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my past caught up with. a made us all pay the price daisy and ducks on al-jazeera. the arab. here as president elect joe biden begins work on key policies despite stalled traunch refusal to concede setting up a difficult transition of power. hello there i'm alamo here dean and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up here and talks on the be a get underway in chillis with the aim of preparing for elections center last month signing of a cease fire agreements. one of the 7 wonders of the world reopens pants under strict coronavirus measures after being closed for 8 months. and tropical storm
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each term aches landfall in the u.s. state of florida after killing dozens of people in central america. where the transition to a joe biden presidency in the united states is gathering pace with some key decisions already made the president elect has announced this task force to tackle what he says this is top priority the coronavirus pandemic is co-chaired by dr david kessler who served on the bush and clinton administrations on sunday biden visit a church cemetery where family members are buried including his late son donald trump spent the day playing golf and side washington and is still refusing to concede defeat his campaign is planning legal challenges and states vary he's dismissing the counting of votes where world leaders including israel's binyamin
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netanyahu and saudi arabia's mohammed and sound man have congratulated joe biden while former u.s. presidents and republican george w. bush also sent his. swishes well here's some more of what george bush had to say in that notes posted on instagram he that buys in for the patriotic message that he delivered on saturday nights and saying that he also called on the harris to congratulate her on her historic election for the vice presidency he goes on that we have political differences on no joe biden to be a good man who has won his opportunity to lead and unify our country i offered him the same thing i offered president obama my prayers for his success and my pledge to help well another republican senator mitt romney believes that trump will accept the results of his legal challenges fail but he cautions on his use of language i think one has to be careful in the choice of words i think i think would you say
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that the election was corrupt or stolen or rigged but that's unfortunately rather rhetoric that gets picked up by authoritarians around the world and i think it also discourages confidence in our democratic process here at home and and with the battle going on right now between authoritarianism and freedom why i think i think it's very important that we not use language which which can encourage. a course in history which would be very very unfortunate let's head to washington d.c. and our white house correspondent kimberly kimberly that's the state of play of the minutes let's start with high things will move forward and the bites and see now as i understand this is still being counted but they've hit the ground running have they not. monday morning in washington as the biden heris transition team is already moving forward with its agenda
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announcing monday morning in the united states as americans wake up that there is a fresh new approach they say to dealing with covert 19 in the united states the announcement of a task force now this is a team of public health experts and doctors and scientists that will advise the transition team on a myriad of policies moving forward now the transition team says that in fact this will allow for the elevation of the voices of science to curb the spread of the disease and that this task force will be working with state and local officials to allow for schools and businesses to reopen so this is a clear agenda sort of promise that was made on the campaign trail by joe biden and camila harris that they would make this a top priority but make no mistake about it there will be other top priorities for this transition team as well including how to hit the ground running following inauguration to do a number of the trumpet ministrations policies including rejoining the paris
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clavichord rejoining the world health organization and even on doing parts of the travel ban for a handful of muslim majority countries so it's very clear in the statement being made by this team is that they want to have drastically different policies * beginning on day one meanwhile the truck company they still haven't conceded this election wincing the legal actions have run its course so how are those lawsuits progressing. we'll get a real clear understanding in the coming hours about where these lawsuits stand and really sort of the depth of breath of them if there is anything to these allegations of voter irregularity for example in the u.s. state of nevada the campaign says they found a whole host of examples of people mailing in ballots that were for example day so they had a family member mailing it in on their behalf sort of voting on the intent of what
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they thought this person might vote in other cases there were ballots turned in for people who had moved away the problem in all of this was that because of cope with 19 unsolicited ballots were mailed to people many who no longer lived at those addresses and so this is what the trunk campaign is saying is that this was rife for fraud and they're going to demonstrate this in a number of court cases you have to remember the election result is not yet official what has been called has been called by media networks in the united states which is something that's been done for years and in the u.s. but this is the opportunity the trump campaign believes it has and says that the media doesn't call the election that there is a process put in place by congress the u.s. constitution and so as a result they say that they are going to be utilizing this window of opportunity and to be clear the 70000000 americans who voted for donald trump expect him to do
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this so no plans just yet for the u.s. president to concede but it's also important to note the president also has a clear schedule nothing on his public agenda it's very obvious that he is working to see what legal options are still available to him ok kimberly holcomb there bring us the very latest from washington d.c. thank you. well the challenges facing joe biden are unprecedented the pandemic the worst school recession the century ends a climate crisis rob reynolds takes a look ahead. once the celebrations by joe biden and kamel harris's supporters have faded the enormity of the task facing the president elect and his deputy looms ahead and i'm humbled by the trust and confidence you placed in me. biden has pointed to the covert 19 pandemic now rampaging virtually unchecked throughout the country as his most urgent priority our work to get through getting covert under
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control by the time he takes the oath of office the situation may be far worse than it is now there are several months between now and when i can actually takes control if the current administration doesn't do an about face we will see much more misery much more unnecessary deaths infectious disease specialists say biden must work hard to convince the millions of people swayed by trump's rejection of science and math swearing to change their behavior needs to gather the right people around him. which i know he will do he needs to get rid of those individuals who have been voicing nonscientific and unsound. bad advice some things will be relatively easy for biden to accomplish by executive action rejoining the paris climate accords reinstating environmental protection
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rules eliminated under trump and reversing the so-called muslim ban but if the senate stays under republican control biden may be forced to compromise on vital matters like the size of an economic stimulus and relief legislation even more difficult to get through. the senate will be biden's plans to increase taxes on high earners extend health care insurance to more americans and overhaul immigration laws we know one thing about president elect biden it's that he's somebody who has that instead of getting things done reaching across the aisle especially in a place like the senate and i think that's going to be exactly the set of attributes be so important to getting anything done at all it's an old cliche to say after an election victory now comes the hard part but for joe biden and campbell harris the path ahead is as steep and as difficult as that of any incoming administration in u.s.
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history rob reynolds' al jazeera los angeles. well the peaceful transfer of power has been a hallmark of american democracy biden harris team is already in the process of filling $4000.00 government jobs after each state signs off on its results members of the electoral college will meet in december to cast their ballots reflecting their state's votes the results are then certified by the new congress in early january answer according to tradition trump would be expected to attend the swearing in ceremony of joe biden and come on the harris on january 20th but if trump's lawyers are able to nullify the election or delay its results the speaker of the house of representatives nancy pelosi would step into the presidency trump's refusal to concedes is raising fears he may undermine that transition process the washington post is reporting that the head of the government's general services administration is refusing to sign the letter allowing joe biden's transition team
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to get to work the paperwork is needed to give access to government officials office space and agencies and millions of dollars required to switch from one administration to another was caught because as a professor of american politics at the university of birmingham in the u.k. he says the lack of cooperation is a problem for the biden team but notes on an expensive one. if you cannot get access to the office as an equipment if you cannot get access to the personnel to make the handover it's like buying a new house and then having someone walk you out and being able to get into it the question is how long can the trumpet ministration whoever is handed down the order to the head of the general services administration how long can they maintain this blockade on cooperation i think it's not unexpected however to the by paris transition team so what they're focusing on is what we go ahead and set out what we're going to do anyway i thought it was extremely important today that they announce the coronavirus task force with public health experts medical experts
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technology experts because they can be putting the measures into place that they want to pursue from day one to handle the pandemic and addition as your correspondent noted by state of the executive orders protecting the dreamers the young children of undocumented immigrants who deportation rejoining the world health organization protecting environmental regulations that at least that's markers down. now a new round of talks on libya is getting underway to disease capital $75.00 libyan representatives have been invited symbolizing the 75th anniversary of the united nations which is leading discussions last month both sides announced a permanent cease fire which is largely held but the talks are way to set up the groundwork for possible elections where the presidents of chine is the address the gathering same peace in libya and the region relies on unity between all libyans.
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libya's unified nation some people talk of western and eastern libya but we tell them that libyans are one people this kind of rhetorical could lead to the division of libya the tunisian people refuse this because they know that all libyans refusing to list it's a danger on the region as a whole and as it could open the door to division in other neighboring nations. well clear harriet juno's one of those latest round of talks so you. need to go what are they hoping ball come out of it so what's happening in tunis is the 1st in paris a meeting of the libyan political dialogue forum these are talks brokered by the united nations and the u.n. has an fated 75 delegates from libya to take part but that number 75 doesn't actually have anything to do with that via the un charter was that number because it's the 75th anniversary this year of the saying of the u.n. charter so these 75 people are broadly representative of libya according to the
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acting u.n. special envoy stephanie williams and she's an american diplomat who's address the conference this morning in arabic seeing we're on the very edge of a new libya so what is the aim for this new libya well in a word it's elections these delegates are tasked with devising a road map that's the un's word essentially a blueprint for a specific set of mechanisms to low elections to happen as soon as possible and these elections are to result in a single unified libyan government so fractured is libya that there are 2 rival administrations each claiming to be the legitimate one indeed in president case aid has called these talks historic by all measured measures and of caution against the splitting up of the country so the hope therefore is that these elections are the
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best means to address the crisis in the just missy of the current institutions and the long period of transition and the cycle of violence that has accompanied it ok clear harriet birdlife for us judas thank you very much indeed. still to come here on al-jazeera shocks to the turkish economy the finance minister resigns and its currency cites to record moves. and claiming victory in myanmar the ruling party says it's warm enough seats to form the next government. hello once again it's nice and quiet across china and the korean peninsula wasn't quite the weather also making its way towards japan a letter to the few showers that only show
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a brace just feeding some showers into northern parts of honshu into al qaida and that will be wintry in nature from time to time face it quieted down a little as we go through the 2nd half of the way cam but you can see the showers still there nevertheless 16 celsius in tokyo far into the day on wednesday 60 celsius 2 for soul so warming up some the temperature there for beijing as you can see much of china does look fine and dry over the coming days and light winds feeling really quite pleasant fun to try to across a good part of south asia although we will see increasing cloud and rain drifting in and northeasterly monsoon pushing the showers too was the east coast of india some heavy downpours braces finzi feeding their way into sri lanka so we are likely to see flooding here we go through the next couple days certainly not out of the question for the showers here as we go through wednesday and that what's the weather that we have across eastern parts of india stating a fair way up the eastern gas will see some wet weather from disha pushing all the way down into tom will not do for much of india astroid and find small problems in
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new delhi dry to pakistan. rewind returns with updates on the best of al-jazeera is documentaries. the moving story of 2 young turk when girls in afghanistan. at last able to get an education after years of oppressive taliban occupation. but what has become of their dreams. rewind pencils and bullets. on al-jazeera.
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this is al jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour u.s. president elect joe biden has announced his transitional covert 19 advisory board he says tackling the pandemic will be one of his 4 big priorities the u.s. continues to record reports of record staley number of infections donald trump is still refusing to concede defeat his team is preparing legal challenges designed the candidates in battleground states that favor joe biden. and a new round of talks on libya is getting underway agencies capitol 75 libyan representatives invited symbolizing the 75th anniversary of the united nations which is leading discussions. of the world health organizations decision making body is meeting as cool with 1000 cases and deaths surge worldwide the annual
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ministerial world health assembly is taking place after a shortened session in may open in the largely virtual conference the w.h.o. head cold for scientific solutions and solidarity to combat the pandemic we might be tired of corbett 19 but it is not tired of us years it preys on laws and we grow held but it preys on our her weaknesses jule inequality division denounce we sure jean jean and we fully ignore those. well the us has reported 4 straight days of new coronavirus infection records on saturday more than 126000 cases and around 1000 deaths were reported at least 230000 people are known to have died with co with 1000 in the united states its
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total infection count is nearing 10000000. turkey has congratulated azerbaijan's president suzanne says forces have seized an important city in the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh is the 2nd biggest city in the region where there's a bunch on as fighting with armenia celebrations continued into the night in the as area capital baku its military says the fighting in the going to cover is intensifying but the armenians are telling a different story the spokesman for the armenian prime minister says their forces have been engaged in intensive combat in shusha or shashi as the armenians call it he also says the azerbaijan forces have retreated. turkey's finance minister says he's resigning because of health reasons but by a truck who's also the son i'm more of president richard so i've heard one made the announcements on his instagram account it comes to days after the central bank
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governor was sanct turkey's currency the lira has lost 30 percent of its value against the u.s. dollar since the starts of the year since of course you will who is in istanbul one says a president or want to accept the resignation it will be a significant move. for sure this resignation is going to be a game changer especially for president are gone and his ruling party decides to corner me because the polls the surveys show that the support for the ruling our party has been down to 33 percent where people accuse the bad economic management for this and it's not only the opposition or the investors accusing the government for bad economy management but it's also some circles within the party and we have been hearing that a group of up party members were about to decided to resign and switch to other offshoot parties so just looking at today since the morning in the early morning tradings the turkish lira which lost 30 percent value against the american dollar
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has gained 1.7 percent against the american dollar just within the early trading which is seen as an investor optimism in turkey right now so what is next for the finance minister better. known because some circles say that don who may need takes his family as 1st he will not leave him out and he may appoint him as a vice president as within the new presidential system the president has the right to appoint multiple vice presidents but some say that finance minister is willing to take over the management of the ruling party which will not be welcomed by others but this is seen as a positive news because many have accused the government for the ailing economy. iraqi security forces are searching for attackers who killed at least 4 people police say a gunman and 4 vehicles opened fire on an army post and western baghdad they used
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grenades and automatic weapons several others including soldiers were injured. the leadership in ethiopia's northern regions says the area has been hit by at least 10 government airstrikes 5 days ago prime minister of the modes ordered the offensive against forces in the region he accuses them of trying to break up the country and he says the operation there will end soon those responsible will be brought to justice. myanmar's governing party says it is one and our seats to form a government that's despite snow official announcement from the election commission or counting is still going on the national league for democracy party led by aung san suu kyi won a landslide election victory 5 years ago a fellow has more for young people. we were supposed to get some results earlier today was supposed to get the 1st such results run 12 new and newer rides for the
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unfortunately the union election commission hasn't released them yet i think there's been some issues going on that they knocked on the facebook page this morning that they've been. late last night in that they were at sort of the problem but we're still not hearing the officials out but the kind is a whole thing done by individual parties and the n.l.b. national league for democracy the ruling party on some teachings party has announced that they feel they have enough seats to form a government to majority and holly she is they will be able to choose the president which is the most significant thing because it is the president the most powerful position in iraq that manages that chooses the ministries that forms the government so it is quite significant if it's true we all still waiting on the official results but all signs at the moment point to an end i'll do you when i'm not just a win as we expected but a huge majority a landslide victory as we saw in 2015 the elders even say they think they may have got more seats than they did in 2015 so quite significant tropical storm has made
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landfall in the u.s. state of florida after causing widespread damage in parts of central america dozens of people have died and more than a 1000000 displaced in honduras alone. reports. this is where rescue teams are searching for survivors. guatemala's guy her village is one of many hit by a series of landslides caused by storm eda an indigenous community of about a 1000 people live in this area and authorities fear many may have been buried alive across the country more than 60000 people have been evacuated and more could follow. it's a similar scene across southern mexico and central america the storm has displaced around a 1000000 people in and doris thank this u.s. army helicopter rescue some flood victims who've lost everything floodwaters have
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left dozens dead and scores homeless. for now entire communities will have to call shelters like these home their only personal space as outlined by 4 mattresses that lay next to one another. and i will come whenever we need help because we're left on the street everything is flooded people are asking to be taken out of their houses because they were trapped on a real sweetheart deal the river overflowed and water washed into the homes of dozens of families we lost all of our belongings in the flood we've been left with nothing. in the u.s. state of florida the storm could bring more chaos in nearby cuba tens of thousands of people have evacuated their homes and many are bracing for the worse. it. got. in my house we are ready we filled our water tanks including one on our roof my sister went to look for bread and i bought butter we've been searching for
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things in preparing ourselves so. it has been described as one of the fiercest storms to hit the region in years. governments and rescue teams in several countries fear this may very well be the beginning. this is the young al-jazeera. now after a year in exile bolivia's former president omar others is on his way home the 61 year old was greeted by supporters at an airport in argentina on sunday he plans to drive into bolivia royalist left the country last november after a violent process and accusations of electoral fraud now handfuls of tourists and visitors are trickling back into much of picchu after the heritage site finally reopens whose governments made it off limits in march to the coronavirus charlotte ballasts reports. much of picchu is not like any other place in the world as global covert 1000 cases surge and lockdowns cascade into effect its in can
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ruins have reopened. much a big tournament but the 1st to enter much of peachy really is a thrill all i can tell all peruvians and all the world is to come we have all the security measures it is very safe to be here and you will be well received. unesco world heritage site is closed in march because of coronavirus restrictions it officially reopened to this week but with health checks and capacity limited to 30 percent or $680.00 terrorists a day the 1st visit was just yama in october the japanese tourist received a special exemption to into early after waiting for 7 months in a nearby town much you picchu sits 2400 meters above sea level where the peruvian andes meet the amazon basin archaeologists believe it was built in the 15th century as a century front in can empower it remains one of the most significant portals into
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inconsiderate eyes ation as peru's top tourist attraction the local economy relies on the travellers it draws especially foreigners its closure affected nearly a quarter of a 1000000 workers shopkeepers in nearby cusco say they lost more than 2 thirds of their income and yet it has been super terrible because there were no tourists you can only see resident tourists who live here who live nearby and nothing else. peru is closing in on $1000000.00 cases of covert 19 with nearly $35000.00 deaths for a country of $32000000.00 people that's the highest per capita mortality rate in the world but cases analogy creasing and restrictions easing. it's been quite complicated for all of us who work in tourism the city basically lives off it and it's been a very hard blow many shops are closed many people lost their jobs now the gates
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have reopened proving once a hopeful price a day or hid shell of dallas al-jazeera. and you can remember you can find more on this story and others on our website the address for that is al jazeera dot com. this is al jazeera these are the headlines u.s. president elect joe biden has announced his transitional covert 19 advisory board he says tackling the pandemic will be one of his 4 big priorities the u.s. continues to records a record number of daily covert infections can be harkat has more from washington this is a team of public health experts and doctors and scientists that will advise the transition team on a myriad of policies moving forward now the transition team says that in fact.


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