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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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demick era of us deaths pile up central banks think the unthinkable. negative interest rates plus prisoners dumped out of the rankings of the world's top 10, economies. counting the cost on al-jazeera al-jazeera hello, i'm barbara starr, this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london. coming up. this u.n. aid agencies ramp up efforts to help the thousands of ethiopians flooding into sudan and call for an immediate ceasefire in t.
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. great. ugandan presidential candidate bobby wine is charged and released on bail as the death toll rises from the protests over his arrest. republican leaders fly in from michigan to meet president trump, who is seeking a way to overturn his election defeat. this as the u.s. suffers more than 2000, coronavirus in just one day of the argentine angry at being the focus of negative attention at the club. we begin the news hour in east africa where there are warnings of escalating conflict and unfolding humanitarian crisis that could devastate ethiopia and sudan
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. the u.n. is calling for an immediate cease fire, and preparing for up to 200000 people to flee the military campaign in ethiopia's north mt. great region. ethiopian government forces say they've taken 2 major towns . and as they advance towards the to graham capital mechanic, it's been 2 weeks since prime minister and nobel peace prize winner made ordered the offensive accusing to grand leaders of trying to destabilize his govern and hundreds have been killed. as though it's difficult to confirm details, since communications have been cut, and more than 30000, people have now fled into eastern sudan, where aid workers are racing to build facilities from scratch. mohammed though is in the ethiopian capital, addis ababa. he says the conflict looks to be heading for a final battle with degree and forces on the retreat. if they come pulled the cup it'll, it means they are defeated. and mackellar is conceded. the ultimate prize by that
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if european national defense forces, who are now said to be roughly about 100 kilometers from the capital, they are saying they will launch attacks from the killer from at least 4 different fronts. but what is going to be a huge opportunity to the 2 p.l.f. is that the city is some owned by hills and mountains where they have mounted the defenses and a hopeful that will stop their advancing opponents. of course, both sides have been armed and it might not be is easy, according to security, to unleash, to take. mckillip has been for the open defense was a stick of pounds like a month ago, which they have just clearly talk of taken control off. and in the protracted conflict, many fear would not just affect a few opiate, but the entire horn of africa. region,
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nearly half the people fleeing are under the age of 18. and the un says the conflict has left more than 2000000 children inside the tea, grave region in urgent need of help him or getting reports. now from get that he stayed in sudan just across the border from tikrit. just 2 weeks ago, what he did, saturday was preparing for her sunday now is operation. he was born with a cleft lip, which has affected his ability to drink milk and along with it his health. but just days before they were due to return to the capital of if your peers not integrated region, the situation changed dramatically when we were due to go back for his last check up before the operation, the fighting started, all the roads were blocked and we couldn't get to macquarie, people were being killed and there were bombs being dropped, so i fled with him and my family. now we can't even get
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a doctor to check on him. we can't even get him his vaccination, let alone have hope. you'll get an operation here. the family now resides at this refugee camp in a flash, i got in sudan's got out of state. there are more than 15000 if you can refugees here in what was once a largely uninhabited area. thousands more. if you have fled to neighboring state to escape the fighting into. great. but it to hell are you on her 2 children are some of them. her infant son has been suffering from breathing problems and she says she's been struggling to get him the care he needs he has one block knows and doesn't feed except from about. oh, but i don't have formula for him because we live in my car and came here and the health center here doesn't have for me. so i have to go looking around for that, but i don't know where i'll get the money from. the camp has only one health center to cater for the thousands of children. here mothers wait for their turn to have their children seen by doctors. many children exposed to the horrors of conflict in
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the 1st years of their lives. according to unicef, 40 percent of the refugees arriving in sudan are children. some have been separated from their families and the process of tracking them has started. others have arrived with malnutrition because of the days they spent walking with no food and all have been affected by the conflict integrate in a way that will likely impact their childhood. the u.s. children's agency says that chris tricked it access and the ongoing communication blackout in the region has left an estimated 2300000 children in need of humanitarian assistance. and as more and more refugees arriving, sudan is rising concern over their future. remember, this is the time school started, children will actually miss this year's school. and most of those children, there are school age. unfortunately, they will not have school this year. so we have to come up with alternative programs already within the next month or 2. we're hoping the crisis will stop, the fighting will stop. there will be able to go back home. but if that's not the
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case, we have to be in place to support them. what do you do says she hopes the conflict ends soon so that she can return back home with her family. she says she wants her child to be operated on, but more importantly, wants him to grow up with no memories of the horror that's forced her and her family to leave their lives behind and seek refuge here in sudan. people, morgan al jazeera and about of state uganda's, most popular opposition. politician has been released on bail and says he was tortured in detention. bobby wine was arrested at a campaign rally on wednesday and charged with breaking coronavirus restrictions. his arrest sparked protests and a violent crackdown that's killed at least 28 people are those some reports put that number at 37. malcolm webb reports. dozens of people have been killed in uganda's capital, kampala, since protests broke out a wednesday. they began after the pop star turned presidential candidate for the
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wind was arrested he held a campaign rally in the winter district just over 100 kilometers from the capital. as usual, that attracted thousands of supporters. many more than the limits of 200 allowed on the covert. 19 restrictions. there was a very early and very active. it's one of the political groups, but it still wasn't company, i'm good police intervened. so debates were going to get confidential. we deported that but we won. supporters didn't see it like that. they think the government's trying to stop him sweeping to victory in presidential elections due in january. he's challenging, president yoweri miss 70. he's been in power for 34 years after 2 days in jail. he was charged in called breaking the code it prevention rules released on bail. this
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was, in my opinion, meant because i found the minister on the 70 1 percent statement. if you cannot be broken but you got no time to ourselves. we are not going to stop fighting for a better uganda for other opposition. presidential candidates have suspended their come, payne's protest against the actions of the security forces. the government blamed the demonstrators who were rioting and attacking police officers. what is how their rights should you do you if you refuse at that level of violence, the elections are meant to be held just on the 2 months from now. it's not clear if the campaigns will continue or how. but it is clear they got off to a violent start. malcolm webb al-jazeera a little earlier i spoke to or am near co, who is
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a researcher at human rights watch in kampala. he was nearby when protests broke out on wednesday. i could hear examples of explosions. traffic was at a standstill and it was just a very tense feeling. this of course, is just the start of the sort of election campaign the elections due to take place in january. do you worry that the death toll will increase that we're going to see more violence? i mean, that's the big fear that we have here in uganda because as he said, this is literally just the beginning of the campaign season just started 2 weeks ago. in addition to like to the events of wednesday and thursday, the campaign rallies for the opposition has really been extremely violent in its particularly in the way that the security forces have dispersed cloud crowds. but really just it's, it's trouble for the rest of the campaign season. but of things that sparked this
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was the fact that the presidential candidate bobby wine was charged in court with holding campaign rallies likely to spread the coronavirus in your view that the coronavirus pandemic in this particular case is being used. the manipulated for political reasons. yeah, i think the charges against the wind trumped up charges. i think that the authorities are using coded 19 and the restrictions that have been put in place as an excuse to restrict opposition. this isn't the 1st time since i've been called. it just happens to be the current pretext in a lot in light of that. do you think that international international pressure would help in trying to make sure that the elections and the campaign even runs in a smooth and fair way? i think international pressure, of course it is, is obviously
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a fundamentally important international scrutiny and other governments and other international bodies condemning the fine. and it's always welcome. i think it's very important to send a message that the situation is untenable. it should not be the case, this election season should not be marred by this kind of violence and repression. like a lot of countries around the world. of course, the pandemic has had a devastating economic impact on uganda. also because it's a country where many people do live day by day when it comes to their income. what impact is that had both on the interest in this election? and i suppose some of the violence that we're seeing now. what do you think? well, i think it's, it's always going to be a factor of the pandemic, you know, had a huge impact on people's livelihoods in uganda because of the way that the economy was sent down for several months. but on the other hand,
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i think that regardless of these kinds of events would have likely been taking place, they happened during the last elections and in the elections before then in 2011. unfortunately, repression and violence has become a whole month of ugandan elections. yemen is in danger of suffering the worst famine, the world, the scene in decades. that's the warning from u.n. . secretary general antonio, he says millions of lives may be lost if the world does not take immediate action. yemen has been at war for more than 5 years, with the government, backed by a saudi led coalition. fighting who the rebels who control the capital sana'a. the u.n. has called yemen, the world's largest humanitarian crisis, with 80 percent of the people there in need of help. and we see a dramatic, they're going to, they should have humanitarian situation and the risk as it was expressed this
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morning. in my statement, the risk of a famine that probably would have had no parallel in recent history except the famous of famine of ethiopia many decades ago. well, coming up on this news hour from london as forces enter a district handed back after 27 years of occupation. armenia's defense minister is replaced by a high school party is sparking protests and racial tensions in south africa. 26 years after the end of apartheid and a teenager who's causing great excitement in german football u.s.
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president donald trump is due to meet republican party leaders from the state of michigan at the white house in his latest bid to overturn the election results. michigan's senate majority leader, mike shirky and house speaker, lead chatfield were greeted by protesters as they arrived at the airport. trump alleges widespread voting irregularities in the election, which was won by his rival joe biden, but has lost several legal challenges. his lawyers now say that state legislature is should ignore the voting results in swing states like michigan and give their electoral college votes to trump not biden. well, meanwhile, joe biden is holding a socially distanced meeting with vice president elect camel harris and senior democrats. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer is also celebrating his 78. 1st state has yet to speak on the trump team's latest political maneuvering. but one of his leading lawyers, bob bauer says they have no chance of overturning the result in michigan. no state
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legislature in our country's history ever has done with donald trump is apparently agitating for the michigan state legislature to do which is to ignore the results of the popular vote election and wrest control from the voters or attempt to wrest control from the voters. and appoint their own slate of electors to send to washington. now, the reason is never after before is that it cannot be done. and the constitution does not permit a state legislature to do would donald trump wants the disk of state legislature to do? well, the term campaign is pursuing battles in several states where joe biden has a majority in the last few minutes, georgia has certified its results after a manual recount, and that on thursday, when the former vice president still ahead by more than $12000.00 votes in wisconsin, biden leads by a around $20600.00 votes, but the trunk campaign a spade, more than $3000000.00, for a recount. in 2 counties there in pennsylvania,
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he leads by almost 82000 votes, but trump's team says the republican controlled legislature should choose the winner. and in arizona, where biden is more than 10000, votes ahead, the local republican party is asking for a delay to the official result until a sample of ballots is recounted. alan fisher is live from the white house is so, i mean, allan, you know, it is looking increasingly more like the trump campaign really doesn't have a leg to stand on in many ways, but they're still pursuing any avenue they can. they're running out of road. i mean, georgia is a prime example, the results no being verified in the last couple of minutes. but of course, the term campaign says that they will be a lawyer in court action at some point on friday. they have 2 days as well. to ask for a further recount, which could delay the whole confirmation all the way through to december,
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the fyrst i don't trump has been speaking in the last couple of hours, making his 2nd appearance in front of the cameras since election night. he said that he won the election and when he was talking about prescription drug prices, how big pharma spent millions to try and stop them. how the media tried to stop them. there was a lot of people reigned against him, but he says he still won. and he says he'll be able to prove that. i know, of course, he's meeting with the lawmakers from michigan, one of whom, a leading democrat in the state. mike shirky has already said that michigan will vote for joe biden, because joe biden won the election. so calling these 2 politicians down to the white house to try and put pressure on them is certainly unprecedented. and likely to feel as lead by, by joe biden's lawyer, those things called faithful in feet. voters can be replaced, states have got laws in place to see if you win the vote. that's who you vote for.
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you can't change it. you remember that people were talking around the edges of doing that 4 years ago because of donald trump and they were concerned, but it simply didn't go any farther because there are laws in place that stop that . i've just had a loot. don't trump isn't cunt lee in the oval office? so if that meeting is taking place, it's taking place in the residence. and there's a good reason for that. the president shouldn't be politicking from the oval office that they are to represent the entire country. so it may well be that if donald trump is having that meeting at the moment, he's moved over to the residence just to be on the right side of the law. but the term campaign is running out of room. they know that, but they still see that they can turn this around. really giuliani on thursday, saying that he could prove that donald trump won pennsylvania by tens of thousands of votes and won michigan by tens of thousands of votes. the reality is there is simply no proof to back that up and there are a number of republicans who are growing concerned about the impact this is having
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on the image of america around the world, but also the image of american democracy, a lot of hogan the republican governor of maryland, one of the most recent ones to speak, he's been an opponent of donald trump for some time. but he says, look, this is really not a good idea. and he is hoping to put pressure on other republicans to get donald trump, to acknowledge what is becoming more and more obvious with states like georgia certifying the results. joe biden won the election. it was clear from almost 2 weeks ago that he will be the 46 president of the united states. alan fischer live for us at the white house. allan, thank you. well, joining us now via skype from massachusetts is lawrence douglas. he's a law professor and author of the book, will he go trump and the looming election meltdown of 2020, which accurately predicted the current events at lawrence douglas. thank you so much for joining us. and i have to say of area prescient. title and book. you know,
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you, i think we interviewed you last before the election and what you thought was going to happen did happen, but i have to ask, even though you predicted it, are you surprised by the twists that events are taking? i mean, the fact that now we're having republican party leaders from michigan meeting the president, and there's a question marks over electoral votes. well i, maybe i should put it this way barbara. i think i'm shocked, but i'm one surprised and shocked really to see their president and gauging in such kind, you know, transparently autocratic gestures to overturn a democratic process. so that is a shocking thing to witness. but at the same time, i suppose, i would say not particularly surprised because this is what we've come to expect from the president. i suppose we might have come to expect that from the president, but there's huge question marks about the kind of reaction and support that many cave republicans are giving him. i mean, what do you make of that? and what do you think some of their reasoning would be because even if there had
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been question marks about some of the votes and some of the legal process says after 2 weeks, most of those seem to have been resolved. yes, well, that's certainly true. i mean, everything we've seen so far simply confirms that these legal challenges have been merits of not directly a frivolous, as for the support that trump continue to enjoy among the leading edge g.o.p. lawmakers. we can also observe that it's of a piece of what we've seen over the recent years. we've really seen the g.o.p. lawmakers willing to stand by the president in what i think are, you know, pretty transparent to abuses of presidential power. in this particular instance, it seems to be the case is that because we still have these 2 elections to be resolved in georgia? these 2 runoff elections involving the 2 remaining unresolved senate seats. it seems like republican lawmakers are very wary about doing anything that could
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possibly eleni trump's diehard base. and so they're trying to kind of keep that base in lines because they need those. they votes in order to maintain their, you know, slim majority within the senate. this watch talk of democracy in the united states being on the threat because of all of that's happening and i'm speaking to you from europe. europe, of course, has relatively recent history of authoritarian regimes within the living memory. the united states doesn't have that. so how do you think that affects americans themselves? do you think there is a sense that they feel very new to it or do you get the feeling that actually people are genuinely worried about the state of the moccasin in the us right now? no, i think they, i think this is a real wake up call to the nation. and and you know, as you point out, you know, we don't have any kind of authoritarian or traditions here. and we're really trying to use in unprecedented territory straight now. and i do think that at least among,
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you know, tens of millions of americans, there is a kind of real fear about the future of our democracy. i mean, i do think many people believe that this kind of autocratic, just europe's on the part of the president is not going to succeed. but i think it is a real wake up call to just reminding us just how vulnerable a democratic system can be. even one that has, you know, a very long enrich in sturdy history that you say it's a wake up call. but what do you think would be the tipping point at which people really should in a sense, almost take action? well, i mean, one thing is that, you know, i do think that if, for example, any of the state legislatures were to, were to suddenly certify trump as the winner against the clear, popular vote outcome of the state. then it,
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you think there would be mass protests around the entire country and that even if, assuming that that doesn't happen and that, you know, come january 20th biden becomes duly inaugurated as our next president. i think there will be a, you know, a continuing task ahead of us to try to repair the fabric of our civil discourse and our democracy. because the kind of threats that the trump represents are not going to go away. are instead less professor of law and author of the book, will he go tromp and the looming election meltdown of 2027. he got to talk to you. thank you for my pleasure to be with you. thank you. well, surging coronavirus cases meanwhile, are threatening to overwhelm health systems, right across the planet. the world's worst hit country is the u.s. and that recorded 2015 deaths on thursday. it's the 1st time its daily death count has crossed the 2000 mark since may so much better across the southern border, mexico's kovan 1000 deaths. best toll has now crossed the 100000 mark just 4 days
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after reporting more than a 1000000 infections. india has now recorded more than 9000000 coronavirus cases. it's especially bad in the capital, new delhi, where intensive care ward are nearly at capacity, and the main crime of tory m is packed here in europe. meanwhile, the w.h.o. says the winter surge is killing one person. every 17 seconds, the number of cases is now past 50000000, but lockdowns in several countries appear to be bringing down the transmission rate, . where u.s., pharmaceutical company pfizer and its german partner by on take have applied for emergency authorization for their coronavirus vaccine on friday. it makes them the 1st to file for approval in the u.s. health secretary alex, as our has described, the move as the light at the end of the tunnel as it means a vaccine could be available within weeks. meanwhile, the world health organization has suspended the antiviral drug rendez of
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a year from the official list of medicines used for covert 1000 patients in hospital. the latest trial suggests it has little or no effect in helping with survival rates or shortening hospital stays. well, for more on this, let's speak to mike hanna, in washington, d.c. . so mike, definitely it's good news for every country, including the u.s. that the vaccines do seem to be progressing. but the situation in the u.s. really does seem to be getting from bad to worse, especially with the winter months coming and coming now. well yes, health experts have been warning for months of the dangers inherent in a winter in the united states and their worst predictions are coming to fruition as winter has hit. so has the corona virus incidence peaked right throughout the country in the past 2 weeks alone? hospitals have filled up by more than 50 percent. this is
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a massive increase in terms of hospitalized cases. there are more than 250 1000 deaths already in the united states, and experts saying that they could be as many as 450000 by the 1st of march. so the situation very dire, indeed, a number of states reintroducing mandate tree reasons to wear masks. for example, wisconsin has ordered the use of mosques even in the home. so that is throughout states, a closing up in a retching up of measures to try and combat the coronavirus. now the vaccine being the gun for emergency use regular in the course of the day. now what will happen now is that the experts at the f.d.a. will look at the data submitted by pfizer. there are thousands of pages in this particular report. the experts have been on standby waiting for this filing. they will go over it in coming weeks. and then in about 3 weeks time will convene
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a meeting of independent experts who will also go over the data and then will decide whether or not to issue an emergency a use for this particular vaccine. certainly this would be a game changer, but the logistics involved in processing the vaccine once it is approved, is going to take a period of time and also many logistical hurdles in terms of getting the vaccines to where they are needed, which is of course across the united states, pfizer itself says it will be ready with about 25000000 doses of the vaccine shortly after emergency approval. it's got to get them out to the states and to the places that are needed most urgently. top of the list will be the health workers. it is believed by can i with the latest from washington d.c. . mike, thank you. still lots more to come in this news hour, including why many countries are now relieved that they didn't follow the swedish
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model in tackling the coronavirus. how one that little lie put an entire australian state in lockdown and the world's top 4 ranked men's tennis players will all feature in the a.t.p. finals semifinals in london. however, the bulk of europe at the moment is do you want to suppose to italy winters getting colder with frost nights, maybe sunny days, but increasing chance of snow when anything prompts it like a front coming through in the atlantic. so that's happened in norway is going to happen in finland, and i suspect as this goes east was for the balkan states, you got snow to fall here as well. for the sox, we just got the cold, fairly settled weather. and when that cold reaches the central med,
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well that's like to stir up a circulation, so strong winds briefly down the wrong valley and across the domination coast. and then slow goes south. it takes its rains through italy through also through sicily, into tunisia, and eventually libya, quite a big circulation that on saturday at the same time in the levant. and still, i suspect in cyprus, we've got shari rain to come. but this is the major thing to watch is in the next day or so, or further south in monrovia, there are still showers or thunderstorms, and that represents how far around the rain still is. so we've got syria on monrovia and back down to is gonna coastal showers, seeing quite likely. but in bonn, jewel, so it says $33.00, if you come in london, the britain, the gambia, you're nearing 40. nearing a record for france once had a vast empire spanning several continents,,
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but by the 1940, s., the french were forced to confront reality and to moms from dependence. and a fast part of a new documentary series, al-jazeera looks at how the colonial unrest, conflict in algeria, and full scale war in indochina, from blood and chance to french to colonize ation on al-jazeera. when the muse breaks out from our group, when people need to be heard and the story needs to be told, that's why they have increased testing in areas with a high infection rate, with exclusive interviews and in-depth reports, see people here tell us they are desperate. they're hungry at home, al jazeera has teams on the ground, more kind of loves to impact the 2nd lot down with power to bring you more award winning documentaries and life news.
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welcome back. here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera. the united nations is warning of a humanitarian crisis in ethiopia, a region, and says more than 2000000 children, a risk from the conflict. their government forces say they've taken to major towns in uganda, opposition? politician bobby wine has been released on bail after being charged over actions likely to spread coronavirus. at least 20 people are now known to have died in the, protests sparked by his of arrest on wednesday. and u.s., republican party leaders from the state of michigan are in washington for talks with president donald trump. his lawyers say state legislature is should ignore
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results in swing states like michigan and give their electoral college votes to trump. rising corona virus infections are pushing sweden's no lock down model under pressure for the 1st time. the government has rejected advice from the public health agency and its recommendation that people don't have to wear masks, has led to a dispute with the scientific academy that awards the nobel prize from stockholm. paul restrict. 4 pts the commuter rush begins in stockholm with little evidence of concern about sweden's mounting coronavirus crisis. it's just a couple of months since the decision not to impose a lockdown seemed to be working. but with the 2nd wave of the pandemic building momentum, it could be a long cold winter ahead. for the approach that has been dubbed the swedish model. a record 7240 new cases were reported on friday, with 66 more deaths taking the toll to almost 6 and
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a half 1000 would be in getting more and more patient is a procedures of course for taking care of them. very late with that in front of us and we are, we are far behind. sweden's government is starting to impose tougher restrictions. no more than 8 people can now attend official events, while pubs and restaurants a ban from serving alcohol after 10 pm. there are new limits on visits to old people's homes. after infections again started spreading rapidly in places where thousands died in the spring or fall to government or continue to take all necessary decisions to reduce the spread of infection. sweden strength in this crisis, however, is that every person takes their responsibility. does the judy for their fellows and for our country? about personal responsibility has been at the heart of sweden's fight against the pandemic. but now many are questioning whether people should be forced to comply
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with tougher measures, including having to wear masks something that most swedes have so far shunned. that's after the royal swedish academy of sciences released a report showing that masks could prevent the spread of infection indoors. there are $3000.00 so far, yearly supports the fact that 60 will have a positive effect in the main issue. if not exactly preventing this spread by us, but that's in contrast to recommendations made by the public health agency and the chief epidemiology. understand yell, who has repeatedly said masks, can make people more careless about social distancing. not everyone has listened with musk sales tripling its one pharmacy chain in november. even if the government does bow to pressure on mosques, that could be as far as it's prepared to go. the so-called swedish model may be under some pressure, but a full lockdown is unlikely and perhaps even impossible. such a measure is guarded against by the swedish constitution that protects citizens,
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freedoms, even in a time of crisis. poor recent al-jazeera, stockcar 3 days of mourning have been declared in serbia for the leader of the country's orthodox church who died after contracting the coronavirus . patriarchy renée fell ill after attending the funeral of the church, as a senior cleric in montenegro, who also died of covert 19, and many mourners kissed the open casket. it remained was 90 years old, and a staunch conservative with broad political influence. he opposed that the independence of kosovo, which is seen by serbs as the birthplace of serbian orthodox christianity. the state of south australia will come out of a 6 day lockdown early after it was revealed. a pizza worker with corona virus had lied about his movements. the infected man told contact tracers that he went to buy a pizza, leading them to believe that he called the virus from brief exposure to
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a security guard. it was assumed the strain was highly contagious, prompting a strict state wide lockdown on wednesday. well, it actually turns out the man worked in the pizza shop, which changed the state's modeling and allowed the lockdown to end. earlier than planned. i decided i am fuming about the actions of this individual is an absolute on the statement. the sophie sophie's actions of this individual have put our whole state in a very difficult situation. his actions have affected businesses, individuals, family groups, and it's completely and utterly unacceptable. i'm so proud of the efforts of all south australians who have been working with and with it's i place this week to cape state, cypher and strong. there's every army has entered ag them a district that's been under armenia control for nearly 70 years. it's one of 3
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areas. armenia has had to hand back as part of a ceasefire deal to end 6 weeks of fighting over the disputed region of leghorn. a cutter back russia helped broker the truce, and has peacekeepers overseeing the transfer. armenians are angry about giving up the land and the defense minister was replaced earlier. but many also want the prime minister to go ask them is officially part of azerbaijan, but as largely remained a ghost town since almost 200000, those areas were driven out by ethnic armenians in 1993. well, some of it is in the air act. them we've been told that that is exactly the same as what we, what we saw and physically, which was a ghost town just to give you an idea of where we are. these are actually the trenches on top of which we're standing for about 30 years. this is the area which the israeli army was using to go back to the dude go towards the front lines and we're just a few 100 meters away from the defacto border,
12:40 am
which has existed for about 27 years and about 10 kilometers away from the town center where we've seen some social media pictures of the azeri army moving in and taking control of large parts of the city again, which was a ghost town. so adam was one of the most populated areas in the gorn, a car about one of the 7 regions around nagorno-karabakh, which were taken by the area by the armenian army in 1903, when they moved in. and it was about that 10 percent of all of the rajon the territory. so now it is being handed over people. we've been meeting on the street on the way to the border, waving their flags coming out in support and asking us, has somebody been to the other side? has somebody been to their mosques or somebody seen their homes? so there's a lot of anticipation here because people want to go back, they've been living away as i.d.p.'s, and they now want to return to their homes. but it is not going to be easy or quick because the military has been telling us that all of this area is littered with an
12:41 am
exploded munitions and on mine. crowds chanting long live, belive rusev, attended the funeral of a protester killed last week roman, but their own co was beaten by men, suspected of being plain clothes police officers. he was one of the thousands demanding that president alexander lukashenko, step down paul brennan reports their hands held high in a peace sign. the mourners filled the area in front of the church in minsk. the death of roman pondering co has given new impetus to bella, who says opposition movement, which has faced a ruthless clampdown by government security forces in recent weeks. we will not forget, we will not forgive, was just one of the slogans. the crowd chanted in unison. just assume the i have a son and i understand that any of us could have been killed. i really want my son to grow in a free, safe country so that he grows up as
12:42 am
a free man and can express his thoughts without being punished. i hope that it will be so will your board member from today i have pain in my soul. so i came to say goodbye to a wonderful person. roman on the rank over who died under such tragic circumstances . i could not stay at home. i came to say goodbye to this wonderful young man, beatings and arrests of escalated in recent weeks as opposition. demonstrators continue to dispute the outcome of august presidential election. a vote in which the sitting president alexander lukashenko claimed victory. because riot police have used tear gas rubber, bullets and stun grenades against the demonstrators. thousands have been arrested. but the protests continue. undeterred. the e.u. has condemned what it describes as the violent repression and intimidation of peaceful demonstrators and has already imposed sanctions against lucas shank oath his son, victor, and 13 other officials, direct pressure and they look against people has
12:43 am
not stop. we have already said more than 15 degree duels into rounds of sanctions. thank today. we have agreed to proceed to week to prepare a shooting of the next round of sanctions as a response to the brutality of the assad. it is only soup all for the democratic rights of the people. the square where roman bothering to was beaten and arrested was already a focal point for the pro-democracy opposition movement. now it is also become a powerful memorial to his life and his defense of the opposition course arches iraq. our government has released 9 people, he taken hostage at a micro finance organization in the georgian capital, tbilisi. he did not demand the ransom, but that have some social demands. it follows an incident last month in western georgia where a gunman took $43.00 hostages during a bank robbery. he disappeared after receiving
12:44 am
a ransom of $500000.00 anger over a controversial graduation party in south africa is exposing the racial tensions a generation after the end of apartheid. police have fired tear gas and stun grenades to stop protesters reaching a high school in cape town where a party was held last month for white students and teachers. the school insists that the function was a private event for me to miller reports from cape town. a tense standoff between police and protesters and one that set the tone for much of the day in the suburb of bracken fell in, came down. police tried to disperse members of the political party, the economic freedom fighters, or e.f. if they came out to protest alleged racism, and discrimination at bracken fell high school. finally, as students recently held an interview, a party, but black students say they were deliberately excluded. a claim the school denies
12:45 am
the card just told you, no go zones. 230 then do yourself a fairly well man, elderly person over to see them. and after some calm tensions and fighting flared up when a white man try to address the crowd. the head of this protest, they've been other demonstrations here, 5th member say they were attacked. we were very peaceful at that time. we went forward wildly. what's happening, why there's going to this very peaceful suddenly, babe, and we need one of our members and what the demonstrators have criticized those. they say have resisted racial integration. that is for the schools to sort out the governing bodies. they did last, the teachers and all that is to sort out the racial issues at school. it is not for a political party to terrorize communities and trolls and force
12:46 am
riots and bend and lars and fear monger people because they want to make a point it's that's not the way to go. the incident has sparked a national debate on racism in south africa, 26 years after its 1st democratic elections. after the end of apartheid. representatives of the school have defended it, saying the end of your function was a private one. but they admitted there is some work to be done to improve integration for the protestors. this incident is a symbol of greater racial tensions and lack of integration across from africa. while the department of education in the western cape province is also all public schools to deal with issues of racism, it said the school did not organize or host the event, and it would not suspend any staff members and fires burning. and harry were in the final use of force. police dispersed the crowd,
12:47 am
but the dispute remains unresolved with critics saying, the government has done little to act for me. al jazeera cape town, south africa voters in bourke in a fast so are preparing to elect their next president on sunday. a president that market christian cab or it is up against a dozen other candidates. but some 400000 people, which is 7 percent of the electorate. a lot actually be able to cast their ballots up with interests. explains why i don't want to join the and have family fled the village or to you after a night attacked by gunman. although the family was lucky to make it to are good to go alive. many other villages did not. * the mother of 4 says she fled without identity documents, and without them would get a say in the elections. i don't have a birth certificate and don't know how to get one. i need that to get a new national identity card which will allow me to receive my voter card. i won't
12:48 am
be able to vote on sunday because there's nothing that proves i'm from burkina faso . she's one of hundreds of thousands of broken obvious who have lost voting rights because of the violence sweeping across the west african nation. attacks by armed groups in 2015 marked the beginning of a violent campaign. baloch aida. isilon there, feeling that has so far killed thousands and displaced more than a 1000000. people in brooklyn, activists say about 1600 communities have been uprooted because of the attacks against civilians and backing of us the security forces. it's a difficult situation, it's complicated and it's the 1st time in our history this many people will be disenfranchised, but it's the reality not because they don't want to vote, but simply because they can't say more than $400000.00, new voters could be added to the register. this year because of the violence and widespread just placement. the elections commission has already given up on
12:49 am
conducting the polls and hundreds of villages across the country. back at the shelter for the delos far too much as only one which the ever becomes president after sunday's vote will end the violence so that they can go back to build their lives. impossible dream. but like millions of other victims of the violence sweeping the sahara region of west africa, the family may have to wait a bit longer to see this dream come true. but if greece is here still ahead in this news hour a 2nd bamber of south africa's cricket squad tests, positive for team just a week out from a series against england that's coming up with a pit in sport and the mammoth task to pull of this lucky elephant trouble.
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12:51 am
ok now here is peter with the sport. thank you. barbara barcelona's coach rolled truman says he understands wiley and he is angry at being the focus of even more controversy at the club. messi who tried to leave at the end of last season, has been accused of running a reign of terror by a former agent of east teammate and one griezmann. he was mobbed by reporters after returning from international duty with argentina and said he was tired of being blamed for all problems at the club. barcelona play atletico madrid on sunday.
12:52 am
premier lovell, i can understand leo's anger. i think we should have more respect for him. i think it's disrespectful to ask him about one right after a long flight. so this could be the media's intention to create a controversy. things aren't looking too good for bosses rivals real madrid, either they strike a luka ya bitch. has tested positive for corona virus or will miss reynolds leader match against vieira i hope was on international duty with serbia before testing positive it and hazard and custom hero are among the other high profile, real madrid players to have contracted the coronavirus. the greek club, olympiakos accused fever and some african countries of failing to protect players from covert. 19 during recent international matches to olympiacos players contracted the virus while playing f. . concordia fires including their top scorer, a usaf r r b, who was on duty with morocco. these are pictures of morocco training earlier this month, but africa is the governing body count has defended its protocols,
12:53 am
saying that they had achieved the desired results. egypt mohamed salah also called, took over 1000, shortly after attending his brother's wedding in cairo, where he was pictured without a face mask dancing with dozens of people, missed both egypt games and will miss at least one liverpool match. but he's manager, you can club has defended him. her brother's wedding is a very special moment, but i can say about my players. they are incredibly disciplined. they really know about the situation, but sometimes it doesn't work out like this and something happened. so now we have a situation we are in, but all the rest is just between moore and me. teenager yusuf mccorkle is set to become the youngest ever bundesliga player in germany. he turned 16 today and has been given clearance to play for brasil dog months in the game against
12:54 am
hurts a bit. learn on saturday. is a striker and has scored an incredible 141 goals in 88 youth matches for dortmund since 2017. he was born in cameroon, but raised in germany, and the club sporting director has warned against unrealistic expectations. do you miss proposition? the boy has just turned 16. he is certainly the future, an important part of your dortmund future. but i don't like what i'm experiencing every day at the moment, and we should all take our foot off the accelerator pedal a bit. cam down, and let things develop naturally. tennis world. number one novak djokovic has reached the semifinals of the a.t.p. finals in london, jakob h. was up against germany's alexander's variable on friday in a winner takes all group stage match the 3rd winning 6376. he will face u.s. open champion, dominic team in saturday. semifinals. this is also the 1st time since 2004 of the
12:55 am
semifinal lineup features each of the world's top 4 ranked players. you know, early in the 1st set here, couple record chances i managed to do so well. an important moment. you know, contrary to to the last match against one year, i just managed to find the right shot. at the right time. a 2nd member of south africa's cricket squad has tested positive for covert 19 ahead of a limited over the series against england. the unnamed player has been moved away from the hotel where both teams are staying and placed in isolation. despite the 2 cases series is set to go ahead and will be some africa's 1st international action for 8 months. england have reported no positive kovan 1000 results. meanwhile, england, all around across georgia nears eyeing a piece of history in the upcoming series. he needs to take 3 more wickets and he will overtake stuart broad record of $65.00 for england in t 20 internationals. so
12:56 am
secret, so crept up on me a little under. this is just to give everything a karen team and towards a winning cause and think it's quite so the rugby championship and argentina are looking to build on their incredible win over new zealand. the puma's stunned the rugby world with a 2515 victory last week in sydney with their 1st ever win over the all blacks. there were a lot of emotions on sherman. a coach wants them to keep that intensity against australia on saturday. we're going to change. i think here and motions are a very good thing, and passions are very quickly. but i thought there were no control to the way we play. there was a lot of this is to the way we should be. and we'll finish with the oldest trophy in sports sailings, the america's cup defending champions team. new zealand have launched a new yachts,
12:57 am
which they hope will help them retain the cup which will take place in all, clint next year before that challenging teams from italy, britain and the united states. all races are there in january, and the winner will take on new zealand in the main event in march. that's what the sports news barbara expects to pete. thank you very much for that. now just before we go far east officials in southern india have pulled off a mammoth task well quite by successfully rescuing an elephant from a well. it fell in after straying into a village in tamil nadu state as skewers spent 12 hours pulling the elephants out to using a crane. there he goes. veterinarians have to sedate it the comment down, but officials say it was later found to be healthy and active. dignified animals have been venturing closer to human settlements in india, as their habitats are at the store. much more in everything we have been covering
12:58 am
on the web site al jazeera, dot com, or stay with us and back in a few minutes with more of the day's news. thanks for watching by and disease counts 15 of them debts, children, and all that much
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like the speed and childhood education. you just leave us to track down to see last night covered, $98.00 is indiscriminate, but it quickly found the racial divisions in american society called the pandemic is a bridge builder of america in the racially segregated city of chicago. the majority of deaths have been black and latino residents fault lines asks why i think it's
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become entirely clear if such a thing as structural racism. the great divide, covered 19 and race in chicago on al jazeera, understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the alley take it. we'll bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you this. but only if you're also also the u.n. aid agencies ramp up efforts to help the thousands of ethiopians flooding into savannah and call for an immediate cease fire and take away hello, i'm barbara starr, you're watching al-jazeera live from london, also coming up ugandan presidential candidate bobby wine is charged and released on
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bail is that that toll rises from protests over his arrest.


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