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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2020 2:30pm-3:01pm +03

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brazilian says about half of brazil's population a bloc of mixed race, but account for 3 quarters of victims of lethal violence. the percentage of those killed by police is slightly higher. death rate has died on the eve of brazil's black consciousness day, a public holiday in many states. but instead of celebrating mourning and using the day to highlight the disparity of black people, brutally killed in brazil, just 0. this is all dizzy, but these are the top stories we multiple rocket attacks in several parts of the afghan capital of killed at least 8 people. one rocket landed near a school forcing students to run from the building. interior ministry says dozens of people have been injured from the concert for he has more from kabul. there have
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been reports since this morning when this attack was happening, that the rockets were fired from 2 small trucks. and the minister of interior, along with the national director of security, they have confirmed that rockets were fired from these 2 trucks. we've in the perimeter of kabul city, which raises even more questions and concerns that the residents here in kabul about the security of the city. which has been deteriorating throughout a very, very long time. meanwhile, the u.s. secretary of state mike pump aoe has arrived in qatar. he will meet negotiators from the afghan government and the taliban separately from pairs visit to doha, as part of a 10 day tour of the middle east and europe. michigan republican party leaders say there's no new information that would change joe biden's electoral victory there. that's after they met donald trump at the white house. he's reportedly trying to convince republicans to appoint approach from electors in states where biden won
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protests are being held in brazil against the killing of a black man outside. a supermarket video shows 2 security guards repeatedly hitting a man in the face before his death. canada's largest cities going back into lockdown on monday after a rise in corona virus cases, gyms in solomons are closing in. toronto and restaurants will be limited to offering takeaways, health officials fear daily infections could reach 12 times the current level of social contacts increased during the holiday season. state of south australia is ending its 6 day lockdown early on after it was revealed. a pizza worker with corona virus had lied about how he got it. infected man told contact traces, he only went to buy pizza rather than the fact that he actually worked at the store . they believed he caught the virus after just a brief exposure. those are the headlines. the news continues here on al-jazeera in about half an hour after inside story,
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goodbye. a decade of war. now, a pandemic. 19 is spreading fast and syria's last rebel held province, particularly among displaced people in overcrowded camps. so can health workers prevent another humanitarian disaster? this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. much of the world is battling to contain the
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coronavirus pandemic. it's even more challenging in syria. years of war have destroyed the health system. the few hospitals left operating are struggling to cope with the rising number of infections and in the last rebel held province of idlib, social distancing and frequent hand washing are nearly impossible for displaced people in overcrowded camps. victoria gate and be reports it province has been battered by the syrian conflict and now in its 10th year, the last rebel controlled glave in the northwest is home to nearly 4000000. people most depend on aid to survive and many live in makeshift shelters in camps for the displaced it live reported its 1st coronavirus infection in july. since then, the number of people infected has increased rapidly. this on my last, after 10 years of dealing with bombing casualties and the targeting of health facilities, the coronavirus pandemic has really increased the burden on us if cases of cover 19 continue to increase. the health sector will completely collapse.
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it has 8 hospitals that can treat 1000 patients, but the u.n. says 7 are already overwhelmed and each one is desperately short of a quick meant. there are $142.00 i.c.u. beds and $155.00 ventilators, to cover the entire region. the name of the beds in the intensive care unit are completely full. we have around 30 pads, all of which are occupied with patients upstairs. we have another department with 30 beds and we have 30 patients in that department to. 6 the outbreak has mostly affected adlib city safe, but the fear is the virus could spread to overcrowded camps where social distancing is difficult to be reconsidered. the situation is. ready very worrying and it didn't want to stand too that we have, we are in 90 percent of better company. it is very, very hard to be doing because you know, they have
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a system to increase the number of beds they don't really know for the patients. and critically patients is very, very reduced. so we are really worried about the issue. and in india, the grade of r.'s pandemic has severely tested the world's best health care services. syria is destroyed by years of war is facing. biggest challenge yet, victory caisson be out there. all right, let's bring in our guests from it live in syria is dr. sanitary, the, a cardiologist at a hospital that's supported by islamic relief from my money in jordan. i'm judge, director of advocacy for save the children syria response and from norman oklahoma . is joshua landis, director of the center for middle east studies at the university of oklahoma. and editor of the syria comment blog. thank you all for joining us. send. let me start with you today. why is there such a sharp rise in the number of covert 1000 cases in liberate?
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now you sent the number of cases is not the true number. the number of these much more cases because not all patients who are hurting from recent injury and suspected the 19 do yes. and many in that dog, there are holes and the congo. it goes, some are afraid of going to centers. you heard a sound, they're talking about the fact that there is concern that the number of cases right now is, does not accurately reflect the number of people that are infected. what are the steps that are being taken to limit the spread of coven 1011? in other parts of northern syria. thank you so much for this one. so we, we have another human agencies are trying very hard to try and limit the spread of covert starting from implementing some of the w.h.o.
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measures in schools and hospitals in even now own programming. so for example, the way we do a new addition work, we traditionally would have 10 people in the same room as said, we cut down on that to make sure that, that there is enough safe distance in full poker. people essentially senate only in education we have, we've closed a lot of the face of face education and activities and decide to substitute, seen in some of the more creative, well more innovative ideas. but sadly, the situation remains of a, of a difficult for families. we are, as of today is the best number we have is that is that east 1150 different settlements or sites where people live in tents and camps. and they cannot possibly have to teach the self isolation they need in the hygiene amitie. and they need to maintain and have some of some of the appropriate measures that they need to take to prevent all this at the state of the virus. so we don't mean in
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a place where the high needs high levels off of contact between people. and even if you block with a different sepsis, people who still need to continue to live to eat. and it's sadly of a different station for the families right now. and said you, joshua, despite the truce in there, is still intermittent fighting on the ground. there is there. i mean, how fragile exactly is the situation right now? the situation's pretty fragile. turkey has put in many more reinforcements, but the syrian regime is eager to continue to put pressure on its lid. and if it's determined to take back the entire province, eventually russia seems to be backing the syrian, the syrian desire. although it's interested in keeping the truce, but as we've seen, turkey has pushed ahead in libya and are going to karbala. and this is upset in
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russia. russia is using into libya as the pressure point for turkey because it's turkey's vulnerable. it's a vulnerable position for turkey. yes. and when it comes to the spread of covert 19, what are the hardest hit areas and live? are the hardest hit areas, the cities or are the hardest hit areas, the camps for the displaced people. the more you think the team is certainly right now, all the artist in, oh it's our says and hands i thing you mentioned that the house a solution. he's also how it is. listen selves meet with elites. 'd why didn't we give them the travel. 'd pass the know the situation or any may situation,
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can't you now this to ation. he's nearly under control back. that's not the total then the situation now is nearly blew the number of cases more men and now the. 'd number of deaths, the number, all right, 3 agents will be of like minute. what is it now, john? i want to try to just take a step back for our viewers and have you explain just how traumatic things are for the children in bend? in northern syria, i mean you have of course, the trauma that they faced for so many years when it comes to the violence. and now you have this, this dread and this other form of trauma, which is because of the spread of covert 19, how are they handling all of this? how do they cope with it?
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it is sadly as united states, it is a very, very difficult times the children inside of city and particularly in northwest city at the moment. and we use that is the law on consent and in terms of the news. but with we're hearing today that there are as been the cases of that in northwest city among children. and these, if confound the fast cases of deaths in among children in northwest city. and it just sammy's all in this situation where they now have to balance how to feed themselves to feed their own children. the tectum sense of virus and some how to cover a from years and years of active constant use to look at more than 1500000. people in northwest city hall law still displaced the last hundreds, if not thousands of them who have no place to live in. so we start seeing children displays signs of trying to cope with all of this, but without any of the forces necessarily available that helps them deal with this . we hear heartbreaking stories from children who either live with say,
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111 pedophiles that they've been waiting for for months if not longer. and we've met children who lived in a destroyed car with no parents until we've managed to find them to a to another that it's solution. and it's, it's a very difficult time for them when they have to balance. i don't have a physical school to go to, i also don't have enough food to eat, and i need to go to school. but at same time i need to feed my sense. or even sometimes, in some cases, even richer than just too young to take in this response of movie, they have to feed themselves and their own families. and you end up in this situation where some, a 12 year old would been working within the last few months. i've been working throughout the day, been studying in the evening. and it's just not a situation you want children law even to do on the 10th, find themselves in, joshua, if the truce completely collapses, if all out fighting resumes once more,
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how much worse does that make the situation? and would it be possible to see the escalation efforts again? well, you know, as, as your other, as your other speakers have been saying, poverty is the real poverty and chaos. the lack of political organization are the real killers here. and we've just heard this morning that naipaul is cutting, cutting back on on its efforts to limit cope. and it's going to cut isolation centers. it's cutting all kinds of vaccination. i'm not vaccination is cutting the testing centers because it says it can't afford to do them any more. and it's going to save us money for the vaccine because it can't afford to to buy the vaccine and to distributed amongst people. so that's happened in uganda, nepal and many other poor countries. if you take something like like syria and italy, provinces, where there is really no centralized health care where there is chaos. and there is this threat of continued warfare. it's out of control. and there's really very
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little that central authorities can do. people are living cheek by jowl in the same confined spaces. once one family member gets that they can isolate it from anybody else. and that's, that's the real terrible problem is, is that desperate poverty and war only makes it worse. what kind of pressure is being put on the health sector there right now? how close to collapse is the health sector. and the we know that in the area, the war zone and our, our situation. in fact, this tractor still leak and the displaces large amount of displacement of people in the medieval are going out. in an ellipse. there aren't any center,
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it's just that they have one primary care since are and these may then they should go or 3000 or 3000 regional. the nearest hospital mason starts and one supplying the goods health care for. and then also the grounds in centers where people's ice, you act, they are just a little bit can't provide the full we probably 90 in all it's going 90 the part of myself. i since might need more still in hospital about unfortunately an empty bed for him. and he saying to the next, he was not nervous. i think, you know, you're becoming writing fiction was so much severe is situations here are his son did his best feed,
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the embattled syrian and that's all he can do. now unfortunately was that the situation at the station is not the case is so he doesn't say that he is not going to be 6 or something and $98.00 i'm did, i want to also take another step back and look at the conditions in, in the informal settlements in, i mean the world right now continues to tell populations to social distance when you're talking about the displaced when you're talking about refugees in overcrowded settlements. that is something that's nearly impossible to do. how are children, how are their parents protected against this virus at a time when they live in conditions so dire that something as simple as social distancing is pretty much impossible for them? and this is specifically the problem is right now. we just saw last week,
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cams being flooded, people have to take everything they will get somewhere and try to find a new place to live. in the meantime, they have to escape explosive weapons. we just released that, that vote this week that says, believe it or not only on stevia 25 children, a date are dying from explosive weapons for the last few years. and city a is, is one of the major major countries in which children are being killed by explosive weapons. so you to try them in, in northwest city, a trail it, you have to escape the law. it's from can supply to you have to find a place to live, the u.n. your family with, but a little comic resources. there's no way we all know how they can amaze, looking like now a city as a people don't have enough food. and then they find a tentative that gets eventually gets flooded and at the same time they're trying to sort of distance it does. we're almost impossible to deal with all of that at
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the same time. we see in the countries where the situation is more stable, there are still struggling to deal with school that families them sense of don't know. and so we have to deal with it entirely. and then you put a tide them in that has been under under bombardment for years. it's been displaced, maybe 10 times the last 2 or 3 years. that campus been started and they have not a simple tool and they have to outwait him. i'm more scared of the virus or a mime will scatter the need for me and i need to escape. and this come. so it becomes, it's an impossible if you that families have to deal with it. and, and they just simply try to get the best out of it that they come. joshua, where do things stand right now when it comes to the opposition and their fighters in adelaide at the moment? you know, the opposition is in terrible disarray and we've, we've seen constant fighting between the various factions. turkey is trying to organize them and bring them under control. but
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a lot of the fighters don't want to fall under turkish control and we've seen al qaida in other branches. what asad dean breakaway from the main group hiatt to how to show them. we've seen other, other fighting groups split and fight amongst each other as they, as they begin to decide, are they going to work for the turks? are they going to try to remain independent and, and not work with the turks. but increasingly, the area is desperate and people have to fall in line with the turks. but as they do that, they get accused of being you know, proxies for another government. and their revolutionary objectives are increasingly falling away. is personal protective equipment available to the population in libya? i mean, do people there have access to masks and hand sanitizer and other supplies and
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there are always you go leave and it's not windy at a global audience. starts showing the sounder barracks in a moment where it is standard. for example, i spoke to my friends in the army as it is very hostile. there is a party center in their lives and it's an active center. unfortunately, the, there is another death standard for the people they will get by mosque just mosques around the stores and it should or it, but your most people are the mosque or wherever they want to eat. most people here are even angry, but are lying back go and buy a mosque is not, it's not scam been going to be embarrassed this joshua,
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it looked to me as though you were nodding along to some of what your son was saying. did you want to add to? well, the point he was making well, the point he's making which is that the situation is, is there's really very little that can be done to stem the spread of coronavirus. and, you know, i think my son just had coronavirus here, but we were able not to become affected. in fact, as a family because he had his own room and he could, we've managed to find a bathroom for him to go to and we delivered the food to his door and for for over 2 weeks. that's the way you lived. but if you're living 10 people to a small shelter, there's no way you can do that. the infection is just going to run rampant through the entire place. and that's, you know, that's the desperation. it's the poverty that, that stops any of these mitigating efforts to be carried out that can, that can stall the spread. and as a cold weather comes in, we are seeing the spread really pick up. and it's only in places like we just heard
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that france has turned the corner a teeny bit on this spread and other european countries. but in places like the united states, it's continuing to go up day by day. we're breaking records every single day. and that's because the cold weather is coming in, and people are getting exhausted with trying to fight this virus. so really, the hope is for this vaccine to come down, but how will a place like it live, get the vaccine when there's no money and all the rest, the rich countries are fighting for it. joshua 1st of all, i hope your son is doing better. let me also ask you about a glad to hear that about a point you were making when it comes to the international community. do you feel that they are stepping up at all when it comes to the syrian people or have they just abandoned them? you know, increasingly, unfortunately, the syrian people are being forgotten and you know, we're hearing the united states is trying to shift to asia. it's there's debate
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about where our policy should be in syria. and i think this is, this is true for the entire european community. we've just seen a focus on lebanon, lebanon has much stronger and better relations with the european community. and, and there's division, the jordanians need help. the lebanese need help. turkey is just putting in new, new actions to stop the spread of code. so syria increasingly is being forgotten once isis has the spread of isis has been tamped down. increasingly, it's unclear what the country, what europe and united states and the rest of the, the western world's policy is towards syria. i'm just, i want to talk about just how difficult it is getting aid into northwestern syria and not just now. i mean, even before this pandemic, it was extremely difficult. could you,
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could you talk our viewers through the logistics of trying to get such much needed supplies to such a desperate population as your i.q. pointed, it has always been difficult and it has gotten but she really hard that since july of this year, when the cross-court it is lucian to move to one of 2 border crossings that we could have used. the falls live in humanitarian aid. now we're looking at supplies that could come from anywhere from the west, but they need to go or only through one border crossing that we are allowed to use . so the u.n. security council resolution, if you look at today to deliver aid into areas in live for example, study into a leper, for example, that a bit fat east within northwest. you could need to drill for more than 12 hours just to get basic supplies in because the political scene that was closer to that has been removed. and this is an issue we see right now in city across as the international attention on city is decreasing. so is the funding and so is the
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political tension. so then the discussions around to maintain needs become entirely more politicized, where its decisions are no longer being mean based on what people eat, but rather based on the politics of the different states that are involved in city area. we currently have startling to be teachers satins, when you need them the most, for example, for us to be able to teach children nowadays, we need, we send teachers what we will do more by teachers. we, instead of having the children come to the school and because of the impossibility of such an distancing that we started sending teachers duncan's homes to help them, at least not lose some of the gains they've made in the education. but then use baby teachers saturday because you are particularly underfunded. we just have a couple of minutes left. let me just ask you to expand on a point that you were making before how risky is it right now for health care workers. and they are they becoming infected at high rates as well,
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with cover 1000 you know, there are other asians in the world. so these are what they are. the more. 'd people, while these are artists to learn that is under you know, me or a loser and you know me, doors and nurses and you've been, were killed by these actions. for example, in days ago, doctors are, as it was, there is some to be going right. doesn't it's not that goes the sounds of the day and the next day he was dead. so many horrible leaves are infected as many miles into her. the rays that just
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a few have severe sentence and the sure number is where, unfortunately the ill by east action, i'm sorry, i sound we've actually just run out of times we're going to have to leave the conversation there. but thanks so much to all of our guests for joining us today. dr. sanity the m j. d. i mean, and joshua landis, and thank you too for watching. you can see the program again. any time i visiting our web site at 0 dot com and for further discussion, go to our facebook page. that's facebook dot com, forward slash a.j. inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. we are at, at a.j. inside story for me. and the whole team here in doha, i find out you
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know, under a year coverage 19 has altered societies and expose deficiencies in political, social, and economic structures. capitalism is the pandemic. that is the root cause of so much of this number of apps and big data which old could literally save our lives, can be the headline, has the pandemic given us the chance to re-evaluate our world, all hail the lockdown coming soon on al-jazeera covert 19 news indiscriminate, but it quickly found the racial divisions in american society. the cold pandemic is a rufio lurk of america's true blood in the racially segregated city of chicago. the majority of deaths have been black and latino residents fault lines asks why i think it's become entirely clear. and if there is such
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a thing as structural racism, the great divide covered 19 and race in chicago on al-jazeera. we know what's happening. i region, we know how to get them. they feel that others cannot and fires are still going on . the way they can tell the story is what and make a difference you want your knowledge is there with me. so rob and paul remind of all top news stories multiple rocket attacks in several parts of the afghan capital have killed at least 8 people. one rocket landed near a school. students to run from the building. the interior ministry says dozens of people have been injured. feel called to fury has more from kabul. there have been reports since this morning when this attack was happening, that the rockets were fired from 2 small trucks and the ministry of interior along
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with the, as the national director of security. they have confirmed that the rockets indeed were fired from these 2 to.


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