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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2020 6:00pm-7:01pm +03

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protectingly would face the, the end of the this is the news hour live from our world headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. admitting they struck 1st, an official in ethiopia, secret region of knowledge is his side began on that topic, setting off fighting that's killed hundreds and sent thousands to mass exodus ethnic amin ians evacuated town in nagano, cut a bomb before the area is handed back to azerbaijan, also this hour,,
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one week since joe biden was declared u.s., president elect donald trump is still refusing to admit defeat. we look at what the future holds for the republican party and digging up the costs. columbia restarts examine bodies as it comes to terms with a dog chapter of it comes on. how much not have all the support including raising points last straw. it clinches its 1st, ever poll position ahead of the turkish. thank you very much for joining us. we begin this news hour with the worsening situation in ethiopia, where after days of denial, a leader in the region has confirmed it was its forces that struck 1st squawking fighting which has since killed hundreds. he says a t.p.m. nephew launch a preemptive strike against a military base last week. it prompted the federal government to non chits
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offensive in the region to get his goods on other gully with what? you must understand that the 2 great people are at risk, both internally and externally, eritrea on one end, ethiopian forces on all sides. this move was purely a self-defense measure small countries when they feel the risk of a stronger enemy which is about to destroy them. they often carry out a preemptive strike like this one of the middle where the fighting has since e.s.q. escalated dramatically, the government and the t.p. l.f. are reportedly now trading rocket fire. and the ethiopian human rights commission is now investigating reports of massacres and ethnic profiling. both sides are being accused of atrocities against civilians, as goes straight to joins us live from the city of gone on the border of the t. gray region. mamma, this admission from the t.p. l.f. that they in fact started the hostilities quite significant. how is it being viewed?
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well, quite significant indeed, as you say. and you look at the call to read tacho has been really united with the p.l.f. for most of the past 30 years at one point even serving other spokesman for former prime minister. the now we now his admission that it was them who fired the 1st bullet, corroborates prime minister of events of what actually led to the commencement of the operation. how they use russian all the duration in which the operation to in which the attack against the north and command to defy us greatly with generals prime minister sent in the aftermath of the attack to the bases where the north
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took hold. and i doubt that the communication equipment like radio communication equipment and they had added some of the troops into a hole where they have to think they're prepared, you know, hold them and then took them hostage there on the you took 4 days and at the end of it, they said many, many troops were killed, something about left the government with no option, but to carry out with eliot to be all talk and almost operation. and the last week we've heard reports of hundreds killed, thousands fleeing the border into so don and more recently, allegations of people being ethnically identified in targeted because of their ethnicity. that is quite worrying quite warning indeed. and you see what the international community you know,
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the diplomats within the african continent. i really wondered about because this country, i mean it's not the 1st time we're seeing ethnic profiling or ethnic clashes or violence based on ethnicity. and if you actually, even before the operation began, it was an alarming rate. something that has led to the displacement of more than 2000000 people in the past 2 years. but we are seeing a new level of the problem, given the huge amount of hate speech, incitement, all social media. but also, organizations like that, if you have been human rights commission talking about people being targeted just because of the ethnicity of the commission, say they visited some prisoners in prison and that they fled their complaint that there was only arrest that because of which of the community they would commit to they heard from also the killings in my country shocked the nation
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to the whole. thank you for that mohammed. i don't reporting there from going down yet. earlier we spoke to our on my show who's a senior adviser and spokesperson for the ethiopian human rights commission. and he's calling on the gas men to provide immediate humanitarian assistance to the tikrit region. phone lines remain cut off in the region so it's makes, making it very difficult to gather as much information is needed and corroborate some of the claims made over the last 1011 days. but having said that, there have been allegations that a massacre of civilians took place in my car, drain south west to cry, and the european human rights commission has dispatched a team already there and that team will carry out an investigation that will be made public pomp occlusion its work in the meantime as well, we've continued to receive information from certain parts of the country from
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people facing discrimination and exclusion on account of their ethnicity. we've visited police stations, we've spoken to people who are being detained there. and we are monitoring these claims very closely. in the meantime, the ethiopian human rights commission is calling for due care to avoid the risk of ethnic profiling. and in discrimination. the allegations are very, very serious. and that's why we are deploying, deploying a team to gather the facts. we're also, we've also made a commit. we're also making recommendations. in order to safeguard lives. in the point we're making is it's a, it's a vital that there is a swift delivery of humanitarian assistance and services. and for this reason,
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the ethiopian human rights commission is calling for a prompt creation of a humanitarian assistance desk at the level of the federal government that enable the provision of humanitarian assistance. we also call for the necessary support to be given to the red cross because there are allegations that some of their vehicles have been shot up. so we are calling for them to to be, to be given the supports that provide essential services. in other world news, ethnic armenians have been leaving nagorno-karabakh ahead of sunday's handover of land to azerbaijan. some set fire to their homes as a wind has this report from they came for a last pilgrimage. very soon. the monastery of that event will be off limits to armenians nestled in the mountain gorge and killed by john a district west of the unclear of the corner that's about to be returned to azerbaijan. russian peacekeepers are already here giving people a sense of safety,
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a final prayer, one more memory, a little souvenir to take back home. there's an overwhelming sense of defeat, a monger mean years, often too difficult to express. stopping the war was the right thing, but not like this. it's unfair, but we have to do it. it was an equal fight. the eyes of the world are wide open, but the world preferred oil and gold instead of justice and they sacrificed us, even though as ever john has promised to save guard historical and religious sites . many fear they will be disagreed. it is still crossed as to tear, for centuries is now being dismantled along the road. and meg's it is towards armenia. people who are given only 6 days to pack belongings, accumulated over a lifetime are fleeing among them retreating armenian forces. and while they head out, russian peacekeepers are being deployed in killed by george. many people are not
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intent on leaving behind what they have built up over the past 3 decades. their sense of despair couldn't be ball clear. smoke billowing from their homes that they've purposely set on fire, the memories of lifetimes in ashes. about $5000.00 ethnic armenians lived here. there's barely any one left village after village deserted. if you still remaining are preparing to leave soon. it's history to repeat itself somehow. these are the ruins of the house of an azeri family. many others lived in this area, and they had to leave when azerbaijan lost the 1st kind of a hole or in the early 1990, s. and armenia occupied this region back then hundreds of thousands of a series which is staffed of the looker about and the 7 surrounding districts, but some, i mean is like several men at 2nd yan also had to relocate and now he's doing so again, we're not leaving, we're being thrown out as a bludgeon expelled us with this war. painful i was instapundit fighting. when i
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heard about the ceasefire. i didn't think about it, but it turns out that i've been displaced once more. i'm going to armenia, but i have no place thrown on to the streets. as we head out, an orange globe brightens the night. more houses set ablaze and no one around. i mean, in presence here is truly over. this is the story of a capitalization, a departure with no date of return, but they still hope that one day they will come back. and hoda abdel-hamid joins us now live from kabul. we've seen, you know, there's a lot of anger as we saw in your report, and i know that you've been speaking to people. what have they been telling you and what are they most upset about well, i mean there's a huge sense of loss. there's also a sense of betrayal, a shock. people can't really come to terms of that happening and how quickly that happened. you know that throughout the 6 weeks of war they were told that they were
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going well. and then just overnight, you know, in the wee hours of the morning, they heard about this cease fire agreement. and then when they looked into the details, they realize that not only has lost their land, that as ever, john had captured during the military operations that it was going to give away even more land land that had occupied, but people were living there. so certainly, you know, i was in nagorno-karabakh, i was in step on the carriage. there are very few people there. everything is shut down. but those who are there in a grim mood, nobody wants to speak to you. they even ask you, what do you want me to tell you? what do you know to situation? the leadership there certainly feels betrayed and at last by what happened because that was a decision taken by the prime minister a year event. so all round you do have that sense of loss,
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and people also tell you when we were at this only army alone, we were not only fighting, does it by germany, were fighting azerbaijan and turkey. so they feel that no one was on their side, and then there's a confusion. what does it mean now with a ever be able to go anywhere? what's their future like in mena? no one has spoken to them. they don't know what's going to happen, where the children are going to go to school. it's really a lot of chaos and confusion. now, somewhere along this road, at some point in less than 5 hours, there's going to be a hard border between armenia and azerbaijan. ask anyone, they don't know what it means, will it be the russian peace keepers who had been deployed here? that will be at that order for the moment. well, as early forces show up, where the, where is the border in the 1st place. so certainly a lot of confusion and really a sense that this time armenia was defeated and badly sending
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a lot of confusion and uncertainty for the people there. hoda abdel-hamid in a thank you. and this thread to more head on this news hour, including a breakthrough to end libya's war. we have the latest on the final day of u.n. box topics. moldova faces, a choice between russia and europe as it heads into presidential elections. and in support of hamas racing is making its return in zimbabwe as a sporting to recover from the financial impact of coronavirus. the s. libya 1st and rival factions have agreed to hold nationwide elections in december of next year. that was announced that u.n. sponsored talks inch yunis, delegates are negotiating the appointment of an interim government military representatives have also been meeting in certain central libya. they're discussing the implementation of a cease fire deal signed last month. has more from tunis,
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national elections to be held next december on the 24th december 2021. that's christmas eve next year. well, that's the 70th anniversary of libya's declaration of independence through the united nation and the united nations from its and france. know there were disputed elections back in 2014 after which the judiciary and law enforcement completely collapsed. so it's imperative that these elections are done are done right. and the are take place in a free and fair manner. and that's really what's been going on in tunis. all this week, 75 delegates have been humming. i put the u.n. thing, calling a road map, a set of mechanisms to put in place to get to that point where those elections can take place and have a meaningful result. which is to say, one single unified libyan government. 6 days of talks in tunis are not going to
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solve all of libya's problems. but as stephanie williams, the acting cut in boy, she says, you know, you've got to try and solve some of the problems. because the status quo is intolerable status quo equals the t.v nation, and that's really what kind of one of the longer the 6700000 libyan citizens deserve better than that. and live now to mali, china who is in the libyan city of misrata. so malique, a date set for elections. how are libyans reacting to this and is it feasible that elections can be held in a year's time? why i think libyans here are taking this with a sense of hope. they hope that it works and can take place. next year and december 28th 24th 2021. but there are, there's also a bit of skepticism as to whether or not this was actually take place. drought the several years, almost 10 years now, since the fall of moammar gadhafi in 2011, libya has been engulfed in violence and conflict. and libyan politicians have have
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done in the crease only great job of staying in their positions and stain, stain and seats of power. so whether or not there's going to be elections will take, place is something that many libyans are skeptical about. now the g.n.a.t., that's the government of national court and tripoli came into power through an agreement like this in 2015. they were only supposed to remain in power for a year. it's now nearly 5 years after that, and there still isn't a united, a united government. so while the libyans are hopeful that these elections can take place when your skeptical that, that, that's even feasible. thank you for that. malik traina in misrata supporters of us present by gathering in washington d.c.
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in what's being billed as the 1000000 man march is and i fictious from d.c. . they're staging it near the white house in a display of support for trump's effort to stay in power. they're expected to be met by counter protesters and later in the day it's been exactly one week now since joe biden was declared, the u.s. president elect yet still hasn't conceded alan fischer reports from washington. incredibly, this is become a real thing. public remarks by donald trump his 1st since the election. and this was about protecting his legacy. but administration has initiated the single greatest mobilization in u.s. history, pioneering developing and manufacturing therapies and vaccines. in record time, there was no talk of the election result. this was an update on the fight against corona virus, the hope provided by a vaccine. but there was almost the slip almost an acknowledgment. his time in the white house was coming to a close. ideally, we won't go to
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a lockdown. i will not go, this administration will not be going to a lockdown. hopefully the, the, whatever happens in the future, who knows which of ministration will be, i guess time will tell. but i can tell you this administration will not go to a lockdown. the president has been adamant, he continues to fight in the courts to overturn an election. he claims without evidence was stolen from him, but he's running out of route. his campaign has dropped, its action in arizona with joe biden has been declared. the winner cases in michigan and pennsylvania have run into legal difficulties. law teams have quit the fight because lawsuits being dismissed by judges who seem quite exasperated with lawyers representing the trump campaign. who simply do not have facts. the president's own cyber security experts have declared the election to be the most secured in american history. something the president was keen to take credit for while at the same time, claiming it had been rigged by the democrats against him. another sign,
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the white house is moving towards acceptance of the result from monday, joe biden will start receiving the daily intelligence briefing. something the trumpet ministration had blocked since the election. it's a biden campaign's reaction about time passing day, lack of access to current classified operations or back channel conversations that are happening really with the american people's interest as it relates to their national security risk. donald trump is arguably the most accessible president in modern history. but he left the rose garden, refusing to take questions about the election result. and if his days in the white house were numbered, alan fischer, al-jazeera washington live to ours in jordan in washington d.c. . so ross, supporters out on the streets of d.c. today. where, where do things stand stand for as far as his legal challenges and are republicans still holding steady against the trunk concession?
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well, there has been a bit of erosion in official republican support for the us president donald trump. a few of the senators came out this week and said that the president elect joe biden needed to be getting daily intelligence briefings so that he is fully aware of the security environment involving the united states on the global stage. as for supporters, there are a few of them walking on the straight behind me around the large perimeter surrounding the white house. but it's not the 1000000 or so people that organizers had been suggesting would converge on washington to show their support for president trump. as for the court challenges, well, the president's campaign lawyers keep going into court and on friday they had to basically walk away from 2 challenges in arizona and in michigan, states which the president elect has won according to
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a vote counters in both of those states. the big problem is that the evidence is valid, very thin, or nonexistent. and that's something that a judge could never rule on in the campaigns favor or the witnesses that have come forward to say that they saw evidence of voter fraud. haven't been deemed very credible by the courts. and so that's a big part of the reason why the trunk campaigns efforts simply aren't moving forward. they don't have the evidence because elections, officials in all 50 states have said, there isn't any evidence of widespread fraud to deny donald trump reelection this year. and the biden team vasya is playing all this down and proceeding with the transition. but just how complicated are the next few weeks going to be for them? if the trump administration stan refuses to cooperate well, it's going to be quite complicated because it's not so much whether or not the president
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elect gets his daily intelligence briefing. that is finally going to start on monday. the problem is that when you get into lower levels of the government, the people who would as sensibly be serving in a body that ministration can get permission to actually talk to the people who hold similar jobs in the current trumpet ministration. and that would leave a lot of question marks about what work needs to be done. what work needs to be abandoned? what work needs to be sped up? who's been doing the work? what's the progress? what have been the roadblocks? you need to have people on the same job level talking to each other and that is what the refusal. 'd by the general services administration leader, emily murphy by her refusal to issue a letter to allow these lower levels, staffers and advisers consult with their counterparts in the administration. it really does make it harder for a biden ministration to get to work on day one. thank you. ross ronson,
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jordan in washington, d.c. forests. well, donald trump has created his movement within a tight 2 party system. traditionally, the democratic party is more socially liberal. they believe in government solutions like providing universal health care. republicans, on the other hand, believe in small government affairs committee and socially conservative, but movement is different from traditional republicanism. he won the election in 2016 with his make america great again message and unified. his base with his america 1st principles that pena's of his political act, that forming opposition to immigration and protecting domestic industries from foreign competition. let's speak to steve clemons about all this. his host of al-jazeera is the bottom line and washington editor at large for the hand, he's via skype, from matt and steve. very good to have you with us on the news hour on. what do you make? what do you make for us of all of the way the republican party is handling this complicated transition of, you know, heavyweights,
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mitch mcconnell still backing trump? i mean that the republican majority in the senate is at stake. there still 2 races to decide in georgia. why keep alive this possibility that might have been to mclean's and risk their chances in the senate? you've framed it so beautifully. i mean that, that the truth is that most republicans are privately erik's by what's going on. they know that the tradition that defines american democracy is the peaceful transfer of power from one leader to the next, regardless, a political party that is putting the constitution, the flag and america 1st. so they are privately embarrassed, but the other political reality is, as many have said, donald trump is the 900 pound gorilla, with 70000000 people who voted for him who are devoted and are comfortable with his kind of behavior. and until he sees until he big, you get structural definition to the end of his presidency,
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which will probably happen on the vote of the electoral college. there's no one in his party who will overtly challenge him, including senator mitch mcconnell now. some senators have expressed dismay, said, you know, we've got to start giving biden intelligence briefings, but they are not going to challenge him because they realize he's still the head of this party and he's in the white house are not right. and as you say, there's still a significant share all his base that i sell friendly with him. 'd and regardless of how he decides to kill us, is but taken a chapter, he'll still be a force within the republican party. so what impact do you see him having on the party going forward? what's going to happen to the principles and policies he pursued? well, i think you're going to see the party struggle. you're going to see a lot of trump supporters want to continue to embrace that pug nations, nationalism, anti immigrant, anti international nationalism that he represented. but not all 70000000 are in
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that camp. some of them may have liked low is tax plan, some of them may not like joe biden, some of them maybe traditional republicans and just, you know, want to stay there no matter who is the president. so i think in met he will continue to be the most influential within the party. but you're going to see an effort by part, you know, print since the lincoln crowd of republicans that are anti trump republicans that are going to come back to try to wrestle over what the soul and character of the republican party should be. right. i remember a few years ago as he is ago, there was a lot of concern about the tea party movement, which eventually fade aids because it lacked a leader right to think, you know, will be able to keep this movement going. if it is not the need anymore, i think he's got to find a pathway. he is going to remain a leader and he's going to me out there and visible at the once to continue to remain to be the most talked about human being in the world. and to do that, he's going to be a platform. so the question is, if you don't have the white house,
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what will that look like? a lot of us speculate i have to underline it, speculate that he may find its way to a news network or a news platform, something like the one america news network, or perhaps, you know, a newsmax or something that he could become chairman of. and you may see, you know, some of his favorite news hosts like sean hannity and others gravitate to wherever that might be. and that might continue to give him a very big platform and a very big sound worn to continue to can communicate with his base. so, but when you are president of the united states and your decision matters and you can definitively make life and death decisions across a whole wide variety of issues, that's a different kind of power and status and decision making. he won't have that. so what he will have is the ability to be, to create fear, and he is a great guy at theater, and that's where you'll try to continue to be relevant. thank you very much. my
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pleasure. i still ahead on the news hour corona virus cases in the u.s. past 200000 in a single day. doctors warn the health system is close to collapse. and rocker launches a military operation in the west and are ending a near 30 year cease fire. and in sport, last vegas gets ready for one of the biggest fights on the yes. and i've got the details coming up to stay with us. hello, the season is changing throughout the middle east. the most obvious changes this massacre in afghanistan, where a significant rain has fallen recently. snow at the height of the sea, that's in the forecast too. but usually the things these westerly waves, as they end up being cold, come from the eastern mediterranean, across the levant dross,
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iraq showers there as far south as bordering around the gulf. so you got the higher ground of mom, west and saudi, which will prompt showers, qatar market in the old shower in the north, probably not in the capital. and that be the case monday where kuwait looks a rather wet a place to be. for the most part is still dry, the real change, the real blustery stuff, and the cooler weather hasn't got through most arabian peninsula, sees nor right in is now fairly over from the satellite picture, a line through and go into the indian ocean. we've got to go to the 1st of the tropical storms of the season, the proper heavy showers,, stretch all the way from lake victoria, down to d.r., congo, down towards northern, the maybe not along this coast and coast of the great, the current and that southerly wind means it's called scouting coast for a reason. it's usually drop, but when talk does get a shower or 2 and sunday is a case in point. they go on by monday and tuesday. there are a few showers developing, again in south africa, but not in cape town, where it's a big cool
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and out his name. the, the earth. the in. play watching the news hour on al-jazeera with me for the battle. at reminder of our top stories, great forces in ethiopia have confirmed they did attack and military base, sparking a federal government offensive. ethiopian human rights commission is investigating reports of a mass killing in the town of my cut. the ethnic armenians continue to leave areas of mcdonnell karabakh ahead of sunday's handover of lands to azerbaijan, russian and turkish soldiers on the ground to monitor a deal to end 6 weeks of fighting. and us present an interim says only time will
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tell who would lead the country. it's a cole says, has come to acknowledging that joe biden will succeed him. trump was speaking publicly for the 1st time since biden became president elect last spring. the coronavirus fund demick. now in the u.s. state of texas, currently has more covert 1000 cases than any other state in the united states, with a number of infections passing 1000000 earlier this week. hospitals in the border city of el paso, are struggling to cope with the influx of patients. more than 1000 people are being treated there with case numbers growing 5 fold in the past month reports the streets of el paso are empty. as the city's funeral homes struggle to find space for the dead, attend, the morgue truck has been requested to hold the bodies of people dying faster than can be buried. unfortunately, in my feel more levy is a fact. also the mission. the numbers i've been,
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the numbers of people who are now having these, all of these, what is really being most are for us. all of us in that community or the population of el paso is 680000. yet more people are hospitalized with in this desert city and the totals in most us states. this parking lot is now a covert, overflowing. the downtown convention center is a field hospital. and doctors and nurses have worked without rest calling on colleagues from around the state for help. we are now basically outsourcing to be able to do it in i think that's on the good side if the origin it or helicopters are now transferring coded patients from el paso to emergency rooms across the state of texas to hospitals in san antonio and dallas. and here in houston, 1200 kilometers away, doctors here say they are treating not only those el paso covert patients,
6:35 pm
but also bracing for another influx of their own. we've got to change that. we have to stop that because all of us, every week, every person health at the moment we had diabetic exhausted. but doctors say there is no relief in sight. and that conflicting government orders are largely to blame . el paso's county executive order to lockdown in late october, only to have the city's mayor refuse to enforce it. then the conservative state government of texas. so the lockdown was illegal after which a court reinstated the lockdown order. every day that the county's order remains in effect is another day that we can save lives. this region bordering mexico abounds with large multi-generational families. previous infection, spikes have followed holiday gatherings, and thanksgiving is around the corner. andrea cortez is among 15 in her family who contract it cove it. so it was a domino effect. mogahed my grandfather,
6:36 pm
my grandfather, my grandmother, my grandmother got my mom and my r. . and then my mom, my father and her grandfather did not survive. now he's among the more than 700 people in el paso who've died of cove it joined by more souls each day. how did you, castro, al-jazeera houston and their warnings? europe will face a difficult winter because of a resurgence of corona virus infections. austria has announced a new 3 week long down from tuesday, after a nighttime curfew failed to prevent infections from spreading neighboring italy has reported its highest ever number of new cases, almost 41000 in a single day. regional leaders warn the health system is at breaking point. cases in germany have surged as well, almost 23000 in a day. officials are set to meet on monday to discuss if new restrictions have
6:37 pm
slowed the spread, france says a 2nd, national, won't be east for at least another 2 weeks. but it appears to be working with the country, seeing a drop in infections live to paul brennan, in london for a simple little bit of good news in the u.k. where the infection rate is slowing down. well, certainly the numbers of new cases have dropped over the past 24 hours. we're waiting for today's to to sticks, but on thursday there were record statistics. and then friday was a drop by about 6000 on that. nevertheless, the office for national statistics says that the general trend remains up, that is the number of cases are increasing, but not quite at such a high rate as a fast rate as they were before. so they're still going up just not quite by as much every day. and one of the government's main scientific advisors has been on the radio this morning saying basic the next 2 weeks are absolutely crucial in her, words. as to the trajectory of. 'd the virus here in the u.k.,
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we're 10 days into a one month lockdown here. and this scientist was basically saying that behavior needs to stay strict. if we return, she says we'll get complacent. then it will all be for nothing. the warning that she said was that if we return to the tier system that was preceded, this lockdown then frankly will be back at square one within a matter of weeks and has the rest of europe fairing knockdowns is still in place in a number of countries yeah, it's pretty bad, frankly. i mean, what you mentioned austria just a 2nd ago chancellor kurtz is due to give a news conference any time now frankly, to outline the new lockdown that they've taken quite a light touch approach that been a curfew from 8 pm to 6 am. and all the non-essential shops were closed. there was a fair degree of leeway there that that's had to come to an end because of the pressure on hospitals, an increase in the number of infections. it's really to put to more regions,
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a campaign and tuscany into these kind of coronavirus red zones as they call it. and that is actually means all non-essential. shops are closed. people have to stay at home. we're talking about 26000000 out of the 60000000 people who live in italy who are now living under very tight restrictions. so it's pretty bleak at the moment across europe. paul brennan, in and in and on. dover's set for a presidential election runoff on sunday, after no candidate won a majority in its 1st round for a russian incumbent. igor don is up against e.u. opposition candidate my ass until it's been a better campaign and the pulse of the a country is at a crossroads with many watching which direction it will take. sonia gago reports from the capital. now a final cheer from the party faithful. the supporters of the socialists giving their candidate and company president equal to that on. 2 the reassurance that he has their vote from the old guard to the younger
6:40 pm
generation and mulled over the don is moscow's man. and has campaigned on close relations with russia. he says the country will fare best united under his vision and sisters. we have something to lose. moldova has something to lose. we must all be united together. ok, he sieve enough message, but not one for his political rivals. i want opponents got cocky and now begging for a punch in the face. past the only language they understand. that's why we need to be hard on them. i mean, sometimes maybe if you have a lot of minutes here as there are here and miss ali, but he's also lost a leg on this question is do not vote for you. this is the candidate who has given cause for
6:41 pm
concern by a sound to the leader of the action and solidarity party in a campaign which has seen her being maligned for being among other things. a woman with pro-west and political ideals, she says what moldova needs is, a change from the problems that have held it back. i hope that people will believe in because there has been so much disappointment in the past. we have had such an opportunity to so i was a 9 when there was a massive support for european political parties. and then these parties, unfortunately disappointed people because they got into correction. reforming one of europe's poorest countries has been a challenge that has defied previous leaders, corruption and poverty are the main concerns. there is also a demographic crisis caused by tens of thousands of people leaving to work in other countries every year. but it means that the moldova diaspora is an important voting
6:42 pm
bloc, and it's reflected in the numbers of people who mostly live and work in the west. over the last 4 years, almost 150000 swaddled citizens have left the country. because the way of this country is governed and the fact that it's despite the fundamental along towns motivated their participation, definitely shows the link with the country and that with the future of this country . this is a decisive election of moldova. it's a battle for its political soul, a choice that could see its ideal staying east with all that russia can offer or go west for a different view. so when i go out as era, now a near 30 year ceasefire has been brought to an end in the disputed territory of western sahara. the pro independence policy area front has declared the deal over after american troops launch an operation in the region. government authorities deny any fighting is taking place or about birdman lee reports. a conflict bruson
6:43 pm
for 3 decades, but never resolved. now a fragile truce in the western sahara between morocco and a pro independence group is under threat. the policies are a front has been fighting for an independent state in western sahara, an area wedged between mauritania to the south, america to the north, with a population of around half a 1000000 people. but morocco also claims this vast stretch of desert robot accuses polisario front of blocking a main highway. that's preventing the flow of goods between mauritania and morocco . but the policy sario front accuses morocco of carrying out attacks against its people, and of igniting war. has publicly officially the facts of launching an armed attack on millions demonstrating peacefully in
6:44 pm
blatant violation that has led to the resumption of peace between the forces the air force and the brokers government held in the mergence e meeting to address the situation. this wrote is important when it comes to the movement of civilians and goods. and because such actions were a violation of the u.n. sponsored cease fire agreement, morocco, in order to fulfill its duties, ordered its military forces to intervene and build a sand barrier to protect the area from any future breaches. negotiations between morocco, the policy area and mauritania, have remained suspended for several months. the u.n. is calling for restraint. the secretary general remains committed to doing his utmost to avoid the collapse of the cease fire that has been in place since 6
6:45 pm
september 1991. and he is determined to do everything possible to remove all obstacles, to the resumption of the political process, the 2 sides of battle for control of the region. since 975 when spain pulled out of the area took control of drew barely and led to a war that continued until 1991. when the un broke an armistice. but it's a conflict that's left tens of thousands of people displaced from their homes. many of the sarai refugees have been living for decades in vast, sprawling camps, along the border with morocco. the conditions are harsh and they continue to rely on humanitarian assistance to survive. but the political impasse continues, and it's unlikely these people return to their homes any time soon. among the al-jazeera,
6:46 pm
iran has denied reports that one of the top leaders was killed on its soil. and york times reports says that al qaeda is 2nd in command. in tehran in august, he was accused of helping mastermind the 998 bombings of 2. u.s. embassies in africa. iran's foreign ministry describe the recorders fault saying al qaeda has no presence in the country. colombia's special justice tribunals has resumed the exhumation of bodies in the northwestern town of military officials say at least 50 extrajudicial killings were committed by the army and brainsick, experts from colombia or an earthling mass. graves near the northwest town of the army officers have testified that at least 50 people killed by soldiers and falsely presented as rebel fighters to boost up the sticks are buried. here already $54.00 bodies have been recovered,
6:47 pm
but only 4 identified the burials tonight for more than 2 decades. after one of the darkest chapters of the country's civil conflict. disappeared in 1997 until today 2020. that means that we look for him for 23 years . family members line up to give blood samples to help identify the dead through d.n.a. matching and his daughter are still looking for 3 of manuel's children. perhaps will find one of the bodies find out where they are. one thing is to know where they're buried. give them a funeral. another is having no idea of what happened to them. official estimates say that some 200000 bodies still need to be discovered in colombia. it's just one of many tasks that the peace tribunal is addressing as the country tries to face its past. the act that congregates us here and did
6:48 pm
a bieber central part goes beyond returning these bodies to the family that reiterate and wavering commitment with truth and justice. yet the tribunals created under the 2016 peace accord with 5 gravels has been at the center of political attacks. that some criticize the fact that former rebels tell the truth and compensate victims can avoid prison terms. others believe the tribunals is biased against the military and politicians allegedly involved in war crimes. former president has been leading the charge recently calling for a referendum to abolish the courts altogether. but some observers say, what critics fear the most is the i'm bailing of evidence showing collusion between the military paramilitary in powerful elites representing riri. and those
6:49 pm
that can be made stronger proceedings, especially restriction of peace. and that is so from the commission, but for millions of victims of colombia's long internal conflict, this is the 1st real opportunity to get a glimmer of justice and relief. i listened to pros ousted former president has been banned from leaving just days after being impeached. a court ordered martin this carrot to remain in the country for 18 months, while under investigation for corruption. he was removed from office by congress on monday, sparking nationwide protests. this kyra denies accusations that he took money from land developers while he was the regional governor. anti-government demonstrations in chile are continuing with people demanding greater equality. police fired water cannon to disperse crowds in santiago. nationwide demonstrations began more than a year ago. protesters have been calling for reforms to the pension health care and
6:50 pm
education system that millions of people around the world are celebrating the hindu festival of lights. the golden temple in india, s punjab province was eliminated for deewani celebrations. but they've been scaled back this year because of the coronavirus and demi in new york, the empire state building was late orange to mock the celebration. and the tate britain museum was transformed into a neon arts installation. are still ahead on al-jazeera in sports, a historic win for argentina's rugby team against 3 times well timed. this new zealand test next dissecting the headlines in the midst of a pandemic. let's start with some of the on the ground realities of spec in the news coverage. what's the lay of the land challenging assumptions and the official night listening post on al-jazeera. we know what's happening in our region. we know
6:51 pm
how to get the playfield to others and not the fires are still ongoing. i believe if you tell the story isn't what can make a difference. a multimillion dollar online sex scam in the philippines is blackmailing men from around the world. $1.00 to $1.00 east uncovers i was small time soon to became a criminal and on al-jazeera on challenger would cost the once mighty from actual capitals of the world have been reduced to those towns by the prime demick. probably reinvent themselves. plus to accuse president of far as the central bank governor of this summit, little steps down as finance minister countering the cost on al-jazeera. the on
6:52 pm
campus course has santa thank you very much way. same point dr. stroll will be at the front of the grid for sunday's formula, one turkish ball play the canadians. 1st of a pole position. sit very still. it went to old, overcame the bad weather conditions as saturday's qualifying race. in istanbul, a shock result ended a run of 14 successive poles for dominant champions that mercy. this 6 time world champion lewis hamilton qualifies 6 red bulls a max of her stop and will race from the 2nd on the grid, strolls teammate. sergio perez will be 3rd and i have the confidence in the car and, you know, i just, i just nailed pretty much every corner and, you know, piece it together nicely and it's such a great way to bounce back after a few,
6:53 pm
the rough week since, since mid july, really it's been a rough ride for me, so yeah, feels good. just feels really good and well, it's been a historic day for argentinian rugby for the 1st time ever. they've beaten the 3 time world champions, new zealand, argentina, winning 25 to 15. and this try and nations that match being played in australia had a performance by a nuclear scientists say he scored all of the points for argentina with a trice it's penalties. and if the person over 19, it was meant to this was argentina's 1st, competitive match in more than a guess. after losing to australia last. 7 week is the 1st time the all blacks have suffered a back to back defeat since 2011. a 3rd wrong. and of the mosses is just getting underway. close to hof of the field, i had to finish off their 2nd round earlier this saturday. well, the number one doesn't, johnson is at the top of the leaderboard. online on the pa,
6:54 pm
alongside of, for the play is a must, as normally takes place in april, but was delayed due to the pandemic. johnson targeting only the 2nd major of his career american believes he could be even better placed always racing in zimbabwe hat was suspended in the march ju, to the koran of our spend, some restrictions that have now been lifted and racing has resumed. talkies and owners are now hoping to revive the sport. how many reports from para thomas mason's, his horse racing has been struggling here for years mainly because as a worsening economy. but the coronavirus pandemic has made things worse. after a nationwide lockdown that lasted months. the government has now lifted some restrictions. that means horse racing can resume, but compared to some other countries in the region, zimbabwe has a lot of catching up to do so africa, others have pressed on and very,
6:55 pm
very good list and lots and no breeding. we now rely on their racing survive by their stock to come here and race. but we've gotten the best race cars in the world . so african truck is a common written here. guys in the u.k. have come ridin here. soaring inflation, job losses, and the high cost of doing business in zimbabwe have affected all sectors of society, only palestinian racing. otherwise consider allowing the 12 years with it can cost up to $400.00 a month to feed an adult horse that excluding medical expenses. despite the economic challenges, bridges tired of explains why she has chosen to carry on. because we love it, it's home. you know, we do, we make up our own, i think, and she's a vibrant star, which is what everyone does. you make a plan somehow you able to keep going,
6:56 pm
you know, a couple of years ago we did, we went through a bad start, you were only 3 trainers, but we kept on going, you know, we ordinary lot of horses from south africa. thankfully, we've had a few more trainers come back and start up again. so we are, we slowly growing a back to what we, what we should be. over the years, several jockeys are trained for raced in and one competitions abroad. 11 into a god. and a massive passion about eugene love. what are you doing? everything before it will come together. they like to come when you say to you, if you would question it has been sitting around you know, it is the fittest but the one thing missing others dictators. the government banned large gatherings to prevent a spate of confidante teen. but those passionate about the sport say at least for now, they are racing again. or las vegas will stage one of
6:57 pm
its biggest fights of the pandemic era. later on saturday, the undefeated the terrace, a call for the defend his at welterweight, while title against britain's kill broke. both boxers made the weight on friday for about that will take place without fans. crawford is regarded as one of the world's best pound for pound fighters and could face manny pacquiao next year. a fight he's already thinking about is the biggest name in the sport of boxing. you know, i feel like that's why it is overdue. i was being called names that are slight since 2000. she had chewed softness. i feel like we got us in this business too. and i says, well, for me, we'll have more for you later on. but for now hand you back to funny as and i thank you very much. that's it for this news hour on al-jazeera. do stay with us. so with that and more news coming up after this break,
6:58 pm
we'll have the latest from washington this distinctness. held for over 3 years in an egyptian prison cell denied the right to a fair trial. no charges have been brought against al jazeera correspondent, muchnick hussein, his crime journalist, to demand more neutral links and voice solidarity with all detained journalists. sign the petition saying
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the u.s. is deeply divided. millions of americans feel disaffected and ignored by both political parties. and the political class is point scoring. the game is a dangerous game, but as a game of the sick list for klein's examines the political currents ripping through american society in a description for a novel, the publisher would send it back and say, it's too unbelievable. trump versus biden, the race to the white house on a jazeera in the 2nd bars of identity and exile. nephew, council travels to the middle east to retrace his steps in the refugee rise of the world's palestinian population and see the conflict through the eyes of those who live it. it breaks my heart to see this man has been like a father to yearn for a place that he may never see. i don't mean it is real for me to go out about my country. down to 0 correspondent context is
7:00 pm
a good thing in death storytelling around the biggest issues. but you have to do, you should do it again. admitting they struck 1st and officially me feel p.s.t. great region. that knowledge is his side began an attack setting off fighting. that's killed hundreds and sent 1000 street. back to boyer watching al jazeera live from doha, also ahead mass exodus ethnic armenians evacuated. a town in not gotten a cat about before the area is handed back to azerbaijan. a week after the u.s. election, supporters of president donald trump.


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