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tv   Inside Story  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2020 8:30pm-9:01pm +03

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the bench is old, top 5 could be 8 stadiums are already finished and some have already held matches. but the hard work continues to others. like here at the sale stadium, which will host the final on december the 18th 2022, where the new world champions will be crowned with 2 years to go and coded 19 vaccines on the way. organizers remain confident that the 1st middle east world cup will be safe and successful. joining al-jazeera., hello again. i'm fully back to go with the headlines on u.s., secretary of state mike on bail has held separate talks with negotiators from the afghan government and the taliban. here in qatar, his visit to doha is part of a 10 day, middle east tour, r. and of to a 10 day tour of the middle east and europe. stephanie deca has more from doc might
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compare wrapped up saturday with meeting the taliban delegation involved in intra afghan talks. you have met an hour earlier with the afghan government delegation. these are talks that would integrated back in september the u.s. secretary of state where he was here for that as well. but it's been a difficult process moving forward. the talks still stuck on the technicalities of what kind of islamic rule will govern that govern the framework of these troops. i think the message certainly for my pompei will be that there seem to get the 2 sides to sit down to really get to the difficult issues just hours before with afghan government and taliban negotiate is. i sold fired rockets on kabul, killing at least 8 people. dozens of others were injured in the attack. the united nations says a full scale humanitarian crisis is unfolding in northern ethiopia. the u.n. has called on warring sides to hold fighting immediately so more aid can be delivered and refugee save zones can be set up a government entity,
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gray people's liberation front, both accuse each other of killing civilians in airstrikes. iran is struggling to contain a 3rd wave of corona virus infections. authorities are closing most businesses and clamping down on travel between major cities to contain the spread. europe's safety regulator is expected to allow boeing 737 max jets to return to the skies in january. this week, u.s. regulators cleared the painful flights. 37 max was grounded after 2 crashes in indonesia and ethiopia, whole system. and a new observation satellite aiming to look into how fast sea levels are rising has just taken off from the u.s. air force base in california. sentinel 6 is a joint project between not signed the european space agency. project could give coastal communities more precise weather forecasts before storms make landfall. those are the headlines. i have more news for you on al-jazeera right after inside story. stay with us.
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a crackdown on uganda's opposition? dozens killed in protests after a pop star turned politician bobby wine is arrested once again. so how much of a threat is he to the president next january's election? this is inside story. hello and welcome to the program. uganda's election campaigning is suffering
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a violent start. at least $37.00 people have died in protests triggered by the arrest of the country's most famous opposition. figure bobby one he's been charged with breaking cold in $1000.00 rules during a campaign rally. wine says he was tortured in detention and accuses the government of intimidation, but the government is blaming one supporters for the unrest. malcolm web reports. dozens of people have been killed in uganda's capital, kampala, since protests broke out on wednesday. they began after the pop star turned presidential candidate for the wind was arrested. he held a campaign rally in the room, the district just over 100 kilometers from the capital. as usual, that attracted thousands of supporters. many more than the limit of 200 allowed on the coveted 19 restrictions. there was a very early and very active. it's one of the political groups, but it still wouldn't come. i'm deported intervent. so the bits where i'm going to
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get confidential, we deported the boat. we won supporters didn't see it like that. they think the government's trying to stop him sweeping to victory in presidential elections due in january. he's challenging, president yoweri, miss 70. he's been in power for 34 years. after 2 days in jail, he was charged in cold with breaking the covert prevention rules released on bail. this is, in my opinion, meant because i value to mr. on the same thing. and while i cannot be broken, but you are something we are not going to stop fighting for a better uganda for other opposition. presidential candidates have suspended their campaigns to protest against the actions of the security forces. the government
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blames the demonstrators rioting, and attacking police officers. what is, how do you make sure you and the key to you? if you mean by only the elections are meant to be held just on the 2 months from now? it's not clear if the campaigns will continue or how, but it is clear they've got off to a violent stott. malcolm webb al-jazeera. all right, let's take a closer look at who bobby wine is and his rise to prominence in ugandan politics. bobby wines real name is robert golani. he's a musician, turned politician and is among 11 candidates challenging president, president yoweri with 70. he want to see it in parliament as an independent by a landslide in a 2017 by election, but has since been badly assaulted and detained many times. the following year in 2018, he was charged with treason along with $32.00, others, some claim they were tortured by soldiers,
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while in detention. the authorities deny that the afrobeat star is popular with young people and has been attracting large crowds. his campaign has rattled the ruling national resistance movement, and this is the 2nd time he's been arrested this month. all right, before we get into the discussion, let's speak 1st to kids of besiege a in. kampala is a 4 time presidential candidate and patron of the opposition party, f. d. c. the forum for democratic change has it as someone who has run for president in uganda, 4 times in the past. and as someone who has been arrested numerous times, are you at all surprised that bobby wine was arrested again in the past few days? yes or no, not because over the next you know, if it ever did by this same problems myself or as you know one of the elections
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nominated from the muslim letter to prison where i remained as mr. 70. 4 another one a month. i got out of jail. i go to bed one month into the contents. even getting to that months that i was out before the election itself. i was on trial for rape. it trumped up charge that had been a priest to me. their whole campaign, they were going to go out in the afternoon in the mornings. i would be in the court over try and, and that's how are they? lecturers have been some 70 you see that's not organize the elections so that really people express they are, we are and how they will be governed, or we have governed them. he organizes, you know, actions simple as if assad for international no recognition that there has been some kind of a process of some kind of an electoral process. but he never election. they had
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a constant speeches. ted are using the military and you know, a lot of money that is pumped out into their population. corrent support their control of media and they've media that does not you know, act according to they are, we then asked and sometimes gross you know, that same, same set of beings that have been night before i acted and what that being applied. now, are you concerned that the violence that is going on now could get worse? without doubt because of their frustration within the population intensifies their lame for over repression. the must increase. and we have seen that these all through their last fact they're funny. as you know, we missed them 7,
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it has been enough. these i have contested with even 4 times and the violence and lot of these other democratic perhaps is that he engages, has all been on the rice, the amount of money he has to spend escalates every election. the amount of the us to use escalates every election. there, trolling institutions, you know, the media and so on escalates. so i'm not surprised that that indeed is escalating . now this time we have an additional pressure over coverage weeks lead to a lockdown for some months and indeed to some of the businesses have not opened. and of these has led to an interesting case trend over the displays within their country. so we are far more resistance from the
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population and therefore corresponding to violence from the state because it could you give our viewers a sense of what opposition parties and opposition politicians face in uganda. i mean, how much space do opposition? parties and politicians have in which to operate in uganda. you see frankly the opposition parties cannot function and a military regime. the regime in the your gun. that is, the military is an outright military regime. and don't forget, no leader in our country has ever handed over peace corps, another leader or leaders that we have had in uganda since independence in 1600 to have bumped into office. and whoever has been bumped out of office. so their political discourse, their political power,
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is not to mediated through civic institutions. and the political parties that are all have been the victim of the military rule. since independence, you cannot have it a political party functioning when, for example, that political party cannot freely organize meetings, fundraise you know, engage in activities that promote their party. and all of those activities very restricted here. there is a law that was passed sometime back public owed the management act, which requires that you know, that i'll be a political meeting over 3 or more people. you're required to express by me short of the inspector general of police or your band. and of course, when you ask for that by musician, it's not a brand. so what you call plan to use
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a reality. i have very, very close train. and they are not political, but you are not allowed under 70 and you, 2000, before he came into office in 1986, political parties were only allowed to function even in the smaller way they are since 102005. so we don't have a culture of practice and democratic practice. what goes on simpering these political parties is using the smartest place that is allowed to expand people's understanding to carry out civic education, to mobilize their population. so that frankly, they can resist using or means possible. see if we transition to a democratic dispensation is
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a procedure. thank you so much for your time today. we do appreciate it. and now let's bring in our panel also all. 'd in kampala and from wonder is founder and managing director of the independent magazine covering eastern africa. marion curable is a politician and social movement campaigner and oriya, mikko is africa, researcher for human rights watch. welcome to you all andrew. let me start with you . human rights watch says authorities in uganda are using covert 19 regulations as a pretext to violate rights and clamp down on the opposition and the media. the group also says that while security forces dispersed opposition campaign rallies, they also allowed rallies for the ruling national resistance movement to continue. what do you say to that? well, i think that, according to one team has provided to the state, we have the diplomatic excuse to crack down on opposition rallies,
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but that doesn't mean that the action of the state is illegitimate. anyone who knows, i think it's not good for in addition to conduct must readies in the context of respond to make their way president has been doing that it's states. so i would say that the fuck it out in government is to be to the opposition by stopping the rallies, allowing its own supporters like these rallies does not mean that the action of stopping the bus rallies is a bad action. i think les abend a good decision. i wish opposition politicians in uganda and respect the standard operating procedures and a good lens sitting by the electoral commission. you see the opposition in uganda. and it was something to recall correctly that the government of mr. hayward, i'm 70 is characterized by gross corruption, incompetence and
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a lack of the public spirit to take care of the public to do anything to retain power. so the opposition, the reform argue that this country does change and it is change in a form of a set of values and principles that will underlie a lot of our next governance and that them. so if you are in opposition, presidential candidate, it will be when you have tens of thousands of people with who are not socially stacy who are not wearing masks coming to rallies. you're standing on top of your car singing and dancing for them. literally leading them to be a grips. does that show that you are responsible that does that? does that show that you have different from president europe 7 we accuse of selfishness in the pursuit of power. you're also willing to risk the lives of hundreds of thousands over support us and so many other citizens on truck a very dangerous virus and die. do you think that's a fact? so i think that the human race are going to show sometimes tend to break out of
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mice in a country and sit between evil and good. the government is a devil. opposition? evil. in fact, i think we need to hold both sides of the political dislike out that both the state and the opposition. a selfish, inconsiderate interest of this country. and i think i wish business you, melissa, are going to dish and such in my trust at the prospect of the problems of our country for him. is it realistic to expect that the opposition actually has an opportunity to increase its support or to gain power through these elections? well i think that's happened at this point in time is the fact that crackdowns that are happening against the opposition, us all intense and have been all violence. i think if the opposition is going to be in
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a position to campaign they should be allowed to, people think have platform and event simply hasn't been the case in the past 2 weeks along with arrests and valleys that have been dispersed in such a violent ways. and i think that if, if we're going to have a free and fair election, the actions that this government has been taking really should should, shouldn't, shouldn't be, shouldn't be happening, mary. and just how popular a figure is, bobbie, why, and how much has bobby winds large following rattled the ruling in our in party. your army is ready. and in uganda i'm as much as people say, that's where you can shine in the pond. and you know, the machinery in perfect time to be in my knowledge about every book, every politician who has come, i suppose government has hired you as
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a higher calling than the it's much like nuthin. but to me, i think it's what the wind has brought in on on board be something new. i mean, really is mad for us. i don't think i live in the time, but i have been following politics. i've been in a bar in when i became, oh, quite the oh, well, i had never seen nationwide protests before. most,, most of the most o., the protests would just end income for a lot. i'm gwine to end income for that's the end of it. but we sold by today in the whole country, one strike. and you know, i'm, the security forces had difficulties times playing songs of strikes, simple, stupid, most to be afraid anymore. so we had never thought, same purpose to base model. i don't, you know,
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people kept the, the naysayers kept on saying that's all you're going to focalize. * in income,, a line back up with b.p., but we have been whereby you have going to come paying people calling. you then challenged you and crowds and you know, in particular breaking bad and thinking also because through the fact that many ugandans identify with him, he doesn't have the, the background god. most politicians in the us going to some of them have, you know, been part of this is the mind and you know what, i'm a grandma also being generals on military. it's also on the outside that life prove . i believe he comes from a very 1000000000 live bob grant. i wouldn't thank you. not only is politician now a long time. he thought of removing the politics of island, then i would call him in from the administration.
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and i'm basically done as we need to him because of his background. but he grew up again. so he knows yes, troubles and most of the experiences that he has gone through. he has them in so in someone who listens to his soul, really someone who has been on the white andrew, let me ask you, do you expect elections are actually going to take place as scheduled in january? or is there a chance at this point that they could get delayed? i think the elections will take place on january 14th. i don't see anything that would stop those elections, but they need to correct the fact. in fact, i miss when i listened to miriam, i think she's a very young person and she says she joined politics in 26 did in 2006 presidential candidate. she's a recent who has appeared on this program a few minutes ago was arrested and the country weighed procrustes across across the
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whole of uganda. under sprockets listed minimum, what they learned today. and they were even larger. in fact, the mist of the time we were reporting that looked like back that same americans have died in iraq again in 28, you live in. there were protests scored a look what they left across to munch on their scripts, across the whole country. from the most to the west to the east. i'm central, so the country this is not to do you still for the use of the state to the disadvantage of the opposition has been a mistake feature of them. some of the government throughout all of the elections, we have dissed of citizens during the elections is not new in 2001, we lost 100, actually 7 people during that election campaign. and there was a parliamentary, we just additional after the election, which said that most of these, well, it was accosted by the state. so this is not
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a new. what they would say is that the 2 bit, the visibility of the protests and the scale of the protests is, is a disadvantage because of the availability of modern communication technologies, especially social media. or i imagine in front of 15. i'm sorry, andrew, look at me. i think about it like that. you didn't go ahead though. he was saying that in front of 15, we had 5000004700000, people with internet accounts. now by end of december 21000, uganda had 15000000 internet accounts. so there is widespread use of so much once widespread access into it, which is making it much more than been yes, the disability formation of what is already in. let me ask you, you heard andrew there talk about the prevalence of violence and other elections past with all this happening so early in this campaign season. what does this mean from your vantage point going forward for the election?
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i mean, it's a sign of bad things from as a rightly point out. it's just the beginning, this is 2 weeks into the campaign season. and the message is clear that the authorities are going to come down on opposition rallies that are going to come down on both tests. they're also going to miss the space in which gentleness can work. we've seen that in general, this has been arrested for covering some of the rallies and the protests as well as all the signs are very for stark, but it's not surprising. and we have just a little over a little under 2 months to call. so that's our expectation is that things are potentially going to get worse unless there is a very big change in the way that the government approaches these elections,
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mary, and we only have a couple of minutes left. let me just ask you how in gauged are youth in uganda politics and do they feel that they can make a real difference in the direction of the country? i think that you are playing games. i just mundelein you. that's not. it's just not very bright. maybe the more important, you know, i mean, just look at the, the number of young people that we know and you talk rock. not only he made the same plea, you need to stop. and i remember every seem to me a cockney think you have to put child name, the older generation you've been in. and andrew does the public in uganda trust the overall electoral process? well, if you look at opinion polls, it is just a shift of both 65 percent of ugandans have facing the electoral process and about
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45 percent depending on the poor. but it is just a shift. and because remember that uganda is a country in a transition, democracy is not an event, it's a general understood whether that is not achievable at the globe or once print. it is a matter for the construct of the creep under the process of democratization is given, not linear. it does not follow continuously improving scuffs. but it goes through news exactly democracy, the context of their rights. and they personally, i don't think that see what we see in uganda given its level of development at the time it has been strength experiment with democracy, that the country is doing that badly. we have some of the minute we can assist and they are being fixed. in fact, i was surprised when we did interview with those that wish to because when dr. bashir was in the government with president george w. . we did not have an elected parliament present term 7 was not elected himself. it is because public present was elected in a process where, where there is a lot, it is. even donald trump,
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you think there were irregularities in the last election in america? a lot have a question of who should choose which power under those, by the gun. and therefore uganda. we need to look at it as a country that in the process of democratisation it is just minutes ago. and yes, i think it is dealing with them better than many other countries have done, including the most mature the microstates when they were like us. they did this much and then years and 100 in much more quickly than we have. so i think you have should be proud of where they are cheating. the only problem is that i thought i would grow an opposition in uganda to sustain the momentum of democracy by insisting to get support doesn't avoid rioting. quen civilian is a growing, rarity in weight. the security forces crack down because that us was built on the state's order. and when you sense that you get the process going to be in order in the highly populated markets and achieving areas, it is difficult even though to writable, avoid for 30 days. and i think it's incumbent up one day opposition to the most
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that they stand and appoint speedy, a right to use. i'm superior presuppose to the government that they're fighting. all right, we've run out of time, so we're going to have to leave it there. thanks. so much to all our guests and dream when the marian curable or e m nickel and kiss the c.g. . and thank you too for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website of 0 dot com. and for further discussion, go to our facebook page, that's facebook dot com, forward slash a.j. inside story. you can also join the conversation on twitter. our handle is at a.j. inside story. for me, i am a gentleman, the whole team here in doha by frank. the
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b.b.c.'s journalism is revered around the world, but its close relationship with the british state has always placed limits on its independence. i love the fact that i exist, but a sort of things it does. flow phillips explores the little known century long tussle between the b.b.c. in the u.k. government and considers the current threats to its future. if the government has, it in for the a.b.c. it is see the enemies on the movers battle for the b.b.c. . a listening post special on al-jazeera in 2012, al-jazeera travels to iraq. it will hear it back, really scared to speak on camera. they're saying that if they talk to us, they think they'll be arrested down the line to take the pulse of a country ravaged under us occupation. some of these graves are completely destroyed. it's one of the most holy and sacred sites in all of iraq could turn into a battleground between the mighty army and the americans. rewind returns to iraq
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after the americans at this time on al-jazeera. businesses in debt, storytelling are the biggest issues. but if you do it, you get the end to the end. this is a news hour on al-jazeera fully back to go live from our world headquarters in doha,, coming up the u.s., secretary of state, a whole separate talks with the afghan government and the taliban. just hours after 8 people were killed in an ice and attack on kabul, iran shuts most businesses and towns down on travel as it struggles to contain
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a cold wave 19 surge. also this hour, hundreds of migrants are transferred to a military site in spain's canary.


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