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but we're humans will be. here all. the frozen water known to exist on the moon's shadow the surface is difficult to reach if the water on the moon's bright side is more easily accessible it may help sustain more human missions or even an outpost researchers say the next step is to use sophia to look again for longer and a greater area and that the possibilities on the moon are tantalizing how do you know castro al-jazeera washington. without his air these are our top stories the u.s. supreme court has a new justice amy kearney barrett was sworn in a short while ago after the republican controlled senate approved her appointment this means the top court now has a conservative majority of 63 ellen fisher has more on what happens next she will
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take the judicial oath at the supreme court on tuesday it will be administered by chief justice john roberts and then she can get straight down to work which is going to be interesting because already just in the last few weeks the supreme court has had to decide on important questions of law over electoral law and it could well be that before the election on november the 3rd there are a few more cases that go to the supreme court equally bad it gets down to work immediately which is exactly what the republicans wanted the world health organization is warning some countries are on a dangerous track in their battles against new surges of corona virus infections agency admits assess level of fatigue has set in this cautioned against giving up the fight. well those comments come as president trump insisted the virus will soon be gone whilst he campaigns in key battleground states ahead of next week's election the cases continue to surge across the u.s. well than 225000 people have died there since the pandemic began president type
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one has called for a boycott of french goods in response to money americans plans to reform islam in france has called for tougher laws to prevent what he calls separatism in french society protesters and security forces of face off for a 2nd day in the iraqi capital police of fired tear gas and closed a major bridge demonstrators are frustrated over government corruption and serious economic situation the protests began a year ago but was stopped coronavirus. and the russian air strike has killed at least 78 turkish backed rebels in northern syria the syrian observatory for human rights as more than 90 others were wounded in the attack on a training camp an adlib province falls within the deescalation zone established under a cease fire agreement in march. not with all the headlines and back with another news bulletin here on al-jazeera the street is next. as long as rugby good for
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america everything is in disarray the media of course every day you to march for america has been a force for good in the world. from the american people get inspiration from him and the other half cringe your weekly take on u.s. politics and society that's the bottom of. your watching the stream the us elections are a national event we have international consequences next week's faceoff between donald trump and joe biden is likely to be one of the most scrutinizing history outside of the united states today we're joined by 3 of his ears best for their take on the 2020 election as always we want to hear from you so you can join us in our you choose chat type in your questions or comments that corresponds will do their very best to answer as many as possible we start in india prime minister in
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the main draw modi and donald trump have shared a close relationship over the past few years with each leader hosting state visits that was celebrated with great fanfare how does it was elizabeth purdum file this report in february as president trump physics of the indian state a good juror in a trip dubbed amassed a trump after. it wasn't the 10000000 people trump said would greet him and before leaving for india bought more than 100000 people packed into the south bothered by patel stadium to hear the u.s. president praise all things indian from one of its founders the hottest on the cricket star's kiss on the bollywood film industry his gracious admiration though was reserved for prime minister of the day the movie you are living proof that with hard work and devotion endangered accomplish anything anything at all anything they want found promise to morty into the bulk of what he called the 2 countries
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shared values i don't have. to do that here but is today you are in an india which is full of diversity with thousands of languages are spoken with just thousands of costumes cusins and several religious group and communities all rich diversity and unity is a strong foundation of india u.s. relationship is a foreign and joins us now from a daily ads these teenagers less they're really good at throwing parties for each other but more intense as concrete day could you know andy a get out of the selection if trump wants. that's a really interesting question femi because the highlight i would say of the relationship between these 2 countries of the last 4 years while president trump has been in power has very much been there a very close friendship you know the welcome for president trump and good draft that rock star welcome that prime minister modi received in houston in september
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last year that was called howdy modi and they have this really close friendship which gains them i think support certainly prime minister modi within his base despite the fact that strategically they have been some some would say historic lows in this relationship even president trump changed india's he changed the trading relationship with india to india's detriment he's made changes to something called the age one be working visa which indians are the main recipients of and so i think people will really be looking to see what more concrete measures can come out of this relationship which has been so much in the last 4 years apart from the sort of very close personal relationship between the 2
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of them one area that we have seen them move closer in is defense and fact the u.s. secretaries of states by pompei 0 as secretary of defense markets are in india right now they're about to sign tomorrow they're expected to sign the 4th and final of this military intelligence sharing agreement so i think that where they have not been able to find common ground on the important issues this on trade on immigration they might get even closer when it comes to defense is let me share this making this is jeff on you tube when jeff shifts terry says indians are smart to keep trump as an ally and then also some other comments against china's think of 4 years between india and u.s. relations that's hard but some of that community were able to sum it up and fairly neatly have a listen. and i think the relationship that the i'm with the show has been this kind of pretentious because drumm has trained in india before and in 2 days the
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radio call in the end i rule i don't think that a country such great relation with other country would quite get such names. just might be. indian prime minister nuri and remember the and many of this international supporters are fond of president they both implemented policies that are described as anti muslim and they even campaigned together in texas but indians are questioning whether that relationship benefited the country serious treats future ongoing and the champ administration has made it tougher to integrate the u.s. for these coveted tech sector jobs. liz it was all going so well when he sent me these headlines for the last presidential debate transfer the edge i believe some gasping others noting another headline you suggest he shared with me donald trump's remark on filthy indian air spots well he did correct himself after being released a year because he said filthy india that he then he said actually i really mean the air in india and there's some some agreement on twitter shekhar gupta says our ease
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filthy and then there's some back and forth about how much money is spent on actually beautifying and making india look great but even his great friend trump calls india filthy why is it such a fixed henri that. you do have very smart viewers very and actually they have been to things have come out of the us election campaign which have garnered the most interest here and this is the 2nd one when donald trump said that india's is filthy i think it's because of the way he said it most people agree that india has a real problem with air pollution but of course donald trump has such a way with words saying you know he said india is filthy and then he said you know it has filled the air and he was talking about it in the context you don't pulling out of the paris climate accord well of course that doesn't help. it doesn't help india if the us that the world's 2nd biggest emitter of greenhouse gas emissions
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decides to not be part of the paris climate accord which of course has an impact on india which is seeing you know really bad droughts really bad flooding and all of that so it's people who there was a backlash to it because of the way he said it and also because if you look at it it doesn't help india's if pollution of the u.s. pulls out of the powers climate record i have a feeling that if there is a biden harris presidency people are going to be very very happy for one thing. a reason i love is called he she is talking about heritage and her family and giving a shout out to indian uncles and aunties it's hello. my mother instilled in my sister maya and me the values that we chart the course of our lives she raised us to be proud strong black women and she raised us to
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know and be proud of our indian heritage she taught us to put family 1st the family you're born into and the family you choose. family is my husband who i met on a blind date set up by my best friend amalie is our beautiful children call and ella who call me mom or family is my sister family is my best friend my nieces and my godchildren family is my uncles my and my kids. they're screaming for i mean they are do you mean do you feel like they are there on the ticket as well is there a sense that i asked suddenly as sally's in america yeah absolutely i mean come on i have as you know india care so much about what happens with the u.s.
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election because the u.s. is india's most important partner bilaterally but it really cares this time because of the come along her respect or i mean when she said that was the biggest news here the next day on television on newspapers on social media i'll be honest with you though president trump is popular and india because those who support prime minister modi and there are many people who support prime minister modi they also like they like donald trump but then there are also many others in india who. are just so taken with as because of the way she speaks about her indian heritage so it's really interesting to see actually the you know there's been posters put up all over india not just in the her ancestral village in the mullard but all over the country with people really getting behind her and supporting her thank you so
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much for bringing us a view of india and indian u.s. relations for the last 4 years and why india may well be placed when they're looking at the u.s. election liz thanks for being on the stream as always we go from india to mexico present trump campaign pledging to put america 1st no way has a showcase his past for more than with immigration john heilemann filed this report from the guatemala mexico border in october 28th. they gathered at the border between guatemala and mexico asking to be let through thousands of men women and children at least 6 days in a caravan from honduras the atmosphere was charged there is not very little voters though many are fleeing violence or extreme poverty in their homeland and feel they can't go back don't look at him with those are you would think we just want them to help us let us pause if mexico gives us
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a chance to work we'd welcome it all be it the united states canada europe my legs are hurting i'm tired and hungry. i put police on both sides of the border have been given orders they should go no further their governments pressed into action by president trump he's out them and they must be stopped before they reach the us and we're going to have the military stationed there not coming into this country they might as well turn back they're not coming into this country out as they wish on home when is the right scarcity thanks for joining us that story was almost 2 years to the day. what happens it was tyra banks how right have i don't have the time and now nothing. well gas that's what you're really interesting to me seeing that because you could could have been any number of reports that we're going to fire that but that continued even up until the start of this year the president and his mother look at the
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dollars mexico's current president basically last year president front said if central americans keep getting through that i'm going to keep hiking up tariffs and you get it's going to the states so the present law is not liberal senate and newly created national guard which he created to try and come to terms of medicare messes at record levels of violence instead happened over the last numbers that downs mistruths what's not up and say mission that to stop people getting through the wrong little groceries and that happened the optics were typically good to mexico looks as though he'd asked they try to not use excessive force that heavily on some of the troops like police you know stopping even getting it through so i suspect what aspects of the president is one of those relationships president thrown out it's basically don't look if you want to stay friends with a president from out you go to her that people saw these kind of people getting out
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to the u.s. clearly when president autism good lord has done that and that if you're going to sesame a number of people from central america heading through mexico that has the krege that your takes might not look great to his latin american. audience and see lots of latin american speech starting next so it has meant that they should definitely president try to set the president because of that there was that jefferson letter and don't ask don't tell some of them every saturday because i was locked out at me i'll try to obviously that wasn't so it has to go on you can invent your own don but i'll do it for you now ask the resurrection don't want to help us campaign. by saying when you have a going to think that that's mexico or something crime drugs i'm right pests north this time around to cause some acts some present and then i'm just going to play what you when you return to that have a listen to this everybody the president of mexico sort of their job it's not easy
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heavily in fact at the gulf it is. very very frankly it's a great time that the all but mexico has been very really hard it's very are a lot of ways but he's a great gentleman and a great i think he's going to be a great president joe. you should never take concert too much what president trump says because after a while it doesn't always make sense but he said that with quite fund us john he said like mexican president he's my buddy i'm going to i'm going to use is not by what was real what happened. i think i think just gases president and there's not a lot is going to a little into that. he didn't he said you know to say because of who comes from j.c. it's related to the little i want to get on with my domestic policy and i don't want any experience from the president i do the same who wants to build who'll the same sort of experience it's happening and the last president and you know it took so
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he's basically just done everything that he tried to sort of. i think you're seeing just in this article he does this is he is utterly not this was in mexico city recently you had this only trip since he became president and he says go to washington d.c. i just showed that picture i want it it looks like somehow the mexican president and the u.s. president have what tad away to what. how did he do that how did he work out how to handle the u.s. as it is right now. and. during the compromises that we got just a little bit when president says i'm going to fight terrorists president lawsuits will spend way to clone a lot of the exposed mitzvah. possibly only it will remember that it's all the united states when you ask for asylum that that meant you did it on american soil
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and you can say what you resolutely did that suppress it and truck so doesn't change the it remained in mexico policy basically you are a zone states you have to go back and minutes go even when the throw in this country while our process to placement months and mexico has reluctantly but it's accepted that another call from allies that and this money will cause little to salute the league has made it big for those places are purposely in that state. taint camps one city mounts more or less see senator kit not being migrants in another city we're going to read it entirely because i've never seen anything like that the minute it seems about what it is that we are through markets kidnaps not what we found it is inevitable so it hasn't been without cost. to other countries in central america but that's the way the president and his money. get on the truck to make sure that there is
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a tax and mess going to go down and that is sort of a weird side to throw at it's consistent place a quick question for at john i know you can address about venice right about i know you are welcome to the so stephen of the high school and how warped by donald trump there with a cry for. a quick question quick response to that. will present show it's been really tough on venezuela and supportive of the opposition from the start of the his response there is a really pretty sentence so he continued with that joe biden is the big question there and i know that you see him going to latin america led to the right answer when it's right now to go out and you know to syrup website and so the cedar. about how to look at there are also our eye is so good he still isn't a fellow. correspondent he's telling you to stay tuned we're going to have a little bit more of john hold on to instagram live series later on but for now john believe it thank you very much finally to the u.s.
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our relationship has always been a complicated one over the past 4 years transfer of draw from the iran deal increased sanctions and travel bans on the iranian people in january a u.s. drone strike that killed an iranian general for relations to an all time low his door such a reporting. it's very unlikely that this will actually come to fruition or iranians. but this is more a symbolic gesture this was done for iran to say to the u.s. president this is what we did we are going to take all of the legal actions that we can all the possible values. that for us to try and get some kind of justice after the assassination of us i'm selling my. house and so money was not the only events that has led to where we are today in relations between iran and united states the
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most of the gentleman from the nuclear deal of 2015 and me of 2000 he knows because the u.s. president said that it was not a good deal for the americans. those who joins us now from toronto hello that also can you get us up to date on that story idea of a ron paul you know a warrant for president donald trump that was some. i would say power move freely between iran and the u.s. what happened. well essentially all add did not agree with iran so their request was denied but iraq wasn't really looking to actually carry out and this request it was more sort of for them to say we are going to respond inside and we can't and this is what we think what you do if you are to the iranians trump is an international war criminal for at the actions that is carried out and also not in the assassination of the money but also what iranians call the
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economic warfare that has waged on iran since he's come into power those who have a question from me ha this is from a black guy a high black guy thanks for your question to young people in iran who like or dislike the u.s. currently dorset. well i think young people are all i found in the government certainly not there was never any hostility towards the american people and that's never been dealing in iraq. how the governments were we've each other at any given point but i think at the moment there is a lot of anger and frustration at trump and his administration on all the measures they've taken since he's come into power starting with the muslim and then ending the nuclear deal and imposing very very strict sanctions on iran that has crippled the country's economy and it was not a good place to begin that hasn't rouhani to try a new leader deal to try and break out iran's economy from isolation of years under
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advantage od and previous administrations and the u.n. sanctions so there was some hope i remember in 2016 in january that the 1st air bus had arrived in iran after nearly 20 years after its sanctions were lifted so iran bison in place and then that was that all stopped because of president trump so there was there's a lot of. the current iranian government and the honey and the informal search matsuri that's because people here are very disappointed that is not being able to deliver what they have promised that really their hands have been trying in very very difficult stances and iran to political power structure internally is very very complicated and it's not as straightforward as it seemed so. the foreign minister and the president are also limited in what they can do 'd when it comes soon more international diplomacy there is
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a very structured power base that has to go through decision making processes for any kind of changes happened and i think after what's happened after the assassination of us and so on each and every must now waiting for the us elections in the us. i don't want is reelected there is. just the worst a lot of analysts will i see that there could be a military confrontation because there is no possibility of this system. stop us from having any kind of dialogue with the men who ordered the assassination of us and we saw pictures of. me at so that money is all services and is crying over the coffin of story money. that will ultimately need about whether or not it will it is god's will how many less and if the given that at.
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his absolute chance. of talks with iran. when he wanted to talk about how iran was covering up thinking about the us elections he sent us a web page this is was from. press t.v. press t.v.'s state television in iran so we can at least get a sense of how the state is looking at the us elections some of the headlines and the hot topics so we've got giuliani involved in new york clashes between pro and anti protesters that's a big big today is a very colorful character i love this headline here has the u.s. been chastised into reform always for more he is a trump needed. that's not even subtle as i owe you everything could all go do you need more punishment regarding trouble i'm not even sure that needs unpacking but if you could get a sense of how a wrong in intensive the administration in iran is thinking about the u.s. election does that sum it up is that does that sum up we are so over trump right
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now very briefly in 40 seconds. yes definitely i think there is a sense that the world has had enough and iran is one of the many players in that is it because they see it all the negative aspects of this administration and they believe the world has now seen the true face of the united states and on the drum and everybody is now waiting for him to make an exit hopefully gracefully. in the next few weeks so there is also very much interest rates that have happened there's been coverage on state t.v. the presidential debates were broadcast dubbed into farsi and their broadcasts so there is that interest and that will continue until we get the results they'll sort of ari thank you so much for bringing us the viewpoint from turkey that we really appreciate it so moving on with my laptop coming up at 2030 g.m.t.
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on monday a chance to talk to on the home went about mexico actually about central america because you can cover pretty much anything on instagram lifesaving ice cream licenses monday faith as they it's an hour after i life's those shots and then you can join our conversation but a.j. stream t.v. site thanks for watching see the. on counting the costs for the biden victory means for china as the democrats lined up a multi-billion dollar plan to confront beijing and president she's project to rival silicon valley plus how african businesses are coping with the plan that made . the calls on the al-jazeera. the latest news the international crisis group but using the government of in danger in social media there's by allowing the exploitation of natural resources details coverage the borders of the nuke loyalists the claim in the world russia's. interests all of these structures from
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around the world yes of droughts to be economic crisis rising unemployment florrie complacent and not grown up higher than that odd. amidst a climate of violence and paranoia. those still willing to dream. in honduras dennis seeks a brighter future for his son and community. using art to reclaim the city. and transform the very symbol of cost oppression. if you find in latin america liberating a prison on al-jazeera. dissecting the headlines in the midst of a pandemic let's start with some of the on the ground realities affecting the news coverage what's the lay of the land there stripping away the spin reaping still worry about presidential corruption it is real reporting it's not if you keep
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challenging assumptions and the official line we all decided we need to tell our story we don't want to rely on authority and it's media village post on out is the right. play an important role protecting it when. ringback i really need their power where. i may carry barriers is sworn in as the nearest u.s. supreme court just as shifting the court further to the right's. hello there i'm laura kyle this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up a warning from the world health organization not to give up the fight against.


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