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tv   101 East Young Black and Behind Bars P1  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2020 7:30pm-8:00pm +03

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consequence for i think it shows that there are others hate like this and ok and hopefully we get a lot of different culture changes because of it and if speaking out about it and you know speaking out against emotional and verbal abuse that's going to help other people then absolutely i really hope i get to be a part of that change. it is good to have you with us hello adrian figure here in the headlines on al-jazeera it is just 2 days now until the u.s. presidential election both candidates are making a final push in key battleground states president trump is holding a rally in michigan right now his rival joe biden will go to pennsylvania his home states alan fischer reports from washington you know if you speak to the trump campaign they will tell you that they think the how florida in the bag they think that that's important and they're really concentrating on michigan and pennsylvania
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they think that's where the election will be one particularly in the northeast corner of pennsylvania so they are putting a lot of resources while the telephone banking lot of getto the vote efforts into that area as for biden well he knows how important pennsylvania is of course he was born in this state and he has 2 rallies there on sunday he is in pennsylvania in philadelphia both times and he will be telling people to go out and vote at least 7 people died when typhoon goni hit the philippines across the coast with winds of up to 280 kilometers an hour around a 1000000 people have been forced to leave home. rescue crews in turkey are still trying to find people trapped under the rubble is bia at least 62 people are known to have died in a powerful earthquake hit the western part of the country on friday the greek island of some us was also impacted. opposition candidates in ivory coast of the nonce to saturday's election saying that it was neither free nor fair several
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people died in protests in the run up to the vote voting is underway in algeria at a referendum on whether to rewrite the constitution if passed the political system would be reformed at algeria and troops would be allowed to fight abroad. police in france and released a suspect after an orthodox priest was shot in the city of leone earlier this week 3 people died in a stabbing attack at a church in nice the priest and leone was closing his church on saturday when he was shot twice at another 2 people have been arrested over thursday's church attack in the 7 people are now being held including the attack oh there's the headlines more news fear here 0 after 101 east young black and behind bars.
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across aboriginal australia the black lives matter movements born on the streets of america resonates deeply. indigenous leaders are using the groundswell of anger i've a racially just to protest a high number of their own. lives and die in a spray of. aboriginal
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people i dissed proportionately arrested and locked up in a struggle some as young as 10 years old. playing escorted from the court house back there but it's just all metal around you you just feel like a caged animal just things like that that night charge and have a guy 3 locking up 10 year olds 12 year olds who's not being so please cover 2 things back. in a special 2 pot investigation one o one ace mates paul mckenna max and those on the front lines of the criminal justice system in western australia the state with the country's highest right of aboriginal and casa ratio. moved. in
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the town of freeman a 19 year old makes his bond journey to the local cemetery. he's one of 4 indigenous prisoners to die inside a western australian child in 20 to 20. stanley suspected suicide is a death in custody a term used to describe any fatality involving the all pharmacies. the system fire the system the fire team. he was still a young young boy. should not have been in that prison should have been the idea with the family couldn't love him and this couldn't happen wouldn't happen. prisoners on day release have come to pay their last respects. outpouring of sorrow
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is all too common for many indigenous back era of mass cost. the early ninety's there have been more than 440 indigenous deaths in custody the majority in western australia. was going to stop august last most of last year. when they are stuck killing actually eat. we were in the. stanley was serving a 2 year sentence at a medium security jail for a string of burglary related offenses with parole the young inmate could have been released in 6 months he also spent time in youth detention learned to paint. and that helped him deal with things archie and depression. stanley sisters tijana and just seem to remember him as a shy but loving member of the family. is
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a photograph. stanley's just unruh. it was one of those shadowy i wanted to carry out with me. but to me for every young. he was sorry loving to my kids black. 7 asama but only 30. 1000 i. did a painting of his hand to my daughter. said to her for her birthday my mother was a big bad prisoner. you know. it wasn't. a bad. little. thing neglected. it in deserved or.
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just seem to say she warned prison officers that her brother was struggling in child but request to move him to another section where he had an older family members were refused. instead stanley was temporarily placed in a crisis care unit at risk in. my brother shari physical warning signs on. he had cuts on his arms he had cuts on his chest he wasn't hyping he wasn't mentally coping so him being in a state where he wasn't coping and he wasn't feeling loved just constantly plays in my mind just constantly my brother's mental state. within 72 hours of returning to the general jail population stanley was found unconscious in a story that were notified that he was suicidal but he wasn't accounted for 42
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hours i did muster. you know and even then it wasn't even screws that found him it was his fellow inmates it was his friends it was his brothers they neglected him they had a duty of care he died 2 days later in hospital now we have to suffer his family is suffering let her get so angry really really angry because he felt so alone in noise in those moments and we always and always said to him worry when you can't when you're feeling stressed and when you feeling like you can't quite go and pint so when i when i when we had our hold his hand in the hospital he had pine tar is niall's so he tried to carp but he was not supported in the environment that he was in the alleged neglect torments his mother connie he was
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in a unit for prisoners who were 18 years old up to 25 years old. this camera security or around her was he my baby found in a store and that's where it happened. how did he get access to a story him how can anyone get access a priest not angel get access to my store room. the state coroner will investigate stanley's death what answers are you going searching for to juries. we want the church. anyone that's left lost a loved one in a in any prison system has a lot of questions and they want to understand how that system works i'm nothing else can those questions are legitimate corrective services commissioner tony
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hassel manages western australia's 17 prisons and youth detention center every day in any prison is a you know if i live in a sense because we have to look after people and we make the system a cipher as we possibly can but sometimes you know if somebody is very very determined they will actually type their own life. and that's incredibly side you know and everybody wants to understand why the happens. in response to the deaths he now leads a task force that i'm still prevent suicide in giles i want the task force to my classes to my site and humane as possible and to look at those things that we can do to ensure that so we have the rules and procedures just one compartment taken away and points where people my hunger and selves is another. thing that will absolutely look out i'll be locking up people who actually need better social support not being blocked or white long periods of time but i think that's
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a really good question this is probably about 800 prisoners in the state system at the moment with a dog has mental health problem. some of those prisoners should be enough and have a mental health facility you know they shouldn't shy wife the fact that we haven't got the option of them on the. policy changes the point bring stanley back his mother wants better medical treatment and mental health support in giles. i'm just worried about those young boys you know. i really worry for their mental state. i mean what. thinking what the future. good night. in a final message to the prisons both those at the funeral and those watching by video link from inside child the past to connie spears. i want to tell you one
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thing go a long long way with. your law of the day most all of. your life me for thank you rick tyson. who was very. very very very very. helpful best lawyer here today actually called brother. and don't quite. let me get one bell at least. it was a preventable deaths we will put on the sos to bury our children but we too often do jerry georgiades has been a friend of the family since dan lee was a child. and megan cracow provide support to weston this trial humans affected by deaths in custody. this is becoming to no moss rock community difficulty should
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never be normal last. the ripple effects is one of hits one of my one of suffering and particularly when there has been a death and there's no i know aunts and says to what happened. that creates a lot of on interest former now community. it's something they see every day in they work with the national suicide prevention and trauma recovery project they said that he had suicided like hung himself and i didn't believe that because he even get not intrude on his i am very much and i was only going to run in what. megan says corona investigations into a death in custody can be a long arduous journey offering legal resolution or surely. no prison down a police officer has ever been convicted over an indigenous death in custody in
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a strategy. that is not rock that is not fair that is not justice you need to know what's going on with your loved one what worries last lies like always last moments like was there some other acts of another course with all the loved ones. every week megan and gerry give psychosocial support to families caught up in the state's criminal justice system. they say it's a form of the system's missing in western australia is giles. saying we need to get this type of meeting in the street. and christmas.
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has kids with their. they have that i 3 out of 4 people living below the poverty line since the 1st peoples have being to child have been to jail and likely to go again alice we actually support them in the ways that we have to. the reality is that their issues are so deep their issues are so damaging so hurtful so toxic so a line that they need support they need to be validated and unless we go to them and this we work with them they've got next a little. across town montana kelly a grandmother who was struggled with homelessness for years just wants a shoulder to cry on. her son charlie committed suicide
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and the other 2 sons are in giles. witnessing it here yesterday. people and if you have to presume. said the city for an hour. and think i. don't. see how. smart to leave my world the time. i could have my son but. it was i said my son is this so you stay. and use gave not get it. response is so much. in hell both little man. is turned 1818 he died in july to. charlie was living on the streets and took his own lot after his lawyer told him he was likely to go to jail
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for 4 years the commission saw. within 10 minutes 10 or 15 minutes for a dollar it came in a rental excuse me said my mother he. didn't think nothing. as hard as a mother to see him must turn. out this green turn please open your. this . that's where i think we were. right and me could be. a small. little movie get my.
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grandmother. it's incredibly difficult time and it's very emotional but one thing is that you need to have a hot you need to have compassion you need to show your pathy you need to turn up united be there for the families. if you don't truly understand and appreciate respect the struggles of our people the plots of our. nation. how can you put in place workable strategies of course is saying of course if this frustrate sions because we have since coleman. and going to 2020 to die. we're still being left behind the aboriginal criminal justice research and i'm a glass says the pathway from poverty to prison the good from indigenous australia
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dates back to the hundreds the aboriginal paperwork from the point of contact with the colonists were subjected to a very cruel incarceration. men from all around the state were rounded out whenever they resisted side laws around. all slavery. today indigenous incarceration rights continue to increase between 2004 and 24 tane the number of aboriginal prisoners nationally rose by percent i accept that there are too many aboriginal people in prison i think we have to are not written incredibly complex problem to resolve is the system prices are i don't think so then what we're dealing with is as i've said a group of people emerging from coal mines action and we have to be honest about
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except. aboriginal people make up just 4 percent of western australia population but account the 30 non percent of adult prisons. experts blame the state's mandatory sentencing laws which impose minimum prison terms and don't allow judge's discretion to look at offenders circumstances where sinister i am is a mother of a which i was. i see people going into prisons people coming out the side people going in and out in and out when the stock was stopped. for decades a digital strategy and have taken to the straits protesting discrimination in the criminal justice system with little success. but in 2020 when police brutality and black lives matter rallies a rap today in the u.s. it really ignited protests across a struggling. people really are very angry that i wish i had lost still dying in
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custody and that rice is a man rice is following this is still a big issue here that people are losing their lives i think black lives matter has been a white hot coal to the west and a wide in situations to cya we're taking this very seriously and you need to turn. raising the age of criminal responsibility has also emerged as one of the law broader issues of this trial is protest movement. aberrational children as young as 10 years old can be to time and. this is one of the last ice age is of criminal responsibility in the world and a number of un bodies have come down very hard on this trial and told them that 4 tane is the minimum age of communal responsibility they simply not listening. this 13 year old boy who we'll call adam has already been to western australia's only use prison banks here heal the tensions and when i 1st went to try to act off
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. to the awful luck. he was 1st in casa righted last year and has already served 12 short sentences the patriots fans yankees or to tom or his keys and also a new dollars shot so he can walk by city here and lot and clear today. say keys keys in case to shaken a shaken. he said some of the kids will like 10 and 11 and you were 12. were old the kids. treated fairly and then. you know early. what things did you say that you think a kid should be subjected to. a lot of 10 year olds going bashfulness 16 year olds. at soccer we. you saw that happen
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yeah if you act black. you have china feeling rough 1st thing and you feel you can stand i have on you going to get bashed or mobile in there but if you act like just a quiet person then i turn off and. they're just you won't get picked on us and our slayer line. adam grew up in a country town in the caribbean grandmother his parents were heavy drug users who both killed themselves by the time he was 10. soon after adam began smoking marijuana and sniffing petrol. why would you type drugs from such a young age or 9 o'clock am asylum on that diet for attacking jocks so i just for what i'd gotten taken drugs and i'm never going to see him again so why don't i just like you know take john's safe algar. this pain led him to spiral out of control down
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a path of homelessness and petty. 1 may just may it's no thing just me i was hungry. one and she didn't take me back to ass to tell me the sky. so yeah i just do what we're made to don't get paid here started stealing since being released from youth detention adam has returned to school and oath or he's placed him in the custody of he's 18 year old brother who we'll call marco a strange for much of their childhoods both boys have spent most of their lives in banksia heal or on the streets and lost and down to the point where i had to lock still offer homeless person myself i was harmless i was still of other. just forelock whatever was in the bag. i got myself locked up i just went on like smashed the window and so might afford
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a place to come i got locked up so i could have better. fade because i was pretty caught up in the city so we you know we had why banks here with a price in some ways of safety because you had some farms when you there's nothing and you got an author who was a courier for fate to literally get most of us to just suck and have a shower or get proper socks come off it was a in the science of 4 wow mark who was 14 when he 1st entered banksy he'll detention center doesn't teach anyone a lesson doesn't really help it just puts you on and then there's expect you to sit there so the time's up and then you come out and you're supposed to be a better person. yeah just bad. they've got to know with people coming from what i do for that i don't do that i just see that you down wrong as chuck you
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can bang. your master. if you're very we go whole boxes on jerry and megan are trying to help the boys find their face providing them with food and housing they say their story shows how the system is piling young indigenous inmates what have been the crimes homelessness they've lost their parents they're all things so now we jailing children who often who are homeless and who are stealing to survive you know where they go where is child protection for them where is the system there for them where is your government safe then what court could think in its right mind that it should be jailing 1213 and 14 year olds what were their crimes for now the hope is that the boys a getting their lives back on track marco dreams of one day becoming a mechanic but right now he's had the full just looking after adam also trying
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to figure out probably unlock a mental health and i'm going to try to do that with my little brother as well and . i want to try to get myself in the stuff and do stuff good with loss of life as well as do it with him what do you think of this he thought. i. had it. back just around that age i understand and can go from there but. sort of good luck to live. next week we gain bret access to the youth detention center. and michael ended up. and we travel to the remote completely to make those on the front lawn of weston a strive to do this good last price up.
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in part 2 of a special investigation one o one ace visits western australia's only youth detention center and travels to the remote outback towns when many of the indigenous inmates come from. an al-jazeera. frank assessments. anyway the protesters anyway either with the little liberalism and in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines it's really now. inside story on al-jazeera play an important role checking it would. ringback face.
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time is running out on the campaign trail donald trump and joe biden push for votes less than 48 hours before the u.s. presidential election begins. to live a very i'm sort of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up devastation wreaked by a super typhoon nearly a 1000000 people have been displaced at least 10 people have died in the philippines as the search for survivors goes on in western turkey 2 days after a powerful earthquake there $62.00 people are now known to have died.


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