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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 1, 2020 12:00am-1:01am +03

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the republican party, the weekly take on us politics at the bottom of al-jazeera alone. barbara sarah, this is the al-jazeera news hour live from london. thank you for joining us, coming up in the next 60 minutes. as surging corbet 1000 cases overwhelm hospitals around america, more during the becomes the 2nd u.s. drug maker to seek emergency approval for its vaccine. president elect joe biden, meanwhile unveils the team that he hopes will help him lead the u.s. out of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic. if yo p.s.
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prime minister tells parliament the military did not kill a single civilian in almost 4 weeks of fighting in the northern region. and around stop nuclear scientist is buried in tehran, amid accusations that israel killed him using a remote controlled machine gun in school formula. one driver follows his new documents escape after a huge crash at sunday's bahrain grand prix. us drugmaker modern a has announced. it's asking american and european regulators for emergency approval for its covert 1000 vaccine on monday. this past corona virus cases continue to rise steadily across the u.s. . well, during the says its final trial results confirm its more than 90 4 percent effective
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. it's just a week behind fines are fueling hopes that the u.s. could have to approve the vaccines by the end of the year. but public health experts say the country should be preparing for a surge in cases after the thanksgiving weekend. a rise that's coming too soon for either vaccine to slow. nearly 139000 new infections were confirmed on sunday and 826. that's well, the u.s. health secretary says if everything goes to plan federal approval for vaccines could be granted in the coming weeks with pfizer, with the f.d.a. announced an advisory committee for december the 10th. and if everything is on track, everything proves out what, what it appears to be. we could be looking at approval within days after that midair knows basically one week behind that and general permit his from operation work speed that will ship within 24 hours of f.d.a. authorization. so we could be seeing both of these vaccines out and getting into
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people's arms before christmas television joins us live now from the white house, allan. so i guess it's on that i believe good news, or potentially good news that there could be 2 vaccines. but the question is, how many would be available in the 1st wave? is there any indication of that coming from the administration? well, they're hoping their own $20000000.00 vaccinations might be available in the run up to the end of the year. the priority would obviously be health care workers, then you're talking about nursing homes, not just the residents, but also the staff are working there and then frontline workers getting the vaccine . me seem relatively easy when it comes to the next stage, which is of course, getting the vaccine to people and getting into people's arms. and already we're seeing from one government watchdog saying that 17 states believe that there could be greatly or completely concerned about supplies. so they may well have the vaccine, but the difficulty might be that they don't have the needles to inject it,
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or they don't have the syringes to inject it. so all of these logistical problems have to be addressed before people can start saying, well, this is good news. they're hoping december 21st might be the day that we start seeing people being vaccinated, which is an incredible amount of time given that the vaccine really only started to get public awareness back in march. so you're talking about $45.00 times quicker than any vaccine in medical history. so that is quite incredible. but of course there's a big job to be done after that 20000000 in the initial stages. and then the drug companies are hoping that somewhere between 500000000 and 1000000000 people will be vaccinated in 2021. it's a hope, it's a realistic hope they think. but there's still a long way to go. and there allan just talk us through how bad the situation is, right now in the u.s., i guess, earth now and potentially how bad it could be until rigs, because the u.s. is just hard thanksgiving returned. and you've got to remember the thanksgiving is
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the big travel holiday here in the united states. more people tend to travel on thanksgiving than they do at christmas or new year. and the experts are deeply worried that what has happened over the last few days because you have travel in the run up to thanksgiving on thursday. and then sunday is another big travel day with people going back home. it may just have ceded a significant problem in the next 10 to 12 to 14 days more states across the united states. in fact, 49 of them are reporting that the problems are expected to continue to get washed with washington state saying it's in a really critical condition. just in the last few minutes we've heard from gavin newsome who's the governor of california saying that over the next couple of days they might reintroduce, stay at home orders, that there is a problem there. they're also suggesting that hospitals across california could well be in a situation where the breaking point and there are a number of states that are in a similar position. even if you think of somewhere small in north dakota,
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which doesn't have a huge population. but the hospitals there have a real problem and you remember that north dakota was the place where the bullet struck, that's where people went there because of the expertise there and they're seeing that they are having real difficulty as well. so this isn't just isolated to the big states like california and new york. this is across the entire country. an egg spares, are deeply what he did, but what you might see in the run up to christmas. so good news on one hand, yet they have a vaccine that hoping to get out before december the 25th, but also a real problem that could be brewing in the next couple of weeks with this thanksgiving holiday. seeing a significant outbreak right across the united states, which of course will be amplified by the fight is a lot colder here. no, and that means people are spending a lot. 'd more time indoors and that means a lot more exposure for people who could well come down with this virus. absent parent, fresh air regulations that are outside the white house. and as always thanks will.
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well, he may be hobbling after fracturing his foot, but u.s. president elect joe biden is moving full steam ahead with the transition to his administration. on monday he receives his 1st daily security briefing and he unveiled his picks for 5 key economic positions. it's being described as the most diverse white house economic team in history. biden has nominated former federal reserve chair janet yellen to the post of treasury secretary and wally of the yaml, who will be the 1st black deputy treasury secretary, rumors of yellin support, and contributed to the dow jones, reaching a record high of $30000.00 last week. so who exactly is janet yellen? well, the former federal reserve chair made history as the 1st woman to lead the u.s. central bank. she took over in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, and unemployment fell steadily during her tenure. if confirmed a should also be the 1st woman to lead the treasury department in its 231 year
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history. the 74 year old is respected on both sides of the political aisle and on wall street. investors see her as someone likely to increase spending to lift the country out of its coronavirus induced recession. of course a solution joins us live now from what wilmington in delaware. as so kristen, what is the secret army team say about what biden's approach is likely to be when we see him following through on a campaign commitment to have a government that looks more like the people it represents. we've heard echoes of that commitment and statements made by janet yellen talking about bringing back the american dream for all americans. i think it's safe to interpret that as a commitment to raising wages and reducing inequality for americans. but janet yellen is walking into a very difficult situation as is the rest of the team. the economic outlook for the
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united states right now is about as gloomy as the weather here. and wilmington, delaware, the jobs situation is pretty dire. we've got more than 12000000 americans unemployed . many of them are due to see their unemployment benefits and at the end of the year, because there's been no agreement from congress on the other a deal. we know that job growth is slowing. it was picking up a bit over the summer months as businesses were reopening, but now we're seeing a surge in corona virus infections around the country and. and that is really, really taking a toll. of course, janet yellen is no stranger to economic challenges. she served under barack obama. however, when she was the head of the federal reserve, in 2008, obama had just come into power sweeping to power. with a decisive victory, you had democrats in control of the house democrats in control of the senate. now
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we have a much more divided congress. democrats have control of the house. they could eat back control of the senate based on a special election in georgia and january. but even if they do, their majority will be so small that they're really going to have to work with the other side of the aisle work across the aisle in order to get any kind of a relief bill passed. and so far we've seen yelland predecessor, steve, just unable to do that so she will have a very tough task ahead. but clearly we're seeing this commitment to try to make things better for all americans coming from the, by the campaign. chrysalis me with the latest, from wilmington, in the where? kristen, thank you. well, robert scott is a senior international economist at the economic policy institute who has worked with 2 of biden's nominees and he joins us now from maryland in the us via skype. sir. thank you for joining us here on al-jazeera. so you 2, you know 2 of them,
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but more generally, what is your reaction to to the team that biden has appointed today? well, it's overwhelmingly positive. this is a strong team. i think it's been well accepted by both conservative and liberal economists. they're clearly targeted very precisely on unemployment and the state of the economy. economic recovery is going to be job one for this team. and i think they're all well qualified for it. i mean, it is a pretty unprecedented economic situation, not just for the us, but really for the world. so what do you think specifically, is it that makes this team well qualified and how do you think they're going to handle it? well, each of them brings to the table a different set of expertise and tools. they're all well trained in labor economics, though, of course janet yellen is, has got a background in banking and monetary theory. but just on the economics team,
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you know, cecilia rouse to share as specializes in education and training. so that's going to be a key part of the development plan. jared bernstein is a specialist in jobs and wages. and that's going to be essential we need, as you said, at least 12000000 jobs to get out of this recession and heather bushay has focused on inequality in her work, and especially on delivering the social programs such as childcare and support for families. so each of them will take a different part of the labor market. all of them together, i think will come up with plans and programs to get the economy back on its feet. and of course of the most well known name there janet yellen, former federal reserve chair. why do you think that she is the right pick for the job? i have. well, she's just incredibly experience. she's been the head of the council of economic
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advisors and a chairman of the federal reserve bank in san francisco and of the of the fed itself. and she just brings to the table a wealth of both goodwill and experiences as was noted in your earlier report, stock markets stored on the announcement of her appointment. so i don't think there's any controversy there either. she's well accepted by wall street and should have no trouble getting approved. but the key thing is, in her past job, she's been focused on monetary policy, keeping interest rates and unemployment low. now at treasury, she's going to have to focus on rebuilding the economy, creating jobs, and putting people back to work. i think she has the skills for both. this is about fiscal policy. for marilee, a treasury robert scott, senior international economist at the economic policy institute. joining us from maryland, sir, thank you for sharing your views and knowledge with us. thank you. thank you for
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staying in the u.s. . arizona has become the latest state to certify its election result, confirming president elect joe biden as its winner. meanwhile, the republican secretary of state from georgia, has criticized people for pushing misinformation concerning the election that both misled president trump and his supporters. it is complete. everyone in georgia will be able to have even more confidence in the results of our elections, despite the massive amount of misinformation that is being spread by dishonest emotions, of many troops, supporters with fantastic claims, half truths, misinformation. and frankly, they are misleading the president as well. coming up on this news hour from london migrants the census, and the new supreme court make up why this combination could impact the u.s. house of representatives. after mass protests,
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the french government says it will rewrite a bill that curb the right to film police officers in action. and in sports, we're going to hear from the liverpool player who says technology is turning fans and players. for the u.s. secretary of state has urged ethiopia's prime minister to bring a complete end to the fighting in the northern t great region in a phone call. my phone, peo urged to hold a constructive dialogue with the to gradients to resolve the crisis. have you ordered a military offensive on the northern region more than 3 weeks ago, accusing t. gray's leaders of attacking federal forces. earlier he told the parliament that government forces have not killed a single civilian during the conflict, and they insist that the army will not the story, the regional capital back in the after capturing it on saturday. but the t.v.
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great people's liberation front says that there is still fighting government soldiers near the city. hundreds of people have died, and 21000000 have been displaced by the fighting. that another person to get. the most important, every target has been signed and approved. the house can see that every missile launched is backed by a signature of authority. 99 percent of them hit their targets and 99 percent of them didn't have collateral. no country's army can show this kind of performance. our army is disciplined and victorious. they said you will destroy mckelway and so on. a regular is ours. it was build with our own resources. we are not going to destroy it. not even a single person was affected by the operation. well, malcolm webb is following events for from nairobi. he says the claims and counterclaims are difficult to verify because communications in the regions have
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been cut off for weeks. the government has said that its forces controlled all of the gray region ever since it took the regional capital city of micheli on saturday . prime minister, the ammeters told members of parliament that the government forces didn't kill a single civilian in their operations. the t.t.l. less leaders are contradicting these claims. they say that many civilians were killed in government airstrikes, something that the government denies. and the t.p.s. leaders of also said that they shot down one of those military planes that they've taken back one of the towns within the vicinity of mackellar and also that they're fighting on all fronts. the prime minister spoke person refuted these claims as delusional. but without journalists or humanitarian workers having much access to the region, athol and with the phone lines in the internet, cut off very difficult to verify any of these claims. but the red cross has said that in the city of macquarie,
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about 80 percent of the people in the hospitals have trauma injuries. they didn't say how the people got those injuries. but they did say that there's a serious shortage of medical supplies needed to treat them. and also a shortage of body bags. more than 40000 refugees have fled across the border from t. grey into sedan. mohammad viles reports from one of the main refugee camps on efforts to help the children there. it's there's no blackboard or charcoal notebooks, but there's a sparkle of hope in the eyes of these young, a choking refugees, trying to start a new life. amid the toughest of conditions, the makeshift school at the on barack obama camp is sponsored by the norwegian, their futures council. one of the things we're trying to do is to help give them a sense of normalcy. but a sense of stability. by setting up some temporary learning spaces so they can have some classes every day, something to do,
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but also something to learn from in this really chaotic period of their life. so far we set up 10 classes, 2 shifts a day. we hope that is about a 100 children that we can help in the 1st instance. there's probably going to be a few 1000 children already. there's an estimated 3000 children in this camp. many of them had their education disrupted when fighting broke out between the chopping, federal army and the ukraine people's liberation front. a few weeks ago, they were forced to flee with their families, relief agencies speak of a number of unaccompanied children in need of special care. some are showing signs of trauma, others are barely coping with the sudden change in their lives. some have had it even worse. the letter sultan hasn't been able to find any trace of his wife and 2 young daughters. since the 1st raids on the to grain town of hormel by the sudanese
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border a few weeks ago, a little i'm a little thin animal. i just couldn't find them. they could be dead or alive, but there's no idea what happened to them. i was not home when the attack took place, people fled in every direction, they could, my family is gone. we're still at the camp and yes, suddenly it looks like an old place. its history repeating itself. because back in, the 1980 s. this building served as a school for some of them asked child refugees. in the 1980 s. refugees came here, fleeing a famine that coincided with and resulted from years of fighting between 2 great rebels and the central government of former communist dictator, mengistu, haile mariam. the animosity that conflict had created still lingers. today, here in the camp degrees are teaching their children in english not heard, which is the main official language of the federal republic of each o.p.o. . a sign of the mom of tosca hope for prime minister. in his effort to restore
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national unity, 1010 or more who will feed, you can't really sudanese border with european another 33 people have been buried following a massacre on 2 villages in northeastern nigeria, a delegation from the senate has visited borno state, where the farm workers were attacked in rice fields on saturday, the un says at least 110 civilians were killed and many more injured. 43 workers were buried on sunday boko haram is suspected of being behind the attacks. nearly 2 and a half 1000000 people have been displaced by more than a decade or violence in the village. several people have been injured during a rally in support of uganda's opposition presidential candidate bobby wine. demonstrators clashed with police on the outskirts of the capital, kampala, earlier police fired tear gas at wine and his supporters as they travelled to the rally. the pop star turned politician is hoping to unseat the longtime president,
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was 70 in january selection, but wind has accused police of frustrating his campaign. dozens of his supporters were killed earlier this month during protests after one was arrested for allegedly violating coronavirus restrictions. a senior iranian security official has accused israel of using remote controlled weapons to kill its not top nuclear scientists, most set of factories. they died in hospital on friday after his car was ambushed at his funeral. iran's security chief also blamed an iranian opposition group. unfortunately, this was a very complicated assassination, was carried out remotely over electronic devices and no one was present at a scene. but there are some clues we realize the person who apparently sesame, of course, the national council of resistance to ron, have a large part. and of course, the criminal part of this incident is designed his regime and must add several
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countries that can then the assassination. while iran itself is vowing revenge. there was laid to rest at a state dinner in the capital as they are such a boring now reports. a state farewell for one of the most important figures in iran's defense ministry. mohsen factories are the who is 63 years old. was remembered at a small ceremony in the grounds of the ministry on monday factories, others funeral was attended by some of iran's highest ranking officials, including the head of the country's atomic energy organization, the head of the revolutionary guards. and this man, the intelligence minister, who now has the job of finding out how fast was that it was killed. the scientists convoy of vehicles came under attack in up a sart, just east of tehran. on friday. he was taken to hospital where he died. factories that they had been on the un security council list of sanctions individuals. iran
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had never allowed him to be interviewed by the international atomic agency. his whereabouts were always kept secret, and he has survived a previous assassination attempt. president hassan rouhani was not at the funeral, but he has blamed israel for the assassination. a charge israel denies. iran's defense minister says justice will be done. mo, had flung general york court, we will pursue the criminals to the end of the perpetrators of this crime. will be punished, the phone governments and international organizations who refused to condemn this act of terrorism will see the consequences of their crimes. the father of 3 was gunned down in front of his wife, and the attackers have not yet been caught. this fascination is seen as an alarming security breach inside iran, and there is debate within the country as to what the response should be. iran's allies are urging restraint. it's not the 1st time iranian nuclear scientists have
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been targeted, but it is the 1st in the past 8 years and factories out. it wasn't just the nuclear scientists. he was also the head of research and innovation at the defense ministry, which means he played a crucial role in iran's ballistic missile program. many here believe that the death of factories or that could play a crucial role in how iran might deal with the incoming biden ministration. united states in the coming weeks. while the conservative voices in the country are demanding a tough response, it is ultimately up to the country's supreme leader, ayatollah khomeini. to decide on how to proceed. and this is the 2nd time this year that the country has been mourning the death of a high ranking official, the death of major general patton salomon in january. and now, friday, make it very clear that the road ahead continues to be a tumultuous one for one year. there was such a party out of their own. france's government has dropped a controversial draft law that would restrict the publishing of images of police.
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the bill sparked large protests on saturday, fueled by anger over a video of police beating a black man in paris. michel's eclair needed stitches after officers attacked him in his music studio. critics of the law say it could prevent such incidents from being exposed. a new version of the bill will be submitted while the cash butler is in paris for us and says it's not clear if the move will actually appease protesters. it's clear, the government has been forced to make a concession because m.p.'s have said that they are going to rewrite the controversial clause in their planned new security law. now this clause is controversial because what it does is it would crack down on people's ability to publish air broadcast, images of police officers on duty. the government says that that would help protect the identity of police officers who have to do difficult work. but opponents of
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this clause say that it is an erosion of press freedoms that is an erosion of the right to inform of people's right of expression. and that without images of police officers on duty, police will not be able to be accountable for their actions at a time where we're seeing several officers being accused of police brutality, especially over the past few days. now the governments of course, forced to make a concession, i can say that, but on the other hand, i think it's really important to keep it in perspective. because over the last few days the government has indicated it might rewrite the article of this clause. but what does rewrite mean? no one has actually made that very clear. and i think what many people who are watching this very closely say is that the problem is that most people who are against the many politicians on all sides of the spectrum really. and protesters, tens of thousands of them who are in the streets on saturday. what they want is the
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government to just withdraw this article altogether. there's lots more still to come in this news hour. it should be totally ashamed. australia demands an apology after senior chinese officials post a fake image depicting an australian soldier, killing an afghan child. touching down for a new life income bode well for pakistan's elephant on a day, he will never forget and in sport find out why this n.f.l. team ran out of water ahead of their latest gave and we will be here with that story and more
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the stormy weather in the eastern med, as you can see in the satellite, picture is slowly subsiding in drifting eastwards through cyprus towards levant and east and south turkey. as a bit of a talkative northerly wind down through central you. this is tuesday's forecasts. the wind is strong, but of course it's pushing with it cloud, rain and some snow protected for the alps there west of that and circulating off the coast of portugal. that's finally going offshore, taking its rain with it so we can almost get about it. the majority of europe, eastern europe, is seeing slight improvement from the overcast foggy conditions, a bit of sunshine showing ssri. now forecast wise geneva represents what's happening in switzerland. so sunny or some snow showers, turning back to glue, but how we get to thursday, which is the norm, to be honest. in kiev snow is falling, but again, the end result is cloudy and cold weather. once that cold meets the mediterranean, again, we're generating on wednesday
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a circulation which would be storms all the way. probably from the north, a large area through italy, snow on the epidural and snow on the alps, a significant snow, but quite likely flash floods again from these slow moving thunderstorms in italy. but dissecting the headlines in the midst of a pandemic. let's start with some of the on the ground realities affecting the news coverage. what's the lay of the land there? stripping away the spent reaping story about presidential corruption. it is real with its not challenging assumptions and the official line. we need to tell our story. we don't want to rely on the authority and village post on al-jazeera. as a 2nd wave of covert, 19 brings us surgeon infections. a few months ago. there were dozens of cases a day. now, if we chose 2000 countries and force new measures to curb contagion,
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this is the 1st step forward for the government of mass testing, the entire population. scientists are on the brink of releasing new vaccines to reduce the spread of the virus. will it be enough to bring the global health crisis to an end? the coronavirus pandemic, special coverage on a welcome back. here's a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera. u.s. struck to make her mother and says it's filing for approval from american and european regulators for emergency use of its coronavirus fax cases continue to
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surge across the u.s. with 139000 new infections confirmed on something. former federal reserve chair janet yellen has been nominated as the next u.s. treasury secretary, president elect joe biden's choices for his economic team, make it the most diverse in white house history. and ethiopia's prime minister says his forces have not killed a single severely enduring the conflict in te grey was urged to engage in constructive dialogue with the gray and leaders during a phone call with the u.s. secretary of state prisoners in a straight line can jail have died after guards opened fire to stop a riot over a rise in corona virus infections. another $71.00 inmates and 2 guards were injured at the facility on the outskirts of colombo unrest in sri lanka's overcrowded prisons as being fuelled by the pandemic. inmates at several prisons have staged protests in recent weeks after more than $1200.00 prisoners and guards tested
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positive for the virus across the country. well, turkey is going to impose full coronavirus lockdowns on the weekends and then force curfews on weekdays, its daily death toll hit a record high for an 8 consecutive day on monday with $188.00 fatalities and 31000 cases, the turkish medical association says hospitals have reached capacity with 30000 new cases every day and are imposed nationwide weekend curfews in mid november restrictions. the opposition says were insufficient. while the head of the world health organization says he's concerned about the rising number of coronavirus infections and deaths in brazil. heteros are the nomic every a source says must take the jump in cases seriously from november to to november 26th. it has again double and that this rate also, it has been declining until november 2 and no,
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it's increasing significantly. so i think brazil has to be very, very serious. some the template is following developments from bogota saw the sun there as the head of w.h.o. was saying, the situation is office lee serious. but do we have any indication as to why there was this jump of cases at the start of november? well, barbara, experts believe that this has a lot to do with the reopening of the economy. the fact that brazilians flocked to once again the beaches in shopping centers for at least a couple of months now, almost if there was no open, then you've got all in the country. it also has to do obviously, with the cavalier attitude that the president as is shown towards the pandemic since the beginning of this health crisis. and this is not the 1st
12:35 am
time that the w.h.o. us called on brazil, and particularly in latin america to take the virus more c. more seriously. but again, president just a couple of days ago this by having contracted the virus back in july has said he has no interest in taking any 19 vaccine once it will be available. and that means for a lot of health official in the country that are now worried that this could have an effect. this in trying to reach the level of vaccination need to, to overcome the pandemic because of what the president is saying. he also said that he still doesn't believe that masks are useful. so a very complicated situation there for brazilians listening to the president. on the other hand, local out, tory, just as it has happened during the 1st wave of the pandemic in brazil are instead
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taking quite seriously this surge and are signed to put in place new restrictions. the city of announced you received actions a couple of days ago. and today, the state of the most populous state in brazil has also said that they will change the hours in which bars and restaurants will be able to open. that same will be true for shopping centers. all this while we are getting closer to the christmas holiday seasons where many residents will travel home. so a lot of worry there, but so far the president, this is not changing its tune. and this in the n.p.t. with the latest from bogota. alison, thank you. let's go to the u.k. now, where a major fashion group arcadia has just gone into administration. it's the country's biggest corporate casualty of the pandemic so far. but there's been some better
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news from the u.k. . a large scale study shows new infections a fall in 30 percent during england's 4 week national lockdown. now a mass testing operation is checking thousands of university students before they head home for the winter break. john holl is at a university testing center in leicester prolific virus spreaders in the autumn students across england and wales are now being tested on mass before heading home for christmas. in september, when students return from the summer break, tens of thousands were forced to isolate, often in cramped halls of residence. learning went online and many questioned what they were paying fees for help here. and i like the whole situation because we were so unaware of what was going on. so it's nice that we can now regularly check whether we're all like a large home bed. and i'm going to have a very special effect on a parent when i make sure my fairytale just so i don't spread it by both the top
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of and 1st before the problem. to montfort university in leicester is one of more than 130 taking part in mass testing 1st, the self administered swab test, then a lateral flow test and a result within an hour, students are asked to take a 2nd test. 3 days later, with positive cases forced to isolate, while others head home to their families. there are concerns about the reliability of these tests. the government has admitted as much. in fact, in these non lab conditions, a makeshift testing center as many as one in 5 cases may be inaccurate. clinicians are keen to emphasize that a negative test isn't a green light, and that is the message that we are really keen to get across that this is not a free pass when students k. at christmas. they will be mixing with their relatives mixing with friends from different universities, possibly save their ability to spread the virus if they are not following the
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government's guidelines this point large. and of course, there's no hope then an end is in sight because quite likely we will have to have something like this to anybody and they can return to university also in security inc, when we get to the next round and round the easter period, a lot and on the progress of the virus, things might be with the rollout of the vaccine and cetera. a vaccine may take many months to roll out across the population. in the meantime, an imperfect system of this perhaps, but an important one, lester up there is in singapore, have the tech had covert 19 antibodies in a newborn baby whose mother contracted the virus while 10 weeks pregnant. the mother herself did not show signs of the antibodies after giving birth, but the discovery suggests that the baby who was born healthy, has immunity to the virus. the finding offer is a new clue to researchers who are still not sure whether covert 19 can be
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transmitted from a mother to her baby during pregnancy. well, despite decades of progress that's caused by malaria are now on the rise, they're even expected to exceed those caused by covert 19 in sub-saharan africa. this year. last year, more than 490000, people died from the disease, and the world health organization warns there could be excess of up 210-0000 malaria deaths in 2020. the pandemic has this for up, the treatment of the disease and global funding has shifted towards the fleeting the coronavirus. most fatalities are among young children. while a doctor at this eleanor is the lead author of the double your chill malaria report . he explains how the coronavirus crisis is affecting malaria treatment. it doesn't in 2 ways it does in potentially disrupting the prevention of the disease through
12:41 am
the distribution of the distribution or preventive treatment. a lot of the african countries have responded really effectively to mitigate against those. saw in terms of preventing malaria, we're doing a lot better than that in terms of treating it among those who get the disease. that's where we still are struggling with understanding the level of destruction in the enduring countries because millions of lizzie's disciplines depend on our faces as a treatment to for our families and destroyed any level of disruptions will lead to suspend. and we expect that given what we have seen from some of the countries, the even moderate levels of destruction in africa will lead to additional defense in the region. the u.s.
12:42 am
supreme court has begun hearing arguments about the president's latest plan to change the census system. that will trump doesn't want undocumented undocumented immigrants to be counted as part of the population, which would have an impact on house of representatives seats. several courts have ruled it unconstitutional. so now it's gone to the supreme court to the side. mike hanna has more on this from washington d.c. . the house will be in order. the number of house seats allocated to each us state is determined by a nationwide census. and the exclusion of what president donald trump describes as aliens who are not in a lawful immigration status, could directly impact on the composition of the house. for example, there are an estimated 2000000 residents in california whose legal status is unclear and to exclude them from the comed would result in the democratic state losing as many as 3 seats in congress. 4 separate 3 judge panel have all
12:43 am
unanimously concluded that the presidential memorandum violates the constitution and existing federal law. but it's a new supreme court that is now hearing the case before the death of justice. ruth bader ginsberg in september last year, the court was equally balanced along ideological lines on the one side for conservative leaning judges, on the other side for less conservative judges. and at the center chief justice john roberts, who has had a casting vote one way or another in a number of cases. but the recent decision striking down the right to the new york governor to limit the number of people visiting places of worship, has revealed a fundamental shift in the nature of the court. 5 justices including the newly appointed amy kearney. barrett decided the pandemic measure violated the
12:44 am
constitutional right to religious freedom, our voting. what is now a new more liberal minority? the 3 justices appointed by president trump have entrenched a conservative group in the country's highest court for the foreseeable future. the census case called trump the new york is an early test of whether this court is prepared to bend the rule of law, a presidential. and it's a decision that's likely to be taken quickly by law president trump must inform congress of how house seats will be apportioned by the 10th of january next year. like al-jazeera washington, china's foreign ministry has rejected calls to apologize after and spokesman. jan tweeted a fake image of an australian soldier. the image depicts the soldier holding a bloody knife to the throat of an afghan child. it follows a recent report which accused australian special forces of unlawfully killing
12:45 am
thousands of civilians in afghanistan, australia's prime minister called the tweet repugnant and demanded that china apologize. it is utterly righteous. and it cannot be justified on any vices whatsoever. the chinese government should be totally ashamed of this post. it display diminishes them in the world. our eyes or my couple of points about this struggle is seeking an apology from the ministry of foreign of is from the chinese government. for this outrageous post. we are also seeking its removal immediately and have also contacted twitter to take it down immediately or relations between the countries of deteriorated since australia called for an inquiry into the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. and china is unrepentant
12:46 am
about the tweet, the foreign ministry spokeswoman giving this response to morrison's condemnation economies around our casual to wouldn't mean i feel ashamed. you mentioned the prime minister scott morrison says china should feel ashamed. is it not these jillion government's decision to send history and troops to afghanistan? since history and soldiers have committed such atrocious crimes? shouldn't these chilean government feel ashamed for their soldiers killing innocent civilians in afghanistan? 10 organisations and 3 individuals in new zealand are facing fines of up to a $1000000.00 over the deaths of $22.00 people in a volcanic eruption last year. regulators have been investigating why tourists were taken onto the active white island volcano, weeks after it's of option alert level had been raised. a separate inquiry is examining whether criminal charges are warranted. the forestation in brazil's
12:47 am
amazon region has surged to a 12 year high in 2020. that's according to the latest government figures more than 11000 square, kilometers of rain, forest have been destroyed. so far this year the figure has sharply increased since president variable, so not all came to power in 2018 and relaxed environmental inforce meant the increase is being blamed on a combination of forest fires and then out of control logging industry. tens of thousands of indian farmers who are blocking roads into the capital, new delhi are refusing an order to move that they are protesting against the new law. that will end that they guaranteed price paid by the government for their produce. elizabeth pour on them, sent us this report from one of the protests near new delhi. we were at the single border crossing between the states on friday and delhi, where delhi police estimate there are around 20000 people and from the arrangements
12:48 am
that have been made, people are being fed here every single day. you can tell that farmers are not planning on going anywhere. they have used hundreds of their trucks. they have big police to block this national highway. and it's a similar scene into other border crossings into delhi, with tens of thousands of people there. here at singur today, we've heard speeches from promises to come from states other than those which border delhi, they have come to show their solidarity. only a few, 100 farmers have actually gone to the ground that's been designated by the government to protest promised that they weren't going there because that will be an open jail. they want to continue disruption until the government repealed these . now every so often you can see commuters walking through with their bags, even those that are stranded because vehicles con, to use the crossing. but given that around india's 1300000000, people work in the agriculture sector. there is a lot of support as
12:49 am
a lot of sympathy for these farmers. meanwhile, we have heard from prime minister that in the morning, and he has defended these fine saying that they are in the interest of families that they will go far as access to a bigger market. that it's a good thing the farm is, can negotiate directly with private companies, but thomas don't see it that way. they think that these laws will see the removal, the end of guaranteed minimum prices for their produce and elephant to the loneliest in the world has finally arrived at his new hole with the help of an entertainment i call the plight of cover on the only elephant in islamabad zoo in pakistan attracted world by the publicity the hour after a fundraising campaign, he's being flown to a new life at a wildlife sanctuary in cambodia and cut father had a v.i.p. greeting on the tarmac from share. the singer has been a supporter and figurehead of the lonely elephant campaign and tweeted that this
12:50 am
was one of the greatest moments of her life. amazing. still ahead in this news hour, we're going to have an eyewitness account from the medical team that helped save this formula, one driver at the bahrain grand prix. that's coming up in sport with on the
12:51 am
ok now let's go to and the in doha with the sports. thank you so much, barbara. well,
12:52 am
the house formula one same say they expect drive around encroachments a leave hospital on tuesday follows his miraculous escape after that huge crash. the bahrain grand prix versions cost split, after hitting a crash, buried call for a major lay, the french driver managed to get out of the wreckage and escaped with minor burns. the school's governing body now investigating exactly what happened the so-called halo, which was put on all calls a couple of years ago that surrounds and protects. the drivers had in appears to have been crucial, own survival or an f one medical team was on the scene within seconds of the impact they said this crash was unlike anything that ever experienced on a race track. we're not accustomed to see sort of uncontrolled fire in formula one . it's been a very, very long time. i've never seen that in my, my 12 years of driving a medical car. so that is the sort of disconnect between what you know, what you're expecting to see in an accident. and then this thing that's, that's unfolding in front of you, everyone's, you know, focused on the fact that there was fire and look spectacular. but the impact itself,
12:53 am
you know, above 50 g.'s not a lot of distance to decelerate. i think it's going to be quite a long impulse of 50 g.'s as well. that a huge accident to survive in itself. normally you would expect the driver to be unconscious for at least unresponsive for a little while. and he, the that he actually managed to stand up and get out of the car and self, but also to have the, you know, the wherewithal to kind of figure out how to do it is astounding. it was at the time, you're not emotional about it, you're trying to be analytical and just follow the, the sort of the scene as it evolves. but i did have a little bit of a quickie. you know, we're now on to a new, this is a new incident. all of this, as roman appeared at the top of the barrier. that was our opportunity to really get in and grab hold of him. that the fire was pretty, pretty intense. and yeah, it was, it was just, it was stinging my face, you can feel anything anywhere else,
12:54 am
but it was still in my face and you don't know in what roman was climbing out of the guide. fantastic shot of extricating himself. now, diego maradona's doctors appeared at a local prosecutor's office. in one is aires leopoldo lucchese being investigated for involuntary manslaughter, but he's yet to be charged by police authorities in argentina aiming to discover if there was any negligence during marathoners treatments. the former world cup when it died of a heart attack last wednesday at the age of 60, u.k. has denied any wrong doing. now little star, andy robinson says, fans and players are losing their love for the game due to the video assistant referee system, robinson believes a panel of former players should review how virus being used inside a look at various rule changes including handle the vehicle getting ready to fight the team i.x. in the european champions league game on tuesday. when v e r came and we believe
12:55 am
that there would be no black and white you know, require you get not just no show which i think, you know, i think there's a lot improvements to be made. we knew we had to be patient with the yarn that when you know, just be perfect over neighbor or know, you know, 18 months down the lane and stay with the the same mistakes are being made. many knight said strike at assen, cavani has apologised for a social media post that included a spanish phrase that could be considered offensive. the iroquois has since deleted the post and said quote, it was intended as an affectionate greeting. the english f.a.a. is investigating cavani may be banned for 3 games if he's found guilty of discrimination. now coronavirus left the denver broncos in a rather difficult position for their latest game. the n.f.l. team didn't have a single available course a back instead. wide receiver, kendall. henson and the number 2 jersey. hey, he's an undrafted rookie and he ended up playing in the key position. all full
12:56 am
coast quarterbacks had been ruled out one. it tested positive for corona virus. the others were deigned, close contacts. having taken their masks off around him earlier on in the week, the broncos. not surprisingly, losing this game against the new orleans saints. 3133. i was disappointed on a couple levels and that, that our quarterback couldn't stand this position and their quarterback league in that position. and, you know, there's, there, we count on them to be leaders and seamen, you know, leaders of the arguments and not those guys manage and a favorite to win one of signings, toughest events is how to pull out of this year's race. britain's alex thompson was in with a chance of becoming the 1st known french winner of the solo, around the world, one day globe race, but 3 weeks into the competition. a damaged brother has ended, his hopes held every 4 years. the nonstop race begins and ends in france takes more than 70 days to finish. i'm normally
12:57 am
a very positive person. but if i'm honest right now, i feel pretty broken up about the best part of 20 years. this race is bit by go, you know, we've come so close to far at this time. i really thought it was possible. ok, i've got to tell you, sport is looking for now. let's get back to barbara in london. andy, thank you very much for that. but before we go, i, john and a robot has come to life in spectacular fashion in the japanese port city of yokohama, the 18 meter tall robot is a life sized walking representation of a character, in the classic 970 s. children's cartoon. bobo suit them. if you remember it, it's the centerpiece of a new theme park and based on the show which is still hugely popular in japan, the park will open on the same bright 19th, 2 months behind shadow. as even giant robots aren't new to the panda. more news in a few minutes joined by
12:58 am
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