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al-jazeera has teams on the ground kind of loves to impact the 2nd lockdown with power to bring new moon baldwin, documentaries and life news. last, ethiopia says it's made gains in the northern tikrit region where the military is battling local forces. aid agencies warn the area is now cut off with people running out of food and medical supplies. there watching al jazeera live from doha with me fully back to war, also ahead. china faces international condemnation and the threat of u.s. sanctions over the disqualification of hong kong politicians. the elections will be held in no more, no more than 18 months. u.s.
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led talks, hammer out a preliminary roadmap for libya, aimed at ending a decade of violence and controversial plans to turn a world heritage site in indonesia into a jurassic park style tourist attraction to ethiopia, spry minister is claiming military gains in the northern tier gray region where the federal government is passing noble forces, but the conflict is raising fears of a humanitarian crisis. phone lines are cut off and transport has been halted in and out of the region. if the o.p.'s prime minister ahmed says the military offensive had, quote, liberated the western part of tikrit, and the region's leaders have been stripped off their immunity from prosecution. but thousands of people a day off leaving the rest many to neighboring. sudan is triggered fears of
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a refugee emergency. aid agencies are warning they're unable to bring in much needed supplies into the region because of the fighting. the offensive began last week after the central government accused, the region's forces of attacking a military base. al-jazeera as model has more now from ethiopia's capital, addis ababa, the government, both the prime minister himself and the defense forces are saying that they have made huge strides in the western part of the to grow region. that is the area close to the border with sudan and also the one it has been at a tree. and so they are talking about towns like sure they are shit out of one. also the ancient city of rome, which has got a lot of historical importance and also is a tourist attraction if you appear so that talking about the area and the
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fighting for old clashes on the ground between the ground troops on both sides as well as i getting fuel and mainly as well as a theory duels that have caused massive casualties on both sides. so the fighting still going on and the government saying that they will not stop the operation until it reaches its objectives of ensuring that the tepee are left with the leadership brought to justice and also and a fugitive apprehended. in other world news, a year opinion is demanding china reverse. a new rule which has seen for hong kong, lawmakers sacked opposition. politicians in the city have resigned on mass in solidarity with the ruling. on wednesday, china passed a law allowing lawmakers to be body of staples, a national security threat. the case says a move undermines hong kong's autonomy and has summoned the chinese ambassador to
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london. the u.s. has threatened more sanctions against chinese and hong kong officials. adrian brown reports from hong kong. hong kong's legislative assembly was quieter than usual on thursday. now that almost a quarter of its lawmakers have resigned or been disqualified, and staging what's likely to be their last protest. the chinese characters say hong kong's leader carrie lamb has pulled calamity to the territory and its people she'll stink for 10000 years. the slogan was displayed by democratic lawmaker lambchop who must now give up his office. by the end of the month, i will keep fighting for democracy of hong kong, their version of end with all the hong kong people and the civil society to face against the dictatorship.
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this is what china's leaders want to stamp out. lawmakers behaving badly with those from the democratic camp accused of being the main culprits. china's government has condemned the mass resignation of almost all hong kong's opposition as a farce with only themselves to blame for their downfall. says a soul. hong kong delegate to china's most powerful political body, eats only a little the year. what china has been doing is based on the constitution and basic law, therefore everything should be done in accordance with the law. we cannot bad mouth one country 2 systems and the chinese government analysts say hong kong's legislature is set to become little more than a rubber stamp parliament, but dissent outside the chamber will likely continue. what does this mean? this means continuing instability. you can push it down with the police,
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you can push it down with the rest, but it will just it reemerge. it is not clear what this all means for elections supposed to have been held 2 months ago, but now pushed back until september next year. because of coded 19 on thursday, chinese officials here in hong kong warned that legislators who resign or have been disqualified, should not be eligible to stand in that poll. wednesday shake up of parliament comes just 4 months after china's government imposed a sweeping national security law on the territory that some critics call draconian . and in spite of continuing international criticism, china's leadership remains both confident and defiant. adrian brown, al-jazeera, hong kong he cranes president has been hospitalized after becoming the latest leader to contract 19. blow to me as a man ski spokesman told the voices, news agency, the decision to go to hospital was so as an entity could isolate quote,
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accurately the world health organization is warning europe not to live, to go over 1000 restrictions to fast countries and governments across the continent are struggling to contain a rapidly spreading 2nd wave charlie rangel has more from london, just a runny 3. how some of these countries are struggling. you heard about the ukrainian president? not him is alinsky. will he contract to the virus on monday, along with 2 of his top officials, his defense minister and his finance minister. he was isolating at home with a fever, but moved to hospital today though his spokesman says it's not serious, but it is a serious situation in the rest of the country. it's just recorded in the last 24 hours, a record number of cases, 11000 bringing the total number to harm a 1000000. and on wednesday, the government did impose a lockdown for just weekends to try and curb the spread of infection. another country that is, you might think unexpectedly suffering is germany and we've had
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a very grim prediction this morning from the robert cock into today for infectious diseases that is predicting that the number of covert deaths will rise. but it's also saying it expects an uncontrolled spread of the disease in some parts of the country and expects the hospital beds will soon fill up. the country's health minister earlier said he expects the restrictions on the number of people who can gather which is currently limited to 10. he expects as restrictions to continue way into january and several states in the us posing restrictions as infections there shot on more records. more than 136000, new cases were confirmed on wednesday, texas has become the 1st state to record more than a 1000000 cases. measures have been tightened in new york and several midwestern states. john hendren is in president elect. joe biden's, hometown of wilmington, delaware. he says, the pandemic will be biden's top priority once he takes office. and that is pick
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for chief of staff is just a man who can help him do that. if there are 10500000 cases in the us, 242000 people have died here. and this 2nd wave has been so vicious that where the worst spot is as a matter of debate, if you look at a city, it's los angeles, a state it is texas. new york city has a 1000 cases a day. so this is a vicious 2nd wave that is sweeping across the country in the current president hasn't spoken about it for days. joe biden has and when he did, he announced that he would pick, ron klain, as his chief of staff. ron klain was the head of his, a, bola, task force in the obama administration. and he was also in charge of the economic recovery of 20092, of the most important things that joe biden is going to have to deal with. as soon as he assumes office in january, so the chief of staff job is,
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is often considered the 2nd most important job in washington, and the most important unelected position. they act as a gate keeper to the president of the united states. they assemble the staff, meaning clane will have a big role in putting together the staff that will take care of the coronavirus. he, has been a long time aide to joe biden, knew him back in the 1980 s., use it supreme court clerk for justice, byron white. so he's a guy that biden has known for a long time in this suggest that biden is going a completely different route than donald trump. donald trump has had a series of relatively weak chiefs of staff, and they are people who inevitably end up with his strained relationship with the president and little power in part because the president's son in law, jared cushion or has his own direct route to the president and the gate keeper doesn't stop that from happening, but biden says, of it. clane has been invaluable to him in the past and he'll be as point man in taking on coronavirus as soon as biden takes office. some news, just in,
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in several peacekeepers are reported dead after a helicopter crash in egypt. the black caucus aircraft went down over the sinai peninsula. it belong to the multinational force in observers that monitors a 40 year old peace agreement between egypt and israel. several people including, americans, a french and czech national, were reported to be on boards. a u.n., special representative visiting qatar has urged countries locating in the gulf states to immediately withdraw their restrictions. i mean i do han is a special operator on unilateral chorus of measures and human rights in 2017. the, u.a.e. saudi arabia, bahrain and egypt imposed a boycott on qatar, accusing it of supporting terrorism. qatar strongly denies the allegations. i urge the kingdom of saudi arabi, the united arab emirates, the kingdom of bihari and the are approved probably of egypt to immediately withdraw all sanctions mattias aimed to establish an restrictions on freedom of
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expression, more unmanned access to broker to trade. darrius bunter its quarters non-tariff measures including through speech prevent financing, the purchase of mattson medical equipment, food other essential goods followed people living in qatar in violation of international legal standards. still ahead on al-jazeera reliving the pain from their pasts we hear from people displayed as displaced 30 years ago by the pipe. the fighting over the nagano had a bomb region are stuck in waiting for help. emergency cause rush to rescue those left stranded by typhoon vanco. in the philippines
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winter isn't far away, but it's still not making that much influence on the weather. even in northern japan, there's a cold front to water as trails back to just a line of cloud as it goes back towards sichuan. now the snow is definitely there, but it doesn't really make it across the water, so they might do a chill in the breeze. this is on friday in sapporo, and a lot of showers on the coast of honshu. they've all gone through the temps, much the same as the sun coming out during saturday. fine weather for most of the korea updates are in china. there is rain catching, the science in charge of the even that's going south following them, which is a fully typhoon, probably staying tight fitting for a while. yet the code for hits the coast of vietnam. those are current figures, the storm surge was realized and it may still be realized again as it gets close the coast of vietnam because the winds there coming down will still be at least tropical storm strength something vietnam doesn't want. there are some scouts, a big showers in indonesia, but they are pretty well scott, i know it's the rainy season, but not everywhere is going to get wet or see every day significant rain fell in
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there. lol, which is pretty good for north east monsoon. most of the rain, india is voris chennai. sas was to sri lanka and then all the indian plane and much of northern pakistan is suffering from quite poor accorsi. held for over 3 years in an egyptian prison cell, denied the right to a fair trial. no charges have been brought against al jazeera correspondent, not new saying his crime. journalism to demand more neutral links and boy solidarity with all detained journalists. sign the petition. busy 3 new saying
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oh oh, the end welcome back. a recap of our top stories on al-jazeera this hour. ethiopia's military says it's making gains in the northern to great region where the federal government is passing local forces. thousands have fled, the region and aid agencies warn there are unable to bring in supplies. there's been international criticism over a new rule from china that saw 4 opposition. politicians in hong kong disqualified both the u.k. and us have said they are considering such sanctions. and in the united states, several state supreme posing restrictions. as corona, virus infections shot more records, the number of new cases has been over 100-0048 consecutive days. texas has become the 1st state to record more than 1000000 case. it's now present,
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donald trump's refusal to concede the election is making the transition process for president elect joe biden difficult biden hasn't been able to move into federal office space or use government funds to hire staff. brendan o'connor is associate professor of american politics of the united states center at the university of sydney. he says while some countries will be looking to rebuild relations with the us, others will be sad to see the end of trump's leadership for the russians and possibly the chinese as well. chaos. disharmony in the united states is a good thing. they see this as a sign that democracies don't work, that democracy sort of self. how peaceful transitions of care, how smooth governing is, how well the societies around how easy it is to run an election. as a gift to the russians, as a gift to 80 democrats anyway. and he isn't behaving like an autocrat at the moment,
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ignoring the basic fact that he did not get enough votes in the right places to win this election. i think it can be on a dime with a record of good democratic practice over the next 4. i take nice, you know, it's not going to work or i've a night just because joe biden has won. the reputation of the united states would be immediately sort of changed. but if you look at the pew surveys, that the base surveys on international opinion on the united states of america is that historically we live in many of its ally nations. the papers of those nations have not being tied can by donald trump's attitude to democracy is energy to the rule of law in his attitude to the rest of the world. so america has a, you know, a lot of rebuilding today. but when i came in in 2009, that being here again, joe biden isn't barack obama. there is, i think a strong scenes that he has, that america needs to mean fences. apologize, go to foreign capitals,
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the decree of allies, and say, where are you from for conversation? you know what conversation should be a 2 way thing from this point on words. hi, returning now to one of our top stories on al-jazeera and the growing concern over a humanitarian crisis unfolding at the ethiopia sudan border of people flee., fighting in the northern ethiopian region of t., great al jazeera is heba. morgan has just arrived at the border. she's joining us now live from atlanta reef, which is at the border of sudan. any field here, as i said here by the thousands, have escaped the fighting in tikrit region in ethiopia in the last week. tell us about what you've seen since you've arrived at the border. while the situation at the border is desperate, as is right, right. local agencies, as well as the united nations when it's here and for coordination and says this is
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at least 10000 refugees have arrived in the past 48 hours and those are the refugees that have already reached the border. so these authorities, the sudanese refugee commission, says that it's expected, expecting the number of up to 200000 in the coming 1st week, a lot of the small lakes. now we don't know what's happening on the other end of the old other side of the border, but people here on this site say that they are fleeing for their lives. they are mostly women and children, but authorities say that they go through a security check of those who are arriving and that they include former militants who put down their weapons and fled for safety here into sudanese territory. so there are a lot of concerns there. there's a lot of procedures that is being followed to make sure that they are settled into camps. so they have to be going through a security check. they have to go through a health check before they settle into camp. so most of those who are, who have arrived into the sudanese 30 or so far outside camps, but inside sudanese territories waiting to be processed and seeking, escaping from the green region because of the conflict. i imagine here that there's
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a lot of concern from some don can eat step up along with ethiopia's other neighbors to try and deescalate the situation. well right now the concern is that of all 4, sudan, because sudan is the current head of the intergovernmental authority for development. there is concern about how that would play out in terms of regional security. the sudanese running around the $100.00 says that he's worried this would spill over the borders. sudan's border with, you know, be has already been porous, which for sudan to deploy at least $6000.00 troops here in the border between kesler and get out of but also on the border between, between here and got tired, but also on the border between that's a neighboring state that also shares a border with if you appear so lots of troops have been deployed to allow only refugees to come in. now the concern is that the region is very volatile, the region is very unstable, full of folly. so the concern is that this would spill over into region and
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countries and become a regional conflict. something if european says will not happen. mediation efforts have been going under way. there have been countries that have reached out including the sudanese foreign minister, abdullah reaching out to the prime minister, made and offering mediation an offer that was rejected by the if european side saying that this is unnecessary at the time. and that the situation will be under control in the shortest time possible. morgan reporting live from the sudan, ethiopia border. the talks aimed at ending almost a decade of violence in libya have reach what the united nations is hailing as a breakthrough political agreement. rival factions meeting in tunisia have agreed to free fair and inclusive elections within 18 months. the deal will also unite the country's institutions under one government. they have been divided between the internationally recognized government of national accord in tripoli. and a house of representatives in the east affiliated with the wall or 24 have to libya,
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has suffered 10 years of conflict. now there's widespread anger and fear in armenia over an agreement which allows areas to keep land captured during 6 weeks of fighting people who were displaced almost 3 decades ago. say they're not convinced they can return to the disputed region of nagar nakata back warning that some of you may find witness accounts in assam, a been javits reports distressing. but then they load to her mum's or her numbers or sums. she says if my sister wasn't breastfeeding when they shot and killed my mother, she would have starved to death at the road a job or lost her mother, another sister her father, an uncle in her jelly, in what human rights watch called a massacre over there is civilians after a deal between other by john in armenia, a village will once again be under as eerie control. but the emotional wounds from
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nearly 3 decades ago are still fresh clothes for him. and i have great teacher for them to be. they say, let's go live with our millions. i cannot. i even saw soviet troops standing by watching it happen the support of the killers. my father fought in self-defense. that's why they took his call after killing. how many of the displaced people from nagorno-karabakh have vivid memories? this woman says he still has nightmares. after watching her relatives been killed in their bodies. burnt. appears mother in law refuses to dye her hair because decades later, she's still in mourning. and her husband sees no reason to trust russian peacekeepers. i mean, it depends on person with whatever he says. there were nearly 10000 people live in this refugee settlement, which used to be a tent camp azerbaijan. the government says it has spent more than $7000000000.00 to develop 11 settlements for the people displaced from the go on a car. after the agreement to retake all areas either by johns,
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the government still has to convince people to return home that's likely to take time because of the deep mistrust that exists between ethnic identity than armenians. and many people here accusing the soviets of facilitating massacre's. while the center says the committee, he leads for the displaced has designed a project called the great return program that outlines a voluntary gradual return of the displaced but he wants the international community's help in reconstruction and rehabilitation of 700000 people. neither nations, as well as other international actors, have demonstrated importance in implementing their own the resolutions which they have adopted for almost 30 years. they, of course, need to step in and render all support in the system was a return of internally displaced persons. the question remains how many of them are willing to try to live in peace with ethnic armenians who also regard
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nagorno-karabakh as their ancestral home. some of a job with al-jazeera, bucko to the philippines now where roads are brawl 10 thousands of homes are underwater. after typhoon vanco made landfall, strong winds barreled across north of the main island, luzon, killing, and injuring dozens of people. i mean, ireland again reports this is the village of but, and in many key the city. it only took a few hours to submerge, more than half of the communities. here people tell us they were forced to evacuate when the rivers, a water level rose 18 meters. these volunteers have been rescuing people trapped for hours. but it was called let me read the waters to make sure residents are safe . there were many children, old people. we started doing this, bringing in food and much needed aid is difficult. the water is neck deep,
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and our boat had to be attached to a rope. a community that is only accessible by bit. we are very close to the wall because the current is still quite strong. is a very, very difficult, as it's always fun. not just for surveillance, but for rescuers across the region of the zone. many provinces have been devastated to go brought winds and rains of up to 170 kilometers an hour, cutting power to millions and leaving others stranded in evacuation centers. officials do their best to implement social distancing. women, the young and the year old, are now forced to take shelter in places like this. one might not be variable. the water started to go up very quickly. so we ran out and asked for help. we've lost our personal belongings now submersion waters. but we are grateful we are all alive aside from the joint task force,
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the organic joint task force that are already in metro, manila, navy, and the army also contributed a similar course. aside from the manpower are you with the support and the equipment? van gogh is the 3rd take food to the philippines in less than 3 weeks. the country is still reeling from the impact of typhoon garny in the beagle region, which left thousands of people homeless. government resources are stretched as the country is also still suffering from the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. this makes relief and recovery efforts. now even more complicated jim duggan al jazeera mandela, environmental groups say indonesia, komodo dragon could be threatened by a major tourism project. the unesco world heritage site is one of the few places where the world's largest species of maize it can be found in the wilds. algis there is jessica washington has a story from jakarta. in the center of the vast indonesian archipelago,
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hundreds of giant lizards roam island fossils indicate that they've lived here and on some neighboring islands. for millions of years. the komodo dragon is the world's largest solicited known for its venomous bite and aggressive behavior, as well as its size. the majority live here in the motor national park. the vulnerable species is protected under indonesian more. the park is spread across mostly undeveloped islands, but the government wants to change that efforts to turn this unesco world heritage site into a tourism hub around the way that he committed dragons are not used to seeing heavy equipment. so when they get too close, we try to keep them away so their character won't change. this video reveals what the final result is supposed to look like. set to the music from the hollywood science fiction film park. showcasing what one senior
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minister has called dinosaur tourism. the government says the project is environmentally friendly. we're not damaging anything. we're improving the facilities and visitor management. officials on the ground say the construction is taking place without disturbing the komodo dragons or the local environment. in the construction has been done very carefully. we haven't cut down the single tree, but some are not convinced. it's a bad thing and the last minute of it, you know, this is a conservation area. that's the basis of our objection. you see the heavy equipment vehicles tearing the place down, others are hopeful that if the project is successful, it will create opportunities for the local community. and then he's perhaps with this development all children who can get jobs, which island is part of the government's plan to create 10 new tourist hubs around the country. the aim is for these destinations to become the next bali upon
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environmental groups have criticised. the development in the national park will be discussed at the next unesco world heritage meeting. next year, the unesco world heritage center told al-jazeera it has requested more information from the intonation government about the development. it also said it has reminded the government of the need to carefully assess any potential impacts. construction is set to finish by mid next year, and at which some fia will change this park permanently and could put its dragons at risk just to washington al-jazeera jakarta. i am to get a clear again, i'm fully back to bill with the headlines on al-jazeera. if the o.p.'s military says it's making gains in the northern tikrit region where the federal government is battling local forces, thousands have fled their.


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