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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 23, 2020 11:00am-11:31am +03

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make people laugh. my tunisia hang on, al-jazeera is ready. media reports that prime minister benjamin netanyahu has held a secret meeting with saudi arabia's crown prince mohammed bin solomon. hello, i'm come out. santa maria here in doha with the world news from al-jazeera. the hong kong, pro-democracy activists. joshua one remains in police custody after pleading guilty to his role in anti-government protests. also a diet humanitarian situation on ethiopia's border with sudan is worsening. close to 40000. people have now fled the fighting and are in desperate need of help. and
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a coronavirus vaccine by mid december top health officials in the u.s. look to fast track their immunization program. so israeli media is reporting that prime minister benjamin netanyahu has made a secret visit to saudi arabia. according to these reports, netanyahu met the crown prince mohammed bin solomon, and the u.s. secretary might pay 0. who himself was in israel in the last week. as follows. recent washington brokered normalization deals between israel. the u.a.e. and bahrain are a force that's following this one from ramallah today in the occupied west bank. any confirmation olten or denial, either way, harry no denial and no official confirmation, but the lack of denial is pretty telling, especially given the fact that this isn't just one report. it has been pretty
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widely sourced by a number of israeli political journalists. and indeed, the prime minister's own social media comment advisor put out a tweet saying that while netanyahu has a coalition partner was playing politics, the prime minister was making peace. now no explicit confirmation of this particular visit or potential talks with mohamed bin solomon in that tweet. but the timing was relatively significant. it all came from initial reports that a business jet that had been used by the prime minister in the past that is leased from an israeli businessman for such a high level trips. was spotted making a journey from israel from tel aviv airport at around 5 pm local time. on sunday it spent some 5 hours on the tarmac at this red sea resort in saudi arabia before coming back. at the same time, they were supposed to be a coronavirus cabinet meeting carried out in the israeli government that was
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postponed for reasons that were said to be about a lack of preparation on a digital mitigation campaign that is now being reported as having been a cover for what really took place, which is according to these reports that the prime minister had gone to meet both, sectors, state, pompei u.s., secretary of state, and mohamed, been someone the crown prince in saudi territory. now it's very rare that this would be tacitly, perhaps saying tacitly knowledge is a bit too far, but certainly not denied. and certainly apparently reported pretty widely. does it mean for mobilization with saudi is on the cards? presumably not yet is just 2 days ago that the saudi foreign minister was saying that they would have to be a palestinian state 1st,, something that saudi arabia still ascribes to, despite the fact that the u.a.e., bahrain and sudan have now moved away from that position. we put this to a couple of senior palestinian officials. one said that they pointed to that remark from the foreign minister, but said at the same time,
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there are no guarantees. and other said that they couldn't comment on it without official confirmation, but that if it had taken place, this meeting that it would be heartbreaking when we look at it in the context area of the previous deals, as you say, the u.a.e. and behind already now, israel and the u.a.e. we know, were already had a relationship behind the scenes as it were. is there any feeling that that exists with saudi arabia as well, and that can contribute to any further normalization? very much. so the, the israelis and the saudis have been having clandestine contacts for many years. and so, as i said, i think the difference about this one is how quickly it is comes to light and how little effort appears to be underway to try to conceal it in retrospect, or, or even certainly not deny that it took place. it's also in the context of what we still presume to be the last few weeks of the trump administration at a time when both the section of state by pompei has been going around various
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u.s. allies, trying to do what he can in the last few weeks specifically in terms of israel, presumably to try to circumscribe the room for action, for an incoming by did ministration. he did that in terms of declaring the anti occupation movement b.d.'s as anti semitic as far as the united states was concerned. also saying that all settlement made goods would be declared as israeli, as far as the u.s. market is concerned, those are both things that biden would have to explicitly unpick and could be difficult for him to do so. the question is, is there something similar brewing with saudi arabia? is this about what doesn't yahoo wants to do to try to circumscribe u.s. action versus iran? certainly he sent a very public message to joe biden saying that going back to the 2015 iran nuclear deal would be a mistake. so i think it's unlikely that we're going to see full normalization between saudi 8, saudi arabia and israel before trump leaves office. but it certainly can be seen in,
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in terms of those wider efforts to try to shore up what 4 years of trump has meant in terms of foreign policy. thank you very force that the news, the reports at least of prime minister netanyahu misting saudi arabia. on to other news in hong kong, pro-democracy activist joshua long has pleaded guilty to unlawful assembly during last year's protests. he was joined in court by 2 other activists. agnes child and ivan lamb. the 3 will be held in custody until sentencing next week and could face 5 years in jail. last year's protest outside hong kong's police headquarters, which triggered by the introduction of the controversial extradition bill and the head of his appearance in court long promised to continue his fight for freedom. perhaps wish me to stay in place. but i'm persuaded that the election is not any other activists. and what we are doing now is
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freedom to the world through our compassion, the home we love so much, we are willing to sacrifice the freedom to figure. palin is reporting for all for us, from outside the home the i'm sorry, outside the court in hong kong. one. he wouldn't be surprised if he would be taken straight to jail and this is what he expected. the prosecutor spent most of the day's proceedings presenting evidence against the 3, mostly in the form of video footage, showing the events of the night of june 21st last year, showing thousands of protesters who blockaded the police headquarters. but focusing on the 3 for a long ivan rahman, agnus slogans. and calling for the police commissioner to come out and face the public. it's worth noting that all these 3 are between $22.00 and their mid twenty's all very young. but it is just about 4th time he'll be going to jail the
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1st time was back in 2017 when he was just a teenager. back then, the whole city was in shock and he was seen as the city's one of the things 1st political prisoners. but things have changed so much since then in hong kong where the jailing, the charging arrests of democracy, activists or political activists and protesters has become a very frequent occurrence. ethiopia's prime minister has given forces in the northern tip, the region, 72 hours to surrender. government troops plan to encircle the regional capital of mackellar, that city under the control of the take, right people's liberation front. local media is reporting its forces have destroyed an airport in the town of them to slow down the government's advance. also nearly 40000 refugees have fled the fighting and headed to neighboring sudan. the u.n. has warned that number is likely to increase. it's also warns 2000000 people in take a day are in urgent need of food, medical supplies, and fuel. the european union's pledged nearly $5000000.00 in aid. there are other
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groups calling for immediate action as well. refugee international's put our report . it wants a ceasefire urgently negotiated and warns that if the conflict isn't resolved, it could spread to other regions of ethiopia. the group also wants access to the region restored to be brought in without restrictions and over the border in sudan, refugee international says more camps are needed for the refugees along with a big boost in humanitarian assistance or the sudanese authorities have opened 2 camps to cope with the influx of refugees and some of already experience life in these camps as ever. morgan reports from gutter estate. a refugee camp in sudan's got out of state is need too many refugees. but not that has. her parents fled to the camp in 1085 to escape war and famine back in their home country. she's back to the same old camp. this time with her 10 day old child who she gave birth
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to while fleeing conflict in ethiopia degree region. the more leader i want to marry to give birth to my child, but then the fighting started and you had to flee. i gave birth to my child while i was running away to come here. he was born on the road. now i'm back to the camp where i was born as a refugee and my new born is at the same camp. also it was closed in the year 2000, following the return of most of the refugees who once lived in the capital back to ethiopia. but 20 years later, the camp is open again to cope with an influx of ethiopian refugees who started arriving to sudan. 2 weeks ago. all here have escaped from various parts of degree . nearly 40000 refugees have fled to sudan altogether, following a government offensive on the to great people's liberation front. the offensive was a response to an attack by the front on a military base, which came after months of tension between the regional government and the federal government. had hoped not to come back to the camp when he left here 2 years before
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it was closed. but he says the fighting has left him with no option on how they're killing us. integrate. there are people being killed. our own children, bombs are being dropped on buildings. it's sad that many of us are displaced again, but we want to live. we don't want to die in war. more than 6000 refugees now live in the camp. it's opened less than 2 weeks ago. even though receiving refugees isn't new for the owner of the number of those arriving here has been increasing so fast that many of them are still without shelter access to basic services such as clean water, food and healthcare is also challenging. for many, this place is once again providing them with a refuge in the united nations says it expects 200000 refugees to arrive to sudan in the coming months if along with lack of humanitarian access continues. so these authorities say the camp has
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a limited capacity and more camps need to be established. but we're urging donors and international organizations to help us cope with the situation because it's very dire. some organizations are provided aid, but there's too many people for the state, and for a few we're going to zation. they need services and they need care, which we can't provide alone. sudan already has its economic problems. so we need the international community to help us with this crisis. that has says, she took her children would never live the life she had left. but with 3 generations of refugees and her family, she wonders when the search for a permanent refuge and stability will end. he will morgan al-jazeera, get out of state. yemen's heard the rebels say they have launched a missile at a fuel distribution station in saudi arabia's. western port city of jeddah, saudi arabia has not commented on the claims, says foreign companies operating in the area should exercise caution. warning. military operations will continue in the news ahead. frustration grows in latin
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america over the economic devastation caused by the pandemic. and after decades of fighting and being forced from their homes, a series had back to rebuild their lives and to revive a culture of how we got high pressure dominating the weather across europe at the moment. so lost a fine and dry because a lot of these storms just rolling away the just around the central parts of the mediterranean, some nasty weather there, just around sicily pushing over towards a mostly come a little further inland. and here is the said, it is largely quiet with high pressure in charge some wetter and some windy weather making its way into the northwest is because through the next couple of days we see blustery showers creeping into that western side of olland,
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making its way across western scotland and gradually sinking further southwards and east was for monday temperatures, not too bad. 11 celsius there for london and paris 2 celsius there for moscow we have got some wintry weather into that eastern side of you have. there we go with a quiet weather fog and frost certainly an issue at this time. if you're of course made to get fog, it will be slow to clear. hence the temperatures really struggling, single figures for the most part as we go on through the next couple of days, then we'll see that western weather making its way across the northwest corner, pushing him to what wales fading across into england, western parts of england. later on, kodak comes in behind, still some lively, shall we say, cause central parts of the mediterranean, and that wet weather, also affecting a good parts of northeastern areas of algeria and northern. possibly via do you feel validated in south way as a type of performative activism?
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let's go back to specifically you calling donald trump a white supremacist. the lights are on. there's nowhere to hide. join me richelle carey is up with the front questions to my special guests and challenge them to some straight talking political debate from times on al-jazeera. here with al jazeera, these are the top stories this hour. israeli media is reporting prime minister benjamin netanyahu has made a secret visit to saudi arabia. according to these multiple reports, netanyahu met the crown prince mohammed bin solomon, and the u.s.
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secretary of state mike on peo, for its part is ready. prime minister's office isn't confirming or denying. it's just a warning to other hong kong protein marcus, the activists pleaded guilty to charges relating to last year's protests. they will be held in custody until sentencing next week and could face 5 years in jail. and nearly 40000 ethiopian refugees arrived in sudan, fleeing the fighting between government troops and forces in the region. ethiopia's prime minister has given those forces 72 hours to surrender. voices is reporting that the 2 great leader has rejected the old coronavirus news. now in another pharmaceutical company has announced promising results from its trials of a vaccine astra. zeneca says late stage testing of its covert 19 treatment shows. it can be up to 90 percent effective. the company's been developing the vaccine in conjunction with oxford university, british health secretary, matt hancocks,
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is $100000000.00 doses are on order, could be rolled out from next month. the u.s. is hoping to begin a vaccination program against corona virus as early as december 11, the head of the white house vaccine task force plans to vaccinate 20000000 people before the end of the year. mike hanna reports from washington. hundreds of thousands of americans are heading home for the thanksgiving holiday. and health officials view these long lines in the airports as ominous predicting that the already calamitous coated figures could rise even further. as the consequences of this mass travel are measured despite an urgent call from the centers for disease control for all americans to stay at home. more than a 1000000 passengers traveled on friday alone. nap didn't stop me now and i am nervous. but i want to be with my babies. i feel safe to fly. i think i think we should all 5,
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pretty sure. the nation's top infectious disease expert at the round of sunday talk shows right now. the curve is like that. it's going up at a very rapid rate and you looked at almost every single day. in fact, gives you another record. the long lines at persistent testing stations around the country are tangible evidence of the absence of any federally controlled testing program. just one of the reasons, say, health experts, why the virus has not been brought under control. the only ray of hope in a bleak winter. the possibility of new vaccines show is on the way. traditionally, historically, eilean secured. the wreck scenes have crushed epidemics like smallpox and polio, and measles. we can do that with the scenes that are going to be coming online. experts from the food and drug administration are reviewing the data from what the
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makers claim are highly successful vaccine trials. the f.d.a. will meet with independent experts next month, and if it's decided to grant an emergency use authorization, it's possible doses of the vaccine could begin to be distributed within days. our plan is to be able to ship vaccines to the immunization sites within 24 hours from the approval. so i would expect maybe on day 2, after approval on the 11th or on the 12th of december, hopefully the 1st people to be immunized across the united states across all states . president trump has claimed the unprecedented speed of vaccine development as a personal triumph. but while continuing to play golf for the 2nd week in a row, he still refuses to accept the outcome of the election and with no formal transition and place. there is the real danger of the pandemic continuing to bloom
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in a vacuum of national leadership. mike hanna al-jazeera, washington g. 20 leaders are wrapped up their virtual summit hosted by saudi arabia where the global fight against kovan 1000 dominates of the agenda. discussions focused on helping poor nations recover from the economic damage that's been inflicted by the pandemic. more from a diplomatic effort to james bays, saudi arabia's king solomon concluded this 2 day summit, conducted by video conference and handed over to the g. 20 presidency to the italian prime minister giuseppe context. but then in a previously unannounced appearance, the king's son crown prince mohammed bin sultan man, made his own address to a man who's in day to day charge in saudi arabia and who human rights campaigners blame for the continued repression in the kingdom. said the g 20 is actions and greatly helped the world deal with the pandemic of the fish in light of the outbreak of causes 19 and it's health, economic and social repercussions that when
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a, our coverage has been important more than ever or to have been about how that together we have addressed this challenge with seriousness necessitated by the responsibility to preserve human lives, protect livelihoods, mitigate the ensuing damage, and demick, and raise readiness to face any which are crises, god forbid. but compare that with the demands of the international medical and humanitarian community. the u.n. secretary general, who is one of those who took part in the g 20, made it clear to news conference on friday. how much money was needed to get the vaccine to the poorest parts of the world. but 28000000000 more needed, including 4200000000 before the end of the this funding is critical for mass manufacturing, procurement and delivery of new government $1000.00 vaccines and tools around the worlds that funding was one of 2 main asks by the secretary general,
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but it's not here in the final declaration by g. 20 leaders. he also lost that debt relief offered by the g. 20 earlier in the year to some of the poorest countries on earth be extended to middle income countries who need it. again, it's not here, and the g. 20 have fallen short. james al-jazeera of the united nations. well, governments across latin america and the caribbean are among those putting their faith in corona virus. vaccines, deaths and infections continue to rise across the region, and it has this from point to size. the number of people killed and infected by the corona virus across latin america in the caribbean, continues to rise. so too, does anger at the way governments have been handling the pandemic protests in mexico with more than 1000000, people infected to brazil with more than 6 and a half 1000000 hopes rest on a vaccine. we know that they're leaving a vaccine. we will be challenged in court. in fact, late this,
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the but i was actually from latin america in the caribbean. if you make that a vaccination, i want to do it benefit of the population. we were asking what the $1000000000.00, but already weak economies have been devastated by the pandemic with businesses closed thousands losing their homes and health services stretched to breaking point . all are impatient to see an effective vaccine introduced that then show me the medical care vaccines and medicines must be free in universally available a few others are expecting the vaccine to be free, but affordable and easily available. argentina has already bought $9000000.00 doses to cover 10 percent of its population corporation in solidarity of a key elements in the fight against the pandemic. this fight is not just a task for governments. it's a collective responsibility for the international community. that's a quote, a great global solidarity pact, international health bodies,
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pharmaceutical companies, banks, donors and governments are working together to ensure that when the vaccines already they'll be available and affordable to war in america and you know, in latin america, the exact same pattern has been followed as in the united states, there are some countries that have a regulatory authorization for use in emergency situations and it others were working to make this happen. 23000000, people across latin america have been infected by the covered 900 virus. nearly 700000 have died. several countries including argentina, mexico, peru and chile are in the gauche ations to ensure they don't miss out on a vaccine is ready. trying to balance the hopes and expectations of an imminent enter the nightmare against growing impatient of the measures imposed to try to control the pandemic flu. and there are just era when a fire of former french president nicolas sarkozy is due to stand trial in paris in the coming hours on corruption charges,
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political comeback for the 2022 presidential election. but any conviction would end his hopes of that reports from paris during his 5 years in the lease a palace, nicolas sarkozy gained a reputation as a tough talking conservative french president with a taste for luxury. but since leaving office and 2012, so close, he's been dogged by legal woes in 2014, police questioned him for alleged corruption. he was accused of trying to influence a magistrate to obtain information about a legal case against him. he denied the accusations i set in the chair that was in front of these 2 ladies judges, without even asking me a single question. they gave me 3 reasons, food item, and before i had responded 23 examiner, sarkozy's alleged attempts to influence the magistrate were uncovered by police who tapped his phones. they've been investigating accusations that sarkozy had received
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illegal funds for his 2007 campaign from former libyan leader mohammed gadhafi. sarkozy's trial in paris for corruption in the phone. tapping case is the 1st to release 3 other corruption trials that he faces. but this point is legal problems and a failed. a 2017 presidential bid, saw courtesy seems determined for a political comeback and ambition. boyd earlier this month, when in a surprise you turned a key witness in the campaign funding case. siyad taki dean withdrew his accusations against sarkozy reacting in a tweet. sarkozy said the main accuser admits his lies. he never gave me money. there was no illegal funding of my 2007 campaign. political commentator pierre haski says that although france's political right is seeking leadership, it's unlikely that sarkozy would be the answer. you have probably the same for them in that you had with donald trump, where they were is failure is or is,
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is a fragile thing is he had supporters who were with him until the end. so that will remain in his cab pentagon events, the rest of the country that is really harnessed. i'm not sure. i'm not sure. france is ready for a 2nd, because you pierrot sarkozy will hope that he can clear his name during this trial and future ones that he faces and relaunch his political career. for now though, his immediate battle will be to avoid jail, he faces up to 10 years if found guilty of influence peddling. natasha butler, i'll just sirrah paris. a ceremony has been held in armenia to commemorate those killed during the conflict. in the going to cut about prime minister nicola passion on attended the service alongside religious leaders. the fighting between armenia and azerbaijan over the disputed region led to deaths of hundreds of civilians and soldiers. and last week 2 sides signed an agreement to end the 6 weeks of fighting ethnic armenians in nagorno-karabakh,
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also held religious services to commemorate those who died and warriors took place across the disputed region to mark the fighting that began in september. as part of that, troops are withdrawn from district as it comes back under control. many displaced from their decades ago are preparing to return. some a binge of aid has the support system 1970. s., has been known as a car about google in 1000 music went quiet in the 1990 s., when bombs and bullets echoed through lugo in a car, in a conflict between other by john in armenia. the folk singer was forced from his home. but since then, the award winning artist has lived close by on the armenian other by john border here on the a very controlled region. the recent conflict saw shells rained down on villages on both sides. but that didn't stop him from doing what he loves most i've done is my heart and
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soul. that's why i live here. i never stop singing even when the shells rains down . after getting back. i'm very happy. many of his friends were forced from their homes in the 1990 s. as well. an estimated 200000 were displaced after more than 70 percent of our was taken by armenia. now they plan to go home when armenian forces have a draw on. the wagons are still there and have aged as well. people lived inside and under the rail cars for years. it's the end of the line now, but this used to be a real link between art and con, can be arsed to find occurred. the tracks have been severed, but not the links famous for racing and writing. the car about horses are a symbol of the region inhabited by ethnic armenians, and as there is no horses exercise for an hour a day, and now the stepfather has more than $260.00 thorough bred. if you did stallions
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are worth so much that sending 10 a year before the horse stable, displaced from his home, and you has been an excellent trainer for over 40 years. now eager to return, he says, the better in water and will be like white diamonds for the horses or what even the horses around the peace like people very sensitive and i could tell the horses felt they were being kicked out from their own land. i feel very emotional. once of them is cleared of mines, an infrastructure is redeveloped, the plant there is you worldwide auctions in car of the people that the horses, their music is all displaced from the region where it originally belonged to. and they can't wait to return home down to 0.


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