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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2020 8:00am-8:31am +03

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great, talking a little debate out front britain and spun out as iraq the a super happy to be part of this and try and help bring some kind of expert another breakthrough in the race for a coronavirus vaccine, the u.s. drug maker, madonna, and i says almost 95 percent effectiveness in trials over there. i'm how his in and this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up. but let's get out of the next 7 days. and i think there's a possibility for donald trump's national security advisor discusses renewed efforts to end a more than 3 year blockade. also on qatar,
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engulfed in political and economic crises, parun gets its 3rd president in a week. and al jazeera says, recordings of one of the world's most wanted men, trying to negotiate immunity from prosecution. with infections surging worldwide and governments struggling to response, there's been another dose of hope in the battle against covert 19 u.s. . pharmaceutical mcgurn says early tests show its vaccine is 94.5 percent effective in preventing the virus fellow drug maker. pfizer reported similar results a week ago. and fisher reports now from the white house the number of cases, a sort of states or bring don't reinstating limits on gatherings. closing schools,
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1000000 new cases were reported in just 6 days. the virus is killing more than 1000 people in america each day. against that backdrop, another drug company has announced it has made a breakthrough in the hunt for the vaccine. but dana says its drug in early tests shows it's 94 percent effective. we have a lot of work ahead of us knowing the vaccine is going to be a fact. it is great news, but we still need to complete the regulatory process. the company hopes to have the 1st 20000000 doses ready to go before the end of the year, front line workers and those most at risk will be treated 1st before there's a bigger rule out. that's led america's top corporate expert to warn people. they can't relax just yet, the virus is not going to stop and call a timeout. while things change the virus is just going to keep going. the process is just going to keep going. this is something that just is now going in the very, very strong right direction. president donald trump,
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who claimed that last week's breakthrough in 1000 was the lead until after the election to damage him politically. struck a different tone with the new vaccine. tweeting out that historians should note that these great breakthroughs were made on his watch. that afternoon in delaware, president elect joe biden, lead out his plans to get the economy up and running, and insisted the trumpet. ministration should work with him. to save lives. more people may die if we don't coordinate look my chief of staff, ron klain, which handle bore the vaccines and for a solution to your vaccinated. so how do we get the vaccine? how do we get over 300000000 americans vaccinated? once again, it's a huge, huge, huge undertaking, but then is a vaccine has a longer shelf life and lives longer at room temperature that could make
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vaccination a much quicker and easier prospect. but for many families, they still face a difficult few months. living with a virus that has changed impacted and taken so many lives. alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house where volunteers who participated in maternal vaccine trial say they're happy to see such strong results as a phase one trial participants. the purpose of the trailer of the initial trial is to test safety in humans, and i happened to be the 1st human to be injected with this child back soon. and it was with great and, and i feel good. i was just kind of threw my name in the hat to see if this was something i can do to help mankind. it's been kind of a whirlwind to see how badly this is for a lot of control in countries that are watching down and taking the precautions seriously. so it's definitely something that could help the world. a lot of we can get this vaccine or else it with president donald trump facing the end of his
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administration. his team is looking to see what will be viewed as foreign policy victories. one of these is a final push for diplomacy to resolve the blockade of qatar undershot pal reports. the secretary of state is back in the region to drum up support for normalization deals between israel and some arab states, increase pressure on iran and make some headway in talks to end the blockade of cattle like pompei. it was doing doha and riyadh in the days ahead. this is u.s. cattery and saudi officials have signaled in recent weeks that a breakthrough may be near. on monday, u.s. national security adviser, robert o'brian added to speculation, telling the global security forum hosted in part by katter, that an air bridge may be on the table, allowing qatar airways to fly over saudi and bahraini airspace. so we'd like to get that repsol measure color air had, was it because it was able to fly over saudi air space or bahrain airspace is an
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important 1st step in solving that ref. i don't like to see that get done before and if we end up leaving office, qatar's foreign minister says the blockade which has dragged into a 4th year has no winner. everyone is losing. we are hopeful that this i think, moment and what, what we need to lie now is to have a serious engagement in a good faith with other countries. and this is what i was prepared to do. i mean nothing. so it is accused of supporting terrorism, which they say that anybody who talks to anybody in the muslim brotherhood or allows free elections was or talks to it in iran on this. or there's no minorities really have discredited themselves quite a bit. and it's surprising that they haven't found a face saving way to end this blockade, but let's hope this, this maybe it,
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the u.a.e. may be a spoiler for any proposed agreement. as a brian was speaking of a resolution to the gulf crisis being a priority for the trumpet ministration. the us ambassador to washington was saying otherwise. well, look at that rift. i don't think it's going to get resolved anytime soon. it's a small problem, it's not really being addressed, not on anyone's, you know, priority list right now. but the u.a.e. and other blockading countries are under pressure. the u.s. things better relations between the gulf countries will help its policy of isolating iran. and they face accusations by a un special rapporteur to work that the measures imposed on cats are, are a violation of fundamental rights aimed at limiting freedom of expression, movement and trade. and or chapell al-jazeera. the u.s. is expected to have the number of troops in afghanistan by the middle of january, leaving around 2500 personnel in place. the order would stop short of going president donald trump schools to have all troops withdrawn by the end of the year
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. something military and diplomatic advisors opposed to the number of personnel in iraq is also sets come to enter into the half a sense. trump, of course, has expressed frustration with the continued u.s. troop presence. resumes some senior members of junction, public and party who have or are angrily pushing back. a rapid withdrawal of u.s. forces from afghanistan now would hurt our allies and the light, the light. the people who wish us harm violence of fact, afghans are still rampant. the taliban is not abiding by the conditions of the so-called peace deal. the consequences of a premature american egg that would likely be even worse than president obama's withdrawal from iraq back in 2011, which fueled the rise of isis and
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a new round of global terrorism. and the trumpet ministration is also reportedly planning to designate yemen's hooty rebels as a terrorist organization. the foreign policy publication says it's another initiative in the works before joe biden takes over in january. plastic sources worry the move will disrupt international and un peace efforts. former world bank official fransisco said gusty has been chosen by peru's congress to be the new president's is the nation's 3rd leader in a week for was days of political turmoil as mariana sanchez reports from lima legislators finally agreed to seal the power vacuum they selected 76 year old, francisco sas, the hospital's congress president, and the such, the country's new interim president. he immediately addressed the political crisis . you know, this time is really going, what we are seeing on the streets now is the anger that we must recognize,
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accept and channel through peaceful means to help prosper as a country have a day before he sworn in the signaled the new government will listen to the concerns of young peruvians, the noise today is not a day of celebration because we've seen the deaths of 2 young protesters who expressed a point of view democratically and practically without violence. we cannot bring them back to life. but we can from congress, take measures in order for this not to happen again. died of metal pellet wounds on monday in the family and friends gave him a traditional for will with andy and music, dance, and tears. this would be no, no made. my nephew doesn't deserve to be there lying in a coffin. he was a young student working to pay for his studies. we are in terrible pain. he died defending the nation. the attorney general has opened
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a preliminary investigation against him and will maybe know his former cabinet chief and interior minister for homicide and force disappearance and abuse of power . well, i can assure you that these deaths will not go unpunished. so i guess this election may begin to defuse a week of political upheaval, a precedent was impeached, and another ousted after only 5 days in office. however, it is not guaranteed to be the end of the political crisis. they do has a new government and none of its members have a criminal investigations pending, but these protests and the millions of their sympathizers at home. now know they can fight the political class. and when i get a scientist, i'll just see that if the o.p.'s government is sending more troops see the northern region, despite its international calls for mediation, there are also reports that the air force has bombed synchros capital mckelway.
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hundreds of people have died in the conflicts which began almost 2 weeks ago and has pulled in neighboring eritrea. it's a great people's liberation front or t.p.m. left governs the region. ethiopia and prime minister. national government has so far refused coals for negotiations from some of africans, from some african leaders, including uganda's precedents for the prime minister says his government is ready to reintegrate thousands of people who fled into neighboring see dunn is also promised. see, protects their property while they're away. ever morgan met some of the refugees in one day. it's near the sudan, ethiopia border. after walking for 5 days in my matthew has finally reached into dance. he escaped, fighting in his hometown of home are in ethiopia, stigler a region. he's exhausted and hungry. and when the fighting started and people are
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being killed, i left everything behind in flip. i walked for days and became weak, but i had to continue. now i'm suffering from fatigue and i've been diagnosed with malaria. given my is one of more than 20000 people who fled to sudan seeking safety . some have chest infections, raising concerns that they may be infected with the coronavirus. the refugees include pregnant women like i'm listed behind it. and when the bombardment started, i took my children and ran even though i'm pregnant, i carried one on my back and one on my arm. and i started running away without a sense of direction until i arrived at the river and crossed into sudan. i have not had food for days and my belly is hurting, even though i've got a month before giving birth. the reception center here at home day it has one health clinic but lacks proper medical equipment. doctors say more and more patients are arriving every day. we get wounded people because of explosive
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materials, like grenades, gunshots and fractures. some people have diabetes, we try to handle the cases, we can, where we cart, we were further to the county hospital. but we are quite concerned about the possibility of spread of communicable diseases amongst refugees because they're all close together in a small space. so dan is planning to transfer people here to another camp. those at least who are well enough to move, but more refugees are expected, and the pressure on this clinic will remain morgan al-jazeera need to sudan if you'll be a border. so, so come on. al-jazeera mulled over the president's action. the woman who wants to lead her country away from russia and the coronavirus by the german government's that's praising us.
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hello. we got more cloud of rain coming into northern parts of the middle east at the moment, a little more cloud just showing up here as you can see, streaming in from turkey, pushing across the caucasus, heading towards southern parts of the caspian. so some northern areas of iraq, i expect to see some wetter weather western parts to chance to some showers there, across that western side of iraq getting close to us here in casa, might say, the old spots of light rain. i suspect is not great amounts of much if you even do say that temperatures are 34 celsius. wish this system goes through will be lucky to reach a 28 as we go on through just as a chance of one or 2 spots of right. as i said, but i think the main thing you're going to notice is the pick up on that way and it is going to be very blustery as we go on through a way to stay fine and try across much of the arabian peninsula away from here. in front and try to just around the whole of africa, we got the, the usual showers there, popping up once again. uganda, seeing some live in southern parts of kenya along with tanzania and i showers
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continue to drive the way across the rift valley. over towards the gulf of guinea will see some wet weather to also affecting a good parts of some of those showers destruction their way. down into world botswana and somewhat to where the crash pushing into south africa on the counter. of course, the once mighty financial capitals of the world have been reduced to go towns by the pandemic. can they reinvent themselves? plus to accuse president of far as the central bank governor and his son in law steps down, his finance minister counting the cost on al-jazeera be the hero, the world needs right washer. this
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is al jazeera, a reminder of the headlines this hour. u.s. pharmaceutical company maternal says early results show red circle with 1000 vaccine is doing 95 percent effective. earlier drugmaker, pfizer announced its fine vaccine is 90 percent effective. donald trump's national security adviser says he might see the book at all costs are resolved within $70.00 days. over to brian said, a 1st step is for saudi arabia and bahrain to fully reopen their airspace to qatari aircraft. and former world bank official francisco assegai stay has been chosen by peru's congress to be the interim president, whose 3rd, national, these are in
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a week suggested seems presidency head over the election is called for a call. al-jazeera has obtained recordings of one of the world's most wanted men, trying to negotiate immunity from prosecution. the billionaire financier jolo was wanted for his role in militias, multi-billion $1.01, m d b, forth scandal. julie has this exclusive report and a warning. it contains a flash photography from the starts these ones tutorials for use different lifestyle luxury real estate and super yacht, all bored with one m.t.b. money. but today, the malaysian finance, the enjoy law, who is on the run, wanted by dorothy's in the united states and malaysia in recording angel change exclusively by al-jazeera jolo is heard for the 1st time, trying to college deal with my hearty among hammond's government. soon after 8
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historic election win in may 28th again on the phone jolo protests, she's in a serious but office to return. all the assets purchased with one aim to be funds. and that's i think he's delusional. former f.b.i. special agent, deborah, love provocateur, worked on the agency's initial one m.t.b. investigation. you know, it's like the bank robber who gets caught? it is like, well if i return the money, then i don't want to be charged with robbing the bank. well, you still robbed the bank, and in this case here, you robbed the development fund and there's strong evidence he deed,, according to the man who led the f.b.i. is one m.t.v. investigation until recently. and i think we're very confident that we will be able to prove involvement and his position in this scheme. in july
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this year, joe's coconspirator, malaysia's former prime minister, as you present, was convicted and sentenced to 12 years in jail, subject to an appeal for crimes related to wanting to be back in 2018. jolo put all the blame on him, but being the fugitive to justice has proved challenging. despite 2, interpol red notices against him and multiple passports canceled. he continues to evade authorities and travel. the only way they're going to happen is through corruption and through the full resources of one or more governments. but according to the fugitive life on the run is not easy. question.
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2 years on and he's still paying millions of dollars to noise and around the world . marianne jolie eligible well, the full program jolo hunt for a fugitive will air again this cheese day in around 40 minutes time to do, stay tuned for that. oxfam says g 20 members have exported $17000000000.00 worth of arms to saudi arabia, since it intervenes in yemen's war in 2015. are reports by the charities says that's 3 times what's going to yemen. 8 reports been released as g 20 leaders prepare to meet virtually this week for a summit hosted by saudi arabia. a funeral has been held in damascus for syria's foreign minister who died on monday. age 79 will lead them was an unyielding defender of syrian president bashar al assad from the anti regime proces protests
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in 2011. and throughout its the almost decade long war, while them was in poor health, with heart problems, thousands of armenians march to the capital yerevan demands in prime minister. and he called resigned as widespread anger about the deal he signed to end fighting in the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh, with the agreement secured more territory for neighboring azerbaijan. the political fallout has already forced the resignation of armenia's foreign minister. whether the hamid is following developments from well already heard is actually from his spokesperson, who posted on social media. the letter that the foreign minister gave to prime minister hesham yan. and actually it was a handwritten letter, very short, basically say thank you for working with you, but i am not doing that anymore. now the background to that according to the
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spokesperson, is that he didn't agree with prime minister pushing and said during an extraordinary session of parliament, that session was only with his party because the opposition refused to attend a session simply because resignation and talk about resignation was not on the table. well, during the session, the prime minister said that the fate of shashi there is call. it had always been part of the negotiations between the 2 countries over the past 20 years, where the spokesperson of the foreign minister said that that was absolutely not true. so they can see that each time prime minister tries to get himself out of trouble. he gets even more in deep water. well, the president elect's maya sunday was promising balanced times with russia and the european union. after her convincing victory in sunday's runoff, the pro european council beats the poor russian incumbent dawn who has conceded
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defeat and cold for come from his supporters. sania gago has more now from the capital in a cramped room at her party's headquarters. moldova's next president acknowledged how when it was a decisive majority for my a son to who now becomes the 1st woman ever to lead this country. for a western candidate laid out have plans which sees moldova, forging closer ties with europe. despite the optimism, it is a huge responsibility that lies ahead. now the most difficult, i can see it was not easy to win this election as it's going to be more difficult to implement the commitments that i've made. after examining victory at my side and you will have her work cut out for her, demick corruption, political instability, and economic hardship have all contributed to making moldova one of the poorest countries in europe. and she will also be overseeing
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a parliament that is stacked against her the party that fact the incumbent got on the socialist, have the majority in parliament. they supported his vision to keep moldova firmly within moscow sphere of influence. but not one that found favor with the electorate . even though i don't have to concede the last thing that was needed was instability. i'm not calling for people to take to the streets, we don't need destabilization. the situation is already difficult. crucial to the results was the diaspora vote. a lack of job opportunity at home has driven hundreds of thousands of moldovans to go abroad for work. 93 percent of them voted for sunday. as moldova and as a new phase, it will require cooperation with its neighbors to open its economy and tackle corruption, encouraging moldova's to stay by creating new opportunities that will be a large part of that. as well as guaranteeing transparency in an x. soviet nation that is still living in the shadow of its past. so now you go
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al-jazeera english now. as for you more now on the coronavirus pandemic and italy has reported another 504 covert related deaths with the northern regions still the worst hit area of the country in greece. primary schools and daycare centers have been shots till movember 30th. secondary schools recalls earlier this month. there have been more than 76000 screen of r.'s cases in greece, more than 1100 deaths. european leaders are among those banking on promising vaccine data from the u.s. . for now though, a government saying europe are relying on lock sense and restrictions to get infections under control. need barker reports from london, a public health warning with a difference? the german joakim entry features an elderly man looking back to the year 2020. the year he aged just $22.00,
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did his patriotic duty and switch partying for snacking on the sofa. behind the humor, a serious message for young people must play their part in the war against coronavirus . a fight, the german chancellor said the country must intensify. she's been pushing for tougher measures, including mandatory face masks in schools. despite complaints from regional leaders . to contact restrictions at the formula for success, we need to restrict contacts further to reach our goals. country after country europe's retreating into lockdown while the block's biggest economies are sinking deeper into debt. the e.u. commission's pinning its hopes on a game changing vaccine. negotiating deals with multiple companies, including pfizer, astra zeneca, and now madonna, to supply millions of doses. europe's financial markets are watching closely to the something that will restore the continent's confidence. but some way off for the
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british prime minister barr it's johnson who for the 2nd time in 7 months is governing the country via xoom. forced herself isolated his flat above number 10, downing street until next week. after spending 30 minutes with an m.p., he later tested positive for cope at 19 downing street meant to be coated secure. but in this picture, neither johnson nor the m.p. lee anderson a wearing masks for other m.p.'s who attended the meeting are also now self isolating. johnson who spent several days in intensive care with coronavirus in april, said he was brimming with energy. and i'm good as butchers don't feel great. he would do in my circumstances, and he doesn't matter that i've had the disease and i'm bursting with antibodies. we've got to interrupt the grid of the disease and one of the ways we can do that now is by so quietly her 14 days. so far,
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sweden's resisted lockdowns and curfews prefer a voluntary measures to control the spread. but while most of europe tightens restrictions, sweden to is now altering its approach. banning all gatherings of more than 8 people for the 1st time. europe's bracing for a long hard winter with leaders urging people to enjoy just a few more months of discipline and self-sacrifice. it will be worth it in the end . so the german chancellor angela merkel the future of europe depends on it. needs barca, al-jazeera, hurrican, i.o.c. has made landfall on the northern coast of nicaragua. iosa has sustained winds of more than $250.00, people and connoisseurs pair are. and is the strongest said lance of hurricane of the year is from catastrophic winds and potential rainfall to parts of central america. i am bringing you live pictures now from the space x.
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capsule, which has docks with the international space station are sharing in a year era of commercial spaceflight. so you can see one of the 4 astronauts there coming out of the polls making their way in see the i.s.a.'s know this mission marks the return of american astronauts to space using american rockets launching from american soil. will the true drunken spacecraft lifted off from florida on sunday? it 27 hours to complete that journey to humans for astronauts to the i.s.a.'s. their scientific mission will last for 6 months. time however, hitting it with the headlines here on al-jazeera u.s. . pharmaceutical company were durness says early results show its covert 1000 vaccine is nearly 90.


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