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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2020 8:00am-8:31am +03

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iranians prepare to farewell the top nuclear scientist who was assassinated last week. we want to come all santamaria. this is the world news from al-jazeera to glenn forces that say they have shot down an ethiopian military plane a day after the prime minister declared victory in the region. also in the news u.s. president elect joe biden's, fractured his foot. hours after another contested state confirmed as the winner of the election indians farmers
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reject the government's offer the talks and threaten to intensify their protests against new farm. so ceremony is being held for iran's top nuclear scientist who was assassinated on friday, most in fact result is due to be laid to rest with iran's leaders blaming israel for the killing and vowing to retaliate. let's start with us a big following events from teheran today mourning. what's expected today? well, we understand the body of most in fact is that they would be brought here to the most of the many, the founder of the islamic republic on saturday. his body was taken to the holy city of the holy shrine yesterday. it was taken to the holy city of rome,
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and we understand it will be a quiet affair, partly because of the coronavirus pandemic. and partly because of security reasons, could be minister defense officials attending the and also other scientists who may not want to be seen on camera. but i think that part of it will be broadcast on state t.v. . but the questions about the security of the country continue yesterday. we had news agency that's linked to the revolutionary guard published version of events. they said that there were 3 security cause one security call went up ahead to scout the route and then there was a machine gun inside the pickup truck, the pickup truck that was remotely controlled, and that began to fire. the pickup truck was then blown up and that was the cause. and they said that there were no gunman. now, that is in stark contrast to what we heard. following the event state t.v. ran interviews with individuals. i said that they saw gunman and why we're hearing
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these version of events is because there are questions being asked about the security services. how this was allowed to happen. what exactly happened because there's one thing in the nation with so many individuals inside the country, but there's another thing getting away with it. and the intelligence ministry is yet to issue its report. its investigation, citizens in iran have received text messages with a new phone number for the intelligence ministry hotline if they see anything or find anything suspicious. so the question of the still being as the body of most and this lead scientist in iran is being buried today. as we understand said, i'm wondering about the feeling across iran. we saw earlier. i think it was saturday, actually, when the iranian parliament met and they were chanting death to america, they were chanting death to israel. is that anger reflected across the population in iran? well,
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there is considerable anger around what has happened now. iran is no stranger to assassinations. between 20120124 scientists were assassinated also at that time, israel was blamed. this is as a nation, has highlighted some of the political differences between the factions, hair, now yesterday, statements put forward in parliament, signed by most of the members, were they called upon the government to stop inspectors from the country. now if you look at the 2015 nuclear deal, what's pretty much, all that's left is those inspections. currently i.a.e.a. inspectors can visit iran's nuclear sites without any prior. notice now, we expect a motion to before parliament that will call in the government to stop those inspections. but also there is considerable anger conservatives in this country that feel that this idea of maximum restraint from the country or strategic
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restraint. that means holding back and waiting for president elect joe biden to come into office in the hope that the united states will rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal and lift those sanctions. policy hasn't worked, they want action, they fear that they feel that holding back has emboldened iran's enemies and allowed for brazen attacks like this. we also heard considerable anger from foreign minister zarif and the european union issued a statement saying that all parties should show restraint and again, calling on iran to show restraint and said it's shameful that no one's condemning terrorism and yet asking for restraint. so we're still waiting to see what iran's response will be. yes, there is considerable anger and calls on the establishment here to do something in tehran. we'll talk to you again later on as we wait for this funeral ceremony to begin for iran's top nuclear scientist sasson ated on friday. his funeral due to
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happen today. monday on to other news and a day after ethiopia's prime minister claimed victory in the to grow region leaders of the to ground forces. so they shot down a military plane and captured the pilot. the t.p.a. left told reuters the pilot was on a mission to bomb the area when the plane was shot down in fighting the government troops there for 3 weeks and say they've retaken the northern town of oxen. meanwhile, state media says at least 70 graves have been found in the ticket in town of matter . more from malcolm weapon, this report. ethiopian government soldiers took the city of the kelly, regional capital of the grey without much fighting. there enemy, it's a gray and people's liberation front appeared to have decided not to put up much resistance after taking full control of them a clearly our forces are now pursuing and hunting and to peace or elements here to
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new holes. the government says its forces now control of the region. ethiopian state, television showed weapons that is said the t.p.m. effort hidden in churches. but questions remain, where are all the t.p.s. fighters and substantial stocks of military hardware. and is it equipped to fight an insurgency? as it did once before, successfully in the 1970, s. and eighty's, its leaders have said it will keep fighting. ethiopia's government says it no longer has popular support this so the war fare component of this is part of their history that they have enjoyed with all guards. and so when there isn't popular support for this kind of thing within the region, prime minister abu ahmed came to power 2 years ago, taking over from nearly 30 years of t.p.m. left dominated rule reforms introduced, have reopened old conflicts. ethiopia has seen growing tensions between the peoples
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of its various regions and the federal government. the concern is that on some of these issues of autonomy, so after examination of the people, there is actually quite a lot of support for that. despite growing concerns about the party, more than 40000, people have fled to neighboring sudan. some of them say they don't feel safe to go home as long as federal government forces are in control. the government says its military operation is over. many others fear the conflict may have only just begun . malcolm webb al-jazeera, of course, tens of thousands of people displaced by the fighting and taken refuge in camps in neighboring sudan. mohammad valve has been speaking with some gallery of state, but this is the companies just one of 4 refugee camps that have been constructed in order to receive those thousands of refugees fleeing the war in ethiopia. some of
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them have not yet been registered in this camp. we are told that there are already 10000 people and more are coming. the numbers have dropped during the last few days . we don't know if that's because the fighting has subsided to some extent or because the roads are blocked and that's not something that's what some of the refugees are telling us. however, the news of the fall of the capital in the hands of the federal military is not reassuring among these refugees. we ask them if they want to go back home, but they say it's not your time to return home. we don't want to go back because we so the administration of met he has slowed a lot of digging, a speaker with the help of everything and government we have made in not elected by the people. he's a soldier, he's a soldier. he's not nominated by the people. that's why we don't want to be killed
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. we don't want to go back and kill hundreds of the people, the power to the people. we don't care of in addis ababa. we don't care in on her region. we are just, we need dr. deborah. he is elected by the people. it's been 3 weeks since this people began to arrive here. and as you can see, they are in need of many things. they are talking about shortage of food shortage of even shelter. this is not just the way they spent the days, but also this is where they sleep. many of them tell us they don't even have mats to sleep on. the united nations and other n.g.o.s are around there trying to help. but they know that it is a developing situation and they're telling us that this situation will get worse before it gets better to nigeria, where the u.n. says at least 110 civilians have been killed and many injured in attacks on 2 villages in the northeast. it is believed boko her arms behind the attack. security
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forces are looking for dozens more villages who are missing. many of them women support from a butcher with and interests. they're troubled more than a 1000 kilometers to find jobs in one of the most dangerous places to live and work in nigeria. they ended up in the hands of and then slaughtered 43 pickton's laid to rest in the cemetery. but never seen anything like this in my life. you can see 43 dead bodies here up to now the somebody yet to be recovered from the bush. indeed, it is a frightening situation. a search is being carried out for dozens of others who are missing, but most are presumed dead. 60 five's are being treated in hospital for serious injuries. the state governor is turning to look to close for help. we shall ensure more recruitment of civilian j.t. and more hunters so that our people will take the fight to all the nooks and
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crannies of this area. the farm workers will contract to, to harvest crops, some 25 kilometers away from the city of my degree. the men out there were killed to suggest they attack us or careful not to attract attention. but last month the armed group killed $22.00 farmers in 2 separate attacks outside the regional capital in a degree. the president has issued a statement condemning the recent attack, but after a decade of such raids by boko haram and the ongoing ethnic violence kidnappings under robberies. many nigerians say the government is not doing enough to protect the united nations resident representative issued a statement condemning the attack saying many women had also been abducted. an estimated 36000 nigerians have been killed by book was over the past 11 years. and more than 2 and a half 1000000 have been displaced. and this month
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went well. for many years, the nigerian government has been claiming victory of a book. but the armed group continues to attack both civilian and military targets was devastating results. this latest is one of the worst since the start of the book quote, i mean surrogacy that was launched 12 years ago and has now spread to neighboring chad cameroon, and the ship, where thousands of civilians and security personnel killed 70 priest al jazeera. but of us political news, medical news to start with in fact, us president elect joe biden, being treated for a fractured foot a day before he is to receive his 1st presidential briefing. this was the 78 year old at a clinic where he had next rain, a c.t. scan. this is just as his victory in the state of wisconsin was confirmed. there
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was a recount of the 2 biggest counties, and it found no evidence of fraud. and it has been pushing ahead with his transition plans. unveiling his white house communications team, mike hanna, has more on that from washington. it's now been confirmed that president elect biden actually fractured his ankle while playing in his garden with his 2 dogs, major, and champion. his position says that he'll be in a boot for a number of weeks. so joe biden limping along, but is administration is not, it's going a pace with more appointments being announced in the course of the day. joe biden has announced his communications staff to sure operate in the white house, and that's headed by gender sarky, a highly respected communications professional. she worked as the white house communications director in the obama administration. she will head a team of 6 within the communications department, all of whom are women for the 1st time in u.s.
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history. the communications team will be staffed entirely by women. putting out a tweet pointing out too that all 6 have young children. so it will be a very different white house and a biden. it would appear certainly from a communications point of view biden's receiving the personal daily brief. this is the intelligence information given to the president supposedly every day. although many reports indicate that president trump has not been receiving the daily briefing in recent days, president trump himself continues to insist that there was fraud in the election. he's repeated these allegations without providing any form of evidence whatsoever. we'll update the headlines in a moment and then the deadly attack in afghanistan targets an army base. dozens have been killed and police in argentina raided the home and office of dr. part of an investigation into the football legend. death.
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how the immediate risk of flash flooding is more or less gone away, and that's of course a fairly common occurrence of thunderstorms in the arabian peninsula. but there's still this blue line wandering around and a new super 2 showers in riyadh, possibly in bahrain, the heading back up again to q 8, which had flash flooding days ago from the say for the same reason, the heaviest stuff appears to be the western side of saudi and again, good sunday storms could produce flash flooding here in this mountainous ground. iran though the scene, the weather improved greatly in the last 24 hours or so still got showers forming in cyprus, sudden turkey easily on the high ground. also, aleppo is going to be snow rather than rain. now, given the onset of the northeast monsoon, we have an influence in the whole of africa. a bit more right now,
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also likely in this time, but in the same area where the cycling past rain seems like the for mogadishu looks dry, in fact, much dryer. now in kenya an evening in uganda, throughout the rift valley, there's an increase in the likelihood of fairly heavy, right and in tanzania too. it looks fairly wet. that line, if you take it along, unless you takes us to can show us, are also wet. but maybe more welcome rain is to be seen further size, where this line is moving up into mozambique for eventually malawi. but for me out here in london, broke out 10 tactile. you special get in conversation. when you say a lie a 1000000 times, that becomes you then can create whatever narrative you want, unprompted uninterrupted, and i realized i was working for telling those evil, you know, being a part of that recreating at maria. let them eat christopher. while the death of
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journalism is only the 1st signal for the death of democracy, a studio to be unscripted on al-jazeera top stories this hour on al-jazeera. the preparations underway for the burial of iran's top nuclear scientist who was killed on friday. muslim factories are those due to be laid to rest in the coming hours with iran, blaming israel for the assassination. to go on forces, say they have shot down an ethiopian military plane and captured the pilot day after the prime minister declared victory in the region. meanwhile, state media says at least 70 graves have been found in the tinkering town of matter . and 110 civilians have been killed in northeast nigeria,
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the un's describing it as a gruesome massacre of farmers tending their crops beyond group boko haram is suspected of being behind this deadly attack. the deadliest attack in borno state. this india now and the farmers who are protesting there have not rejected the government's offer to hold talks amid anger over new agricultural laws. some of the thousands of farmers there who've been protesting camping out on highways near new delhi blocking major roads. the government wants them to move to a designated protest site, but the farmers have refused and say they will continue their demonstrations over the legislation. they say it'll hurt their crop prices and leave them vulnerable. let's get an update with liz with following the story from new delhi. what's expected to
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thousands of farmers remain camped out on the key border crossings, heading into the indian capital at the moment, there in 3 border crossings. and we've heard from farmers unions who are saying that they are planning on blocking 5 border crossings. as you mentioned, they have rejected the offer of the home minister for immediate talks because they've refused to go to those grounds on the outskirts of the capital. they are planning to cause as much disruption as possible to traffic by blocking highways until the government either repealed these laws or offers to talk to them with no conditions. and we are expecting more farmers to join those who have already created temporary settlements on the highways. they have converted hundreds of their vehicles into temporary homes that they're staying in. and while most of the farmers so far have been from the states of punjab and haryana, we're seeing more and more farmers coming from the states of and with that of
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cotton. and we're expecting celebrations today. and that is because most of the farmers so far from the state of punjab and they are predominantly from the religion and today is the birthday of the founder of the religion. good in our nic . we had meetings last night between the president of the country's ruling bite at the party, along with the defense minister, the home minister and the agriculture minister too. and that gives you an idea of just how serious a challenge these protests are to the government there. the biggest protests that we have seen this year, and we are waiting to hear what if anything, will come out of those meetings of the new delhi and was pretty good. afghanistan, now at least $31.00 afghan soldiers have been killed in a suicide bombing in the province. one of the worst attacks there in recent months, health officials say another $24.00 were injured and no group has claimed
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responsibility. this report. manley, it was that this compound in eastern ghastly province where an attack and detonated a car full of explosives. afghan security forces have their base here. officials say the explosion damaged the 1000000000 homes around the compound. to conduct when the explosion happened near an army command, a base, the number of casualties is unclear, but there are casualties. they've been transferred to the hospital, a small amount of the most want to start the afghan people's enemies wanted to attack with a car bomb. but our forces stopped them. their 1st shot at all watchman and killed them. but before they could reach the targets a car bomb exploded. in violence comes as afghan government representatives and the taliban are holding their 1st facelift. in qatar. they're aiming to strike a deal to end the decades of conflict. since the taliban was toppled from power in
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the us that invasion in 2001. there is, has always been a consideration, a concern that there will be splendid groups within the girl about what, not happy with the peace process. and they want to be kind of on government and steve or beat everything that they have been able to push. the americans across the u.s. is also pushing to end its longest war. in 2 months time, its promise with 2 or 2 and a half 1000 of its soldiers from afghanistan, and many u.s. bases, it be handed over by the afghan army. but that's due to happen during a very violent here. the u.n. says nearly $6000.00 afghan civilians were killed or wounded in the 1st 9 months of 2020. it says the taliban was responsible for 45 percent of civilian casualties. government troops for 23 percent. and with many hoping that
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a deal would put an end to the violence. the u.n. says it's reaching near record levels. you're about among the al-jazeera senior white house adviser, jared kush and i will report of the travel to saudi arabia and qatar in the coming days. and a trip believed to be aimed at resolving the dispute between the 2 countries. this comes amid tensions in the region following the killing of an iranian scientist. we told you about that earlier and also just weeks left in the trump administration. ramakrishnan his team of help negotiate deals with sudan behind the u.a.e. to normalize their relations with israel. some thoughts from sigurd, who is a middle eastern gulf specialist and wrote the book, the gulf region, and israel struggles new alliances. he told us there are indications a resolution between qatar and its neighbors could be possible. surrogates close to the saudi royal family have said publicly that prince mama, no saudi arabia wants to quote, give the resolution to go as
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a gift to the incoming biden administration. so this is positive rhetoric in the community and diplomatic sources that i have talked to over the past several months . all point to that, the resolution this would incite, of course, we don't know whether or not the resolution today crisis will be solved before trump leaves office or immediately after biden takes office. so that is the question mark is, is really not if, but when the crisis between qatar and its neighbors was a manufactured crisis, it was a crisis that was based on the false allegations that and all these, all these allegations have been proved to be on true and in did it, community understands that now? so was the question is really how do you get that back in order? so this is really a matter of semantics, but i think that also because jared herschel, as we know, has such
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a close relationship with prince mohammed, i'm sorry, best that he can really lean on this saudi crown prince and say, you know, what now is the time to close ranks, we're seeing iran becoming much more unstable after the assassination of the a nuclear scientists. the now is really due to unify washington's gulf partners. some corona virus updates for you. now the top infectious disease expert in the u.s. has warned americans to brace for a surge upon surge of covert $9000.00 infections during the holiday season. the u.s. reported more than 150000 cases on saturday, as millions of people visited their families for thanksgiving. dr anthony felt she says it was an ominous trend head of christmas and new year travels next month. some schools in new york city will resume in person classes on monday, despite surging coronavirus infections. elementary schools and kindergarten will be the 1st to reopen. mayor bill de blasio says students will undergo random weekly
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tests. this is all this in 2 weeks after schools were forced to close because of rising infections. diego maradona's doctor has denied medical negligence, contributed to the death of the argentine football. legend, police in buenos aires raided the home and office of dr. leopold and is part of an investigation into involuntary manslaughter. died of a heart attack on wednesday. the support from diego maradona may be dead, but the controversy which always surrounded him lives on police in buenos aires have raided the home and office of the doctor who treated the former footballer for the past 4 years. but if you want to go, it would be good if you ask the other doctors, because as i said, i am not responsible for everything. i am responsible because there is outrageous talk that i let it out. but i was the one who took diego to the hospital, where did they lose the sight of that?
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in a 3 hour search, they took medical records laptops, a mobile phones, investigating a possible case of negligence and the charge of involuntary manslaughter. dr. luke, shaken by the raid, spoke to the media shortly afterwards. in order to me, there is no medical negligence, not even what they say about his illness. diego had an event that would cause a heart attack or 2 occasions with his characteristics, which is the most common thing for a patient to die. like, i mean, regrettably, it was a fact that could have happened before or afterwards. marijuana died last wednesday, aged 60 from a heart attack. it had surgery 3 weeks earlier, to remove a blood clot from his brain. this after years of drug abuse and subsequent health problems. argentina declared 3 days of national mourning and tens of thousands paid their last respects to the man they consider the best footballer who have a kick to diego. maradona meant so much to so many people. some don't seem ready
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just yet to let him rest in peace. the morning goes on, so too does the analysis of what he achieved on the pitch. and the often controversial lie. he led off it is there was much around the world by both fans and the footballers he inspired. but it was especially poignant in the southern italian city of naples where marriage on a plate for 8 years inspiring them to 2 league titles, a new wave, but his death closed the latest chapter in the often controversial life of diego. armando matter, donna, but it seems another is a need just began than usual in their al-jazeera, one of cyrus at least 13 parties in new zealand have been charged over the deaths of $22.00 people in a volcanic eruption last year. several were injured as well in that event on why thailand, officials have been investigating why tourists were taken on to the active volcano . after the eruption alert level had been raised, 10 organisations and 3 individuals are facing fines of up to
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a $1000000.00. and an out of control bushfires burnt, a 3rd of australia's world heritage listed fraser, island firefighters, say extreme warm weather will continue to found that fire only spring in australia now, but several states of long record high temperatures. already dozens of fires are already burning around new south wales. where of course communities were devastated by deadly bushfires last year. so these are the headlines this hour on al jazeera preparations underway for the burial of iran's top nuclear scientist who was killed on friday. there was due to be laid to rest in the coming hours. iran blames israel for the assassination and his guards to retaliate or from us had begun to run. we understand the body of most and for his that they would be brought here to, to herat to the most of the.


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