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full scale war in indo-china, blood and chance french to colonize asian on al-jazeera. donald trump pardons michael flynn, the former national security adviser has pleaded guilty of lying in the rush or investigation. so romney watching al-jazeera life my headquarters in doha also coming up morning for mother daughter. the argentinean football legend dies at the age of 60 . also fears of more violence in ethiopia is to great province. as the government's deadline passes for the region's forces to surrender,
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plus the. 2 growing desperation of a surge in desk, thousands more migrants seek asylum on spain's canary islands. welcome to the program, u.s. president donald trump has pardoned his former national security advisor, michael flynn. it comes 8 weeks before he vacates the white house. president elect joe biden is pressing on with his transition plans. he's delivered a thanksgiving speech urging precautions during the pandemic also in jordan has more from washington d.c. . thank you very much, even as he refuses to concede that he lost reelection to joe biden. u.s. president donald trump gave a gift to his 1st national security adviser, general michael flynn, a pardon for flints crimes, namely, prolonging to federal investigators about his contacts with the former russian
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ambassador to the u.s. sergey kissling at flynn's case was part of a legal black cloud that hung over trump's entire presidency. flynt son responded on the conservative social media site parlor. thank you from the bottom of my heart president trump and a big middle finger to judge emmett sullivan, and trucks ally republican senator lindsey graham, cold flu, and a political victim. back to the mean time democratic congressman adam schiff blasted trump's decision. it's no surprise trump would go out as he came in, crooked to the end. earlier, trump called into a hearing convened by pennsylvania republicans to see whether president elect, joe biden's victory can be thrown out. there's no election was rigged, and we can't let that happen. we can't let it happen for our country and elected not to be turned around because we want to get them
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a new man alive and we want to lead by a lot. anybody watching television the night of the election? which thing? wow, i was called by the makers going to come, people can graduate and they're on a big win. and all of that balance would jump all over the place that a lot of things new are voldemort, compassionate chapters, tropes, complaints about politics. a far cry from the incoming administration's call for national unity and resilience on the eve of the u.s. is suck your holiday. thanksgiving. vice president elect kaamelott harris and her husband visited in washington foodbank, while biking delivered a speech calling on americans to find their resilience in the face of the culbut 19 pandemic. this is the moment where we need to steal our spines. redouble our efforts and recommit ourselves to the fight. let's remember,
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we're all in this together. joe biden's call for reconciliation and unity. a marked contrast in both style and substance from that of donald trump. russell and jordan al-jazeera, the white house. the football world is mourning argentinian legendary gemara donahue's dive into the heart attack at the age of 60. he campaigned argentina to victory in the 1986 world cup and is regarded as one of the greatest players of all time. he was widely admired at home when his rise from extreme poverty to global star remains a source of national pride and trees a bow reports form. but as far as the water nearly is in disbelief, he's devastated that player the home i don't know has passed away there. i'm sad because i knew this was coming. not so soon, but the people that surrounded him never helped. and he didn't want to be helped. i can't believe it is my god. it's the worst day of my life. thousands of people
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gathered in the center of want to site is to celebrate, might have on as life. and his love for argentina's national team. not only, not just for argentina, he was a national hero, a man who came from kind of the forest service. i'm going to focus. i made it to the top for the buffalo in the world to many of those who came here to say goodbye to him. on the from some of those are just very poor. oh yes, i'm very favorably on. i don't, i was one of them is from us now in the capital. i mean, i'm, well, i'm one of them. is it for me? he was like the love of my children. i did not want to have this news. i am destroyed. i was too young to see him play, but i know every goal by heart, he gave us dignity so many times. the people here celebrate the goals against england in the 1986 world cup 3 years after the war between both countries over the magazine asked for can silence a goal that continues to be celebrated today.
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here i came because i felt it, he was from here representing us. he waved our flag, gave stroy. he filled us with joint from the english. we did not wage war against them, but with the hand of god, he gave pullback there saw a man who supported left wing leaders in that in america like feel cotton, wool chalice, and vindicated their fight against imperialism. and i think that they were all right. man, i don't know will receive a hero's farewell. he'll be lying in state in the presidential palace around the world is referred to as the best football player in the world for his fans. he was
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a man who in spite of his enormous struggles field argentina with pride and just want to cite us after nearly 3 weeks of fighting in northern ethiopia deadline imposed by the central government for the 2 grey region forces to surrender has passed the federal army says it's now surrounded to graze capital. mackellar claim disputed by to groans. the government is threatening the use of artillery on the city of 500000. people. as the deadline approaches, prime minister ahmed rejected demands for dialogue and urged the international community not to interfere knowledge. as there is one result reports exclusively now, from inside to grey province. you know, on the riot front line in southern federal reinforcements arrive and helicopters, hover above fools. as the ethiopian government has maintained that this is
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a law enforcement operation against what it calls a treasonous group. then you're going to get, i don't know much about them that they do not show up. our morale is high. we're ready to enforce the rule of law for the sake of the fallen. we will prevail over those who had betrayed them. we have another mission, namely to safeguard the renaissance dam until it's fully completed and operational . this building has been set up to receive fighters from the tea, grab people's liberation front, who've surrendered ahead of prime minister abi admits wednesday deadline for the t.p.o. left to put down its weapons. government forces here say this man was among those who surrendered. we are being treated well. we are not enemies, we are all fellow ethiopians. we are all brothers. i hope this will come to an end and peace prevails across the country. as fighting continues in northern ethiopia for a 3rd consecutive week, the team leader has reiterated his rejection of the ultimatum. he says, his fighters will continue their struggle against the federal government until the
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end on the other side of the battlefield. and the t.v. says it standing its ground and that its fighters are ready to die, defending and its right to govern itself. there are conflicting claims of victory on both sides and a communication blackout in the region makes it difficult to verify information. the prime minister has met has said this operation will end when the t.p.o. left, who he accuses of destabilizing the country and undermining his leadership, are brought to justice. the province in northern utah global krone virus cases of supply 60000000. the johns hopkins university tracker here shows the u.s. has the highest number of infections in the world and its 2400 people died over 19 in the latest 24 hour period. a 6 month high case is also celebrating in latin americans known as john holmes reports from mexico city. the situation in mexico, there's various factors that sort of echoed across the region. one of those is the
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amount of people that work in the informal economy in mexico, that's between 50 and 60 percent in the region as a whole, talking here about latin america. it's more than half of the work that's done in the region is in that informal economy. and what that means is people don't have steady jobs, they don't have that safety net. and so they have to go out on the street. they have to go out to work whether they like it or not. a lot of people have put it to us when we're talking to them. even i get coded, or i go or i die of hunger. so that's not a very palatable choice. to many people and it doesn't help to stop the sort of chain of infection. so many people having to go out another problem that's true for mexico and across the region as well. is health problems in mexico, 3 quarters of the population, the adult population suffer from obesity or being overweight. and that's echoed in several other countries in latin america. also a lot of diabetes, a lot of junk food being eaten in this region because it's cheaper basically than eating other food president and that,
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and those men will preserve the daughter met her has been criticized for several months, especially at the beginning of the pandemic. he was still hugging and kissing supporters not wearing a face mask. and i think a lot of people thought, well, if the country figureheads not taking this particularly seriously, why would the population do that? rallies have been taking place in cities across the world, calling for an end to sexual and gender based violence, but violence against women is being called the silent pandemic, especially in latin america, where lock downs have led to an increase in cases seen even reports from the chilean capital these women are chanting what has become an international feminist anthem? it's called a rapist in your path. it was 1st performed a year ago. here in chile to paris says it wasn't my fault or because of what i wore or where i was. the great
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beast is used all day long. there were performances and demonstrations to mark international day for the elimination of violence against women tend to thousands of chilean. women have been victims of gender violence in harris meant more often than not carried out with total impunity. these purchase represent victims of femicide, but today we have each other and we, today we have a movement that we have come to the table and have it never to be detained. things being the first of things. for years julian will into the back seat in the feminist movement, but not anymore. no, not allowed to go. we didn't talk about it before. how could we say that a cousin or a priest was doing something so awful to you? but that's changed dramatically thanks to the younger generation. these women are
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demanding protection and stronger penalties for domestic violence, rape, and sexual harris meant. but despite growing awareness, violence against women is on the rise, particularly domestic violence. and this has been put to a living extreme during the pandemic here and in practically all of latin america. and while the government and law makers promise that things would take action legislation that could make the difference continues to sit at the bottom of the pile. in part it's now in mexico 10 film. aside to permitted every day, women march to demand in the troop unity. everybody cornmeal also that i mean i live in fear of going out and never returning to live to see my mother and family. that's what living in mexico is like for a woman. yet from one end of latin america to the other, women are standing up to say enough's. you see in human al-jazeera, santiago, saddam's,
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former prime minister. so the day has died at the age of 85. he was being treated for krone virus at a hospital in the united arab emirates. monday was sudan's last democratically elected prime minister before a military coup led by bashir took over in 1989. well still ahead here on al-jazeera, protesters go into hiding after claiming getting his election was rigged. they say dozens have died in a rust. hundreds of people fill the streets of thailand's capital, taking a stand against the government. the moment they speak to the crowd, we've got some nasty weather now making its way across the southern parts of india . this is a severe cycle seem to become very severe cycle and winds over 140
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kilometers proud of that at its maximum intensity. that is around equivalent to a category one hurricane if it were in the atlantic storm surge, make major concern. coastal flooding on the cards over the next couple of days, and either the next 24 to 48 house, some parts could see maybe 200 to 300 millimeters of rain is making landfall in the next few hours just to the south, the chan i. and as we go through thursday that wetter weather will spread across a good parts of the dash, it'll make its way further west, which as we go on into where friday, and eventually it will drift out towards that western side of india through my heart, russia passing out into the open waters as we go on through the course of saturday, but red morning, same force for good parts of southern india. so widespread flooding. a major concern. on the other side of the arabian sea, we may will see some flooding into the middle east over the next day, or 2 as well. some wetter, whether they're just around northern parts of the region,
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cloud and rain into saudi arabia and wetter weather. also heading down towards kutta jump into this stream and julian on global community by their 1st city is biosecurity. it is that essential for our species to survive? be part of the debate. i know you have ideas and you too can be part of this conversation. when no topic is off the table, the complaints are not neutral and all of these cases goal here is to terrorize. and here's the other part of this. there's no consequence to this stream on out as they are
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talk about what your desire with me. so romney a reminder of our top story is u.s. president donald trump has pardoned his former national security advisor. michael flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. in 2017, during an investigation into russian meddling in the presidential election. argentina has declared 3 days of mourning for footballing legendarium, our donna has died at the age of 60 pounds in buenos aires have been celebrating the life of the man who led argentina to victory in the 1986 soccer world cup and the number of record coronavirus cases worldwide has surpassed 60000000 in the us 2400 people by the sea. 19 in the past 24 hours a 6 month haul. the bodies of 8 migrants have been recovered on spain's canary islands after their boat capsized on choose day. the boat was one of 17
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intercepted in the island's waters in just 24 hours. charlotte dallas has the story of how these migrants hit rocks and capsized off. lenzer wrote in spain's canary islands. they had travelled 1500 kilometers in a small fishing boat from north africa. was young mayne says out full of optimism to the tourists. paradise 8. drowned in the quest on tuesday. hundreds have suffered the same fate. in the last month. in 24 hours, 17 votes were intercepted off the canary islands, 450 people were rescued with the search continuing into the following day. more than 17000 migrants have arrived here this year. it's a 1000 percent spike on 2019. politicians blame the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. and opportunistic traffickers for the search. the italian and spanish prime ministers discuss the crisis on wednesday from the national border
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controls of the italian and spanish governments are a fish and an effect of the problem is what we do with these human beings that are trafficked by mafias. and that run the risk of dying in this case, for example, in the atlantic as a consequence of trying to reach the canary islands. the european union has struggled to come up with a plan which eases the burden on the mediterranean countries taking most of the strain we want to work so that the mechanism of responsibility at a european level is met with solidarity. and we need to work in order to have affective mechanisms on the european level, because it can't be the country of the 1st arrival that bears the burden of all the migratory flows. back on the canary islands shelves, a stretched beyond capacity. spain says it will provide more tents. hotels are being turned into temporary accommodation, but it's hard to keep up. more migrants have arrived in november than the last 4 years combined. charlotte ballasts al-jazeera. germany is extending coronavirus
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restrictions until late december. chancellor angela merkel says the infection rate remains too high awards. some measures could stay in place since january bars and restaurants are closed, but schools and some shops remain open. squaring will be mandatory in busy public areas. the u.k. is cutting billions of dollars from its overseas aid budget move branded by opposition m.p.'s as a moral failure. the government says it can no longer afford to meet its legal obligations because of the economic impact of the pandemic. i have listened with great respect to those who have argued passionately to retain this target. but at a time of unprecedented crisis, government must make tough choices. i want to reassure the house that we will continue to protect the world's poorest spending,
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the equivalent of 0.5 percent of our national income on overseas aid in 2021. allocating 10000000000 pounds at this pending review. the trial of a saudi woman rights activist has been transferred to a court dealing with terrorism related cases. jane was among a dozen activists arrested in 2018 and a q's don't harming saudi interests. have lose family and rights groups say she's been held in solitary confinement in assaulted while in prison. saudi officials have denied allegations of torture and been on hunger strike for the past month. linda maloof is a middle east research director for amnesty international. she says decisions in the jane lose case appear to have been made arbitrarily. you know, we're not in a position to speculate or to try and understand the actions of the self you for it goes without saying that it does not serve their purposes or their narrative or
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teams when the 1st ones and all the 50 year olds who have been or will fight and thinking he's been or they think this is no, there was no doubt very over the weekend. one percent things 1st. the initial ways that the defense and the women's activists built the most pressure in the past 2 years. we are hoping that this practice with us or seems to be unconditional to be so if we're going to this end of the scene today, but we are not in the position to speculate. we're only hoping because we do see that from our sound points, this is ition the decisions of those or it's happened arbitrary so far. and there is no way for us to said what, what the outcome with what is that one thing
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or just as a band called cold on liking to give a payroll fortune of tens of billions of dollars. thousands of people have been running outside tollens biggest bank, which is my stand by the moment. protesters have broken a long standing to boot by criticizing the king mall from the capitol. so protesters resting on what has become an icon of this movement. the yellow duck. now they're protesting out from the sea and commercial bank headquarters here in bangkok. this was the 2nd choice of locations for this protest. it is a pinpointing the finances of the wealth of the king. this is something that they've really focused on in their overall movement. in fact, it's one of the 3 main demands that there's reform within the monarchy. they originally wanted to go to a very sensitive area, but the security footprint was such that they decided they needed to move it here
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to make their point. and they're making, making the point here because the king owns 23 percent, the largest shareholder in see him pushing back again, the headquarters right here. and it's also very different because if they were to have gone to that original location, the security around there was very, very, very tight. it could have been a much different scene than what we're seeing. and this is much more like a night market than a protest, but there have been speeches going after the king and his well $30000000000.00 it decimated. that is what he did. 2 years ago implemented in the past that gave him all the control of the crown's money. so that is something the protesters want over to. they want to go back to how it was before the panel decided what happens with the wealth of the crowd to put in the context that he has $30000000000.00, the queen of england has $500000000.00. so that's something that the protesters here want to change. they say probably the next 4 days are going to hold more protests, more general ideas of what they're looking to change. but again, tonight, here on wednesday, they're pinpointing it on the well. colombia's peace corps senior ministers to
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a public hearing over the deaths of 243 rebels have been killed since the government signed a peace accord in 26 has more from 3 ministers, the attorney general and other high level officials who were summoned for the 1st time. but in the end, mostly deputies arrived to respond to a question, killing the fighters in the country. and what can be done to protect them is being killed every 5 minutes, by no doubt. more than 240 former fighters have been killed since the story of the colombian peace deal. 4 years ago. hundreds more have been tracked and a worsening of security in areas will receive criminal groups fight for control of drug trafficking routes and other illegal activities. the court ordered the
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government to increase protective measures back in april, but the killings continued visibly emotional fark sen victorious. and dina said the government is to blame unfortunately, sort of being here celebrating the advances of concentrating peace. we are holding this hearing for the killings and prosecution of those who gave up their weapons. these are systematic killings, not isolated incidents. there are clear patterns from of the owner of the fledgling peace corps has been at odds with the right wing government of uganda. a critic of the peace accord, the judges repeatedly questioned the government about the lack of effective measures. but officials say there's, it's an uphill battle when they're not being killed due to the negligence of the state or its lack of concern. all x. fighters need to understand that we are doing everything we can, and we want to do more. there's much debate about this killing the ex-parte
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combatants and why the government things this, that these murders or not systematic in nature and respond to a number of both of them. but others are servers. things says that these killings instead show that the conflict in the country is not over. and instead it is simply mutated the unwillingness of the convent government to recognize the system and to society of the killings basically ignores other experiences of transition to peace around the world. in which this sadly is a common feature, and i believe it hampers the convience states' ability to provide the protection. the return of violence in many areas of colombia means that the spy accord, real peace in the country, remains elusive. anderson m.p.s. protesters of clashed with security forces in guinea after the opposition called for nationwide demonstrations against for the alpha condé. he was elected for
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a 3rd term last month, but the opposition says the poll was rigged. reports of dhaka in neighboring senegal. sheriff is in hiding, fearing for his life, the government accuses him of creating unrest at home as president of guinea's traders union. he's calling on commerce to seize in protest against what he describes as a fraudulent election in which president alpha condé won a 3rd mandate. abdullah has been living in neighboring senegal since last month's elections. i'm scared to go home to my own country where there are attacks and arbitrary arrests as trade union leader. i can't stand by and let this injustice take place and tolerate what is happening. the family of 68 year old ibrahima, so say he was tortured to death by security forces. after spending 3 weeks in police custody for protesting against victory. we were all there when security
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forces men carrying machetes and bats, and to the house. that's when we fled. the security forces are meant to protect us, not kill us. the protests are happening across the country with people calling for justice and defying a government ban on demonstration. human rights groups believe more than 50 people were either killed from bullet wounds or died in police custody. guinea security minister denies any wrongdoing accusing human rights groups of tarnishing his country's image. this is all fake news. there's an ongoing investigation. 20 of the p.c.'s have been made showing that bullets were not shot on people, but inserted in the bodies. it's just sponsible to say that the government does not care for the victims, and few is anger. since the presidential election guinea is on a high alert with security forces closing the land borders with neighboring countries, including senegal, home to a large guinea and community. and so trade between the 2 countries,
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they're stalling hundreds of thousands of guinea and are stranded here. unable to return home to a country where political violence is escalating sheriff abdullah hopes getting will eventually break free from alpha condé is rule and the police killings will stop. so he can finally return home. because hawke al-jazeera the car deserve means the whole wrong. a reminder of our top stories, u.s. president donald trump, has pardoned his former national security advisor. michael flynn, pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. and 2017, during an investigation into russian meddling in the presidential election. also in jordan has more from washington d.c. . this is something which started talking about nearly 9 months ago. this as.


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