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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm +03

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everyone if you have these military launches, airstrikes near to its capital after deadline passed for the rebels to put down their arms. hello again. come on santa maria, here in doha with the world. news from al-jazeera, nato is raising the alarm. after reports president trump plans to withdraw more u.s. troops from afghanistan before he leaves office. also 17000000000 dollars worth of arms for saudi arabia, but less than 6000000000 in aid for yemen. you report hits out at g. 20 nations and anger on the streets of bangkok as protesters are,
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once again hit with water cannon. police are trying to stop the anti government demonstrations. starting in northern ethiopia, this hour where to carry rebels have refused to give in to the government. 3 days ago, prime minister abu ahmed issued an ultimatum. he said, stand down or face more attacks. and on tuesday he delivered on that the air force says it carried out strikes near the region's main city of mecca. this is the primary base for the left, the ticket, a people's liberation front which governs there, said his forces are now preparing a final attack and says this conflict will only end when the t.p.o. life is brought to justice and its leaders have been replaced. the u.n. and foreign leaders have called for mediation, a request which has been largely ignored by both sides. and in fact, these pictures show the extra troops that the government deployed on monday. and as
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most soldiers move in, more people are getting out. the un has called it a full scale humanitarian crisis, an estimated 27000, people crossing the border into neighboring cities. disrespect. yes, but since you know, when it's your job, you have another service providers. and you can see some of the sort of additions much i now know from home to our correspondent in ethiopia. the government forces have their eyes on mckellen a couple of but security generals, they say they've been cutting out of place on the outskirts of this couple of the to carry regional security sources. tell us about the next 48 hours will be
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really crucial in this fight. if european security forces cut out the market, prong tough talk on mckenna to cut the call off, the credit goes to great people of that are shown phone trees putting on this because they have lost some tums of clothes, of 100 columns of a couple told and they're cleaning, cleaning for most of the past one off week. government forces and have been prime minister to use false. it's something that has been outside of the government, another suburb. but they say they're sure that they're out. 16 positions from at a train, fighting alongside prime minister. these forces not ferrous, like to the ethiopian minister in charge of democratize ation. he says it's the
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t.p.i. left which has forced the government to military action. the government has no problem with mediation, but you know, the detail is short and the forehead of our defense forces. our supporters who are out as if to defend again people from any possible for innovation who want to go in and would possibly in and wish it away to the south under the horses of you know it well now that they have to know that it is only hand of if, if we just got out of being anything. how awful today, if people it isn't a mass killing we've been taught is done. so, but there are conditions, you know, there are conditions that the pivot has to meet. they have to hand over those top leadership of the people that are involved in the perpetration of this crime. our eyes today should be handed over back to us, our sort of just what under the country, both, you know, it should be good. should also be freed and be allowed to be members,
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a functioning element of our defense force and number of things can, can be listed. we can on that, which is with all these things out. and the suspect why our soldiers are as accountable to go with who it out as there is often to defend the ticket and people from any possible for innovation. so there has to be condition just to put all of this into context, this northern region of today, a semi autonomous area governed by the ticket a people's liberation front and is estimated to have up to 250000 fighters. this was the front line for ethiopia during its 2 year conflict with their trailer and large amounts of military equipment is still stored there. despite ethnic groans only making up 5 percent of the population, it was they who controlled the national government for 3 decades. before prime minister came to power in 2018. was a big shift in power and it turned to tension after today's leaders defied
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a government twice. once they wouldn't join his coalition, and then in september they held elections against the orders of the central governments. we have with us now on eritrean, writer and journalist who's currently living in exile in the united states. thank you for joining us. maybe can i just get a quick word from you on eritrea? 1st of all the countries reaction the people's reaction to being potentially drawn into this conflict. their airport was targeted only a few days ago. thank you for having me. you know, there are 2 different sides here trying to kind of wore down that and i don't want to be able to kind of complete it does a lot of that conflict as if by tradition and government, the regime is poor or they're going to turn me into a tramp which has nothing to do you worry about this becoming even more of a regional problem?
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it's, it's, it's, it's eritrea. the sudan is involved now as well because of all the refugees coming in there. the prospect of this getting out of control it's already done is you're sitting at the moment in gaza if you have been but one thing you're trying to remember originally involved in the conflict. and so it will do other countries other never encountered it from some sudan, probably kenya, sudan duty in all this camp. knowing this sort of incremental spoke to a government minister last hour, who was basically saying the government's position and that they want to completely, take out the t.p. their phone are not willing to back down. why do you think there is this reluctance to, to talk, or to even have some mediation from outside?
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i think they don't want to listen to anyone because of course, it was only a matter and says a lot of they are trying to finish up the bill. and they have their event begins and they are trying to retaliate instead of numbers. it was with the people in israel who is and we did leadership there. i wouldn't conflict now bringing those issues because they don't want to have talks at all until and then and then what took them down like then what's being done now. and as a train journalist has gives me joining us from ohio in the u.s. today. thank you. for your time, sir, thank you for the head of nato is warned against the removal of u.s. forces from afghanistan too quickly. there are reports suggesting the trumpet ministrations looking to have the number of personnel by january that would leave around 2 and a half 1000 troops in afghanistan, and there would be
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a reduction in iraq. meanwhile, iran says any attack on its nuclear facilities would face a quote crushing response that saw for a new york times report that president trump was seeking options to attack a nuclear side. the article says he decided against its will. those sanctions remain on the table. and the trump administration also reportedly planning to designate yemen's hooty rebels as a terrorist organization. the foreign policy publication says it's another initiative in the works before joe biden takes over in january diplomatic sources worrying this move will disrupt international aid and u.n. peace efforts. kimberly, how could i white house correspondent with more on this one? i mean, just listing off those things they're trying to cram a lot into the end of this administration. no question about it. and this is something that runs counter to the advice of some of the top military commanders at the pentagon. still the commander in chief, the u.s. president, pressing ahead, we understand that these are a number for pows was being floated. but this does fall short. also,
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in terms of the number of troops that might still be on the ground of the president's campaign promise to get america out of endless wars. now, as you pointed out, this would leave probably about $2500.00 soldiers in iraq and afghanistan. and the concern for some top republicans on capitol hill is that this would jeopardize peace and also hurt. u.s. counterterrorism efforts erupted, withdrawal of u.s. forces from afghanistan now would hurt our laws and the light, the light. the people who wish us harm violence affecting afghans is still rampant . the taliban is not about and by the conditions of the so-called peace deal. the consequences of a premature american exit would likely be even worse than president obama's withdrawal from iraq back in 2011, which you will fuel the raj of isis and
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a new round of global terrorism. now this plan that is being floated, we understand could be done through executive order comes just a week after the u.s. president stalled a number of loyalists inside the pentagon, presumably to potentially help carry out these plans. now we should also point out the pentagon was on track to cut troops by mid november, but this would go a step further. but the timeline is curious and maybe even not attainable, given the fact there's an enormous amount of infrastructure that needs to be dismantled. it may not be able to be done as quickly as the president is suggesting . we don't have a precise timeline, but he did tweet last month that he was hoping to have these troops home by christmas. speaking of tweets came, but he was just having a look at total transfer that he's been quite quiet and we haven't seen him in a very long time either. is there just no movement from the white house to come on that well, there's nothing on the public schedule at the moment. of course that can always
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change. but since the u.s. election and the fact that the u.s. president has not yet conceded, it appears that he continues to challenge the results of the 2020 vote. the fact that joe biden, the democratic presidential nominee is the projected winner and many already looking to his transition as president elect and uncharacteristically quiet time for you can be there on the north lawn of the white house. enjoy it while you can. really, how could the white house correspondent still ahead for you on al-jazeera? nobody knows what the future will bring, but we're looking for something better. cautious optimism coming out of moldova, that's in reaction to the election of the country's 1st female president, locked out of citizenship rights, have been to meet people in zimbabwe, who are statements in the country of their birth.
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but the weather remains set fair across japan at the moment, make the most of it because we have got cloud and rain. that's billing across northern parts of china. pipping up as it does. so we have got the cold meeting up with somebody warm air from the south, and this is where the air force to rise. cool condenses gives this massive cloud, massive storm, some very heavy rain pushing towards and northeastern corner of china. some snow on the northern flank of that it will slide its way through the korean peninsula as we go on through thursday, and eventually the 2nd half of the week, it will make its way across japan. so as i said, make the most of the fine and dry weather that you have here for the next couple of days or change on the way then. for a good part of india is fine and dry across much of central and northern india. but down towards the south, we have still got some very heavy showers rolling through here. northeasterly winds, of course the northeasterly monsoon, big and lively shower, still
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a possibility into a good part of lanka as we go one through the next couple of days. similar picture there, as you can see, as we go through thursday, could catch one or 2 spotty showers into central parts of india. little bit of wet weather, some cooler air signs of some cold air coming into northern parts of pakistan as we go through thursday. and also affecting the fun, the north of india. jump into the stream and julian on global community bio diversity is biosecurity. it is that essential for our species to survive? be part of the debate. i know you have ideas and you can be part of this conversation. when no topic is off the table, the police are not neutral and all of these cases goal here is to terrorize. and here's the other part of this. there's no consequence to this stream on out is there
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here with al-jazeera, these are the top stories ethiopia's air force says it's carried out strikes near the main city of the region. prime minister ariana, said the 3 day ultimatum given to take out forces to surrender is now over. the head of nato has warned against the removal of u.s. forces from afghanistan too quickly, reports suggest the trumpet ministrations up into half the number of personnel by january and iran. is that any attack on its nuclear facilities would face a crushing response that is following another report. this is from the new york times that president trump was actually seeking options to attack a new prius. oxfam says g 20 member countries of sold $17000000000.00 worth of arms
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to saudi arabia, since it intervened in yemen's war in 2015, a report from the charity organization says that number of $17000000000.00 is 3 times the money that's gone to yemen in aid report's been released just as g 20 leaders are preparing to meet this week virtually for a summit hosted by saudi arabia. here's our sun come out from oxfam in london is that action is needed from world leaders to end yemen's humanitarian crisis. it's very difficult as yemen rolls into that 60 year of conflict. to watch the situation in the country and unravel with the death, destruction and, and level of disease and infection in the country. and as we, as we work, as humanitarian organizations to respond to the coronavirus, we're seeing a dramatic drop in a low level of response for in the humanitarian
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funding levels. and we're only seeing around 40 percent of the humanitarian appeal being funded. today. it's the old cliche of how important these forgotten crises are. and we need to ensure that they are there, they are present and we need to use. we need to call on world leaders today to, to take responsibility. use the momentum of the g 20 this week to ensure that there are sufficient talks around the humanitarian funding shortfall and gaps for the response, which is the largest humanitarian crisis in the world. it must get their attention . and ultimately, as many yemenis say to us on a day, day in day out basis. what is needed in the country is an inclusive peace process and an immediate cease fire. and that should be on the table at the g. 20 and given sufficient bandwidth by the world leaders to ensure that happens.
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members of the u.k. parliament are hearing testimony from human rights groups about the detentions in saudi arabia of 2 senior princes and rights activists investigating the whereabouts and allegations of abuse by saudi arabia of these high profile detainees, including king solomon's brother. and the former crown prince. mohammed bin nayef brennan, with more details of london. i think the timing is actually mainly because of the g. 20 summit that's taking place in riyadh in just 5 days from now, november 21st to the 22nd. and i my, my reading of it. it's to coincide with that because it's not an official parliamentary committee. nevertheless, it's been chaired by a conservative m.p. crispin blunt, and that we're in this zuma meeting that he's convened. there were human rights activists, people from human rights watch discussing what the situation is and shining. a light on the situation in saudi arabia has lou, who's the sister,
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jane, this woman very famous around the world for campaigning, for women's rights to drive in saudi arabia who's been in prison in saudi arabia since 2018. and who, according to the family, has been tortured while she's been in custody. that that clampdown is exactly what these activists are saying. needs to be looked at more closely in particular in the light of the g. 20 being that what they're essentially saying, if i can sum it up, is that saudi arabia presents to the outside world. a kind of whitewashed presentation of what the situation is like in the kingdom and the image of the kingdom to the outside world, while internally and gauging in repression. and sort of, you know, the lack of proper penal code and judicial process. at least 88 migrants have been killed and dozens injured. when the engine of a boat exploded in the north atlantic see it happened off the western coast of africa. well, up about 150 thought to be on board, mainly from senegal and gambia. a boat,
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apparently making its way from to spain has nicholas is following the story from the car in senegal. what more details do you have nicholas? well, the virgin coast guards heard about this explosion from fishermen. they were nearby early this morning when they rushed in. sail to the scene, they saw women, children, men holding onto plastic barrels normally used to store food or fish that are on the, on the vessel. now the explosion happened early in the morning. it's unclear why it happened. the coast guards were able to rescue some of the 140 passengers that were on board, but there are 80, there are missing somewhere in hospital, in the island of sala, where the explosion took place. it seems that this fishing vessel that's normally used to store fish, but not humans went off course towards the on the it's
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a cat bird. it was on its way to the canary islands. this year alone, $17000.00 migrants mostly from west africa, have landed on the islands of the canary islands and the mayor of the town of port au kin where the migrants are being held, say that the conditions in which they were staying in is this. he says some of the migrants haven't showered in 3 and 4 days. there's cases of coronavirus among the migrants that are infected. this port town that's usually home to tourist. well known hotels are being filled in by migrants such as the level of arrivals with the aid agencies warning that we're seeing another refugee crisis here on the atlantic coast. thank you for the update. nicholas hawke in costs and ago protesters in thailand of rallied in front of the parliament in bangkok as lawmakers consider changes to the constitution. but demonstrations calling for the resignation of prime minister prior been going on since july the 10th. but
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demonstrators say he and the constitution, which was drafted on the military rule, are illegitimate and also demanding a reform of the country's mauna kea. but they've also been supporters of the royal family holding a separate rally. hundreds of royalists marched to the parliament in bangkok, demanding the preservation of the monarch's role. here is scott hot, live with more from bangkok on this main avenue right in front of parliament. here in bangkok now is flooded with anti-government protesters, but just a few hours before they came in here, there were rows and rows of riot police as well as water cannon. and that's because the anti-government protesters came here to parliament as there are draft to the constitution being read today and on wednesday. so they staged protests on this side as well as the other side of parliament. but just before sunset, the police again, the rows and rows of riot police were treated down that street. now what made it interesting is it pro-monarchy the yellow shirts and had a rally earlier in the day because they were the constitution. the state as it is,
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they were down this street now there was a barricade and rightly separating them. but once there was that retreat, they confronted each other, both sides of this divide if you will. that's the 1st time we've really seen kind of a face to face pretty violent confrontation bottles before on. stones and bricks were thrown. since this protest movement really kind of mushroom in july, that's the 1st time we saw that. but luckily it only lasted about 1015 minutes. and now the anti-gun protesters are occupying the street right in front of parliament. you know, here another real, another day of session. we're viewing these drafts to the constitution. again, they want deep changes the anti-government protesters, but the, the monocacy want things to stay. the way they are the pharmaceutical giant fines there is accelerating its plans to distribute a coronavirus vaccine. once it gets approval, the drug makers pick rhode island, texas new mexico in tennessee to take part in a pilot delivery program. this is after an announcement from rival company madonna, that its vaccine candidate is almost 95 percent effective. according to early results,
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volunteers who participated in the maternal trial say they're happy to see such strong results as it things one child produced attends. the purpose of that chair, a good initial trial is to test safety in humans, and i happened to be the 1st human to be injected with this child extreme. and it was with great and, and i feel good. i was just kind of threw my name in america to see if this was something i could do to help mankind. it's been kind of a reward to see how badly this is for a lot of control in countries that are watching down and taking the precautions seriously. so it's definitely something that could help the world a lot. if we can get this vaccine out soon, and south korea is bringing back strict social distancing measures in seoul, health officials are warning. the situation's getting worse with new cases rising about 200 a day for 4 days. clusters of emerged at offices, medical facilities and small gatherings. so these restrictions will cover up
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meetings, religious services, and sporting events. there is some cautious optimism about the change in leadership in moldova, after sunday's runoff election, the winner, my son, who campaigned on being pro europe and had a convincing win over the more moscow leaning former president igor, doldrum, son, your guy, i go, has more from the capital for the 1st time in moldova's history, the country has voted for a woman to be its next president, maya sun to face tough, her opponent, the incumbent president igor don. he wanted to keep moldova firmly within moscow sphere of influence. what maya sounded campaigned on was a change of tactic, if you will ever moldova, to really follow a more pro western pro european model for the country to progress into the future. here's what people at the central marketing kishan of a capital thought about that issue. nobody knows what the future will bring,
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but we're looking for something better than a prototype. and i believe she will deliver her promise foods. your goal of all the i voted for don't be a good president. i don't know. we have to wait and see those deal, and i think she will bring change, not like the previous president who did nothing for 4 years. there will be changes for sure whatever people's opinions of my assan do here. the question is now, how will my son do or as president, is she going to work well with apollo and the parliament itself is stacked against her with most of the m.p.'s from the opponent socialist party. she's going to have to devise a way that she can be able to work with them, especially given the economic crisis and the pandemic which has hit affecting the country. and she's going to have to win hearts and minds of the people as well as the politicians. the united nations says millions of people around the world are now considered stateless, means they don't have birth certificates or identity documents and which deny them
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the benefits of citizenship where they live. it is estimated 30 percent of zimbabwe's 2000000 foreign farm workers are on state was our only chance one has some of their stories now from an economic problems precious macone never knew her parents. the woman who raised her wasn't a relative so she couldn't legally register as a zimbabwean citizen. that means she has no birth certificate or national id on paper. precious does not exist. here if the mother doesn't have a birth certificate, her children can prove who they are and therefore can't register as citizens. my son can go to school. i can get a job. people on my d. for their records, so that if something goes missing, the police will be able to find me. it's estimated thousands of people in zimbabwe have no official records to show who they are all way and when they were born. most are descendants of migrant workers. others are orphans who lost parents and
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guardians, joining the group in the massacres when thousands were killed during the civil war in the early 1980 s. in matabele land and midlands provinces. then there those living in the east of the country, people without documents in this area came from, a big behind those mountains or with the civil war in the 1990 s., hunger and poverty even decades later, many say going back is not an option. greyson appealing, even if she could return, she wouldn't remember how to get back. she crossed the border without identity documents for her. zimbabwe is now her home. she says she just wants an id, so she can have some dignity for him going. when food is given out, i don't get any being, i can't even get free government here at k. . they want to see my aid. the bobbies government says it's working with the united
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nations to find out how many people need documents and how to assist them. the exact number of stateless people globally is not known. however, what we know n.z. statistics coming from the world bank. they are. i mean, really in some peoples throughout 1000 africa were do not have any documents proving their identity internationally. mandy's was birth certificate was destroyed in a fire when she was a teenager. she says she never got a replacement. so when the children were born, she could register them. now adults, they don't have documents, and soon it'll be the same for the next generation of the family. there are many command problems. it's about a couple more stories for you. german police arrested 3 suspects in last year's brazen $1000000000.00 dressed in castle jewelry heist the council's green vaults contained europe's largest collection of treasures. in november, thieves set fire to a power box causing electricity to the street lights. and crucially,
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the security alarms have been broken to the museum and stole more than a dozen diamond encrusted exhibits and a space x. capsule's docked with the international space station for a new era of commercial space flight marks the return of american astronauts to space using american rockets launched from american soil. the craft lifted off from florida on sunday took around 27 hours to complete the journey. taking 4 astronauts to the international space station. their mission will last for 6 months. they are and these are the headlines. ethiopia's air force says it's carried out strikes near the main city of the to grow region. prime minister had said the 3 day ultimatum given to the 2 great forces to surrender is now over. meanwhile, an estimated $25.00.


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