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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 25, 2020 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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for the death of democracy what's most important to me is talking to people, understanding what they're going through here and i just, we believe everyone has a story worth hearing. al-jazeera . adrian from again, this is the news of live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. ethiopia's prime minister warns the international community not to interfere in its affairs as a deadline approaches for to grand forces to surrender. hundreds of people fill the streets of thailand's capital, taking a stand against the monarchy. this team will make us proud to be american. president elect joe biden unveils his new team and pledges to restore the united
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states' position as a world leader. and during this global pandemic, we look at another threat putting the lives of millions of women. a risk with the sports tennis is a strange looks like it could be delayed because of a dispute over how players will quarantine when they get to we begin in northern ethiopia, where after nearly 3 weeks of fighting a deadline imposed by the government for to ground forces to surrender is set to expire later on wednesday, the federal army has surrounded to gray's capital nicolay and is threatening the use of artillery on the city of 500000. people to grand leaders deny claims that their faces of the guns surrendering when he appears prime minister ahmed ahmed is asking the internet community not to interfere. while we appreciate and understand
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the interest of the international community to assist the ongoing law enforcement operations, we would also like to underscore that this must be done in accordance with international law. he said, this 1st and foremost means the international community should stand by until the government of ethiopia submit sits requests for assistance to the community of nations. i also said that the reported massacre in the town of my contra is evidence of the t.p.m. laughs, criminality. newly released video appears to show graves and bodies if the of his state appointed human rights commission is accusing members over to grand youth group of killing around 600 civilians. earlier this month, the united nations is calling for an impartial investigation. and many of those escaping the fighting from my khadr have arrived in sudan, but have had to leave family members behind us. here morgan has spoken to some of
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them when fighting came to her hometown of make had to and if the decree region, how to testify fled with most of her children. but she had to leave her 2 oldest daughters behind in tikrit capital, another high then they went to stony mccully with this school is when the fighting started and there was no way for me to contact them. now i don't know where they are and how they are doing. they said they didn't have enough money before the fighting started. $1.00 is $14.00 and $1.00 is 15. are they being feed? are they being taken care of their only children? since the fighting started integrate in early november, more than 40000, people have fled to sudan states of aid organizations say more than 5000000 are trapped in the region with no access to humanitarian aid. sudanese authorities say nearly 3000 people arrive every day, get as they had while i arrived here 2 weeks ago. since his arrival has been searching for the parents of these 3 children. when the fighting came to the town
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of mark kendra, everyone started running. these 3 siblings were in the town and seemed lost. so i took them with me. i tried to look for their parents, but i couldn't find them or even used loudspeakers among those displaced. when all filed, i came with him to the scamp. his government has imposed a telecommunications blackout in the to green region. since the start of the fighting with malfunctioning 4 lines of internet access, families who have left loved ones behind say they're not sure if they're still alive. most have started the process of tracking their parents or children, hoping they've arrived in sudan, but are in a different camp. and as more of arrive, the number of families separated by the conflict is rising. sudanese authorities say they're not sure how many children have been separated from their parents or how many mothers and fathers left their children behind. aid organizations say efforts are being made to reunite families. unfortunately, as you know, children and women are always the disproportionate impact of an influx of refugees . and we have social workers who are working with them as well as the police. and
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they are in safe place at the moment. and we're going to be starting tracing their families with our c.r.c. . but for those like me who have left their children behind, the process is yet to start. she says she can only pray her daughters are still alive and someday make it to the camp. if not, she has to wait until the fighting and to go back and look for them. and she's not sure how long that will take, and who joins us live european, charlies in the sudanese border. what's the situation of people still arriving? yes, indeed. now if you look at the people behind me, especially those who have stacks and some bags with carts there, most of them are people who have arrived just a few minutes ago and are waiting registration. and here where there's a lot of food aid, these are people who've been waiting for days to be able to get food distribution from aid organizations. so the numbers are practically increased over the past
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couple of weeks that when we arrived here, just about 3 weeks ago when this camp was opened, there were about 3000 people. now this camp alone hosts more than 15000 people and that's something that the sudanese authorities say they cannot handle without help from the international organizations and the international community. and this is just here in this camp alone. now, the figures are rising more than the faster than the authorities here, expecting and faster than the united nations was expecting. it has projected that $200000.00 refugees would arrive to sudan in the next 6 months. should the conflicts continue in the region? but right now they're close 250000, the conflict in the region is not even one month old. so there are concerns that the number of 200000 refugees here in sudan would be reached earlier than expected . which is why sudanese authorities say they need more assistance to be able to cope with the influx. i could see everyone with so many
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people arriving well. no, the way you see behind me right there, these are shelters. basically that are for mostly people who have arrived again just a few minutes or a few hours ago and they will be registered throughout the day. now. 7 most of them again, are we going to include them in their list for distribution, and they say that's because they haven't eaten for days. some of them have gone 10 days without meals because they say that they've been hiding in the bush. and then came here to the refugee camps and then had to wait for extradition. so they say it was a long way before they were able to be put on the list for any distribution. and they've been saying that they are in desperate need of aid. now the organizations the unit that they have talked to in anticipation of the refugees that will arrive over the coming weeks. but they say that this talk that they have put in place here and in neighboring state from other projects around the country. therefore,
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they need to restock that and they need more help to be able to do that, which is there a civil war going reporting live from a camp for displaced people? near the suv newsgroup are many things to do well in the open sea, theo has withdrawn 3 of its to groom soldiers from a un peacekeeping mission in south sudan on the same in somalia, where several 100 to ground soldiers serving in the peacekeeping force. this is the news on for months serious still to come on the program. hong kong's leader outlines plans for the coming year of the fans, china's tightening grip accused of harming saudi arabia's interests. one woman is finally faces trial after 2 years in prison. and in sports with joe, the n.b.a. basketball star who sent to sign a deal worth $163000000.00. america
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is back. that's the message from president elect, joe biden. as he moves ahead with preparations to take charge in the oval office, he's unveiled some of his senior cabinet picks, men and women who he says will restore america's leadership in the world. scheiber times reports now from delaware. president elect biden was unequivocal. as he presented his national security appointments and nominees, it's a team that reflects the fact that america is back ready to lead the world. not retreat from it. once again, sit at the head of the table, ready to confront our adversaries, and not reject our allies ready to stand up for our values. much was made of the backgrounds of the nominees as examples of the american dream. linda thomas greenfield, nominated as u.s. ambassador a 100 mile cus, i'd like to, you know, immigrant nominated to lead the department of homeland security and avril haynes, the 1st female director of national intelligence. if confirmed mr. president,
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you know that i have never shied away from speaking truth to power. but for all the talk of diversity, this is a national security team that symbolizes the return of the washington foreign policy establishment after 4 years in the cold. none more so than secretary of state nominee tony blinken, deputy secretary of state under president obama, and a long time foreign policy adviser to biden. he's known to be far more of an advocate for u.s. military intervention around the world than the president elect. lincoln has spent the last few years consulting for weapons manufacturers and big tech america at its best. still has a greater ability than any other country on earth to bring others together to meet the challenges of our time. but biden has pledged fresh thinking on foreign policy, perhaps a recognition that a key reason that some voters switched from the democrats to trump in 2016 was their disappointment that president obama had not brought the change in foreign
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policy. he promised, and biden's incoming national security adviser did speak of an approach to foreign policy, not traditionally expressed in washington, the alliances, we rebuild the institutions. we believe the agreements we signed, all of them should be judged by a basic question. will this make life better, easier, safer for families across this country? our foreign policy has to deliver for the it's biden is making one key change, a special presidential envoy for climate. john kerry will sit on the national security council with a pledge to make the environment central to policymaking across government. but there is some skepticism of the washington insiders being chosen will be the one with to deliver a fresh policy thinking. the president elect is promising. she ever turns the al-jazeera wilmington, delaware. so that was the president on legs. let's find out about the president's. let's go live to our white house correspondent, kelly hellcat in washington. nothing much on the president's official agenda today, but we hear that he might be leaving the white house soon. where is he going?
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yeah, this is not on the official schedule, but it's raising some eyebrows because what we are hearing is being widely reported that donald trump is set to travel to the battleground state of pennsylvania, just north of washington, d.c. in the coming hours. why? well apparently he is meeting with pennsylvania state lawmakers and to discuss alongside his lawyer, rudolph giuliani, who has been waging this battle since november 3rd election day. the possibility of reversing the outcome of the 2020 u.s. election at least the results in pennsylvania, which are pivotal now. so far the effort by the campaign as well as riddle of giuliani to do this has been unsuccessful and we should point out this follows a meeting that was very similar with michigan lawmakers here at the white house within the last week between the president and the state legislators there
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ultimately telling the president that they really had no evidence that would reverse the result of their state's vote, which was cast a decidedly for joe biden. and that's also the case with pennsylvania. still, it appears this meeting is set to take place about $1730.00 g.m.t. at a hotel in gettysburg, pennsylvania. and we should point out that even as the president is holding these meetings, both of those states have certified their votes. that means made them official. now for joe biden, donald trump's rival, is someone smacks of desperation. why would the president be both going to do this? yeah, that's what's really unclear to so many people because you have to remember that legal efforts and challenges in both of these states have been a failure. in fact, there was a case that was tossed out by a judge in pennsylvania. that basically said that the accusations by the campaign that there's been widespread voter fraud has been as they put it,
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speculative accusations. now the campaign says, look, we didn't have a whole lot of time to investigate. there was such widespread fraud. and so what it appears is that they are now continuing to investigate, continuing to pursue these cases, even as donald trump has now admitted and, and is working with the transition of joe biden and kamel harris. he's recognized that he will not have a 2nd term but seems to term and to prove that he won the election despite the results that seem to suggest otherwise. and as it was, white house correspondent kelly holcomb reporting live from washington. could be many things. a large rally is being held in thailand's capital bangkok, in the latest show of defiance against the government on the mauna kea for months. now, demonstrators have been calling for reforms, including a new constitution and codes on the king's powers and wealth. lived out a bank call consciousness, can't hide at those protests that have been going on for some time today. now,
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scott, any trouble that this time? a.j.? yeah, it's been going on for about 3 or 4 hours now. no trouble whatsoever. and it's actually really kind of a night market atmosphere, as you might be able to see behind me. and it's quite different from what it was expected to be. this is the alternate venue, if you will. the original venue was the crown, the property bureau, which is in the old part of bangkok, a very sensitive area near a lot of sensitive areas and important areas to the monarchy. in particular, even though that euro itself, they wanted to go there. and you see the protesters because they want to make a mark, make it known that they disagree with how mccain is managing his money, his fortune $30000000000.00, the supposedly worth. so what they did is they came here to see him commercial bank headquarters still here in bangkok, that's because he owns 23 percent. the largest shareholder in this bank see of
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course the bank. so they came here to make the same point, and i say it's a very different atmosphere because over at the, of the original venue like the military and the police put up a very large and very fortified structure around structures around that bureau. there. they used even shipping containers stacked on top of each other, razor wire. so here it's a much different atmosphere, but they're still making the same point. what they want is transparency with the money that the king have. before 2 years ago, the bureau, the property bureau, the crown property bureau, was managed by a board of directors, as well as in, influenced by the ministry of finance when any major decisions were made that was changed 2 years ago. by now, it was all transferred over to the crew himself, so he is the sole manager if you will, of the entire fortune. and that's of the protesters are making a very specific point about today, and that's why they've selected this location. now that is one of 3 of the main
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points that the protesters have been making over these last several months since july. the 1st is they want the prime minister to resign. they want a new constitution and 3rd, they want monica reform today, making the point that they want the reform on the transparency of the fortune of the money that became yes, many thanks. indeed, on serious thought, highly reporting live from bangkok. here's a closer look at what the protest is, a demanding at 1st they wanted prime minister to resign. they also called for a new constitution and other government reforms has refused to resign. demonstrators also want reforms that would limit the power of the king. that includes reversing changes that give him possible control of a royal fortune worth tens of millions of dollars. the royal palace has made no comment since the protests began. although the king did say that thailand was a land of come from bias. is head of the asia program with the human rights
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organization, article 19, he joins us now by via skype. from bangkok you probably heard my discussion with scott matthew, this protest today largely peaceful demonstrators have permission to be there. the authorities seem to be well, not so much being heavy handed with the with the protesters and the why do you think that is? well, i think we need to keep in mind what happened last week where the police used water cannons and tear gas were in the or on protesters and the use of the of these, not only the weapons has been entirely unjustified, there's been no credible reports that pro-democracy protesters. 'd threaten the safety of others or serious damage to property rights. i'm very happy to hear that there's, there's not been the use of force tonight, but that has not been the case in recent weeks. the demonstrations have been a, she said that this has been a use of force,
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but the demonstrations have been tolerated, to a certain extent. i mean, if the authorities didn't want to go ahead, i mean they, they'd use extreme force. would they get rid of these, these demonstrations? well, listen, there's a, there's a very bad precedent here in thailand. previous protest movements have ended in extreme violence. and frankly, my colleagues and i are concerned about the use of force against protesters or violence either by the state or by non-state actors. so we think that it's really important that the international community keeps an eye on what's happening in thailand, right? but it's we, we've not seen a sort of stepping up of the pressure to the open season by the, by the security forces. these demonstrations are being tolerated, to a sudden extent don't they that's true. we, they are being allowed to go for this evening and in previous weeks. but there have
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been efforts today to forcibly disperse protesters. and i should also mention that there isn't one going crackdown using do a legal system even just yesterday, very, very serious charges being leveled against activists that could lead them to spend decades in prison. are these protests going to go on for the most able future and what will it take to to end them? will we get compromise from the government? will the students be forced to back down? will the protests only seem to be gaining strength? as we've seen, the protests expand from being largely something about youth in students to, to now being a much broader constituency. so the protestors have shown no no, no inclination. 'd that they plan to back down, but the government also hasn't shown any inclination that it's going to budge on some of the core demands for, for democratic reforms. so it is quite
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a worrying situation. and that's why i think the president, previous flight once is something that we need to be worried about and something that needs to we need to keep an eye on. kids took too many thanks. indeed for being with us. thank you. the united nations is marking international day for the elimination of violence against women. it's part of an ongoing campaign, highlighting domestic violence during the coronavirus pandemic. right now, many people are trapped dropped in their homes with an abusive resist. the shadow denecke in one weekend calls to domestic abuse help lines in the u.k. when talk by 65 percent in the u.s. and pretty much everywhere reported numbers are rising. these aren't just numbers that you might know. if you think someone is in trouble,
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check in the new monument there again, and if everything around isn't getting educating yourself about domestic violence. know the details of level services like help. my numbers are shelton's. if she tells you what you suspect, that ally in the lives of our children, our immediate danger, call the protection, municipal police, the shutdown and damage is ready. right now. let's help each other safely. right now, women and mexico are among those facing higher levels of violence during the pandemic with nowhere else to go. some victims are occupying a government building in the capital, has been to me as one of the women has found refuge there. we want to show all the women that we are not scared anymore. when my name is eddie, come out of the unit in my daughters of victims of violence. on november 2nd 2017, my 7 year old daughter was 6,
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fully abused by my brother in law. she was 7 and my brother in law was 43. i reported it to the police, but i had to spend 2 years fighting for justice just for the investigation against him to begin with. but we lost our home, our job, and everything we had when i started making deals for women. and sadly, most of them told me stories of this exiled violence that they too had suffered. and when they lent what happened to my daughter, they said that they were proud of my struggle is this is the situation is worsening. right now. jule independent, gender violence has increased. we believe the root of all of these is the natural of the authorities. did apathy, there's no wanting to work for women, but we decided together with other women to occupy the building. on september 4th,
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the building has been converted into a shelter for women who are victims with the children. they can come here without being judged. on the contrary, because we speak to them and you have 2 options to stay at home crying fight. i realize that if you want to change things, you have to go out break scream because no one sees you know when he is you. and let's take a closer look at the situation. as we heard earlier, u.n. figures show an increase in calls to domestic violence helplines across several countries. in argentina, there's been a 25 percent rise during lockdown in morocco. the women's rights federation says
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there's been more than a 30 percent increase in domestic violence cases. and researches in egypt have been alarmed at the escalation of crimes against women. for example, in june, local media reported that a man in cairo threw his wife from their 5th floor apartment building because she tested positive for cocaine. 19 is a co-director of female feminist collective in lebanon, campaigning, advocating for women's rights. she says that governments need to do more to help victims. the situation that they're going on is not very different from other arab country, is. i mean, it's much worse. according to the official number of internet security, we have is of 122 percent. and the case of domestic violence, by intimate partner or by a family member and the government of lebanon, or the defense governments. what do you think of the country where never serious about looking at women as citizens or at the is taking the needs of women and to
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consideration whenever we have a crisis it's, it's obvious that and in any crisis, whether it's an armed conflict or, and kind of a crisis, i have the crisis, we need to take their most wanted list to a population, our women and children, and we have to take their needs and the kinds of the nation this doesn't have didn't happen. and if we, if i can give an example, i can talk about that emergency plan that was promoted by of the out of government to us. and there's a past event of in 1000. this wasn't at all gender sensitive, didn't mention women and girls at any stage, just as i may speak about the shelters and that on that are safe places for women, survivors of domestic violence, we have 0 shelter. their money is a lot of it is and all the child has across the country, iran buying women's rights of the nation and feminist organizations who are counting on the funding from donors to be able to protect women. hong kong's chief
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executive kerry lamas defended beijing's national security law during her annual address to china imposed the controversial legislation that june of high profile opposition activists have been jailed. some spend reports from home co kerry lamb insists this was her policy address and not one dictated by the leadership in beijing as she both defended and justified china's tightening grip here. in the past year or so, hong kong's experience the most severe political challenges since its return to the motherland. one of her urgent priorities is to restore hong kong's constitutional order and political system from chaos. the large scale and often violent protests ended after the imposition of a national security. lauren july that had restored stability, lam said, but warned more measures were needed, including
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a wide ranging program to educate hong kong's youth on the rule of law. students were often at the front lines of the demonstrations in the hong kong has become an obvious, gaping hole in national security and presented significant risks to the country. lambs policy address last year was disrupted by opposition legislators. but there were no protests this year. after pro-democracy, politicians resigned as a group after 4 of their colleagues were disqualified before this policy address carried arms approval rating was a dismal 26 percent compared to 64 percent in the months after he took office more than 3 and a half years ago. but analysts say there's no chance of losing a job any time soon as she continues to enjoy the support of president xi jinping lam had a lot to say on wednesday speaking for more than 2 hours. unveiling $200.00 proposals including the greater bay area project. that's china's ambitious plan to link hong
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kong to 9 cities in guangdong province, creating a vast finance and information technology hub. hong kong's future warned was tied to closer economic integration with the mainland, where coded 19 appears to be largely under control. and economic growth is returning. adrian brown, al-jazeera, hong kong headlines in just a moment 1st, let's get a weather update his evidence. hello there. we've got some nasty weather now making its way across the southern parts of india. this is a severe cycle of seem to become very severe. cyclic winds over 140 kilometers, perhaps a valid at its maximum intensity. that is erratic, quickly to a category one. hurricane in the atlantic storm surge make major concern because of coastal flooding on the cards over the next couple of days. and over the next 24 to 48 house,
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some parts could see maybe 202300 millimeters of radius making landfall in the next few hours just to the south, the chennai. and as we go through thursday that wetter weather will spread across a good parts of our pradesh. it'll make its way further west, which as we go on into where friday, and eventually it will drift out towards that western side of india through my passing out into the open waters as we go on through the course of saturday, but red warnings in force for good parts of southern india, so widespread flooding a major concern on the other side of the arabian sea, we may, will see some flooding into the middle east over the next day, or 2 as well. some weather weather there, just around northern parts of the region. cloud and rain into saudi arabia and wetter weather. also heading down towards qatar. still to come here on the news. the perils of protesting in cuba activists go on a hunger strike in protest against an increase in government, attention. mosque's of proven effective against coke at 19 to find out why this one
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in japan costs nearly $10000.00 and install the joke will have the best of the former action from the m.l.s. cup playoffs and some pretty good celebrations to jump into the stream. and julian on global community bio diversity is bio security . is that essential for our species to survive? be part of the debate. i know you have 90 days and he can be part of this conversation. when no topic is off the table, the police are not neutral and all of these case goal here is to terrorize. and here's the other part of this. there's no consequence this stream on out is the frank assessment of american public opinion is betrayed by social media platforms after november. because if you believe that there corrosive to our democracy,
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one obvious solution is to break the most informed opinion. anyway, the protesters aren't going anywhere either. it's a bullet with a revolution. in depth analysis of the day's global headlines. who is it that's really out there on the street inside story on al-jazeera. it is good to have you with us. hello, adrian. fenty good here in doha with the news out from al-jazeera, the headlines. a deadline imposed by the ethiopian government for degree and forces to surrender is set to expire. on wednesday, the federal army is threatening the use of artillery on the main city of the
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caliphate. if regional forces fail to lay down their arms, a large rally has been held in thailand's capital, bangkok, and the latest show of defiance against the government and monarchy for months demonstrates his opponent, calling for reforms, including, a new constitution and curbs, on the king's power. and wealth and u.s., president elect, joe biden, has formally introduced. some members of his proposed capital is biting. his margin of victory against trump is growing with pennsylvania and the certifying him as the winner in this month's election which running out to our top story. the conflict in northern ethiopia, government forces near to gray's regional capital, the kelly. but t.p.m. air force is refusing to back down. al-jazeera is haasan razzak reports now from great profits you know, on the riot front line in southern federal reinforcements arrive and helicopters,
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hover above fools. as the ethiopian government has maintained that this is a law enforcement operation against what it calls a treasonous group. then you're going to get, i don't know much about the not show up. our morale is high. we're ready to enforce the rule of law for the sake of the fallen. we will prevail over those who had betrayed them. we have another mission, namely to safeguard the renaissance dam until it's fully completed and operational . this building has been set up to receive fighters from the people's liberation front, who've surrendered ahead of prime minister. that's wednesday deadline for the t.p.o. left to put down its weapons. government forces here say this man was among those who surrendered. we are being treated well. we are not enemies, we are all fellow ethiopians. we are all brothers. i hope this will come to an end, and peace prevails across the country. as fighting continues in northern ethiopia for the 3rd consecutive week, p.l.f.
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leader has reiterated his rejection of the ultimatum. he says his fighters will continue their struggle against the federal government until the end on the other side of the battlefield. and the t.v. says it standing its ground and that its fighters are ready to die defending and its right to govern itself. there are conflicting claims of victory on both sides and a communication blackout in the region makes it difficult to verify information. the prime minister met as said this operation will end when the t.p.o. left, who he accuses of destabilizing the country and undermining his leadership, are brought to justice, hasan province in northern you. germany is said to extend its partial shutdown in order to curb a rising number of covert 19 infections. chancellor angela merkel is expected to speak later on when to say about longer and tougher measures. the country continues to record thousands of cases every day. despite imposing restrictions earlier this month, let's go live now to berlin. al-jazeera started it cain is there for us to say
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germany is set to extend its partial shutdown. is it or isn't it? is there a debate about this? the debate that's taking place is a buyout, was twofold. 1st of all is whether the existing lockdown light as it has been called is good lockdown, currently in place is not as severe as the one that pertained earlier during the pandemics of the 1st debate is whether to continue this existing lockdown which, which would ordinarily expire. at the end of november, so that 1st of all, will there be an extension of this up to just before christmas, perhaps, or not. and then the 2nd one, the 2nd element of this debate is perhaps more crucial in the sense that it's about whether it should be much tougher on ups. in that 2nd debate, you have angle in there and many of her ministers at the federal level plus some leading prime ministers of important states. and the best example that would be
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marcus, who is the prime minister of bulgaria, a key conservative ally. he and she and her ministers believe that yes, there should be a tougher lockdown, but put against them sent against them. are the prime ministers of many smaller states of germany who point to the fact that the numbers of new infections, the number of deaths in their states are nowhere near as high as those of other states. and they say, why should we put our citizens through another severe lockdown when we are eroding their freedoms to what end and underwriting all of this is the fact that today, the robert cock institute, the agency which tabulates information regarding corona and revises ministers, are more to do says that the previous 24 hour period had the highest death toll of any day since the pandemic began. reporting live there from berlin. dominic many thanks. indeed. earlier a car crashed into the gates of chancellor angela merkel's office in berlin. there
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are no reported injuries and no visible damage. the words stop globalization and politics have been written on the side of the vehicle. police say they've taken the driver into custody after investigating whether the crash was intentional. the united kingdom is discussing new laws which will allow it to slash the amount it spends on foreign aid. roughly $17000000000.00, a year goes to foreign aid. about a 3rd of it goes to organizations like the united nations, the rest goes to nations such as pakistan, syria, and ethiopia. by law. the u.k. government is obliged to put point 7 percent of its g.d.p. towards aid. some leaders want to drop that to half a percent, meaning that billions of dollars will be cut from the budget. opposition, m.p.'s charities, religious leaders, and members of the public have run it against the cuts. they say the u.k. has an obligation to help countries in need. jonathan fisher is an especially is
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a specialist on international development and head department at the university of birmingham in the u.k. . jonathan, good to have you with us. the u.k. has just about an increase announced an increase in defense spending. what sort of message discussing its aid budget send to the world? well, this is part of the, the issue really here. it's a question of priorities really. clearly lots of difficult decisions need to be made with regard to you know, the state's finances in terms of spending in response to cope it. but this decision about the reduction in aid as you say, is coming at the same time as an increase in defense spending. and i think it's sending some mixed messages about what our role in the world is meant to be. prodded ourselves over the last decade or 2 on being a development superpower, if you like. and this seems to cut across that without there being much of a clear, strategic or humanitarian basis for that. what impact would
4:40 pm
a concert of that size? how much money are we talking about here? what impact would it have on what britain does in terms of its aid contribution? well, i mean, the exact amount that is cut will depend slightly on the size of the economy because it's percentage of the g. and i paid, but it will be around 3 or $4000000000.00. and i think, you know, the asking the exact impact on that across our portfolio will depend, it will depend on what the government comes up with in terms of how we should be making these decisions. will there be a decision to protect certain sectors, you know, girls, education, for example, climate change code response? or will it just be a general suggestion to folks in the foreign office that they need to reduce spending by a certain amount? so we don't know exactly where it will it will hit, but what we do know is that it will have a very significant effect on the people and communities that benefit from our aid
4:41 pm
programs across the world. and i think what we have to remember here is that while we have all been suffering across the world in response to, to coated, you know, lives have been lost, livelihoods have been, have been ruined. the effect of covert has been the worst on the poorest people in the world. you know, they do not have programs, programs that are available to support those who are losing out on their livelihoods in the poorest countries in the world. so not only will this cuts affect people in the poorest countries in the world dramatically will also affect them disproportionately as well. and i haven't seen anything yet from the government setting out how it will seek to strategically manage these cuts, to mitigate the impact on those who will be worst affected and that, but i'm just looking here on the computer in front of me. a reporter says the u.k. economy is forecast to slump 11.3 percent this year. due to the, the, the effects of the pandemic. it's all well and good people criticising the fact
4:42 pm
that the britain wants to cut his aid budget. but if it can't afford to give that money that's needed by, by people at home there in britain, then it just kind of all this. yeah, but i mean, i'm certainly not only wouldn't argue that there are difficult decisions to be made . but as you mentioned, the government has just announced that it's going to be spending 16000000 over the next few years, 16000000000 over the next 2 years on the front spending. so there is a question here about, well, if we can afford to spend on defense, but we can't afford to spend it on aid, then this is more of a question of priorities and strategy than it is about balancing the books. and i think there's a, there's a broader question here about what is the government's strategic approach to us in the world going forward. we still haven't got the report back on the integrated defense and foreign policy review, which is due out next year. and yet we have a number of decisions about funding which will have dramatic impact,
4:43 pm
some defense and aid profile in the world before that's even happened. so i think that there's also a broader question as well about well, what proportion of this aid cut will actually impact on the spending we've made on the good recovery? we've spent hundreds and hundreds of billions on covert response and the effect of a handful of 1000000000 from the aid sector within that context will be quite minimal. but the effect on those who will be losing out on benefiting from aid will be very dramatic. so i think it's a question here about the prioritize ation of aid cuts. sorry, spending cuts and indeed strategic thinking about what will be the impact of that on our, on our global role. really good story, jonathan. many thanks indeed for being with us. thank you. transfer of land from armenia to azerbaijan is continuing of the disputed region of the god of color work . russia's defense ministry released a video, showing its peacekeepers guarding
4:44 pm
a corridor or used to transfer people in and out of the area mania agreed to transfer land to azerbaijan. as part of an agreement to end weeks of fighting guinea's main opposition party has called for nationwide protests against the unrest linked to president alpha condé israel action. the union of democratic forces of guinea says that 49 people have been killed in protests in recent weeks. it says another $350.00 people including c.d.o. position officials are being held the intentions of the last month's election, which opposition leader salut, the n d l o says that he won. saudi women's rights activists allusion in our flu is due to appear in court based on wednesday of 2 and a dozen other women's rights activists arrested in 2018. it accused of harming saudi interests. just weeks later that the government lifted a ban on women driving, which is what they'd campaigned for. and food has been held in solitary confinement
4:45 pm
and was assaulted while in prison, according to family and rights groups. saudi officials have denied allegations of torture. then maloof is a middle east research director for amnesty international and says that all the true decisions being made on how clueless detention. you know, we're not going to position to speculate to try and understand the actions of the so far. it goes without saying that there are or there seems one, the 1st ones who have been calling and he's or they. 7 are his no, there was no, there any over the weekend and for 6 months, i think 1st, the initial days of the tense in the women's activists,
4:46 pm
the most pressure in the past 2 years. we are hoping that this pressure would be cured or cease to be unconditional release of if women activists. and that's the scene today. but we are not in the position to speculate. we are only hoping because we do see that from our sound points. this is ition, the decisions of the forces have been arbitrary so far. and there is no way for us to said what, what the outcome of what we do know is that there was only one day notice given in fact the action. and that seems, has been, infamy comes also without any comfort to her family or access to a lawyer. a group of activists in cuba has gone on a hunger strike against the detention of a wrap up. local authorities say that dennis solis has links with anti-government groups. activists insist the state is trying to muzzle dissent to rise above reports. images such as this are unusual in cuba,
4:47 pm
a group of dissidents trying to protest in the center of have anna before long pro-government civilians harassed the protesters. the demonstrators have come here to denounce the detention of singer beneath the lease of someone who has openly criticized the cuban government. only november the police enter his house in havana . so elise asked the officer to leave and then insulted him calling him a coward in a uniform. they're not, but not so they wouldn't see my face plotting to kidnap if they think they are going to scare me. they are wrong. i am ready to die. 3 days later, he was detained and sentenced to 8 months in prison, accused of contempt. he later appeared in a video aired in a government website where he seen during an interrogation by state security very, very difficult conditions and prisons and access to one of the basic things and people he had. and if they have any type of place and in
4:48 pm
prisons, when i am with people, i charge serious offenses. and i do. and so we know that he's in a maximum security prison. so lease is part of a larger movement known as sunny. see that i have been on hunger strike for 6 days, demanding his release. i am an artist. i am sacrificing my aunts, my carrier mart. you go in my dreams here. everything's in my friend is released. i'm tired of seeing my friends detained and i'm sacrificing everything for the freedom of cuba. in the past year, economic strive has increased in cuba. $1000.00 has thrown the country into a full fledged recession, only compared to the special period. the crisis in the 1990 s. caused by the collapse of the soviet union that left this island without a crucial economic and political support. and that's why complaints against the government have been on the rice. that patient is rice in already believe with the
4:49 pm
economics, which i have to remember. dad are the only ones social expression of massive social expression against the government happens in cuba in $1004.00 it worst years in the economic situation of 2 that i've heard what they named special periods, you know, during what they gave station petri dish and in the people is right, because if you don't half, so if you don't have, i don't know the most basic elements that you need for leave. and also, if you didn't have some rights, it is that makes that if you combined it, it generates a lot of change in the government says these people i, backed by cuban americans in the united states who are trying to destroy cuba's revolution. but these people say they no longer tolerate the government's harassment and are willing to sacrifice everything for change. that he said,
4:50 pm
will i decide to take a look at this? a japanese company is trying to bring some cheer and sparkle to the bloom of the coronavirus pandemic. but only for the rich and those looking for a touch of luxury, it's created. what's been dubbed the 1000000 yen mosque started with powell's crystals and more than half a carats of diamonds. a mosque sells for 9 of the hov $1000.00. usable still to come here on the news on the schumacher name could be on another world championship trophy this weekend. joe will be here with all the details in sport. next business leaders, his goal to find a bra spot business
4:51 pm
leaders just for to find a bra spot you're going
4:52 pm
to get time to support his job. adrian, thank you. well, we're looking at a possible delay to the 1st grand slam of the tennis season of the astray. and i've been trying to negotiate with government officials on how players will quarantine tennis australia is trying to find a way to allow players to train or compete while still in mandatory isolation. the tournament is scheduled to begin in mid january, meaning combat says would have to be in melbourne next month to complete all the procedures. but victorian state officials say they still haven't finalized all plans. it's a lot of the people they delight by, you know, away coach they want think that still must logically but it's not, it's not the only option that you know, as you know, the french open, i think with delight bought by many months. some women didn't appear at all, but it looks i still think it's much more likely that it will be
4:53 pm
a shorter route than along the line. was important as a tennis tournament is we're not going to jeopardize our coronavirus status by anything other than the high standards. people have to quarantine. well, 100 manages the nadine's a dance has fixture. congestion is ruining the entertainment value of football, the current virus, and then they can squeeze the already packed schedule. and royal have several players out injured ahead of the champions league game against inter milan, including captain such a ramos and karim benzema. midfielder luca muggeridge has also complained about fixture overload syrup. ok? it's true. there are too many games. we're playing every 3 days between our national teams, europe, the league and everything else. and it seems like they're always wanting to implement more matches, more competitions, and nobody is asking about the health of the players. there are lots of injuries, not just in our squad, but in squads around the world. we also have to think about coronavirus if we're going to test positive or negative,
4:54 pm
and that is mentally exhausting too. we need to look at the players more because even more players are going to get hurt and who's going to play the matches then? well right now, the asian champions league is being held in a bio security bubble in cata, spain and barcelona legend. andres iniesta now plays for japanese side this cell kopi, he scored and provided an assist as they did china's 2 time champions, league winners. ever grand 31, this will remain top of group g. . south korea's jumblatt mota secured their 1st win of the tournament by beating australian team sydney f.c. one nil. sung young. now was the much window with the gold just before half time. john but remain 3rd in group h. while sydney of boston with no wins from the full games. staying in cattle feed for boss john. even tino has been checking on progress in the sale stadium which will host the world cup final. he also confirmed council will host an arab cup tournament next year as a dress rehearsal for 2022. there are 450000000 arabs in these countries.,
4:55 pm
many more all over the world. their countries will play among themselves. c.e.o., which is the best arab team. only that is something incredible, but in addition to that, they will play in the world cup stadiums which will have the best players in the world playing the year after for the world cup. so it's a unique event. $22.00 countries, a big chunk of the world. it will be an incredible event and maybe it is the 1st one of many more to come. meanwhile, over in japan, he have won the jailing title for the 3rd time in 4 years. i can hear you and your naga scored a hat trick as i thrashed 2nd place 5 nil. i was lucky already have more points than any winning side in 20 years. and there are still 4 games left to play. now as the united states in a shock in major league soccer playoffs,
4:56 pm
the top seeded philadelphia union were beaten to know by the new england revolution, john buchanan with the pick of the goals and a nice celebration as well. during the face on, under city in the semi and there was a drama as last year's rise up toronto f.c. were dumped out by expansion team nashville after having 3 goals, ruled out daniel real school that went out well into extra time in the 108th minute . seattle sounders also went 3, former liverpool, an england player robbie fowler will begin a new chapter in his managerial career. on friday he set to make his coaching debut for indian super league team east bengal, as they take on arch rivals mohan by them in the kolkata dopy followed, took over last month after previous managerial stands at australia's brisbane roll . and one thong united in thailand for the words of the 1st class to fuse everything really are fantastic. you know, we've still got a lot of work to do to catch up to that seems to make sure
4:57 pm
that she mechanism could be on another world championship trophy this weekend. as mick she macca the son of formula one legend michael closes in on the f. 2 title, the 21 year old german has a narrow lead going into the last 2 races this season in bahrain. but 5 other drivers also have a chance to clinch it. victory would help she make his chances of following his father into formula one of the top 6 and championship still can cope with the chairmanship so everything's open. and for me it's really important to just keep my focus to keep improving myself. 'd to keep learning and just go forward. and we finish with a big deal for n.b.a. basketball star, a bio, he's agreed, a 5 year extension to his contract to miami heat, which is worth at least $163000000.00. it will be the richest contract in the hates franchise history. all right, that is useful for now. have more feel later, adrian, germany, thanks dave, that's it for the news hour, but i'll be back in just a couple of others to work. update you
4:58 pm
an invitation to bear witness to all that life office. the highs, the lows, the trials and tribulations, the unseen movements, and everyday miracles, the injustices, the defiance, the tests of character and the personal take troops. witness documentaries with a delicate touch on al-jazeera. coded 19 is a public health crisis that has been compounded by capitalism. alleyway navigates the big questions raised by the global pandemic. how the system based on private ownership of profit? well, then a ton of busts, capitalism is the pandemic. back in the market,
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the congress exploited to protect the people for the profit episode, one of the full hail the meltdown on al-jazeera. these men are survivors of covert 1946 year old is a limousine driver. he's the only one here who needed to go to hospital when he became ill in early march. it will be, it will go on board, it will be some balance. or do you know that sudeep is a 34 year old driver for kotori family and he tested positive for you that all the small boat you want to build the health officials say the rate of new infections has low. the goal here is to conduct a broad serving to better understand transmission and asymptomatic cases, which in turn could help policy decisions in the future. so it would be easy for us to inform the decision making on what to do next. the goal now is to increase testing and contact tracing. the government provides free testing and medical
5:00 pm
treatment for those who need it while campaigns to raise awareness continue. the therapy as prime minister warns the international community not to interfere and it's a 1st as a deadline. approaches for to ground forces to surrender at all. i'm adrian forgot. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, this team will make us proud to be american. president elect joe biden unveils his new team and pledges to restore the united states' position. as a world leader. hundreds of people fill the streets of thailand's capital, taking a stand.


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