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but what has become of their tree. rewind pencils and bullets. on al-jazeera. 'd u.s. president elect joe biden gets to work on his priorities but donald trump is refusing to concede setting up a difficult transition of power. and how his in and this is al jazeera life in doha and also coming up shocks to the turkish economy the finance minister resigns as the lira slides to record lows. my celebrations in azerbaijan after the government announced the capture of a city in the disputed nagorno-karabakh region. heading home after
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a year in exile for president evo morales is on his way to bolivia after his former cabinet member won the election. or the transitions here joe biden presidency in the united states is gathering pace with some decisions expected in the hours ahead the president elect as you to announce a task force to tackle what he says is his top priority the coronavirus pandemic on sunday biden visited a church cemetery where family members are buried including his late son donald trump spent the day playing golf side washington and is refusing to concede defeat his campaign is planning legal challenges in states where he's disputing the counting of votes world leaders including israel's binyamin netanyahu and saudi arabia's mohamed insall man have congratulated biden on his victory or former u.s. president. republican george w.
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bush also sent his well wishes here's more of what's george w. bush to say it's in and will sit on instagram he thinks buys in for the patriotic message that he delivered on saturday nights as in that he'd also called come liar a sick congratulate her on her historic election the vice presidency he goes on there we have political differences i knew joe biden to be a good man who has won his opportunity to lead and unify our country and i offered him the same thing i offered presidents trump and obama my prayers for his success and i pledge to help when other republican senator mitt romney believes trump will accept the result if his legal challenges fail but he cautioned trump on the language she's using. i think why has to be careful in the choice of words i think they would you say that the election was corrupt or stolen or rigged but that's unfortunately rather rhetoric that gets picked up by authoritarians around the
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world and i think it also discourages confidence that our democratic process here at home and and with the battle going on right now between authoritarianism and freedom why i think i think it's very important that we not use language which which can encourage. a course in history which would be very very unfortunate well rosalynn jordan is following developments from washington d.c. and joins us now rose that's the situation as it stands what should we be looking ahead to in the hours to come. well there are 2 main story lines as it were that we will be tracking here in the united states the 1st is the ongoing coronavirus pandemic the biden harris team will hold its 1st meeting in wilmington delaware later on monday morning with their version of a coronavirus task force so that they can start working on a strategy to deal with the pandemic once the president elect and the vice
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president elect are sworn into office on january 20th on monday afternoon we expect to get a readout about a closed door white house coronavirus task force meeting which will be chaired by the courage vice president mike pence we don't expect any video to come or any photos to come from the white house event but we do understand that there will be at least a pool photo or pull video of the biden heris event on monday morning ok muslim jordan that live from washington d.c. thank you. well the challenges facing joe biden there on precedence aids pandemic the worst global recession the century and the climate crisis while brunell's looks ahead. once the celebrations by joe biden and kamel harris's supporters have faded the enormity of the task facing the president elect and his
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deputy looms ahead and i'm humbled by the trust and confidence you placed in me. biden has pointed to the covert 19 pandemic now rampaging virtually unchecked throughout the country as his most urgent priority our work to get through getting covered under control by the time he takes the oath of office the situation may be far worse than it is now there are several months between now and when i actually takes control if the current administration doesn't do an about face we will see much more misery much more unnecessary deaths infectious disease specialist say biden must work hard to convince the millions of people swayed by trump's rejection of science and math swearing to change their behavior needs to gather the right people around him. which i know he will do he needs to get rid of
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those individuals who have been voicing nonscientific and unsound. bad advice some things will be relatively easy for biden to accomplish by executive action rejoining the paris climate accords reinstating environmental protection rules bill limited under trump and reversing the so-called muslim ban but if the senate stays under republican control biden may be forced to compromise on vital matters like the size of an economic stimulus and relief legislation even more difficult to get through the senate will be biden's plans to in. increase taxes on high earners extend health care insurance to more americans and overhaul immigration laws we know one thing about president elect biden it's that he's somebody who has that instead of getting things done reaching across the aisle especially in a place like the senate and i think that's going to be exactly the set of
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attributes be so important to getting anything done at all it's an old cliche to say after an election victory now comes the hard part but for joe biden and campbell harris the path ahead is this steep and as difficult as that of any incoming administration in u.s. history robert oulds al jazeera los angeles well as biden exactly president stumble trump and his lawyers aren't admitting defeat here's some of the legal maneuvering they're working on at the moment they've requested every kinds of votes in places like wisconsin one of the states joe biden flipped from republican to democratic possibly georgia where biden is now out of the heads they're also filing various lawsuits in other battleground states including pennsylvania the fanta and arizona their main allegations are that mail in ballots which leans toward spuyten have been subject to widespread frauds and that republican campaign
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observers weren't given sufficient access to vote counting sentence little or no evidence has been provided she supports these allegations well judith cali is the dean over the sun for it school of public policy at chic university she explains what election observers have been the king for. we here in the united states are also very clear about the fact that in terms of the polling itself. things went where they were well meant we had a record turnout and it was peaceful and orderly the balloting process was secure or and we have strong tracking systems and all these sorts of things. what was more concerning however was the things that we saw leading up to the election are things that we're not used to seeing in american democracy you know never before have we had a sitting president that sort of undermine the confidence in the election or accused opponents of trying to steal the election before the the polling had even started
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or suggested that the election 2 people attack the media or use administratively resources to campaign and these are the kinds of things that the observers called out in their report directly pointing to the president as having undermined the confidence in democracy in the united states and so we will let this process play out you know this is we have a democratic machinery and it's functioning it is working and so if there are allegations you know it's up to the president to bring that evidence out we've not seen that yet and i'm sure that the o.c. another service will stand by and let that process play out without commenting on it until there is more evidence on the teapot but right now there's not a lot of it on that. well clarity over the united states political future has seen a surge on asian stock markets markets in south korea japan hong kong and taiwan
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were all up when trading began on monday analysts say asian investors are optimistic about their economic future or biden presidency trump's refusal to conceits and threats of legal action remain a cone's for incessant say well stephen ennis is chief global market strategist at x.c. a global institutional financial services company he says the market seems to be responding well despite the uncertainty around donald trump's plans it's amazing really because regard from those blue waves we've seen here are the market was embracing to now almost congressional gridlock but the market seems to like this over in asia the big impulse here is the escalation of u.s. and china trade tension that's just carrying the day we're seeing a huge drop in volatility in the region we're seeing a strengthening of local currencies and this is just attracting a lot of money back into the asian stocks quite positive day all around whether this holds up in the midst of the global image well that's yet to be seen but so
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far things are so good today a low president trump has suggested he could take some legal action market seems to be ignoring that even people in his own advisory committee are telling him to concede so you know whether he's going to continue to beating the chest pushing for a supreme court to look at these voting procedures i'm not sure we'll have to wait and see how that plays out but right now the market seems to be a sage by the fact that ok we have the biden presidency but we don't have a biden presidency that's going to have all those taxes and regulations attached to it because the senate still remains a republican affair. still ahead on al-jazeera georgia's election crisis escalates might respond well to canada to disperse protesters will be lined in the capital tbilisi.
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we have more wet weather in the forecast for vietnam and also for the philippines you can see this large area of cloud here will last is another tropical storm this one's called a ta and it will make its way towards central and eastern parts of vietnam vietnam of course already suffering from wise but floods from no fewer than $23.00 storms in recent weeks we've counted on to that keen northeasterly flowing our way in the sense driving those showers into central pass a little further east another developing system here that's going to make its way towards the philippines as we go through the next couple days so yet more wet weather coming into the philippines further flooding problems here and as you can see vietnam still seeing plenty of wet weather plenty of showers across southeast asia why live is well particularly through malaysia will see some showers there of course in the heat of the day just bring up across indonesia fish hours making
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their way across australia but for the most part the story has to be the hates we're looking at some very high temperatures things will calm across northern and eastern parts of the country at the moment northerly wind pulling those temperatures up in adelaide to 36 l.c.s. a blast of heat for melbourne as well but shabby rain will move through the by it will turn wetter and cooler by the weekend. from fossil fuels to modern day renewables as societies develop the energy demands increase requiring innovative solutions to meet such demands as a global power development of investment company nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver against these developments we provide business growth promote social economic benefits and provide innovative safe and environmentally sound energy solutions for future generations no breast how high in the ring future energy.
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my. guess is al-jazeera quit right out of our headlines this hour u.s. president elect joe biden has outlined his administration's 4 big priorities including the world of ours and demick is named 2 members of a covert 1000 working group and is expected to name the others on monday as the u.s. continues to report a record daily number of infections but donald trump is still refusing to concede defeat his team is preparing legal challenges some of the counts in battleground states that favored biden clarity about the united states' political future has seen a search on asian stock markets key indices in south korea japan hong kong and taiwan
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all up where trading began on monday. well turkey's finance minister says he's resigning because of health reasons owed by iraq who is also some in law president richard sipe heard one made the announcement on his instagram accounts it comes 2 days after the central bank governor was sacked well the coronavirus pandemic has affected tourism and manufacturing in turkey that's slightly high unemployment and double digit inflation currency has lost 30 percent of its value against the u.s. dollar since the starts of this year foreign currency reserves or as an all time rather as a 20 year low province it's the ratings agency moody's to issue a warning in september of a possible balance payments bounce payments crisis well turkey's borrowing cost is among the highest among developing countries critics say present are the ones policies are discouraged foreign investments and caused an exodus of capital from
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its bond and stock markets well let's get more on the situation in turkey now from . joel who is an analyst and advisor for the turkey energy strategies and politics research so. joining us by skype from istanbul great to have you with us on the program seems to be quite a turbulent time for turkey just now they've lost their central bank governor now the finance minister is gone why do you think the finance minister chose to resign at this very precarious time. thank you it's good to have you also. there is some uncertainty in the area right now in turkey something that i mean it's see it on the show announcement us reasons lying behind its resignation. but as you also mentioned there speculations that the downturn in the economy since the beginning of teen we expand that he's large trade deficits.
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not just with the developed markets but also with the emerging markets so tokyo you know the plans are on imports of energy. mangano of the. whole so don't bother it's the items sold. rising inflation to double digit figures willing to currency. and running down on a portico to series or probably. something some kind of crisis in the government that's been. the background that people have been worried about the direction the economy is heading well there are serious concerns and turkey has had financial difficulties for some time that even before the coronavirus pandemic given the situation as it stands what kind of impact do you think the resignation of the finance minister will have on the turkish economy is this likely to stabilize the situation improve it in some way or are things going to get worse. well the markets
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seem to have taken it's own a positive light that took issue as being thought 4 percent. a year against the u.s. dollar since last friday that's a sign that the markets expect tookie to adopt a more orthodox. interest rate policy name to increase it because current interest rates are negative. 11 percent compared to the trick to a percent of the inflation trigger so the markets expect some kind of a correction in the course in the coming term in due course and. that might you know lift it took a share of a little bit. because they did main worries here is price the military right so it's it relation with the government is mainly trying to tame. and so they have these tween goals of growth for growth that whole were there on the you know before the crisis i percent year over year but that's come down the recent year to
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drop in tourism videos exports as well as equipment related to recession so 1st they will want to post any increase in g.d.p. and keep inflation under control and possibly in the pit and get down to a single digit trigger sometime next year but posting an increase in g.d.p. is going to be exceptionally difficult at this time because the entire world to seeing a squeeze on the economy what do you think turkey needs to do at this time to try and stabilize prices stabilize interest rates briefly if you can. sure i think because the chronic problem in turkey is current account deficit right so it's where it's at around $23000000000.00 a month per year that's about 3 percent of the g.d.p. an economy depends on inclosure short term core of capital that's hot money to court rather than foreign direct investment so turkey 1st and foremost has to
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increase. you know people of foreign currency to keep. the exchange rate under control and start to slowly reproduction a small and medium sized enterprises because also the corporate you know stands at the top $160000000000.00 dominated of what i'm going to have to be to be paid this year that's a gaping amount so keep needs a lot of foreign currency to finance its deficit and that can only be done by either reducing imports or raising exports so that in that sense you know. keeping keeping be inflation under control is probably the number one target ok a big jobless to head for the new finance minister whoever that may be at the great to get your thoughts there so her job book sure lou has great to get your thoughts thank you for joining us from istanbul. or turkey has congratulated azerbaijan's
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president who says his forces have seized an important city in the disputed region shoeshine is the 2nd largest city in the goa kind of arc where a surprise john is fighting with armenia celebrations continued into the night in a saudi capital barkha its military says the fighting in the going to kind of back is intensifying but the armenians are telling a different story the spokesman for the armenian prime minister is denying the city has been captured and says azerbaijani forces after treat it what are the homemade is in the armenia near the town of baroness she has more on those comments coming from officials in armenia. they both saying that the ongoing fighting they say that they have managed that the armenian forces have managed actually to push back the forces the authorities of nagorno-karabakh are saying that this ongoing fighting at the moment in a village just south of the town of shushi does how the armenians call it. which on
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a road leading down from the south i mean you can expect armenia to fight as hard as it can over it has a historical symbolism for anyone you speak to on this side it also is strategic militarily it's on a clifftop it's only 10 kilometers away from stepanek carried on. as there we call it and so it would be a huge military sit back as said back if they really lose everything or the push back from shushi now if you look also on the political side there is international move to try to bring the 2 sides together to try to reach some sort of ceasefire that could last and try to have negotiations this those efforts are spearheaded by russia and turkey now if armenia loses shushi it is in
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a very weak position if they indeed meet at the negotiating table. riot police in georgia have used water cannon to disperse protesters in tbilisi as they rallies against the results of a topers parliamentary election thousands of protesters demanding to snap votes to the opposition accuse the room party of rigging the election the georgian dream party received nearly 50 percent of the ballots it sounds a strong majority in parliament for 8 years but his popularity has dwindled steadily and its economic problems and force are walker is live for us from tbilisi robin just talk us through what happened last night. sure well after about a week of of opposition grumblings and protests small scale including outside the electoral commission because the opposition believes that the election was rigged they had a large rally outside parliament which is in the center of tbilisi and then they
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set off on foot. several kilometers to the central election commission which is which is further out of town took them a couple of hours to get there where the crowds gathered opposition political parties their leaders and their supporters and it's not quite clear at this stage what happened who threw the 1st shot that say but. that the police that were gathered in large numbers right police used water cannon to disperse protesters the police saying that they were attempting to storm the building but the opposition stating that they were peaceful and that they had no intention of committing any violent acts but certainly a lot of anger and frustration at the way in which the situation seems to have been handled we've seen people who received injuries not clear from whether it was from water the power of the water cannon or other things being thrown or
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or other things being involved but the reason the opposition did this march is that they wanted an ultimatum for the government to meet which was for the resignation of the head of the central election commission and for new elections to be called well obviously those demands have not been met and now the opposition group which is basically all the political parties that came in behind the governing party. now saying you know we will get a boycott parliament because we don't believe the results have been free and fair and they think up to 10 percent of votes may have been manipulated somehow came up in 1st iraq a lie from tbilisi thank you. the united nations is opening the latest round of talks on libya in the chain is in capital $75.00 libyan representatives have been invited symbolizing the 75th anniversary of the un last month both sites and as the permanent cease fire which is largely held the talks are
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a continuation of the berlin conference and similar thoughts in morocco switzerland and cairo. if the o.p.'s prime minister it's a saxes army chief and 2 others at the top of his government's casualties months from a military operation in the north the foreign minister the head of intelligence and the army's top commander of the remote 5 days ago are be ordered the offensive against rebels in the northern region of tikrit. after a year in exile bolivia's former president over morale is on his way home he was greeted by supporters as he left argentina paralysis forced to resign last november after a violent process and accusations of electoral fraud. moralists took the plane the same day one of his former cabinet members was sworn in as bolivia's new president those are say he has promised to rebuild the country critics fear his policies could be influenced by his former boss traceable reports. a new
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precedent for bolivia after a year filled with unrest and violence resurfacing was sworn in on sunday surrounded by members of the country's indigenous communities and foreign representatives and assist says he wants to govern an inclusive bolivia. we want a government for everyone with no discrimination we will stick you need to live in peace in this road democracy is crucial so we can get people's vote free and fair elections for everyone. accusations of fraud in the elections last year. ended with the resignation of bolivia's 1st indigenous leader in what alice it whatever it is returning from on monday after being in exile here in argentina for almost a year it's not clear yet which role if any he's going to play in the new government of we thought of who will have to show he think charge and not a puppet of the still popular and influential morales outgoing interim president
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anyone yes who took office after more than his resignation last year was not present at the ceremony but out of made clear his view of her leadership. the 2 objectives of the defector government were to pacify and call for elections that did not fulfill them instead they began persecuting and kill political opponents. during the now you ration the president called for a minute of silence for those killed during the protest last year. bolivia is deeply divided between poor and rural sectors in the highlands and the richer low lands indigenous commune. he's playing a crucial role in the new administration of lucetta saying. almost my us almost well at least we are miles gorani i'm approaches we're i model and picture was we are people of the culture of life that sparked our wise rebellion now there is
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a new dawn in our history or empathy for others and collective good replace individual as. we said a city will rule a divided country that is struggling with the impact of called it 19 he was economy minister why mandalas was in office and responsible for the economic growth that empowered millions of people in the country but analysts say the situation is different now. when the mass party was in power in the past there was an economic boom that gave them money to help the population latin america and bolivia are in crisis bolivia has a 13 percent deficit so it's not going to be easy and there are other problems like concerns over racism and region i rivalries have remarried in the past year small protests have been on the rise in recent days but our says presidency is viewed as a guarantee for bolivia's indigenous majority that bay will be left behind. and.
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a strengthening tropical storm has made landfall in the florida keys days after killing dozens of people in mexico and central america rescuers in guatemala finds more bodies after lunch slides triggered by the storm eater devastated areas in some of the country's most remote mountainous regions 60000 people have been forced to leave their homes. this is al jazeera these are the headlines u.s. president elect joe biden has outlined his administration's 4 big priorities including the coronavirus pandemic his name to members of a covert 1000 working group and is expected to name the others on monday as the u.s. continues to reports a record daily number of infections but donald trump is still refusing to concede defeat his team is preparing legal.


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