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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2020 2:30pm-3:01pm +03

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slow moving storm is expected to dump heavy rains over nicaragua and honduras for several more days raising the potential for deadly floods and mudslides across a wide portion of central america when we're up a little al-jazeera. let's tell you just in pictures in washington d.c. a new day is dawning over the white house we are still none the wiser as to who has won the election this is how the electoral map is looking at right now joe biden he has 238 electoral votes so far this most significant win yet is arizona longtime republican stronghold the poll trumpet carried in 2016 president trump's tally 213 as you can see he has managed to retain texas florida ohio and iowa all of which were considered a string swing states magic number that they're looking for is 270 electoral votes . so let's recap the headlines here on al jazeera and the race to the white house
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is a tight one so far there is no clear victor but u.s. president donald trump has declared himself the winner despite votes still being counted he says he will go to the supreme court to stop vote counting accusing the democrats of stealing the election. we want all voting just. we don't want them to find any ballots at 4 o'clock in the morning and then that's the list ok. it's a serious. it's a very sad moment to me this is a very sad moment and we will win this and as far as i'm concerned we already have one. when his rival joe biden says that when all the votes are finally counted he expects to come out on top who is currently leading in the electoral college count i heard tell your night we believe we're on track to win this election. we knew because of the on pressure down early vote in
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a mail in vote that's going to take a while we're going to have to be patient until we the hard work of tally of votes is finished and then over to every vote is counted every ballot is counted. but we're fairly sure. there's no inflation now in washington d.c. there's still a lot of votes to go they're looking at nevada which looks as if it's going to stay in the democratic camp almost certainly going to go for biden if the numbers for them are looking good in wisconsin and then there's detroit they still have to kind of a large number of the votes in wayne county why is wayne county important that in and around detroit and that is a democratic stronghold if they win enough votes and they take wisconsin and michigan that's the ballgame they've got to to 17 and they will when this election . day with headlines still plenty to play for in the u.s. election inside story coming out.
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the u.s. goes to the polls and the world is watching millions of americans are voting for the next president so how is the election being viewed by other countries this is inside story. hello i'm wrong on off to one of the most divisive campaigns in years americans finally have their say on who should be the next president millions choosing to either give donald trump another 4 years oh put joe biden in the white house but no
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matter who wins on tuesday the news will reverberate across the globe it's often said that the u.s. president is the most powerful person in the world so in this special episode of inside story we'll speak to correspondents in china russia the u.k. iraq iran and israel to see how those countries and their regions viewing the u.s. election. donald trump has had a tense relationship with china a trade war led to both countries imposing billions of dollars in tariff washington has criticized beijing's national security law in hong kong human rights violations and territorial claims in the south china sea but it's the pandemic which emerged from the chinese city of late last year that is come to shape the u.s. presidential campaign. because of our relentless efforts the recovery rate right
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now on coveted or the china virus or the china play is 99.7 percent. and i'm here. all the way through words like a surrender i'll never surrender we're going to beat this farce we're going to get control of the 1st step the 1st step to be this virus is d.d. donald trump. first of all correspondence up is a katrina you in shanghai katrina this has been one of the most complicated perhaps the most complicated relationships the donald trump has with a foreign power massive chinese investment yet there was this trade war and criticism of its role in hong kong what is china thinking when it comes down to the elections now is it that they might be better off with with biden or is it better
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the devil you know. well in terms of the trumpet mr ations fire a really tough time for the chinese government these past 4 years we saw the it sort of out well with trump really heaping praise on president xi jinping but it quickly deteriorated in 2017 with the initiation of this trade war with terror of sort of really hurt chinese manufacturers and then we had these really restrictive technology restrictions imposed that really hommes chinese technology companies such as qual way and really dealt a blow to china's 5 g. global plans and of course of also seen the truck administration put a lot of pressure on china when it comes to issues that you mentioned south china sea human rights violations and because of this we really seen a freefall in china's soft power and its standing in the world because of also the pandemic of course and this charge is really be led by the u.s. under the trumpet ministration but when it comes to this option between biden and
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trump china is really called between a rock and a hard place because both of these are men have said they're going to they're going to continue a tough on china approach and the beijing this frosty relationship between china and the u.s. to really don't see this ending any time soon gets reelected china will try to build a consensus with trump really focusing perhaps on a continuing these trade conversations but if i didn't get selected we might see a change of style you might return to a more conventional style of diplomacy you might be less predict unpredictable but really he's. also going to continue to be hard on china and you might even focus on the issues that china is really less willing to have conversations are the for example social political issues that he wants but is that the case that china is simply too big for any real damage to be done by either. joe biden that in fact it is something that the americans just have to deal with. definitely you when it
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comes to china what they've tried to do with this election is keep their heads down and really not comment too much on what the outcome might be as i said the way they see it going forward the relationship between the u.s. is not going to improve the age of friend the engagement between these 2 countries the way beijing sees it is or what they're going to try to do is really go ahead and become less reliant on the u.s. to the point that the chinese communist policy recently had the lead in planning for the next 15 years for the for china's direction and really the main message that was china has to become more self-reliant going forward especially when it comes to technology and building up its economy so when it comes to that china's its ambitions over wall dominating technology in the long term these are not going to change regardless of who wins the election the us could turn a year in shanghai there thank you very much now just like the election 4 years ago
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russia is again denying accusations of interference in the campaign in favor of donald trump the president has been accused of failing to stand up to vladimir putin and suspected that russian aggression that occurred joe biden has called russia the biggest threat to america's security. let's bring in alexandra steele. in moscow welcome to the show again another complicated relationship between donald trump and the russians what's morse code looking forward to it looking forward to retooling this relationship or is it simply we just have to deal with the cards were given. well you see there is far less excitement about these elections than it was 4 years ago here in russia and that is both an official level as along ordinary russians now of 40 years ago there was a hope which was showed in the poles of the union that things relations between
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russia and united states might get better but these core hopes were crushed a very soon and by the summer of 2017 even wagner put in called his relations at their all time low so they see a dime russia is standing aside and they are not saying neither trump nor biden they are saying that actually the politics towards russia is not going to change whether sits in the. oval office what they are saying and this also reflects in the polls is that it doesn't matter what happens in united states that there is any bipartisan in united states is in this consensus of being on t.v. and to russian now this thing's common because during the trump presidency actually what russia sees is that saddam will trumpet and he's of mistaken didn't do anything to make these relations better he did impose sanctions he'll simple sanctions on a very important project for russia that is by line north stream to
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hilsey expel to the russian diplomats a so the hopes that this might get better there are there are none this time compared to 4 years ago but does russia really have the luxury of standing aside if joe biden wins the election it's likely that russian interference in the previous election will come back up there will be investigations made so it's likely that there will be cruises and again even from joe biden coming towards russia is that something the russians are concerned about. well i wouldn't say so because you see at the very end of his presidency obama would impose sanctions for the interference in this elections we can expect that if biden wins there will be new ones in this respect but what russia can hope also from a biden is that for instance he does sign a continuing of a treaty which is very prestigious for russian treaty on and you'll start a deal about a nuclear arms to the last one standing that he might revisit the position not bow
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to north stream too so there are also some positive signs that can be expected from joe biden who does not hide his sentiments which are negative that the words of russian politics on the other hand as we could hear also in the case of china he might hit them hard also on human rights issue on democracy so they russia did not doesn't feel that they got something from from the presidency of donald trump that can get things worse if joe biden is elected president alexander thank you very much now let's get the view from america's traditional allies in europe where leaders are all odds we don't know trump on issues including the iran you deal nato's defense budget and climate change. is in london nadeem let's concentrate on london and the u.k. i mean boris johnson. is very much hoping that he will donald trump wins
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this election because it will mean briggs it might get saved joe biden has already been very critical of brigs it because of the threat to the the island of the good friday agreement so is it as simple as that is it as simple as the boris johnson wants a don't trump victory. i don't think you can say it is a simple as that because bret said of course is a very complicated issue and so is the good friday peace agreement on the island of ireland so of course it's an open secret that boris johnson is very very keen if not desperate for some kind of free trade deal with the united states of course the united states will come with its own conditions which concerned some of boris johnson's own supporters but yes that's top of his to do list next january once britain is no longer in the status quo that it is in terms of its relationship
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with the european union now personality wise yes boris johnson has got on very well with president trump even though he had some harsh words for him a few years ago when he was a london met and of course donald trump has referred to his friend boris johnson calling him britain trump interesting on the flip side joe biden has actually said that he sees. boris johnson as quote the physical and emotional close of trump that's an actual quote from joe biden from the recent past of course diplomacy means that that will be put to one side hard bargaining will happen in any trade negotiations but i think whoever is the next u.s. president it's clear that they won't be entering into a deal if in fact it's seen in the u.s. to endanger the years the curity of northern ireland and the republic of ireland
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and in fact the the frictionless trade on the island of ireland so of course yes trump was the man who backed bricks it even told former prime minister to reason made to suit the european union at one stage is a tactic which was never going to. happen but behind that lies some very real concerns real real conditions and real barriers perhaps to see 20 trade deal happening quickly well let's talk about the european union the e.u. and often the leaders of the year referred to as being germany and germany has a fraught relationship with donald trump certainly anglo merkel and on trump there's no love lost there between them now when it comes down to europe they'll be looking for biden presidency surely i mean yes basically behind the scenes most leaders of european governments. are looking for stability the last 4
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years have seen instability and a move away from multilateralism and. many people's eyes the denigration of the institution set up after the 2nd world war which create that multilateralism including the nato defense alliance now president trump has really gone on the attack against many nato allies but particularly singling out germany calling them delinquent for not in his eyes paying their dues and he has threatened to withdraw to reduce the number of u.s. troops in germany and the alliance is basically hoping yes for a biden win for that reason for stability and a return to the kind of communal decision making and approach to security issues in fact next march nato is reported to be planning an early summit to welcome in president biden if in fact joe biden does win the election. and the barber there in
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london thank you very much. one of donald trump's biggest foreign policy decisions was to pull the us out of the iran nuclear deal and reimpose a tougher economic sanctions on tehran joe biden's offer to rejoin the 2015 agreement if iran shows compliance ties with the u.s. have deteriorated in neighboring iraq as well home to about 3000 american soldiers now let's bring in a whole team in baghdad and asked bay in the iranian capital of tehran i want to begin with you simone 1st it's one it's a very complicated relationship as all of donald trump's relationships with foreign powers seem to be you've got a stage where he has backed the iraqi government but he doesn't seem to know what to do with iraq or the iraq he's hoping for when it comes to this election. well the major concern for many iraqis is stability and sovereignty we've seen over the
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past year that iraq was on the cusp of yet another war as tensions rose between the united states and iran with iraq risking to become the main battleground for the 2 sides we've seen an increase in the number of rocket attacks targeting u.s. facilities which were blamed on pro iranian the groups and we've also seen the u.s. act unilaterally to counter those attacks by for example assassinating kassem still in money as well as the on $1.00 hand is the 2nd in charge of the popular mobilization forces here in iraq which is rainy and backed abril a group of of armed groups so there was a lot of opposition to that specific decision both from the side of parliament which shortly after voted to expel u.s. troops from iraq but also from many iraqis who simply saw this intervention as a violation of their sovereignty and who also fears that iraq could descend into
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another war just 2 years after that come out of a 4 year war against against isis so that is those are definitely the main concerns for iraqis but it's also to help the country emerge out of a long lasting economic crisis that has only been made worse by the global decline in oil prices and also the pandemic many look towards the united states to to help the country recover to help get access to financing on international markets and to open up more opportunities for you for those things that you mentioned particularly comes with the role of iran that's not going to really change if joe biden gets in is there concern from the iraqi government that actually they'll just be replacing one u.s. leader with the same policies that another u.s. leader will have well it's not clear what their action the biden ministration would take if joe biden. indeed wins and that many iraqi officials of course once the strategic dialogue to continue which started earlier this year between the united
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states and iraq but joe biden himself has a rather fraud track record in iraq he voted in favor of the iraq invasion in 2003 he also under obama's administration in 2009 when he came into the office he was charged with with drawing the 150000 troops that were based here at that time and of course that resulted in the security vacuum which eventually enabled the rise of eisel so if biden were to win certainly many see it as you know he should be departing from the obama era policies to try to come up with a new approach towards iraq to tehran and to of course one. this is a very crucial election for the iranians in fact speaking to iranian officials and experts many of them on the show the iranian foreign policy towards the u.s.
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seems have been frozen it's like well let's just wait till november to see what happens here we are in but what the iranians hoping for. very much has been let's wait and see as the united states under donald trump has increased pressure on iran with more sanctions and try going to the united nations to try and reimposed those knighted nations sanctions now the iranian position has been the supreme leader today speaking to the how many said that iran's policy will not change towards the u.s. no matter who is elected but actually they are politicians among the political establishment there are hoping that biden will win that's because they hope by don't return to the 2015 nuclear deal lift some of those sanctions allowing some relief for the economy and normal iranians but there are also some that want donald trump to win now you may ask why is that that's because many believe that trump has isolated the united states in the international community and handed iran
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a series of diplomatic victories at the united nations especially but they think that if biden wins he will bring onboard the europeans get the sympathy of the russians and the chinese and asked for more concessions was trying to return to that deal and that's something that iran doesn't really want to do so opinion is split generally when i'm speaking to people on the streets and the majority of politicians in the least from the reformist camp they're hoping that biden will win and hopefully they will will be some relief. for the iranian economy and people but there has been some criticism of the iranians themselves that they didn't really understand donald trump that actually all donald trump wanted to do was change the joint comprehensive plan of action to the trump comprehensive plan of action in fact just do a new deal that didn't happen is there a fear that actually it's too late for the iran nuclear deal actually it's just gone away now even if biden wins well there's different camps as i say of the
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reformist are still holding on and hoping that they can salvage this deal and the conservatives have said. we never trusted the united states we knew that this would happen we just went along with it because if reformists were in power but the problem with the trump plan or at least the trump deal was that he wanted to bring onboard bring into play iran's ballistic missile program and that's been a red line for iran because as far as they're concerned iran's missile program iran's defense central to iran's defense and one of the only reasons that iran hasn't been attacked is because it's strong militarily so iran does not want to make any more concessions at least what they're saying publicly but there have been rumors and certain reports outside the country that they have been talks taking place between the united states and iran now no one has confirmed that in fact they deny it flat out but that door that door is always open there's always a possibility of secret talks but at least at least in the face of iran is saying
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we will not compromise that red line is defense but they are hoping that the 2015 nuclear deal can be saved our thanks to mona in baghdad in tehran as all thank you both donald trump has radically changed the u.s. role in the peace process between the israelis and the palestinians his administration recognized jerusalem as israel's capital and moved the american embassy to the city he unveiled a peace plan that's been widely criticized by palestinian leaders and negotiated a normalization of ties between israel and 3 arab countries urging others in the middle east to follow suit now hurry force it is our correspondent in west jerusalem harry it's often been described that donald trump is the greatest friend israel as ever had so clearly if you are netanyahu right now you are really hoping that donald trump comes to power again but are there any dissenting voices to that opinion. well there are some but if you look at the polling of israelis and terms
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of support for donald trump or at least their estimation of what a trump continued trump presidency would do for israel i mean it's very clear he would win in a landslide if israeli votes were the ones that counted is definitely a recognition in that i think of the various gifts that trump has bestowed on the state of his audrina last 4 years you mentioned the moving of the embassy declaring jerusalem the capital of israel the trump plan and of course more recently these deals that the united states has helped engineer with other arab states with arab states between israel and arab states in the region and so you hear 1st some of those groundhog day elections over the last couple of years you saw those enormous trump ness and you know new posters netanyahu brandishing his relationship with trump as really evidence of his statesmanship and his wise leadership of the
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country if trump loses the presidency of course that causes a pretty big domestic problem for netanyahu he will have to both try to work with by the administration while perhaps returning to his public outward facing and domestically facing sort of opposition showing that he is the one who can take on a less friendly u.s. president well let's bring in the palestinians hey i was reading today an article that was quite interesting it said that the palestinians have simply given up on the u.s. being an honest broker in any kind of negotiation no matter who's in power is that something that you may have heard or certainly heard that from the man who used to be the p.l.o. representative to washington who some some lot of he was chucked out when the united states administration shut down that mission in 2018 and he said something very similar to me he said basically i put it to him that that surely abidin ministration would potentially reverse some of the excesses as far as the palestinians are concerned of what trump has done. and that might represent
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a hope for change he said well no it's time to move on we're not just sitting here on 10 toes waiting for a new occupant of the white house we are exploring other options the united states has ceased to be what it used to be there have been 30 years of attempting to change the status quo under u.s. leadership it hasn't worked and so we're calling on other countries as multilateral approach to get involved and that of course is the official policy of mahmoud abbas hasn't really got a huge amount of traction so far and i think other voices within the palestinian movement do recognize the sheer weight of power that the united states has and perhaps more importantly they realize what 4 more years of trump could further do to the palestinian cause and so there are others who are very much waiting for the prospect of a biden presidency even if it doesn't mean in the media shift even if he has many other things on his plate than trying to focus immediately on the israel palestine
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issue but if you look at what nabil shaath an advisor to president abbas said a couple of days ago. it's the most important thing that trump goes of the palestinian prime minister also saying god help us god help the world if he continues in office so i think the prate the priority really is that trump is voted out rather than any huge expectation of major changes on the bike thank you very much sorry for sit in western a slim and thanks to all our correspondent for joining today's inside story we'll have full coverage of the u.s. election the latest results and reactions on air and online at al jazeera dot com and for further discussion go to our facebook page at facebook dot com forward slash a.j. inside story and you can also join the conversation on twitter we are at a j inside story for me iran come on in the entire team here and i follow.
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how the u.s. engages with the rest of the world we're willing and fit in taking you into a place you might not visit otherwise and feels that you were there. face to gauging the use and abuse of power across the globe on ouches era. we were getting ready to win this election frankly we did win this election. donald trump attempts to claim victory in the us presidents the election with results still was announced in several key battleground states. as rival joe biden has managed to flip the face of arizona in his favor and it's currently ahead of 200 and fast hands electoral votes against trump's 219.
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and i'm just on the attack and this is al jazeera live also coming up.


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