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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 14, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm +03

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only jews near 0 this is a news hour on al-jazeera live from a world headquarters in doha. i'm fully back to coming up in the next 60 minutes, admitting that they struck 1st and a fish only need a region of knowledge is his side began an attack, setting off fighting that's killed, hundreds sent, sent thousands, fleeing mass exodus make all medians. evacuate a town in the garden or car bomb before the area is handed back to azerbaijan. also
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this hour one week up to joe biden is declared winner of the us presidential election. donald trump isn't giving up and neither are his supporters who are out on the streets of the capital and digging up the past columbia restocks exuding bodies as it comes to terms with a chapter of its history, of how much snow have all the sporting commuting the latest from formula, one of canada's announced stroller takes its 1st poll position of his career in the chaotic qualifying session, the turkish bomb. thank you very much for joining us. would begin with the worsening situation in ethiopia, where after days of denial, a leader in the region has confirmed it was its forces that struck 1st,
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sparking fighting, which has since scaled hundreds. he says, a t.p.m. f. launch a preemptive strike against a military base. last week, it prompted the federal government to launch its offensive in the region to go his, goods on other gully, mcg. what? you must understand that the 2 great people are at risk, both internally and externally, eritrea on one end, ethiopian forces on all sides. this move was purely a self-defense measure small countries when they feel the risk of a stronger enemy which is about to destroy them. they often carry out a preemptive strike like this one. the fighting has since escalated dramatically, the government and the tea p.l.f. are reportedly now trading rocket fire and ethiopian human rights commission is now investigating reports of massacres and ethnic profiling. both sides are being accused of atrocities against civilians. we'll hear from the human rights commission in just a moment, but 1st here's al jazeera, as mohammed abdul reporting from the border of the tea grave each. this country,
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i mean is not the 1st time. we've seen a nicole file of ethnic clashes or violence based on ethnicity. and if you actually, even before the operation began, it was an alarming rate. something that has led to the displacement of more than 2000000 people in the past 2 years. but we are seeing a new level of the problem, given the huge amount of hate speech and incitement, all social media. but also organizations like the european human rights commission, talking about people being targeted just because of the absolutely office. also of the commission say they visited some prisoners in in prison. and that they fled their complaint that there was only arrested because of which they community they would community. they heard from all the killings in my cobra has shocked the nation to the whole area. we spoke to our on my show, who is
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a senior adviser and spokesperson for the ethiopian human rights commission, is calling on the government to provide immediate humanitarian assistance to the region. phone lines remain cut off in the region so it's makes, making it very difficult to gather as much information is needed and corroborate some of the claims made over the last 1011 days. but having said that, there have been allegations that a massacre of civilians took place in my car drain south west and the european human rights commission has dispatched a team already there and that team will carry out an investigation that will be made public pomp occlusion. its work in the meantime as well. we've continued to receive information from certain parts of the country from people who facing discrimination and exclusion on account of their ethnicity. we've visited police
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stations, we've spoken to people who are being detained there and we're monitoring these claims very cozy. in the meantime, the ethiopian human rights commission is calling for due care to avoid the risk of ethnic profiling. and in discrimination. the allegations are very, very serious. and that's why we are deploying, deploying a team to gather the facts. we're also, we've also made recommend, we're also making recommendations in order to safeguard lives. in the point we're making is it's a, it's a vital that there is a swift delivery of humanitarian assistance. and services, and for this reason, the ethiopian human rights commission is calling for a prompt creation of a humanitarian assistance desk at the level of the federal government that enable
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the provision of humanitarian assistance. we also call for the necessary support to be given to the red cross because there are allegations that some of their vehicles have been shot up. so we are calling for them to to be, to be given the supports that provide essential services. in other world news, ethnic armenians have been leaving ahead of sunday's handover of land to azerbaijan . some set fire to their homes as they left for some they came for a last pilgrimage. very soon, the monastery of that event will be off limits to armenians nestled in a mountain gorge and killed by john a district west of the unclear of the corner. that's about to be returned to her. but german, russian peacekeepers are already here giving people a sense of safety, a final prayer, one more memory, a little souvenir to take back home. there's an overwhelming sense of defeat,
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a monger mean years, often too difficult to express. stopping the war was the right thing, but not like this. it's unfair, but we have to do it. it was an equal fight. the eyes of the world are wide open, but the world preferred oil and gold instead of justice and they sacrificed us, even though as ever journey has promised to save god historical and religious sites . many fear they will be disagreed. it is still crossed as to tear, for centuries is now being dismantled along the road. and meg's it is towards armenia. people who were given only 6 days to pack belongings, accumulated over a lifetime are fleeing among them retreating armenian forces. and while they head out, russian peacekeepers are being deployed in kill, but many people are not intent on leaving behind what they have built up over the past 3 decades. their sense of despair couldn't be bored, clear. smoke billowing from their homes, that they've purposely set on fire. the memories of lifetimes in ashes about
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$5000.00 ethnic armenians lived here. there's barely any one left village after village deserted. if you still remaining, are preparing to leave soon, it's history that repeats itself. somehow, these are the ruins of the house of unnecessary family. many others lived in this area and they had to leave when azerbaijan lost the 1st kind of a hole or in the early 1990, s. and armenia occupied this region back then hundreds of thousands of as aires which is staffed of the looker about and the 7 surrounding districts, but some, i mean is like several men at 2nd yan also had to relocate. and now he's doing so again, we're going to raise one of them. we're not leaving, we're being thrown out as a bludgeon expelled us with this war. painful, i was insta penikett fighting. when i heard about the ceasefire. i didn't think about it, but it turns out that i've been displaced once more. i'm going to armenia, but i have no place thrown on to the streets. as we head out,
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an orange globe brightens the night. more houses set ablaze and no one around. i mean in presence here is truly over. this is the story of a capital, a ship, a departure with no date of return. but they still hope that one day they will come back, put up that home, eat al-jazeera, killed by jar. and al jazeera says, hamad bin job as harry, capital bamako. he explains the peace deal and what it means for civilians. as the deal is being signed between the armenians, the a very independent of the russians, the turks will not be present inside nagorno-karabakh. the turks will be part of the peacekeeping centers, but will be established close to the line of control the line of actual contact. and that is where they will be based. many of these details are still emerging. how many will they be? what will be their remit? what can they do? what will happen if they find something which is not in accordance with what others
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by john or the armenians want? so a lot of that is being thrashed out the other even the armenians are not take directly talking to each other and the, talking to each of the wire intermediaries. so, yes, it is slowly unfolding, as we see what we know is deadline, is that this 3 surrounding areas around the going to karbala, have to be vacated by armenian forces, have to be handed over to azerbaijan. russian peacekeepers are going to come in and then the other by joining forces are going to take control of their borders when there is a curfew that has been implemented in the areas that have been taken by the azerbaijani forces. the police forces for the last 28 years, who are stationed on this side of the divide have been asked to come, and so it is going to slowly unfold. and i asked one of the generals of the other by john the military, that what will it take to build trust between these 2 sides? and he stopped paused and he said in a word, tight, rival factions in libya have agreed to hold nationwide elections in december of
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next year. it was announced at the u.n. sponsored talks in tunis, delegation negotiating the appointment of an interim government military representatives have also been meeting in certain french or libya. they're discussing the implementation of a cease fire deal signed last month. mali traina has more from the libyan city of misrata. now we just heard that the head of the high council of state called initially welcomed the date set for elections. but i think a lot of libyans here are also skeptical that elections can actually take place. i always miss a policy elections take place here in misrata in september, others over 35 minutes to polities scheduled to hold elections in western libya before the end of the year. but as far as national elections, there's, a lot of skepticism as in terms of if they can take place. now the u.n. the u.n. has, has said that this is a breakthrough. but also what, what the libyans have discussed so far is the general general kind of general
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issues coming up, for instance, you know, to stop the bloodshed, to unify all the state institutions to hold elections. but what they're discussing now is appointing a new government and presidential council. and this is where things are likely to get a little bit more a visit. because in western libya, more logically for have to are seen as a war criminal. he has failed military campaign because over 125000 homes have been destroyed. hundreds of thousands were displaced. many died in the fighting. so any government that is seen to be pro, have to or might be refused here in western libya and vice versa. any, any government that's seen as pro western libya might be refused by eastern libya. so really the next day or 2 is as is really going to tell us whether or not the u.n. sponsored talks will be able to come out with a real political solution in libya. as more ahead on this news hour,
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including faces a choice between russia and europe as it heads into a presidential runoff. 5 percent of the folks said that enter the hospital with covais don't make it out. sounding me and on and energy people tell us state c.s.t. rising on a virus infections ahead of the holiday season and in sports, and historic win for argentina's money team against 3 time long time news event. and i have the details. next supporters of us present donald trump have gathered in washington d.c. in what's being billed as the 1000000, my grandma ch. as staging it near the white house in a display of support for trump's effort to stay in power counter, protesters have also turned out to meet them. drove out to wave to the crowds area . it's been exactly one week now since joe biden was declared the us president
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elect, but still hasn't. can see that live to wrong thing. jordan in washington d.c. . so how is this set trump, maggie march shaping up in d.c. today. ross? well, it's a few 1000 people who are over at freedom plaza, which is farther away from the white house than we are from our vantage point overlooking lafayette park and the north lawn of the white house. that said, it is a rather nice day here in the fall in washington. and so you have a lot of people who believe that the u.s. president is the rightful winner of the election. something that is not for the alj by the vote, tallies at all 50 states and they are trying to show their support for the u.s. president as well as demand recounts of the votes, particularly in the so-called battleground, states. the states where of the political parties are,
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have so much equal influence that whichever party prevails, essentially, is giving the victory to a presidential candidate. but again, there hasn't been any whole scale fraud filed in any of the 50 states according to state elections. officials made that announcement a couple of days ago, and there have been problems that the trump campaign has run into in trying to challenge the vote in a number of these battleground states. either they have put forward flimsy evidence, which judges have a lot or they have put forward flimsy witnesses who cannot corroborate actual instances of voter fraud. and so this is a situation where it's really, people really venting their views about a situation that simply does not jibe with their perception. the fact is, joe biden collected at least 5300000 more votes than donald trump on november 3rd.
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yeah, but this has meant a difficult start for the biden team bras. how are they handling this complicated transition process? well, everyone has been focused on the fact that donald trump has not conceded the election . it's a tradition, it's not a legal requirement. the legal requirement is for the administrator of the general services administration, basically the logistics agency for the u.s. federal government to sign a letter that all the rises, members of joe biden's transition team to have the money to actually run background checks on people who would become cabinet officials and other officials who need senate confirmation to be able to set up offices so that they can actually look at the work of the trumpet ministration and figure out what steps need to be taken in order to keep the u.s. government running. once there's a new president in office, that is a complication. while joe biden does have
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a lot of senior experienced people on his team. they don't have the details out. so sometimes with security clearances, to be able to see how the u.s. government is running right now, that is something that could be problematic if his transition team doesn't get that authorization as quickly as possible. otherwise they'll have, they'll be about 2 months behind when he is sworn in on january 20th. thank you very much, ross and jordan in washington d.c. . now donald trump has created his movement within a tight 2 party system. traditionally, the democratic party's more socially liberal. they believe in government solutions like providing universal health care. republicans on the other hand, believe in small government, they're fiscally and socially conservative, but movement is different from traditional republicanism. he won the election in 2016 with his make america great again message and unified, his base with his america 1st principles. that pin is on his political platform, include opposition to immigration, and protecting domestic industries from foreign competition. let's discuss this now
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with joe walsh was a former republican congressman. he's via skype from chicago. thank you so much, mr. walsh, for being with us. let me ask you 1st why there are still so many republicans backing trump today, including mitch mcconnell. why keep alive this possibility that he might have a legitimate claim and risk their chances in the senate race? because donald trump, who owns the republican party, this is what's so sad in really very dangerous about what's going on in america right now. joe biden would be for the 1st time in my lifetime, i think for the 1st time in american history, we have a president who is refusing to accept the will of the people. now the problem is none of his supporters will accept this election result. so why do mitch mcconnell and all the other republicans go on with what trump is doing right now?
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because the republican party is, all of these voters are heroes in they don't want to lose those voters. so regardless of how he decides to close this particular chapter, donald tom de think is still remain, you'll still remain a force within the republican party even when he's not a leader in. yeah, and it must be clear, donald trump will never concede. he will never say biden won, he would never say he last saw the white house. ok. he will leave the white house with his ally that the election was stolen from him. all of his supporters will believe him. and then for the next 4 years, donald trump will own the republican party. they will all have to kiss his ring. he may well one again in 2024. and if he does, nobody could beat him. now they've been speculation that he may run again. somewhat 70000000 people who voted for him have not necessarily been traditional republicans, though many voted because they didn't want to vote for biden. for instance,
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it seems today that the soul and character of the republican party is in question. is that stake? do you think they can have a go back to what they were before? this is too much damage being done. i think too much damage has been done and i've said it before. i'll say it again. i think we're watching the republican party die . i think donald trump is the last dying gasp of the party. there is no room in the party for conservatives like me who do not support donald trump. the problem again for republicans, is he will, he will have as much control over the party for the next 4 years, even after his last, as he did as president. so what are we going to see happen then, to the republican party? are we going to see a split? i think you're going to see it put a split. i think the republican party will continue to shrink and eventually it will by there are not enough troops supporters to ever win nationwide,
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and there aren't enough republicans like me who don't support trump to ever win nationwide. so i think eventually you're going to see a 3rd political party overtake the republican party. there was, you know, a few years ago there was concern about the tea party movement which eventually fade aids. do you think because it didn't have a leader do you think, can we compare what's happening to the republican party to that movement then? and do you think, you know, what does john need to do to keep this move? this moving this particular movement going well, i was a lifelong republican. i left the republican party this past year because literally the party became a cold. they no longer stand for ideas or any sort of a platform. they worship this man. and all this man has to do is send off, which we or hold a rally,
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and he will freeze the rest of the republican party. his supporters will go down with him. they will believe every last word. so as long as he's around trump is will be alive and well. thank you so much for talking to us. joe walsh, former republican congressman and coming to us there from chicago. thank you very much for your time. now moldova is set for a presidential runoff on sunday, after no candidates won a majority in the 1st round pro russian incumbent. igor don is up against paul e.u. opposition candidate, maya sunda as been a better campaign. and the poll soviet country is at a crossroads with many watching which direction it will take. jazeera sonia gaggle reports from the capital kisha. now a final cheer from the party faithful. the supporters of the socialists giving a candid it incumbent president equal to that on the reassurance that he has their vote from the old guard to the younger generation. and moldova though
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don is moscow's man and has campaigned on close relations with russia. he says the country will fare best united under his vision. problems and sisters, we have something to lose. moldova has something to lose. we must all be united together. ok, he's of enough message, but not one for his political rivals. i want opponents got cocky and now they're gagging for a punch in the face past the only language they understand. that's why we need to be hard on them. i mean, maybe if you had a lot of minutes here, as there are here, i miss ali, but he's also lost a leg on this question is enough votes to win a game? this is the candidate who has given cause for concern by
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a sound to the leader of the action and solidarity party in a campaign which has seen her being maligned for being among other things. a woman with pro-west and political ideals, she says what moldova needs is a marked change from the problems that have held it back. i hope that people will believe in because there has been so much disappointment in the past. we have had such an opportunity to so i was a 9 when there was a massive support for european political parties. and then these parties, unfortunately disappointed people because they got into correction. reforming one of europe's poorest countries has been a challenge that has defied previous leaders, corruption and poverty are the main concerns. there is also a demographic crisis caused by tens of thousands of people leaving to work in other countries every year. but it means that the moldova diaspora is an important voting
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bloc, and it's reflected in the numbers of people who mostly live and work in the west. over the last 4 years, almost 150000, small citizens fled the country. because the way how this country is governed and the fact that it's despite the fundament along towns motivated their participation, definitely shows the link with the country and the with the future of this country . this is a decisive election in moldova. it's a battle for its political soul, a choice that can see its ideals, staying east with all that russia can offer, or go west for a different view. so now i go, al-jazeera kish, now still ahead on al-jazeera morocco launches a military operation in the western sahara and ending any 30 year ceasefire. that's growing. fears will tell you why farmers in ivory coast are feeling better and what it means for the world's chocolates. a bucket and swarthy horseracing is making its
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return in zimbabwe as, as one aims to recover from the financial impact of coronavirus. hello, the season is changing now throughout the middle east, the most obvious changes is mastercard. enough. gonna stand by a significant rain has fallen recently. snow at the heart, obviously that's in the forecast too. but usually the things these westerly wages, they end up being cold, come from the east and no trying to cross the levant cross iraq sheryl's or as far south as one around the gulf. so you've got the higher ground west and saudi, which will prompt showers, qatar mike and the old shower in the north, probably not in the capital. now be the case monday where kuwait looks, a rather wetter place to be. for the most part, it's still dry. the real change, the real blustery stuff, and the cooling weather hasn't gotten through most arabian peninsula sees nor
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writing is now fairly obvious and satellite picture a line through and go into the indian ocean. we've actually got to the 1st of the tropical storms of the season, the proper heavy showers,, stretch all the way from like victoria down to d.r., congo, down towards norton. the maybe not along this coast in coast to bangor. the current in that southerly wind means it's called a scouting coast for a reason. it's usually a draw, but when talk does get a shower or 2 and sunday is a case in point. they go wrong. by monday and tuesday. there are a few showers developing, again in south africa, but not in cape town, where it's a bit cool. but i cannot walk my firing with my face. you can access your bank account with your voice unique algorithmic measurements of us that are revolutionizing the process of identification. the biometrics are far from perfect convenience and seeming infallibility. comes at a costs. most crucially,
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our privacy and the force of a far far series alan ray addresses the appropriation of our most personal characteristics. all hail the algorithm on a just 0. how does one forgave after losing 32 family members in a heinous massacre? a survivor of one of colombia's 50 year long conflicts, worst atrocities dedicates his life to reconciliation with his peaceful to surround him. lean upon last year's life and mission are in jeopardy. witness buckeye and caught in the crossfire on al jazeera. you're the
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welcome back, our top stories on this al-jazeera news. our security forces in ethiopia have confirmed they did attack a military base, sparking a federal government offensive ethiopian human life commission is investigating reports of a mass killing in the town of my cabinet on ethnic amini. and continue to be very is, i don't know how to box i had of sunday's handover of land to azerbaijan, russian in turkish soldiers out on the ground to monitor a deal to end 6 weeks of fighting. and rival factions in libya have agreed to hold nationwide elections in december of next year. it was announced at the u.n. sponsored talks in tunis, delegates and ago sheeting the appointment of an internal conflicts the coronavirus fund demick now and its gathering speed in the us with record numbers of infections recorded daily. public health experts are warning the situation could get worse.
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while brunell's reports had 19 cases are skyrocketing across the us. hospitals in multiple states are running out of beds and protective equipment. doctors and nurses are once again exhausted. like every hospital across the country were overwhelmed or were getting overrun, governors across the country issued dire warnings, mandatory mask wearing orders, and restrictions on businesses and social gatherings. the dreaded winter surges here, infection records are being set in states across the entire country. we report record hospitalizations, a new death day after day. our hospitals are full. 5 percent of the folks that that entered the hospital with covais don't make it out. one in 20, california join texas as the 1st states recording over 1000000 cases each. meanwhile, president elect joe biden,
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and his code of 900 task force are still barred by the outgoing trump administration from getting briefings on the situation. it's inherent in our team and our experts have that access. some states like new mexico have imposed a near complete shutdown, but biden will not order a nationwide freeze when he takes office on january 20th. we're not in a place where we're saying, shut the whole country down. we've got to be more targeted. americans are getting ready for the thanksgiving holiday, which traditionally involves big family gatherings. public officials are begging them to limit groups. we must tell you, you must cancel the normal thanksgiving plans. the u.s. centers for disease control forecast deaths could reach as many as 282000 over the next 4 weeks. robert oulds al jazeera and their warnings. europe will face a difficult because of
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a resurgence of corona virus infections. austria has announced a new 3 week knocked down from tuesday, after a nighttime curfew failed to prevent infections from spreading up dienstag november nor my urgent plea for the next weeks is meat. nobody. every social contact is one too many. for only then, can we reopen our country, step by step in december, and especially only then can we save christmas and the pre-christian a season and spend this time together carefully but with dignity. neighboring italy has reported its highest ever number of new cases, almost 41000 in a single day regional leaders. one the health system is at breaking points. cases in germany have surged as well. almost 23000 in a day. officials are set to meet on monday to discuss if new restrictions have slowed the spread. france says the 2nd national law down won't be easy for at least another 2 weeks, but it appears to be working with a country, seeing
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a drop in infections live to paul brennan, in london for us for what's the situation in the u.k. 1st? well, the u.k. situation is that we've had the 3rd successive day of fewer cases per day if you a new cases per day. that said, if office for national statistics says the overall trend remains upward, albeit at a slightly slower rate. so the numbers going up, but just not quite as fast as they had been in previous days. unfortunately, the latest figures for the new deaths, which has been released this afternoon, is up. it's now 462 in the last 24 hours that's up from 376 on friday. and there was a warning today from one of the scientists who is on that advisory committee that advises the government, the sage committee saying that the next 2 weeks will be absolutely critical in deciding whether or not christmas as a it is normal. for there is a possibility here in the u.k. saying that the current lockdown, which is due to end on the 2nd of december,
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she said, she said if the government went back to the old teared system, then frankly, the number of infections would be right back where it was in october. what about the rest of europe? lockdowns are still in place in a number of countries. yeah, i mean we touched on austria very, very announcement is bearing to the inevitable, frankly, austria taking quite a light touch approach to restrictions. shops were open. there was a curfew, it was 8 pm to 6 am. there was a takeaway, a variable from cafes and restaurants, but the infection rate has been quite startling there. and sébastien curt's, the chancellor, came out this afternoon and the inevitable. as i say, imposing a total lockdown, a return essentially to the full lockdown that we saw at the start of this pandemic, italy has added 2 more zones to all regions, i should say, to the red zones that as they call them, it's only us companion tuscany, and that brings 26000000 hours of a total population of 60000000 in italy who are under very tight restrictions. that
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basically means that they, they shouldn't really leave the house unless it's absolutely essential for things like medical appointments or exercise and elsewhere. you know, germany is also saying that it's highly unlikely that they'll be able to lift the their restrictions which are due to end at the end of november because of the rate of infection continuing to rise there. thank you, paul brennan, in london. and he, 30 years ceasefire has been brought to an end in the disputed territory of western sahara. the pro independence valley syria front has declared the deal over after moroccan troops launched an operation in the region. government authorities deny any fighting is taking place, nor a bird unmanly reports. a conflict through the 3 decades, but never resolved. now a fragile truce in the western sahara between morocco and a pro independence group is under threat. the policies are a front has been fighting for an independent states in western sahara,
9:36 pm
an area wedged between mauritania to the south, america to the north, with a population of around half a 1000000 people. but morocco also claims this vast stretch of desert robot accuses policy of front of blocking a main highway. that's preventing the flow of goods between mauritania and morocco . but the policy saria front accuses morocco of carrying out attacks against its people and of igniting war. has publicly officially the fact of launching an armed attack or demonstrating peacefully in blatant violation is fire that has led to the result of between the forces and the force brokers,
9:37 pm
government held in the mergence the meeting to address the situation. this road is important when it comes to the movement of civilians and goods. and because such actions were a violation of the u.n. sponsored cease fire agreement, morocco, in order to fulfill its duties, ordered its military forces to intervene and build a sand barrier to protect the area from any future breaches. negotiations between morocco, the policy area and mauritania, have remained suspended for several months. the u.n. is calling for restraint. the secretary general remains committed to doing his utmost to avoid the collapse of the cease fire that has been in place since 6 september 1991. and he is determined to do everything possible to remove all obstacle to the resumption of the political process, the 2 sides of battle for control of the region. since 1975, when spain pulled out of the area, took control of drew belly and led to
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a war that continued until 991, when the un broke an armistice. but it's a conflict that's left tens of thousands of people displaced from their homes. many of the sarai refugees have been living for decades in vast, sprawling cams, along old curious border with morocco. the conditions are harsh and they continue to rely on humanitarian assistance to survive. but the political impasse continues, and it's unlikely these people return to their homes any time soon. the lure of money al jazeera iran has denied reports that one of the top leaders was killed on its soil. a new york times report says the second in command of doing that was killed in tehran in august. he was accused of helping to mastermind the 998 bombings of 2 u.s. embassies in africa. iran's foreign ministry described the report as false saying
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al-qaeda has no presence in the country. now, manufacturers in ivory coast say they are running out of drop materials violence over october's disputed election has led to serious economic disruption. protesters have blockaded entire regions, preventing supplies from reaching factories, and i did research for some abidjan at this cocoa processing factory workers prepare the last talk of beans for production there where that some of them may be working their last shirt. opposition protests against president are similar to those 30 opposed by the fracturing companies to cut production. the factory manager says they have received only 40 tons of cocoa beans in 2 weeks, instead of a daily consignment of 320 tons before the political crisis. the current political crisis has strangled towns like yemen, so cruel and many others were hit by violent demonstrations. farmers were scared.
9:40 pm
no one wants to take chances, as there are many incidents where truckloads of goods were burnt. constitutional changes enable president water to run for 30. the opposition call it illegal, sparking protests that killed more than 85 people. 2 weeks after a tourist reelection. tensions remain with clashes erupting in various parts of the country, impeding the delivery of raw materials. factories need for production, including cocoa, the country's biggest export. producers say the disruptions caused by the presidential election as they're struggling with the effects of covered 19 would be felt for a very long time and more damage could be done if the political situation is not resolved quickly. with some considering cutting jobs, bellville market truck driver ends a drought or brings a truckload of yams. he says many of them spoiled because his truck was held up for 3 days. it's hard to the crisis has affected the transportation of products. there
9:41 pm
were barricades and entire highways cut off for 8 years. i've seen consistent economic growth of 7 percent, making it one of the best performing economies in africa. but experts warn that continuing violence and uncertainty could be devastating for the businesses, both in the short and long term. in the short term, the economy will contract a recession of sorts. even if you don't have a recession in the short term growth will drop. what we see is growth will be around 1.3 to 1.5 percent next year. he says the basic infrastructure, the country requires is in place. this will help ivory coast return to decent economic growth. but right now, there are growing fears that the political crisis will go on. more people will lose their jobs, and the poverty already 47 percent, or rise. how many degrees al-jazeera colombia's special justice tribe,
9:42 pm
you know, has resumed the exhumation of bodies in the northwestern town of debate. military officials say at least 50 extrajudicial killings were committed by the army brainsick, experts from colombia, or an earthling mass graves near the northwest town of the army officers that testified that at least 50 people killed by soldiers. and falsely presented as rebel fighters to boost up the sticks are buried here. already $54.00 bodies have been recovered, but only 4 identified the burials tonight for more than 2 decades. after one of the darkest chapters of the country's civil conflict. just disappeared in 1997 until today 2020 that means that we look for him for 23 years. family members line up to give blood samples to help identify the dead through
9:43 pm
d.n.a. matching and his daughter are still looking for 3 of manuel's children. perhaps will find one of the bodies find out where they are. one thing is to know where they're buried. give them a funeral. another is having no idea of what happened to them. official estimates say that some 200000 bodies still need to be discovered in colombia. it's just one of many tasks that the peace tribunal is addressing as the country tries to face its past, the ect that congregates us here and did a bieber central part goes beyond returning these bodies to the family. that reiterate unwavering commitment with truth and justice. yet the tribunals created under the 2016 peace accord with fire gravels has been at the center of political attacks. that some criticize the fact that former rebels to tell the truth and compensate big things can avoid prison terms. others believe the tribunals is
9:44 pm
biased against the military and politicians allegedly involved in war crimes. former president has been leading the charge recently calling for a referendum to abolish the courts altogether. but some observers say, what critics fear, the most is the i'm bailing of evidence showing collusion between the military paramilitary in powerful elites. former president he said that stronger proceedings, especially restriction of peace from the commission for millions of victims of colombia's long internal conflict. this is the 1st real opportunity to get a glimmer of justice and relief. i listened. central
9:45 pm
american leaders are calling for support as a 2nd powerful storm in 2 weeks moves towards the region. they're seeking emergency funds from the central american bank to help deal with one of the busiest ever atlantic hurricane seasons. hurricane io time is the 30th named storm in the area, the c.s. setting a new record. it perusal said former president has been banned from leaving just days after being impeached, a court ordered martin discard to remain in the country for 18 months while under investigation for corruption. he was removed from office by congress on monday, sparking nationwide protests. brazil will hold local elections on sunday and for the 1st time black candidates will be the majority. racism runs deep in brazilian history, but activists say change is coming when he reports from rio de janeiro. first, there was the murder of my foot on the day after the brazilian city council shut down. really does she nearly 2 years ago where a high profile murder,
9:46 pm
committed thousands of thanks to brazil's black community dendrite floyd's death in the united states. last me, me, she black wives matter protests worldwide to similar but separate events that have helped inspire a new generation of blacks, 20 brazilian politics and shape their own destiny. their in a social be seen on sunday's municipal elections. more than half of the candidates are people who have color numbering, whites for the 1st time in history. 40 year old age a madam said he was born and raised here in village community, one of real favelas or slums. a long time activist, she helped found the favela front, a political movement for blacks from poor neighborhoods. now she's running for city council. black women are extremely active in poor communities, but to make
9:47 pm
a real difference, you have to be in power. you have to hold a penny a hand and sign the laws that will change this very unequal and racist society, blacks and browns account for 56 percent of brazil's population, but injure much higher unemployment and poverty rates than whites. and they're poorly represented, partly because they're underfunded. brazilian parties receive public funds and free radio and t.v. time to run their campaigns. the party leaders have been distributing money as they please, favoring white men. mostly, a supreme court decision this year is now forcing parties to share the phones fairly. more a suitable got the black lives of the movement to played a case that an unequal society leads to by. and in this sense, brazil is doing worse. the united states police violence killed 236 african-americans in 2019. in brazil it killed 4353 blacks during the last
9:48 pm
elections like candidates received up to 3 times less money than whites. city council, or candidate most likely are new to says the parties are not yet fully complying with the new law. but believes change is inevitable. we're seeing a group political consciousness amongst blacks, women, and minorities. he says their bridges, a patient in future elections will only grow in their chances of being fairly represented. monica in an i.q. 0. rio de janeiro. demonstrations against the government in chile are continuing with people demanding greater equality. police fired water cannon to disperse crowds in town tackle demonstrations began more than a year ago. protesters have been calling for reforms of the pension, health care and education system. and tensions are high in mexico. after a police crackdown on protests, anger has been growing over violence against women following the murder of
9:49 pm
a 20 year old woman. the u.n. says, on average, 10 women are killed every day in mexico. in thailand, thousands of anti-government protesters have rallied in bangkok's democracy, monument activist, scaled the structure and draped it in a sheet covered in messages. they say, prime minister, prior to channel china's rule is illegitimate, and he should resign. and they also demanding more accountability from the king. elsewhere in bangkok, the king and queen were welcomed by thousands of supporters during a ceremony to mark the extension of the city's rail network. also, people wore yellow to show the rest loyalty to the monarchy. and millions of people around the world are celebrating the hindu festival of lights. the golden temple in india's punjab province was eliminated for deewani celebrations. celebrations have been scaled back this year because of the coronavirus pandemic in new york, the empire state building was laid orange to mock the celebration. and the tate
9:50 pm
britain museum was transformed into a neon ott installation. still ahead on al-jazeera in sports, last vegas gets ready for one of the biggest surprise of the year and has got more details coming up here in the stables. talk to scott realistically, how can you do that? institutionalize corruption in this country. we listen. if this breaks up into conflict between pakistan and india, this has implications for the rest of the world. we meet with global newsmakers and talk about the stories that matter. investigating the use and abuse of power across the globe on al-jazeera. one of the most wanted men on the planet masterminded a $4500000000.00 fraud. they want to put him in jail,
9:51 pm
but you cannot help being in the past ages 0 reveals never before heard recordings implicating some of the world's most powerful players. everyone would benefit by the abuse of power and corruption, jolo hunt for a fugitive on the jersey. you're the one the war type the source i hear santa. thank you very much for the you always seem point driver lance. a stroller will be at the front of the grid for sunday's formula, one turkish is the canadians. 1st ever pole position. in
9:52 pm
the 22 year old overcame the bad weather conditions at saturday's qualifying race. in istanbul, his shock result ended the run of 14 successive pools. for dominant champions, that might see this champion, lewis hamilton call 56, while red bull's eye max there, stopping the race from 2nd on the grid, strolls teammate, paris is that, you know, i have the confidence in the car and, you know, i just, i just nailed pretty much every corner and, you know, piece it together nicely and it's such a great way to bounce back after a few. the rough week since since mid july. really. it's been a rough ride for me. so yeah, feels good. feels really good. i mean, i have no idea what card underneath me. it's more amazing set ups going into today and then it is going well. so no idea. if it is dry, i have no idea how it's going to feel it. if it's wet and i know it's going to be
9:53 pm
as good as that, and as it is today, well, africa cup of nations, qualifiers continue on saturday. egypt are taking on togo later on, the 7 time champions will be without their star player mohamed salah. the livable striker is in quarantine after testing positive for corner virus on friday. take on angola at the same time while been in a little in the early kick off. the main tournament is, is, has been pushed back to january, 2022 because of the pandemic. well, it's been a historic day for argentinian rugby for the 1st time ever. they beat in 3 time world champions, new zealand, argentina winning 25 to 15 and try a nation's that match being played in australia by the performances by nicholas sanchez. he's called all of the points for argentino, the tri 6 pound tees, and the conversion, well covered 19 it means meant this was argentina's 1st competitive match in more
9:54 pm
than a gear. after losing it, australia last week is the 1st time. the all blacks have suffered a back to back defeats since 2011. horseracing in zimbabwe was suspended in march, a jew to the corner virus pandemic. some restrictions i have now been lifted, and racing has resumed, or jockeys and owners are now hoping to revive the sport. reports from her thomas mason's his horse racing has been struggling here for years. mainly because as a worsening economy. but the coronavirus pandemic has made things worse. after a nationwide lockdown that lasted months. the government has now lifted some restrictions. that means horse racing can resume, but compared to some other countries in the region, zimbabwe has a lot of catching up to do. so africa obvious, have pressed on and very, very good wine list and lots and, you know,
9:55 pm
breeding. we now rely on their racing to survive by their stock to come here and race. but we've gotten the best race cars in the world. so african track is a crime ridden here. guys in the u.k. have come ridin here. soaring inflation, job losses, and the high cost of doing business in zimbabwe have affected all sectors of society, only balancing raising big otherwise consider allowing the 12 years we were in it can cost up to $400.00 a month to feed an adult horse that excluding medical expenses despite the economic challenges, bridge is tired of explains why she has chosen to carry on. because we love it, it's home. you know, we do, we make up our own, i think, and she's a vibrant star, which is what everyone does. you make a plan somehow. you able to keep going, you know, a couple of years ago we did, we went through a bad start, you were only 3 trainers, but we kept on going, you know,
9:56 pm
we ordinary lot of horses from south africa. thankfully, we've had a few more trainers come back and start up again. so we are, we slowly growing a back to what we, what we should be. over the years, several jockeys are trained for raced in and one competitions abroad. 11 into a god. and a massive passion to love what you're doing, everything before it will come together. they like to be took on a come on your side. you see it has been sitting around and you know, i guess the fittest but the one thing missing are the stick. taters, the government banned large gatherings to prevent a spate of confidante team, but i was passionate about the sports, at least for now. they are racing again. well, as vegas will stage, i want to its biggest fights of the pandemic. later on saturday,
9:57 pm
the undefeated task for the fans, his at welterweight, while title against britain's killed broke. both boxes made their way to on friday and for about that will take place without fans. crawford is regarded as one of the world's best pound for pound fighters and could face manny pacquiao next year. a fight he's already thinking about is the biggest name in the sport of boxing are you know, i feel like i was being called since 2000. i feel like we've seen his business too well for me, we'll have more for you later on, but for now i'll hand you back to funny. santa thank you very much. and of course, we always have more sports and news on our website at al-jazeera dot com, the very latest on all the top stories at al-jazeera dot com from me fully back to the whole news. our team here in dot think you very much watching what i've been
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a new center next with madam ambassador. just it has to drive their industrial expansion and european powers colonised. huge areas of the world rich resources. so free labor and false flags were exploited in the name of civilization and well, until the colonies decided they'd had enough in a new 3 part documentary series out as they are exposed to history, suffering and legacy of france's imperial posture. not into french to colonize
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ation. coming soon, dissecting the headlines in the midst of a pandemic. let's start with some of the all new ground realities affecting the news coverage. what's the lay of the land there? stripping away the spin, being still worry about presidential corruption, it is real reporting is not and your team challenging assumptions and the official line. we all decided we need to tell our score. look, we don't want to lie on the authority and it's media listening post on al-jazeera food for celebration, food for reconciliation and food from ancient civilizations. al-jazeera world goes on a mouthwatering foreign retail me from spain to the middle east. to discover the hidden history behind some of the region's best loved dishes, savoring the past on al-jazeera. understand the differences and
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similarities of cultures across the world is another matter where you will be leading news and current affairs that matter to you. the world. after days of denial, an official in ethiopia's to gray region admits its forces struck 1st, sparking the fighting that's killed hundreds and sent thousands flooding into sudan though i'm maryam namazie in london. you're watching al-jazeera also coming up on the program around are going to car about after nic armenians burned their homes. they've been forced to leave as part of a cease fire deal with azerbaijan. also coming out on.


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