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the official line we all decided we need to tell our school we don't want to their life. and it's the post on al-jazeera. joe biden pledges to bring a divided united states together as president elects and makes history with his running mate. set to be the 1st female vice president. what a testament it is to joe's character that he had the audacity to break one of the most substantial barriers that exists in our country and select a woman as his vice. hello there i'm laura kyle this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. in
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america mercury structured around the world order. by promises to change the way the u.s. is handling global affairs as leaders from around the world are pulled his victory . the. news of biden's wins brings supporters out to celebrate in cities all over the u.s. and outside the white house. but donald trump and his supporters are defiance the president showing no sign of conceding as he prepares to challenge ballots counted in several states. so joe biden has delivered a message of hope and unity just hours after declaring victory in the united states presidential elections he spoke of bringing together a country that's been. deeply divided on the doll trump with racial unrest and the
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pandemic dominating headlines biden will face challenges trump is refusing to concede and is threatening legal action that he hopes will overturn results that secured biden's victory. we have a team of reporters getting international reaction to this story harvey forces in west jerusalem what it means for israeli palestinian relations. is here in doha with the view from the gulf region and by it has the latest from the iranian capital tehran and simona fulton is covering iraq reaction from the capital baghdad but 1st it has all white house correspondent kimberly hall wrapping up the events in the u.s. . addressing the nation for the 1st time as president elect joe biden spoke to a divided america and appealed for unity. people of this nation have spoken.
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they've delivered us a clear victory we've won with the most road ever crash from presidential ticket and the 1st to the nation 74 american. he promised to be president for those who voted for him and for the more than 70000000 who did not it's time to put away the harsh rhetoric lower the temperature see each other again motion to each other again and i made progress we have to stop treating our approach as our enemies they are not our enemies there are americans. wearing white in honor of the women who a century ago fought for the right for women to vote vice president elect col harris acknowledged her own historic accomplishment. but the very soul of america at stake and the world watching you ushered in
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a new day for america in january paris will become america's 1st female and 1st woman of color to fill the office of vice president but while i may be the 1st. i'm in this office i will not be the last. outside the white house and in cities across the united states crowds shunned social distancing restrictions to celebrate biden promises as one of his 1st acts as president he will set up a commission to deal with covert 19. but for now biden supporters packed the streets to mark the historical significance of the moment the knowledge land of america back i care as a black woman that i matter. speaks volumes to me sends a message to people. people voted for him you're hoping for something different.
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america decided after seeing 4 years of it you don't want to. world leaders have congratulated the president and vice president a lot 1st on twitter canadian prime minister justin trudeau promised to take on the world's greatest challenges with biden president trump was on the golf course when the election was called for his rival he remains defiant and insists there have been voting irregularities observers were not allowed into the counting rooms i won the election he wrote trump's attorney says the campaign will keep fighting she just about the 700000 votes that president trump was ahead by 2 days ago that disappeared. and we have no way of knowing because we are deprived of the right to inspect it if a single one of those ballots is legitimate on monday the trunk campaign insists it
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will launch a series of legal challenges for now it appears president trump has no plans to concede can really help at al-jazeera the white house. trump may not be ready to leave the white house but leaders around the world are already congratulating president elect joe biden let's turn 1st to heart for cities in west jerusalem and arab israeli prime minister was only recently congratulated by them what did you have to say and what are you hearing from the palestinian leaders. well that's right he was pretty late in the day compared to many other world leaders some 12 hours later than most even those with close relationships with donald trump were congratulating joe biden and camel harris and i think the point that we just heard at the end of that report from kimberly about his refusal to concede the election just yet and the extreme closeness of netanyahu and
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president trump is probably the reason on his twitter feed under a picture of netanyahu sitting with president trump in the oval office he said that he can graduated joe biden and come a harris saying that he'd had a 40 year long warm relationship with joe biden that he looked forward to working with both of them to advance the relationship between israel and united states but it wasn't the immediate congratulation message that he gave to president trump after his election in 2016 he didn't even use the word president when congratulating joe biden i think that speaks to some domestic concerns as to how this will reflect on him given the fact that he's campaigned in these 3 elections very much on this relationship saying that he's in a different league from other israeli politicians partly because of it one newspaper editor here saying that he has a failing grade for trying to repair some of the bipartisan damage that's been done
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in terms of the relationship between the israeli administration and democrats no one really expects that the relationship between israel and the u.s. of course will turn on a dime because of this or that it would still be strong both biden and harris are seen as centrists and people who very much support a strong israel u.s. relationship but it could affect specific policies of course when it comes to iran how will that renegotiation potentially of a deal between united states and iran on the nuclear issue be handled and also the trump plan. which under which there was all that talk of the potential of israel annexed in large parts of the occupied west bank and so that brings us to the palestinians not your shaft senior advisor to president are busts of the trump era was the worst for the palestinians and that it's and is again or a victory of the veteran p.l.o. figure how narrow is saying that america had been de trumped and celebrating it on
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that ground there are some who are saying that the palestinians need to stop looking at the americans now as the leader of the process look for a more multilateral procedure of trying to solve the israeli palestinian conflict and that we shouldn't be sitting on tenterhooks waiting for a new occupant of the white house but the idea that certainly an extension would be off the table the idea of the trump plan is now dead and the idea that the entire process at least has some more optimistic more optimism as far as our sins are concerned is a very important issue we haven't yet heard from president of us but we wait to see what he says absolutely and we do expect changes in that region ok how many thanks for joining us there. as here in doha with us for a look at what impact of biden presence he will have here in the gulf region and hashim should be expect any sort of change in behavior by gulf nations particularly when it comes to their blockade of cattle that must happen law for a different reason this is a pivotal moment in the gulf region for different reasons people think that the.
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election of biden will have far reaching consequences in this part of the world for different reasons one of the 1st leaders to step in and congratulate joe biden was the emir of qatar certain him but hammered. and the general sentiment here is that with biden the chances for and to the blockade impose in qatar or by or qatar by the side is there but it is the egyptians will definitely have to. because they see him by then someone who could put more pressure. on the leadership as opposed to biden who were supposed to trump who was widely seen as someone who would cushion the society is against any international pressure now the big question is what is the next forward for the leadership in saudi arabia saudi arabia is the most powerful country in the region it prides itself on being the protector of sunni
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islam but the taken into account that biden was part of the same ministration that abandoned there were barak in 2011 the when there was a wind of change in this part of the world king abdullah of saudi arabia because of the 1st book with obama and said we want you to support our friend obama said i'm sorry that i want to be able to do that in 2015 the americans struck a deal with the iranians that was seen as an ultimate act of betrayal i was in saudi arabia in 2016 when obama was there it was a somber atmosphere the saudis felt like they were betrayed a year later when trump was in saudi arabia i was there covering his visit for english the feeling suddenly change they saw in him a someone who could suddenly position saudi arabia as. a key player in the region what happened after that was phenomenal by all
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proportions. sidelined his cousin who was a crown prince he became the crown prince of saudi arabia now there is a new guy in the white house and they are pretty much concerned about what might happen next absolutely hashim the moment thanks very much as go over to asad beg for reaction from tehran very interesting to know what the iranian leaders are saying about this effort. well there won't be any messages congratulating joe biden from the ron what we have seen has some politicians here calling donald trump's time in office an end of an era the vice president hare. he said that he had been adventurism and warmongering he said that he had inflicted inhumane sanctions on iran and the speaker of parliament mohamed bucket valuable for now what he tweeted were some verses of the core on
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a video of the leader of his blog predicting donald trump's loss but also referring to donald trump as a pharaoh an iranian culture when someone is really considered really arrogant they're referred to as a pharaoh but they will be some hope that joe biden will return to that 2015 nuclear deal that there will be some easing of those sanctions but however however they're not quite sure what policy joe biden will adopt now he has said he will return to the united states to that 2015 nuclear deal as long as iran has strict adherence to those commitments but iran may challenge that mo iran will say well we began to scale back our commitments to that nuclear deal because united states pulled out so the united states may have to return to the deal 1st before iran actually takes any steps joe biden also wants to add some extra conditions on to that nuclear deal again there may be resistance from the her on
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because they've already compromised and there's nothing stopping the president coming along in 4 years' time and doing exactly what donald trump has done to iran so there is some apprehension but also some hope that there will be some vital relief for the iranian economy that's been crippled under u.s. sanctions ok a setback many thanks ray is the view from tehran and simona fulton is in baghdad for us and up to $3000.00 u.s. troops are expected to be leaving iraq by the end of this year how engage them into those baghdad hope that the u.s. is going to remain undivided and. well several iraqi leaders have come forth to extend their congratulations to president elect joe biden on his projected victory but they have so far not offered any details as to which direction they would like u.s. policy towards iraq to take prime minister mr did tweet that he would like to strengthen
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the strategic ties between the 2 countries which is probably a hint at the strategic dialogue that has been ongoing for the past few months which aims at redefining the political military economic and cultural relationship between those 2 countries so it's unclear at the moment to what extent there will be continuing in this process but certainly in some quarters of the government there will be hope that the relationship between the do u.s. and iraq will be expanded to touch on more areas because the trumps the trump white house ahead a relatively narrow focus when it comes to iraq in the few statements that president trump made on iraq he appeared to focus on u.s. business interests in iraq and also on using iraq as a base to counter iranian influence in the region which is of course something that iraqi government officials have taken issue with they have seen u.s. actions for example the killing of the money on iraqi soil as violating iraqi
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sovereignty so many people expect that joe biden will take a more conciliatory approach to iran which will also of course reflect the policy in iraq itself but the country is quite divided on this issue there are some iraqis that supported trumps relatively aggressive stance towards iran as they saw it as a containing iran's influence while others while others opposed it so it remains to be seen which direction joe biden will take indeed ok so might have alternate thanks very much for wrapping up our international reaction to biden's victory to president elect you're watching al-jazeera i will bring you more on the u.s. . after the break. pride in india kama harris's ancestral village celebrates a victory. however
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got a lot of quiet weather across much of europe at the moment you can see last week clear skies that does mean fog and frost issues of course but by warming up fairly nicely for the most part winds coming in from a northerly general nor the direction across at least the side if you have to somewhat cooler here but the real weather action is over towards the west we got this little gang of weather systems making their way through and that's bringing more wet sand windy weather into spain and portugal have had flooding problems here will see some showers once again fading across southern parts of france eventually that west the weather does make its way across much of western europe pashley say a good part of the british isles the low countries the part of france seeing more wet weather quite in the middle part slushy dry a little bits and pieces of low cloud just suppressing the temperatures somewhat but down towards the south because see some rather lively showers across had a society of the mediterranean and some of those showers also affecting the far north of africa so northern parts of egypt could see some wet weather some sharon
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coming in here for a few showers there also pushing their way down into libya you notice there was to go on through the next couple of days to central africa that's for the makeup of well the seasonal rains from rains remain of course we see that what's the weather pushing across towards could bomb southern parts of nigeria to guyana. to drive their industrial expansion and european powers colonised huge areas of the world rich resources so free labor and vast lands were exploited in the name of civilization and wealth until the colonies decided they'd had enough in a new 3 part documentary series out of syria expose the history suffering and legacy of france's imperial past. not in tears french to colonise ation coming soon.
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hello again you with al-jazeera and has reminder of our top stories this hour joe biden has delivered a message of hope and a unity after declaring victory in the u.s. presidential election vice president elect's kemal harrison's also making history she's the 1st woman and 1st person of color to hold the job. present donald trump was playing golf when biden was declared the winner of the election he has not conceded as says he'll go to courts to make sure the election laws are up held. but there have been celebrations in cities across the united states from new york in the east to los angeles and the west crowds have been gathering on the streets
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to chair dance and play music. ok let's bring in steve cohen and singapore he's a senior fison lotty associates and was a deputy general counsel at the u.s. department of transportation good to have you with us joining us there from singapore had a lot of look at the international reaction in a little bit now what's happening in the u.s. in such moments as can change now for the united states but is binds on a man who can unify the country i mean i think he certainly can and look the country wants to be unified that's the message that joe biden ran on he received more votes than anyone in history in that country has to come together democrats and republicans alike to beat the pandemic and so joe biden is going to that is going to be his 1st focus as president he's already worked on that in this transitional phase that started back in september and so expect to make some
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progress there about why didn't he win the blue way the democrats were predicting why did it become so close well i guess i may think it wasn't all that close if you look at the popular vote where joe biden received a majority it wasn't the blue wave it might have been in part that some of that democratic messaging when it came to defunding of the police or when it came to universal health care where voters said you know we want joe biden to be president but we want to check on the democratic agenda and that's where we're going to keep a republican majority senate and so right now it looks like they'll be a democratic house republican senate and a democratic white house so the public wants to see the 2 parties come together even bets the message that was delivered a time still has 75 days and office he may be a lame duck president but he is angry and he is refusing to concede what might he do. well eg if you say he is president in till january 19th or noon on on january
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20th he can do a lot he can issue a lot of executive orders on things when it comes to immigration when it comes to sanctions against countries for human rights violations or for unfair trade practices like they have a case going on now against vietnam because the trump administration believes their currency is devalued and it's hurting american trade so there is a lot that the trump administration can still do as he is president in till january 20th not joe biden can undo some of that if it's under executive order but it doesn't mean it'll it'll be a smooth 2 months if the trump administration doesn't want to be but how isolated as donald trump now within the republican party well i think he has a little bit of influence now as you see so some of the republicans especially those who want to run for president in 2024 they want to keep the trump base with them so they are going to defend the president's right to
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a recount they're going to defend some of his language on fraud but that will start to go away when the president goes away on on inauguration day so i think the rhetoric will stay with some republicans but others like the pennsylvania legislature the republicans are said they are not going to contest the election they're not going to put in different delegates other than those for joe biden when it comes to the electoral college so you're seeing the process of moving away from donald trump already beginning but it will not end until after he leaves office and then there will be the fight within the republican party to to pick up the trump populist mantle ok steve and we will be continuing this conversation in the coming hours but for the moment thank you very much thank you. now let's get to some other news and bolivia is the president elect will be sworn in on sunday the former banker won a landslide in last month's election but now the focus turns to whether he can
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jumpstart the struggling economy trey's about reports come the summer this is the 3rd and indigenous ritual to nag you 8 bolivia's new president. this is the historic side of the one i call not far away from the capitol a pass this is the. chairman's from the a matinee indigenous group off for the traditional baton as a sign of good will madison and he's vice president that we. are dressed in white to request the help from the mamma or mother earth. it's all happening in a country that has been filled with political strife in the past year. after accusations of fraud led to the ricin nation of bolivia 1st indigenous president abel morales outgoing interim president anyone yes who took office after morales resignation said she was even the country in order that the craving evidence shows
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bolivia has fared better than nations linked to the socialist tradition such as present day argentina or venezuela my request to the president elect is that he keep the living expenses allowance the family allowance and the universal one as well bolivia's new president belongs to more or less socialist party and would have to deal with a divided country that is struggling with the impact of covert 19. was economy minister while more dallas was in office and responsible for the enormous growth that empowered millions of people in the country now the former banker with a master's degree in economics will have to jumpstart at devastated economy i can support the we need to have a stereotype policy there is no other option if there is not enough income generate . and to cover to current spending especially public investment we have to make adjustments in current spending not in public investment that is where we mark a difference from the monitor if earned we're going to boost public investment and
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we have to be strict with spending but economy saying it won't be easy. when the mass party was in power in the past there was an economic boom that gave the money to help the population but latin american believe you are in crisis bolivia has a 13 percent deficit in the past year races discourses and regional rivalries have remerge in a country torn between a return and white. and a poorer indigenous highland west small protests have been on the rise in recent days. for most people arses presidency is a fresh start for bolivia's democracy and a chance to leave a turbulent year behind. a car bomb has killed at least 3 people in afghanistan's capital and among the casualties is a former television presenter fertile a news channel no group has claimed responsibility and follows last week's i saw
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attack on kabul university which killed at least 35 people. kenny's top court has confirmed president alpha condé is victory in last month's election means he can begin his 3rd term which his opponents argue is unconstitutional under campaign to change the constitution earlier this year to circumvent a 2 term limit oh a violent protest during his campaign in which dozens of people were killed opposition say the election was rigged but the constitutional court says they produced no evidence of this former prime minister of the ivory coast has been arrested. gessen was and was detained by security forces whilst attempting to leave the country are going to address reports from abidjan. is the phrase of ivory coast opposition. it wasn't a song who announced a boycott of the presidential vote and called for a campaign of civil disobedience as a result of the presidential election were being collated he announced
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a transitional council headed by former president horror economy. the government calls this treason evidence that that fear we are focusing on those who incite people to violence before the calls to boycott civil disobedience and the so-called transitional council there was no violence these actions by the opposition changed everything. although former president appeared at opposition press briefings the government has no plans to arrest him at least for now but he's always surrounded by police the police say that because it was there that the transitional council was announced the arrest of leaders and members has struck the opposition especially here in the economic capital abidjan many have gone underground to continue what they say is that demand for justice and respect for the constitution . is the secretary general of the f.b.i.
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party we can for a country where everyone should respect the law or one should know what you are some right bartolo so also some of the mission of 5 is for. me in this is safety or if i think. we're fighting for justice. the government has declared more position leaders wanted and said more arrests will follow in the coming days ivory coast presidential election was marred by violent protests since the 2016 referendum and president alassane ouattara announcement that he was running for a thought. the opposition says it's illegal but his supporters assessed the constitutional amendment followed the referendum cleared him to run again. greece al-jazeera. we're just going to leave this bulletin and you with pictures of celebrations in the u.s.
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vice president elect. village in southern india their villages use colored powder to write congratulates mean messages to harris out on the streets a maternal grandfather was born in this village in tamil nadu state a late mother moved to the u.s. at the age of 19 to study at the university of california. these are our top stories joe biden has delivered a message of hope and unity of the declaring victory in the u.s. presidential election he was projected as the winner after flipping pennsylvania but donald trump is still refusing to concede. it's tiring to put a word a harsh rhetoric floor the temperature see each other again most of the each other again.


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