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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2020 10:00am-10:31am +03

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donald trump faces another setback in his bid to overturn the election results. legislators from michigan say joe biden's, when in the state will stand the president is trying to i don't know what word you call a cheat. he's way to victory matheson this is obviously a live from doha. also coming up we see a dramatic degradation of humanitarian situation in yemen at risk from the worst famine in decades. the u.n. wants millions of lives will be lost if the world doesn't act. fighting for racial
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equality and anger in brazil after security guards beat a black man to death. plus the coronavirus pandemic has canceled test events and delayed qualifies. but here in cats, all the hard work continues as it prepares to host the world cup in 2 years time. on the times, latest attempt to overturn the u.s. election result appears to be slipping away. michigan's republican leaders met with him at the white house, but said there was no new information that would change joe biden's victory in the state. trump is reportedly putting pressure on republican bone politicians in the republican run states to ignore the popular vote and send delegates to the electoral college who will install him as president al official reports from washington. d.c. . thank you very much. the event at the white house was to talk prescription prices,
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but donald trump couldn't help talking about the election claiming pharmaceutical companies delete news of a covert vaccine to how template eclipse, big pharma ran millions of dollars of negative advertisements against me during the campaign. which i won by the way, but you know, find that almost 74000000 votes. we had big pharma, i guess we had the media against us. we had big tech against us. we had a lot of dishonesty against us, while joe biden spent his birthday meeting with democratic congressional leaders to talk post-election plans. donald trump was meeting republicans from michigan to the white house denying reports the president wants them to stop the state certifying biden's when there he routinely meets with lawmakers from all across the country. but one democrat from michigan says, this is anything but a routine meeting. joe biden, one is good michigan, but a margin 14 times greater than down with chalk winner state 4 years ago. the
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president is trying to, i don't know what word you call it, is cheat his way to victory by pressuring local officials. after the meeting, the 2 republicans said it had no new information to change joe biden's victory in the state. adding the result certification process should be free from threats and intimidation. and joe biden has legal team called it an abuse. of course, the use of office. it's an open attempt to intimidate election officials. georgia is the latest state to certify a joe biden victory after a manual recount of 5000000 votes. he becomes the 1st democrat to win the presidential race in the state since 1992. there are 2 recounts underway in counties in wisconsin, but it's unlikely they will change the result there. president elect joe biden know stands on 306 electoral college votes. exactly the same number. donald trump achieved 4 years ago when he claimed
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a landslide victory. alan fischer al-jazeera at the white house drug company pfizer and his german partner biotech, have filed emergency authorization in the u.s. for their covert 19 vaccine. how sarkozy has described the move as light at the end of the tunnel. if the request is approved, a vaccine could be available within weeks. my cannas in washington d.c. explains why the approval process could take much longer than expected. what happens once pfizer registers the request with the f.d.a.? it then looks at the data that pfizer has collected through its tests of some $40000.00 people over the past few months. the f.d.a. then calls a meeting with a group of independent scientists who will then decide whether or not to grant the emergency use authorization based on the data that they've been given by pfizer. but the real difficulty here is that this is not a routine vaccine trial. this is a new technology which the scientists are going to have to look at. it's completely
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uncharted water. it is not a vaccine in which a mutant down version of the virus is injected into the system, allowing the body to create its own immunity. this is a case where, a spike proteins are created within the humans d.n.a., which replicates the corona virus, and trains. the body to recognize it should the corona virus into the body. so this is a totally different technology which has not been dealt with before. and this in itself is going to maybe extend the period, the speed with which these vaccines can be rolled out. well, that is also incredibly difficult because this particular treatment requires 2 injections over a period of 3 weeks. now that is a lot of injections, a lot of the vaccine that needs to be distributed throughout the country. canada's largest cities going back into lockdown on monday after a study spike in cases gyms and cylons are closing in toronto and restaurants
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limited to take out new modeling shows. national daily cases could shoot up 12 times the current level of social contacts increase for the holiday season. prime minister justin trudeau is pleading for people to do their part. the state of south australia will end its 6 day lockdown airlie after it was revealed. a pizza worker with corona virus had lied about his movements. in fact, a man told contact traces, he went to buy pizza, leading them to believe he caught the virus from brief exposure, it was assumed. the strain was highly contagious and led to a strict statewide lockdown. decided i am fuming about the actions of this individual is an absolute understatement. sophie's actions of this individual have put our whole state, you know, a very difficult situation. his actions have affected businesses, individuals, family groups,
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and it's completely and utterly unacceptable. i'm so proud of the efforts of all south australians who have been working with it's a hero and with it's a place this way to keep our state safe and strong. rocket attacks in the afghan capital of killed at least 5 people. the ministry of health says 25 others have been injured. after 14 rockets were fired into kabul, the taliban has denied responsibility. the u.n. secretary general has warned that yemen is inching closer to the world's worst famine in decades and telling of the terrace says that action must be taken immediately to prevent a catastrophe. he said millions of lives could be lost if nothing is done. the images are already suffering from 6 years of war, says a reduction in relief funding and the struggling come and say, obstructing efforts to help. and we see it that emetic, negative the nation of humanitarian situation and the risk as it was expressed this morning. in my statement of
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a famine that probably would have had no parallel in recent history except the famous of famine in ethiopia. many decades ago, 2 security guards in brazil are being investigated for homicide over the killing of a black man outside a supermarket. one of the guards is an off duty policeman. video shows the guards repeatedly hitting the 40 year old man in the face before his death. and to give you a warning, you might find some of the violence, a lot of bargnani, his report disturbing that outrage across brazil at the killing of a black man by security guards. protestors focusing their anger at branches of the french supermarket chain powerful. where the incident happened being black in brazil means you have your humanity stolen. you have all your rights stolen. you don't have the opportunity to come and go in peace. you have the
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security system designed to have you accused. even when you were the victim, you were the target of any bullet that circulates in the city. there is no bullet lost when it hits a black body. the killing was caught on camera with the video spreading on social media. alberto, so they're afraid to us was held by one security guard and repeatedly punched in the face by another. and what's drawn comparisons to the death of george floyd in the u.s. . one god was seen kneeling on him moments before he died. one of the gods was an off duty police officer, and both have been arrested. brazilian subsidiary says it will push for a criminal case to hold those responsible to account. in a tweet, the state governor said when we should be celebrating progress in the fight for racial equality, instead, we're faced with excessive violence that led to the death of
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a black man. in south pounder, protests said the violence was a legacy from black slavery. you know, what we saw in porto alegre is the most despair expression of structural racism, institutional racism, and of how much brazil still inherits from the heritage of the slave countries operating the americas. my brother joel who died. he's not just, he's part of the black family excluded from society for 500 years, and we still hear and see these expressions of anger, rage, and racism. the brazilian n.g.a. says about half of brazil's population a block of mixed race, but account for 3 quarters of victims of lethal violence. the percentage of those killed by police is slightly higher alberta, so they are afraid to stand on the eve of brazil's black consciousness day, a public holiday in many states. but instead of celebrating many mourning and using
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the day to highlight the disparity of black people, brutally killed in brazil, nor about al-jazeera. there is a law professor and i was written extensively on institutional racism in brazil. he says the protests showed the black community has become more mobilized in brazilian society. race is in brazil is a structural problem. so black people face the discrimination in a, in every aspect in every they mention of social life in employment in school medical treatment. for instance, brazilians usually receive last than half of the salary of a white man. black women usually receive the core sample lap band. the salaries are last minute deal that lacked the right
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president. but things have changed in brazil, brazilians, population, and especially the black population is much more mobile. so people are reacting should these new devices and the local action threat, how brutally people would actually brazilian black sea folk are mobilized around the question of race. so there are, there were a lot of life, a lot of black males to be see people out. this is certainly a reaction against the popular is right wing and race is administration. still, harry don't always read a book of fassero prepares to pick its next president on sunday, but many people are scared about heading to the polls and ready for takeoff. how
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this new satellite will help scientists understand rising sea levels due to climate change. however, the bulk of europe at the moment is do you want to suppose to delhi winters, getting colder with frost nights, maybe sunny days, but increasing chance of snow when anything prompts it like a front coming through in the atlantic. so that's happened in norway. it's going to happen in finland, and i suspect as this goes east was for the balkan states, you got snow to fall here as well. further south, we just got the cold fairly settled weather. and when that cold reaches the central med, well, that's like to stir up a circulations are strong winds briefly down the wrong valley and across the domination coast. and then slow goes south. it takes its rains through italy
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through also through sicily, into tunisia, and eventually libya, quite a big circulation that on saturday at the same time in the levant. and still, i suspect in cyprus, we got cheri rain to come, but this is the major thing to watch. i think in the next day or so, or further south in monrovia, there are still showers or thunderstorms. and that represents how far around the rain still is. so we've got sierra leone monrovia and back down to was gonna, coastal showers, seeing quite likely. but in banjo, also it says 33, if you come inland a little bit in the gambia, you're nearing 40. nearing a record, frank assessments, if american public opinion is betrayed by social media platforms after november, this would be this. because as if you believe that there horowitz into our democracy, one obvious solution is to read from an informed opinion,
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look at checkers. don't go anywhere the protesters aren't going anywhere, either. it's ability to get a revolution. people who call in depth analysis of the day's global headlines. who is it that's really out there on the street inside story on al-jazeera. we want to remind of our top stories this hour. donald trump's campaign suffers another blow after michigan backs president elect joe biden's. when trump's been meeting the state's republican leadership, which reported that he's been trying to convince them to appoint electors, the u.n. secretary general has warned that yemen is on the verge of
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a catastrophic famine. until you're good, tara says, millions of lives could be lost if nothing is done. yemenis are already suffering from 6 years of war. that have been protests in brazil against the killing of a black man outside. a supermarket video shows 2 security guards repeatedly hitting a 40 year old man in the face before his death. the israeli army has entered ag them and district has been under a mini in control for almost 30 years as one of 3 areas. armenia has had to hand back as part of a cease fire deal to end 6 weeks of fighting over the disputed region of the don't know how to back while as there is celebrate. armenians are grieving the loss of land. they've long claimed as theirs or the elder hamid has more election. there's a sense of defeat in light sheen. armenia will soon lose control over district dziedzic district. very few civilians are left in town and i've been in soldiers. i
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just transiting through under way out. back and caribbean is a business man. volunteer fighter. it's a bittersweet day for him. he was soon meet up with his wife, but after them, the district where he was deployed at the beginning of the war is being richard as they are. but jack, we were told, told a lot of tales about the situation. we thought that our armies saw strong was a return to everything, but the reality in the public knew the real, the situation. we now have the result that we deserved all of the armenian forces, have to evacuate less before december 1st, a mere 70 kilometers away celebrations, an atom, a district on the eastern flank of the un clave, which i mean you're occupied and considered a buffer zone. like bit of was among the 60000
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a series expelled at the time from here i'm lost for words to explain my feelings. it's the best day of my life. the 1st place i want to visit is the fater. it's destroyed now, but he was very nice and we will, he build it's a stark contrast to december. mood in the chain here to tens of thousands of azeris were expelled, left, she was the 1st captured by the armenians and early 1990 s. . and it will be the last one handed back to azerbaijan, and it's all because of this road. the so-called latching corridor that connects armenia to nagorno-karabakh. it will remain open for armenian civilians. and there's the russian peacekeepers who are going to guarantee their safe passage. it's a lifeline of the un cle, at least through this road, that the bulk of the russian peacekeepers are deployed and taking up positions along the corridor. as a by just forces would be just
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a few kilometers away. it worries stated throughout the war she came to the municipality with her neighbors to help him. i don't want to leave here . i have a deep connection. my husband and my son, a buried here. i want to be able to visit their graves and i want to stay, and i want my generation to be moved again about $12000.00 armenians. district over the past 3 decades as it but said, it would ensure the safety of those living along. but after all, what's happened? no one here is willing to take the risk. but at the 6000000 voters in book enough to elect the next president on sunday. but there is concern that armed groups may target the polls. in the past year there's been a rise in violence and attacks on civilians. more than 2000 people have been killed
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and a 1000000 have been forced out of their homes. i'm a dangerous reports. like many as worried as election day is the resident of war has witnessed 2 deadly attacks and broken a fossils capital and fears. they could be another year despite real threat of violence on election day. he says he will cast his ballot. for me, the choice is democracy, or this violence is totally unnecessary. whoever wants power should seek the people's mandate, not through violence. this is attack in 2016 mark to the beginning of a series of acts of violence by local militias and foreign fighters. some of them crossing in from neighboring mali. more than 2000 people have been killed in these attacks. and over a 1000000 have been displaced. has survived 2 attacks in his village. after 3rd, he said he's had enough and he's on top of the attackers broke down my brother's
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door and shot him. my son was there and traumatized. we fled to safety and to get help for my son. in 2015, brooke, you know, fossils, army was weakened by a purge following and attempted coup. they've narrowed down their choice of targets to military and government officials because they think that will cripple government institutions. military is ill equipped to deal with these attacks, but foreign help is arriving to support local efforts. but that support is clearly not enough. at least in brooklyn, a fossil and its citizens are worried over the recent spike in attacks. the last 5 years have been the country's cut. we can't go to the other side. the country is divided. we have never seen it like this. in the 1st 6 months of the year, more than 4600, people have been killed by armed groups in booking a fossil molly in the year. and that is despite the presence of 820000,
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strong international force deployed to help restore peace in 5 countries with nearly one $1600.00 villages sacked security is now the common campaign theme for all political parties and their candidates. and it's hard to say if the candidates can deliver on the promises to voters or security al-jazeera, the philippines is to lift a ban on health care workers taking jobs overseas. that means up to $5000.00 says will be allowed to leave each year presenters. we go to tell if they introduced the travel ban in april, he said, filipino doctors and nurses are needed to help fight coronavirus at home. but nurses campaigned against the law saying salaries in the philippines are too low to live on. not his style of anahata is national president of filipino nurses, united. just calling on the government to release long delayed wages. we have been seeking for a lifting of the ban,
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but these guys been almost 9 months. lobbying our government and begins with the government decided on a cop that goes with the lifting of the bund, making it $5000.00 on the 1st to be allowed every year to work in other countries are big question now is how would it be possible for governments to v.v. and fifes our filipino workers to work here because right now we have so many burning issues among our nurses currently working in the government that slow. and even in friday that soros, well, just yesterday we heard, we held our sit down for a fair and another huckster. so say, how does he kept the rallies within her house? because we are demanding for the release of all were delayed salaries for 3 months or 4 months or souls and also demand probation or has started 3. and especially
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recently one for our nurses, doctors and other health workers who are seeking care of call the features here at the department of health and meet their dueting. the vod succeeding in the send. the last november in seems that there are about 16764 workers who have not yet to receive their hazard free and special recently one. and that the cannot even be there are those spent out then health workers that they have hired, emergency hiring for quality and observations on flight is due to be launched from an airbase in california. it's a joint project between nasa and the european space agency. its mission is to determine how fast sea levels are rising. the project could give coastal communities more precise weather forecasts for storms make landfall rob reynolds reports. it's developers say the ocean measuring satellite sentinel 6 will provide
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irrefutable evidence of how the seas are rising due to human caused global warming . the satellite, which resembles a large gadget festooned orbiting doghouse, can quantify ocean rise to within a centimeter. the main concept is that as a radar altimeter on board and it, it fires a pulse of the ocean surface and you measure how long it takes that pulse to go out and come back. and from that you can him for the height of the satellite above the ocean surface. and so when you take the height of the satellite and you subtract off that radar measurement of the height of the satellite above the ocean surface, then you have a measurement of the height of the ocean. about one 3rd of the ocean rises due to thermal expansion. water that absorbs heat, expands like mercury in an old fashioned thermometer. the rest is due to the melting of glaciers and ice caps in greenland,
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the antarctic and elsewhere. so these 2 elements to get america. be the product of sentiment 6, very relevant. 4 for the society for the intergovernmental panel on climate change has projected that oceans could rise more than 60 centimeters by 2100 endangering millions. if not billions of people who live near the sea or in storm prone areas. scientists working on the sentinel 6 program say it will provide unambiguous data to grab the public and policymakers attention was going up. we can show people the data. and i like to think that, that most people out there can still be informed by looking at, you know, real data. it's not some cloud model that's predicting what's going to happen. it's actually measurements of what's really changing, what's changing,
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and why climate is changing because we're putting c o 2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. and we need to start moving on to the renewable energy sources and stop burning fossil fuels. cental six's mission will last 5 years, a messenger in outer space bearing a message to humanity that it must change its ways. rob reynolds al-jazeera, the world cup kicks off in qatar in exactly 2 years time football's biggest tournament will make its middle east debut in 2022. but the coronavirus pandemic has affected preparations for both teams and organizers drive gusset off sky reports from doha. this giant 10 structure is al bates, stadium. in arabic, it translates to the house and will be home to 60000 fans for the opening game of the 22 inch to world cup. if the current virus pandemic lifts in time,
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the global health crisis hit, just as cattle was finalizing its preparations. overnight in the pandemic has affected the entire world, it didn't only affect the sporting industry. our preparations have, luckily, not been affected by the pandemic. and we see that the pandemic is as well under control here in qatar. so that's, that's a very good thing. qualifies around the world have been delayed and test events have been cancelled. but even if the virus is still with us in 2 years time, cattle has now had experience of holding a tournament in a bio security bubble. the asian champions league is currently underway here across several venues. teams will come in from abroad, and also the teams from within the top clubs from the door would go through a systematic approach where they tested before entering. got there, saw those coming from abroad, tested in the airport. then they got to the how did they check and, and then they wait for the presence of the testing. and then we do have
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a pita testing for all every 3 to 6 days. it's been a very different experience for us from the get go. we, when we got on the flight, we had to obviously weather, thrice mosques, and then straight away we had around our faces a hole in our floor. but we came to the hotel where the staff have been quarantining, who i think 2 weeks already. so everyone here in the bubble has been in the bubble for 2 weeks before us arriving australian club. perth tested out the education city world cup stadium in the 1st group match, and were impressed that stadium probably the best biden, i think we were the 1st ones to use. so, you know, you could have got a better pitch. the chinese, you know, as i said, the pitch, the bench is old, top top 5 to be 8 stadiums are already finished and some have already held matches. but the hard work continues to open,
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like here in the salle stadium, which will host the final on december the 18th 2022, where the new world champions will be crowned with 2 years to go and coded 19 vaccines on the way. organizers remain confident that the 1st middle east world cup will be safe and successful. joining us rasika al jazeera to and you can find a lot more about those preparations on our website. the address for that is w w. w dot al-jazeera dot com. this is al jazeera and these are the top stories. donald trump's campaign has suffered. another blow, michigan has backed president elect joe biden's. when trump has been meeting the state's republican leadership, it's reported he's been trying to convince them to appoint pro trump electors rocket attacks in the afghan capital have killed.


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