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read the news and current affairs. down to 00. 0. m. the a in the ass i was more than 20 rockets rained down on kabul, killing at least 8 people i saw, has claimed responsibility. the attacks came as the u.s. secretary of state held talks in qatar with both sides in the afghan conflict. play watching al-jazeera live from doha with me fully back. people also ahead desperate for food and aid. we report from sudan where thousands of ethiopian refugees who fled fighting in the north are struggling to survive. iran shuts most
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businesses and camps out on travel as it struggles to contain a covert, 1900. and i the rising sea levels, the new satellite blasting off shortly aiming to keep track of one of the most challenging f. effects of global warming. i source says it's behind a rocket attacks in afghanistan's capital that have killed at least 8 people. the interior ministry says dozens more have been injured. the attack came just hours, before u.s. secretary of state might bump held talks with afghan government and taliban negotiators in ca, to ask capital doha. earlier this week, the pentagon said it would soon pull about 2000 troops out of afghanistan. begins our coverage with this report from couple schoolgirls running for their lives. after rocket lands near their school, part
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a record needed attack on the capital. kabul was more than 20 rockets landed in residential areas near the green zone, where many embassies are based. it was a little after 8. 30 in the morning when the 1st rocket landed in the afghan capital for the next 10 minutes. it felt like kabul was under attack. witnesses say the attack during the morning rush hour was timed to cause maximum damage. so what they could, it was morning and we were leaving our home when an explosion happened 2 of my sisters and my mother wounded. so we took them to hospital, i would have thought and we thought it was around 9 am. rockets hit the bakery wounding an employee who needed hospital treatment. lots of shopkeepers are going to suffer financially because of this i still has claimed responsibility for the attack. it came just hours before the u.s. secretary of state mike arrived in qatar is capital doha. he's talking to both
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afghan government and taliban negotiators. involved in peace talks, there shows richie's and security that are just breathtaking. yes. again, the sort of weaponry gets into the city. and secondly, it's part of the trend where greater violence in the suits is mainly assassinations . martin, it's all caught on even at a time of trouble and said that they won't be launching attacks on incentives. i know has been behind recent attacks in the capital gunmen stormed university 3 weeks ago. at least 22 people were killed. and the government says in saturday's attack, fighters fired the rockets from the back of 2 trucks. it's investigating how the vehicles managed to enter the city undetected, posing more questions about the government's ability to keep the capital city
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secure. contrary, i'll just say of kabul and al-jazeera, stephanie has more on my combo sauce with the afghan government and taliban negotiators. here in my pompei are wrapped up saturday with meeting the taliban delegation involved into afghan talks. see, it met an hour earlier with the afghan government delegation. these are talks that were integrated back in september, the u.s. secretary of state where he was here for that as well. but it's been a difficult process moving forward. the still stuck on the technicalities of what kind of islamic law will govern the govern the framework of these tools. i think the message certainly for my pompei will be that they are keen to get the 2 sides to sit down to really get to the difficult issues when it comes to a long lasting cease fire and a power sharing agreement between the 2 sides. of course you also met the path or is it me or he had a lunch with him and also met with the deputy prime minister and to be discussed
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issues like iran. this is a ministration that's been very much an anti iran in a country as a country that has very good relations with iran. it's also one of the issues when it comes to the gulf. ok, the blockading countries demanding that qatar cuts ties with iran, something they have so far, refused to do. this is also an administration that has said it wanted to perhaps get some movement on the lifting of the blockade. that certainly at the moment hasn't happened, not to the full extent anyway, and of course, also in a way pump a oh, of course. and u.s. president donald trump not having conceded defeat, but patters. amir has already called the president joe biden, to congratulate him on his way. in other world news, the united nations says a full scale humanitarian crisis is unfolding in northern ethiopia. the u.n. has called on warring sides to hold fighting immediately sought more aid can be delivered, and refugee safe zones can be set up the government to launch an offensive 2 weeks
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ago on the great people's liberation front. both sides have accuse each other of killing civilians. in air strikes and indiscriminate attacks, an official from the take rate region has accused government forces of quarter. one ton killing, and as called on the international community to do more to help is also accusing neighboring eritrea of supporting the ethiopian government offensive. if you have his government and military have repeatedly denied targeting civilians saying they strike only left targets. i was horses very much interested in wanton killing of civilians and of towns. in fact, it has a forces, have a contingent of trucks that are meant to export to transport goods and items that they steal from from the towns the temporarily occupied. it's rather strange resources
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working because with sources in the destruction of private property in many parts of the record in the number of civilians who are being displaced. it's members. meanwhile, those who fled across the border in just a dime are afraid of going hungry and desperate for help. when we came here, we didn't find any services we read that we took from the mill. look at this massive crowd. some people get trampled and stand in long queues to eat. only one meal a day. people just want to eat this year. we didn't die in the war, but now is it possible that we die of hunger? and the government should help those of us who are suffering from hunger. we ask the government to help to speak whatever they can. we can't do anything alone. morgan has the border with ethiopia for the biggest need. when you listen to the
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refugees here at the camp, they say that they need shelter. that's because again, most of them have been transported from the border point state, which is neighboring state. and were brought here by that by the thousands 1000 at least transported every day. and so this camp was not prepared to receive those refugees. so people here say that the 1st thing they need is shelter. the other thing that they say they need most is health care. they say that many of them have been walking for days to cross the border from ethiopia into sudan, and then to get to crossing a river. and then coming here. so they say that they need medical access or medical care access, something that they say is lacking because of the number of people who are at the camps. they say that yes, there is a health facility and there's water being provided there is provided. but compared to the number of refugees that are actually here, that's not enough. and they've been calling on to provide more. now. mostly u.n. agencies say that they're coordinating with the government of sudan to try to
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respond to the situation. but they say that they expect up to $200000.00 in the coming 6 months. so there are concerns that the influx of refugees will be too much to respond to in such a short time as the world struggle so contain the corona virus pandemic. governments are urging people not to travel. the centers for disease control in the u.s. has warned americans to stay at home over the thanksgiving holiday. but the aaa travel insurance agencies, estimating more than 50000000, people will travel in the coming week as only a 10 percent drop compared to last year. canada's largest city toronto is going back into lockdown. the prime minister says a normal holiday is out of the question. in order to get through this winter without overwhelming our health system, without losing too many more of our loved ones, we need to do one last big effort these coming months and it starts with the coming
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weeks of really tightening up, which is why i'm back here in front of my house telling you it's time. it's time to tighten up. poland's prime minister is also urging families to cancel travel plans, schools, bars, restaurants, and theatres will remain closed until after christmas. singapore and hong kong are postponing the launch of their quarantine free travel bottle after a spike in infections in hong kong. iran meanwhile, is struggling to contain a 3rd wave of infections. authorities are closing most businesses and clamping down on travel between major cities to try and slow the spread assad bakery for some tehran. nearly 500 people have been dying from covert, 19 every day in iran, as it battles a 3rd wave of corona virus and daily infections. a number more than 13000. that's the highest the country has had since the start of the outbreak. current prevention measures don't seem to be working. now the government has imposed
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a 2 week lockdown that had more border or the main goal is to control whatever the wires and then use it to a minimum. and to renew the number of gathering from people commuting, and for some places we had no other choice than in the past, we asked people to abide by protocols for their own health and of a news press or medical staffs. people to abide by protocol. so this pressure can be removed as soon as possible. only essential businesses are allowed to remain open. and some people say they need help to do it. when it's closed, we have no other source of income, but there is no other choice. we should do something to curb the chain of the virus . it's tough, but there's no other choice. we need to be patient to have an infection rate reduced. i don't think 2 weeks is enough to control the situation. i agree with the idea of closing down 100 percent,
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yet many other problems will be created that i don't agree with. like financial problems for people. shopkeepers still have to pay rent and their employees will receive no salary. private vehicles are banned from the roads from 9 pm until 4 am . travelling outside cities is also prohibited. the government says people found to be breaking the rules will be fined, but it's facing criticism over its handling of the pandemic. 2 officials in the health ministry have resigned and issued open letters. reza says the government has mismanaged the crisis and disputes statements made by the health minister about the country's progress in finding a vaccine. the closure of business is making life worse for many in what was already a tough economic situation because of u.s. sanctions. the grand bazaar hair into her on would usually be packed with shoppers, but it's closed. many agree, the lockdown is needed, but livelihoods are at stake. $10000000.00 families are to receive around $4.00 a month for the next 4 months on
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a $40.00 loan. but many say that's not enough. the challenge the government faces is whether it can persuade people to keep abiding by restrictions when they need to work to feed their families. the herat still ahead on al-jazeera 25 years after warring sides signed a peace deal, the tensions that cost the conflict. continue telling us the current affairs pandemic has canceled test events and delayed qualifies. but here in qatar, the hard work continues as it prepares to host the world cup in 2 years' time. the latest winter wave is on its way through now. it gave a bit of a brief street flooding in alexandria in egypt, and this is the remains of it coming in. a few showers inside is sunday's forecast
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. it disappears into iran, taking snow beyond the hard drive of afghanistan, along a brief, strong north west, which blow down the gulf into their heart. still $34.00 degrees in the forecast and then churning around, allowing a few showers in southern yemen or amman or iran is that tropical depression, which might end up going to us. that's just want to watch. otherwise it's quiet for a couple days including the levant. not so if you're a bit further west in mediterranean proper rain, seasonal rain is now widespread structural and further north of us getting it east side of zambia has been particularly hot recently but not unfortunately most of to generate many shows not still true in the forecast this is largely dry area and zambia, the rain is further west stretches down through botswana north in the movie. and once again concentrates of the veldt. highveld of south africa. port elizabeth being on the coast is nothing like as warm and you've got southwest is giving a few showers on monday and tuesday. but monday for most of south africa is much
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drier affair. at least for the west. for frank assessments, if other can public opinion piece betrayed by social media platforms after november, what would be good because if you believe that there are corrosive to our democracy, one obvious solution is to break from an informed opinion, just look at his dog anyway. the protesters aren't going anywhere either. it's a ballot with a revolution. people. in-depth analysis of the day's global headlines. karl, is it that's really out there on the street inside story on al-jazeera.
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the air there watching the news hour on al-jazeera, a reminder of our top stories. the u.s. secretary of state michael bay, who has held separate talks with negotiators from the afghan government and the taliban in qatar. that was only hours after i saw fired rockets on afghanistan's capital killing at least 8 people. iran is struggling to contain a 3rd wave of corn, a virus infections. authorities are closing most businesses and clamping down on travel between major cities to contain the spread it. and the centers for disease control in the u.s. has warned americans to stay at home over the thanksgiving holiday. and the aaa travel insurance agencies are estimating more than 50 people need. 50000000 people will travel in the coming week. and the pandemic is expected to be a top priority at the g. 20 summit that's under way in saudi arabia. the kingdom is hosting the virtual
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event, but they have been called to boycott the meeting in protest at its human rights records. diplomatic editor james space has more from the united nations in new york . we've seeing kings of saudi arabia by his side, his crown prince mohammed bin some, an opening, the g. 20 calling this an extraordinary year. there are many that believe though that the g 20 has not risen to the challenge and they look back 220082009 the last financial crisis where the g 20 really did lead world efforts. and there are many urging the g 20 to do more in 2 ways. number one, the g 20 has come up with something called the debt service suspension initiative earlier in the year to have debt relief for some of the poorer countries on earth. some say that that needs to be extended both in generation and in scope. the other big challenge is getting vaccines to people in some of the poorer countries on
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earth and more money, much more money apparently is needed to fund that at this stage. this is a very different g 20 from normal. in fact, what she just now, what is normally an international summit looked more like a zoom call between world leaders. it's also very truncated. normally there are dinners, there are bilateral meetings, and all of this is a little bit of a blow to the saudi hosts. so i think we're hoping to rehabilitate their reputation because certainly that has been shattered by their human rights actions with regard to the war in yemen. internal repression in saudi arabia and the murder of the journalist. it's been 25 years since rival ethnic leaders signed a peace deal that would end of a 3 year bosnian war a quarter of a century on many living in the politically divided country. what the dayton agreement we've written all tweets under the deal bosnia is presented as a single state but is divided into 2 parts under 7 task. more than the war in
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bosnia herzegovina lasted 3 and a half years, it left more than 100000 people dead. and more than 2000000 displaced half the country's small population. there were atrocities. so the biggest, more than 8000, muslim men and boys killed by bosnian serbs, it was the worst atrocity in europe since world war 2. peace came 25 years ago with a deal reached in the united states the dayton agreement. it may have stop the fighting, but now suffering of a different kind is abundant, low wages, a failing economy, corruption in the ruling elites, poor education, high unemployment. in this type of state, wife leaving is a failed state the failed international interaction. if you let the fail, people won't follow the dayton agreement was a bewildering, often dysfunctional system of government. 3 presidents from the once warring
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parties, bosnian serbs, croats, and bosnian muslims layers of bureaucracy with devise a rule under a weak central government. david owen now lord owen of british politician, was the european union's intermediary. and he failed to get a peace deal. he says, bosnians need to make the dayton agreement work for people who have to live together and are not prepared to make the necessary compromises to do so. and there is a constant striving for separation and for changing the man and changing the deal. that was the basis of the dayton accords. if you have allowed to continue. then of course the dayton accords were a breakout. one hope lies with joe biden. the us president elect is stopping,, was aggressive by serbia as a senator in the 1990 s., he had a major interest in trying to solve the bosnian conflict. and as vice president
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barack obama, he pushed for political reform posner. this is a man who doesn't understand the complexities of both screen and i think it's going to be hopeful and hopeful if you will take an active interest. but again, the cynicism about the role of international intervention politicians, including joe biden, to this old guard of politicians. i don't see, i don't see, we need that any more efficient, really after 25 years to find a way to stand out. and to stand up on our own feet, no one won the war and the ethnic divisions it created of frozen within the politics of peace. 25 years on, there's still a shadow cost on bosnia future. andrew symonds al jazeera, now new earth observation, southside,
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aiming to look into how fast sea levels are rising, has just taken off from the vandenberg air force base in california. it's a joint project between not signed the european space agency and it could give coastal communities more precise weather forecasts before storms make landfall. rob reynolds experience with us. it's developers say the ocean measuring satellite sentinel 6 will provide irrefutable evidence of how the seas are rising due to human caused global warming. the satellite, which resembles a large gadget festooned orbiting doghouse, can quantify ocean rise to within a centimeter. the main concept is that as a radar altimeter on board and it, it fires a pulse of the ocean surface and you measure how it takes that also to go out and come back. and from that you can him for the height of the satellite above the ocean surface. and so when you take the height of the satellite and you subtract
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off that radar measurement of the height of the satellite above the ocean surface, then you have a measurement of the height of the ocean. about one 3rd of ocean rises due to thermal expansion. water that absorbs heat, expands like mercury in an old fashioned thermometer. the rest is due to the melting of glaciers and ice caps in greenland, the antarctic and elsewhere. so these 2 elements to get america. be the product of sentiment 6, very relevant for, for the society, for the intergovernmental panel on climate change has projected that oceans could rise more than 60 centimeters by 2100 endangering millions. if not billions of people who live near the sea or in storm prone areas. scientists working on the sentinel 6 program say it will provide unambiguous data to grab the public and
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policymakers attention. it was going up, we can show people the data. and i'd like to think that, that most people out there can still be informed by looking at, you know, real data. so it's not some cloud model that's predicting what's going to happen. it's actually measurements of what's really change, what's changing, and why climate is changing because we're putting c o 2 and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. and we need to start moving on to renewable energy sources and stop burning fossil fuels. cental six's mission will last 5 years, a messenger in outer space bearing a message to humanity that it must change its ways. rob reynolds al-jazeera, europe's as safety regulators expected to allow boeing 737 max jets to return to the skies in january. this week, u.s.
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regulators cleared the plane for flights. the 737 knots was grounded after 2 crashes in indonesia and to a faulty anti stall system. biggest market, china is yet to allow the aircraft back into service. now, spain is mounting a diplomatic offensive in africa, sending senior ministers to morocco and senegal, following a record surge in refugees and migrants reaching the canary islands by sea. hundreds have been transferred to a makeshift camp on a military side with the local government. overwhelmed caraway has more it's the tourist season on spain's canary islands. but despite the coronavirus pandemic and the lack of visitors, these apartments and hotels haven't been left empty. they're being used to house a growing number of migrants arriving in record numbers from africa. there is really no good 1st to do so good
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to have a family the government forgot to ever go elsewhere to at least $18000.00 people have landed on the shores this year alone. more than half of that in just the past month. and that's put a strain on government facilities and left thousands stranded in the main port without basic services was it's also angered local authorities. and many of the island's residents who've criticized the government's slow response was these people see my being here. but what can we do? the government says it's urgently setting up makeshift camps on military sites in a school official most about. we think that by the end of this year we will have temporary camps to house $7000.00 migrants set up. this is the 1st solution. it
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blames the increase in arrivals on e.u. agreements with turkey, libya and morocco that have stopped many migrants using established routes. the interior minister has held talks with his moroccan counterpart and the foreign minister is to meet u.n. officials ahead of a visit to senegal. that's become one of the main points of departure for those willing to risk a perilous journey in the hope of a new life on european shores car leg al-jazeera, football's biggest tournaments will make its middle east debut in 2022. the world cup kicks off in qatar in exactly 2 years time. but the coronavirus pandemic has affected preparations for both teams and organizers. join a gas mask of reports. this giant 10 structure is al bait stadium. in arabic, it translates to the house and will be home to 60000 fans for the opening game of the 22 inch to world cup. if the current virus pandemic lifts in time,
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the global health crisis hit, just as cattle was finalizing its preparations. overnight in the pandemic has affected the entire world, it didn't only affect the sporting industry. our preparations have, luckily, not been affected by the pandemic. and we see that the pandemic is as well under control here in qatar. so that's, that's a very good thing. qualifies around the world have been delayed and test events have been cancelled. but even if the virus is still with us in 2 years time, cattle has now had experience of holding a tournament in a bio security bubble. the asian champions league is currently underway here across several the news teams are coming from abroad. and also the teams from within the 2 clubs on the door would go through a systematic approach where they tested 1st before entering. got there, saw those coming from abroad, tested in the airport. then they got to the how did they check and, and then they wait for the presence of the testing. and then we do have
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a pita testing for all every 3 to 6 days. it's been a very different experience for us from the get go. we. when we got on the flight, we had to obviously weather, thrice mosques. and then strike where we had grain or around our faces, a hole in our floor. we came to the hope. so what the staff have been quarantining, i think 2 weeks already. so everyone here in the bubble has been in the bubble for 2 weeks before us arriving australian club, perth glory tested out the education city world cup stadium in the 1st group match . and where impressed that stadium probably the best day off biden, i think we were the 1st ones to use a saw. you know, you could have got a better pitch. the chinese, you know, as i said, the pitch, the bench is old, top top, the city's 5 would be 8 stadiums are already finished and some have already held matches. but the hard work continues to others. like here at the salle stadium
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which will host the final on december the 18th 2022, where the new world champions will be crowned with 2 years to go and coded 19 vaccines on the way. organizers remain confident that the 1st middle east world cup will be safe and successful. joining us rasika al jazeera tire. ha., hello again. i'm fully back to go with the headlines on u.s., secretary of state mike on bail has held separate talks with negotiators from the afghan government and the taliban. here in qatar, his visit to doha is part of a 10 day, middle east war, and of a 10 day tour of the middle east and europe. stephanie deca has more from doc. why pompei are wrapped up saturday with meeting the taliban delegation and folded into our talks with met an hour earlier with a good.


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