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tv   101 East Justice For Thailands Disappeared  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2020 6:30am-7:01am +03

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news to others, like here at the sale stadium, which will host the final on december the 18th 2022. where the new world champions will be crowned whether or not it will be in front of a capacity. $80000.00 crowns. depends on how quickly this pandemic passes. joining us roscoe al jazeera, doha hello there. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. republican party leaders from the u.s. state of michigan saying they're not aware of any information that would change joe biden's electoral victory, their patient a statement after meeting with president trump saying the state's certification process should be free from threats and intimidation. alan fisher has more from the white house. well, it's not a great couple of hours for the trump campaign and those around him who can overturn the results either by taking legal action or by getting legislators to
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not follow the normal procedures. so this meeting, we don't know exactly what happened in the meeting with the statement afterwards from the 2 senior republicans from michigan. certainly indicate that they heard nothing from donald trump that would change the result of the election in michigan and that they are going to press ahead to security guards in brazil are being investigated for homicide over the killing of a black man outside a supermarket. demonstrators are calling for a boycott of the car for supermarket chain. that's after a video was captured, showing the guards repeatedly hitting a 40 year old man in the face before his death. there's very army says it has entered a district that's been under armenian control for almost 3 decades. it's one of 3 areas that armenia has to hand back as part of a cease fire idea. after weeks of fighting in upon a car that the united nations is warning of a humanitarian crisis in northern ethiopia. it says more than $2000000.00 children,
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are at risk from the fighting. in t., grey aid agencies in neighboring sudan are planning for as many as 2 $100000.00 refugees. and the u.n. secretary general has warned that yemen is inching closer to the world's worst famine in decades and terrorise call for immediate action to stave off a catastrophe. terrorism has reduced relief, funding and a crumbling currency are obstructing efforts to avert a pharmaceutical company, pfizer and its german partner beyond tech. her father emergency authorization in the united states for their covert 1000 vaccine. the us health secretary alex, as our, has described the move as a light at the end of the tunnel. if the request is approved, a vaccine could be available within weeks. those are the headlines. i'll have more news for you here on al-jazeera after one hour, one east, stay with us. the kina faso is heading toward elections, but spiralling insecurity is overshadowing the vote. hundreds of thousands cond register, and much of the country is off limits,
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thanks to roaming armed groups. so what real change can these elections bring? join us as we assess the outlook for want to africa's most troubled states. some have been found dead. others have simply vanished. the activists who speak out against the powerful fleeing thailand has long been a way to avoid jail time. under the country's strict definition lawless. but now critics say being abroad, no donga guarantee safety, they are not considered to be high. you see it is in school to be protected. would you say to just these be more a couple of what i can't wait. i know, but it i went in one day and night walk on vehicle for now. i want to one ace follows the battle to entitle and enforce disappearances.
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citron on sucks it and her mother sue a porn are in a hurry. it's been almost a month since 6 and brother. one shalom went missing in neighboring cambodia. there's been no word from him or all far he's a bassis whereabouts. both buddhist. they're offering food to the monks in their hometown in north face time. last believing in reincarnation. they hope the merit alone today from preparing meals
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will go to him in some way. whether he's dead or alive. and then when she says he's always been a generous and kind person. male, it's really out there. you go out on the pier and they are. oh, i don't want to, lorne who's also known as tarp, was always the activist in the family. while he's older sister city is known as the business woman could how my lai happened. he attacked me, but your town,
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my lap may have been made on from day 1 may but you'll know, but they've always been close to that dilemma that i'm in our new farm than i thought i would be fine. the one that happy about it, that farm now man one somehow lauerman by a p. e. army guy. she says her brother always wanted to make a difference in the happy in our top. get to be that bad. i think r.t.d. and you all only end up in the hand as an adult once alone began campaigning for agenda and gay rights and later became involved in a democracy movement. critical of the government. although i wouldn't
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you know, what i think that they have puppet hippy here. they want hang out with hip a ticket guy. and then i left when the military took over in 24 tane, he was summoned for a nation. that's when one show alone fled to cambodia where he continued to criticize the government running a home you know, we need it isn't going to sound, you know, it ought suba not to know and got a response on a new i paper sounds on how cool that you know then one aiming in june, he disappeared from cambodia as capital. phnom penh remembers it clearly want to have it out. he feels we hope he didn't die and that the man in their cars, they're looking down one and i mean making hand,
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i think he didn't hit down what burn down that because i like it, but he always had a mill for the next 30 minutes. she listened to her brother's muffled craw as then the line went dead. c.c.t.v. footage shows true cause entering the area during the time of the cole. one camera shows people trying to help. that's all the information his family has dumped at that by many 1000 on day one. so plainly you were 908 in my me when i did not, not they didn't die. there's been more than 80 in force disappearances in the country since the 1980s, according to the un. but exiles disappearing abroad is near one shalom is one of 9 political dissidents who have disappeared in thailand's
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neighboring countries since 24 tane. to a life of found dead with concrete in this stomachs. so far, none of the cases have been resolved. but one show longs disappearance is gauging and preset into detention. i think when news 1st breaks that he is missing, activists in bangkok, immediately demand an investigation and within a few days, the most tweeted, hash tag in thailand is safe. once alone is actually government protests ran across the capital posters, demand justice,
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the one shalom all student leader. siri. com is one of the 1st activists to raise one shalom skies. but i don't think if i want money. i buy now. i don't know what they're going to get our book or net, make it or buy it, and i know it will not make that long make now that students protesting around the country have 3 demands, dissolve parliament, stop harassing critics, and write a new constitution. the next go, well,
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could well put, i don't want crying. i got more. i live on. oh man, you can you know, how about the issue of enforced disappearances is personal for her great grandfather. young city comes with a cabinet minister, suspected of being a communist. he was arrested, then disappeared, while in custody in 1952. his body was found 7 years later. now go up in the commander. me
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got a look at poor who says the issues her great grandfather was causing for her the very same issues. she's fighting for today. hollow log on monday. oh yeah. fun to do. touchups mother says this family legacy has inspired her daughter couldn't the only one who said she says she's very proud of her daughter, but worries about the risks she takes without a year to without what that bank. while at the port, i'm on one knee, now it is half the night here. there
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are a lot. i think they have that i have now in thailand criticizing someone could result in prison time because of the country's strict criminal defamation law is the most severe of these is the lead. which prevents any criticism of the monarchy. all of the disappeared dissidents. what are the charged or suspected of less majestic before they went missing? except human rights watch and is a long time friend of one shalom. he believes the activist case is different from omelets. no one to be affiliated with in the
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clash with high security forces in the us. he is not known to be making public comments. he was who couldn't kouri a military coup who continue to call for democracy to be restored. but he says the message is the same. there is 0 tolerance for government critics. these dissident left, they would no longer be spat. they would never be spared, no matter where they will be hunted down. just days after one disappearance, thailand's minister of foreign affairs responded to questions about the case
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entrepreneur. i knew you could come up, but i needed to put out a write about income, which are still one. disappeared. was desperate to go to cambodia to look for him and collect his belongings. but travel restrictions choose a coded, 19. have kept that one whole lot. i have caught by that some told me
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he'd be cokie but his roommate was able to retrieve a few things and send them to tita more and more we could have hired all the what that looks like. nothing color. i buy a new wardrobe. one more, well, i got hit by my new
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polo mean when i was caught off guard. so you would night then it's and oh, i don't know why. yeah. article or several weeks. appearance, mates with her, who has op dates from the toy and cambodian or far seats, how you were going to wish you and i many many times when it made me one and
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i can be made to be and why i'm going to go out and neighborhood no one knew why he could, he is frustrated that her lawyer explains that her only option is to see if the toy attorney general will
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take up the kites. but she says that some walkley, well, now our little court while at home the head all who thing good night, if all that money can come like when you see it and i'm mission. now always clear to prevent this from happening to anyone else. these are put a mess. i'm a one man comic company that matter how much i hear the label. what the think that one today and a few other families whose loved ones have disappeared are all my way to parliament . me, me, me, me,
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me. but i'm here for more than a decade, human rights activists have been calling for a new law to criminalize torture and enforce disappearances case has ramped up pressure to pass the proposed act. sit on our plans to hand in a petition from the families in support of the law. the lawyer reads out the petition. as each takes turns to sign the documents. they are determined to make sure as many people as possible know their intention to miami and he is that he will
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tell them i'm here today. they're handing the petition to a member of parliament. if i do not live down to the by hate even, or the closer you are, the hal, you may have the power to you. now you've been one part may die since want to disappearance seizes every opportunity she can to publicize the draft law and her brother. for a new car. the
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same time antigovernment protests, the getting bigger and bigger. room is a circulating that student leader. is about to be arrested. 3 of her friends, a sari worried they'd been sleeping in her home a lot coming up other new cuts could haunt him. listen, i'm looking forward to my community feeling a rest isn't stopping her. today is an important day. tens of thousands are expected at an anti-government rally at bangkok's democracy monument and is
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planning on making a big speech. on the way she and her friends say a prayer to protect themselves from harm. despite the risks she's more determined than ever. but no human, no question. and you know, and over the border, i mean, hollywood crowds are the biggest issue. they have the same and security is targets. as the sun sets, the atmosphere becomes electric. before long it's
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i think a big part of the company or the know how do you make of the? no, no, no. it's not funny. i don't know how one might be a man who looks a lot. we know that rochelle, my ma was happy but i could not make him cry like i was when me again that poor pete who was brown or the emcee of cotton night, would wind up how awful that lot. no one will know who i think i may go. meanwhile, you are the my him now i need you know that now know that my heart may not come.
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thank you for 11 who had been needed it benefit on family member. 5 foot high lookout. while i'm not that i don't play, don't cut me, he have it out. respond to the protests and the other student leaders march to the police station, holding up the free finger salute. inspired by the film, the hunger games. i want to know if warrants have been issued for their arrest quite long. but i'm in a lot of them but never got to know what the police refused to say.
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the answer comes a few weeks later. i'm not going to, i'm a plain clothes police officer stops taxi and i'm like, i'm going to no longer have that happen. i want out it will be charged with sedition. she is now out on bail, but he's continuing to lay protests if convicted, she faces up to 7 years in prison. that it's now been more than 2 months in sydney has brought the disappeared. she's
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continuing her campaign to pop off the draw floor and today is attending her 1st political rally that he made hop onto a law that that p.c. to us has ordered one to one that he, he also matawan yak, paul, a lot, type it with the name but it's a rhinoceros, but since anon stays on the a long time. you mean, she holds up the briefing distillers to show support for the protests. then that seems to help. i have no maori our man on the
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people that beat that crap to took them in afghanistan and the taliban is renowned for its violent repression of women. now a new deal with the us could see the group return to power one, o one, a steam vista gates of afghan women who paid the price for pace on al-jazeera from fossil fuels to modern day renewable. as societies develop their energy demands increase, requiring innovative solutions to meet such to stay as
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a global power develop into the basement company. nebraska power is uniquely positioned to deliver a good speech to say we provide business growth, promote social economic benefits, and provide innovative, safe, and vironment, leigh sales energy solutions for future generation. the brush fire nearing future energy. the b.b.c.'s journalism is revered around the world, but its close relationship with the british state has always placed limits on its independence. i love the fact that i exist, but a sum of things it does. true. phillips explores the little known sentry long tussle between the b.b.c. in the u.k. government and considers the current threats to its future if the government has it in the b.b.c. . what try to deceive the enemy is on the movers battle for the b.b.c. . a listening post special on al-jazeera al-jazeera
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near knock backs for president trump, michigan legislators refuse to interfere with the state's election results, while georgia certifies joe biden as the went on after a manual recount hello there on the table says al jazeera life and also coming up protests turned violent in brazil after a black man is based in to death by security guards outside a supermarket. as areas celebrate taking that district said on.


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