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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 16, 2020 7:00am-7:31am +03

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al jazeera, with rallies in various capital after the new interim president resigns, after just 5 days on the job. however, congress struggles to decide on who will take over the country's worst constitutional crisis in 20 years. and this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up 10 years cannot be rethought in while libya's rivals agree to
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a dates for holding national elections, but fail to agree on a unity. government still lead them there. syria's governments and since the death of longtime foreign minister walid muallem will look at his legacy and u.s. president, donald trump appears to acknowledge for the 1st time the joe biden has won the white house and insists he won't concede. but 1st spring has been plunged into its worst constitutional crisis in 2 decades. politicians haven't been able to find a replacement leader after the interim. repressive dents, resigns after just 5 days on the job. there were celebrations after manual merino announces departure earlier on sunday. he had replaced martin vizcarra who was removed home office over unproven corruption allegations. pressure has been
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mounting on marino from day one. protests continued. let's get more now from mariana sanchez. she joins us live from lima. marianna, there appears to be something of a pair of vacuum in peru who is in charge, and here is likely to replace marino is the biggest question right now. there is indeed a power vacuum and no one house is. no one is there to be able to take responsibility of the congress or the country. there's no precedent. there's no congress president, there are no vice presidents. there is no cabinet, no. and no ministers, no one. and it is the responsibility of legislators who have voted tonight against the only list that there was to set up the
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most important posts at congress. and to define who the interim, the congress president will be, who would have been sworn in to reign president of the country. there was the only list led by a woman on the stand. i'm a 57 year old poet from a left wing party. apparently, most legislators don't like the left wing party and they prefer to leave the country in this power vacuum instead of voting in favor of one of the few people. one of the few legislators who did not vote in favor of the impeachment of the scott, which is one requirement if you will, that is, that is from the people who have been protesting for, for nearly a week now, who have who have questioned the legitimacy
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of the impeachment, the legitimacy of the presidency of martin discover and now will certainly question what is going on in congress. the premises of congress is completely surrounded right now by several rings of riot police. there are hundreds if not thousands of people in the area waiting for an answer. but apparently that will not happen. as happened tonight, the congressman took all day long to make up the list and took them 2 hours to decide and vote and then not voting. in favor of this only list. so it could well happen in the early hours of monday. and this, this is something that would leave the country in this power vacuum throughout the
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night. and of course, many people perhaps will stay throughout the night, waiting and expecting that the legislators do not do not do this in the middle of the night and name a new interim president. that is not to the liking of the people, a person that will not have criminal records and that did not vote in favor of the impeachment of martin discover. it's an extraordinary situation, marian and it's coming at perhaps the worst possible time in the middle of an economic crisis, a global pandemic. we've seen these protests on the streets in recent days. we've seen celebrations globally. what are ordinary peruvians making of this? i think people are really and rage, they're angry, they're furious at the political class. look, we have a peruvians have in the last nearly 30 years, nearly every single president of peru has been investigated for
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corruption. there we have one president in jail. there's another one under house arrest. there's alan garcia who took his life before he was arrested. and the man think he's got investigated for corruption. i mean, every single one of them. so the peruvians are fed up with the corruption among the political class. not only that, not only the presidents, but also the congress men that have more than half of the legislators have criminal investigations, a serious as one as homicide, as fraud, as money laundering. and they're not petty crimes. they're really serious crimes at the top of the political class. so i think that's of peruvians are, have woken up, especially this new generation,
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this young generation of peruvians who are saying enough is enough and they are fighting to have and to push for a better put it a cool class. that has been really the norm in the past 30 years in peru. ok, be fascinating to see how this plays out from there. mariana sanchez, reporting live from lima. thank you. the un's acting envoy to libya says she's pleased with the outcome of talks aimed at ending nearly a decade of violence. that's despite rival factions being unable to reach an agreement on who will lead until national elections are held. clear. harriet's reports from tunis, a summer of protest in libya, after 10 years of war with 2 rival governments actually in for control. basic services aren't being met. corruption is weight spread, and the global pandemic has worsened the situation. the majority in the room do not
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want the status quo. the un's top diplomat in libya, stephanie williams has a message for the country's political class. and they were put on notice. you have an opportunity now to be relevance. you can rise to the occasion or, you know, you can go the way of the dinosaurs summit. ingenuity has ended with $75.00 libyan delegates going to hold elections in december next year. but failing to decide on who will lead the country until then, the un is focusing on what's been achieved. save the talks, skepticism remains. what is happening now is basically recycling old talk more than giving real guarantees for libyans that the sessions will actually lead to a strong government or one that's able to achieve the real demands of the libyan people . the conflict has left people in this oil rich country divided tire in their
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negotiations will continue in the coming weeks aimed at bringing peace, security, and stability. but there are few illusions that it's going to be easy. clearheaded to miss syria's foreign minister. walid has dani's at the age of 79 according to state television. he was a stone supporter over the regime defending its own the world stage. no one wants. looks back at his life and diplomatic legacy. well, he was born in damascus in january 1981. he was a close confidant of former syrian leader hafez al assad, and that his son, bashar al assad, a career diplomat, his tenure at the foreign service saw him serving in saudi arabia, tanzania, spain, and the u.k. . he was the syrian ambassador to the u.s. between 199-2001 his return. he became assistant foreign minister. 5 years later, he became deputy foreign minister. he gave his 1st interview to
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a western outlet in 2012 at the height of the syrian war, accusing the u.s. of creating terrorism in his country, a vocal defender of the assad government. he often blamed others for the country's problems, and he denied the existence of the should be a pro-government paid militia who are suspected of committing atrocities early on during the civil war, while blaming 60 percent of the violence on turkey, qatar and saudi arabia. but the united states, as he called it, exercising its influence over all others. he was also present at many of the talks aimed at ending the violence over the years, but would often take a hardline stance, calling opposition groups terrorists. throughout his tenure, he maintained close contacts with iran, meeting regularly with the leaders of that country. while him would also hit out at israel, at the united nations general assembly in 2017, he accused of supporting what he called terror gangs fighting against syrian interests. the speech also referenced the occupied golan heights and his
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government's desire to retake the territory. and in 2014, he had this exchange with then u.n. secretary general ban ki moon. and it was that a list of the prime minister. i'm sorry to tell you 1st, i was nervous for 20 minutes yourself. if you live in new york, i live in syria. i have the right to give the syrian version here in this forum. in recent years, the syrian government has relied on russia to push its case to the international community to turn the war in its favor. and throughout malam remained at the center of the syrian government's mission. so it's come on al-jazeera. protecting the dreamer's u.s. court ruling that could have big implications for undocumented migrants sport across the border as children. and the conflicts in northern ethiopia spills into neighboring countries.
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how the latest storm system is just blown out of the eastern mediterranean and it's showing itself as showers and a cooler air stream in for example, jerusalem 60 degrees and that cold wind blows down through the red sea. nothing will induce some showers in eastern sudan. we've got the same potential in the high ground in southwest, saudi and western europe and then this rain, probably the 4th and so wandered around through kuwait and just heading into the eastern side. i don't think it will affect bahrain or qatar, but i wouldn't rule it out in tali. but this is a change of season, hardly surprising this time the year. the seasonal rain proper has gone south now. it's really a line through tanzania they are congo, back to something about north and it's there in the forecast. there are still a few showers in south sudan and
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a little bit of rain in the far south of somalia. basically the northeast monsoon setting in now, which is largely a dry picture for the horn of africa, and it tends to win hearts the rains for the south as well. we've seen significant rain recently. she was in northern madagascar, and same is true in south africa in the next day or so. i think they're going to induce rain all along the cape coast and up to the suitors. you have this book looks recently far, the moment portal is not so windy and shari. dissecting the headlines in the midst of a pandemic. let's start with some of the on the ground realities affecting the news coverage. what's the lay of the land there? stripping away the spam presidential corruption. it's not challenging assumptions and the official line i was
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listening post on al-jazeera. what the, all this is al-jazeera reminds of the top stories for, you know, there's been celebrations in peru after interim president, emmanuel marino resigned after just 5 days in the job. politicians have failed to agree on a successor. rino place to martini's carter was removed from office. berens, acting envoy to libya, says a lot of work has yet to be done before a national transitional government's can be named. rival factions couldn't agree on
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who will lead the country ahead on the elections next year. and syrian foreign minister walid, on one of them has died at the age of 79 state television confirmed the news, but there have been no details yet. it's about the cause of his death well as turnouts of the conflicts in ethiopia, which is not only escalating but expanding across borders,, threatening to destabilize the horn of africa, the leader of the tepee l.f., a group in northern states, has confirmed his forces, far brackets across the border, it's in the air train capital and he's threatening to carry out more attacks because it is a harbor. those who attacked you great will not just attack and return home. we will retaliate while they are here and strike the airports from which they launched . attacks, there is no place that we can't reach and we will continue to attack selected targets that the invading forces are using against us. well, after 12 days,
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the tepee a laugh is no fighting on 2 fronts, against both eritrean and ethiopian government troops. prime minister most hasn't commented on whether he's getting any outside help, but says his country is capable of fighting by itself. at least $20000.00 people have fled, the violence crossing into see done. massacres and ethnic profiling have been reported and both a t p o f. and federal troops are accused of atrocities or mohammad dollars in the city of gondar in northern ethiopia, with more on what eritrea is potential involvement. could mean this takes the conflict to a whole new level. it has spilled across the borders of ethiopia. and now, another country or a traitor, is to be allowed to be sucked in. if you would go with the version that you have been under a train, governments are given right now, but the e.p.l.
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have how most of the past week maintained that they have been fighting divisions of eritreans army on the ground in regional soil and saying eritrea was involved in the fighting from the onset. of course, this is something that's been refuted by the advice of our government and also as matter with prime minister saying that they have enough capability to fight the operation on their own. but what we know is that the missiles landed in a small, as well as the long grave, long held grievances against the 3 p.l.f. leadership and nothing to put a smile or a war. of course, there is that issue of the border between eritrea and ethiopia, which is also not in the created and the un border commission had ruled the flashpoint town of but me to give in to eritrea. something prime minister is
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willing to do that. the area is currently administered by the current c.p.l. of administration that governs and definitely has an axe to grind without administration to see that he gets what he wants in terms of the border. he wants for a train. meanwhile, gunmen have killed at least $34.00 people during an attack on a passenger bus in western ethiopia. it's a part of the country where civilians are regularly targeted. there's no indication of who's responsible or if it's linked to the escalating crisis in the north or more. no one heard the conflicts integrate is pushing huge numbers of refugees. n.c.c. done. have a morgan reports from the border. hundreds of refugees continue to arrive here at the border reception center. now the center is just about 2 kilometers away from the sudan. if you appear border in sudan for the last days and hundreds of refugees
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have been pouring in here in 200, a perception center with the number reaching up to 1000 just over the past few days alone. now most of them live in conditions like this out in the open with no shelter and no proper sanitation. and this is raising concerns among aid organizations here, especially medics. that this will create a health crisis. medics say that most of the people who are right suffer from chest infections as well as malaria infections due to exhaustion from traveling for days, skipping the fighting in the tigra region. most of the refugees was brought in to speak of the same horror saying that they have seen people being slaughtered, that they've seen aerial bombardment, which is made them fear for their lives and plea here to sudan seeking safety and seeking humanitarian aid. now, medics say that they are quite concerned about the number of refugees and the influx. they say that they're expecting more than 1000 over the coming days. and that's just here. and one day it's what a reception center sudan says that it's expecting a total of up to 200000 in the coming week between here in kosovo state and out of
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state with both border if european and it's calling out for the international aid organizations to help respond to what it's calling is turning out to be a refugee crisis. well, the military said to be getting drawn surprisingly, united arab emirates for use in the to great offensive. the associated press is causing a spokesman from the people's liberation front to say the drones are being flown in from us in eritrea. however, he provided no evidence of this. the u.a.e. hasn't commented on the reports. well, turn the is the deputy director of the africa program at crisis international crisis group. he says the u.a.e. does have assets in the region. the u.a.e. as has been using only arabs rent, almost all its campaign in yemen, has assets. is the state of the conflict that has also wound
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down. the u.a.e. is also important to the man in the report. ethiopia and eritrea, which was ignored by president deescalate tensions u.k. prime minister boris johnson has gone into the sound of isolation after coming into contact with someone who's been infected with corona virus. his office says he's feeling fine and will continue working from downing street. johnson fell ill with the virus in april. he spent several days in intensive care. the us has recorded 1000000, new coronavirus infections in just the past 6 days. johns hopkins university, which is tracking that rate globally. as kinds of more than 11000000 u.s. cases in total. it says 264000 americans have died and visors
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appointed by president elect joe biden have described the infection rates as deeply alarming. foreign tourists have arrived in cuba for the 1st time in nearly 8 months . those coming into the country must take account of our stance on arrival, and a 2nd one after a 5 day self quarantine, cuba has confirmed will, and 7500 cases, fewer than most of its neighbors. remember, is the start of the peak to reason. season. u.s. president donald trump's campaign has dropped a court case suggesting the vote count in pennsylvania was unconstitutional. the team had wanted 600000 votes to be rejected. it means that biden's victory there is likely to stand. there appeared to accept. he had lost the election,
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but says he wants can see from rob reynolds on sunday president trump golf. but before hitting the links for the 2nd day in a row, tropic night, did a short lived media frenzy when he seemed to finally admit defeat. tweeting about president elect joe biden, he won because the election was rigged. but soon that tweet came down and trump sent out a new one saying, i concede nothing. trump's false claims of voting fraud have been refuted by state and federal officials as biden attended church services near his home in delaware. trump's own the former national security adviser indicated trump is sabotaging the transfer of power pretty soon. we'll get the stab in the back, theories will get the dark conspiracy theories continued and he will make life as difficult as he can for the incoming by administration. i think that harms
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the country with coded 1000 cases and deaths sharply on the rise across the u.s. . biden's designated chief of staff said the transition must be seamless there. people, if you're just making plans to implement that vaccine, are experts need to talk to those people as soon as possible. so nothing drops in this change of power. we're going to have a generator. one of several states have imposed severe new restrictions to curb the virus in recent days. a coach chairperson of biden's covert task force said biden would not order a total lockdown when he takes office. the better way to think about the safety restrictions is more sit down and we turn up and down, depending on severity. congress will be back in session on monday, with millions of americans out of jobs and plunged into poverty by the pandemic. democrats called on republican senate leader mitch mcconnell to speed up work on
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a covert relief and recovery bill. the bottom line is very simple. we need a large strong code bill to deal with our problems. we have heard for months, every time we get close to a deal, senator mcconnell says no. he has become the dr. no of coded, a transition on hold. as the virus gains the upper hand, robert oulds al-jazeera. a federal judge in the united states has restored a program that protects some documents of migrants brought into the country as children. donald trump trying to shut down the program several times. courts have prevented that, but he was able to stop new applications. with this ruling, the deferred action for childhood arrivals also known as the aca is nearly fully operational. again, meaning new applicants can seek permission to stay. president elect joe biden says
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he plan to restore daca on his 1st day in office artemus vice presidents when barack obama started the program back in 2012 only on fresco formally works in immigration at the u.s. department of justice. he says this ruling will be helpful for president elect joe biden. certainly a relief for all of the hundreds of thousands of individuals that are covered by this program. because the constraints been placed on the program by judd well, the acting secretary of state secretary of homeland security meant that not only could the people in the program only be limited to applying for one here as opposed to years. we've certainly created a lot of uncertainty every year as they have to renew it. but kids who have come in maybe when they were earlier in a train, be ages 10 and 1112 who are now past a day. the who are not a lot of the allowed to reenter the program are not going to be allowed to enter the program since the only difference between them and the people that were already
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on the docket is just that their parents brought them out of that earlier age in this ruling and what makes it potentially a, that explosive ruling moving forward as we move into from a trumpet ministration into a biden administration. is that what it says is that the current acting secretary of homeland security chad wolf was not a point that properly that his position as secretary of homeland security in our in november of 2019. and moreover that the individual who appointed him and michael even who was appointed in april of 290, was also now point that properly. and the reason that's critical is because there are a lot of regulations that the administration has put in that would take years to on why did you have to go through the formal rulemaking process. but it all a new president by that has to do is say everything that's been done since april 29th team until the end of the trumpet. ministration is invalid because those
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secretaries of homeland security were not properly serving in their office. that basically gives a brand new blank slate to the biden administration when it starts in january, 2021. more than 30 refugees and migrants have been rescued after their boat capsized in the mediterranean. emergency crews were seen throwing life jackets to people in the water italian coast guard from the group of the island of lampedusa. thousands of people have died this year, hala temps in the dangerous sea voyage to europe. american military forces say they've responded to an attack from a group which wants independence for the disputed western sahara. they have been no reports of any casualties, but people the serial front says it's mobilizing thousands of volunteers. morrocco began a military operation on friday to reopen a key highway, which it said was blocked by the polisario fronts. spice of long standing cease
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fire. tensions have increased recently. where baba horman has this update from the mauritanian border? this is the marching across. it pointed straight applies to 3 kilometers from go get out the door of god. is there a moral khan crossing point between the 2 crossing points? there is a buffer zone. it was controlled into last friday by your properties or your activities at the american army. it's a very good loss of sort of the island so that it had secured the place now we can see cars and trucks moving from both sides as soon as loss of some of those surveyed even space x. has launched for us to see the international space station it said, well this is the 1st fully fledged mission for nasa by a private company. the capsule named resilience in light of this year's many
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challenges is due to reach the i.s.a.'s late on monday. that kicks off what nasa hopes will be a long series of crude stations between the orbiting lab and planet earth. good to have you with us here on al-jazeera, i'm helmer hitting with the headlines that have been celebrations in peru following the resignation of insulin president's manual merino. he quits after just 5 days on the job. politicians have failed to agree on a successor. reno replaced martin vizcarra. he was removed from office over unproven corruption allegations. money on a sanchez says more on peru's worst constitutional crisis. nearly 2 decades. there's no precedent. there's no congress president, there are no vice presidents. there is no cabinet, no and no minister.


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