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neutral and all of these cases here is to terrorize it gives the other part of this card supports this stream on out is the republican legislators from michigan meet donald trump and say there's no new information that would change the election results in their states. hello again, i'm the star. see a tape. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up protests turned violent in brazil after a black man is beaten to death by security guards outside a supermarket. as areas celebrate taking back districts that armenia had controlled for decades, but that leads to tens of thousands, grieving the loss of lives they've called their own and it's 2 years to go until
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qatar's about how the organizers are preparing to host a tournament during a global health crisis but an unprecedented attempt by donald trump to undo the u.s. election results appears to be slipping away. republican leaders from michigan was summoned to the white house on friday, but after talks with trump said there was no new information that would change joe biden's victory in their state. trying to said to be putting pressure on politicians and republican run states to ignore the popular vote and send delegates to the electoral college who will install him as president from washington. alan fischer reports thank you very much. the event at the white house was to talk prescription prices, but donald trump couldn't help talking about the election claiming pharmaceutical companies delete news of a vaccine to heart template eclipse. big pharma,
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read millions of dollars of negative advertisements against me during the campaign . which i won by the way, but you know, find that almost 74000000 votes. we had big pharma, i guess we had the media against us. we had big tech against us. we had a lot of dishonesty against us, while joe biden spent his birthday meeting with democratic congressional leaders to talk post-election plans. donald trump was meeting republicans from michigan to the white house denying reports the president wants them to stop the state certifying biden's when there he routinely meets with lawmakers from all across the country. but one democrat from michigan says, this is anything but a routine meeting. joe biden won his bid, michigan, but a margin 14 times greater than down the truck winner state 4 years ago. the president is trying to, i don't know what word you call it, is cheat his way to victory by pressuring local officials. after the meeting,
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the 2 republicans said it had no new information to change joe biden's victory in the state. adding the result certification process should be free from threats and intimidation. and joe biden's legal team called it an abuse. of course, the use of office. it's an open attempt to intimidate election officials. georgia is the latest state to certify a joe biden victory after a manual recount of 5000000 votes. he becomes the 1st democrat to win the presidential race in the state. since 1902. there are 2 recounts underway in counties in wisconsin, but it's unlikely they will change the result there. president elect joe biden, no stands on 306 electoral college votes. exactly the same number. donald trump achieved 4 years ago when he claimed a landslide victory. alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house. and now donald trump's eldest son has tested positive for the coronavirus. donald trump, jr,
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is the latest in the president's circle to have been infected with the 19, a spokesman for the time family says he hasn't shown any symptoms. and has been in quarantine since finding out he had the virus at the beginning of the one. well, 2 security guards in brazil are being investigated for homicide over the killing of a black man outside a supermarket. one of those guards was an off duty policeman. video shows the guards repeatedly hissing the 40 year old man and his face before his death. i want some viewers may find some of the violence in or of atlanta's report, disturbing the outrage across brazil at the killing of a black man by security guards. protesters focusing their anger at branches of the french supermarket chain powerful, where the incident happened. being black in brazil means you have your humanity stolen. you have all your right store and you don't have the opportunity to come
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and go in peace. you have the security system designed, have you accused, even when you were the victim, you were the target of any bullet that circulates in the city. there is no bullet lost when it hits a black body. the killing was caught on camera with the video spreading on social media. alberto sabera freighters was held by one security guard and repeatedly punched in the face by another. and what's drawn comparisons to the death of george floyd in the u.s. . one god was seen kneeling on him moments before he died. one of the gods was an off duty police officer, and both have been arrested. brazilian subsidiary says it will push for a criminal case to hold those responsible to account. in a tweet, the state governor said when we should be celebrating progress in the fight for racial equality, instead, we're faced with excessive violence. the lead to the death of
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a black man in south power. protests said the violence was a legacy from black slavery. what we saw in porto allegro is the most to speak expression of structural racism, institutional racism, and of how much brazil still inherits from the heritage of the slave countries. operating the americas where brother, who died is not just part of the black family excluded from society. for 500 years, we still hear and see these expressions of anger, rage, and racism. the brazilian says about half of brazil's population a block of mixed race, but account for 3 quarters of victims of lethal violence. the percentage of those killed by police is slightly higher. growth rate has died on the eve of brazil's black consciousness day, a public holiday in many states. but instead of celebrating morning and using the
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day to highlight the disparity of black people, brutally killed in brazil. 0. now up to 12. rockets have been fired in a series of attacks in afghanistan's capital. there are reports, several people have been injured. there's been no claim of responsibility yet so far we're bringing in one last as we get now the as area army has entered a district that's been under armenian control for almost 30 years. it's one of 3 areas that armenia has to hand back as part of a cease fire deal to end the 6 weeks of fighting over the disputed region of nagorno-karabakh while as areas celebrate. armenians are grieving the loss of land that they've long claimed as their horrible hameed has moved. there's a sense of defeat in that chain. armenia will soon lose control over district
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dziedzic district. very few civilians are left in town and i've been in soldiers. i just transiting through on their way out. behind caribbean is a businessman. volunteer fighter. it's a bittersweet day for him. he was soon meet up with his wife, but after them, the district where he was deployed at the beginning of the war is being returned as a better term to poland told a lot of tales about the situation. we can do everything but the reality. no one in the public knew the real the situation room now have the result that we deserved all of the armenian forces have to evacuate before december 1st, a mere 70 kilometers away celebrations, an atom, a district on the eastern flank of the un clave,
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which armenia occupied and considered a buffer zone. i looked it over as among the 60000 a series expelled at the time. from here. i'm lost for words to explain my feelings . it's the best day of my life. the 1st place i want to visit is the fater. it's destroyed now, but he was very nice and we're building a stark contrast to december. mood in the chain here to tens of thousands of azeris were expelled, left, she was the 1st, captured by the armenians and early 1990 s. . and it will be the last one handed back to azerbaijan, and it's all because of this road. the so-called latching corridor that connects armenia to nagorno-karabakh. it will remain open for armenian civilians. and as the russian peacekeepers who are going to guarantee their safe passage, it's a lifeline of the enclave, at least through this road, that the bulk of the russian peacekeepers are deployed and taking up positions
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along the corridor. as a budget, as forces would be just a few kilometers away, it worries me and who stayed at home throughout the war. she came to the municipality with her neighbors to ask for help. then i don't want to leave here. i have a deep connection. my husband and my son a buried here. i want to be able to visit the grave. and i want to stay and i want my generation to be moved again. about $12000.00 district over the past 3 decades as it but john said it would ensure the safety of those living along the corridor. but after all, what's happened? no one here is willing to take the risk. but at the while still i have, i'm sorry, there's concern that armed groups might target verses in back in
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a fast as election. 6000000 people will head to the polls there on sunday where security has been the main campaign theme. now in the past year, attacks on civilians have left more than 2000 people dead, and a 1000000 displaced amid interest reports. like maybe brahimi is worried as election day is. the resident of war has witnessed 2 deadly attacks and broken up fossils capital and fears. they could be another despite real threat of violence on election day. he says he will cast his ballot. for me, the choice is democracy or this violence is totally unnecessary. whoever wants power should seek the people's mandate, not through violence. this is attack in 2016 mark to the beginning of a series of acts of violence by local militias and foreign fighters. some of them crossing in from neighboring mali. more than 2000, people have been killed in these attacks. and over a 1000000 have been displaced. the model can and has survived 2 attacks in his
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village. after 3rd, he said he's had enough detectives broke down my brother's door and shot him. my son was there in his traumatized. we fled to get dugard for safety and to get help for my son. in 2015, birkenau fossils army was weakened by a purge following an attempted coup. this is the only bafflement. they've narrowed down their choice of targets to military and government officials because they think that will cripple government institutions. military is ill equipped to deal with these attacks, but foreign help is arriving to support local efforts. but that support is clearly not enough. at least in brooklyn, a fossil and its citizens are worried over the recent spike in attacks. the last 5 years have been the country's cutoff. we can't go to the other side. the country is divided. we have never seen it like this. in the 1st 6 months of the year,
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more than 4600, people have been killed by armed groups in booking, a fossil miley in this year. and that is despite the presence of 820000, strong international force deployed to help restore peace in 5 sale countries. with nearly $1600.00 villages sacked security is now the common campaign theme for all political parties and their candidates. and it's hard to say if the candidates can deliver on the promises, the better voters or security. but edris al-jazeera now still ahead on al-jazeera fears of a humanitarian crisis as violence in northern ethiopia. tens of thousands across the border. hello, the latest on the storm systems is working its way through during sex. so you see
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showers or thunderstorms in the levant, and they got the system proper, further east in iraq generating snow over the high ground of iran, and some in the caucasus as well. at the same time, this increasing breeze on the coast of man might well be a circulation in the arabian sea, which by sunday could produce some significant rain, not just as a culture, but in the horn of africa, and throw her few showers into southern yemen. and maybe in iran as well between the 2, it looks fairly dry than increasing breeze briefly. dancer, bahrain, and qatar and the sun's back out. and iraq, as it is mostly in the levant, heading south this season or right now is where it should be said, more or less tanzania, and west woods to go to a sort of area. still a few showers, stray showers further south and of course the potential for flash flooding in the north of somalia because what we just talked about in the arabian sea. but the rain now should go south and he's done that. the proper rain seems to be running through
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angola, botswana, and down to the middle of south africa. but if you're further west, you'll find in cape town, the temperatures drop to $23.00, and then when it's sunny for 23 years. musson has collected objects. he kinds along the coast, enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story that every object has become an environmental activist and inspired artist . and a voice for the plight of countless markets. might you need such an al-jazeera? the the, the in value
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watching out his era. let's remind you of our top stories, the salad republican party leaders from the us state of michigan. say they're not aware of any information that would change joe biden's electoral victory. then they issued a statement after meeting with president trump saying the state certification process should be free from threats and intimidation to reportedly white security guards in brazil are being investigated for homicide. over the killing of a black man outside a supermarket. demonstrators are calling for a boycott of the call for supermarket chain. i mean, as aereo, me says it's and to them a district that's been under armenian control for almost 3 decades. now. it's one of 3 areas that armenia has to hand back as part of a cease fire deal after weeks of fighting in the disputed region of not going to
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carve out. now the philippines will lift a ban on health care workers leaving the country up to 5000 nurses. a year will now be allowed to accept jobs overseas present, regarded her as a, introduce the band back in april, saying filipino doctors and nurses were needed at home to help fight the coronavirus. but nurses campaigned against that door saying salaries in the philippines are too low to live on. well, we can now speak tamara, stella bene, hot. she is the national president of filipino nurses, united and she joins us now from quezon city. thanks for joining us. marist. i'm sure this comes as welcome news, but with this limit, the 5000 nurses. how much of a difference will that me where the oh we have been the seeking for a bit with the lifting of the ban. but those beside been almost 9 months. lobbying for our government and since the government decided on a cop that goes with the lifting of the bun,
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making it 5000 on the health workers to be allowed every year to work in and in other countries. are big question now is how would it be possible for the government to reveal and by use our filipino workers to work here? because right now we have so many burning issues among our nurses currently working in the government sector and even in prices a set for us. well, no, just yesterday we heard, we held our seat down and another house because they had this be kept within their house because we are demanding for dream isa lower delayed sod, that nice for 3 months, or 4 months or so old. and also the nuns provision of house, sorry baby, and especially recently once for all were nurses, doctors, and other health workers who are taking care of called the patients here. the department of health. i'd meet there during the budget here being in best send me
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last november 18 doctors. there are about $16764.00 health workers who have not yet that receive their hostage say in special recently once. and that not even for the see, there are those then 1000 health workers that they have hired and varied emergency hiring for qualified 19. so even the us, they put a cop of 5000 for allowing no good workers to leave the country. i think their greatest challenge now is how to really and vice our health workers to remain in the country and not leave and work for this for under water intensive myself. i mean obviously some outstanding issues there. and i understand that very few of the nurses who've been stuck in the philippines since april, well, willing to work at home. i'm curious about the pay and working conditions that not just the, the outstanding pay, but the regular pay and how you've been treated during this pandemic. that's very
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true and proper being there by on many nurses who mends are and there are process seeing is already on the go we and that they are just waiting for the being of the by and this is a relief for them. but i have said, even if they were a cop, hoping that they were there will be nurses and other health care workers that the care of the patients here in the country that will be the extreme challenge for them. and unless they are to me it's all of the budgets will even be smart. i want to turn to nursing abroad. it's a huge industry for weapons from the philippines. and i know so many of your families rely on remissions says from that that we've seen the philippines recently battered by storms. and we see this pandemic, surely that makes the financial support and also all the more important. yes.
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because for one, if we have lessened the number of families that are already heard, then the government, because once there are bread winners will be able to leave the country and work in niger or in land. then they can manage the basic needs of their needs, like food security, the education of their siblings or of their children and medication of their parents and other family members who are on maintenance of medicaid. sean. so these are some of the basic things or even ramphele of their apartment or house will. so that's a big grid via the government because there will be a reduction in the number of parties who are seeking subsidy from the government doesn't resolve all economic crises abroad. so yeah,
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this will be of be care of the development of the country more in their marist, the national president of filipino ness is united. thanks for joining us. and we wish you all the best with your wet or in this pandemic. i think you'll hear now the united nations is warning of a humanitarian crisis in northern ethiopia,, the government and the t.v., a people's liberation front, both accuse each other of killing civilians in strikes and in indiscriminate attacks during the 2 week long offensive. so the un has called on warring sides to stop fighting immediately. similar aid can be delivered and refugee safe. syrians can be set up. a correspondent mohammed atta is in the ethiopian capital, addis ababa. if they come pulled the cup it'll, it means they are defeated. and mackellar is conceded, the ultimate price, quote, if you're playing national defense forces, who are now said to be roughly about 100 kilometers from the capital. they are
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saying they will launch attacks from the killer from at least 4 different forms. but what is going to be a huge opportunity to the t.p.s. is that the city is some are owned by hills and mountains where they have mounted defenses and a hopeful that will stop their advancing opponents. of course, both sides are heavily armed and it might not be izzy. according to security to unlist. a technicality is the us does been for the european defense force, a stick of a promise, like the man of war, which they have just clearly talk of taken control off. and in the pro turk that conflict, many here fear, would not just affect a few opiate, but the entire horn of africa region. and now the un secretary general has wanted yemen is inching closer to the wild west famine in decades. and her new terrorist
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call for immediate action to stave off a catastrophe. yemenis are already suffering off to more than 6 years of war. caetera says it reduced relief, funding and a crumbling currency are obstructing efforts to avast, a famine. and a saudi arabia is hosting this year's g 20 summit. and drafting a coven $1000.00 action plan will be top of the agenda for the world's richest nations. they haven't calls their fair leaders to boycott the event over the kingdom's human rights abuses. a counter summit is being held on line to highlight some of the is a diplomatic editor, james space reports from the united nations riyadh to the place where the g 20 summit would have been held there using a giant projector to display the images of the participants but because of covert 19, they'll be taking part virtually lessening the impact of this annual meeting of world leaders and of the efforts of its host, saudi arabia to rehabilitate its reputation. and the redline for the red line where
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a certain issue is a counter some it's already been held online to highlight human rights abuses ranging from the murder of the germans jamal khashoggi to its attacks on civilians during the war in yemen. and the continued detention of political and human rights activists in saudi jails. the sister of luxury now how flew a woman's rights campaigner in prison for 2 and a half years was among those who spoke. she was, it executed a letter. why did sexually harassed threatened with rape and this as it was, then they sell your fish as one of them being a soldier? i mean, and yes, it's very kind of men m.b.'s a reference to crown prince mohammed bin. so man, he'll be concerned to see leading political figures from the us democratic party taking part in this event. i have also spoken now one, saudi authorities arrested peaceful activists. the incoming democratic president
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joe biden has promised a much more clear eyed policy regarding the kingdom of u.n. headquarters. i asked one participant of the g. 20, the secretary general for his view of saudi's human rights record. i'm talking about the lack of proper accountability for the murder of jamal khashoggi, the continued detention of political prisoners, including women activists and reports of torture. secretary, or you have the chance to address all of this fully. or you can dodge my question. but wouldn't that be it? wouldn't that be? wouldn't that be effectively greenlighting more abuses by shans in what i've just said? that is a clear reference to the needs of all these programs to have one objective that everybody should be able to enjoy full human rights. and what going to hell seems like bits of south for human rights apply to all countries, including the host country of the g 20. what about those ships pacific? if you says in those that i'm saying, what we want is human rights everywhere,
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including in those countries. the secretary general will take part in the virtual summit from new york. he wants the g 20 to extend in duration and scope debt relief . it offered to some of the world's poorest countries earlier in the year. however, an early draft of the final communique seen by journalists, suggests he may fail in that attempt. jamesburg is al-jazeera at the united nations . now the football world cup kicks off in castle in exactly tree is time for balls biggest tournament will make its middle eastern debut in 2022. but the coronavirus pandemic has affected preparations for both teams. and organizers like reports from this giant 10 structure is al bates, stadium in arabic, it translates to the house and will be home to 60000 fans for the opening game of
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the 22 inch to world cup. if the current virus pandemic lifts in time, the global health crisis hit, just as cattle was finalizing, its preparations over the one thing the pandemic has affected the entire world. it didn't only affect the sporting industry. our preparations have, luckily, not been affected by the pandemic. and we see that the pandemic is as well under control here in qatar. so that's, that's a very good thing. qualifies around the world have been delayed, and test events have been cancelled. but even if the virus is still with us in 2 years time, cattle has now had experience of holding a tournament in a bio security bubble. the asian champions league is currently underway here, across several venues. teams will come in from abroad, and also the teams from within the 2 clubs on the door would go through a systematic approach where they tested 1st before entering. got there, saw those coming from abroad, tested in the airport. then they got to the how did they check in and then they
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wait for the presence of the testing. and then we do have a pita testing for all every 3 to 6 days. it's been a very different experience for us from the get go. we, when we got on the flight, we had to obviously rather face mosques, and then strike where we had around our faces a hole in our floor. we came to the hotel where the staff have been quarantining, i think, 2 weeks already. so everyone here in the bubble has been in the bubble for 2 weeks before us arriving australian club, perth glory tested out the education city world cup stadium in their 1st group match and were impressed that stadium probably the best biden, i think we were the 1st ones to use so you know, you could have got to a better pitch, the changing room. you know, the pitch, the bench is all top top. so these bybee, 8 stadiums are already finished and some have already held matches. but the hard
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work continues to others, like here at the salle stadium, which will host the final on december the 18th 2022. where the new world champions will be crowned whether or not it will be in front of a capacity. $80000.00 crowns. depends on how quickly this pandemic passes. joining us rasika al jazeera, doha, qatar this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. republican party leaders from the u.s. state of michigan say they're not aware of any information that would change joe biden's electoral victory that they issued a statement after meeting with president trump saying the state certification process should be free from threats and intimidation. our.


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