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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2020 7:00am-7:31am +03

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story of 2 young girls in afghanistan at last able to get an education after pressing taliban occupation. what has become of their rewind, pencils and bullets on al-jazeera? i just think it's great, frankly. u.s. president elect joe biden says donald trump's refusal to can see will not help his legacy or stop the transfer of power which is their life, and also coming up clashes on the streets of lima. following the swearing in of
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a new peruvian president. this is a very celebrated and armenians protest. russian peacekeepers are deployed as part of a cease fire deal to end the fighting and calls for a cease fire in ethiopia, growing region where hundreds have died and thousands are fleeing into the u.s. president elect. joe biden has called donald trump's refusal to concede the presidential election an embarrassment, but biden says nothing will stop the transfer of power in january 1st despite the trumpet ministration. reportedly refusing to assess the president elect's transition team. alan fischer reports from washington d.c. . well, donald trump is keeping a low profile, joe biden is putting himself front and center. this was an event to discuss the
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affordable care act, but the president elect questions on other topics and he had a message to the man he replaced. and his refusal to accept the result. i just think it's an embarrassment. great, frankly. the only thing that how can we say this tax? i think it will help the president's legacy. i think that i know from my discussions with foreign leaders of us for that they are hopeful that the united states democratic institutions are viewed once again as being strong and endure. and, but i think at the end of the day, you know, it's all going to come to fruition in january 20th. all foreign leaders, a calling joe biden to congratulate him. trump, secretary of state america's top diplomat,
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has called the result into question. it will be a smooth transition to a 2nd term in mr. asian. right? we're ready. the world is watching what's taking place here. we're going to count all the votes. when the process is completed, they'll be electors selected. there's a process, the constitution lays it out pretty clearly. various government agencies and departments, it's been reported have been ordered by the white house not to help with the presidential transition because in its view, the result is still in doubt. that hasn't stopped joe biden, pushing ahead with planning for day one, even without the immediate assistance of the chump administration. and the leader of the republicans in the senate says the dilly, want to create problems. i don't think anything that's occurred so far. iraq's an ordinary process of moving through the various steps that i indicated and allowing if there is a new administration to work through the transition,
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all of these ships will be taken at the appropriate time. this election has already seen a lot of legal challenges. there might be another one coming as the bike camping considers going to court to force donald trump's team to start planning for the handover of power. alan fischer. al-jazeera washington. record numbers of people are in hospital in the united states with corona virus, as the number of new cases continues to saul almost 62000 people are currently hospitalized with coded 19, a 1000000. people have been infected in the united states in just the last 10 days . let's cross now to heidi zone castro, who is in washington. d.c. . heidi just give us a bit more on the numbers. sure, imre, now for the 1st time since this pandemic, the number of new daily cases in the united states has surpassed one 135000 with daily deaths averaging close to 1000.
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now these numbers are of the highest figures. there have been yet it's the beginning of this pandemic. and there are translating to see pain across the country in states like texas and el paso, there are multiple mobile morgue units parked behind hospitals in north dakota. another hot spot that the governor there has authorized medical staff who have tested positive for the who are asymptomatic. continue working with us is the desperation for nurses and doctors to continue their work. now that is the bad news, but the good news that americans are hoping for is of course what we heard on monday that there is a vaccine candidate with a 90 percent efficacy against co that developed by pfizer. and today that the u.s. health secretary alex is our lead, laid out
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a very optimistic timeline for distribution of that and other vaccines. he says that by december, the medical 1st responders as well as nursing home residents, may be the 1st to receive doses of those vaccines, followed by more frontline workers in january. and there's very optimistic scenario. the general population of americans by march or april of next year. but of course, in iran, that is, if there are no major delays,, how does it for us in washington, d.c., mass protests are taking place across peru after martin and his car was removed as president protesters forge with police outside congress and the capital. lima has caused this car remains very popular despite the accusations of corruption that led to his impeachment is now he was accused of accepting hundreds of thousands of
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dollars in bribes when he was a regional governor, but denies any wrongdoing. money. well, marino was warning as proof that new president, early on tuesday, the next presidential election is in april. marianna sanchez reports from lima, anger, and outrage biggest major cities from lima to school today. keep protesters clashed with riot police. dozens were arrested violence also erupting around the perimeter of congress, when maybe no, was sworn in this new interim president. and this congress does whatever they want with us. we have to fight the country, can't go on like this in his message. maybe, you know, said he been intrusted with a legitimate vote to defend the nation. this momentum we do visit, but at least this is a difficult time for the country to people have expectations and a look at us worried that the crisis isn't deniable. we must act maturely. he knew
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i should. peruvians elections will be held in april and that he will respect the rule of law. but that's a message that you believe plausible. 68 of 130 lawmakers face criminal investigations from murder to money laundering, abuse and fraud, among other charges. the new congress president faces 52 investigations alone. peruvian, say corruption is entrenched at the highest levels. and the outgoing president of the one person many believe could bring honesty to government, has been impeached and removed from office. because carter was the, the only president who had the strength to put things in order. the new government is taking power to satisfy their personal ambitions. they knew they wouldn't be reelected. some political foes of this new government say the law makers and gave it to shield themselves from prosecution with immunity and eventually change the constitution to allow for their reelection far from his quite good by
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a monday now former president, he's got a who faces 2 investigations for corruption is questioning the legitimacy of the impeachment. he says the votes to unseat him would only be valid if sanctioned by the people around the country. a few peruvians are content with out of office. well, you have got us in minutes here that actually discard deserved to be finished. a lot can happen. now. there is a lot of uncertainty. but the spite their differences, most people here are certain about one thing. after 3 presidents in the last 4 years, nothing peruvian politics can surprise them. but in a scientist i'll just leave the funeral for chief palestinian negotiator side. eric hatch will be held later on wednesday. he died or on choose day from covert 1000 complications. that was a key figure in talks with israel for more than 20 years, for a force that looks back on his life. saberi cat was at the center of the israeli palestinian
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conflict for much of his life. for many around the world, one of the most familiar and effective voices for the palestinian cause. his death came just over a month since he was diagnosed with coated 19, his wife and one of his daughters. among those who rushed to the west jerusalem hospital where he was being treated from yorkey pide west bank, the tributes began to come in. it was somebody who persisted despite commanders are posted up to extremely cruel attack, who devoted his whole life to ensuring that palestinian life and palestinians are right. i say, and i've indicated that was 12 years old when israeli tanks rolled into his hometown of jericho, part of a war that lasted 6 days and reshaped the region and his life. he attended university in the united states and moved to england to complete a ph d.
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in conflict resolution. at the madrid peace talks in 1901, he insisted on wearing the coffee or the symbol of palestinian national identity. and the decades following as a palestinian chief negotiator, he would be both criticized and praised for his stubbornness over terms for a 2 state solution based on the 1967 borders being get tough negotiator as he was. it was almost all there. e, i would say possible to negotiate because we all knew well, well, he's real red lines, but the day of his death also brought fresh attacks from some on the israeli right . prime minister benjamin netanyahu, some called him a terrorist who worked for the destruction of israel. over the years. erekat described a growing pessimism at israel's expansion of illegal settlements and the steady entrenchment of its occupation. and those who really can undermine that was that
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solution. how to play with it, or do what i call one step closer to the thought of course. now apartheid i don't think in the 21st century, they will get away with it. but all the while he'd been fighting a more personal battle risperidone disease that would in 2017 require a transplant of both lungs and leave him among the most vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic. on tuesday afternoon, a records body was brought here to ramallah ahead of his burial in his hometown of jericho. on wednesday, he was aware in his latter years that the failure to achieve a palestinian state had affected his standing. they say i should have got a tongue transplant instead of a lung transplant. he once said, but he never did give up on his advocacy for a 2 state solution to a conflict that has now outlived him. are a force that al-jazeera ramallah in the occupied west bank. still ahead on now,
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does there are we take a look at how the pandemic has impacted consumer spending, as the world's biggest online sale kicks off. and mexico looks to go back in time with a can of controversial new parks that could be a breath of fresh air for residents of the capital. looks like the rainy season is coming across parts of the middle east, a fair amount of cloud showing up on the satellite picture here anywhere from the caucuses down towards northern parts of saudi arabia. you could see some, but some places afraid possibility some localized flooding as a result of that. there we go. the right, sliding in from the eastern parts of pushing across the caucasus easing over towards southern parts of the caspian sea. well,
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the areas of iran could see some showers long spells of rain there, feeding down across iraq, kuwait, seeing some of that wetter weather along with saudi arabia add it will continue to drive its way further eastwards as we go through thursday. some heavier rain there running across turkmenistan, uzbekistan, tajikistan more than parts of afghanistan. just dry here in doha for the time big come the end of the week and even may what we might see, a spot or 2 of light rain. so that's something to watch out for. plenty of rain. meanwhile, across central parts of africa. lots of clouds showing up across central areas, a seasonal rains doing quite nicely in the process of sinking a little further south with say you see that heavy rain just pushing down into tanzania. some wetter weather, also sliding down into mozambique as we go through the next couple of days. could even see some wet weather for botswana. jump into the stream and julian on global community bio diversity is bio security.
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it is that essential for our species to survive. be part of the debate, i know you, her panties, and you can be part of this conversation when no topic is off the table, the police are not neutral and all of these cases goal here is to terrorize. and here's the other part of this. there's no consequence this stream on out is the you're watching out, is there a reminder of all top stories this hour? u.s. president elect joe biden has called donald trump's refusal to concede the
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presidential election an embarrassment, but he says nothing will stop the transfer of power in january. protests have been taking place across peru after martin. this car was removed as president protesters forged with police outside congress in lima. this current remains very popular despite accusations of corruption that led to his impeachment russian peacekeeping forces. i've been deployed to kyra back following a deal to end 6 weeks of fighting the disputed region. is internationally recognized as part of azerbaijan, but is controlled by ethnic armenians spent the day celebrating, what's been seen as a win delivering swathes of territory to that country. but in neighboring armenia has been described as a disaster. bill hamid reports from year alone. like it or not. it's a nation in shock. many baffled that their media has signed an agreement. they see
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as humiliating. and for some the anger was too much to contain. by early morning, protestors started to arrive in front of parliament. i don't know how this nation believes this man says, calling on people to rise up. emotions were high, and soon the anger turned into chaos for me as prime minister to resign. among the people here veterans of the 1st war, thereby jan in the early 1990, s. mothers of soldiers who recently died and displaced people from nagorno-karabakh. nina and her mother bear to are dismayed. they left their hometown of stepan, occurred by john at the beginning of the fighting. her father stayed behind the other a much harder to make articles on the one who signed this agreement didn't ask our opinion, he signed in secret. it's a crime. i want to return there. my trains are all there. i'm not having
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a normal education because of current virus and the war. i will only go back if the children of the prime minister come and live there with me. like everyone here, nina and berta want the agreement to be cancelled boardin, a 1200 soldiers lost their lives order past 6 weeks. i mean, it has now also lost all 7 as every region surrounding the un clave it had occupied since $994.00 as well as a tile of shusha in the corner. it's hard to swallow. this is a very difficult time for me and for prime minister and he called bashing on that he was already under intense international pressure to signed a cease fire agreement. and now is having an even harder time at home, explaining to people that this was the best option. in the current situation, there was no chance of making another decision. i plan to give more details such as why and what the reason was behind last month's events. i can't do right now for one simple reason because stopping military actions is the main focus right now.
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and if i say something, i couldn't danger people. but bush in the end hasn't managed to convince many people, even among those who are calling for his resignation. yes, i'm an ordinary mother, but what happened is horrible. every day we were given good news and suddenly this happens. good or bad. i don't know, but i don't want an agreement at the price of all those innocent children who died . it should have been done earlier. he needs to answer our questions. some of the russian peacekeepers have already arrived. they will be deployed in to guarantee the ceasefire. but for armenians, this sense of loss that azerbaijan felt for nearly 3 decades is just beginning to seep in. but up to the conflict in northern ethiopia is threatening to spill over the country's borders and appears to be fueling a humanitarian crisis. prime minister ordered an offensive in t.
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great last week after accusing local forces that of attacking a military base. since then hundreds have been killed. mohammed has more from the capital, i did celebrations on the streets of a tiny town. in north, an ethiopian residents came to welcome for the forces who've just protecting the town from 2 great fighters does show, which is in the region was captured by 2 ground forces a week ago during fighting with troops along with your peers, north and command whose bases there talked or not they, we could hear a lot of gunfire. the whole village panicked. but thanks to the i'm heart of regional special forces who were able to save a lot of the national defense forces. if your peers, federal government continued to claim more victories on tuesday, with its defense forces saying they had seized the airport in to cry. near the border with sudan and eritrea. they also paraded some militiamen from the to cry.
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people's liberation front, who they said had defected. as had some political agenda because we must not go to wolf, the post reasons we should be defending a national unity. so the young men to take ray should not go to war. of a telephone and internet communications blackout. integrate, has made it difficult to verify the situation on the ground. the african union is the latest to join international calls for an immediate cease fire and dialogue to a peaceful solution. a u. chairperson, most of achim hamad, appealed for an immediate cessation of hostilities and called on parties to respect human rights and assure the protection of civilians. the government, however, is adamant that it won't talk until the opposition achieves its objectives of bringing the to great leadership to justice and confiscating or destroying artillery and other arms. the group has, it's in possession. what we know was they had some missiles which could go to 300 kilometers. that means they could to strike
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a marriage and they could also strike our followers. they could strike us matter. that's easier, it was insane. so that's why the government asked for us to destroy it. hundreds of people have already been killed in the conflict. that's been mostly causes, treated in western to grow close to the border with sudan under the train. according to diplomats, a large number of refugees, including troops, i say, took already crossed into sudan. there are fears this conflict could trigger civil war in the most populous nation, in the horn of africa. to grant account for 6 percent of ethiopia, dominate the politics for 30 years before prime minister rule rejoined mr. prime minister going reforms to bring about a unitary system of government, which destroys the current federal one diplomats are now wanted. the longer the conflict takes, the more difficult it might be to bring back to grey region into ethiopians for the
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nation of regional states. i discovered china's top online retailer has kicked off the world's biggest online sale. the cycle singles, a shopping event hosted by the ali baba group is bigger than black friday and cyber monday. in the u.s. combined nearly $600000.00 transactions a 2nd, were recorded at its peak this year. sales have reportedly already reached more than $56000000000.00. katrina, you lie for us in beijing. the train is worth repeating that figure again, 600000 transactions a 2nd. that's extraordinary. what a single strain. why is it so significant in china? that's right. well 1st of all just let me tell you where we are. we're here at a delivery center on the outskirts of beijing where some packages are being processed behind me and they're among the millions and millions of packages that
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will be shipped across the country, cost china for the single day shopping and that now it was 1st started 12 years ago by economists giant alley at an event to stand. in contrast to valentine's day single day is a play on november 11th 1111. it's really a day for those unpartnered people to instead take advantage of discounts and treat themselves to gifts. now today it's much more than that. many more retailers and online shops take advantage of today, and it appears that lost not only on the never november 11th, but for a period of 2 weeks. but there are markdowns on everything from daily necessities to big ticket items such as cars and even luxury apartments. and the reason this event is so significant is that it's seen as a economic for china's health, really. and especially in a year where president xi jinping is said that the country really needs to turbo charge it shift away from relying on exports to the domestic economy. building up the consumer market. people are really be encouraged to spend as much as possible,
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and some people have even been given the day off to do that a day off to do that. well, katrina, the house, the pandemic. there's a spending well, the pentagon, a cure in china, is largely under control. we've seen relatively, very few cases of domestic transmissions in the past few months. that being said, many people have retained the habits that they built up over the time of lock down earlier. this year, and that is to say more people are shopping online even for things that they would traditionally go to brick and mortar shops to buy. so because of that, more people are spending and this year you said $56000000000.00 earlier during your interview, actually the most updated figure that we have is that $80000000000.00 has been spent over the last 10 days because of these singles day discounts. and that might be surprising considering the slowing global economy, but analysts have
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a broken down into 2 types of shoppers who see more price conscious, budget conscious shoplift shop, as who are buying in bulk, taking advantage of discounts on things like to shoe when fresh fruit, but then we're also seeing these wealthy a customers in china who have been unable to travel overseas and because of that, the spending a lot more on big ticket luxury items. and of course also wristing a really big shift, the focus you missed by move things to do with taking care of the health service, doing the shipment and the buying of things like of vitamins and supplements, sporting goods and of course, face masks. also katrina, you there reporting for us and beijing trying to spend too much money. thank you very much. bolivia's former president evo morales has returned to his home nation after spending a year in exile in argentina. where all this was greeted by hundreds of supporters as he visited his family home. if led bolivia last year after violent protests
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followed a presidential election in which of many accuse him of fraud. now for all this is returned to his close, luis are saying it was inaugurated, as bolivia's new president on sunday. police have police in mexico shot within protesters, prompting calls for a quick investigation from the un and the mexican human rights commission. footage shared widely on social media showed police using semiautomatic weapons on monday to break up a demonstration against the country's from inside crisis. 8 protesters were reportedly did detained after the shooting. and once begun on building what will become or largest world's largest urban parks, it's hoped the project on the outskirts of mexico's capital could mitigate air pollution. john home and rip explains from mexico city limits, cruise government canceled
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a $13000000000.00 pool midway through its construction. it caused immense controversy. have a look at what they are now. planning to put in its place. one of the biggest urban parks in the world. if it works out twice the size of manhattan architect, and yet here to believe is the man with the vision. what a little over $190.00 we are going to recover bodies of water. and that will help of recreate a bit of what the value of mexico looked like before an experience that even though we shouldn't be, will be almost new. mexico city's inhabitants, 500 years ago. vast areas of the capital were underwater to the extent that a prime mode of transport was the canoe. the park aims to bring some of that prehistoric flavor back. recovering $600.00 hectares of lakes and lagoons, but they'll be more than just water on offer. the plan is for basketball courts 5 a side football pitches, gyms picnic and camping areas to the hope is that some of mexico city's poorest
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neighborhoods, which partly surround the park, will benefit with bus routes planned from those communities. because we will not do it, which is a story. many of us think that it's a bit of social justice bringing cultural support and environmental facilities to populations that were traditionally abandoned or very little care for. many of the workers like to stay a basket live close by us to what she thought the part she's hoping to create are actually less good and safe. but the hope is that this is for my children and grandchildren that they can enjoy this because if they do what they say they will, it'll be a very big, i trust to god that i'll see it. but if not, at least my family will be the part should have an impact on the whole capital. the idea is that the boss, quantity of water and plants here will help reduce air contamination and heat in the city who sounds promising. but so far there's little more than this nurseries of local flora, just starting to grow. it doesn't look like much now,
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but the hope is that these little native plants are going to be the seed from which entire barren areas all this natural part of reforested to be as full of life as they were centuries before. the aim is to open by next year and have it finished by 2024 the end of the current government's term in office. many still believe that government made a big mistake in scrapping the apple. it's the part pans out. at the very least, it will be a real consolation john home and how does it which is there, and these are the top stories u.s. president elect, joe biden has called donald trump's refusal to concede the presidential election an embarrassment, but biden says nothing will stop the pro transfer of power in january record
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numbers of people in hospital in the united states with corona virus, as the number of new cases continues to soar. almost 62000 people.


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