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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2020 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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library of hope from which they endeavor to rewrite their story and that of their country. who witness. a library under bombs on al-jazeera context this is the 1st in-depth storytelling around the biggest issues but at the issue with. the crackdown against protesters gets increasingly violent in belarus as anger rises against the president. hello there i am how am i here and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up . hungry and homeless refugees burned out of
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a camp on the greek island of lesbos face more difficult days ahead. u.k. leader boris johnson is accused of embarrassing the nation over breck sits by 2 former prime ministers. plus an appetite for plant based beats you look at how the pandemic is changing the way people think about foods in thailand. but 1st to bella reuss where there's been an escalation in violence against protesters the government's has also shut down the country's internet. tens of thousands of protesters flooded the center all minsk some of the made their way in one of the presidential compounds where police say they've detained at least 250 people and have been demands for president alexander lukashenko resignation
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ever since he was declared the winner of last month's speciate election and al-jazeera stepped fasten was acts one of the process in the belorussian capital. they have been marching now for our 3rd through the city streets today despite the fact that many of them were detained at the start of this rally even before the rally started people simply being snatched off the streets by air mass man driving around and signs and quickly if not can people wherever they can but despises. this increasing repression and also the flow rate of all main roads here in the city a large group of people thousands of them managed to gather together and marched towards one of the residence of the president took a chance they sort of stopped by showing to him that they're still here all the threats and intimidation and violence is not working * for him and that they will
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continue to to protest on the streets as long as he's still in office their main goal is to get rid of the president they they feel that he is illegitimate said he has lost the election and they have been asking for a new election for the last couple of weeks and the president has simply know too that at least for the moment but their main aim is what's going to happen here in battle their focus is not so much on russia at the moment but they also have been telling me today that they trust that person is making the right decision that's basically how they put it they say the belorussians and the russian people are brothers and sisters and that's the way it's supposed to stay they don't want to be part of russia they don't want to be integrated fully into russia but they want to have a good relation with russia but if the outcome of the meeting between the shank and put in will lead to more integration between the 2 nations then the belorussian
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people are very clearly against this. authorities in greece and start admitting refugees to a new song. on the island of les pauls after their camp burned down earlier this week thousands of people have been sleeping rough since the maria camp europe's largest was reduced to ash refugees are requesting humanitarian assistance and are resisting attempts to relocate them greek police fired tear gas protests on saturday well just here a stephanie decker has more now from lesbos where she's been speaking to some of the displaced. there is no coherent aid operation happening at all then we're almost you know 4 or 5 days since that fire that you camp that's right behind us there's been a drip of people coming here around $500.00 now have been moved here over the
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last 2 days so they've been testing everyone for corona coming in to the camp from what we understand 10 nor do we have more specific numbers about the 10s have tested positive of course this started with 35 refugees having tested positive and they then mingled with the rest of the population so this is of course a concern but yes i think more importantly how are you going to provide shelter food water and a future for these people going to bring in our guest. and she works for the ngo stand by me. you've been here for a very long time you've seen the situation you saw the fire yourself tell me a little bit about now what are the issues now how difficult is it what are they facing exactly like you're saying still a lot of people are missing food they're missing woodard missing shelter and also they're missing medical treatment and psychological treatment which is also highly important in this situation i mean we're talking about people who are dealing with no minimum of 4 traumas being their home country to join in the fire on top of
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right now i think this is the fault of everyone and people need to find new solutions in regards to providing aid like for example ourselves we were able to provide aid already today after despite not being able to enter them we just meant . people the people who couldn't get out they met us there so we met in between we found new solutions to provide aid we've been talking to the refugees they want they've been here for years many of the waiting for papers to be processed waiting for an answer one of them told us we're just one an all star yes or no and then you know whether that means we have to go back but it's this limbo that has taken a huge toll you do have tens of thousands of people in refugee camps. with their lives on hold with their cases pending with question marks of what's going to happen so i think you know in that sense at least it's an important debate but certainly nothing has been resolved the greek authorities have made it very clear to the people here who want to leave the island that the moment they were believing any time soon. a ship carrying nearly 300 people on the mediterranean is appealing
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to be allowed into ports the migrants were pulled from small boats in 3 separate operations in the past week the vessel is run by the spanish charity open arms with an 18000 people have died strides across the mediterranean in the last 6 years the turkish vessel sent sea map out spots of oil and gas drilling prospects in the disputed parts of the eastern mediterranean has returned home tensions flared last month after ankara sent the ship along with a naval escorts both turkey and greece claim energy resources in the region turkey's defense minister says the ship's return was shared children does not mean un career has given up on its rights in the eastern mediterranean. but the greek prime minister has welcomed the ships departure from disputed waters. raised.
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the return of or trace an ontology is a positive 1st step i sincerely hope that this will continue i said yesterday that the end of the provocations should be the beginning of conversation we never hid the fact that we want to talk with turkey but in a peaceful atmosphere without provocations and without unilateral actions. after a day of ceremony and statements of hope the taliban and the afghan government's when i get down to the hard work of trying to end decades of war but as the toss got underway and cutters capital there were multiple attacks back in afghanistan the government says there were taliban attacks in 18 provinces on saturday the taliban say they were for 10 government assaults well despite these accusations both sides are being urged to seize an opportunity to secure peace for future generations and some a binge of aid has been following the talks in doha and sent us this reports.
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delegations led by the argonne government side and the taliban side have met the emir of qatar there are intraday legation talks which are sched jeweled but right now both of these delegations are deciding who is going to be meeting home and to discuss that further we have with this one member of the delegation that mrs levy with the rory thank you very much for being with us describe to us how hopeful are you that this talks are going to yield some results and what is going to be the future plan of action thank you. we are here to have this talk in discussion that's why this is that is and that we came from along from afghanistan to do that for this talk and the people of afghanistan desire for that and looking forward to to the talks could be happen and also now we have the support of all the international community all the country in the region that this talk should be happening so that's why we are we hope
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we do have hope for that and the result of course it's a long way to go in we will have a long discussion also. of course it will be not very easy. it's a bumpy road but you will see that it's all you're doing your delegation has decided it's going to be a 6 member contact committee which is going to be meeting with the taliban 1st setting of the agenda and on monday is going to be the 1st day probably of these in drive on dialogue i think so yeah tomorrow which is the which is mandated this the 2 delegations from both side the delegations from both sides will set to get out and talk about some code of conduct procedure rule and procedure in also the agenda setting the agenda how hopeful are you because as a woman member of the delegation somebody who is representing one of the many minorities in of gonna stand do you think that after 20 years nearly 20 years of
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conflict you will be able to convince the taliban to give up violence and listened to you for what you want there is no for the reason that both sides should continue for war and for conflict we have to sit together to talk there is no solution for that the best solution the better solution is to sit to the dead to talk a political power i want to have a problem and also putting our. ideo and i joined at the table and talk about that and to get some results. but you see that this is a very difficult situation even today the government is saying there's been more than 18 attacks in the last 24 hours in various provinces the taliban is saying that there is a propaganda campaign that is being run against them so there is a lack of trust and it seems to be quite void on both sides how are you going to be
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able to bridge that. it is lack of trust of course it's it's common for every peace talk peace negotiation this lack of class can be happen but unfortunately of course the evidence no. evidence from taliban side to say that it's appropriate and because we have the evidence we have the fire that happened today or day. blasting or or conflict so but anyway we have yesterday we've got some a positive just shared it can be a step forward for the building the trust we have to build the trust i think here and qatari cutter also. we have to to to do some just year or 2 to show some positives. to take some positive steps for building the
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trust thank you very much for speaking to us and there you have at this is the view from the of gone delegation that yes there has been violence that there will might continue to be violence but they're hopeful that this level of trust that does not exist between them is going to be billed as contact groups begin the negotiations gone dialogues without international interlocutors you've been hearing from diplomats saying that they are still here they're still supporting it but from a backseat it is going to be weeks and months before this could yield results but both sides are hopeful that this is a 1st step in the right direction. still to come on al-jazeera the votes in russia which has been seen as a test for president clinton on. the
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weatherman's pretty quiet across the middle east we have got lost a clear skies lots of hazy sunshine still very warm into that so western side of the levant that just around the eastern side of the a med we have got very warm weather too continuing into iraq and also into kuwait we're getting up into the mid forty's here a tad cooler should we say 39 celsius just ahead of a 100 famine hi there in doha looking at a similar temps is going to choose day perhaps getting back to around $36.00 degrees more the way a cloud there across the western side of saudi might just add a spot sorts of affright and that's certainly the case into western areas of yemen see some showers coming in here from time to time the showers continue across central africa right across into the gulf of guinea where they are starting to sink the while little further south was as they should to come our own saints in particular wet weather we could see some flooding as a result of that the democratic republic of the congo also seeing some lively showers just along the coastal fringes there are towns near pushing up into kenya
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this is al jazeera a quick reminder of the top stories this hour has been a violent crackdown against protesters in belo roost 250 people have been detained in the capital minsk the country why the internet blackout has also been imposed protestors are calling for president alexander lukashenko to resign over last month's disputed election but the fish and co will be heading to russia on monday to meets with vladimir putin russia says it could send its forces in sabella greece if needed. and refugees on the greek island of glass balls are being moved into a new site after their camp burned down last week refugees are requesting humanitarian assistance and are resisting attempts to relocate them.
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and in the u.k. to former prime ministers have urged them to reject a government bill that threatens to violate parts of an earlier green. mintz with the e.u. tony blair and john major's say boris johnson's proposed bill is quote it's embarrassing the nation they say it will also damage the peace process in northern ireland johnson is proposing changes to the agreements on movement between northern ireland and the republic of violence which was put in place to prevent a so-called hard border arlen's foreign minister says the move has eroded the trust between the u.k. and violence the british government in my view is behaving in an extraordinary way and british people need to know the us because outside of britain where where this issue is being discussed no the reputation of the u.k.
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and britain as a trusted negotiating partner on important issues like this is being damaged in a very serious way where u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has warns there will be no trade deal with washington if the british government undermines the 1998 good friday agreements which ended the conflicts in northern ireland good friday accords were very high priority for us democrats and republicans house and senate so that if the u.k. it anything to undermine the good friday accord they should not as i told them in the u.k. for different elements of purchase of haitian there they should not even think about having a u.s. u.k. bilateral trade agreement well earlier we spoke to alistair campbell who served as a spokesman for tony blair he thinks it's extraordinary that politicians from
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across party lines are united send their criticism of johnson. the country i'm afraid elected a complete charlatan as prime minister and i think the country is beginning to see that perhaps more clearly i think both tony blair and john major tony blair who's you say used the word wrong sometimes tells me that i go to over the top in my criticisms of boris johnson and he has held back i think in terms of some of his rhetoric about johnson but john major. a conservative prime minister who was hearing trees amaze time although he had very different views on some issues pretty much kept his head down i think to him to come out today and combine with a labor prime minister and say what they have said together about the current prime minister about the current government's handling of the brits in goshen the damage they're doing to u.k. standing around the world i think is extraordinary and the worry for me however is
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that a lot of these m.p. and you have tory m.p.'s i suspect that their vision of their version of what the jury party is in 2020 doesn't bear sufficient relation to what john major's jury parts of it and who i think that the 2 big points that they're making really one to the damage done to our reputation in the world when he openly have a prime minister and a cabinet saying that they see nothing wrong in breaking an international treaty breaking their word it was as you say negotiated a few months ago under which he won a general election and secondly the direct and significant threat that this poses to the good friday agreement a what it shows is that john major and tony blair care about that and boris johnson doesn't. and russia voting is about to close in a series all through corrections the vote comes after major protest sounds claims that's the kremlin ordered the poisoning of opposition leader alexina vollmer
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something the government strongly denies but same barber more. if these elections are being watched more closely than ever it's because of a rising sense of discontent among parts of the public tens of millions of russians have been voting for local parliaments and regional governors weeks after the german government said opposition leader alexina valley had been poisoned. novelli still in hospital in berlin he fell seriously ill last month as he left siberia where he'd been campaigning germany says it was an attempted murder and his supporters claim it was ordered by president vladimir putin no valley's team is advocating smart voting in other words backing whoever is best positioned to defeat president putin's united russia party whether the candidates from the valley's own movement a nationalist or a communist here in tomsk in the valley highlighted local corruption in this campaign video he refers to blood sucking creatures. naturally use it but i'm strongly if i've already started travelling around cities in the country to declare
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war against united russia he says here it's clear this place should be one of the 1st because it's sorely needed in this war and it's a message that's making inroads among some voters ok we're at the point of the it's kind of a given that everybody feels but it's one thing when someone abstract is stealing and another when it's someone specific right here among earth and someone you could put pressure on through voting. but in the far eastern city of qatar off screen there have been large demonstrations for the past 2 months prompted by the arrest of a popular local governor while the rallies may have surprised the kremlin nobody's predicting anything other than a nationwide win for the ruling united russia but this election does present a new approach from vladimir putin's opponents one. they're trying to do is to chip away at the kremlin's image of invincibility that the kremlin completely controls elections if through start voting about he and his team can demonstrate that there is scope for competition that there is scope for oppositions success then that
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might lead to a snowball effect and that's something that the kremlin is incredibly worried about . as in the past there have been complaints about irregularities the social media video appears to show officials stuffing ballot boxes in the rostov on don region al-jazeera cannot independently verify this footage but once all the results are in they should provide an idea of the main battlegrounds for next year's parliamentary elections the dean barber al-jazeera mali's main opposition group says the military junta is trying to cling to power after last month's couldn't on saturday the military and political groups agreed on a plan for the country's future which included an 18 month long transitional government but the opposition is distancing itself from that announcements. but heinz top shia cleric is rejecting relations with israel just calling on people across the region to resist grand ayatollah is circus unspoken
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a small scale process took place inside bahrain the kingdom became the latest arab nations you'd recognize israel on friday follows a similar u.s. brokered deal with the united arab emirates. several protesters have been injured by police in eastern libya it happens in the marsh region which is under the control of warlords hell if they have to the protesters are calling for the resignation of one of her security officials who they blame for breaking up an earlier rally there's been widespread unrest in the area with demands for improve living conditions and an end to corruption. beijing has rejected u.s. criticism over the detention of 12 hong kong activists on mainland china the families of the detainees are now calling on the hong kong government to help bring them home to be a good pollen reports. a plea from
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a mother who doesn't know when she will see her child again. i hope the government can help bring them back to hong kong then at least i can see my son we don't even know if he is dead or alive her 30 year old son is one of 12 activists from hong kong detained in mainland china the group includes this man 17 year old son. my son left home with a fishing rod and 2 buckets i really believed he was going fishing but then i was notified by mainline officials that he's been arrested i still haven't seen him a few days after they were arrested on august 23rd the chinese coast guards gave the coordinates of where they were stopped close to international waters local media outlets reported the group left from a quiet fishing village on the east side of hong kong it's believed they were hoping to reach taiwan to seek asylum the 12 planted. avel more than 700 kilometers but just 70 kilometers from hong kong's coast they were intercepted by chinese
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coast guards their detention is the 1st such confirmed case of activists being caught by mainland authorities at sea they were arrested on suspicion of illegal border crossing the group are being held in a detention center in the southern chinese city of shien's in a mainland based human rights lawyer appointed by the relative send this video outside the detention center saying he's been turned away several times reporter lawyer refused entry but as i said to check their courage and suddenly after several hours they said all of ritual laws are being appointed so that this while the family are very worried about the legal roger will be will not be respected some of the group have been accused by hong kong authorities of offenses related to last year's pro-democracy and anti-government protests one of them was arrested in august 10th in one of hong kong's most high profile police operations under the national security law he's accused of violating the law by campaigning with an
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online group for international cooperation for hong kong's democracy movement on friday the us secretary of state sent out a tweet calling on the hong kong government to safeguard the rights of the 12 young people detained the hong kong immigration department released a statement saying it is following up on the case and could help deliver letters to the detained from their families all the way it must be very tough in jail there are babies i cannot bear to imagine what they must be going through chinese authorities have yet to provide any information about the group's welfare or the charges they face the bigger palin of his era hong kong. the corona virus pandemic is driving a surge in demand for plant based mates across asia and thailand one of the world's capitals sales are soaring now as many diners focus on making healthier choices scored high the reports from bangkok. i hope you're healthy and stay healthy
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are common greetings in the era of covert 19 with the immune boosting benefits of a healthy diet and reports of covert contamination at meat processing plants millions in asia are taking those greetings seriously and controlling their health by eating less meat the plant based meat industry across asia pacific is seeing an increase in demand one projection sees a 12 percent expansion putting the 2020 industry valued at more than $17000000000.00 in thailand imports of plant based meat have been on the rise but industry analysts see it as a growth industry for the few companies now producing it here in kids all of the international plan base me the food. we can see that many many. restore all of us that plant based meat to to make that motor but in thailand and i think the market is not only to book one plant based meat company here in thailand
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has seen a surge in consumer demand because of cove it 19 their understanding of thai culture and just how seriously food is taken here they have a design their product so that it can incorporate the unique type flavors more meat started as a direct supplier to restaurants just as the covert $900.00 pandemic started. but consumer interest in their plant based meat was so big they had to rethink their distribution their share for the coker. 10 to. one day i think we indians like like like hawk like mommy. without any any seasoning at all since they have to add you know that on this. fish sauce so his product unlike imported ones has no seasoning at all but in hot cuisine taste is paramount and seasoning is viewed as an art form executive chef dominic boneyard has been leading 5 star hotel kitchens for decades he's also seeing a shift to plant me as
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a chef especially in french i'm very close to them that this what is very nice with these blended is meat you can really have diversity of your process of the meat we have a code with 19 coming and also think about people change you know you shan't your minute and your you also your beat potentially healthier habits will be one of the few positives in our lives to come out of the pandemic and it cooks take care in the kitchen it might not be that much of a sacrifice it's got either al-jazeera thank god. this is al-jazeera these are the headlines there's been a violent crackdown against protesters in that little room 250 people were detained in the capital men sq countrywide internet blackouts has also imports the protesters wants president alexander lukashenko to resign over last month's
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disputed election step pass and has all the latest from ends. they have been marching for hours through the city's streets today despite the fact that many of them were the playing at the start of the rally even before the rally started people being left of the 3 man driving around and. quickly it knocking people wherever they can but. they've been creeping a question and also the plot all of. a large group of people. managed to gather together and march toward one of the resident. resident of the. refugees on the greek island of lesbo also being moved into a new site after their camp burned down last week thousands of people have been sleeping rough since the maria cam europe's largest was reduced to ash refugees are
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requesting humanitarian assistance and the resisting attempts to relocate them. the turkish vessel sense to map a possible oil and gas drilling prospects in a disputed area in the eastern mediterranean has returned home both turkey and greece claim energy resources there tensions flared last month after ankara sense the ship along with a naval escorts the 1st direct talks between the taliban and the afghan government are ongoing after a day of ceremony on saturday but as the thoughts got under way in cancers capital there were multiple attacks back in afghanistan government and the taliban are accusing each other for the violence and mali its main opposition group is accusing the military junta of trying to cling to power after last month's kate snow distancing itself from the plan for a transitional government that's your state's inside story is up next.
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frozen out diplomatically and financially mollies coup leaders say they can't count a road map back to democracy will the plan lead to the end of regional sanctions will a skeptical opposition return to the streets this is inside story. hello welcome to the show i'm sami's a than nearly a month off the mollies military coup agreements seem to have been reached on the
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transition the plan sees a return to civilian rule within 18 months.


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