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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 13, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm +03

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in that we'll let you know so i was a nurse back what i am doing is not all that different from my passion helping others. al-jazeera. over there and how the market scene with the al-jazeera news live from doha coming up for you in the next 60 minutes. at the top chased assault it's and rounded up but defiant spell of russians march in the capital demanding the president steps down. hungry and homeless refugees burned out of a camp on the greek island of less boss face more difficult days ahead. mollies
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opposition rejects the transition plan its agreements with the military junta for our return to democracy. plus an appetite for plant based meat we look at how the pandemic is changing the way people think about food in thailand. and in sport world title leader lewis hamilton has won an incident packed tuscan grand prix the race had to be stopped twice after a series of crashes at the italians. but we start this news are in belo ruth's where there's been an escalation in violence against protesters tens of thousands of people flooded the capital minsk police officers detained hundreds who were on the streets at times they were violent confrontations at a country where. it's internet blackouts has been imposed but that didn't deter the
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large crowds some of the protesters even made their way to the presidential compound there demanding the resignation of president alexander lukashenko with his protests comes the heads of talks between the belorussian president and his russian counterpart vladimir putin there in the past the russian leader has a promise to send forces if requested well just to reset fasten was ants one of those process in minsk the spike hundreds of detentions at the start of this rally thousands of people have managed to still gather despite the roadblocks by police and military they're now heading to a location where possibly the residents of look at shanghai is that's what they announced in the 1st place but so many roads are blocked so they're basically circling the city right now showing their their their presence again like they have been doing in the last couple of sundays this is the 5th sunday of
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a mass rally and previous sunday so we're modern 100000 people on the streets but this week it was particularly difficult repressive many people have been detained vans are driving around the city with masked man snatching people from the street just like that carrying people carrying a flag or just walking on the streets so it's a lot of different a different atmosphere then it was a couple of weeks ago but people are still going strong and they still want to shout out that look at shankar has to resign. let's take a closer look at the background to this story president lukashenko has maintained a tight grip on power since 1904 silencing nearly all forms of dissents but since been facing unprecedented opposition this year a struggling economy and the pandemic have made things much worse anger against the sword's after his disputed reelection in early august his challenger to kind of
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skier had to flee it's a lithuania and fear police serve crack there are waves of process since then and moral position leaders have been forced to leave bella reuss while western they disapprove to size look at schenker russian president vladimir putin is backing him saying he's ready to send troops in if needs it's let's get more on this note from alex co-chair of he's a political risk analyst with i.h.s. market country risk joins me now from london via skype it's good to have you with us where in something of a stalemates it would appear. that these process do seem to be getting the ball the persistence but the government does seem to be cracking down on them how do you explain this why are we seeing such violence. towards these protesters. i think the crackdown today with mass detentions and also use of what the cannons
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and the crowd control measures by the right police in the roost is probably aimed to improve negotiating position for alexander lukashenko. in his upcoming talks with russia. wants to present an image that he's in control of situation by the roast and that protests are not actually challenging his role well he may be wishing to present a certain image of himself but unfortunately vladimir putin can watch t.v. as well and it certainly doesn't look like he's saying control of anything given the situation and how much of a game changer we see the meeting between the shank and putin will be for the country. i think this meeting you know will be will be something that both parties will attempt to exploit from the location based back to gently needs political support from russia and also potentially security support if that if the need in
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one arises and also he needs financial support as the government finances are in quite challenging state and. require urgent funds to meet its debt repayment obligations on the other hand lighting up putin will likely. try to use this weekend position of location. who is isolated from his own people by these large scale protests and also isolated from the west because of the western condemnation of his actions. so i think putin will try to exploit it to his own benefit by demanding certain concessions in return for any assistance to look at what sort of i mean just doesn't appear to want to get involved at all if this seems he has enough things on his plate as it is. well you know i think ultimately it comes to the pride
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that russia probably doesn't want to see a democratic change in a country which is forced by protesters and i think this is one of the reasons the key reason why the kremlin is likely to support location to rather than the opposition and the protesters. and from you know from putting this person 1st back to it's actually a very good opportunity to exploit the fact that is now weekend to achieve certain objectives which have failed in the past when look at that was trying to rebalance by the recent foreign policy towards the west restart mission links with the you with the united states and so on stuck in the middle of all of this of course and the people of valorise where do you think they stand right now i was is is there any way ice of this well based on what i see there is widespread opposition
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towards look in his administration amongst all groups of society including those which in the past used to support look at for instance pensioners or working class people employed by state owned enterprises we see that now there is a significant difference and look at people of the roots largely want to get to go but on the other hand look at decatur that he wants to stay in power no matter what's. going to get your thought said thank you so much that's out of scope sheriff a political risk analyst joining us with that analysis from london thank you thank you. it's a great snow and refugees there are being moved to a new sites on the island of less force after their camp burned down earlier this week people have been sleeping rough since the maria camp europe's largest was reduced to ash refugees are requesting humanitarian assistance and are resisting
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attempts to relocate them greek police fired tear gas at protests on saturday stephanie decker has more now from lesbos where she's been speaking to some of the displaced. there is no coherent aid operation happening at all then we're almost you know 4 or 5 days since that fire. you camp that's right behind us there's been a drip of people coming here around 500 now have been moved here over the last 2 days so they've been testing everyone for corona coming in to the camp from what we understand 10 we have more specific numbers in that but tons have tested positive of course this started with $35.00 refugees having tested positive and they then mingled with the rest of the population so this is of course a concern but yes i think more importantly how are you going to provide shelter food water and
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a future for these people going to bring in our guests. she works for the ngo stand by me. you've been here for a very long time you've seen the situation you saw the fire yourself tell me a little bit about now what are the issues now how difficult is it what are they facing exactly like you're saying still a lot of people are missing food they're missing woodard missing shelter and also they're missing medical treatment and psychological treatment which is also highly important in this situation i mean we're talking about people who are dealing with no minimum of 4 traumas being their home country to join in the fire on top of right now i think this is the fault of everyone and people need to find new solutions in regards to providing aid like for example ourselves we were able to provide aid already today after despite not being able to enter them we just meant . people that people who couldn't get out they met those stairs so we met them in between we found new solutions to provide aid we've been talking to the refugees
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they want they've been here for years many of the waiting for papers to be processed waiting for an answer one of them told us we just want an all star yes or no and then you know whether that means we have to go back but it's this limbo that has taken a huge toll as you do have tens of thousands of people in refugee camps. with their lives on hold with their cases pending with question marks of what's going to happen so i think you know in that sense at least it's an important debate but certainly nothing has been resolved the greek authorities have made it very clear to the people here who want to leave the island that the moment they were believing any time soon. a ship carrying nearly 300 people on the mediterranean is appealing to be a loads in supports the migrants on board were pulled from small boats in 3 separate operations in the past week a vessel is run by the spanish charity open arms when i seen 1000 people have died is trying to cross the mediterranean in the last 6 years. plenty more since the
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come on the news hour including his campaigning gets underway in zanzibar the tickle me at the issues facing the sami it's on with silence. and protester violence in eastern libya is going anger over corruption and poor living conditions there plus in the sports the lakers are back in the n.b.a. conference finals the 1st time in 10 years. molly's main opposition group says the military junta is trying to cling to power after last month's coup on saturday the military and political groups agreed on a plan for the country's future which included an 18 month transitional government's but the opposition is distancing itself from last announcements.
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the m. 5 r. of p. denounces the intimidation anti-democratic and unfair practices worthy of another era against which the fight for change and re foundation has been waged the desire to grab and confiscate power for the benefit of the giunta cannot justify the methods use which weaken the transition process. campaigning is underway in tanzania's semitone a state of zanzibar ahead of october's presidential vote the elections are expected to be a fiercely contested and the result could trigger other potentially violent fallout similar to the disputed election 5 years ago one of the main issues is the status bar as union with mainland tanzania catherine sawyer reports from neighboring kenya . safe shareef is running for president on an opposition ticket this will be he 7th try in tanzania semi-autonomous island state of zanzibar. as in previous
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attempts he's campaigning for more tonally force which is a union with panic on the mainland together they form tanzania. a mad says his victory in 2015 was stolen and he doesn't believe that next month's election will be free or fair even though he now has more support from his. party and tanzania's main opposition party chair damn our relationship because we've seen the same. building on the vision period. i mean kerry. is really turning this power over. you know over. in the now on their objection this is them and you are not based on being here on issues we'll hear you fine he. the same when the son of
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a former president and the media former defense minister that is a ruling c.c.m. party candidate he says he'll improve the economy and pacify ethnic tensions that have always polarized the island this when his critics say he doesn't represent them because he comes from the mainland we will continue to strengthen our relations. with a main line you will believe on the policies and agendas of the c.c. i'm the only party only sent to propaganda. elections in zanzibar have often been contentious and violent in 2015 the opposition claims victory the electoral commission a nod to the paul and the ruling party won in a repeat election the following year political analysts say this election will also be fiercely contested by the 2 leading contenders among 12 presidential candidates the result could trigger another violent fallout between the ruling party and opposition not me you know the battle is not between personalities they're both
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deeply flawed this competition is going to be between parties but losers as likely to going to see election and that's when the problems will start. has a famous history for it spice trade but its future is dividing the $700.00 island as many are young who complain of feeling increasingly marginalized others want more tanami and everyone wants to benefit from the natural gas discovered off the coast catherine soy al-jazeera the turkish vessel sent to map its possible or oil and gas drilling prospects in the disputed parts of the eastern mediterranean has returned home tensions flared last month after ankara sent a ship along with a naval escorts to the bridge and both turkey and greece claim energy resources in that area turkey is the fence minister says the ships return was shared childes and does not mean has given up on its rights in the eastern mediterranean. but the greek prime minister has welcomed the ships departure from disputed waters.
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to quote the return of or trace an ontology as a positive 1st step i sincerely hope that this will continue i said yesterday that the end of the provocations should be the beginning of a conversation we never hid the fact that we want to talk with turkey but in a peaceful atmosphere without provocations and without unilateral actions. well james carlin's is a visiting professor at the london school of economics and specializes in greek turkish relations he says the current system the current tensions rather stem from i dated sterrett oriel rules and turkey is calling for a revision. it will be a relief about the ship returning but as you heard it said this doesn't change anything it doesn't change its claims in the eastern mediterranean and of course greece has got its position but i think the hope will be that maybe this now might open up a chance to see countries that talk to each other it's an incredibly complex problem
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and a century i mean you know just on the through all my history 100 years ago 2 countries sorted out their borders but times change you know when they set those borders and 1923 in argentina for international law it was in a very different place and we could explore what do you want to and so there was an accident tension over this but office a has technology means that we've been able to explore much more deeply. make discoveries and it jeepers also in the eastern mediterranean as international law has allowed countries that claim even more territory and continental shelf this is all come together to create this program of the century he is all giving the priests by butchie of one particular honey on the lungs. so all these access to claim a lot of resources in the eastern mediterranean and this is essential is all about talking satanist shape into greek waters and saying look we have every right to
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claim this is all road and greece obviously say well look we're happy to talk about it but we won't talk about it while you're threatening us in this way. but her reins top shia cleric is rejecting relations with israel and is calling on people across the region to resist grand ayatollah person spoke his small scale protests took place inside bahrain kingdom became the latest arab nation to recognize israel on friday it falls similar u.s. brokered deal with the united arab emirates. several protesters have been injured by police in eastern libya it happened in the marsh region which is under the control of warlords or have to protest as we're calling for the resignation of one of have to security officials you tabling breaking up an earlier rally it's been widespread unrest there with demands for improved living conditions and an end to corruption after
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a spokesman is accusing the protesters of being traitors and has labeled their plight as fabricated or maalik traina is in misrata he says people across the country are unhappy with their current situation. we've seen for the 3rd straight day protests in eastern libya that's in areas such as tobruk. and murders 7 several civilians were injured but we've also seen the same kind of protests in western libya too to the deteriorating living conditions demonstrators say this is because of the lack of government services others no cash in the bank so government employees or regular employees can't really pull out their salaries from the banks and there's also a long power cuts across the entire country that's in eastern libya as well as western libya so we've seen demonstrations protests in western libya in tripoli here in misrata in front of the the municipality and and they say demonstrators are
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upset because they say corruption has led to a lack of government services now the national oil corporation has said that the power cuts are in are due to the oil closures so so the diesel and gas feeding the power stations haven't been able to do to the the power stations due to the to the oil closures. the 1st direct talks between the taliban and the afghan governments are ongoing after a day of ceremony on saturday but as discussions got underway in the cancer capital there were multiple attacks back in afghanistan itself both sides are accusing the other for being responsible for the violence but despite the accusations both are being urged to seize an opportunity secure peace for future generations some of the age of 8 has been following the talks in doha center fish reports. both
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delegations led by the afghan government side and the taliban side have met the emir of qatar there are intraday legation talks which are sched jeweled but right now both of these delegations are deciding who is going to be meeting coom and to discuss that further we have with this one member of the delegation the misses have even said over to thank you very much for being with us describe to us how hopeful are you that this talks are going to yield some results and what is going to be the future plan of action. we are here to have this talk in discussion that's why this is the reason that we came from along from afghanistan to do that for this talk and the people of afghanistan desire for that talk and looking forward to to the talks could be happen and also now we have the support of all the international community all the country in the region that this talk should be happening so that's why we are we hope
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we do have hope for that and the result of course it's a long way to go in we will have a long discussion also. of course it will be not very easy. it's a bumpy road but you will see. your deal your delegation has decided it's going to be a 6 member contact committee which is going to be meeting with the taliban 1st setting of the agenda and on monday is going to be the 1st day probably of these in drive on dialogue i think so yeah tomorrow which is the which is mandated this the 2 delegations from both side the delegations from both sides will set to get out and talk about some code of conduct a procedure rule and procedure in order so the agenda setting the agenda how hopeful are you because as a woman member of the delegation somebody who is representing one of the many minorities in of gonna stand do you think that after 20 years nearly 20 years of
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conflict you will be able to convince the taliban to give up violence and listen to you for what you want there is no for the reason that both sides should continue for war and for conflict we have to sit together to talk there is no solution for that the best solution the better solution is to sit together to talk a political power i want to have a problem and also putting our. ideo and i joined at the table and talk about that and to get some results. but you see that this is a very difficult situation even today the government is saying there's been more than 18 attacks in the last 24 hours in various provinces the taliban is saying that there is a propaganda campaign that is being run against them so there is a lack of trust and it seems to be quite void on both sides how are you going to be
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able to bridge that. did is lack of trust of course it's it's common for every peace talk only peace negotiation this lack of class can be happen but unfortunately of course the evidence no. evidence from taliban side to say that inseparable again because we have the evidence we have the fire that happened today or day. blasting or or conflict so but anyway we have yesterday we've got some a positive just shared it can be a step forward for their building the trust we have to build the trust i think here and qatari cutter also. we have to to to do some just share or to show some positive. to take some positive steps for building the trust
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thank you very much for speaking to us and there you have at this is the view from the of gone delegation that yes there has been violence that there will might continue to be violence but they're hopeful that this level of trust that does not exist between them is going to be billed as contact groups begin the negotiations gone dialogues without international interlocutors we've been hearing from diplomats saying that they are still here they're still supporting it but from a backseat it is going to be weeks and months before this could yield results but both sides are hopeful that this is a 1st step in the right direction. halls of calls in a series of local elections across russia the vote is being seen as a test for president vladimir putin but it comes amid major protests in the east of the country and claims the kremlin ordered the poisoning of opposition leader alexina valmy something the government denies that he and barbara has more. if these elections are being watched more closely than ever it's because of
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a rising sense of discontent among parts of the public tens of millions of russians have been voting for local parliaments and regional governors weeks after the german government said opposition leader alexina valley had been poisoned. novelli still in hospital in berlin he fell seriously ill last month as he left siberia where he'd been campaigning germany says it was an attempted murder and his supporters claim it was ordered by president vladimir putin no valley's team is advocating smart voting in other words backing whoever is best positioned to defeat president putin's united russia party whether the candidates from the valley's own movement a nationalist or a communist here in tomsk in the valley highlighted local corruption in this campaign video he refers to blood sucking creatures yes those who are naturally use it but i'm strongly if i've already started travelling around cities in the country to declare war against united russia he says here it's clear this place should be one of the 1st because it's sorely needed in this war and it's
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a message that's making inroads among some voters ok we're at the point of the it's kind of a given that everybody steals but it's one thing when someone abstract is stealing and another when it's someone specific right here among earth and someone you could put pressure on through voting. for the far eastern city of cover offs there have been large demonstrations for the past 2 months prompted by the arrest of a popular local governor while the rallies may have surprised the kremlin nobody's predicting anything other than a nationwide win for the ruling united russia but this elect. does present a new approach from vladimir putin's opponents what they're trying to do is to chip away at the kremlin's image of invincibility that the kremlin completely controls elections if through start voting about he and his team can demonstrate that there is scope for competition that there is scope for oppositions success then that might lead to a snowball effect and that's something that the kremlin is incredibly worried about
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. as in the past there have been complaints about irregularities the social media video appears to show officials stuffing ballot boxes in the rostov on don region al-jazeera cannot independently verify this footage but once all the results are in they should provide an idea of the main battlegrounds for next year's parliamentary elections the dean barba al-jazeera. still to come on out to c.n.n. he came leaderboards johnson is accused of embarrassing the nation over bricks it spiked to now former prime minister it's unclear how none of my only concern was to get my books out so that i can study and sit in my examination as i am to sit in a student still term and to succeed in the face of devastating floods cross school have the sports in the sights that many barcelona fans feared they would never see again oh that's an international.
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holiday weather remains pretty quiet across the middle east we have got lost to clear skies lots of hazy sunshine still very warm into that so western side of the levant just around the eastern side of the med we have got by warm weather to continue to iraq and also into kuwait we're getting up into the mid forty's here a tad coalition we say 39 cells is just ahead of 100000 high there in doha looking it's a similar type this is going to choose day perhaps getting back to around $36.00 degrees more the way a cloud there across the western side of saudi might just add a spot sorts of fright and that's certainly the case into western areas of yemen see some showers coming in here from time to time the showers continue across central africa right across into the gulf of guinea where they are starting to sink
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the while little further south was as they should to come our own saints in particular wet weather we could see some flooding as a result of that the democratic republic of the congo also seeing some lively showers just along the coastal french's there are towns near pushing up into kenya easing up towards somalia you might catch a shower or 2 here over the next. south africa also saying one of 2 shows and it's on the cool side to the south with highs 50. corruption it is that invisible behind a wall of silence. against corruption corruption is not something to be told that this. is not the african. country his. let's destroy this wall. in 2020 the free space over encourages the heroes who are fighting against corruption
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this helps our communities to save the resources that we need in order to address the burning problems that affect us all. shine a light on your anti corruption hero. nominate now. i care about how the u.s. engages with the rest of the world i cover foreign policy national for you already this is a political impasse here's what are we telling a good story. we're really interested in taking you into a place that you might not visit otherwise and to actually feel that you were there . this is al-jazeera a quick reminder over our headlines this hour there's been
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a violent crackdown against protesters in bella roofs with tens of fires and most of protesters are marching in the capital many demanding the resignation of president alexander lukashenko over last month's disputed election because franco will be heading to russia on monday to meets reserve army of putin's russia has said it could send forces into bell abuse if needed and refugees on the greek island of law sponsored be moved into a new site after their camp burnt down last week refugees are requesting humanitarian assistance and are resisting attempts to relocate them. in the u.k. to former prime ministers have urged m.p.'s to reject a government bill that threatens to violate parts of an earlier agreements with the e.u. tony blair and john major's say that boris johnson's proposed bill is quote embarrassing
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the nation they say will damage the peace process in northern ireland johnson is proposing changes to the agreements on movement between northern ireland and the republic of violence which was put in place to prevent a so-called hard border on's foreign minister says the move has eroded trust between the u.k. and arlen's. the british government in my view is behaving in an extraordinary way and british people need to know the us because outside of britain. where this issue is being discussed no the reputation of the u.k. and britain as a trusted negotiating partner on important issues like this is being damaged in a very serious way. u.s. house speaker nancy pelosi has warned there will be no trade deal with washington if the british government undermines the 1908 good friday agreement which ends its years of conflicts in northern ireland's good friday accords are very high priority
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for us democrats and republicans house and senate so that if the u.k. did anything to undermine the good friday accord they should not as i told them in the u.k. for different elements of but as a patient there they should not even think about having a u.s. u.k. i lateral trade agreement well earlier we spoke to alistair campbell who served as a spokesman for tony blair he thinks it's extraordinary that politicians from across party lines are united in their criticism of prime minister boris johnson. the country i'm afraid elected a complete charlatan as prime minister and i think the country is beginning to see that perhaps more clearly i think over tony blair and john major tony blair has you say used the word wrong sometimes tells me that i go to over the top in my
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criticisms of boris johnson and he was held back i think in terms of some of his rhetoric about johnson but john major. a conservative prime minister who was hearing trees amaze time although he had very different views on some issues pretty much kept his head down i think to him to come out today and combine with a labor prime minister and say what they have said together about the current prime minister about the current government's handling of the brits in goshen the damage they're doing to u.k. standing around the world i think is extraordinary and the worry for me however is that a lot of these m.p. and you have tory m.p.'s i suspect that their vision of their version of what the jury party is in 2020 doesn't bear sufficient relation to what john major's jory parts of it and i think the 2 big points that they're making really one to the damage done to our reputation in the world when he openly have
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a prime minister and the cabinet saying that they see nothing wrong in breaking an international treaty breaking their word it was as you say negotiated a few months ago under which he won a general election and secondly the direct and significant threat that this poses to the good friday agreement a what it shows is that john major and tony blair care about that and boris johnson doesn't. more than a 1000000 people have been displaced by severe flooding in western and central africa in the share at least 65 people have died in large parts of the capital remain underwater these areas one of the world's driest countries but the rainy season hasn't tense a fight in recent years which has been linked to climate change in sudan hundreds of thousands of people displaced by heavy flooding are calling for more help their homes were destroyed by the worst flooding in a century tens of thousands of students are among those whose lives are being disrupted here morgan reports from khartoum on home many are struggling to keep up
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with their studies just hours left before ryann jaffer and her colleagues sit for sudan's general high school certificate examination in the capital hard to it's a requirement to be able to get into university but after she and her family lost their home in the floods that prospect seemed almost impossible. my only concern was to get my books out so that i can study and sit in my examinations it's hard we've lost everything we've lost a house and that is hard we were inside and the river just flooded and we lost everything. her colleague had healed tragedian also lost her family home in the floods that had led to many and village in the northern part of her tomb a week ago so next an affair that are too soon homesick the floods came in and took away everything homes were destroyed then we ended up on the streets near the main road the government gave us tents and people from the area gave us
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a place to stay and study and so we can prepare for examinations the examinations which are usually held in march every year have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic so then the government sets up demba 13 as the new date more than 150000 students will take part in the capital alone a rise in the river to levels not seen in more than a century caused devastating floods in many parts of sudan it's led the government to declare a state of emergency and announced the country as a natural disaster zone more than 100 people were killed and hundreds of thousands displaced schools in several towns and villages were among the damaged properties tens of thousands of those displaced by the floods are school students and many are due to sit for their high school general certificate this year but for those students sitting for examination to guarantee seats in universities in the future is hard when their families have lost most or all of their belongings so dan has set up a committee to deal with the impacts of the floods the head of the committee says
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the government is working to ensure that students around the country take the exam as scheduled. every day there is they're basically checking on on all the ministries of education in the different states to check on what's to ration is the center that people need to go and have exams from are what is the situation we're talking about the people the affected the numbers of the people who are going to play like that and then they sat there assessing the situation on daily basis so hopefully we're hoping that it's you know it's going to be something that fits the needs of the people the levels of the mile have started to drop but those affected see what they've been through already is enough. i didn't want the exams to be held at a time like this it's hard she and her colleagues the will have to sit for the exams and hope for the best despite their very difficult circumstances people morgan al-jazeera had its own the husband of a british iranian charity worker serving a 5 year sentence for espionage in iran has told al-jazeera there's a hearing on the charges against her has been postponed there's been no immediate
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comments from iran's judiciary cigar iraq cliff faces accusations of spreading propaganda against the state of iran charges her family denies the announcement was made as she's caused to completing her original sentence to be released early due to the pandemic she was arrested in 2016 more visiting her parents charged with working for organizations trying to overthrow the government. beijing has rejected u.s. criticism over this detention of 12 hong kong activists on mainland china washington says it's deeply concerned about the group whose ages range between 16 and 33 the families of the detainees are calling on the hong kong governments to help bring them home safely a good pollen reports. a plea from a mother who doesn't know when she will see her child again. i hope the government
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can help bring them back to hong kong then at least i can see my son we don't even know if he is dead or alive her 30 year old son is one of 12 activists from hong kong detained in mainland china the group includes this man 17 year old son. my son left home with a fishing rod and 2 buckets i really believed he was going fishing but then i was notified by mainline officials that he's been arrested i still haven't seen him a few days after they were arrested on august 23rd the chinese coast guards gave the coordinates of where they were stopped close to international waters local media outlets reported the group left from a quiet fishing village on the east side of hong kong it's believed they were hoping to reach taiwan to seek asylum the 12 plan to travel more than 700 kilometers but just 70 kilometers from hong kong's coast they were intercepted by chinese coast guards their detention is the 1st such confirmed case of activists being caught by mainland authorities at sea they were arrested on suspicion of
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illegal border crossing the group are being held in a detention center in the southern chinese city of shenzhen a main land based human rights lawyer appointed by the relatives send this video outside the detention center saying he's been turned away several times appointed lawyer refused entry as i said to their clothes and suddenly after several hours the sort of visual lawyers are going to ponder so did this while the family are very worried about. legal roger will be not be respected some of the group have been accused by hong kong authorities of offenses related to last year's pro-democracy and anti-government protests one of them was arrested on august 10th in one of hong kong's most high profile police operations under the national security law he's accused of violating the law by campaigning with an online group for international cooperation for hong kong's democracy movement on friday the us
9:44 pm
secretary of state sent out a tweet calling on the hong kong government to safeguard the rights of the 12 young people detained the hong kong immigration department released a statement saying it is following up on the case and could help deliver letters to the detained from their families all the way it must be very tough in jail there are babies i cannot bear to imagine what they must be going through chinese authorities have yet to provide any information about the group's welfare or the charges they face if you go palin are jazeera hong kong. they were processed for a 2nd straight day in the israeli in the state of victoria over covert restrictions dozens of people were fines and arrested restrictions though are set to ease lightly from monday on words. the coronavirus pandemic is driving a surge in demand for plant based meat across asia in thailand one of the world's cohen mary capital's sales are soaring as many donors focus on making healthier
9:45 pm
choices scott hoagland reports from bangkok. i hope you're healthy and stay healthy are common greetings in the era of covert 19 with the a mule boosting benefits of a healthy diet and reports of covert contamination at meat processing plants millions in asia are taking those greetings seriously to controlling their health by eating less meat. the plant based meat industry across asia pacific is seeing an increase in demand one projection sees a 12 percent expansion putting the 2020 industry valued at more than $17000000000.00 in thailand imports of plant based meat have been on the rise but industry analysts see it as a growth industry for the few companies now producing it here in kids all from international plant based meat to food. we can see that many many.
9:46 pm
restore on that plant based meat to to make that move but in time that i think the market is not only to book one plant based meat company here in thailand has seen a surge in consumer demand because of kobe had 19 their understanding of the thai culture and just how seriously food is taken here they have a design their product so that it can incorporate the unique type flavors more meat started as a direct supplier to restaurants just as the covert 1000 pandemic started but consumer interest in their plant based meat was so big they had to rethink their distribution. all the quicker they did 10 to one that can koreans like like like hawk like meat without any any seasoning at all since they have to add you know to on this machine the their own fish sauce so his product unlike imported ones has no seasoning at all but in haute cuisine taste
9:47 pm
is paramount and seasoning is viewed as an art form executive chef dominique boneyard has been leading 5 star hotel kitchens for decades he's also seen a shift to plant piece of meat. as a chef especially i'm french i'm very cause of it all that is what is very nice with this level is meat you can very diversity of your process of the meat we have a covert native coming and also think about people change you know usually you're my youth and you're also you're a bit potentially healthier habits will be one of the few positives in our lives to come out of the pandemic and it cooks take care in the kitchen it might not be that much of a sacrifice it's got either al-jazeera. officials in the u.s. state of oregon say they're preparing for mass fatalities as 97 wildfires burn across the west coast rescue teams and at least 3 states are using dogs to search for human remains neighborhoods that have been left in black and ruins at least 31
9:48 pm
people have been reported dead and dozens of others are missing and the 29000 firefighters are battling the flames of prompted evacuation orders in 6 u.s. states. at least 11 people have been killed in landslides in central nepal so rancho rains have caused the hill to collapse in the early hours of the morning burying homes sandes other buildings at least 21 others are still missing the region was badly affected by a devastating earthquake in 2015 which authorities say weakened the soil. keep it here on al-jazeera and put the sports up next for you and sell reaction from the new me a sock as the latest grand slam title that. has
9:49 pm
learned so many in a. long 2 extraordinary funny. dealing with. the long lines in some of the toughest living conditions. i'll just follows the lives of the remarkable people who work. on. the spot on i'll just syria. it could be the biggest land grab in history. as powerful nations lay claim to territories under the oceans $21.00 geologists are secretly plotting new borders. as the struggle for resources intensifies some of the world's most powerful scientists speak out. oceans monopoly on
9:50 pm
a 0. the venice international film festival has become the 1st award show it's a call in front of an audience since the coronavirus pandemic began the usual holywood star power was missing with over 1000 restrictions keeping most americans away into monohan has more. the glamour of the movie business returns from a covert induced hibernation betis was the 1st film festival in front of a live audience since the pandemic took hold but signs of the outbreak were still very much apparent masks all around empty seats to maintain distancing and many
9:51 pm
stars accepting their prizes from afar unable to make the journey to be there in person the golden lion for best is no man's land by chloe. the big winner was chinese born director koichi out the 1st woman to take home the golden lion in 10 years ringback her movie nomad land stars frances mcdormand as a widow who lives as a nomad after the 2008 financial crisis an ode to american wanderlust the highs and lows of the open road surely believe is human nature in need of balance. i really believe that. we can just see a blind perspective and we were nothing's going to be able to star. to see different way of storytelling so. i hope for. more you know there is. the 1st of all was billed as something of
9:52 pm
a relaunch of the global film industry battered by the effects of the pandemic. cinemas across the world have been forced to shut down production on many studio films has been put on hold. new films are slowly returning to screens but tens of billions of dollars have been lost this even the good did became a sort of. say a strong. signal of. that we need tourists can be done we draw the saved image of employees that we don't need to fear too much we need to go back to the or this we need to go back to your freedoms and it can be done yes the pandemic is still far from over but the industry will be hoping that then it is a good omen heralding return to business as usual in modern al-jazeera. it's time for the sports heroes and they thank you so much hallelujah sanson one
9:53 pm
incident pats tuscon grown pray the rice had to be stopped twice after a series of crashes next to stop an m.p. a ghastly exited the race on the very 1st lap of the metallics circuit in italy which was hosting a full on race for the very 1st time shortly after that a massive crash in the back of a failed which resulted in the rice being holed safe in the grand prix with red flags for a 2nd time when it's hard spotted online strolls racing point how will soon i will he managed to stay clear of the chaos to secure his 90th girl prix win and extend his overall title lead smith sadie's teammate vulture bought us was 2nd and red bulls alex album. it was a hell of a day and i feel like i just feel exhausted as. if we did 3 races today you know and now 3 was pushing the whole time it's one of the most physical races there is a thing. so i just mentally and emotionally destroyed. 2
9:54 pm
games in the english premier league this sunday evanson beat sonam one know and jamie volley scored a couple of penalties for leicester in a 3 nil win against west brom 33 year old 40 was the top scorer in the league last season. there's many top strikers in the world but i think any team would want someone like him and they're. just super cool screaming go see species don't go out running ability. well this was a sight many bassline of fans feared they'd never see again leo messi in a barcelona shirt for the 1st time since he made an official request to leave the club his team winning this pre-season friendly $31.00 boss refused to allow the all time leading scorer to break his contract and messi return to action after saying he wouldn't be taking the club to court passes league season starts on september the 27th for the game against villareal just over an hour's time domenech team will play alexander's vera in the men's final of the us open both players targeting their 1st ever grand slam title same as last chance in 3 previous major finals 3
9:55 pm
balls try absolutely everything to win. me this brit do in this 1st big title he most well he tries to do we need in this 1st try it's going to be the 4th one and then well if i don't do it it's it's getting in the head for a resume but try everything to avoid that of course. now victoria azarenka in the women's final to secure her 3rd grand slam title are soccer using the tournament as a chance to shine a light on racial injustice helmick reports. naomi osaka is celebrating winning a 3rd grand slam title but she had to produce one of the most remarkable contacts in the u.s. open history to get her hands on the trophy. the 22 year old started terribly against victoria azarenka in the final she was taken apart by the formal world number one in the 1st that losing it 616. but osaka who witnessed the
9:56 pm
rena williams capitulate against in the 2018 finals refused to go the same way. she came back strongly in the 2nd set overpowering as the rancor to take it 636. and in the 3rd the japanese star looked on stoppable. she completed an almost unimaginable turnaround to become the 1st woman since $994.00 to win the us open final after dropping the 1st set. was. a special moment for a song who's been using her run to a 2nd flushing meadows title to spread awareness of racial injustice through wearing masks with the names of black victims of alleged police or racist violence in the united states you said from the beginning you had 7 matches 7
9:57 pm
masks 7 names what was the message you wanted to send me all the poem or what was the message you got it was more the question i feel like the point is to make people start talking. osaka can kick back after getting the job done in new york but must quickly decide whether she'd be going to paris for the french open so he'll malick al-jazeera. and the bron james has led the l.a. lakers to the conference finals for the 1st time in a decade a bronze in his 2nd season with the lakers and he scored 29 points in the same close down a semi final series with the houston rockets the last time the lakers made it this far it was one lake is a legend kobe bryant took them to the 2010 s and the. ok more support from a little lights around but that is it for now thank you so much well that's it for me on the team here in doha and you overnight some are in the mozzie and our
9:58 pm
colleagues in london who are with you after this very short break on. corruption it is that invisible behind a wall of silence. billions of should go up she is not something to be told and it. is a. country his. let's destroy this wall. in 2020 the free space award encourages the heroes who are fighting against
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corruption this helps our communities to save the resources that we need in order to address the burning problems that affect us all. shine a light on your anti corruption hero. nominate now. talk to their own. is the government not taking the necessary action to really address some of the structural issues we listen i still think that air travel is the safest mode of travel and to spend that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on the old a 0. al-jazeera good's beneath the waves with a team of women determined to save the dolphins we all share the same responsibility needed something to lead by texting them a thing and using a variety of scientific techniques to study their behavior we can monitor them for their both for photos and behavior were able to how they're adapting to their new environment women make science dolphin sanctuary on al-jazeera.
10:00 pm
hundreds arrested and the internet shut down more heavy handed tactics from about a russian president and government which refuses to step aside. and all i maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program 5 days since a fire gutted the morea camp in greece refugees have moved to a new site on less pass but many still need food.


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