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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2020 6:00am-6:31am +03

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and i'll just go talk to al-jazeera, we realistically, how can you deal with institutionalize corruption in this country? we listen. if this breaks up into a conflict between pakistan and india, this has implications for the rest of the world. we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter on al-jazeera. whatever happens in the future, who knows which of ministration will be, i guess time will tell. in the 1st public briefing since the presidential election, donald trump acknowledges that he may not speak leading the country's next administration. however, i'm having my head in and this is al jazeera life from doha. also coming up,
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the u.n. warns civilian deaths in northern ethiopia could be a war crime, as those ins flee the region after a government offensive and the price of peace, ethnic armenians leave parts of the goal, a kind of are lost to as a russian and morocco launches a military operation in the western sahara endangering a nearly 3 decade long cease fire in the region. but 1st, the u.s. president has spoken publicly for the 1st time since his election lost a job. i don't drink his press conference start trumped up dated americans on his response to the coronavirus pandemic. but he also enjoyed closer to acknowledging that he may not speak leading the country's next administration. alan fischer reports from washington d.c. incredibly. this is become a rare thing. public remarks by donald trump his 1st since the election. and this
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was about protecting his legacy. the administration has initiated the single greatest mobilization in u.s. history, pioneering developing and manufacturing therapies and vaccines. in record time, there was no talk of the election result. this was an update on the fight against corona virus, the hope provided by a vaccine. but there was almost the slip almost an acknowledgment. his time in the white house was coming to a close. ideally, we won't go to a lockdown. i will not go, this administration will not be going to a lockdown. hopefully the, the whatever happens in the future, who knows which administrator will be, i guess time will tell. but i can tell you this administration will not go to a lockdown. the president has been adamant, he continues to fight in the courts to overturn an election. he claims without evidence was stolen from him, but he's running out of route. his campaign has dropped its action in arizona where joe biden has been declared. the winner cases in michigan and pennsylvania have run
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into legal difficulties. law teams have quit the fight because lawsuits being dismissed by judges who seem quite exasperated with lawyers representing the trump campaign. who simply do not have facts. the president's own cyber security experts have declared the election to be the most secured in american history. something the president was keen to take credit for while at the same time, claiming it had been rigged by the democrats against him. another sign, the white house is moving towards acceptance of the result from monday, joe biden will start receiving the daily intelligence briefing. something the trumpet ministration had blocked since the election, bitin campaigns, reaction about time passing day, lack of access to current classified operations or back channel conversations that are happening really with the american people's interest as it relates to their national security interests. donald trump is arguably the most accessible president
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in modern history, but he left the rose garden, refusing to take questions about the election result. and if his days in the white house were numbered, alan fischer, al-jazeera washington. well, trump has suffered another legal setback after a pennsylvania code through at 5 republican lawsuits alleging voting irregularities for more on that we're joined by claire finkelstein, he's faculty director of the center for ethics and the rule of law at the university of pennsylvania law school. a good to have you with this here on the program. it's trying to present conceded defeat, speaking as a seam says that there are still legal challenges pending. what would you say these latest legal defeats in pennsylvania mean for the trump campaign? they're very significant. there are 2 defeats in particular that the trump folks have been really counting on. one was that cured ballots in montgomery county,
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namely absentee ballots where voters were contacted to come and remedy formal deficiencies in their ballots, such as failing to sign the back of the arm below. and that practice which exists not only in pennsylvania but also in georgia and in nevada. the challenges to that practice were defeated, as well as the challenge to the absentee ballots that were permitted to come in between and be counted between election day and the following friday. and that was a major playing that the trump campaign was hanging it had on, namely the hope that those would be ruled out from the count. but in any event, both the curate ballots and the ballots that came in after election day postmarked by election day in the next 3 days. even if they had won on those points,
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it would not have been enough to reverse the tremendously that joe biden had in pennsylvania and with which he won that state. what will this is exactly the point is that not even if any of the numerous lawsuits had been won, it's still not going to change the overall picture. so would you say the damage has already been done because this surely comes down to the election integrity and with the statements coming out from the trunk campaign? i mean, why would still a top supporters believe that these legal challenges have been fairly dismissed? well, that's right, that legal challenges could not have made a difference to donald trump, even if all of the legal challenges in all of the states had prevailed. donald trump could not have won this election. and indeed,
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the number of electors that joe biden won the election with was the same number of electors that donald trump characterized as a landslide. in his own case, donald trump would have to reverse pennsylvania and all the other swing states in order to reverse that decision here, and that will not happen. it cannot be done. what the supporters believe about these decisions is almost up to donald trump because many of donald trump, supporters seem to believe what ever he tells them. so if he says that these decisions were corrupt, unfortunately, they may believe that, but one hopes that the weight of evidence, as well as these statements of his own department of homeland security, saying that there was no fraud involved in this election may finally get through to donald trump supporters and hopefully to donald trump himself with
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a clear finkelstein joining us there from a true in massachusetts. thank you very much. fear analysis. thank you. the u.n. is warning that civilian deaths in the conflict in ethiopia is too great. a region could amount to war crimes more than 11000 refugees have fled to see done, saying they're escaping from scenes of horror back home that are growing concerns. the conflict could destabilize the entire region. have a morgan reports from guitarist near the sea, done ethiopia border more if you can refugees arrive at medina in sudan's good out of state. they're fleeing fighting in ethiopia's degree region. arrived here 4 days ago with her children and pregnant sister from she says the fighting in the region forced her and her family to flee with nothing but the clothes on their backs. men that i did not like that, we saw people being slaughtered, there was blood all over. we fled because we didn't want to die. some women lost
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their husbands. we came with nothing but our lives, no money. these clothes were given to me by the people here. thousands of refugees have crossed into sudan over the past week. many recount similar stories from the region where the if you being government has imposed a telecommunication blackout since the start of an offensive against the people's liberation front. the government wants to get rid of the chief. so if the people are living in conflict, their people have been slaughtered with knives, pregnant, women have had their bellies opened, the government is bombing civilians and killing us all. so these authorities have closed borders with it since the start of the conflict. and there are challenges in responding to the influx of refugees, aid organizations, say there shortages in relief services, which that's because up until last week, this place was largely an abandoned town. and even though this is a temporary shelter for refugees before the camps elsewhere arrive seeking safety
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on an already dark humanitarian situation. refugees here say there are shortages of drinking water and food. so dense commission for refugees says nearly $1000.00 people are being which is to daily and have called for more action to respond to the situation. resurfacing of refugees here is great and we're hoping to authorities, international community chain to be in because the situation is unbearable. there are so many refugees coming in, most of them walking for hours and days. most of them are scattered in farms nearby, sticking their way here. new refugees are being every hour, day and her family try to settle into what is now their new home. she says she doesn't know how long they'll be here. but until the fighting stops, she says you want to go back to make a draw. and ethiopia, people, morgan on to 0. medina to money and good life. sudan. as are both, john hasn't forced a curfew in areas that it's captured in the go about. it comes ahead of armenia's, handover of land to azerbaijan. scores of ethnic armenians have begun fleeing the
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areas that will be handed over some who set fire to their former homes, where the handover of power. so if the deal between armenia and azerbaijan, that ended 6 weeks of fighting over the disputed region or up to her need, has more from the governor, kind of acts regional capitals, the kind of carrots, this city has been hit hard because during the last days, additional in became most intense as various forces were getting closer and closer to stefana care. and you see scenes of destruction like this a bit randomly all over the city. now we were told that this specific area was hit on november 8th. so one day before the cease fire agreement was signed, we spoke to the owner of this furniture shop. he is going to load whatever he has left to salvage onto the truck and take it to your wherever we are outside of the pond occurred on the road. and actually it is a russian checkpoint,
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a few 100 meters away from here that we're not allowed to film. now as there in force is where the vicinity went to ceasefire agreement came into effect. prime minister has been saying that that's exactly why he signed that agreement. but the people we spoke to here said that they received little support by either army or the international community, and that they feel betrayed where some avenge of fate has more from the very capital baku. well this is a curfew that has been put into place in most cities in other by jan and there is a 9 pm curfew that starts at last until 6 am in the morning. and this is something that they are implementing in the areas that are by joining forces have taken as well. the police stations that have been operating in these areas which were not under other by johnny control, were shifted to areas under azerbaijan's control. now the government, the president has told them that these police stations and their employees should
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move into the areas which are now under the control of the forces and implement those curfews. they should be maintaining law and order. and also making sure that the area is secure, making a note of the military hardware. there are whether there are any land mines are in secure buildings. so that is why there is a curfew. but most of these bases up across the line of contact are not inhabited by people because of the fighting, either people from either side, whether it was the armenian side or the other by johnny side have moved to their respective countries. so that's why they are going to be going in, regardless of the timings of the curfew. these are void of civilians. so a lot of people are not there and these curfews are going to be more symbolic than actually trying to keep people indoors. still to come here on al-jazeera, one of south africa's most powerful politicians is in court corruption charges in a trial that could splits the governing and see party and the u.s.
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records more than 100000, new daily coronavirus cases. in physics, one of the hardest hit states we can say goodbye to each other. finally, it's been a long lived storm, and here it is over the water. now it's now going to disappear into the atlantic. it inhouse the rain up the east coast and has been flooding from britain still some rain to come, but lousy isn't improving. picture the cold to spread so much snow in the cascades in the rockies. the code itself is spreading across the plains. states now are coming out with this fairly warm weather and you know what happens when the cold reaches the warm and you start develop showers, then thunderstorms. these could really be quite dangerously nasty with significant snow going through parts of ontario on the northern edge as well. and there's more
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to come. the pacific's providing yes, more rain, but low levels of washington, maybe oregon and stuff of course inland. so that we said goodbye to eater, we watch another development here, i think is will stay as a tropical depression, which means it's a trouble for shipping, but it will spread showers or at least induce showers as far north as to make your then down to the north or south america and is certainly heading further west where you don't really want to be. but that's how we go to the end of the weekend. the showers again being sun to fall in eastern mexico to cause the still flooding in these in southern mexico from each other. so this is not a particularly good sign of a multi-million dollar online sex scam in the philippines is blackmailing men from around the wild. one on one east uncovered, i was small time soon became a criminal and on al-jazeera.
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if you want to help save the world reason to your own the or the, the, or our best says al jazeera, a reminder of our top stories this hour. u.s. president donald trump has admitted that he may not be leading the country's next administration. he was speaking publicly for the 1st time since joe biden was named president elect. he's also suffered another legal setback after a courts in pennsylvania threw out 5 republican votes. suits alleging voting
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irregularities. the united nations says it's concerned war crimes may have been committed in ethiopia's, northern tikrit region. the government forces are battling local leaders. it's, and a conflict has already killed hundreds of thousands of people as it's have flights to sit on it as about genres and force a curfew in areas that it's captured in. nagorno-karabakh comes ahead of armenia's handover of lands to azerbaijan. some ethnic armenians set fire to their former home since they flee the area. and for 30 years ceasefire in morocco is volatile, western sahara region could be in jeopardy. morocco says a pro independence group has blocked the main roads. the army has moved in to stop them. the polisario fronts are reporting fighting in the buffer zone and say morocco has ignited war. the country's authorities deny any fighting group wants
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western sahara to be independence. america's prime minister described some of the measures that were taken after the government's held an emergency meeting to address the situation another. this road is important when it comes to the movement of civilians and goods. and because such actions were a violation of the u.n. sponsored ceasefire agreement, morocco, in order to fulfill its duties, ordered its military forces to intervene and build a sand barrier to protect the area from any future breaches. the operations been finished as safely as we abided by the principle of not entering in any type of confrontation with the other forces. we built the barrier for kilometers away from their location. well, the un secretary general says he's committed to ensuring the decades old cease fire is respects its match against of james bass. explains the un is deeply concerned about the situation right now in western sahara territories. you say used
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to be a spanish colony, a territory where they've been un personnel based for 29 years originally sent there for a referendum that never took place. this was the comment from the spokes person of the un secretary general. the secretary general remains committed to doing his utmost to avoid the collapse of the cease fire that has been in place since 6 september 1991. and he is determined to do everything possible to remove all obstacles, to the resumption of the political process, the united nations at the u.n. mission. i mean your so is committed to continuing implementing its mandate. and the secretary general calls on the parties to provide full freedom of movement from your so in accordance with its mandate. well, i have trained a copy of a letter from the head of the policy front to the un secretary general. they were supposed to have a phone call taking place about now
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a phone call. it seems has been told by these latest developments. it's also worth telling you that the u.n. normally has an envoy from western sahara, known as the secretary general's personal representative. that job has not been filled for 18 months. the u.n. said that's not the fault of the secretary general. he needs to find the right candidate, but also get agreement from the u.n. security council. and certainly in this letter, there's a call from the policy front for that u.n. security council to meet. i'm told right now, no meeting is scheduled city. omar is the polisario front representative in new york because the key is moroccan forces attacking civilians. morag hole has publicly officially acknowledged the fact of launching an ardent attack on group of civilians demonstrating peacefully in western sahara a blatant violation of the cease fire. and it has a direct result of his duties between the moronic plan forces and the forces of the
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atlantic or his island, which continue as we speak in math. what you have is, is the wish an illegal occupation by a military force. what more office has been trying to move beyond its military, a wall built living with samsara and grab more land which is armed and acceptable. and that's why we have denounced this act of aggression which was in danger at the international peace and security and violence. and cease fire leading to the resumption of the students. so there was no militias. their actions and protest has been aired all around the world. and when women and men defenseless, well the morons have opted for using violence against them. and they are the ones
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to blame, and they are the ones to be held accountable for their aggressive actions. rival factions in libya have agreed to hold nationwide elections in december of next year . the date was announced, spy united nations official and is considered a sign of progress from talks with a pinch of his ear. that's where 75 libyan delegates have been the go see it in a road map of civil war. both sides signed a cease fire agreements last month in geneva. shelling between indian and pakistani troops has killed several people, including soldiers on both sides of the disputed region of kashmir. these are the moments after the bombs dropped on pakistan administered kashmir. india and pakistan are accusing each other. a violation of longstanding sees far there's growing outrage in belarus over the death of an anti government protester. 31 year old woman. renko died on wednesday in the capital minsk. witnesses say he'd
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been detained and beaten by security forces, but the interior ministry has denied responsibility. european union has threatened further sanctions. one of the most powerful officials in south africa's ruling african national congress party has appeared in court on fraud and corruption charges. prosecutors say millions of dollars of government funds were misused when in c. section general, a smuggler surely was a provincial leader where he denies any wrongdoing. for me, the mayor has more from blue fontaine, the secretary general of the african national congress. a smuggler surely is the highest ranking member of the governing party to be charged with fraud and corruption charges a link to a 5 year old project in the free state province. the provincial government paid about $15000000.00 to a company to remove as best as sheeting from the roofs of homes. instead,
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the money was stolen, some of it allegedly by mother, surely who was running the provincial government at the time. pulling out there has lived in this government subsidized home for more than 20 years. she says the as best as roof has made her ill. they were paid and they used the money to fix their own homes and to buy themselves fancy cars. they have got for us, we still live in these homes. a few doors down a sicko supporter says his family has lived in this home for 37 years. is both his parents died from lung disease. my mom and my dad. they suffered from the asbestos now and they suffered a lot because of the one in 2002. my father then yet related disease. and then my mom asked my people here say the a.n.c.
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government has done little to help them and many blame but outside court, thousands of people came out to show their support for him. they say the charges are politically motivated. there is not a single senator from colorado and i will reveal everything in court. martial has been released on bail and is due to return to court in february, the a.n.c. has been facing internal power struggles for some time, but many see the case says another incident that exposes its divisions. presidents will run up also has promised to clean up corruption in transferring from live in his own party. a sluggish, realize the pure and simple word is likely to further the bybee african national congress that's already in crisis. al-jazeera bluefin day in the free state province. some be a may become the 1st african nation to default on its debt repayments. during the
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coronavirus pandemic, the international monetary fund says it's now in talks mazembe in authorities to address the debts. on friday, salmiya said it would not pay in interest. payments of more than $42000000.00. creditors are rejecting the country's request for a 6 month extension. that includes around $3000000000.00 in bonds issued in europe . texas currently has more coronavirus cases than any other u.s. states with the number of infections passing a 1000000 earlier this week, or spills in the border. city of el paso are struggling to cope with the influx of patients when the 1st people are in hospital there with case numbers growing 5 fold in the past month. how did you cast all reports? the streets of el paso are empty. as the city's funeral homes struggle to find space for the dead attend, the morgue truck has been requested to hold the bodies of people dying faster than
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can be buried. unfortunately, in my field, more levy is a fact. also the mission, the numbers i thin, the numbers of people who are now having these, all of these, what is really being malls are for us all of us in the store. the population of el paso is 680000, yet more people are hospitalized with in this desert city and the totals in most us states. this parking lot is now a covert, overflowing. the downtown convention center is a field hospital, and doctors and nurses have worked without rest calling on colleagues from around the state for help. we are now basically outsourcing to be able to do it in i think that's on the origin. it or helicopters are now transferring coded patients from el paso to emergency rooms across the state of texas, to hospitals in san antonio and dallas. and here in houston,
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1200 kilometers away. doctors here say they are treating not only those el paso covert patients, but also bracing for another influx of their own. we've got a chain that we have to stop that because all of us, every person health at the moment we have died, we had exhausted. the doctors say there is no relief in sight. and that conflicting government orders are largely to blame passos, county executive order to lockdown in late october, only to have the city's mayor refuse to enforce it. then the conservative state government of texas. so the lockdown was illegal, after which a court reinstated the lockdown order. every day that the county's order remains in effect is another day that we can save lives. this region bordering mexico abounds with large multi-generational families. previous infection, spikes have followed holiday gatherings,
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and thanksgiving is around the corner. andrea cortez is among 15 in her family who contract it cove it. so it was a domino effect. my grandfather, my grandmother, my grandmother got my mom and my r. . and then my mom, my father or her grandfather did not survive. now he's among the more than $700.00 people in el paso who've died of cove it joined by more souls each day. how did you, castro, al-jazeera houston? germany has dampened hopes that a 4 week locke's own will and plans will, than 20000. infections were recorded on friday, the highest daily surge since the outbreak began. the chancellor will meet with state leaders on monday to review the current local time, which was choose to be lifted. at the end of the month. any of germany's renowned christmas markets have already been cancelled. and within $300.00,
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drones have lit up the sky in south korea's capital in an effort to boost morale. during the pandemic, the drones forand images of people in masks as part of the display, which was designed to provide comforts and hope to people in seoul. south korea has recorded several clusters of infections with more than 200 new daily cases recorded on friday. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. u.s. president donald trump has admitted that he may not be leading the country's next administration has also suffered another legal setback after courts in pennsylvania threw out 5 republican lawsuits alleging voter irregularities. trump was speaking publicly for the 1st time since joe biden was named president elect. well,
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during his press conference, trump updated americans on his response to the coronavirus pandemic. according to some estimate.


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