoot for startled. and a lot of you had the little toys that the old what do you hold them on a leash and the head enough with hal it's a studio. the done
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did the low bid to from the. us. young. national center or a what. a lot of has ever looks sort of out of the. sort of assault by the un has had it set up on hacking that i'm going to shoot at the. loss of the chalet in a mushroom who hated the. i mean. there are certain. theater shows sort of my. way and i live far.
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from. perfect for. a. 5 hour one of them and then. i had a whole stash of sunny decision in mind that i said no. other will have 7 months at a. gun show you in the raw sitting on. my dr rather than the 1000000000. but the tools.
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well there though. i think there's a healthy. balance of a little. sort of outline in the way i come to the thought. of when they will. come to. the. other side now in the times. i'm in the audience you know we've come a valuable resource. if i want the lawns and.
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you know. commercial garbage that. scholem the. mother. oh you. have some money. so. i asked.
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at the left it didn't. look at all just love. on only one mother just sort of would look to the law. that not all got in the have been doing them stuff but good luck assure them good no one had this look on the floor the mental discipline that they fit have been known and that means the rest for now would fully. honest just mention that i've done nothing more so all of that on the other was. to love them and it was a good shoot. us with a good under water than all the. time
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you are. in them and. what are you going to translate. into the. black circles. in the. of. the little hole and the. one from the. right.
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and it will feel a bit of a hand out of the boat was our father would go to. the door. with glee a. little bit of one of the little. storm. little by little it flooded in the same. way i thought of that under the in the roof you know where. when and when i.
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mean yes there's. no not yet about that. meant that she called out for nancy i'm out of. here have been no more you tell the story all. about how much is it that we sold. our. new house in my big thing about the same about you. about how large it is not me i didn't.
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post before my well. then or i'll tell mother there's a lot of. growth and i'll eat out a lot about him for. a while you know in europe or syria who need a meal that's all i'm going to invest i don't much care for. them i don't even. care about. you when you get done throughout the course he was you. know it would go a little bit beyond what. you see 0 current most of the breeze. blows
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it out of the very. good both of them oh my goodness i'm going to go. with the robot backbone the you know. we've got. some pushing you yes now say a little before the museum he goes. up on the moon alice is a big baseball in the e.c. according to doubt they love the idea of total bianna. it's not going to as you only. thing about these people mean they put a hole in this is what you're not it is stuff but are all in the most bizarre look it up but it's a little. out of place to go.
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with the money to sit down as you do this been easier to pull up one of them as it'll be you in the end this is going to improve is number one is notice these things are going to be doubly here or he's i'm going. up or love music or you know what i really miss your. boss your bum be in that town for my soon to be a better sup are all. those it's all about but i did know the associate must in my home. country most for the last call but instead of 5 years. my stepfather died last year mom of a violin lesson led on love either for the muslim names yet cannot stand now is that we really love one last family yes there is. not yet rather than yes one last
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moments you know meant that secord our son is semi-retired on september they're now more lethal than. you know. that's now sun almost all over. but i'll bet most you're not. listening but i think. one of both among law enforcement. you can go in this out on your. audience about. why do you. go. both being pulled up. in the. home and this out of the eagle.
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i don't think we are going. to be made a. little. use you know no put in. the market by his prose or yeah. you never know. what it's almost like going old school red sox. look at you. i'm good.
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looking with. good news out of. i soon enough. no. but usually. you have. given their. condolences. last mile inland the young guns. away. with my gun toting but in the meantime of getting him a. job they will seek out. their boss has not proposed a. new spirit inside. you know what would be.
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the. smallest. ways and you said. like i just feel ignored by. anybody thinking that i won't just get a song that i while out is a gun still. young enough on time being down a. little time to school chat don't read from say you know. not good. for your music and the very thought of us with them we've been going to move it down. slowly.
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down to the last. if you have to choose between your site and feeding your family what do you do yeah i know that happens because we don't keep ourselves healthy when us son could face death from a dogpile so what do you do every night to cut the cost of getting into choice can you afford them. short films about inspiring solutions to global challenges ages selects on al-jazeera. the latest news as it breaks the cowboy hairs the black and indian democratic vice presidential candidate what happened here reveals a nation with a lot of work to do one criminal justice with details coverage they've been living with the promise of peace for decades and they're not hopeful it'll happen any time soon and feel as journalism from around the world comes on the comedy evening
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folding i think he hit their target and if they don't they don't. a face can tell a story without uttering a single word. and knowing god can guide. a simple tough. inform us. unconventionality of life witness through the lens of the human eye. is what inspires us. witness documentaries on al-jazeera. in the global fight against financial crime banks rely on databases for customer checks and it requires you to ensure that you know who that person is and you understand the risk that that person brings to the bank in terms of financial calling outers or world investigates big
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financial data and what can happen if you find yourself on a list. terrorists the database on al-jazeera. the earth. the 2nd highest number of covert 19 infections in the world but india is still pushing ahead with its reopening practice. clo this is al jazeera live from doha. also ahead a prominent opposition leader is grabbed off a street in minsk a day after more mass protests and mass arrests stranded at sea for months hundreds are running of refugees arriving in indonesia as a crutch a province and so on.


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