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i was small times and it became criminal on al-jazeera. ethiopia says it's made gains in the northern 2 grave region where the military is battling local forces. aid agencies warn the area is now cut off people running out of food and medical supplies i'm convinced this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, elections will be held no more. no more than 18 months. u.n. led talks, hammer out a preliminary roadmap for libya, aimed at ending a decade of violence as coronavirus infection. so or across europe,
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the world health organization warns against lifting restrictions too quickly. and controversial plans to turn a world heritage site in indonesia into a drastic park style tuesday traction ethiopia's prime minister is claiming military gains in the north in tikrit region where the federal government is battling local forces. the conflict is raising fears of a humanitarian crisis. phone lines of cut off transport has been halted in and out of the region. if the european prime minister says the military offensive had, quote, liberated the western part of tikrit. and the region's leaders have been stripped of their immunity from prosecution. but thousands of people a day of fleeing the unrest many to neighboring sudan. it's triggered fears of a refugee emergency. aid agencies are warning they're unable to bring in much
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needed supplies into the region because of the fighting. the effects of began last week after the central government accused the region's forces of attacking a military thinks. we are told that communications continue to be disrupted. there are also reports of interest in term into electrical electricity supply shortages, as well as shortages of basic commodities such as flour and fuel or also being reported. banks remain closed and the shortage of vailable cash is becoming much more acute. we urge governments in the neighboring countries to keep their borders open for people, forced to flee from their homes and u.n.h. shores. also asking if you open a thora has to take steps to allow the agency to keep providing assistance to the safety, safety for refugees, and internally displaced. people who are in t. agree. the matter of being a key financier of the 994 rwandan genocide has pled not guilty and an
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international court in the hague. for the sand is accused of funding, militia groups and propaganda before and during the genocide which he denies. the former business man was arrested in paris and may offer to $26.00 is on the run. ethnic hutus killed at least $800000.00 mostly to seize just a few months. during the genocide. the united nations is calling for a government investigation into the killing of as many as 50 people attacked the mozambique fascism to iso have been blamed for the attacks which happened in kabul delgado province. the region is home to a multi $1000000000.00 natural gas project. thousands of people have been displaced since armed groups began operating there 3 years ago. and a state of dashiell has also accused mozambique and soldiers of committing atrocities during its crackdown on the violence. and also aimed at ending almost a decade of violence in libya have reached what the united nations is hailing as a breakthrough political agreement. rival factions have meeting in tunisia have
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agreed to free and fair inclusive elections within 18 months. the deal also your not the country's institutions on that one, government have been divided between the internationally recognized government of national accord in tripoli. and a rival house of representatives in the east affiliated with warlord holy for half . the libya has suffered violence since a nato backed uprising in 2011, overthrew longtime ruler want to gadhafi. but the situation has calmed after a ceasefire was agreed last month in geneva. today, the participants of the libyan political dialogue form reached a pole limon area agreement on every map for ending the transitional period and organizing free, fair, inclusive, and credible parliamentary and presidential elections. they outlined clear steps for reaching these elections. while most of the ahead is in tripoli and says
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the next step in the process is naming an interim government. there have been a lot of names nominated for these positions, but they are controversial names. the current presidential council includes 9 members according to this roadmap, and i wanted by williams yesterday. the new position council will include all the 3 members and also the government should run the country for 18 months before reaching presidential and parliamentary elections to be based on frame that 75 members of the libyan political dialogue forum held currently and are due to choose among themselves the members of the newly to be former government and presidential council,
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but also it has to take into consideration the conclusions of the military talks held in circuit court of the by the 5 plus 5 military commission, which is tasked with implementing the geneva agreement, which is entailing, get the remove all of all troops in the disputed areas, especially incident and job for and also that there was the will of foreign fighters and mercenaries from libya. so both tracks are growing and no one can succeed alone. so the global cry to virus pandemic now, and several states in the us, the reimposing restrictions as infections, their shatter records or the 136000 new cases were confirmed on wednesday. and texas has become the 1st state to record more than a 1000000 cases. measures have been tightened in new york and several midwest
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states. i tell you this in all sincerity, oklahoma. we are in trouble. our local and state health care resources are approaching their limits. and if nothing is done soon to slow the rise in cases, our hospitals will be more overwhelmed than they already are. and we won't be able to be there for all of those who need it. ukraine's president has been hospitalized after becoming the latest they did to contract covered 19 bottom is it in this case spokesman, told the voices, news agency, the decision to go to hospital was so that inskeep could isolate quote, accurately, as countries and governments across europe struggle to contain a rapidly spreading 2nd wave, the world health organization is warning them not to lift restrictions to protect. the agency says that could result in a major spike in new cases. anderson miserables for the u.k. . it's another landmark in the spread of covert and it's causing
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a lot more than $50000.00. people who tested positive have died. britain's total of dead is now the highest in europe, nearly 600 deaths on wednesday overtakes figures since may in the 1st wave. every death is a tragedy. we mourn everybody who's gone and, and often either with their families as and friends as well. we're not out of the woods yet. it does still require everybody to follow the guidance elsewhere. in europe, the spread is on the increase too. in italy where hotels are now being used to cope with an over spill of patients. the number of cases has now passed 1000000. and despite increased lockdown restrictions, such as here in florence, spain's number of dead within 24 hours has increased to more than 400. it's the highest since the 2nd wave began. france is now using mobile units to treat non covert patients because of demands on its hospitals. germany as well continues to
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struggle. yet. now we have 2 wards that are pretty much at full capacity. and while we are able to do our jobs, hungary is the latest country to increase its lockdown measures. its parliament has called a 3 month state of emergency that imposes an overnight national curfew on the ground counter, measures in the fight against covert increase and the race to introduce vaccination programs is also exaggerating. the european union has signed a contract with pfizer, which has developed the front runner vaccine with bio tech. the u.s. says it's buying $300000000.00 doses. hundreds simmons our jazeera, the european union is demanding china reverse. a new role, which is seen for hong kong. lawmakers sacked opposition, politicians in the city of resigned on mess in solidarity with the world. on
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wednesday, china passed a law allowing law makers to be barred if they pose a national security threat. u.k. says the move undermines hong kong's autonomy and has summoned the chinese ambassador. the u.s. has threatened more sanctions against chinese and hong kong officials. adrian brown is outside the legislative council and explains who the new rules might target. next. those 15 legislators who announced their resignations on wednesday are now handing in their resignations to the president of the legislative assembly . this is the latest act in the unfolding political drama here in hong kong. and of course, what it means is that for the 1st time since the handover in 1997 will be no effective opposition. all eyes now are on the next here of government as it were. that's to say, the district councilors now the pro-democratic camp did very well in the district
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council elections. exactly a year ago, they secured 17 out of hong kong's 18 district councils. and many of these councilors a very young, much more radical than the, the democrats who have now been removed or have resigned from let's go. and you know, as far as china is concerned, lot of them are not showing sufficient patriotism to the mainland and carry, gave a hint yesterday at a media conference that, you know, other people, other groups could also be targeted. and the feeling is among many analysts, is that this, these young radical district councils could well be next. of course, along with other elected officials, anger is growing in peru's capital of the impeachment of president martin this demonstrators that accuse politicians of hijacking the presidency is carol was voted out of office of a corruption charges. a member of the center right party has been sworn in and will serve as interim president until july, strangely, it says, it will point
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a special investigator to examine the possible prosecution of alleged crimes in afghanistan. the prime minister made the announcement ahead of the release of a report on the conduct of the straight ahead forces. civilians and prisoners are alleged to have been killed. astray and special forces were deployed alongside u.s. and allied troops after the september 11th attacks. the government initially tried to suppress accounts of alleged wrongdoing. bahrain is named crown prince bin hamas, the holy for as its new prime minister. it follows the death of had been solemn on our holy father, who took power in 1971, was the world's longest serving prime minister. it been receiving medical treatment in the united states. his body is being sent back to bahrain for a funeral. still ahead on others. they're trying to move forward. president elect joe biden. thing says that white house chief of staff, donald trump, continues to insist that he won the election and helping to heal
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a divided country ivory coast's newly reelected president of the main opposition leader called talks of the 10 selections. hello winter is still a long way north, but it is trying very hard to influence. not just a funnel, the china, but also the terrain plates are and japan. this is a cold front. that's a driving storm. it will certainly take snow into siberia and you'll feel the chill in hock out there, but not much more than that. of the most places. it's just sunshine and been quite enjoyable, whether it most to china and the korean peninsula. now in the north south say of china granddaughter hong kong you've got as your facts in the northeast monsoon and throwing off rain effects from vanco, which is the truckle storm heading towards vietnam. having cultures that appease
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quite unsettled weather in the northern indian plain and in pakistan gives you the across the problem. this is the horse picture and that is poor quality ones for those dallas new delhi. admittedly. but not good. rain is time of the year is provided by the northeast monsoon, anywhere in the southern half the deccan plateau a moment and sri lanka on this right in this way through afghanistan. i think it cuts the north of pakistan asked might well stay right there in the hole and improve things somewhat. the snow in the mountains pretty obviously. and you can extend that back through iran to warsaw facade is the same system is coming from the eastern med. it was raining now. it's showers, so it's definitely a change of season. for an ethiopian ours to crack and communist rebel, only to be disappeared. a family's tragedy in twined with a violent chapter in the country's history. when you see the blood,
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he says i'm going to be my blood only. i want to be a lifelong search for answers and closer to finding some witness on al-jazeera. i am the one you're watching a reminder of our top stories this hour. rival factions in libya have agreed to hold elections within 18 months. the un has held the deal as a breakthrough. comes after both sides, signed a cease fire agreement last month and geneva, the world health organization is warning europe not to lift,
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covert 90 restrictions too fast. governments are struggling to contain a rapidly expressed executive wave. ukraine's president has been hospitalized after becoming the latest lead. it to contract, the virus aid agencies are warning there are able to bring in much needed food and emergency supplies. amid increased fighting in northern ethiopia, down thousands of people have fled down, rest of temporary reach and raising fears of a refugee emergency. obama doe is monitoring the story from the capital, addis ababa. we're not just hearing this from the prime minister. now. we're also hearing from his defense forces, who say they have taken many towns and villages on the western part of the to greater region close to the border between ethiopia and eritrea. as well as on the saddam's side. they say they have taken the town of a major, which is a border crossing right on the border between if you appear and they also claim to have taken the shooter and shit out of areas not far away from the tree and border
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on the ancient city. of which was once the city of one of the ancient kingdoms. that is the kingdom. now, the fighting so far has involved ground forces clashing and also targeting the polls, as well as a deliberate duel that have led to heavy casualties on both sides. but as i said earlier, it is very difficult to ascertain who is where at this point in time because of the internet and phone lines cut,, u.s. president elect joe biden has named his white house chief of staff, his mind on a transfer fusil to concede a smooth transition of power on his chief of staff to both biden and vice president al gore. and during the obama and clinton administrations,
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the biden's been able to move into federal office space or use government funds to hire staff. meanwhile, the u.s. state of georgia has announced it will recount, although it's by hand following a request by the trunk campaign. joe biden secured the election without georgia, and he's also leading there more than 14000 votes. the recount is said to begin at the end of the week. the current margin stands at 14111 between the president and senator biden, vice president biden. my office will continue to investigate each and every instance of illegal voting, double voting. felon voting, people voting out of state. if you report it, we will investigate it. every legal vote will count. brendan o'connor is associate professor of american politics of the united states santa. at the university of something for the russians and possibly the chinese as well. chaos.
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disharmony in the united states is a good thing. they say this is a sign that democracies don't work, that democracy sort of cell. how peaceful transitions of care, how smooth governing is. how well the societies around how easy it is to run an election. so trump was a gift to the russians as a gift to 80 democrats anyway. and he isn't behaving like an autocrat at the moment, ignoring the basic fact that he did not get enough votes in the right places to win this election. i think it can be undone with a record of good democratic practice. over the next 4 i t nice, you know, it's not going to occur overnight, but just because joe biden has won, the reputation of the united states won't be immediately sort of changed. but if you look at the pew surveys that the base surveys all international opinion on the united states in america is that historically we live in many of its allied nations
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. the papers of those nations have not being taken by donald trump's attitude to democracy as energy to the rule of law and his attitude to the rest of the world. so america has a, you know, a lot of rebuilding to do. but when i came in in 2009, that being here again, joe biden isn't barack obama. but there is, i think, a strong scenes that he has, that america needs to mean fences. apologize, go to foreign capitals, the decree of allies, and say, where are you from for conversation? you know what conversation should be a 2 way thing from this point onwards. is widespread anger and fair and armenia for an agreement which allows us airings to keep plant captured during 6 weeks of fighting people who are displaced almost 3 decades ago. say, bet, all convinced they can return to the disputed region and on a kind of back. and a warning may find some witness accounts that have some up and to report
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distressing. but then they go to hand them to how numbers are sums. she says if my sister wasn't breastfeeding when they shot and killed my mother, she would have starved to death at the road a job or lost her mother, an older sister. her father, an uncle in her jelly, in what human rights watch called a massacre over there. e civilians after a deal between either by john in armenia or a village will once again be under as eerie control. but the emotional wounds from nearly 3 decades ago are still fresh troops for the men. i have great teacher for them today. they say, let's go live with their means. i cannot. i even saw soviet troops standing by watching it happen. they supported the killers. my father fought in self-defense, that's why they took his call after killing. how many of the displaced people from nagorno-karabakh have vivid memories? this woman says she still has nightmares. after watching her relatives been killed in their bodies. burnt. appears mother in law refuses to dye her hair because
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decades later she's still in mourning. and her husband sees no reason to trust russian peacekeepers. i mean, it depends on the person with whatever he says. there were nearly 10000 people live in this refugee settlement, which used to be a tent camp as a rage and the government says it has spent more than $7000000000.00 to develop 11 settlements for the people displaced from the go on a car after the agreement to retake all areas, either by yards or government still has to convince people to return home that's likely to take time because of the deep mistrust that exists between ethnic identity than armenians. and many people here accusing the soviets office, illustrating massacres. what to say no, says the committee he leads for the displaced has designed a project called the great return program. it outlines of voluntary gradual return of the displaced, but he wants the international community's help in reconstruction and rehabilitation of 700000 people. now that nations,
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as well as other international actors, have demonstrated importance in implementing all of the solutions which they have adopted for almost 30 years. they, of course, they need to step in and render all support and assistance with the return of internally displaced persons. the question remains how many of them are willing to try to live in peace, but i think armenians who also regard to go in the car about as their ancestral home. some of a job with al-jazeera, the president of ivory coast has met a main opposition leader that protests violence sparked by the recent election. alison, what tara, and they call a pledge to meet again in a bid to diffuse the tensions with our decision to run for a 3rd term sparked protests. and i can say sions that he was violating term limits . you know, some of the we have agreed that peace is the thing that is most precious to
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post of us and to all ivorians. we've decided to work in that direction. and this was a 1st meeting to establish that trust. we've agreed to meet again very soon in order to continue this dialogue which is started so well. now the trust has been restored . a lot of fun to go to today's meeting. we broke the wall of ice, the silence, and that we will in the days and weeks to come, we will continue to call each other meet in order to bring the country back to what it was before. and goal, or at least one person has been killed and several wounded in protests about high living costs and unemployment. those taking part want local elections to take place as so now as possible. they marched among homes in the coastal capital, new wonder, and try to stop people from defying a government ban on protests. yet, one angola's independence day would started off with songs and chance to demand
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better living conditions and a new date for local elections. delayed by the pandemic soon turned into this to gas was used to disperse hundreds of demonstrators. at least 15 people were arrested in milan. jail in other cities. what i said was that when it come about in the angolan capital, a person was shot dead. the protesters shout murderers as police fired live ammunition. oh my god. last month, similar protests against rising living costs. high unemployment and corruption turned violent. amnesty international has called on the angolan government to respect the rights of protests and warns it will document any human rights violations, as it monitors the situation closely. this government, the process people, we mustn't stay silent. all the m.p. only government has done since 1075 you skill. they have to leave, we've had enough misery and hunger. people are in
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a bad situation and it shows me don't got. the government are the real, the bandits, everyone knows it. even babies know it. you talk to a presidential decree prevents the gathering of more than 5 people to prevent the spread of coronavirus. but critics say the government has used it to cope freedom of expression. angola is the 2nd largest oil producer in africa, but has been riddled with corruption for decades. president came into power in 2017 on the promise of fighting it, but is losing popularity with some accusing him of protecting his aides. with one of the worst debt crises in africa, a pandemic that has further crippled an already weak economy. public anger is growing sort of faded environmental groups say indonesia's komodo dragon could be threatened by a major tourism project. you know, asco, world heritage site says one of the few places where the world's largest species of
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theirs, it can be found in the wild. jessica washington reports from jakarta. in the center of the vast indonesian archipelago. hundreds of giant lizards roam island. fossils indicate that they've lived here and on some neighboring islands for millions of years. the komodo dragon is the world's largest, a lizard known for its venomous bite and aggressive behavior, as well as its size. the majority live here in the komodo national park. the vulnerable species is protected under indonesian law. the park is spread across mostly undeveloped islands, but the government wants to change that efforts to turn this unesco world heritage site into a tourism hub are underway that by accommodated that komodo dragons are not used to seeing heavy equipment. so when they get too close, we try to keep them away so that character won't change. this video reveals what
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the final result is supposed to look like. said to the music from the hollywood science fiction film park. showcasing what one senior minister has called dinosaur tourism. the government says the project is environmentally friendly. we're not damaging anything. we're improving the facilities and visitor management. officials on the ground say the construction is taking place without disturbing the komodo dragons or the local environment. not in the construction has been done very carefully. we haven't cut down the single tree, but some are not convinced, surviving. and the last minute on the way, you know, this is a conservation area. that's the basis of our objection. you see the heavy equipment vehicles tearing the place down, others are hopeful that if the project is successful, it will create opportunities for the local community. in them he says, whops with this development all children can get jobs. rich island is part of the
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government's plan to create 10 new tourist hubs around the country. the aim is for these destinations to become the next bali plan environmental groups have criticised. the development in the national park will be discussed at the next unesco world. heritage meeting makes year the unesco world heritage center told al-jazeera it has requested more information from the indonesian government about the development. it also said it has reminded the government of the need to carefully assess any potential impacts. construction is set to finish by mid next year and act which some fear will change this park permanently and could put its dragons at risk just to washington al-jazeera jakarta. in sports tokyo olympics organizers say, athletes taking part will not have to isolate for 14 days on arrival in japan. but the decision about international fans is not expected until next year. the head of
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the international olympic committee told us, quote, visit tokyo next week to discuss coronavirus measures. more causes more, you see there are many foreign friends and having them quarantined for 2 weeks and not use public transport is unrealistic. therefore, health checks before entering the country, screening upon arrival, checking their whereabouts after they leave, or responding quickly if they get infected is something that we need to look very carefully at. and this is our desire, and these are the top stories. aid agencies say that they are unable to bring in much needed food and emergency supplies. the meds increased fighting in northern ethiopia. thousands of people have fled the unrest and to grave region raising fears of a refugee emergency.


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